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Review #1, by TreacleTart New Slang

28th July 2015:
Hi Rose!

I'm here for our review swap! Since I've read just about everything else in your True Romance world, I figured it was time for me to start reading the actual novel that started it all.

Since I've read this a bit out of order, I feel like I've had some interesting reactions to certain events. The main one being Scorpius and Corbin getting together. It's kind of frustrating to see Scorp so excited, knowing what's going to come of it.

I really love the dynamic between James and Albus. You've nailed the snarky brother to brother remarks and the casual demeanor they have towards each other is lovely. You can tell that they're really close and that James is super protective of Albus. It's very endearing.

I'm actually kind of glad that Albus and Scorpius aren't together in this chapter. They get written together so often, that it's nice to see them paired with someone else for a change. (even if one of those someone else's turns out to be a massive jerk.)

Brandon sounds amazing. I can't believe that Albus would ever let that man out of his sight. Seriously, I know the heart wants what it wants and all that jazz, but ALBUS PLEASE WAKE UP! There is an amazing guy who's head over heels for you and you're screwing it up. Even James seems to realize that.

Also, I loved the club scene. It was nice seeing Albus play wing man for James. I thought it was a nice to touch to have Albus approach the girls since he handles rejection better.

All in all, I think this is a good first chapter. The characters are interesting. The premise is interesting...and I have so much of the future story that I'm really interested to see how it went from this to that.

Good job!


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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin The Long Day of Vengeance

5th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 : Slytherin

I despise how Scorpius is considering forgiving Corbin, and trying to place some of the blame on himself (as well as the other ways he's trying to make Corbin's actions seem less...awful). His reaction is just so human! Of course he wants his boyfriend back, everything had been going fine (mostly) up until that point, so why WOULDN'T he be considering taking him back, right? Right?!

Anyhow, by Scorbin ship shattered, and I was actually mildly surprised (and I should have known better).

Aw! Poor Al! You know, with my shock and horror that Arthur had died, I had momentarily forgotten that poor little Cora was there when it happened!

Yes, it absolutely is abuse. No! No! No! Scorpius can't really think that he won't do it again, does he? Of course he does, because he's falling in love. I'll just have to wrap him in bubble wrap to prevent you from destroying him. Yes.

Archie's a tool; a cheating tool, at that. How dare he anyway?! And I was rooting for him, too. *Shakes head* I'm just going to have to stop rooting for people, so you'll stop breaking my heart.

Oh yeah, I can see Al and James -- the angry brothers -- being quite intimidating (especially when breaking into your apartment under an invisibility cloak).

That was particularly hysterical -- I actually believed for one moment that Lily was about to stop her brothers. That was pretty good ;).

I just love Brandon and Albus so much ♥ (but I'm totes not rooting for them, because you know what happens to ships that I root for). I mean, they're just so adorable together!

Don't tell me that they're going to try to take Cora away. Rose, don't do it! You can't! I'll cry (legit, bawl).

Hey!! I'm sure having two daddies is a perfectly amazing homelife for little Cora! Home inspection?! -_- Don't break my heart.

Yes! He's Harry Potter! He can do SOMETHING! Can't he?

Don't break my heart. *twitch*


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm Time to Get Out

3rd July 2015:
Hi Rose!

I'm finally here to review these final chapters. Reviewing them makes this so final. :'( Gah, but I loved every second of this! (even if I did use shouty caps a few times...)

Alrighty, so let me get to the actual review now. :p

Iím going to miss Brandon Savage so much. I have so many Brandon feels, itís not even funny. And I love the, Ētrapped in trafficĒ thing. Itís adorable, because heís SO close to the right saying. XD AND JAMES AND CINDY ARE STILL TOGETHER!! Rose, I want more of them. Please? Iíll beg. Iím literally prepared to beg if I have to. I think they are just the sweetest couple. Even though we didnít see *too* much of Cindy, I really enjoyed her character. And that says so much about you as an author. You are able to create these OCís and make people fall in love with them (or, as Iíll get to a bit later, completely hate them). Even the ones that we donít see that much. You have a gift, my dear. You truly do. :D

I know I was all over the place with the BrandBus, but Iím actually happy that they worked. I take everything bad I said back. They really do make a great couple and are really good for one another. I think that Brandon really helped Al mature into a perfectly find young man. I mean, he was kind of an immature prat and grew so much as this story went on. It was beautiful story telling. And now theyíre going to have a place together and be wonderful parents to Cora. Speaking of that, Al handled the whole thing with that lovely Josephina beautifully. I laughed out loud when he answered, ĒThereís always the couch.Ē But Iím so thrilled it all worked out. I love their ending!

I canít even tell you how happy I am that Lily is going to move in with Molly. I teared up. Iím so glad that Molly isnít going to be alone. And I think itíll be good for Lily, too. It seems like she and her grandmother have a very special bond together. This was so heartwarming and fuzzy and just lovely. Iím so, so, so thrilled you closed out their part of the story this way. I know you feed off the tears of your readers (evil Rose), so I appreciate you ending it this way with them. :p And I LOVE that Molly more or less told Lily Ė how can I 12+ put thisÖ Um. That she wonít be an old maid and she can get to know different gentlemen? Yeah, I think that works. :D AND I WANT LILY LYSANDER, TOO! Does that exist? Have you written that? Iíll stalk your page after this and see if you have. If not, PLEASE! Iíll beg for that, too!

