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Review #1, by nott theodore in the midnight hour

24th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! Back again for another chapter of this wonderful story!

The opening scene at Nurmengard was really interesting! The way that you opened this chapter was so beautiful, the descriptions were almost poetic and it was so lyrical which was kind of at odds with the horrific idea and reality of Nurmengard but at the same time it worked really well and was really effective. The image of the prison was so vivid in my mind and I felt really sorry for Ada in her suffering there!

It's been two years now since the last section with Ada and I'm really intrigued about her transformation during that time and what events led to her actually being captured by Grindelwald (or his supporters) and ending up in his prison. You wrote Ada's thoughts and feelings in that scene really well and I was so intrigued to read about the different crimes that she's committed, even if I'm not entirely sure how she came to commit them! The detail about Madame la Douloureuse (brilliant name, by the way - so evocative!) was particularly interesting considering later events!

The introduction of Ruth made me very curious as well! I'm so intrigued about her character too and how she's got wrapped up with all of it and ended up in Nurmengard. I wasn't expecting to see one of Ada's old schoolmates in prison with her but I really want to know what the Erik incident was all about and what happened! Was Ada violent even when she was at school, or is it something more innocent?

I absolutely love Louis's character! He's just so real and believable and it's great to get to learn more about him as the story goes on, getting to know more about his background and the events that have shaped him in the past. The relationship between James and Louis makes me laugh a bit although I don't really like the sound of Lucretia or Taryn!

Oh my goodness, when Louis rushed out of bed screaming, I didn't think it was just going to be a spider in his bed (although I can understand how that would be a shock :P), I thought it was going to be somehow related to the murderer or something like that. I was really worried that something was going to end up getting Louis involved and suspected or whatever so I was kind of relieved that it wasn't that!

Aw, it's so sad to think of Molly and Arthur being in an old people's home :( I don't like the idea of them getting old but you've never been afraid of tackling those sorts of subjects so of course it's great that you did it here.

Hmm, this Mrs Coffman - should I be suspicious of her? It sounds a bit like Kaufmann and maybe she's related to Ruth, since we know how long wizards and witches can live? I don't know if she's just an old lady that James is friendly with or something more involved...

And wow, I wasn't expecting that ending to the chapter! I thought that there'd be another murder sometime soon but I didn't expect for it to be at the old people's home where Louis was visiting! James's reaction was really realistic too, because I think it would be difficult for someone to take that sort of thing in their stride if they've not had any experience, like Louis has. And an old woman, dressed in pink - Umbridge? Pushed out of the window like Madame la Douloureuse? Hmm, so suspicious and intriguing! (Although I actually hate the idea that Umbridge might have been at the same home as Molly and Arthur, poor them!) I'm guessing that this has some connection to all the people who worked for Voldemort at some point during the wars? Some sort of revenge? I'm so intrigued to know what's happening!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by teh tarik something in the way she moves

19th August 2014:
Hey Jenna!

I'm back again, and if I counted correctly, then this is the last of the prize reviews for winning the challenge! But I shall definitely keep on reading; your story is fabulous! ♥

Madame la Douloureuse sounds like a seriously awful character. I can't even begin to imagine what sorts of magical experiments she conducted on her prisoners, and I suppose she really had this coming. Poor Ada; I wonder if she found her mum alive at all in the Madame's house? The parallels between Madame da Douloureuse and Dolores Umbridge were very clever - the names, the fact that they're both women with a lot of political power, and I'd argue that their femininity (Madame's sexuality and Umbridge's love of pink etc.) makes them even more reviled figures in the eyes of society.

It's lovely to see the introduction of yet another Weasley family member. I love Molly's character as a smart, tough archivist who raised her little sister. I think she's my favourite of all the Weasleys introduced so far! And she has a thing for Bones, I see. :P Also, I think Molly is the perfect character to reveal the whole mystery of the sevenfold killer to Louis and Bones. Things are beginning to link up now, between the two timelines, and I'm excited whenever new information comes up, connecting the two eras.

So another false lead with the invisibility cloaks from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Louis's night out with James and the Taryntula (love this nickname!) and Lucretia was fun to read. There's nothing serious between Louis and Lucretia, and I find it very amusing that he hears Victoire's voice in his head, sternly rebuking him whenever he think of Lucretia. And gah! Louis gets so drunk that he doesn't remember the supposedly important thing Hannah told him! I'm intrigued to find out; I feel that there's something going on with the Longbottoms as well, with Harry arguing with Neville in the previous chapter and so on.

This story has been amazing to read so far! I love the plot and the large cast of characters and how you wrote the Weasley-Potter family with all their quirks and idiosyncrasies. It's a very complex novel you've written, and I applaud you for this. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I'll be back soon to read on! :hearts;


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Review #3, by TidalDragon ember in your name

18th August 2014:
Wow. Creepy dream there at the end.

I thought the introduction of conflict between Louis and Emily at the end was nice. It added a new dimension to both their friendship and the fact that I think they're dancing around each other at the moment. They sure know how to cut one another if they want to (which brought Louis's temper to the fore a bit) and what will push the other's buttons as well. Fun!

As far as the Bones goes, I think it's interesting that most of her development isn't really happening THROUGH her. In this chapter for example, we get the revelations from Molly about her history and background. I'm not really sure how these particular ones could have come out another way, but I think it would be nice for Eugenie to grow a little more before us. I'm hoping this will be the spark to that since it adds some more flesh to her on which Louis can base thoughts and observations.

This chapter also really bulked up the mystery though. You did a good job throwing in potential clues about different individuals here. Bones is obviously implicated, which would be an interesting parallel being that she's female like Ada. Neville (with Harry possibly acting in complicity) is also out there with the borrowed-cloak bit.

Since I also was kind of picking on Louis and his rapidly changing thoughts on the ladies, I'll come back and add that I felt this was a welcome change. Even though that was still addressed, he seemed to settle down a bit in that regard here. What's interesting about it is that Lucretia, Bones, and Emily are ALL still featured in this chapter, yet unlike before it doesn't come off as moving too quickly. Perhaps that's the fact that you spaced them out more and used other characters to address his feelings toward them than just his own thoughts? I'm not sure (I'm getting tired...), but I thought it was handled better here, even if I'm so pro-Louis/Emily his indecision and ignoring the obvious is driving me a little nuts :p

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #4, by teh tarik in the midnight hour

18th August 2014:
asldkjklaf yet another intense chapter! I did NOT expect that death at the end. Woman in pink - Umbridge? Pushed out the window, just like Madame la Douloureuse during Ada's time? These copycat murders are both so frightening and intriguing. OK, I"m probably a bit paranoid, but I'm a bit suspicious about this Mrs Coffman. Louis notices she has a wand in her pocket or something. Also, I dunno, her name sounds a bit like Kaufmann? And Ruth Kaufmann was asking Ada if she had indeed pushed Madame la Douloureuse out of the window, and Ruth's a Muggle-born; she would have plenty of motive to attack all these people. But that would make her...a hundred years old or something. Bah! Maybe this is one of the 'false clues' that you've been warning your readers about in your author notes!

