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Review #1, by Endless_Forms Queen Horatio

11th April 2015:
I ship Loratio so hard it actually hurts. Wow, their relationship situation is a mess, there are just too many people involved. All I want is for them to be happy together. And for Freya to go away and never come back.

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Review #2, by HufflePuff_Blitz She Returns

7th April 2015:
Let me start by saying I hate Freya.
Poor Louis. He doesn't need the stress of having Freya badger him. *yells go away Freya*
So I guess this review has turned more into a, I hate Freya sort of thing. but I do.
I love Horatio and Louis. thats what I love.
Great Chapter!
- Kyle

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Review #3, by HufflePuff_Blitz Things Could Have Been Different

7th April 2015:
Wohoo Louis and Horatio for the win!
I really enjoyed this chapter, I feel bad that Horatio is trying to use Louis against Molly but I don't like Molly all that much.
Awesome Chapter!
I will catch up eventually!
Kyle :D

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Review #4, by Sa Birthday boy

24th March 2015:
I'm pleased you've updated I do enjoy your stories

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! :D I'm so glad that you enjoy my stories. :D

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Birthday boy

23rd March 2015:

Aww, Nik is so adorable and cool to play with Samantha and be a princess (he's a very pretty princess). The more I read and write him, the more I love him. Pairing-wise, I am all for Louis/Horatio and Horatio is freaking awesome, but sorry man, Nik definitely wins the Best Demarcus Brother award.

What does the t-shirt say???

Ooh, naughty boys sneaking around while Molly is downstairs.

TATTOOS!!! ♥ If anyone can pull off such amazing art, it's the Demarcus boys.

Oh, Nico. :( *hugs the bruises away* I don't want Horatio to hate him. Not ever again.

...uh oh. Bad news is coming. I can tell. Horatio is just too freaked out. It's not right.


Oh, no. What will they do now? :(

Loved this chapter so much!


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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Stranger

11th March 2015:

Stinky Freya, stinky Freya. Ugh, I don't want her to come back. I want her to go away. I love that Horatio teaches Sam that stuff, even if it is wrong. He preaches the truth. And everyone knows it. Soon Freya will show her true colors by doing something horrible. You just know it.

LORATIO!!! Stop fighting. Or fight then make out - Er, make up... No, I was right first time.

Rachel. Damn. I almost forgot about her. She snuck up on us, that girl. I bet Louis and Horatio would have kissed if she hadn't come in. *knows this*

I loved this so much. I need more and more and more!!!


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Review #7, by potterfan310 'Tio Monster

14th February 2015:
Me again!

Oooh Naughty Dom. Haha, hope she doesn't get pregnant, now that would be awkward to explain :p Naughty Nik too, tut tut.

Louis better not give in, not only with he have Horatio yelling at him, I'm pretty sure I will be too. It's decided Sam doesn't need Freya at all, she has daddy Louis and mummy 'Tio, she doesn't need anyone else (well except maybe the Weasley family, because they're awesome).

Aww, Sam is the cutest! Can she get any cuter, seriously. The whole scene with her, Louis, Horatio and Molly has just melted my heart. ♥

Aww Molly's nickname is too cute for words, alos Horatio's pun = brilliant!!

Nooo 'Tio is mad at Louis, this makes me sad.

Sam calling Nikolas 'Nik Nik' awww, I'm pretty sure he goes from tough guy to I'd do anything for Sam in a matter of seconds.

I don't like it either. Haha. I'm so proud of Sam, the cutie. Some one's been teaching her well.

Can't wait for another chapter!!

Sophie :D

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Review #8, by potterfan310 Threats

14th February 2015:
HAHA, IN YOUR FACE FREYA :D Is it wrong I'm weirdly happy about this??? I feel liking shouting 'Take that oh evil one' she got what she deserved, serves her right.

"“You’re really not," THIS! YES LOUIS, YOU ROCK!

Can we get Freya's ex back, he's a nice guy. Yelling at Freya (go him) and giving Louis some money for Sam, he's awesome in my book. Can he come be a new bff for Louis ?(not that I don't love Horatio, I do but he's kind of stepped up to boyfriend material now :p).