I donít even know how to begin about Scorpius and Corbin. I want to yell and use shouty caps. Iím trying so hard to refrain from using shouty caps. *struggles* Nope, canít do it. HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU LET HIM AGREE TO MOVE TO PARIS WITH HIM, OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, GET BACK WITH HIM AT ALL?!?! ROSE!! NO!!! It wasnít just a mistake. Things like that are never just a mistake. Why on earth would Scorpius want to get back with him after what happened?? I want to shake him, Rose. Shake him and tell him that heís being foolish and it could possibly end up being much worse next time it happens. Because there is almost always a next time. I donít buy it with Corbin acting all sorry and contrite and agreeable. Thatís what they do. Itís how they get you to come back. Ugh Iím so mad at this! I canít. I canít even deal. Bah! *angry snort*

And then we end this with Rose. I have to admit, I really adored Roseís ending here. I thought it was very suiting for her. She seems to be finally comfortable in her own skin, with her career and her man situation. Sheís ended up pretty well adjusted, I think. Iím proud of her and happy for her. Out of every character in this story, I think Rose was my favorite and I was routing for her the most. I donít know if itís because I found myself very much relating to her. Like a lot, actually. I just loved her. Absolutely loved her. And I know that Iím probably becoming annoying now, but I want more of her, too. Actually, just never stop writing any of these people. Youíre not allowed! :p

Oh boo, I only have the epilogue of this left to review and then itís all over. :í( Iíll save my overall gushing for that! ;)

But for now, this was just fantastic, Rose. Great, great, great, great work! I loved every last second of this! ♥

Much, much love,
Meg ♥ ♥

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Review #4, by Rumpelstiltskin I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

I'm still incredibly angry with you for killing Arthur, just so you know. Then, of course, there was the mention of George with the whole "who still wore grief from the loss of his twin" thing -- are you trying to kill me? But I do have to admit that the statement about how Arthur's submission to a muggle illness was ironic, was a great touch. That did make me smile (but only a bit).

Poor Rose. In the middle of grieving, and watching couples grieve together, giving each other comfort, but being absolutely alone must be terrible. You love making your characters (and readers) suffer, don't you? That's only further emphasized while Rose is talking about not having anyone to hold her with Charlie, and Charlie mentions losing Brad...

I knew I was putting off reading this for a reason... *sobs hopelessly*

Ouch. Do I detect a little bit of hostility from Corbin? Yeesh, that dude is having some major anger-management level mood swings! Oh. No. He. Did. NOT just hit Scorpius. -_- There go my Scorbin feels. Yup, send him out! :( Are you doing all of this purposefully to hurt me? What did I ever do to you?

NO!! Not Archie too!! How could he cheat on Lily?! Everything is just falling to pieces in this chapter! *Scrambles around trying to pick up pieces of broken relationships and hearts and tries to hot glue them back together*

Not fair, Rose. Not fair at all!


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Review #5, by crestwood Simple Song

20th June 2015:
OH WOW THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. Somehow that escaped my attention completely. I thought I had many more chapters left.

My reaction to Scorpius moving away with Corbin is pretty much the same as Albus'. Their conversation following is excellent. Everyone moving away is a good way to end a novel. It doesn't necessarily tie up all loose ends, but it gives a new start and I can sort of fill in the blanks with my mind about what happens wherever they're going. I love the change of 'when' to 'if.' That was excellent.

I can't believe it's over. I'm so glad that you ended it with a conversation between Al and Scorpius. Everything feels like it's come full circle. This series has been absolutely amazing all the way through. It was the thing that introduced me to your writing - the first thing I got obsessed with upon my return to the site and generally just huge for me. You've done a wonderful job with this. You should be so proud of it!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #6, by crestwood Time to Get Out

20th June 2015:
This whole section with everyone trying to figure out Muggle things is so great. Wizards talking about Muggle stuff will never get old to me. My favorite part is Brandon saying that his battery died as a stock excuse because I've totally used that one.

Ok still laughing at 'there are so many plugs.' You're giving me the urge to write more Wizards interacting with muggle culture because this is all golden.

Al and Brandon are so cute when they go to look at the bedroom. I am in awe with how perfect everything kind of feels right now. I'm used to everyone being in turmoil.

The Ministry is being quite ridiculous right now but honestly when are they not. Hopefully they don't do something like take Cora away because I don't really feel like crying tonight.

I'm not entirely happy with Corbin. But on the bright side, he isn't Archie, so he has that going for him.

I love Pedro so much. I do hope to see more of him in the last few chapters. I agree that Spain would be a good change for Rose. Can't wait to read on!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #7, by crestwood Don't Let it Pass

20th June 2015:
Somehow, I skipped a chapter at some point, so this one is up next.

Honestly I can't say that I particularly blame James and Albus for letting their emotions get the best of them, but what they did was definitely wrong. I imagine that Harry would be just as mad as he is here. He's not much for an eye for an eye, I'd say.

I still love Branbus more than anything. Their interactions are always so subdued compared to most I read in romance fiction. I wish I could write a character like Brandon. He feels so real. I'm not sure how else to describe him.

I'm intrigued by Rose and Scorpius. I'm not sure where they're going, if anywhere. I'm actually glad they decided not to sleep together. I'm not sure why, but it felt like the right decision.

Oh and another thing - Archie kind of boils my blood. It's unhealthy that I should hate a character so much.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #8, by crestwood I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

20th June 2015:
Hi Rose! Here to finally finish reviewing this story!

So, I've still got sadness left over from Arthur's death, even though it must be ages since I actually reviewed that chapter. It's all very sad, but it also makes me happy that his funeral is attended by so many. Also, I did laugh at the quip about his dying of a muggle illness. I find that funerals tend to make me laugh quite a bit--I appreciate when people attempt to lighten the mood of them.

The way you write Molly's grief is absolutely horrifying, honestly. Losing your husband of so many years would be a terrible experience and I'm not sure I would even approach writing something like this because I'm not sure where I'd pull that emotion from. You did a wonderful job with her reaction.

I'm getting vague flashbacks to a Charlie story of yours that I believe you're referring to here. I want to know more, but I suppose I'll just have to go search for it and see if I've made it all up in my head or not.