OK, back to the beginning. You described Nurmengard so vividly, and you wrote Ada's sad prison life in all its squalor very well. Despite her terrible living conditions and her fate, Ada remains unbroken. She's so bitter and vengeful and yet there are those moments, e.g. when she sees Ruth again, which show that she's just a girl, a schoolgirl who's been through so much and killed so many. I love the title of 'the sevenfold killer' by the way. It's a really creepy title, and 'sevenfold' is such a biblical word, and it really reinforces the whole concept of Ada taking matters into her own hands and dishing out justice in a violent and devastating way.

Louis's relationship with James just continues to make me laugh. Clearly Louis cares a great deal for his cousin, but sometimes James does go too far, and it sounds like Louis is only barely tolerating him. And ooh, Louis fancying Bones? It's quite interesting, especially seeing how he's so possessive of Emily as well. Maybe Louis is going to have a romantic crisis soon. :P I'm very intrigued about what Harry and Neville were arguing about. You have such a large cast of characters, but I can't wait to see how all their stories tie together in the end!

Can't wait to read on!


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Review #5, by teh tarik all dead hearts to you

18th August 2014:
Hey Jenna!

Back again. And wow, so much has happened in this chapter. I don't know how to explain this, but by the time I finished reading this chapter, I felt like I'd come a very, very long way since the first sentence, back in Zauberei Dorf. I love the pacing of your story, and how it's unfolding so naturally. Even with the parts where there are less action, there's still plenty of surprises, namely Louis's hugely interesting family members. :)

Like the first couple of chapters, I loved Ada's section. The killing of Gottschalk, and how cold and calculating Ada is throughout the whole act. I imagine she would indeed feel so much hatred at seeing Gottschalk frequenting the church which she used to attend with her family, corrupting the place. I'm guessing Gottschalk is a religious man and that his nightly visits to the church are for prayer purposes, and Ada recognises this hypocrisy. It's also completely logical that Ada loses her faith in religion and God that night and decides to take matters into her own hands. I thought it was a brilliant detail to include her first failed attempt at using the Killing Curse. It's a bit terrifying how, after failing the first time, she deliberately recalls her murdered father in order to summon up enough hatred for a strong enough intent to kill, to discard any last shred of innocence she might still have, and make the curse work. And the perfect little bow on Gottschalk's chest was another very unusual yet brilliant detail.

I loved all the parts with Louis and his family too! From the irresponsible and wayward James to Victoire and her very feminist stance, to Dominique and her hippiness and boyfriends with weird names. :P They're such an entertaining and lively bunch - even Molly who's supposedly bland and plain and all, is a potential serial killer. Well...according to Bones, that is. The wonderful thing about your introduction of the Weasley/Potter family members is that they don't always get along perfectly. Fleur and Ginny seem to be rather argumentative toward each other, Ginny refuses to pronounce Louis's name correctly, everyone disapproves of Dominique and this 'Steak' dude and so on. They're such a discordant bunch, but so realistic. :)

And Bones is a little strange in this chapter. She's incredibly intriguing. Louis may be getting along well with her, but I sense that there's probably a whole lot that he doesn't know about her. I'm intrigued to know why she told Louis to send Victoire her regards. I remember in the first chapter (which I only just read a few hours ago) she mentioned not knowing Victoire well at all, except for being the girl petitioning teachers and such. Hmm, even Victoire finds it puzzling. Or maybe there's something between the two girls that Louis doesn't know? Ooh, mystery!

I'll definitely be back to read the next chapter soon! This is going fabulously well. :D


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Review #6, by teh tarik dreams filled with silver and gold

17th August 2014:
Gah, this was such an intense chapter, especially the first part about Ada. I love your description of the little magical village of Zauberei Dorf, down to the littlest detail of the school teaching entry level Charms. And it was crepy to see how der Meister's reign transformed such a peaceful place into one of terror and suspicion. People disappearing from their homes is such a scary thing, and I can't imagine the plight of the town inhabitants living in fear of those dreadful visits from die Guten. I enjoyed the way you linked what was happening to the wizarding world with the Muggle world, how the reigns of der Meister and the Fuhrer differ.

I love your introduction of Ada, the plain little girl with a look of being always surprised. I especially like that description, the 'always surprised' look; somehow, it really accentuates her innocence, which sadly will be lost once the war catches up with her family. Which it does, all too soon. Goodness, the scene with Gottschalk and the other men was absolutely horrifying. How methodical they were in forcing the entire family to perform magic, so they could tell the Muggles apart from the magical folk. And witnessing her own father and grandfather being executed in cold blood before her very eyes must have been something very traumatic for Ada. But I see that it also awakens something cold and vicious inside her: She is going to kill Gregore Gottschalk.. There's something so clinical and matter-of-fact about that sentence that it gave me the chills. I love it!

Hahaha, Louis's section was much lighter in tone! It's a great balance in your chapter! Louis's is such a daydreamer; I'm enjoying his narration very much, especially how he perceives others around him, especially the women. It's interesting to see that he's always conscious of women and their 'woman-ness'/femininity etc., how he compares them and almost accidentally seems to be studying them.

There are so many details that Louis has mentioned about his life and his everpresent family that I can't wait to find out about, e.g. Lucretia, or James who's flatting with him, or Victoire and cousin Molly. While I love that your story is such a fascinating and engrossing mystery, I also really enjoy reading about Louis's more personal family life. I think you've got some wonderful character development.

And as for the two suspects, Albert Runcorn and Draco Malfoy...hmmm. At this point of the story, I don't know anything about them besides the fact that they're suspects. I think I'm going to withhold any conclusions for now! Of course, it's probably way too early to be guessing who the killer is...right? :P

Lovely chapter, Jenna!


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Review #7, by TidalDragon something in the way she moves

17th August 2014:
Hello again!

