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Review #1, by crestwood Hold Tight

26th February 2015:
Hi Rose! Once again, I have taken much longer than I expected to give a review. My review swap turnaround time could obviously improve. Hopefully the actual reviews make up for it :P

I'm really interested to see how this big dinner with everyone is going to go. We haven't seen all of these characters in one room yet and I think that some of them will clash with others at one point or another. *Totally doesn't side eye Archie*

I really love that it's Cindy that James has decided to date, if only because I know she's nice and don't have to be worried about things turning out badly in that relationship. At least I don't think so.

I just realized that Archie's last name is Boot. I can't remember if he's Terry Boot's kid or not or if you've ever confirmed or denied.

Albus trying to get the hang of helping out with Cora warms my heart every single time. It's so endearing that he's trying now and actually sure that he wants all of this.

I feel like Brandon is messing with Archie, as if he somehow realized that saying that to him would get that sort of reaction.

NO WAY LILY. That was an awkward line for the dinner table. I laughed and cringed at the same time, especially because she didn't even really notice everyone's reaction. It was super embarrassing, but hilarious too. Also, I've noticed that Brandon is almost always the one to defuse tense situations. I like that aspect of his character. Along with everything else, really.

I laughed for a really long time about the fact that Draco said 'You had Kal make a nice dinner,' because usually in that situation you compliment someone on what they'd cooked, not what they got the house elf to cook! I have no idea why that cracked me up the way it did.

I'm interested in Draco's thought process. The fact that going against his word is the height of dishonor, even if he changes his mind. Or that he disapproves of Scorpius having a boyfriend, but shakes Corbin's hand anyway because he'd never be rude in a situation like that. It's all so confusing and contradictory and makes me think about how difficult navigating pureblood culture must be.

I think the aphrodisiac laced books are kind of creepy, but hey, if they have a warning I'm not against them. I personally would be weirded out by not knowing if I really like the book a lot or if that stuff was just working really well.

I'm really loving the use of the word décolletage here. That's just a really beautiful word.

I'm so touched by how Molly reacts to Cora and how Arthur takes to Brandon. I think you've really captured their characters so well here and it just blows my mind that people can manage to write canon characters so true to who they are.

Everything after Rose arrives is pure gold. Albus' 'cut the crap,' 'At least with Scorpius you didn’t know we were involved,' and then the realization both of them had and the differing effects it had on them!! Just everything. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You are so good. So, so good. This story is amazing and I really need to finish it. At the rate we do swaps though, I'll get through it this century, which is more than I can say for most fics that I've been meaning to read :P

Thank you so much for the swap, it's always a pleasure :)

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Review #2, by crestwood Don't You Want Me

6th February 2015:
Hi Rose!

I'm so conflicted because I slightly want Scorpius and Albus to be together, but I definitely realize that they aren't the best for each other and possibly even kind of unhealthy. I think that staying with Brandon probably best for Albus and Scorpius should move on from his past regardless of who he ends up with.

I'm so glad Scorpius is taking this step of letting Albus know that he's sort of cutting things off between them. I think it's a good sign for his maturity in general that he's made a decision like this on his own. I think Albus is taking a step forward as well. Hopefully everyone goes on from this point that much more emotionally stable.

The scene where Brandon sings in the shower is especially funny because that is me, every single day. They just sound so soundproof from the inside!

Albus and Beatrice's conversation is seriously warming my heart right now. I am so happy that he is saying things like this to her and putting himself out there as a definite fixture in all of their lives. I'm also glad to see Albus feeling so protective over Cora because this is one step closer to seeing them as one big family like I want them to be.

You're really giving me everything I want with this chapter. Albus and Brandon both coming clean and everything working out and then saying the word 'love' and still establishing boundaries and making sure not to rush into things, I mean what more could I ask for out of that scene? (Or any scene in this story for that matter)

I wouldn't be very keen working for the Daily Prophet if I was Lily and couldn't even talk about my family for fear that it'd be front page news the next day. That would personally make me so uncomfortable and unable to feel secure at work. That probably isn't an important plot point but I still have a lot of feelings about that.

I'm really interested in where Rose goes with her love life. She doesn't seem to have a ton of luck in that department.

Well, this was yet another great chapter from you. It's not even a pleasant surprise anymore--it's honestly more of a comforting constant in my life. I just know I can come back to this story and have an awesome experience every single time. Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #3, by kenpo Simple Song

31st January 2015:
Hello! Here for the February BvB!

Rose! This was such a fantastic last chapter. It really was. At first when I read it, part of me was a little disappointed that there wasn't any Brandon or anything, but once I'd finished, I was really happy with it. You did a fantastic job here with bringing the story full circle, and reminding us where it started.

At times, I'd completely forgotten that Albus and Scorpius were ever even together. Albus and Brandon's relationship is so fantastic that it just sorta seems like they were always together. That comforts me a little. I'll just have to find my Brandon.

I think my favorite part might've been Albus musing about the potions, and how he'd been so involved at the start of it. He grew up so much during this story, and I'm so proud of him! I did a fair bit of growing up over the course of reading this, as well. Al and I can be buddies.

I'm glad that you didn't leave all the characters is an ultra positive place. Lily still has her stuff going on, Scorpius is :(, and I'm not sure how Rose will do in Spain. This was a happy ending, I think, but not wrapped up with a bow on it. I loved it.

This story was fantastic, and I just want to love all over it and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have time to reread it from the beginning to remind myself where we started. Thank you for sharing it.


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Review #4, by missatron Such Great Heights

26th January 2015:
Hi Rose! So sorry for my lateness - I've had a very busy weekend and haven't managed to find time to review this up until now. Luckily, I'm here, and im glad to be back!

I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Last chapter was filled with introductions, so I was busy getting to know your characters, but this time there was a little more action involved. I liked how you described Rose as feeling 'trapped' in her Ministry job - it's a nice change, as, usually, Rose is portrayed as someone who loves work, her job, studying and what not. I enjoyed that. I thought that the interactions between Rose and the other main characters were very well done - paticularly between her and Albus. I liked how Hermione really wanted her to get the new job, but Rose wanted to be more free. It's different.

I don't think that I'm enjoying Albus and Scorpius kissing all the time. It feels a bit ... I liked hearing about what both of them were thinking though. It was interesting.

I like how Rose and Brandon get along well in this. Brandon seems quite a friendly guy, what with all his helpful advice and listening skills. I think it is good that Rose made friends with him. Rose's ideal jobs sounds good! I think that she soukd go for it. Maybe she will in the end ... I wonder where you will take this story ...

Great chapter, once again!

Missy ♥

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Review #5, by Aphoride Simple Song

25th January 2015:
Hey there, Rose! Sorry for this being a little bit late in getting to you, but my friend stopped round and I got completely distracted from the internet :P

I really can't believe this is finished! It seems like only recently it was being started... and Pure Romance before it... it's been, what? A year? Less? Something like that... wah, I'm so pleased for you but so sad coz this is the end of Albus and Brandon's story (though maybe minor appearances in Lily/Lysander? ;D).