Wow, the one-two punch of Corbin and Archie in this chapter is.well, expected. But still sort of surprising. Didn't expect them to both be this terrible. I suppose things are looking up for Rose, though :P

Great chapter!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #9, by HufflePuff_Blitz Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff
Hello Again! Yay Albus and Brandon are going on a date! I am so excited! also I love how unsubtle albus is when he sits on Brandon lap. smoooth. But this is progress, I like it.
One thing I don't like is Corbin. He just gives me a bad feeling. I for one don't like it when people are possessive over people like that. I can understand that he isn't a fan of Albus, and saying "your mine" is acceptable, but just the tone he had I didn't like.
I did note one little grammar bit in the line: "last time in a number of week" I think that is supposed to be weeks. not a huge issue but an easy fix :)
Gosh Hermione! I thought you got past those problems! I guess not, but common stop being mean to Rose, let her do what she wants!
All in All Great chapter Rose! Excited for the next one :)

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Review #10, by Infinityx I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Rose! I'd read till the previous chapter so I wanted to finish reading and omg this was SO ANGSTY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME. IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I READ THIS AND OMG.

I never liked Corbin or Archie. Corbin was always really clingy and possessive and he never did seem like he trusted Scorpius. I mean, I get jealousy but this is just beyond the limit. And to go as far as to HIT Scorpius was just. wow. I didn't expect this and you are evil and you always have something new up your sleeve.

I love how Scorpius is such an amazing friend to Rose. It's really nice to see that platonic friendship and you've written it in such a lovely way.

That conversation between Rose and Charlie was so sad and touching as well. I love how you've brought in a bit of Charlie's personal life into this and the way they can relate to one another.

Ugh why does everything have to happen during the time of Arthur's death and funeral. These people are so insensitive, seriously, and you are evil.

You writing is brilliant, as always, and I'm so glad I stopped by this again. I'll be done with reading the whole thing soon and I can't wait for your second person fic related to this!

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Review #11, by HufflePuff_Blitz Such Great Heights

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff.
Hey Rose! Me again. I'm still really enjoying this,I like how it went from Nothing really happened between Brandon and Al to they shared a kiss. I'm defiantly interested in seeing the two of them interact more ;)
I like rose, she seems like my kind of person. I would totally use silencing charms to sneak up on people, but I would try to scare them.
So a magical Travel agent, or guide? I think it would be epic to be a Magical Travel Guide. You would have some great adventures exploring the tombs of Egypt, and escaping accedental run-ins with Jabberwocky's in the moors of Ireland. I think it would be super exciting.
Common Hermione! Let Rose do what she wants! and Rose follow your dreams you can do it!!!
Great chapter! Can't wait to read more.
-hugs, Kyle :)

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Review #12, by HufflePuff_Blitz New Slang

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff
Rose! I don't know if i have ever even read one of your stories and I don't know why! This was epic! I love Albus, and in my opinion I think he should get with Williams. Williams is adorable :)
But if I had to pick between Scorpius and Brandon I'm gonna have to pick Brandon.
I also really enjoyed how you have it so James and Al are pretty close, I think that is really cool. Plus James using Al as a wingman.
All in all really enjoyed this and cant wait for more. :)

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Review #13, by Unicorn_Charm Don't Let it Pass

11th June 2015:
Hey Rose!
Back again for the Amazing Race for the House Cup Challenge whozy-whatsit for Gryffindor! :p

I am seriously laughing so much at two grown ďmenĒ sitting together on a couch being told off by their father, like theyíre twelve. XD

Oh goodness. This is almost painful to read (in honestly the best way possible) seeing the hole which Al and James keep digging. I feel like Harry is going to have a stroke at any moment. Especially when they revealed that Lily was there, briefly. But I have to admit, the fact that they made him grow horns is really funny. Even if Harry doesnít see the humor in it. I understand why heís so mad though. This looks really, really bad on him that his sons literally kidnapped someone.

Bahaha! ďYou saved the wizarding world, Dad,Ē James said with almost a laugh escaping. ďThrowing your weight around once in a while doesnít make you horrible.Ē

Oh no! I hope what James and Al pulled doesnít hurt the whole Brandon and Cora thing! Rose *glares* he better not lose that baby! *snorts angrily* And he is just way, way too understanding of every little thing that Al does. Like, do people like Brandon really exist? Because if so, I want one. Can I have a Brandon, please? I love my boyfriend and everything, but I think Iíd say adios if I could have a Brandon. ;)

Ugh. Mr. Waiter, this is why you donít just assume and make stupid statements like that. I mean, first of all, what you are saying is very sexist, and second of all, you donít just assume. Bah! PeopleÖ *shakes head* Iím shocked Ė and happy Ė that it was all who spoke up there. I really, really love how his character has developed throughout both of these stories. Heís went from someone I felt badly for, to someone who annoyed the ever living god out of me, to a person I truly like and would want to be friends with. Like Iíve said before, never ever stop writing, please. :D

Awww poor Brandon! *wants to hug* Heís usually so cool and collected, and todayÖ The poor thing. : (


Rose is still so young. She really doesnít need to worry about finding someone; she has loads of time. Itís sad to see her so worried about it. I love what Scorpius told her Ė it made me tear up a little. That sheíd never settle, sheíd find her match. :í) Happy tear.

Um. What? What?! WHAT?? What is going on?? Why are Rose and Scorpius going back to his place? Why are they flirty-flirty? What?? He doesnít fancy girls. He fancies blokes! Heíll break her heart again, Rose! What are you doing?! NO! NO DONíT KISS HER!! YOUíRE GOING TO CONFUSE AND HURT HER!
Rose Ė you Rose Ė why? Why are you doing this to other Rose? What did she ever do to you?? *stomps foot*

You are so lucky, Curls! Good. Iím glad they both saw sense.