I noted a bit of what you meant in your detailed request about the worry of Louis being a mouthpiece as the mystery deepens. He did do a bit of that in this chapter, but as long as it doesn't continue, I wouldn't worry. It happens in every mystery (and a lot of books generally - even HP, where Hermione was often a mouthpiece as well as a character). I think the key going forward will be whether Louis continues to have some professional dimensionality as opposed to relying on his mixed up romantic life to add that.

More on the mixed up romantic life. I'm getting the sense that Louis doesn't know what he wants exactly in this area. What's a touch concerning about the bouncing interests from chapter to chapter though is that not much time is passing. I think that could make sense if Louis had been characterized from the start as being something of a "player", but it doesn't quite ring true for me from his earlier characterization that he's just moving on in his romantic interests from witch to witch quite as rapidly as he at least APPEARS to be here. Something to think about.

As far as Bones...she is really coming off for me as the consummate professional. I'm not sure if we need to get her in a more social setting or really isolate her in a tight spot and zone in on she and Louis's dynamic, but I'm just not vibing on her at the moment as much more than Louis's partner. If that's the aim, cool, but I got the sense that you have bigger dreams for her.

On the whole the plot is progressing fine though, I'm trying now to start zeroing in on who I should be considering as the potential murderer and I have an idea or three, but I'm not ready to commit to a first guess just yet. I think you're definitely keeping everything intriguing as far as the mystery goes and I'm definitely interested in seeing it continue to develop.

Also, lest I give you the wrong idea with my comments about Louis or others in this or my last review, I think you're still doing a great job internal to each chapter with characterizations. You're primarily showing, not telling about them which is crucial and you're supplementing their literal actions and interactions with setting and description in a positive way, zeroing in on things of importance with appropriate word choice.

I'd check for typos in this chapter as well when you begin editing.

See you in Chapter 6!

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Review #8, by teh tarik all romantics meet the same fate

17th August 2014:
Hello Jenna!

So...a million years ago you won the rare pair challenge and I'm FINALLY here to deliver the first of your five prize reviews! I'm so sorry for taking so long with this. *hides*

And ah, I've been meaning to read this for months now, and now that I've started, I wonder why I even waited so long. This is such a fantastic first chapter, and I love the whole concept of this. Your story drew me in from the moment it began with Ada in Nurmengard to Barty Jr's gruesome crime scene at the end.

I love your evocation and description of Nurmengard and Grindelwald's reign. It was such a frightening atmosphere you created, and the details were so dark and realistic, from the holding pen for transient prisoners to the many methods of executing innocents to those strange red ribbons. Already, there's so much mystery surrounding Ada's life, and just exactly what she did that led to her imprisonment and how everyone outside views her as a martyr of some sort.

And I love the shift to modern times as well. The contrast was so great, and so striking. I really loved reading about Louis's life as an Auror, and his relationship with Emily and the bits about his family (like Victoire and all her petitioning. I've never heard of Victoire being written this way before; hopefully she'll make an appearance in the fic later one!). Aww, Louis and Emily are so cute when they're around each other. :P They have such a lovely, relaxing relationship. I giggled a bit at the part where Emily has to wipe his nose for him.

Eugenie Bones is such an interesting character. I love that she's already made a name for herself with her past case, and yet despite her cool, professional exterior, she's still human enough to bite her nails. And I love that she and Emily are good friends because of their mums! (Sidenote: Susan Bones is a teen mum? I don't know if you'll be going into further detail with this, but it's so interesting!).

The prison of Azkaban was so chilling. In the first chapter, you already have two separate prisons, both of which are rather unpleasant. But Azkaban is fascinating and horrifying - the fact that it's sinking into the sea and that the lower levels are slowly being flooded. There must be such a strong sense of doom among the prisoners there.

Barty's corpse was quite a gruesome read! The red ribbon in his pocket was such a surprise, but I LOVED that, because it linked both sections of this chapter together. I really can't wait to read on and find out how Barty's murder is relevant to Ada, who lived (and died?) so many years ago.

Fabulous opening chapter, Jenna! Can't wait to read on. ♥


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Review #9, by TidalDragon in the midnight hour

17th August 2014:
Howdy Jenna!

So, for starters, I'm a terrible person, breaking my promise. The House Cup cropped up, plus life and trying to get out of a period I thought would be easy in my own story, but turned out to be nightmarishly difficult instead - you know, all the standard excuses - but here I am finally to start on the remaining chapters!

At any rate - on to the story! I know you asked specifically about Louis so I figured I'd start there. I think I understand what you're after going through his...history...but it felt a bit off to me. I think perhaps it's the fact that it was the lead-in to the section about Louis and therefore just kind of jumps out at you, but I guess what I mean is it just seemed like - BOOM - there it was. I think it certainly rang like thoughts a guy might think, but for it to read more natural, it might be ideal to lead with something that forces his thoughts down that line.

Though you made them a bit more literal with the scene at the seniors' home thanks to James's commentary, I definitely saw the flirting from Emily. Shame for Louis he's so clueless or closed to the idea at the moment - she seems like a great character and a great fit for him. He appears to note that she's objectively attractive (and she dressed up for him right?), but seems to undervalue the comfortable conversation and protectiveness that comes with her friendship. But apparently he has a thing for Eugenie Bones? Interesting. I had wondered why she kept popping into his thoughts earlier in the chapter...

The opening segment was very well-written with Ada. I love the portions where you address her and address Nurmengard because you do such an exceptional job describing the conditions and conveying the emotions of cold hopelessness. This was particularly clear in Ada's desensitized reaction to the deaths of the family and the young boy. Her desperately excited reaction at Ruth's return was an interesting change-up at the end of the scene and I am definitely left intrigued by "the Erik incident."

On the whole, I did think some typos crept into this chapter - and more than just here and there. I think you mentioned coming back to edit, so I'd just read through carefully and you'll find them. I don't think any were particularly pernicious to spot and we all suffer them (I'm the WORST about proofreading before I post), but I just dropped the note about them so you might take a look here in particular when you're reviewing.

Overall it continues to be great though and I can't wait to see things continue to develop through to the end! Is the latest victim Umbridge? If so, nice parallel with the Doloreuse (?) lady from Ada's era.

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Review #10, by nott theodore all dead hearts to you

17th August 2014:
Hi Jenna!