I love how you've ended this though. It feels like this and Pure Romance have come full circle - with Al and Scorp starting out as friends, and then ending as friends, and both being secure in where they are and who they are and all that kind of stuff. There's something lovely about that - that they remained friends even after the love and the heartbreak and everything.

It was such a sweet scene with the two of them - so appropriate! And I love how Scorpius is so in love with Corbin (even if I'm not Corbin's biggest fan :P), and how Albus is so in love with Brandon, and both their lives are moving on - it's so nice to see people get happy endings for once! (I've been watching GoT recently, lol)

I'm so excited for the Lily/Lysander story (and I really hope it is Lily/Lysander, he sounds so good for her!), and I may pop by your story request thread soon with a plunny ;) But we'll see! For now, I'm just so happy with the ending of this - it's so nice! :D

Thank you so much for writing this story - I've loved it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #6, by missatron New Slang

22nd January 2015:
Hey! This is Missy coming over from the forums for our review swap!

I've actually been meaning to read this story for a while now, so I'm glad that we've had the chance to swap. Your characterisation has started off on a good note. I paticularly like your characterisation of James - there are hints of arrogance in him but there is a lot of good stuff too. Usually in next gen fics, I think that they over do the arrogance element of his character a bit. James is quite sparky and sarcastic, I'd say. I wonder how he will develop throughout.

Albus has quite a nice, friendly character, but not so much of a goody goody two shoes, as he is often portrayed as. I like how you have taken the niceness down a notch. Not everyone is is perfect. He obviously has feelings for Scorpius, which you have written very well. I'd say that Albus has a fairly regular character.

Scorpius seems ok so far. I wonder how the relationship between Albus and Scorpius will progress throughout the novel.

Lily definitley has a character and a half! She seems very feisty, much like her mother was. I like how her character matches in with the red hair and all.

James' "adult supervision" must really be getting in the way of Albus' fun mustn't it? I'm not so sure whether James is responsible enough to be given the task of "adult supervision" yet.

Overall, I love this story. It's such a fun, refreshing read. Thanks for the swap!

Missy ♥

Author's Response: Missy!!!

I'm so glad you decided to stop by this story! I'm always excited when people want to read my longer stories. I will say that it might be helpful t give a quick read to Pure Intentions as that gives so much more backstory than I touch on here.

James isn't someone I thought was really well done in this so I'm glad he seemed right to you. He's not a huge character in this (kind of second tier I guess) so I'm glad he didn't seem one-dimensional at least.

When I started on my next gen work I really wasn't aware of other next gen stories (I had been purely a Hogwarts Era and Marauders person for reading and writing). It was just luck that my interpretation of Albus is a bit different from the rest (but I'm really excited that he is).

Scorpius is a bit difficult in this story as he is pulled in a few directions with his life. I hope you enjoy his development throughout.

hehe, Lily was my favorite person in this chapter. She's such a rowdy younger sibling.

good point, it's a bit like the blind leading the blind!

thank you so much for an awesome review. I hope you keep enjoying this story!


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Review #7, by marauderfan Simple Song

18th January 2015:
Here is your celebratory 'Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!!' review. :D

'Unchoreographed dance' of shopping. That's an excellent and very true description.

I love the way all of this turned out. Except for Scorpius - I'm sad that he decided to stay with Corbin, who I don't trust and who is bound to repeat what he did before if he gets angry again. But, at least he knows he has a safe place to go and something to fall back on if that doesn't end up working out - he and Albus are back on good terms and friends again.

Albus has grown so much as a character over the course of the novel and I loved his insight into the others in this one, like he realizes Rose is moving because she wants to, and he's supportive of Scorpius despite not agreeing with him. I think he's a lot more understanding now.

And the last line made me SO happy, as Albus goes to his happy life with Brandon and Cora. ♥ :D YAY

Wonderful end to a wonderful fic, Rose!

Author's Response: I LOVE REVIEWS CAUSED BY THE SEAHAWKS. (especially when they're left by you)

I once used that phrase in an essay about seattle and shopping in the market. I didn't think past me would mind now me using it in a story.

I at least got your 90% happy with the ending - that's a success!! I will revisit Scorpius in a one-shot and talk about how he and Corbin are doing a year later so there will be more to come! I'm so happy you liked Albus and Scorpius ending on a strong note with their friendship. I thought that was the most important thing with them.

Albus is my work of art in this story. he had so much growth to go through to get him where he's at in terms of his relationships and self.

The last line is my happy line for the story. :D



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Review #8, by Ravenclaw333 Simple Song

18th January 2015:


i have so many feelings.

i blame you for them all.

can't wait for lily/lysander aw yiss


thank you so much for going on this journey with me. xoxo


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Review #9, by Rumpelstiltskin A Satisfied Mind

17th January 2015:
It takes me one to two days to write a review now, and my fiance keeps exiting out of my webpage, even though we each have our own computer, and this is the third time I'm writing this review! *Twitch, twitch*

Anyway, HOW COULD YOU?! YOU MUST HATE ME! I knew something bad would happen...but Arthur? *Cries* Poor Molly :(

Or, maybe we should start at the beginning. I love the idea of Scorp and Rose hanging out, the GBF thing should totally happen. Just saying. I think that the wedding will be much more enjoyable if they went together -- or I hope... I never know with you. You'll probably have something explode at the wedding, killing the pair of them. *Cough* Or I'm overacting.

I can definitely see Harry hiring assassin aurors to defend his daughter's virtue (though I don't mean that as literally as it sounds *cough*). Feeding him may help ;). And, hahahaha, "Great job." That was fantastic, I chuckle every time I read it :D.

Now, the part that had me laughing out loud like a crazy person, of course, was James' inquiry on when the baby is due, and Archie's complete nervous break-down that was about to happen if Lily hadn't reassured him that there was no secret pregnancy. I don't think he's quite ready to be a father. But the Lily-Ginny scene that followed was sweet.

Now, this scene. I just... wasn't expecting it. It was just a lovely scene, with Al reflecting on how much his grandparent's love each other, and Arthur taking little Cora to the was even more heartbreaking to reread, knowing what was happening...

And, every time I read it, it makes me cry,'s just so SAD, ROSE!! STOP MAKING ME CRY! :(

At least, I know that Arthur led a full life, with a loving wife who he loved just as much in return, and a GIANT family who all loved him too...

*deep breath*

Okay. PROMISE ME...PROMISE ME that the next chapters won't make me cry as much as this one did. OKAY?

:D :( :D


Author's Response: Oh wow. I would have had harsh words about the closing of tabs.

I DON'T HATE YOU. I LOVE YOU TIMES A THOUSAND (maybe you'd cry less if I didn't love you so much).

Scorpius and Rose are gbff forever. I will promise that there are no bombs at the wedding. They do have fun together :D

Hahaha, I got what you were laying down and that's more of a figurative job than a literal one. My dad inspired the good job statement. He was equally eloquent during my first wedding.