Can I punch Archie? Like seriously? I mean, I knew he was a creep, but holy moly, I didnít realize he would be that much of a creep. He makes my skin crawl. And Lysander! How adorable was that? Him trying to stick up for Lily like that! Lily/Lysander is a ship that I really enjoy, so Iím kind of really hoping that this ends with that.

Awww! Aw!! Awww!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Heís the freaking sweetest thing ever! Marry them immediately!!

Another lovely chapter, my dear. I think that this has become my number one top most favoritest fic Iíve read yet. Well this and Pure Intentions. Like this whole thing together. I havenít had any other fic make me so happy, mad, sad, belligerent, giddy and pretty much any emotion you could think of. Great, great job on this!! Sad face! I only have 2 more chapters. :í(

Tons of love and hugs,

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Review #14, by Unicorn_Charm The Long Day of Vengeance

11th June 2015:
Hey Rose!
Iím here for the HC Amazing Race Review Challenge thinger-ma-bobber for Gryffindor! :)

Way to really start off this chapter by kicking me right in the feels! No, Rose. I do not want the mental image of Arthurís lifeless body in the grass. And I donít want to be reminded that Cora was RIGHT. THERE. BESIDE. HIM! *crying*

WHAT!?! What is Scorpius doing?? He canít just lean in like that! He knows that Al is with Brandon; what on Earth is he thinking?? Ugh, your characters! They kill me sometimes. I am super proud of Al for not kissing him, though. And for being completely blunt with Scorpius regarding what happened. Because Scorp is behaving like a textbook abuse victim at the moment. Sadly, no one will be able to talk him out of not seeing Corbin again. Heíll have to decide that on his own. Hopefully heíll make the right decision.

Oh em gee! I love the thought of Ginny nearly needing to perform a full body bind on Harry to keep him from getting at that human piece of garbage for cheating on his beautiful daughter. Harry probably knows 101 ways to kill a man and make it look like an accident, being head Auror. ;)

I really adore James and Alís reaction to this. Itís so unbelievably brotherly and so realistic. Well, except for the whole grabbing an invisibility cloak and apparating thing. I laughed out loud when they said how their dad probably wouldnít prosecute. XD

Albus and James stood over Archie with wolfish grins on their faces. ďHello, Archibald,Ē James greeted him casually as he fished a wand out of Archieís pocket. ďAlbus and I thought weíd pay you a visit.Ē The petrified man at their feet had a stricken look in his eyes which only caused the two Potters to grin even wider.
All of this! It is just so Fred and George-ish to me! I adore every single syllable of that paragraph!

YES! LILY!! I am so happy that happened, you really have no idea! I had to read that over like 5 times, because it was just so delicious!

Oh my god, Rose. Brandon and Al are just so freaking cute together, I canít even stand it! Stahp already! :p

I want to spit in Josephinaís face. I had a feeling that he was going to encounter someone like her when he saw that he had the follow-up interview thing. He better not lose Cora, Rose. Iíll Ė Iíll Ė well, I wonít be very happy, Iíll tell you that much. Gr.

HARRY! Hahaha! ĒÖbut I am Harry Potter.Ē Gah!! ♥ ♥ ♥ - because I donít have words for that last bit!

Love! As always, love. (with a little bit of apprehension) Iím so sad Iím almost finished with this, but cannot wait to see how this ends. Never ever stop writing, Rose!! ♥

Much, much love,

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Review #15, by Unicorn_Charm I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

7th June 2015:
Hey Rose!!

*sniffle* I'm not crying. I swear I'm not crying. (I'm a dirty liar) I hate that Arthur is gone. :'( That whole funeral scene was so unbelievably sad, Rose! I basically started crying 2 words in and didn't pull myself together until Rose started speaking with Charlie. The thought of George up there, speaking about Fred and his father now being together absolutely killed me. Because; Fred. I did laugh with the whole "Of course he died of a muggle illness," thing though. I haven't even thought of that, but it was really fitting.

Poor Molly. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have been with someone for that long and then lose them. How do people cope and get through that? Or even get out of bed in the morning or go to sleep at night? My heart is broken for her. I'm glad that Rose was by her side while everyone else was wrapped up and being comforted by their S.O.

Ugh and then you throw in Charlie and how the man he loved died after the war and how he feels he doesn't deserve to be in another relationship and ugh! Queen of feels smashing you are, Rose!

That's good that she at least has Scorpius to go to, and she doesn't have to feel completely alone. I really love how they were able to become, or remain(?) friends after everything that happened.

Oh no, no, no, no, no! I knew Corbin was darker than he let on! Finally not liking him is totally justified here. He had to know who that was and why she would be there. He was completely out of line just by calling her that and assuming that something was going on between them. But for him to do that to Scorpius... Wow. I mean, I was expecting Corbin to go off the rails at some point, but not like that. I honestly never expected that. Oh I really hope Scorpius doesn't give him another chance. That should be a one and done situation, but I know it's never as simple as that. Bah, Rose! (You Rose, not Weasley Rose) My emotions!

Oh a side note, I am happy that Draco is trying to be a father to him again. Even if it most like is all Astoria's doing, it must be comforting to Scorpius.

So basically what you're saying here is that Harry is going to be sending some hitwizards to visit Archie? I mean, that's what I got out of that last bit here. ;)

But seriously, that's terrible. I thought it was just a bigot, but I thought he did love Lily. The poor thing. And right after he Grandfather passed? How low could someone get?

You certainly do not make relationships easy on your characters, do you hahaha. (Or your readers for that matter! :p)

As always this was a great chapter, my dear. It had me crying one moment and wanting to smack someone the next. I guess this is why everything gets real, huh? I'm preparing my feels once again.