Can you explain something to me? How on earth do you manage to write such long chapters which don't seem long at all because the writing is so brilliant? Not fair, I want skills like yours! (Although I'm also perfectly happy to enjoy your lovely writing :P)

The opening of this chapter was so chilling to read. I think it's amazing that you can manage two different timelines at once in the same story, especially when I consider how closely the storyline from the 1940s is merged with the events from the second world war. The attention to detail there is really impressive and it's great to read about it. Finding out what had happened after the scene we saw in the last chapter was really interesting; it's so sad that her mother's unable to do anything because of her grief. But I think that makes it more believable that Ada would feel prompted into action, just to do something, because the adults in her family are dead or unable to act.

Even so, Ada's quite a strange character. I'm not sure that I actually like her, to be honest, because she's so cold and detached from what she's doing in this chapter. It's quite terrifying to think of someone so young killing in cold blood (although this is kind of a crime of passion too, I suppose, and revenge - at least the first murder is!), and planning it and executing it so calmly. Already here I can see that she has potential to be the Sevenfold killer in the future, although I am really intrigued about what might lead her to the next murder!

The description of the way that Ada decided to arrange the body once she'd killed Gottschalke was really intriguing, too. I'd wondered how that sort of arrangement came about, and it was interesting to read about why she chose to put the body in the shape of a cross to mirror a crucifix. The red ribbon is there as well already - it's quite chilling, and I'm wondering how on earth this is going to tie in with whatever is happening with the murders in the present day and whether it is just a copycat or something more sinister.

Once again, I loved Louis's section! He seems so real and believable, but he's also incredibly likeable as well. I found the background to Louis's family and to James's childhood really interesting as well, because it's the sort of thing that's never really focused on. I think it's great to see such original characterisations of the Weasley/Potter children, because I don't think I've ever read about them having learning difficulties or problems like that before. The details about the sort of education they got at a primary school level was great, too, since I've always wondered what magical children do to learn to read and write before they actually start at Hogwarts!

I loved the way that you wrote Ginny's character in the section when she came to see James early in the morning. The relationship between James and Louis is lovely because the dynamics that you've described seem really believable. I can just imagine Ginny arriving early in the morning (although really not that early) and being disgusted at finding James there with a girl she's never met, who he goes on to say isn't his girlfriend :P To be honest, I don't blame Harry for trying to get Louis to warn James that she was going to be coming to visit!

The development on the case was really interesting, too, especially the fact that Runcorn is still working at the Ministry and because of that he obviously knows about the fact he's being considered a suspect in the investigation. And Theodore Nott was there too, and that's making me wonder if perhaps he had something to do with it, even though he's not been mentioned yet - I'm not believing that anyone but Louis is innocent at the moment! (Although thinking about it, it could be him and he's an unreliable narrator... or maybe it could even be Eugenie Bones! No, I hope it isn't her!)

The pictures you're painting of all the different next generation characters are brilliant. They all just seem so vivid and real that they stand out to me as really original characters, especially compared to a lot of other next generation stories. I think that's really hard to do since so many stories are written about them!

The idea of Victoire being an angry sort of feminist is brilliant, especially since she's the oldest of the cousins because I can imagine her telling all of them off for making any sexist remarks and trying to get all the girls to join in her beliefs as well. The line about having raised Louis to something better made me laugh so much!

Dominique sounds great as well, and it's so funny to think of her being a hippy who's gone of with her friends and has a series of oddly named boyfriends with whom she goes around the country trying to protect the environment. I loved the way that they were talking about all the different things that she might encounter too, and the Muggles were listening in and they switched to French to avoid them eavesdropping. I like the relationship between them a lot as well, as they seem to get on well in spite of little differences. It's so interesting to see that!

This was another great chapter and I'll be reading on soon! Although I'm suspecting all sorts of people right now and I'm not going to trust any of these characters at the moment :P I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in the mystery!

Sian :)

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Review #11, by Hori dreams filled with silver and gold

13th August 2014:
On to chapter two. I was very intrigued that the reader is brought back in time once again to reveal a different aspect of that story. I've always really enjoyed dual-narrative features in fiction and non-fiction alike, especially when there is a clear implication that the two will eventually collide, without giving away how. :) Again, I really appreciate the seamless connections you make between Muggle and Wizard history in this time period.

I have to say I appreciate the fact that you've made several references to witches being under-represented in positions of authority. You address the issue with grace and a bit of humor, never coming across as overtly political so as to distract from the story. It's also an interesting angle for Louis, who seems to not fully understand the fairer sex. :)

It was fun and interesting to see through a younger generation's eyes how the reputation and exploits of Harry have gestated in Wizard culture. I think your take on an older Harry - tired, worn out, and subdued - is a very realistic portrayal of how a person with those experiences would have aged. Louis' attitude towards him also felt very life-like. As an added note, I found it pretty amusing the way Louis seems to have a habit of comparing the different women in his life to one another. I can't decide yet if it's a character flaw or just a quirk of his.

You've nicely set up the trappings of a good mystery. Lots of potential leads and possibilities, many different motives and methods to consider. I'm looking forward to reading further!

And now for the hard part. The criticism. I want to preface this by saying that you are a fine writer. I really enjoyed the story so far, and my following point is mostly a stylistic bias that I have had and probably will continue to have for the rest of my years, so you needn't take it too seriously. In fact, I'm certain many people will disagree with me. :D But here it is: I found in some places that Louis, as the POV character and narrator, seemed to divulge as much information as possible in a short period of time whenever the reader is introduced to someone or something new. Personally, I think the story would hold up just as well without the very specific explanations and observations. At times, it felt like Louis was divulging information for the sake of the reader, rather than actually contemplating it in an organic way.

For example, a couple of times in chapter one, Louis pauses the narrative to think on, and thereby elaborate to the reader, about his Auror training and what qualities an Auror should have or what spells and methods they should be versed in, etc. I think it could be just as effective to simply let the apparent differences between Louis, who is a self-described underdog and a bit neglected in his department, and Bones, who is at a higher point in the Auror hierarchy, speak for themselves and illustrate what Aurors do, and how. I felt that Louis' internal tangents would sometimes feel like a bit of a bump in the narrative. Again, that's just me, and I acknowledge completely that some people simply prefer to read and write stories this way. I tend to be a bit of a strict minimalist in that area as much as possible, so you can understand how I would notice it.

On the other hand, there are plenty of areas where you reveal information in a much more gradual style that closely aligns with the path of the narrative, so you clearly know how to do both. Additionally, it was not as noticeable in Louis' section of the second chapter, in the beginning of which we are clearly being informed on his own thoughts about Aurors and his education. I thought this was much more effective. Again, this is a minor point, but I don't feel like my review would be very useful if I spent the whole time gushing. :)

Wow, I seem to have gone a bit overboard with the length here. In any case, keep on writing and I'll keep on reading!