I do take pride in making you look slightly crazy one chapter at a time. Archie was very unprepared for the pregnancy comment. I did like showing Ginny being close to Lily.

I... Don't have any excuses for what I did next. It was part of me just throwing in some real life for the family to deal with and part me expressing my own loss with a family member.

No one dies in the next chapter but it might make you cry.

Thank you for your awesome review!

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Review #10, by patronus_charm Simple Song

17th January 2015:
Omg, wow, I think I may have the first review on this so whoo! ♥ And congrats Rose, on finishing this story it was so much fun to read :D

I really liked how this chapter just focused on Albus and Scorpius as the story was initially about them, and we could see how much has changed between them and how much their lives have developed since the beginning of this story and that was really nice. I also really liked how great friends they are now and how they could put their differences behind them to allow that to happen as they do make really cute friends.

Boo to Scorpius going back to Corbin! You obviously guessed that I wouldn’t be happy about that, but I guess Scorpius seems happy about that which is the main thing. It was sweet to see how Albus wanted to make sure of everything and that his friend would be okay before celebrating it though.

I do feel sorry for poor old Albus with everyone abandoning him with Scorpius in Paris, Rose in Spain then Lily at the Burrow. In a way, it was nice as he wasn’t jealous at all and seemed genuinely happy for them and all the adventures that they’re going to have. I really liked how content he was with his little family of Brandon and Cora and they’re just so cute together and leave me squeeing away. Though Lily and Molly living together might be a rival in the cuteness factor soon!

I can’t wait to read all about Lily it sounds so exciting namely because of what I just said and I love her as she’s such a fab character and I can’t wait to read about her and Lysander! Thanks for writing such a fab story Rose, and congrats again on finishing it! :D


Author's Response: KIANA!!!


I'm really glad you liked the ending wtih just the two of them. I mean, I started this off writing about just them and it did feel natural to end on them as well. hehe, they are cute friends.

To be fair, I'm not happy about them being together but Scorpius is. Albus is kind of my own voice in this chapter. I don't think Albus would feel right if he hadn't tried to do a sanity check with Scorpius.

Well, Albus was being a bit dramatic when he said that. I think it was in part to get scorpius to open up about moving and start a bit more of conversation. Albus is quite happy for everyone (and with his own life at the moment). I couldn't help but end iwth the image of Albus going home to Brandon and Cora. *le sigh*

Thank you so much for the fab review and making thorugh this whole story!!!


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Review #11, by kenpo Time to Get Out

16th January 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the bvb battle.

First: My friend is currently on a date with someone named Brandon, and I thought that I needed to tell you that.

I loved the house hunting!! Eeeek I love imaging them raising Cora together and being all cute and amazing together. I love them so much. You mentioned that you were worried that there was too much of them in this chapter, and I say NO SUCH THING!

I can't believe Albus said the thing about the couch to her (okay no I totally can believe that). I'm glad that they proved her wrong so quickly, though. I was really worried that something bad would happen with that. I'm glad that it turned out okay. WHEW.

Lily and Molly's conversation was so sweet! I like that she's making sure Molly is okay, but it was also heartbreaking to see Molly so sad. I can't imagine the Burrow having just her in it... I can't imagine how empty it feels for [i]her[/i]. :(. It'll also be good for Lily to branch out on her own for a little bit!

Scorpius... Ugh I know that what he's doing is a bad decision, but I can't help but totally understand why he made it. I really want to hope that it was a one time deal.

PEDRO. Good for Rose. Heh. Heheh. I loved that Rose was just like "wut I'm not moving in with you". She's so... Rose. I hope that she does good for herself.

I can't believe this story is almost over. I want more of it, but I can see how its coming to a natural end. Ahhh but I love the characters you've created so much, and I don't want to leave them. (WRITE MORE).

I guess there's always your stories offered thread for me to badger you to write oneshots in this universe.

This chapter did feel a little faster than the others, but not so much that I'd comment on it if you didn't specifically ask about pacing. It was good. Like all of them. How do you make all your chapters good?!

I'll miss this story :(


Author's Response: Georgia!!!


I felt like doing a little conga dance where we just went "branbus branbus branbus" and danced around in circles. I was really happy with them in this chapter and wanted to really leave them on nice footing.

Albus is the captain of 'saying inappropriate things' club. You could join as well. I'm the vice-chair. I felt the issue with her had been prolonged enough. Part of me wanted to write about her having a suggestion that she not push the investigation very hard (to imply that Harry kind of leaned on them but not really).

I thought that Molly and Lily wwere at a place where they both needed something extra in their lives. Lily needs to get out on her own in a way and Molly needs someone there to take care of (or at least be around more).

Scorpius is the one I felt the worst about in the end. I mean, he made his decision based on love and trust but it's not the best one he's made. :-/

I wish I had more time for Pedro/Rose in this!!! I knew they'd end up together from his first appearance but I needed to wait to make it happen. And, I dunno, they spent the week together but I think they're both too carefree to call it more than a week long thing.

Everything comes to an end!! :( :( :( I will write more in this universe though!!!

ah, thank you so much for another wonderful review!!


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Review #12, by Aphoride Time to Get Out

16th January 2015:
Hey there - dropping by for our review swap! :) You know, I've been really bad with this story, I have to admit. I've been following it when you update it and everything, but I haven't reviewed since, like, chapter four or something stupid. So I'm back, and I'm coming to this one, and it's probably going to be long (but then, tbh, it really should be...), so sorry about that ;)

So, you already know how much I love Albus and Brandon and their whole relationship - how it matures, and they mature, and it changes and it's so wonderful... they just fit together so well. Like, Brandon means that Albus takes things a bit more seriously, and Albus helps Brandon to lighten up. Neither of them are perfect, but they're supportive of each other, and it's so so lovely. It's such a beautifully realistic romance, too, and I adore it. I love that they're moving in together, after everything they've been through, and that the horrible Child Services woman has left them to get on with raising Cora and being happy together. It's not a fairytale ending, and it's really not cliche - it's so wonderfully spontaneous as a decision and I adore it.

Cora's bits are always so cute! The little mentions of her practising crawling and so on are so adorable... though I was so upset for her that she was there when Arthur died! I don't think Arthur would have wanted her to be there either - I mean, him collapsing wouldn't necessarily have been good for Cora, she could have got hurt... at least (hopefully) she won't remember it! Small mercies, I guess...