Oh the hate for Freya burns like a freakin' house on fire in this chapter.

I hope she who must not be named, didn't cost Louis his job. I kind of laughed when she said she'd get the ministry involved. He Louis Weasley, there bound to be some relation to pull some strings inside the ministry. That and Freya could technically be seen as an unfit mother (which she is) so hopefully Louis will win.

Molly??? She not pregnant is she?? Nope not good, then again maybe, hmmm. Baby cousin/sister/friend for Sam good. But then it means no Loratio so no, hope she isn't.


-Sophie :)

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Review #9, by potterfan310 Daddy Smells.

14th February 2015:
It's only took me what? nearly three months to finally read this. But ahh well at least I have three shiny new chapters to read.

Haha, am I sensing Kieron's a mummy's boy :p I've never said it before (at least I think not) but Lavender Brown and Theo Nott as a pairing, I'd have said nope no way. But I've grown to love them and I'm curious as to how the pair ended up together??

Nooo, I think Kieron is definitely being an idiot. That's kind of a stupid reason to break up with someone.

AW! Sam calling Horation mummy, I die a little from cuteness every time! ♥ Horatio getting all teary over it, too cute. They are such a little family Freya best stay away for good.

Loratio ♥

"Lou-Lou Belle" - asdfghjkl that is so freakin' cute.

Yep you've just melted my heart in one chapter, THE CUTENESS MAN OH GOD!

HOLY COW! My jaw just dropped, haha. I was not expecting her to be there of all places, let alone on a date!! HAHA

Can I start a let's hate on Freya club with her date/boyfriend (well ex now I hope, haha). Freya has a double personality I swear, as Louis said she's pestering him about seeing Sam yet she hadn't even told her boyfriend she had a kid.


-Sophie :)

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Review #10, by Maelody 'Tio Monster

2nd February 2015:
Ooh la la! Steamy steamy Dom and Nik. ;) But still-Bad Dom! You can't go looking for Kieron and then hook up with the one you suspect him of sleeping with! You should be just as equally mad at Nik for allowing your boyfriend to do so! :p Now you're going to get pregnant and this is going to be hard to explain to everyone!

Yes, my resolve for everyone having sex is pregnancy. Isn't it grand? xD That makes Freya, Molly, and now it'll be Dom. ;) OH MY GOODNESS WHEN IS HORATIO GOING TO GET PREGNANT? :3

D'aw, tickle monster is so cute! And poor Sammie! She was having such a grand ol' time, and then BOOM Mama 'Tio is angry! Mama 'Tio, please don't be mad at Louis for very long. We need you two to be together! :3

Where's Rachel? I sort of miss her. ;)

THE SCENES WITH MOLLY AND SAMMIE ARE JUST THE CUTEST OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THEM! Mamfa is just too cute! :3 Molly gives better nicknames than Dom and Vic, that's for sure. ;) Koukla is still my favorite, but Mamfa is second!

Horatio was looking for that fight, wasn't he? Poor Nik. Though it's good he knows how to handle his brother, and was able to stop Louis from making things worse! I bet you it isn't what it seems at all! Maybe, PLOT TWIST, it's Molly teaching her Freya is icky, just because, you know. She's sick and has nothing better to do than say something that sounds like Freya and say ew xD. Though that totally reminds me! Sam and I are so on the same page! We both think Freya's name is icky! Remember, cause it reminds me of Fritos? xD Nah, I bet it was just coincidence that Sam thought it was an icky name. It's fate for her to hate her mummy! :3 I'm so proud of her!

Wow this was a monster of a chapter! I love it! I squish it! :3 *squish* Thank you so much for being so amazing at updating so quickly! You're seriously, like, the bestest person ever. Like. Ever. Totes. :3 TAMMI BE MY BEST FRIEND, KAY? OKAY!


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Review #11, by AdinaPuff 'Tio Monster

1st February 2015:
Yay, new chapter!

Oh my gosh. Dom! I can't believe her. But I actually totally can. I get why she feels that she can risk everything with Nik if Kieron can. And ugh Nik he drives me crazy. He's super awesome but then I hate his decisions.