Til next time!

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Review #12, by Hori all romantics meet the same fate

13th August 2014:
Greetings! Hori here with your August Review Exchange! I'll also be leaving a review for chapter two momentarily, and it's best to just take them as one long review as I wrote this all at once. I couldn't help myself. :D

I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed at first when I saw the sheer number of pieces you've written. I do believe I'll be going back and reading them as well when I have more time and no deadline! I also wanted to read something of yours with multiple chapters instead of a one-shot, though, and in my browsing of your catalog I found this one. ;)

I thought it oddly appropriate that I review this story almost as soon as I started reading it, as I myself only have the one story in progress for you to read, and I was struck instantly by the coincidental similarities between our two works in the very first chapters. Prisons, darkness, death, mystery, and all that lovely stuff. :D

From the get-go, let me say that I really enjoy any attempt by writers of HPFF to draw links to Muggle history, and creatively weave real events and people into the Wizarding world. I was instantly intrigued by your incorporation of World War II and Nazi Germany, especially considering that Hitler and his ilk actually were interested in magic and the occult on varying levels. A global event like a World War could not help but have some sort of effect on or connection within the Wizarding community.

The first chapter as a whole was very enjoyable to read. As I said before, it's a fun sort of coincidence that both this story and mine are attempts to flesh out things like magical law enforcement, the inner workings of Wizarding justice, and places like Azkaban. It's a bit like two people drawing the same still-life, but not looking at each other's work until they're both done. It's fascinating to see where we've overlapped, and where we have diverted.

I really enjoyed your characterization of each character. From Louis' persistent cold and slightly unkempt, unsure mannerisms to something as simple as Bones' repeatedly adjusting or moving her glasses. You're obviously well-versed in the art of making a character quickly solidify in a reader's mind by giving them habits and quirks that help make them real.

Your descriptions of Azkaban were probably my high point for this chapter. I know I'm a bit biased because I certainly enjoyed writing about it myself, but your rendition is a really spot-on blend of atmosphere and observations from Louis. I thought that Louis considering Hagrid's size was in particular a very clever device for giving a reader a sense of how small the cells are without literally saying, "The cells are X feet wide and X feet deep."

The description of the murder scene was also wonderfully macabre, and you showed Louis' lack of extended field experience nicely.

The reveal of the red ribbon was a great little tidbit for the reader that finally draws a link between the two timelines, which had been seemingly unconnected. It was subtle and effective. The identity of the murder victim was also a great way to end things. Unlike some other next-gens I've read, you're striking a very nice balance between referencing the canon of the books so that the reader has the proper grasp of the world you're building, while also giving the new generation of characters room to breathe and develop without constant cameos or repetitive allusions to the story and personalities we already know.

Öto be continued.

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Review #13, by nott theodore dreams filled with silver and gold

11th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! Ah, I've been so bad recently trying to keep up with your stories, but this one's been playing on my mind since I read the first chapter and even though you finished it ages ago, I have to come and read the rest of it now I actually have chance to!

I really love the way that we're getting to learn about the two different time periods which are so important to this story, although every single part I learn about the past and Ada just makes me even more intrigued about what on earth is going on in the present with this strange killer, which of course is a good thing (for you, but frustrating for me :P). First of all, I absolutely love the name of the magical place in Germany! It's such a clever name and I love imagining that it's started off as a village and grown to be a city, but never changed the name (I'm possibly getting a little too excited about the use of foreign languages in this story. Maybe). I've never really thought about the existence of heavily populated magical towns and villages in other countries before, but it makes a lot of sense that they'd exist, and it's an interesting place to act as the base of sorts for Grindelwald.

The way that the Muggle history is merged with the magical history in that first section is just fantastic. I love the quality of your writing and stories; every time I read something you've written, I can tell that you've put so much thought and planning into the tiny details and it's really impressive. And of course, makes your stories even more amazing ♥

The description of the takeover of Grindelwald and the way that it all meshes with the second world war is so clever, but also incredibly chilling. The inclusion of 'Grindelwald's sign' was a great touch to make it seem more authentic, as was the link to death, and the rumour that he'd somehow mastered it; I wouldn't be surprised if it was a rumour he spread himself, once he was in possession of the Elder Wand. And 'Die Guten'! Ugh, that's such an horrific name for people who do what they do - at least the Death Eaters were kind of honest in what they were trying to do with their name!

I loved the description of Ada's family and the way that her father and her grandfather had both grown to accept the magic that's not only in their family but also all around them in the city. The description of Ada was really intriguing, too! It's great to see a character who's quite non-descript in appearance, and I imagine that's going to make things easier for her in the future when she goes on to commit the murders. The link to the red ribbons already there was brilliant to see, though - it's like a trademark of hers even when she's this young, which is actually kind of scary.

The scene when Die Guten came to Ada's house was just so upsetting to read but really well written. I love the way that you didn't go into too much detail about what happened to them but left us in no doubt of what the outcome was at the same time. It's kind of scary to think that a child that young can resolve to kill someone in revenge and then go on to commit other murders as well, but at the same time it's very believable.

The switch to Louis and his life in the twenty-first century was really well done and I like getting to learn about both parts of the story at once. Once again, the detail that you've built into Louis's history is fantastic, especially with the way that there's all the background to the way that you can apply to be an Auror and all of the training that's involved. I found it really interesting that he'd actually considered going to join the French Ministry but his mother thought his French wasn't good enough; it makes a lot of sense to me that it would be difficult to keep it up without practising, rather than him just being easily fluent - I know a lot of people who've faced the same situation. And I think it's great to read from the perspective of a character who, despite being a Ravenclaw and a Weasley, isn't a massive overachiever and has actually struggled to get to where he is right now.

I think it's really hard to write guys in first person, so you did a great job of capturing the way that Louis thinks, especially when it came to things like Eugenie Bones's appearance and his relationship with Lucretia, as well as his conversation with Emily at the end.

The developments on the case are really intriguing! It's interesting to see that they have suspects now, and I liked Harry's amusement when they mentioned that Runcorn was one of them. I'm not sure about Draco - obviously they've got good reason to suspect him but it feels a bit too obvious at the moment for it to have been him, and I can't imagine that he'd go into Azkaban and kill one of the prisoners there when he'd done so much to make sure that he stayed out of it. I'm also really curious about this cloaked figure that the prison guard supposedly saw, and whether they're actually connected to the murder or not...