Speaking of Arthur, I loved how sweetly you dealt with Molly's grief, with her being surrounded by her family and so supported by them, but that not always being enough, as in this chapter where she's still in her dressing gown and things and she still misses Arthur so much, but she wants to try and be strong. I loved the references to the support of family, though, and how they're so important to her, and she almost needs to take care of someone to get herself grounded again, and to be able to continue on. It's such an in-character thing for Molly, it's amazing! There's a real skill, I think, in getting every single character in a story so well done, and so in character too - it's so impressive, particularly because you don't exactly have a small cast, either! :)

I'm always in two minds about Scorpius and Corbin. I don't know... it's weird, I mean, I like their romance, I think it's sweet and loving and good, and they obviously really like each other, but I'm not overly fond of Corbin, haha. I just love Scorpius so much, that Corbin's jealousy and assuming Scorpius is seeing so many of his close friends (both Rose and Albus) and hitting him, even once... Scorpius is a very forgiving bloke... far more so than I am! That being said, I love how Corbin seems to have changed and realised his mistake and seems to really love Scorpius - people all make mistakes, and I love that you've shown that even in relationships, forgiveness is important - and they're sorting things out about Paris and stuff. I love the end of their romance, if not bits of the middle :P

I think, though, the couple I really ship now, which surprised me is Rose and Pedro. I mean, who doesn't like sexy Spanish guys, amiright? :P But, seriously, I love how free-spirited Rose is, and how at the same time she's unsure of what she wants, but decides to take the risks anyway, and I love Pedro. He just sonds awesome :P

Archie is an idiot. I'm so glad Lily punched him - he deserved it, even if I don't normally advocate violence! But he did! And I loved how disappointed Harry was with Albus and James about their 'revenge', though - it's so parentlike and Harry-like to do that - and how he was still nice enough to use his pull to get them out of more serious trouble than would otherwise have happened. Nah, I didn't mind Archie at the beginning, but he just got worse... I love the little hints of Lily/Lysander, though - they'd make such a cute couple! :D (Please tell me they turn up together again in the last chapter? Please? :D)

Your writing throughtout this has been so beautiful - the flow is always wonderful and the pace is always great, no need to worry about that!, and I'm always stunned by how good you are at plotting things out. It all feels so perfectly placed and so intricately planned. I'm jealous :P

This story is so gorgeous and so truthful, and all of the characters so real and so wonderful, that you can sympathise with any of them really - there's no out-and-out bad guy - and the way they handle things are so great. This is definitely going on my favourites, and I'm going to be so, so sad when it's all over.

I love this! :D

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aph!!

This review = amazeballs. I love it and want to read it every day as my writer's affirmation. ^_^ I'm really just glad that you didn't lose interest in the story. :D :D :D

I might just start a branbus fan club for people because I think by halfway through the story *everyone* ships them. I ship them so hard too, which is why I couldn't tear them apart. I'm never sure if I do give them a realistic romance so I'm really happy to hear it is. :D i couldn't ever write about two perfect people - how boring. I'm glad their flaws play off each other (in a good way). They really deserved a happy ending together which I was happy to leave them with.

Cora is kind of my favorite person to write. Even though she's a baby I feel like her precense is quite uplifting. I'm still really sorry that I put her there when Arthur died. She won't really remember it though, so that's good.

I thought it'd be remiss of me to not talk about Molly's grief at some length as I killed Arthur in the story. The idea that struck me with her is what happens after the funeral when people go home. I mean, they have to get up the next day and try to live. I'm thrilled you like Molly taking Lily in as a bit of a project. I agree that she would want someone to take care of with Arthur gone. She ahs the whole family but they are a bit removed from her. and *blush* I can't tell you how much it means that you like the characterizations I've done in this - I didn't realize how many people I'd have to write when I started this but I'm certainly glad to have done them justice.

haha, you might be a in a boat alone when it comes to liking Scorpius and Corbin at this point. They do have a very sweet romance overall but things did get a bit hairy for them. Corbin has massive issues with trust. I'm still a bit at odds with Scorpius being as forgiving as he is. I thought that it fit with what we've seen of him to date for that to happen though. I will write a one-shot about them that takes place a year-ish after this so we can see how they're doing.

Rose and Pedro certainly came out of nowhere for people (If I hadn't been writing this I would have been taken aback by them popping up). I wish I had more time in this to talk about them as a couple. I don't have specific inspiration to write about them (but when I write about Lily I'll have Rose come through as a character fairly often).

Archie is the unredeemable guy in this. I don't *mind* violence but I think Lily's punch was well-deserved. Albus and James were definitely reckless with their revenge scheme. I think harry would have been less upset if he had the truth of their outing rather than Archie's version of it. Lily/Lysander won't end up together in the next chapter but I am planning a whole novel about Lily - so you'll see how that pans out.

lkajdflkasjf - I really can't adequately respond to the last part. That means so much coming from you as your stories are always so wonderful and masterfully put together.

thank you so very much for this review!!


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Review #13, by patronus_charm Time to Get Out

15th January 2015:
Ooh so this was an interesting chapter and I really liked it, but wah only one more now :(

I really like James and Cindy as a couple as they're just so adorable, and the fact that they went flat shopping with the others just shows how nice they are. I got so excited when they were going flat shopping as there was so much talk of our between Albus and Brandon, I couldn't really handle it. I really hope that they move in with one another as that would be so cute. I'm not sure what to make of the review, because even though she said she could see Cora was brought up in a loving family, I keep on thinking that she's actually hating them and she's going to take Cora away for ever and ever which would be really sad.

Another thing I loved was the scene with Lily and Molly, as it was so sweet to see them both help build their lives back together and I really do hope they move in together as I would love that and make me feel all happy and content.

Boo to Scorpius and Corbin and them getting back together. You deserve better Scorpius and not that slimy man so ditch him and find that better. Rose did with Pedro and now she's going to be starting a new life out in Spain which sounds so cool, so whoo go her!

Ah, is there going to be a sequel to this or is it? I can't handle it if it is!

Fab chapter! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana!!!

James and Cindy are my favorite couple in this that I didn't give a lot of screen time to. The Branbus conversations in this were my favorite to write. they're not moving together *yet* but I think they'll be at a point to do that in a matter of time. ;) I can tell you that the review is what she said, done and not a concern anymore.

One of the reasons I put Molly in such a vulnerable place was to allow them to get close like this.

I am sorry about corbin and Scorpius. I'll be writing a one-shot about them a year later int he next few months. You'll see how this all works out for them at that point. Rose's life in Spain will be a lot of fun!!

So, there's not going to be a sequel to this necessarily. I'm doing some stories on Lily that followt his but nothing that focuses on Albus.

thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #14, by patronus_charm Don't Let it Pass

15th January 2015:
I loved this chapter, I thought it was great so no worries about that! :D

Bahaha, it was so funny seeing a serious Harry having a go at his two sons, because he did far worse to Draco Malfoy in the 6th book and this time the two of them were getting back Lily's honour but I suppose he has to set some standards.

Aw, Albus and Brandon were adorable with their trip out and how they're such a cute couple and how they could be super cute parents to Cora too, and I just want to aw and aw and aw and never stop awing. Bahaha, that bit with the waiter was so awkward though. I do feel quite bad for Brandon thought that Harry can't really pull any strings to stop this review from happening, but I really hope it figures itself out as they are a loving couple with a stable and healthy relationship and that woman can just go away.