Samantha is so funny. And Louis is just too wonderful with her. I love how you've written them. And Horatio! Mummy 'Tio is the ONLY mummy Samantha ever needs.

Hm Molly. :p

I agree with Horatio. I'd throw a tantrum too if I were him. I wouldn't let Louis see Freya either. Some wise words from Nik about that, too. I loved how deep his advise was. It makes me like Nik more :D

Yes, Freya is a smelly name :p in this case, anyways.

Loved it!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #12, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 'Tio Monster

1st February 2015:

Haha! Oh, Dom. You should know better than to mess with Nikolos. Look at him, getting the upper hand... Is this the scene you told me about? Where... Okay, no spoilers, I'll ask you elsewhere. ;)

Damn, Horatio. Stop picking a fight. Seriously. I JUST WANT THE WORLD TO BE A HAPPY PLACE, FULL OF RAINBOWS AND SMILES AND CAKE. LOTS OF CAKE. AND LORATIO. AND SKANDOLOS. Get it, because it sounds like scandalous. And they so are. HAHAHAHA!

Freya is a smelly name. I don't like it.

I'm so excited! I cannot wait for the next chapter!


P.S. I guess this means I should get cracking with the next chapter of Fall from Grace.

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Review #13, by Maelody Threats

31st January 2015:
How did you know that I work at Sutherland? Oh, you didn't? Well, that just goes to show how intertwined the story and I are. ;)

Oh my goodness, you could never be more right. The hatred for Freya is SO strong in this chapter! She's lucky I didn't pop in the story and and slap her right back! Mae would kick her butt!

Since Louis has Horatio, and visa versa, I'll take Tyler. ;) He has his priorities straight! :D He's so cute giving Louis some Galleons! Though I'm sure that made Louis more embarrassed than he already was. I'm just glad Tyler got to embarrass Freya so Louis didn't really have to so much. It sucks he was given a warning, but I guess it's better than being fired. Mighty believable, too.

She even came back and THREATENED to involve the MINISTRY! Aw Nah! She and I are going to have some words.

I don't wanna see Horatio and Louis fight! :( Why do you have to do that? It's so mean! :( Can't they just hug it out?

Oh my goodness! Molly is pregnant, isn't she?!? Either that, or you're doing this just to mess with us! But seriously though! How cute would that be!? Horatio would have a baby of his own, Sammie would have a new cousin/sister, and it would resolve SO much! I mean, yeah it would cause a little ruckus, but in the end, it'll work. Right? :3

You've been doing a pretty good job updating all on your own. ;) I haven't even had a chance to bug you yet! :p Don't let that be the OK to let you start, kay? ;)

You're the bestest! (as always)


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Review #14, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Threats

31st January 2015:
I love Tyler. Tyler is great. Tyler can stay. Let him stay, man. :D

Freya's such a naughty word. She ruins everything and yet Louis is the one paying for it by getting warned at work. I hate her. I want her gone.


I'm sorry. That wasn't meant to come out. But I totally imagined Louis being so worked up and upset that he just snogged Horatio as soon as the guy asked what was wrong. Which probably would have come with more consequences, but it made me feel a little better.


Whenever you can.

Sam. :)

Author's Response: I love Tyler too! He's pretty awesome and I'm glad that he dumped Freya! She's a mean person! I want him to stay! I want him to be friends with Louis and Horatio!

Freya is such a naughty word and she ruins everything she goes near! Poor Louis, getting a warning, he doesn't need that at all!


Haha that's alright! :O WHY DIDN'T THAT IDEA CROSS MY MIND?! I THINK IT WAS BECAUSE MOLLY WAS BACK. But he so should have done!

Aw Hahaha you feel my pain with Fall from Grace! (God I love that story so much!)

I'm going to work on the next chapter in a minute :P

Thanks Sam!! :D

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Review #15, by AdinaPuff Threats

31st January 2015:

Go Tyler. He was awesome. Yelling at Freya and telling her how terrible she was. And then giving Louis some money for Samantha? He was awesome.