Thanks for the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #16, by Unicorn_Charm A Satisfied Mind

15th May 2015:
Hey Rose! I'm here for our swap and am ready for my feels to be damaged. Your tweet scared me. :\

I really like the friendship that has developed between Rose and Scorpius. I'm glad to see that they have been able to move passed their false relationship. Although, Rose doesn't seem to be completely over it. Not him, but the fact that he more or less used her. That would be a major shot to the ego, though. You can't blame her. It's sweet of Scorpius to agree to go to the wedding with her. If they do end up going together, I'm sure they'll have a great time. I'm dying to see what Rose thinks of Corbin and what he thinks about her. Haha Ioved that line about her being 20 and not 50. :D

Bahahaha! "Great job" :D I love it!! Oh god, and then James asking if Lily's pregnant! I couldn't stop laughing. But they really haven't been together that long and Lily is so young. It's sad, but only natural that people would jump to that conclusion. I really loved Ginny making that remake about James being like Ron, because that totally reminded me of something Ron would have done. Ugh, but I still so don't want Lily to marry that man. :( Make it stop, Rose!

ROSE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? No, no, no, no, no!! But. But. But... No. :( I mean. I can't. Words. I'm in shock. And crying. And just. Rose, no! This section started out so cute and so lovely. Cora. Molly and Arthur. Molly feeling the same way about Archie as everyone else (except Lily). Mounds of general fluffiness and then BAM! The feels on the bus go round and round, kill my soul, make me cry. This isn't fair. I never had my permission slip signed for this feels trip! So not allowed!! The only thing I can think of saying to you is; on a scale between one and even - I can't.

I'm heart broken. :(

Poor Molly.

Rose, as always, you've made me feel all the feels. It hurts, but it hurts so good. This is one hell of a story!

Lots of love,

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Review #17, by Unicorn_Charm There Goes the Fear

8th May 2015:
Rose? Rose? :( Is James going to be ok?? I mean, he's going to be ok, right? Don't do this to me. Or Cindy. Or Al. Or Ginny and Harry. The fact that Ginny and Harry looked like the aged years at hearing the news of James being taken to St. Mungo' isn't sitting well with me. I mean, Ginny and Harry both played Quidditch, so they shouldn't be worried unless it's serious. Does this mean it's serious?? Bah!

On to cute things that aren't making me prematurely grey.

I think it's adorable that Lysander has a crush on Lily. He already seems sweeter than that turd she's with, so obviously that means I want them together. Now. Thanks. :)

Cindy is so totally smitten with James, I can't even take it! I love her. I know that we haven't seen her that much, compared to the other characters, but I just love her. And JAMES BETTER BE ALRIGHT!

Hmm. I just assumed that kiss in Spain would have stayed in Spain, but I guess not. ;) I wonder who Rose is going to get to be bet date? I mean, it can't be that bartender, right? I'm sure she'll find someone.

What a scum, that Hopkirk! Good for Lily! I'm glad she didn't decide to sell her family out and remembered her father's advice. I must admit, I was hoping that she would have inherited the aptitude for a certain bat bogey charm from her mother and used it there. ;) The sleeve ball. Grrr. I'm legitimately angry over that lol.

Aww! Just long enough for Cindy to fall in love with him?! *squeals* I can't even deal! :D ♥ ♥

*snorts* Bertrand and Archibald? Wow. Those poor guys...

Um... Rose? NO! NO LILY CANNOT MARRY THAT MAN!! Just - Just... NO! *making angry faces at the screen*

So it seems like Scorpius, out of everyone so far, really has his head on straight. I don't know what it is, but I feel like he's matured the most so far. As much as I'm not on the Corbius train, this was a really cute moment with the two of them. I do like the fact that he firmly stated that he's not willing to just give up everything that he's worked for, his family and his friends. I like that he still wants to be his own person, even though he's in a relationship. Good on Scorpius. :)

Oh and one more thing... JAMES BETTER BE ALRIGHT!

Great work as always, love! ♥ Thanks for the swap!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm Hold Tight

4th May 2015:
Hey Rose!
I am so, so, so sorry for how long I've taken. I was just not in a good place last week and didn't want to force a review and have it all halfhearted. But things are getting a little better, so here I am! :D

Ahh James and Cindy! I almost forgot about that, but Cindy is just the cutest thing! I love them together so much. :D I just love how at ease and how well Cindy and Brandon seem to fit in with the Potters. Brunch would had been pretty perfect if it weren't for Archibald. He seems like a total jerk, to be honest. I'm not digging the way that he totally became angry when Brandon touched him. That's the second time that we've seen some closed minded behavior from him. He just doesn't strike me as a great guy for Lily and I hope that she sees that soon. Speaking of Lily, I can't believe she made that comment! What was she thinking? And of course Brandon tries to break the tension there haha. I want a Brandon. Where can I get a Brandon?

Well look at Astoria being a sneaky Slytherin. Surprising Draco that way and totally lying to Scorpius. I guess it worked out though. Draco seemed like he took to Corbin well enough. Which is another reason why I don't feel like Corbin is right for Scoripus. I mean, he's - I don't know. I really just can't put my finger on it, but I still don't like him for Scorpius and I really hope he doesn't move to Paris with him. I can't believe that Draco is actually let Scorpius and Corbin stay there, though. Maybe he finally is accepting his son for who he is? I hope so. I wonder if Scorpius was talking about loving Corbin, or if he meant something different by saying he could love who he wants to love down there...