So many questions right now which is obviously great but kind of infuriating to read as well, because I just can't work out where this is going at the moment! There are so many possibilities and you've got such a great mystery set up already!

Sian :)

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Review #14, by lia_2390 all romantics meet the same fate

2nd August 2014:
Hi Jenna,

It's Lia from TGS with your review.

So far, I think your plot is very well orchestrated. I always admire authors who can weave two timelines into one story and have them make sense - to relate to each other in some way. I'm thrilled you decided to tackle WWII Germany and Grindelwald's involvement in Hilter's crimes. From that perspective, it made me wonder who der Meister really is. I'm also curious about this girl locked away in Nurmengard and how Louis will discover the link. You've completed this story, so I'd have to read on when I get the chance. I'd be honest here and say I'd almost forgotten about Barty Crouch Jr after the events of GoF, but I think he's in a far better place than he was before. Oh dear, the former death eaters are in a world of trouble now, aren't they?

I really like Louis. I do. Like one of your reviewers said, it is strange seeing him as the MC in a fic, and he's often overshadowed by his sisters and cousins. This is also a serious role for him too, so I'm interested in seeing where you will take him on such a journey.

Eugenie Bones. A very interesting choice. I quite like her, she has a curious sense of humour - perhaps a bit dark - but curious nonetheless.

It was a bit strange initially to read such a dark, solemn introduction, then switch to the almost lightheartedness of Wizarding London in 2027. In retrospect, it does fit, but as the chapter progresses, we return to that. No complaints from this corner though, everything fits.

There was one bit of concrit I had, which was your repetition. It is a bit jarring for me to see a word repeated so close in a sentence. In the first paragraph, there is this:
"Nurmengard is no place for women and children Ė they never stay for long in Nurmengard."

I think the sentence would be much smoother without the second Nurmengard, but that's just a suggestion.

I honestly love stories like these. It takes me away from the fluff. I think you made a fantastic start, and I will read on!


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Review #15, by Red_headed_juliet everything you touch, only dies

2nd August 2014:
Now that the cup is over I can finally finish this story!

I love the title, very fitting, and it set the mood off right. I like the ending. It's very tragic, but expeted, and I like how the final sentence really depicts the difference between the sevenfold killers.

Yay for James! Haha. I'm glad he got a good one, finally. +]

You did very well on this story, and hopefully as RL comes back to sanity I'll be able to get hooked on another of your fictions. +] I look forward to reading more.

Thanks for this!

Until next time.

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Review #16, by Personne all dead hearts to you

31st July 2014:
Correction for French. Since Victoire and Louis are siblings they would use tu instead of vous. Just a thought.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll look into that. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #17, by patronus_charm everything you touch, only dies

21st July 2014:
Wooh I just finished my first ever novel too, so high five and congrats as itís such a good feeling, isnít it?

Well, I donít think this ending was unsatisfying as it just left me going wow, wow, wow as I canít really comprehend everything and it was so powerful and so wow and I really loved every chapter of it as it really shed new light on what it was like to be a murderer. The first section really showed that with how Louis just couldnít deal with his mother and her contrasting views and that was shown really, really well.

I liked the links back to the original murders and Ruth Coffman/Ada as it tied up the story really well. It made sense for her to die really because it showed how the Sevenfold murders could never really be repeated again and that now the repetition had ended with Eugenie being caught, she sort of had to die. It doesnít seem to make sense there, but it did in my head. :P

The scene with Victoire and Dominique had such a surreal feel to it and it really showed Louisís detachment from the world really well and yeah it was just great. Gah, I canít seem to explain myself here but what I mean to say is the way you contrasted what they thought normality was to Louisís normality was really great.

The courtroom scene broke my heart because it really showed us why Eugenie did what she did and her motives behind it all but they just didnít want to listen, sort of like when Harry was in court. Admittedly, she had killed 5 people and almost killed a sixth but she just seemed so lost and frail there and I wanted to hug her. Is the sixth victim Louis then? Iím probably really far off it, but itís just what makes sense in my head really.

The ending! ♥ Wow that was so haunting with the way Eugenie had calmly accepted the fact these memories would never fade and would never let her go. It was even worse than with Ada because at least Ada achieved her goal, whereas with Eugenie she never killed her father so she must feel somewhat unfulfilled in a way. It just left me with so many mixed feelings because there was Louis being all cute and supporting Eugenie which made me warm to her, but she was a murderer so I didnít want to in a way, then there was the hint of darkness form Louis when he said he almost wished it was Emily who had been the murderer still. But all of that was so realistic so naturally perfect and I really enjoyed reading this!

This was such a fantastic story and great read, and congrats again on finishing it! :D


Ooh and thank you for the shout-out!

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Review #18, by patronus_charm in the dark, count mistakes

9th July 2014:
Yay a new chapter! :D

Woah, woah, woah, so much to deal with! I loved the beginning bit and seeing how Ada survived by changing her appearance as I had been wondering how no one realised she had survived and Ruth had died in her place so that was a cool twist, but the next one was an even bigger on! I really loved that talk, because it just revealed so much and was just so woah. I liked the fact that Ada cared for the girl and wanted her to think of her soul and if she was destroying herself rather than egging her on as that showed she still had a heart. The girl seemed so fragile and scared though I just wanted to hug her even if she was a murderer. Hm, Iím guessing either Eugenie or Emily as they seem obvious, but I still think it could be Molly too.

Aw, poor Louis finding that out when he arrived, I hope he succeeds in tracking her down as it would hurt his ego if he didnít, but given as it seems as if the person who is the murderer is someone he knows, itís going to hurt a lot when he finds them too.

Woah, woah, woah, so dramatic (yes Iím reviewing as I go a long in case you havenít guessed :P)ok, I was actually leaning more towards my guess rather than who it was (I donít want to spoil it for reviewers) but now I feel so stupid because the Unbreakable Vow Neville made really stood out to me, but I completely forgot to remember it but now it makes so much, so much sense! The backstory to her is so, so, so sad and really brought tears to my eyes, poor, poor girl, I just want to hug her.

As for the sixth, Louis maybe? I donít know, Iím just too excited about knowing everything now to think about that person, but this was such a great chapter I canít wait to see what happens next now!

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Ahh, yes so much happened!! I'm so glad you liked that twist and how Ada is actually the old woman and has been alive all this time. I was so excited to reveal the details of it and how much all of her experiences continued to define and identify Ada even when she was posing as Ruth. She never got over it. I'm glad you liked their interaction: it was so important because I had to show that they actually were very familiar with one another, so I'm pleased you liked how kind Ada was to the girl.