Ooh, that was quite an intense moment between Scorpius and Rose! What is with that guy and trying to get with everyone though? It's like he has no self control at all! I'm so proud for Rose though that she was able to no, hold up, this isn't right, this isn't what I want and that we should stay friends instead so whoo go her!

Ew, ew, ew, Archie sucks, let's all agree on that, kay? How dare he attack Lysander like that, who was being totes adorbs with the way he stuck up for Lily. I have an inkling that this might be the start of their romance and if it is I am in love as that would be so cute and perfect together so whoo go them! :D

Great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: You know, I didn't think of his curse on Malfoy in HBP. I guess in my head that's a bit different as he didn't seek Draco out to curse him, rather he was attempting to defend himself. For some reason, I see Harry being a bit ridiculous with his kids and any association with the dark arts.

I really can't get enough cute Brandon/Albus moments. Wish I could write them indefinitely. :D The waiter was awkward but he tried to make up for it i guess. Ultimately, I thought it too much of a shortcut for Harry to just make his problem go away but I thought it would be strange for Harry not to try and help.

Very intense. haha, Scorpius is a bit confused about his emotions and affection at the moment. I do have to point out that Scorpius did raise the question about whether she wanted to continue on. :D So, he had some self-control in that. I don't think Rose was coming up for air enough to think through that. :P

Archie sucks. I agree. It's settle. let's beat him up... on crap that didn't work last time. Lysander is really cute here and I can't promise anything about what his feelings are the start of. You know me. Nothing is for sure when it comes to the love life of my characters.

thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #15, by patronus_charm The Long Day of Vengeance

15th January 2015:
Ooh ooh ooh this chapter was a shocker!

Poor Scorpius breaking down like that about Corbin and I seriously hope again that he doesn't take him back otherwise he'll have me to deal with. Wow the kiss though, I didn't expect that, and like I said before even though Scorpius and Albus are very cute together, the way Albus looks after Cora is adorable so he and Brandon must stay together!

Bahahaha, I couldn't stop snickering at the way Albus and James took revenge against Archie, it was so great! I love how they were like we can do whatever we want as our dad will cover our backs, so they just started knocking out Archie's flatmates without caring at all. I do wonder who Archie cheated on her with though as I have a feeling it might end up being someone we know. Anyhow, I loved how Lily had to give him a good punch too as I bet that made her feel good and he really did deserve to see what it felt like to be hurt by her, so whoo, go her!

Poor, poor Brandon! I guess I can see why they would need to check up on them but boo to them for being so stuffy and judgemental as that really does suck, and I know he's a fab dad and they should realise that too. Hopefully, Harry will be able to put them all back in their places.

A great chapter! :D


Author's Response: Scorpius is in a tough place emotionally. I think he's searching for an anchor and can't help but think that could be Albus. I've always felt that Scorpius and Albus broke their long term potential in Pure Intentions.

It was fun to write about Albus and James having a go at Archie. I mean, he deserved it and they were a bit adorable trying to be tough. the person he cheated with isn't really important in the grand scheme of things.

Brandon needs a hug and/or a stiff drink after that lady and her inspection. I felt bad making them so judgemental but I thought it would put Brandon through more interesting life events.

thank you for a fab review!!


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Review #16, by patronus_charm I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

15th January 2015:
Whaaat? Two new chapters, I must speed review!

Okay section one - this was so sad, and left me all confused and mixed up and wanting to bring Arthur back from the death as you could already miss his presence in that scene and I thought you wrote it really well. Another thing I loved was how Rose was talking to Charlie as it was something I never expected to be explored and made me even sadder as he seemed so lost and lonely. :(

Woah, woah, woah, section two! As I said before I think Rose and Scorpius's friendship is incredibly adorable and if I could ship it I would. But woah, Corbin woah, I was right! I was right! I always knew he was evil and snarky and horrible and in this chapter it was proved correct with the way he shouted out Rose, then started yelling accusations at Scorpius and then the way he hit him! I'm not glad it happened as it obviously hurt Scorpius a lot, but I am slightly happy my prediction was correct. I really hope Scorpius sees sense and ditches him.

And yes, I was right again with Archie! Again, he just always had this snarkiness about him which meant I knew he was evil, and it was proved with the way he cheated on Lily! It really isn't a good time for all their love lives, and I hope this doesn't mean the end of Brandon and Albus too, because then I really would be sad!

Fab chapter! ♥

Author's Response: No one speed reviews like you!

I did enjoy writing Arthur's funeral. I mean, not just in a mean 'make people' cry way but it was a nice release for myself as well. For the Weasley family, his loss will always have quite the impact on them. Okay, Rose and Charlie talking was just salt in the wound for people. But I thought he'd have a good view for Rose to understand.

This is where Corbin lost all his fans (or people wrote him off for good). I've always wanted Rose and Scorpius to be really good friends. I thought this owuld be a good starting place for that. You were right so +1 for you. :D

Archie, well, he didn't last long This chapter was not kind on love lives at all.

thank you for a wonderful review!!

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Review #17, by marauderfan Time to Get Out

15th January 2015:
omg house shopping, branbus are so cute I can't handle it. The furniture discussion ahahaha

I loved Lily and Molly's chat and how they're both helping each other with the difficult places in their lives. And I love that Lily is going to live at the Burrow!

I'm disappointed in Scorpius. I still don't like Corbin aka Gollum. I mean, I'm glad they're happy, but he can do sooo much better.

yay for Rose. I like that she's happy, and living how she wants to live.

gah sorry this review is lame but I kind of turn into a zombie after 10pm? its bad

BUT THSI CHAPTER WAS SO GOOD and I can't believe there's only one more. love this story ♥

Author's Response: I really love your late night reviews. They remind of late night trips to taco bell (minus the indigestion).

Lily and Molly coming together was my reason for getting rid of Arthur. :-/ I mean, I wanted Lily to help and be her grandma in a way that comes after a loss.

I think everyone is disappointed in him. :-/

Rose is happy!!!

ah! I'm glad you didin't just chew on the screen typing 'brainz' several times. :P

thankyou so much for a wonderful late night review!!


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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm New Slang

10th January 2015:
Hey Rose! :)

I've been meaning to read this for a while actually, and I'm really happy I've finally got the chance to! :D

I am loving your characterization of everyone so far. James seems kind of arrogant, but not overly so, like in a lot of Next-Gen fics. He's snarky, but not exactly mean. I enjoy that quite a bit. :) Al seems sweet, yet not perfect as he's often portrayed. He's just a regular guy who is hooking up with one dude, apparently in lust with another and obviously still has some feelings for Scorpius. And speaking of Scorpius, I can't help but to think that he may have been laying that on a little thick to make Al jealous. Lily seems feisty, like her mother. I laughed out loud when Ginny came in and made the comment about not letting Harry hear that or he may break his wand haha.