I can't even deal with how cute Arthur and Molly were here! You have them down perfectly, Rose. How on earth do you do it!? Of course Molly would over cook and offer to change Cora for Brandon. And I totally laughed out loud at Arthur wanting to show Brandon his shed of Muggle stuff. Love it! Oh Rose... (other Rose, not you Rose) I hope that she didn't totally screw up her relationship with Al. I know that Brandon is acting like nothing happened, and Al and Rose said it's all behind them, but I really don't feel like that's going to be the case. As you keep cryptically tweeting me, drama is coming. ;)

Another amazing chapter, Rose! I'm nervously awaiting the drama. Until next chapter!

xoxo Meg

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Review #19, by Unicorn_Charm Don't You Want Me

20th April 2015:
Hey Rose! Finally here! :)

Alright, so no shouty caps this time. *eyes Rose suspiciously* This. This chapter was too calm, which actually makes me more nervous for what is sure to come. Your tweet about the drama not being far away has me all anxious now. This chapter. I don't know. Something must be coming soon. I can feel it.

I was actually really proud of Scorpius and Albus in the beginning of this chapter. That both behaved like adults. Maybe the baby is doing Al some good, because he really seems like he's maturing. I kind of feel like Scorpius' feelings may still be there, and be a bit stronger for Al than Al's are for Scorpius at the moment. I feel like he's not debating on moving to Paris because he wants to live with Corbin. It feels more like he's running away from his feelings for Al. Which is why he's so aware of Albus's schedule, wanted to tell him that he's thinking of moving with Corbin and assumed that Al seemed down because he still had strong feelings for him. I don't know I could be totally wrong. :)

I'm still not hopping back on the Brandbus. *crosses arms tightly and turns away stubbornly* Nope. Not happening. But, I'll admit, they were pretty cute here. I laughed out loud after finding out Cora was not hurt and Albus was freaking out about jello. :D Again, this section showed how much Albus is maturing. Yeah, he was angry about Rose, but the old Al would have stormed out and ran to Scorpius or hooked up with Derrick or something. I'm glad to see that they talked that all out and have come to a better understanding of where their relationship is. But I'm still not back on the Brandbus. *might be lying slightly* grrr.

I really enjoy the dynamic of Lily and Rose a lot. They really do have a relationship that is more like sisters than cousins. It's fun to read. :) Although, I think Rose is right and Lily might just flip out if she finds out Rose not only has feelings for Brandon, but made a move on him too. Oh I'm sure that will come out in good time though.

Great chapter Rose! As always, I adore this story! Thanks for the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #20, by Unicorn_Charm Ice Cream

11th April 2015:
Hey Rose!!

Sorry I'm horribly late with this one!

I can't lie, the fact that Teddy named his son Remus made me a little teary eyed. :( Especially with him being a sandy-haired little thing. *sniffle* Who put the stupid onions in here?! I loved Teddy! Absolutely loved him! He was such a great big brother to Al here. (I know he's not technically his brother, but he's as good as) I know Al feels like he's going to change or be mature enough for Brandon, or whatever, but I just don't see it happening. I still feel like he's going to break Brandon's heart. :( I'm not hopping back on the Brandbus anytime soon! :p

ROSE (the fictional one) WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? Oh no, no, no. That's not the way to go about it at all! She ruined everything at this point. I mean, I can understand just wanting to do that, but not the right time. Too soon. Far, far too soon. And he wasn't giving off ANY signals that kissing him would have been remotely a good idea. Ugh, I just want to shake her! I'm still not giving up hope. Maybe, when Albus inevitably lets him down again, or cheats on him with Scorpius (because let's face it, he's selfish enough to do that), that kiss with Rose will come to mind. *still waving my Brose banner*

Aww I felt bad for Scorpius there. That can't be easy to hear that the man you're dating had to go into hiding as a small child because of people your family were associated with. I wonder how many uncomfortable moments he's had like that in his life? Probably a few I would imagine. I don't want him to move to Paris! I don't think Corbin is right for him at all. What about his shop? He loves his work! He can't just give that all up! Nope. He's not moving, because I said so. So there. :p

Well you were right about the drama. I can absolutely sense that coming. Especially after Rose's dumb move! I still want to slap her...

I'm more than half-way through this now! That makes me kind of sad because I never want this to end. But then I'm anxious because I NEED to know how it ends.

I can't tell you enough how much I'm loving this! Great work as always!! ♥

Love and hugs,

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Review #21, by Unicorn_Charm Only Myself to Blame

9th April 2015:
Hi Rose! Prepare for yelling.

ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! Brandon deserves so much more that what you're giving him! You-know-what or get off the pot!! Bah!!

Ok. *breathes deeply* How are you, Rose? Good? Good! :)
Yeah, Brandbus is never going to work. It's official, the ship has sunk. Brandon is too emotionally mature for Albus, who in many ways, is an emotional 16 year old. He definitely doesn't seem capable of having the kind of stable relationship that Brandon wants and needs, especially with a baby now. I've jumped ship and am sailing the wide open seas on the SS Brandon/Rose. No more flip-flopping for me.

Speaking of Rose, what an interesting night for her, huh? You really hit the nail on the head though. Why is it that you can't be friendly with a guy, especially while having drinks, without them thinking that you're coming on to them? I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed for her when he tried kissing her like that. It's good that she stopped him though. It would totally ruin her business if word got out that she behaved that way with her clients. But good on her for the kiss with the bartender haha. He wasn't a client, so why not? ;)

Well, I've got to hand it to Archie, that was really well done. I honestly can't say one bad thing about that. It was really romantic and sounded beautiful. I probably would have been puddy in his hands like Lily was. I don't know. I don't love Archie, but I don't hate him either. He seems like one of those people who you meet and then forgot their name like 10 minutes after you meet them. But Lily seems quite taken with him, so maybe he's alright. I can't wait to see him meeting Harry though. :)

As always, fantastic chapter, Rose! And, as always, I want to slap and shake Albus. Gr. Can't wait to see what's coming. This chapter felt like a clam before a storm or something... I'm on to you. :p

Much love,
Meg ♥

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Review #22, by Unicorn_Charm The Wolves and The Ravens

31st March 2015:
Hey Rose! Finally here! Sorry I took so long, I've been taking Benadryl and kind of passed out last night. Stupid cold.