Ugh you can't do this to me Tammi. I want nothing to do with Freya. Don't let Louis give in! HE CANT GIVE IN! She deserves nothing. Take it to court.

Horatio is so sweet. He knew something was wrong with Louis. Go him. They're meant to be. PLEASE LET THEM LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Molly's sick? I certainly hope she isn't pregnant. Omg. I hope she's just had the flu and will be okay. Omg.

Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

-Leigh xxx

Author's Response: YES!! A NEW CHAPTER!! :D such an exciting time!

Tyler is so awesome! I'm glad that he's around to yell at Freya and give Louis money for Samantha. He definitely needs to stay around somewhere/somehow.

I'm sorry! I don't want anything to do with Freya either, but Louis doesn't want this to go to court, so he's going to go along with her.

Horatio can tell when somethings wrong with Louis, they're that connected. They are meant to be!


Thank you so much Leigh! Stay fabulous! Which is always because you're awesome! Next chapter is being written :D

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Review #16, by AdinaPuff Daddy Smells.

19th January 2015:

I love Horatio. It's sweet that Samantha thinks of him as her mummy. It's perfect, actually. I can understand why Horatio teared up. Even I teared up!

And oh gosh I love that man Freya's with. That's really funny actually. Perfect job on him. And oh man the cliffy. I agree with Horatio by the way, about Freya. Louis should ignore her completely!

Sorry this is so short. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

-Leigh xxx

Author's Response: I love him too :D He is the only mummy that she's ever known. I would tear up as well! Horatio loves her like she's his own, so to hear her call him mummy made his entire life!

I love him too! He's awesome and I'm glad that he knows Freya is a mum. Mwahahaha! I agree with Horatio too, he should so ignore Freya!

That's alright! I'm working on the next chapter, so should be soon :D

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Review #17, by Maelody Daddy Smells.

15th January 2015:
AH! WHAT? Oh my goodness! IN YOUR FACE, FREYA! Oh yeah! You SO had that one coming to you! *does a little dance and song* Oh yeah! In your face! You deserved it! No daughter for you! No boyfriend for you! I don't like you! . *looks around all embarrassed like*

Hi! Erm... It's not that I hate Freya, err... I just, you know. Don't like her. :whistle:.

Oh my goodness, Tammi! You're amazing! You updated and this is more than I could ever ask for! Kieron explanations, adorable family scenes with Louisio and Sammie, and an 'in Freya's face!' moment! You really do love me! *squee*

So, me and Freya's boyfriend (now ex I assume?) are best friends! I mean, he can't have had much going for him considering he even liked her in the first place, but you know, we learn from our mistakes ;). I couldn't have loved this scene any more! I can't wait to see the reactions! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

Also, the littler camera scene with Horatio, Louis, and Sam made my little heart explode! I'm on the same mindset as Louis with how their life would be if it were without Molly and Rachel! Just d'aw! AND THEN HORATIO CAME BACK AND TOOK A PICTURE OF THEIR KISS! My heart can't contain this much joy and bliss. I mean, it already exploded, so obviously it can't. Though I do see that picture coming back and biting them in the butt. Possibly with Molly. Or, more believably since I see her being in his room again, Rachel. *Bum bum bum!*

Seriously! You're the best! *squishes into a big ol' hug!* I love this chapter more than any chapter I've ever loved in my entire life! I shall cherish it in my mind forever! :3 Thank you so much you amazing woman! I love you and your amazing story!

One last squee before I go!



Author's Response: OH YES! IN YOUR FACE, FREYA! She so had it coming! she shouldn't have been so mean! *joins the song and dance*

Aww thank you Mae! Youre amazing! There was a lot in this chapter, and there's just going to be more and more coming up! SO MANY PLANS! I do love you! You are correct!

Awesome! I shall have to let him know that you two are best friends now, he'll be pleased, he's not a fan of Freya. The reactions are coming, don't you worry!

niefkjf brfwebiurfehwihwei Those were my feelings when my muse decided on that scene! It had to happen and I see it coming back and biting them in the bum as well, with both Rachel and Molly. But that's future us' problem as we're enjoying this moment too much!