Yes, exactly! Haha, I'm glad you were reviewing as you read because it built up the suspense even more in a way. The whole scene with Louis running through the Ministry was so frustrating for me to even write haha, also because I knew his heart would be shattered when he found her. :(

The most drama! Ahh, I'm so glad you liked how the pieces and clues fit together! Really the fact that he was her father was the pivotal clue that made all the pieces fit but they were quite sneaky. I love how you felt sad for her even though she was a murderer, I do as well as I was quite attached to her.

Ooh, interesting thought about the sixth... to be honest it never really gets fully stated who the sixth would have been, only alluded to, since if Louis knew the truth it would be too horrible to know... so it's sort of up to the reader to decide.

Thanks so much for the amazing review Kiana!! ♥ I loved getting all your thoughts and reactions - you're the best. The very last chapter just got put into the queue!! :)

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Review #19, by Red_headed_juliet in the dark, count mistakes

8th July 2014:
Woo hoo!! I knew it. +] Haha. I didn't even notice the anagram. Cool!

I think this was a very fitting resolution, though I do feel very bad for Louis in all this. Hopefully he and Emily will get to holding hands next chapter. +] Progress is progress, after all. +]

I'm glad that Neville ended up practically not involved at all. Unwittingly throwin into a revenge plot for a vow he made at Hogwarts makes much more sense. Very in canon with his luck.

I did't see anything as far as CC. The resolution with Ada, and the reconciling with the ghosts of her past was just as satisfying as the identity of the sevenfold killer copycat.

The mystery was very well put together, and I was still doubting whether or not Eugunie was the killer, because you did leave room for it to be someone else.

Whew. Thank you for a wonderful story!

House Cup 2014

Author's Response: Hello!

You totally knew it!! Haha, I was so excited when you figured it all out and put the pieces together, it was awesome.

Louis is sort of a huge victim in this since not only was he falling for her, but he's personally and professionally implicated. She basically played him, even if her feelings grew for him by the end. I think the way he reacts in the final chapter must surprise or upset people, I'm almost a little nervous to post it.

Yes, Neville was really just a victim of circumstance. He made a lot of sense with motive and it was logical to frame him, and yes he has always been very unlucky.

I'm pleased you liked Ada's ending! It was very sad for me to say goodbye to her but her time had come, and it was a relief for her to finally die after unloading the final secret.

Thank you!! I'm so glad you liked the mystery, I loved writing it and learned a lot. I've truly loved each of your incredible reviews on this. ♥ The final chapter should be up this week!! :D

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Review #20, by Dirigible_Plums no brighter light than the look in her eyes

3rd July 2014:

Author's Response: Hehehehhe.

So many people seem to have this same reaction?!! What is Eugenie doing wrong?? :P

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Review #21, by Dirigible_PLums no brighter light than the look in her eyes

3rd July 2014:
Going to kick off the review by announcing that I am shocked that this doesn't have more reviews, even ones that just say that this is amazing. I mean, I don't know how many reads this has gotten so it might be insanely popular but you know- review people! (That being said, this is my first review for this story mainly bc I read fanfics on my phone and reviewing on my phone is such an exhausting process. Sorryyy)

So basically, I really like the plot. I love the idea of a sevenfold killer and the fact that there's a copycat decades later. Learning about Ada's story and following Louis through his is an interesting process. As for her title,the "sevenfold" killer and the links to God whose hand led her and God who cursed Caleb "sevenfold"- yeah, I saw them. Well, I think there was a link there. Not an important one or anything but you know, biblical and stuff...Just ignore all of that actually *shies away*


Anyways, thank you for writing from Louis' perspective. As much as I love my Albus, Louis is a much more preferable narrator (?) for it. I'm also glad you didn't opt for the James option. I like your spin on the next gen characters that we've seen so far. Louis, Dominique, Victoire, James and Molly all don't stray towards the usual cliches and manage to be really realistic as well. I can imagine them all like that.

I also think that "Taryntula" is hilarious. My sister is called Tarin and I call her Taryntula sometimes to annoy her now so thank you for that :). I also love reading Steak. I mean, he annoys me just as much as he annoys Louis but Louis' reaction to him is just classic.

Waiting for the next chapter

Dirigible_Plums x

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Wow, if only you could know how happy seeing this made me! You are awesome, you know that? It really means so much to know somebody out there is reading and enjoying this story, whether or not they have the time to review, but this really means so much. I'm totally the same, I read a lot on my phone so don't review as much as I should. :(

I'm so excited that you like this! It was such a joy to write and develop and hearing that you like how everything ties together is just lovely. Ah, I love how you noticed the Cain and Abel reference! It's a sneaky reference that isn't really mentioned in the story but completely applies and was one of the quiet ties into literature and culture. Ada is quite like Cain in that she's a murderer, but nobody can kill her - something keeps her alive, and it's arguable that it's some sort of divine mark, even if she's miserable for it. I'm not sure if anybody has noticed, but each of the pairs of victims ties into the seven deadly sins as well - i.e. Umbridge and Madame la Douloureuse are linked with greed, the seventh victim with lust, etc. :P So I love how you picked up on the cursed sevenfold reference! :D

Hehe you are so clever - I love that! :D It was fun to surprise people with that revelation but it's awesome that you noticed as I was wondering if anybody else would put the pieces together.

I love Louis too! And he was perfect for this story whereas James wouldn't have fit the role quite as well. Thank you, it means a lot to know you like how I wrote the next gen characters - Dom and James are my favourites in this story especially and it's really flattering to know you found them realistic.

Haha! Aw, poor Tarin... sorry about that. :P I think I would hate Steak if he was real but he's so hilarious to write and irritating Louis is just such a fun pastime. I really want to write a side-story featuring Dom and Steak because they would just be so entertaining.

I just put the next chapter into the queue - I really hope you like the big reveal! :D It was so nerve-wracking to post it but quite exciting to finally solve the mystery.

Thanks so much! ♥ I really loved this review so much! :)

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Review #22, by patronus_charm no brighter light than the look in her eyes

27th June 2014:
Hi again!

Ok, Iím so sorry for how bad this review is going to be but I need to sleep but I also need to read and review this amazing chapter, so yeah :P Woah the first section was so haunting as usual, and just general wonderful with such vivid description it really had me fearing for my life that death was going to get to me then.