I wouldn't have been able to tell that was the first party that you've ever written. I honestly thought if flowed very well. :) I love that Rose just bursts in their flat like she owned the place. It really shows how close she is to Al and James (and Lily too, I'm sure). I always imagine that Rose and Hugo grew up with the Potter kids more like siblings than cousins and you really do a good job at showing that with how Rose interacts with them.

This shy-ish James is just adorable! It's so cute how he's so unsure of himself with women, I just want to hug him! And I love the overprotective brother in him too, when hearing about Lily's boyfriend. Immediately asking if Harry knew haha.

ďJames, this is why we donít tell you things,Ē Albus sighed heavily. ďOf course she hasnít told Dad Ė heíd react worse than you.Ē :D I was cracking up.

And that little bit with Cindy was just too, too cute! ♥

Arg Al!! He is being such a selfish twit! I'm glad Rose hexed him and told him off. What is he thinking?!? He has a man who loves him, home alone, with a NEWBORN and Al is sucking face with an old hook up buddy?? I want to slap him! He really needs to get himself together here.

I'm glad to see that Hermione is being supportive with Rose and taking her starting a business seriously. I'm sure Rose feels a lot better with her mother on her side. And I like how you described the beginning of their marriage. I really feel like you've got that dead on.

Oh yeah. There is definitely something brewing there with Rose and Brandon. It's totally one sided at this point (I think), but there's something happening. Rose is obviously developing feelings for Brandon and I think Al is beginning to notice that too. I smell drama in the not so distant future.

And then we come to Scorpius and Corbin. Nope. Still don't like it. I do kind of feel bad for Corbin, because I think he does truly care for Scorpius, but I don't think he's good for him. And this chapter just proved it. He's going to be another person who tries to control Scorpius and tell him how to live his life. Nope. Not digging that. I think meeting Astoria might have been a mistake. Now he'll be able to use the, "And I know your mother agrees with me," argument. Nope.

Great chapter once again, Rose! I can't wait to continue on and see the inevitable drama that we all know is unfolding!! :)

xoxo Meg

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Review #23, by Unicorn_Charm Where the Wind Blows

26th March 2015:
Hey Rose!! :)

I absolutely adore your Rose. Like to the point where I want her to be read and to be my best friend. It really is/was bittersweet meeting up with close friends from school. It's nice to see them again, but then you begin to realize how much they've changed, or you've changed and things just aren't the same anymore. Like here, when Rose is hearing of Eliza getting married and having a baby, and all Rose could do is focus on what in the world color ecru was. (which had me laughing because that would be so something I would do) And then how appalled she was at hearing Eliza got pregnant on purpose, to keep him. Ugh... Some girls. She just doesn't seem anything like them. Eh, at least she might get some business for her new Travel Company out of it. ;)

Aww that's nice to see that Astoria is really trying to make an attempt to be open to Scorpius' boyfriend. The fact that she wants to lunch with them really made me smile. It kind of made me forgive the, "Is he a pureblood?" question. Bless her, she's trying. I really do hope that eventually his father comes around, but I honestly just can't see that happening. I at least hope that his mother continues to be there for her son. I mean, you can't blame Scorpius for being a bit cool with her. Yeah, Draco did throw him out, but Astoria let him leave. A mother shouldn't have let that happen, no matter what. But, we'll see what happens with them I guess.

Ok, so on to Brandon and Al. I kind of want to slap Al in the face, to be completely honest. Brandon is in love with him, and I think Al knows that, and Al has feelings for two people and is totally abusing the fact that both of those people have feelings for him too, and he's causing me to type out the longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences! Brandon is a good man, who just had the biggest shock of his life. And now here's Al making him feel like they might have a shot at being a legit couple (because who wouldn't think that after all Al did for him in this chapter!) and he STILL doesn't have his you-know-what together! Albus Severus Potter! GR!!! He's going to break Brandon, I know it. And yes, Rose. Yes. There will be pitchforks, fire and a tantrum fit for a two-year-old. Bah!! *glares at the computer screen, breathing heavily*

I don't think I've been this emotionally invested in a fic in a while. I'm totally smitten with this story, even though it drives me crazy and hurts my heart at times! :p Thanks for the swap, as always!! ♥ ♥

Much love,

Author's Response: Meg!!

You can be bffs with the Rose I wrote about - she's in some ways a spin off from me :P (so we'd be bffs by proxy). I spent a lot of time looking for a weird wedding-y color for that conversation, haha. I've been in that boat though - just kind of terrified at the idea of people my age having kids already. I was married then so I couldn't judge that. She's definitely less focused on settling but they do have a something in common.

Astoria is trying so hard (within her pureblood confines) to make her relationship with Scorpius happen again. Well, asking about his blood status was a bit of an olive branch (not one most people would use but she was trying to bring Corbin closer to the type of people they'd associate with). hehe, we will see where it goes. :D :D

I had to check which chapter this is before responding to your Al comment. Yes, he is very punchable at this point. I'm sorry!!! Brandon deserves a lot and Albus is falling quite short at this point. *hides from pitchforks*

hehe, I love that you're smitten wtih this even if it is hard to go through at times.