Your writing is always just fantastic. Your description is great, it was funny and the characters were all introduced perfectly. It wasn't overwhelming or anything like that. It was just enough to get me interested and wanting to continue on to see what happens.

I love that James was so totally cool about Al and another guy waking up together. It's really awesome to see him not even bat an eyelash and even make a joke about how it's nothing he hasn't seen in a locker room before. That's great that Al has that kind of support and unconditional love from his family.

I am absolutely going to be continuing on with this. I'm such a huge fan of your writing and I'm excited to read another story of yours! Excellent first chapter!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!!

I'm so happy you were meaning to read this. I dunno, it's nice to know I'm on someone's reading list.

James is fun in this - he's a bit arrogant but isn't 100% full of himself. Al is far from perfect. You'll come to yell at him in a few chapters. :D And his relationships are a bit tangled in this. ermm. yeah. Scorpius, ha, he's kind of playing up the whole 'make albus jealous' bit but he does liek the guy he's seeing. Lily is my favorite to write in this - she's quite the firecracker.

aw. gosh. :D thank you and I'm really glad this got you interested in the story.

In this story, James knows and has known that Albus is gay for a while so it's not a huge deal. He's gone through the acceptance process and seeing Albus kiss a guy is pretty normal.

thank you so much for a fantastic review! I hope you continue to like this story!!


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Review #19, by Veritaserum27 Don't Let it Pass

10th January 2015:
Hi there Rose!

So sorry I'm just getting to this. I wanted to write a proper review and I ended up with some RL stuff - and then I got really tired and blah, blah.

Anyway, SORRY! - and I hope this review doesn't disappoint.

I feel like you could subtitle this story "Consequences" or "After Shocks," because you have an amazing talent to follow these entwined stories through to see how all of the other characters are affected. I was all "go Al and James! Beat up on that little bigoted waste of space!" I felt just like Al - chipper that Archie had gotten what he deserved.

Then, I fell down, down, down as the repercussions began to flow. Ugh! Harry has to clean up James' and Al's mess and oh no! I hope this doesn't end up hurting the investigation for Brandon.

Yes! Branbus! And really, really great Branbus too! Poor Bandon. He really didn't ask for any of this, but just has to ride the tide of his life for right now. And he does it with such grace and poise - and a level head. I just love him soo much - and I see that's why Al loves him too. So sweet. I love how you put in the little part about the waiter assuming they were straight. It's little annoyances like that that "non-traditional" couples must deal with on a daily basis and you did a good job of bringing it to light without making it the main focus of the story.

Wow. Rose really has grown up a bit. I feel like you've found a nice balance for her to still have her free spirit, but at the same time, make decisions that are going to make her happy.

I really liked the scene with her and Scorpius. It is funny to see Rose being the mature one. Scorpius is so lost in his mess of a relationship, he's not really thinking clearly. I hope if nothing else, he realizes that his feelings for Rose and Albus mean that he's simply not meant to be with Corbin. I'm not really sure if I can ship Rose and Scorpius here (and that is REALLY saying something for me - haha!), but I love the respect they're giving one another and if a relationship blossoms, it should start there. I also think it was important for them to have this time because of their history. Even if it wasn't completely intentional, Scopius used Rose when they were a couple at Hogwarts and I think that may be part of her struggles as she moves into adulthood.

And Lily's life seems to be moving forward. I'm a bit leery of this offer from the Prophet - I feel like Bob doesn't have very many scruples. But Lily is smart enough to see through his tactics - I hope. Archie really angers me. I have a feeling he's not done taunting Lily - especially if he sees her friendship with Lysander a threat. Poor guy, he's really smitten, but so good at heart. It just doesn't seem that Lily feels the same way. Also, she's not really at a point where she's ready for another relationship yet.

Not that many more chapters?! What?! I don't know how you're going to tie this all together - everything is so up in the air? How are you going to do it, Rose?

I did not think this chapter dragged at all. I think it was needed to move the characters to where they needed to be and set the scene for the rest of the story.

Great job! Can't wait for more!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Beth!!!

I never mind waiting for reviews from you. xoxo And you reviews never disappoint. :D

I do have a penchant for looking at cause/effect in stories. When I looked at Albus and James getting one over on Archie, I realized they wouldn't walk away from that without consequences. Partially because it was kind of a big deal and partially because of their father's fame. I had a bit of a scene in my head where James got yelled at by his coach when an article about Archie being beat up by the Potter boys also talked about the team. It didn't really fit into the story but I thought that Harry having to cover for them would be very realistic and that could easily impact Harry's abiliy to help Brandon out with the inpsection he's going through.

I haven't been very nice to Brandon in this story but he's kind of my all star character and doesn't miss a beat. I don't know why the waiter thing popped into my head while writing this chapter but it felt like an icing on the cake kind of thing for him.

Speaking for my own series of life mistakes when I was that age, I think their ngiht was mostly a result of drinking and catching romantic vibes from the event (rather than all for each other). It is a nice change for Rose to be the reasonable, level-headed one here. I mean, she's finally coming out of her funk. Scorpius' love life isn't really something I solve in this story. I give it an ending but nothing really concrete. they two of them have far too much respect for each other a this point to throw it away over hormones.

The offer Lily has is really a questionable one. Bob is slimey and just wants a famous name on his newspaper (and will say what he needs to say to get that done). Archie still has a head of steam and thinks he's the boss of everything after getting one over on Harry and his boss. Lysander is completely smitten. it's kind of cute to me but it's also (like you pointed out) not something Lily is ready for.

erm... there were two more after this. I didn't realize it until I sat down for the next one. I was kind of an 'oh yeah, that's all the story I wanted to tell' moment.

thank you for a lovely review!!


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Review #20, by Rumpelstiltskin There Goes the Fear

9th January 2015:
Must. Read. TrueRomance!


Aww, I think that it's sweet that Lysander has a crush on Lily ^.^. I just love Luna, how could you not? She's just so...eccentric! The whole family seems like a fun bunch, though...I'd love to have them over for wine.

Oh no! *Covers eyes* James! (This sooo better not be the sad part that you're talking about!!) Oh phew. Okay. No yelling yet.

Bahaha, Rose (erm, not you, the Weasley)...yeah, it's totally cool to preform spells on humans because they've been cat-tested. Pfft, it's fiiinee!! ;) I do love Rose in this, she's pretty fantastic.

International experience? Oh Rose, no'll find love someday (and, you know, there's always the bartender in Spain) ;). It must be terrible confusing to you when I speak to Rose, your character, and not Rose, you...erm... Ah, Rose, you have to stop writing characters with your name!

Ouch! Her boss wants Lily only for her name and connections (or find a job elsewhere)? That's terrible, poor Lily! Good for her, though...I would've told him where to shove his "You’re not witless enough to think it was to grow your skill" too. *I'm* angry!