I have a bad feeling about Eugenie. I think it was the comment at the end of the last chapter about her getting into the killerís mind which set me off as it made me wonder if she was a killer from experience and then this kiss just freaked me out. Iím not sure, but I just have bad vibes about the whole thing. Iím not sure if she is the killer, but I just donít think Louis should get too close as it just sounds so bad. Yeah, run, Louis, run!

Haha, I loved Aunt Ginny and how she couldnít say their proper names, it made me laugh so much with the way she was still stuck in her old ways in some respects. I also loved Dom, James and Louisís banter and they should just have more scenes together purely because they make an awesome trio.

No, it canít be Emily. It just canít be. But Iím still stuck for who the killer could be. I donít think itís Eugenie even though I have weird vibes, Emily just seems too sweet, maybe Iíll be out there and put a guess on Ginny? I think the person must have done their research before though because like Ada/Ruth said they were one step ahead, so perhaps Molly in that aspect. Or Hugo or Rose being Hermioneís children they would have a reason to kill those people and the skill for research.

Ah, I just donít know! I canít wait for the next chapter though :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :)

No way this review was amazing, I keep coming back to re-read it! :P I'm glad you liked the first section and the descriptions, it really is getting more and more spooky.

Ooh, interesting feeling there! Yes, Louis is falling quite fast and is rather infatuated with Eugenie, though that could be a good or a bad thing depending on how everything goes down. :P

Haha, I imagined Ginny turned out a bit like Molly where she's very loving but also quite stubborn about what she thinks is right and wrong. I loved writing the three of them as well! Dom and James especially ended up being minor characters in this story who I got quite attached to.

Hmm, yes well the killer definitely planned everything out very well and is also a bit of a stickler to doing things right and routine. I love hearing all your theories, they are awesome and you're definitely onto something.

Thanks so much for following this story and such a great review, Kiana! :D

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Review #23, by patronus_charm everything that happened, everything you saw

27th June 2014:
Wah, I will catch up on all your storiesÖ someday :P

What? Whaaat? No. I did not see that coming at all. At first I was like ooh this is so cool we get to see the background to Adaís death and her final moments so we can really understand her and see whether she was still glad she committed those crimes but then we find out that Adaís alive and Ruthís the one whoís died but sheís just stole Ruthís identity. I definitely did not call that. Wah, this means when they go and meet Ruth they meet Ada, who might be the actual killer. Ok, this has just reached a whole new level of interesting!

Who Dracoís alive! This could potentially reveal something about who the murderer is and what their motive could be and I have a feeling it might. Also, I wonder if the murderer will try and strike again and really kill him off that time? Again, I have to say I really admire how you can flip from the drama of that to the light hearted sort of banter with him and Dom and Alfie and itís just really amazing!

Woah the talk with Ruth/Ada/who knows :p was so creepy and scary and has made me paranoid of everyone, even Louis could he have a dual personality and this is his nice side and then he could have a creepy killer one too. Hmm, Emily? Iím not sure as I just love Neville as heís so cute so I canít let myself think that his daughter could kill but maybe. It certainly made me worried about the sixth and the seventh kills and what the motive could be for them though.

Ah, I think I have to ignore my wish to sleep and read on as Iím so excited to find out what happens next :D


Author's Response: Hello!! :)

Haha, I update way too often for anybody to keep up completely, but you do an amazing job of it and leaving me all these lovely reviews! ♥

Hehehe, I was so excited to see what people might think of Ada being alive! I was wondering if anybody would figure it out from the first interpretation of the scene since it was told from a different POV. And yes, Ada being alive possibly makes her a little suspicious.

Yes! The killer is getting a little sloppy in this case, and possibly a bit desperate. Aw, thank you! I'm really pleased you like the additions of humour as it keeps the story more fun in some ways and is quite fun to write the banter.

Hahaha, hmm well Louis is one theory I haven't heard before! The sixth and seventh especially reveal quite a bit about who the killer is, and the motives themselves are very important.

Hehe, thank you so much, Kiana! :D

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Review #24, by Red_headed_juliet no brighter light than the look in her eyes

26th June 2014:
No Louis! Don't fall for it! Gah! (And I think her lip twitched because she feels just a little bad for the forgery thing. It weighs on her serial killer guilty conscious) Gah, when will you see Louis! EMILY IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD BE TRYING TO KISS, NOT THE PSYCHO!

No. I refuse to believe it's Emily. Though I am interested in what Molly had to say to Bones, and why she thought Louis wouldn't believe her. I'm a little worried, because I'm thinking the next victim will be 'the soldier' who was Erik, the one that Ada feels bad about killing. She went to school with him, and I'm a little worried that Bones might try to kill him next. I could be off, but I worry.

Oh, nice detail with the whole vomiting slugs thing. At least he finally got his revenge. +] Dom isn't so bad when she isn't being impetuous. She's actually kinda growing on me. Steak's gotta go though. *shakes head*

I cannot wait for the metaphorical excrement hitting the imaginary fan. I shall try to be patient. +]

Author's Response: Hello again!! Hehe, but Eugenie's so pretty and he likes her! :P

Very interesting. Erik is definitely very important and who he matches up with for the new killer is a huge detail which has been hinted at, but I don't think it will really be clear until the killer is revealed.

Haha yes! I was sad Ron couldn't fit into this story more but that was a fun detail. I'm glad you like Dom - if not Steak haha, he would be so annoying as a real person for sure.

I'm putting the next chapter up very shortly so hopefully it will be up soon - I'm so excited to see what you think, and if readers will be surprised or not!!! :D Thank you so much as always, your support on this story is simply amazing!

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Review #25, by Red_headed_juliet everything that happened, everything you saw

26th June 2014:
SHE'S FRAMING HER! Last chapter you described Eugines handwriting as messy script, and Emily's name is written the same way. She picked Louis to be her partner because she thought he sucked since he hasn't been on the case and expected him to follow her lead and only listen to what she said. It's her. I'm like 80% sure. She got mad about her dad and came back to kill him, but that would be too obvious so she's been killing people before the important one to try and deflect blame. Also the she thing. And she could get into that killed head because she had instincts for it. Realized he hated his mom because she would kill her dad. Man, I need more! I gotta know! Ravenclaws don't deal with ignorance well.

Author's Response: Hehehehe. Can I just say that this review and the first sentence especially made me so happy because I love the degree to which you've noticed little details and pieced a theory together?!

So much awesome! Well, I can't approve or disprove your theory either way of course, but the next chapter will be up very soon! :D Thanks so much for reviewing! ♥

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