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Review #24, by Unicorn_Charm The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)

21st March 2015:
Hey Rose!! :)

I really, really liked this chapter. I know I say that with every chapter, but this one I loved. I think it was the amount of POV's that we really got to see. There was just a lot going on. :)

I agree with Rose. I'm hoping that Lily gets Archie Bunker (is what I've decided I'm calling the bigot. Because, let's face it, he sounded like a bigot) out of her system soon. I wanted to smack him in the face when he made the comment about being surprised Brandon was an Auror. And Lily must have rose-colored classes on with him right now, to basically not bat an eyelash at that comment. He does seem nice enough, I guess. But pretty close minded. Lily is better than that

I kind of couldn't handle George bringing up Fred. Anytime I read anything with George talking about Fred's passing. I immediately tear up. It kills me. But that showed just how serious he was while talking to Al. I feel like George wouldn't really bring up Fred much, if he could help it. He's right though. Al isn't really being fair to Brandon. He totally just abandoned him. I'm pretty mad at Al lately to tell you the truth. He's behaving very selfishly. Bad Al. Scorpius is just trying to live his life and Al is messing with his head. But Scorpius isn't exactly innocent either. He pretty much told Al that he's only dating Corbin until Al makes up his mind. They're both being pretty terrible people right now, aren't they?

Um... I may have, possibly, just a little, kinda, sorta, maybe have a new ship here. Rose/Brandon! Maybe Rosdon? Nah, that's terrible. I'll get back to you on that. I might just be in love with Brandon and want to see him with everyone! He was so cute with his daughter! Ugh I want to hug him! I love that Hermione sent Rose with a book on nursing! :D Because she thought it would be good to know the theory! Hahaha! Of course she would! But seriously. Rose and Brandon. Way. Too. Cute! Their relationship already is very comfortable and effortless. They mesh very well. I was already kind of feeling that the day that they had lunch together at the Ministry. But now I'm totally wanting to see it. It seems like Brandon 's mother might agree with me, too. ;) And it really is no surprise that Harry is being so accommodating, after hearing Cora's Muggle relatives don't like magic. I'm sure Harry would never want anyone to grow up the way he did. :(

Awesome chapter, Rose! So, so, so loving this story!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!!

You can tell me every chapter that you liked it. :P It's always awesome to hear.

Well, Rose's hope for Lily will likely just stay a hope. I'm too mean to not make my characters have easy life lessons. Some of what Archie and other less nice characters say are exactly what I've heard othe rpeople say. it's so frustrating that people have those kind of opinions *still*. Lily is much better than that.

I don't have George talk about Fred a lot - it seems like a subject he'd avoid because of the pain. Albus is still having a selfish reaction to Brandon's news... to be fair, it's a rather big shock for him (especially because he doesn't know many peers with kids). This is definitely a horrible place for both Scorpius and Albus to be at the moment. I'm not a fan of either of them at this point.

haha, a lot of people ship Rose/Brandon at some point (or they threaten my life for suggesting that ship). I have a hard time not shipping Brandon wtih everyone myself. :P haha, Brandon's mum would probably agree with you (for now) but that doesn't mean Rose is right for him.

Thank you so much for an incredible review!

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Review #25, by BellaLestrange87 Simple Song

21st March 2015:
Hi Rose! I'm here for our review swap!

I've got mixed feelings about this chapter. I'm happy that Albus and Scorpius are friends again (true friends, not awkward-sexual-tension-acquaintances (does that even make any sense?)), but I'm not that much into the fact that Scorpius and Corbin are moving away to France. We know that Corbin isn't the calmest person around, and in France Scorpius won't have Albus or his family around to lean on if it flares up. (And, since I've seen your 2015 story map and know you've planned a Scorbin (Corbius? I don't know.) I feel like something bad is going to happen.

I feel a bit sad for Albus. Yes, he's got Brandon and Cora, but a lot of his friends are leaving, and to him it probably feels like the end of an era (of youthful innocence or not having to do anything), since now he's committed to a loving relationship and he's a father. I think he's matured a lot throughout the course of the story, and it was all gradual and realistic and I greatly enjoyed reading it (but I didn't review all of it because I AM A BUTT; I'll have to fix that sometime).

On a sort-of-related note, I feel like their flat is going to be a bit cramped. James, Albus, Brandon, and Cora (if I understood that part right)? I think they're going to end up tripping over each other, depending on how big the flat is (Undetectable Extension Charm, maybe?).

I'm sad that this is the last novel with Albus, Brandon, Rose, and Scorpius, but I can understand why; they've all done their growing and there isn't really any maturing left to document. Although I'd be interested in a story about Rose :thateyebrowwigglething:

You have a typo here: planning a two stories about Lily - planning two stories

I'm really excited for these Lily/Lysander stories. I think in one of my earlier reviews (or on another story, I don't remember) I said I was really excited for the Lily/Lorcan novel, and then felt like a complete idiot. Lily is possibly my favourite Next-Gen character, and I'm looking forward to reading more about your take on her, since she isn't really a major character in this novel. I think the reason I like her so much is because I've written 40,000 words about her myself and I like seeing how other (better) authors write her.

Thanks for the review swap! I'm sorry that this review isn't really a review and more me rambling about things semi-related to this chapter, though.


Author's Response: Hi Olivia!!


Making Albus and Scorpius legit friends again was a major goal for me in this story. yeah... Scorpius and Corbin - well, they have two one-shots detailing their relationship after this point. It may not be a pretty read. If you get a chance to read those - don't hate me too much.

This is definitely the end of an era for Albus but he's moving towards something better for him (as are most everyone else). haha, i'm just glad you were still reading the story - reviews are a bonus but seeing you end review is the best. :D Albus really has matured a lot through this story - it was quite a challenge to make him go through it slowly and not all at once.

Ooh, I should go and make that clearer - James and Cindy were just there as another set of eyes. It'll just be Brandon and Cora (wiht Al as a frequent visitor). they're not all 5 of them going to be in the same space.

I still have a while before I'll be able to wite the Lily stories - it's still in the vague idea mode right now.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!!


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