AHH!! Archie proposed!! ♥ ! Hooray! *Hugs story*

Aww, at least Corbin understands that Scorpius isn't ready to up-and-leave to Paris! And, woah boy...warmness *blushes*. D'aww, those two go at it like bunnies ^.^. You finish what you started, Scorp, you finish what you started... haha ;).

Ahh, it's been so long, I think that I almost forgot how much I love your writing! I'll get caught up here eventually!!



Lorcan has the crush (I had to re-read to check that I got that right) but it is adorable!! I will see about arranging time for them to visit you (I'll be wtih them disguised as Rolf).

-.- you'll be yelling at me sooner or later

Rose doesn't believe is testing spells - straight to use on the pregnant ladies!!!

Well, she had some international snogging not too far back. It's not terribly confusing unless someone says they're mad at Rose as I tend to also make people mad with my writing.

Her boss is quite the jerk. I thought she'd definitely have her parents' courage when it came to standing up for herself. *hides* Don't be angry with me

yay! someone liked that they got engaged.

your comments here have put a grin on my face every time I've read them. um, yes, they got a bit warm and Scorpius did finish what he started. It was off screen because rules.


thank you for a fab review! I've missed you


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Review #21, by marauderfan Don't Let it Pass

9th January 2015:
Wow! It's been a long time since I visited your page, except for the other day. Anyway, SO stoked that there's a new chapter of TR.

What a mess with Harry having to cover for James and Albus' shenanigans and I can't blame him being disappointed. I mean, I hated Archie too, and I'm furious that he lied about the extent of his injuries, but it was still wrong of James and Albus to do what they did.

UGh! Why are people at the Ministry investigating Brandon's parenting abilities?! The prejudice makes me so sad. I'm so offended, on his behalf. Brandon would be an awesome parent.

I'm like, silently seething and twitching at this waiter. What decade is it again? Ugh if he makes one more assumption of straightness or says one more thing about 'women's jobs' I'm totally going to sneak into the story and tell him what I really think. Grr. At least he tried to make it up to them. Bet he won't make assumptions after that ;)

I love the word 'tomfoolery'.

I know you said there was going to be some rocking the ship for Branbus but I don't think this argument was too bad. Albus does seem genuinely regretful for what he did to Archie and has realised how many people it affected i.e. not just Archie. Well, every couple argues every now and then and gets angry, and they talked it out like normal, mature people. *Continues waving Branbus flag*

Scorpius and Rose have both changed so much! Their friendship is in such complicated territory and they almost crossed the line, but then didn't - it said a lot, for Rose especially, about how much they've grown up and how much their friendship means to them. :)

Lysander. I love him. I love that he insulted Archie by calling him a Blibbering Humdinger, of all things. *hugs Lysander* Archie just gets worse, doesn't he?! I can't believe he punched Lysander, and they should definitely tell someone because maybe it'll give less credence to Archie's claims about James and Albus. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Lily's job at the Prophet as well - interesting development.

Awesome chapter, it didn't feel like filler at all - it was all stuff that needed to be said. I'm so glad that this story has returned.

Author's Response: I'm so stoked that there's new stuff on it - especially as it was several months stale.

Harry is stuck cleaning up the mess Al and James made. I think he'd be less severe wtih them if he knew the truth (and lies) behind Archie's story. Well... they are going off a very old fashioned frame of mind. I don't agree with it but I can't help but imagine people in RL facing the same issues.

The waiter is a bit of a daft dude. I mean, outdated thoughts aside, he couldn't tell his people were not in the mood to chat (or that he was offending them with his assumptions).

I was concerned about rocking ships when I had Brandon and Albus reacting with my temper rather than theirs. :D I could have steered that into a breakup or serius rift (but I avoided it). Branus 5eva

I do like playing with Scorpius and Rose. I want their friendship to be a nice solid thing but I also wanted them to ahve a bit of awkward tension with this. Rose did show a lot growth iwth this (but I also wanted Scorpius to show some good guy credit with him asking if it was what she wanted rather than charging forward).

Lysander is one of my new fav. characters. Archie is escalating to new heights of idiot and jerk. It'll get him in trouble one of these days.

I'm so glad you liked this!!

thank you so much for an incredible review!!


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Review #22, by crestwood Ice Cream

9th January 2015:
Teddy!! I hope he helps Albus sort out his feelings for Brandon. He named his son Remus ♥

It's kind of sad that Albus says he'd be a horrid father. I mean, that's a sad thought in general, but even sadder given the circumstances.

I love when kids in fic are doing accidental magic. I don't know why, but it's just such a cool idea, almost as cool as the purposeful stuff. I imagine that it'd be handful to raise a kid who's constantly blowing things up though.

I really hope Remus convinced Albus to stop being so frightened of raising a child, but that's probably wishful thinking.

I really do not want Rose to get in between Albus and Brandon, no matter if he's not fully taking advantage of what he has. Even if they totally didn't work out, that's her cousin and probably not appropriate! Not to mention bringing back the whole Scorpius thing…yeah bad idea.

I cannot believe she kissed him. I AM SO ANGRY WITH HER. THAT IS ALL.

Hopefully Corbin at least might not be a bigot because Death Eaters forced him into hiding. That doesn't make him a totally good person, but it's a step above what he could have been.

Wow, he really sprung a move to France on him out of nowhere. I can't really see Scorpius up and moving there with him so hopefully they'll break up :D I'm horrible for wanting that to happen, but I really do.

This story is just so consistently well written. Thank you so much for the swap :)

Author's Response: I loved writing about Teddy here - of course he's there to help. :D

Part of me thinks Albus just never saw himself being a father so he assumed he's not cut out for the job. That's part of his reason for holding back wtih Brandon.

I'm glad the kids doing magic thing is cute. i could write about that all the time. I wouldn't want to add the complexity of dealing with magic to rearing a child. I mean, it'd be easier if I could do magic I guess. Sucks for the parents of muggleborns though.

Rose... well, you saw what she did. She's not meaning to get in the way but she's lonely and sees Brandon as a good partner and and... this is why I had a laugh when you said rose was acting on your behalf previously.

Corbin is definitely not a bigot but he does have a bag of other problems. Going into hiding as a kid did change him quite a bit - for the better and worse. I mean, the question was out of no where but he's not asking for a decsion righ away.

thank you for the fab review!!


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Review #23, by crestwood Only Myself to Blame

8th January 2015:
Hi Rose! Gonna keep working on catching up on this.

I am so enamored with Albus and Brandon. Cora has been a fantastic addition to this story. Totally unexpected, but completely welcome.

I am all the way here the use of we and our, I have been waiting for this all along. But of course Albus is going to be frightened of commitment and make me upset about everything. I am one hundred percent on Brandon's side. I find it difficult to fully understand Albus' worries personally because Brandon is just so perfect for him that I can't imagine anything going wrong. Of course, it's actually happening to him and I'm just reading it :P

I'm loving Pedro and his use of double entendre. Henrik is trying a bit hard haha. Aaaand he kissed her. I guess he had the wrong idea. That seems like a pretty forward thing to do in general, nonetheless with your tour guide while they're getting paid to be nice to you.

I don't know why but Pedro is way less creepy than Henrik--smooth even. I hope Rose meets him again because I am definitely interested in him.

As much as I hate Archie, his choice of location was really, really good. I can't wait to see what this brunch will be like, it's bound to be full of drama if I'm guessing correctly. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: JOEY!

:D I'm really happy you like Branbus. They're the koolaid i'm trying to get everyone to drink. Cora was out of left field (did you read the one-shot I wrote about her and Brandon - well, when he found out about her?). When I sat down about thought throught what I wanted the struggle to be in this, Brandon showing up with a kid was part of it.

At this point commitment is still a big scary thing to Albus. He just needs to catch up with the times and jump in already. I would hesitate on a relationship with someone who has a kid. I mean, it's a big impact to have on a child's life.

Pedro is my favorite new OC in this. He's kind of a charactiture but one that I love. Henrik is a but clueless and trying too hard. Definitely the wrong idea. Probably a good thing Rose was so caught off guard or she would ahve gotten her wand out.

I think Pedro was less weird/creepy because he didn't have the weird positional authority over Rose of being her paying customer. Dunno, that put Henrik into a weird space.

Archie has good points. romance is something he does decently well.

thank you for the wonderful review!


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Review #24, by kenpo Don't Let it Pass

8th January 2015:
Hey! I don't think this was a boring filler chapter. It wasn't as exciting as some of your others, but not every chapter can be ultra exciting, you know?

I loved Brandon and Albus here. You showed how a couple can be upset with each other but get over it, and how they can not like the way the other reacted, but still have a good night. That was nice to see, and something that is often not shown in fanfic.

UGH Archie keeps getting worse and worse! He makes me so angry. He's stupid. UGGHHH.

Okay, what James and Albus did still wasn't a good idea, even if they didn't actually torture him. I understand why they did and I was rooting for them, but they can't pretend that they have nothing to regret at all, you know?

And then Rose and Scorpius! The way that they interacted in this chapter showed really well how much they'd both matured, especially Rose. The fact that, even after drinking, they didn't sleep together was something that probably wouldn't have (or would have, I guess) happened in Pure Intentions, and even in the first half of True Romance. So yay for character growth!

I'd forgotten about Rose's annoying friends. That was a nice reminder and tied the story together. The beginning of this novel seems like so long ago! I should go through and reread it sometime.

I'd honestly forgotten all about Lily's issues at the paper, and I hope she does well for herself. She deserves it, after her horrible experience with Archie.

Okay also when you feel bad about taking long to update just remember that time it took me like 6 months. Or that time it took you like 6 years. Don't worry about it, girl!

Oh and it just occurred to me, about our conversation about alcohol, them being regulars at a pizza place is a little bit out of norm. They have pizza there, but I don't know how many people go regularly like that. That didn't bother me or anything, I just didn't think about it. Also talking about that scene, I do think that Brandon overreacted. The waiter was just trying to be friendly and misunderstood, and apologized and everything. But I get that Brandon was already on the defensive, so it was a realistic reaction.



Author's Response: You're the oldest and newest review I have right now. :D just, fyi.

I still feel like this chapter needs a tweak. I'll figure that out later though.

When I was concerend about rocking the ship, it was a point where I needed to steer them out of a toxic fight versus a regular fight (which is where they ended up). I had to remove my own knee-jerk reactions to what they were doing.

Archie is, well, problematic. James and Al were on thin ice with what they did. It's like cheering for sme stupid thing at school until you see it's a fight in the hallway. Okay, it's late, I don't know if that makes sense.
I was torn about showing Rose and Scorpius so close to, uh, the line here. It does demonstrate both of their growth but also their faults. In my head they did sleep together in Pure Intentions (I just didn't think it needed to be called out) bt it was the pause before jumping into bed that seemed important. and, I dunno, positive consent has been a thing swirling around my brain so I wanted to have scorpius demonstrate what that could mean between two adults.

haha, yeah, the annoying friends are still there (and annoying).

I'm a touch worried about the forgetting minor plots. I kind of blame that on how long it was betwen updates (and not the story). but, you'll tell me if it's the story, right?

That time it took me 6 years... yeah. thanks :P I'm pretty sure I lost 100% readership then.

I guess I tend to get into a rut iwth where I go for certain things. I have a pizza place, a sushi place, etc. I only rotate on breakfast (because you can't get dim sum at a diner). Brandon was a bit sensitive that day and his reactions were a bit exaggerated.



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Review #25, by crestwood The Wolves and The Ravens

7th January 2015:
Rose! It has been far too long since I've read this story. I can't believe how much I missed out on. I could have sworn that I was just here…time flies. Did you know this was the first new story that I fell in love with upon my return to the site last year? I'm pretty sure this was the last little pull I needed to become obsessed with hpff once again.

James and Albus' conversation at the beginning is hilarious. I find it especially funny that Archie is referred to as Archibald for some reason.

I'm glad Cindy is here, I like Cindy.

Wow, Rose is really protective of Albus and Brandon's relationship, she's practically acting as me inside of this story, for all intents and purposes. I need for Al to find some way to wrap his head around raising a child, at least at some point. Although--I'd totally balk at that too right now, so it's totally hypocritical of me to say that.

Cindy and James need each other!! It's so perfect and it was staring me right in the face! I am so here for this.

I hope Rose doesn't do anything to shove a wedge into Branbus, even though I totally understand why she would be so drawn to Brandon. Especially because Al is kind of dilly dallying about, but still Rose no!

I've never liked Corbin, ever, but here as he's ganging up on him with his mother I feel like my distaste for him is at a new high. I want to ship Scorpius with someone, but not Corbin and not Al now that he has Brandon. I'm always confused about my ships with this story.

Loved this chapter, promise it won't be so long in between visits next time :)

Author's Response: Joey!!

Time does fly - I can't believe how many months it's been since I updated too. :-/ life and stuff gets in the way, you know. anyway, I was floored and flattered that this story got you back into HPFF. I honestly can't think of a better compliment.

Albus likes to be the advice giver and, well, James needs help. :P I always find it interesting when people use a formal version of someone's name. Surely you react a bit different when greeted by Joseph versus Joey. I don't really have an equivilent with Rose but if there would I would balk at being called the more formal version in a casual setting.

I got a laugh at you saying that she's acting as you (given what happens later on). I would have a hard time dating someone wtih a child at that age. I mean, I kind of avoided it inentionally. so... I don't have room to judge Albus either.

Cindy + James = quite a happy surprise for me. I knew I wanted James to have a romantic interest and there was Cindy. :D so glad you like them!

um, Rose likes wedge shoes and I can't make promises about where she sticks them. :P

Oh man, so many Corbin haters. I like to see him and Astoria as mutually interested parties. *nods* I'm so happy to confuse who you ship with this story.

Thank you so much for a fabulous review!!!


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