Awww thank you! You're the best! *squishes you into an even bigger hug* Hahaha you've made my day! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AMAZING REVIEWS!!


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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Daddy Smells.

14th January 2015:
The feels are strong with this one. Seriously, one little chapter, SO MUCH PAIN!!!

Theo is such a know-it-all. *loves him* Though it's so odd to see him with Lavender (and happy) and Kieron calling her Mum. It shouldn't be, I guess, because it's your headcanon, but it is. I like it, though.

Louis/Horatio forever. I don't care about Molly or Rachel, I'm sorry, I need Louis/Horatio... *knows all the things*



So can't wait for more!


Author's Response: The feels are so strong! I'm sorry for the pain! But the happy feels!!!

Theo is such a know-it-all! Don't we know it!! Hahahaha Oh I'm such a joker! I crack myself up! :P There's no way I'm letting Daphne anywhere near my Theo :P It's Lavender all the way!

LOUIS/HORATIO ARE 5EVA!!! And you do know all of the things! Because I tell you everything haha :P

:D :D :D :D :D :D


More is coming soon Sam!

Thanks for being awesome!

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Review #19, by Maelody Mummy

13th January 2015:

LOUISIO I CHOOSE YOU!!! - Sorry Rachel, you're a great gal, but Horatio is just there. He's waited so long! GAH!

So this chapter HAS to be my favorite of the series so far! Between the very realistic tantrum of a three year old, and this end scene! I mean, words cannot express my love at this moment! My heart is just going pitter-patter!

I think I missed something with Vic... I didn't know she was pregnant. But she and Teddy named their baby Remus! HOW CUTE! :3

Oh goodness, toddlers really will say everything that is on their mind! Though I'm surprised Vic and his mum thought more of it. I figured they'd be used to Horatio being so much of their son's life and his daughter's that they'd think she was just, you know, talking.

What's going on with Keiron and Dom! D: I bet he's seeing someone, isn't he? Or maybe she is? OMG It's Nik isn't it? I can't wrap my head around all the theories! I'm just too enamored by the beauty of your story!

I just want to hug Louis! That kitchen scene about broke my heart! Little Sam wanting her 'mummy'. Of course she doesn't realize it, but Louis is right. It's a cry for what she sees other children have. A mother. Horatio has earned every right to that title at this point, of course, but I can see how it would break Louis' heart. 3': Poor babies! Everything is just so confusing!

OK. Now that I'm finally caught up. Don't be surprised if I start spamming your PM box or anything. I mean, "I'll wait ever so patiently for the next chapter to arrive." Did that sound rehearsed? I hope not because I practiced for hours in front of the mirror!

Seriously, I can't wait for another update! Update soon and I'll love you forever!


Author's Response: Haha Horatio is better than you Rachel! :P Even though I do like Rachel...

I'm so glad that this if your favourite, although I feel sad that Louis had to go through so much before the ending we all love!

Yep, Vic had her baby a few weeks before this story started... which is probably something I should have mentioned sooner in the story... we'll just pretend that I did :P

They really do! They're only surprised that it's still happening with Molly not saying anything... although they don't know what's gone on between Louis and Horatio in the past.

Oh Kieron and Dom, there's so much! And it'll be explained in the next chapter. :D It is something to do with Nik!! Awww so many theories!

You can hug him! *joins in the hug as well* It is a cry for what she's seen other children have, and she just assumes that Horatio is her mummy. He has earned every right to the title definitely!

Keep spamming! I will love it! :D That sounded good and not at all rehearsed! Hahahaha an update is coming soon!

Thank you Mae!!! :D

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Review #20, by Maelody From Bad to Worse

13th January 2015:
"And she's ruining mi-"

What's the end of that sentence, Tammi? Huh? What's the end? Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh? Is it going to be "mine!" Was he going to admit that Louis is the love his his life! GAH! I'm so conflicted now! I love Horatio and Louis more than ever, but I wanted them together more than anything when I didn't like Freya and Louis had no one! Now he has Rachel and I ACTUALLY LIKE HER! Bad Tammi! Bad! :p

Oh goodness. *Breathes* Wow. So Louis and Rachel are officially dating! *squee* But Freya had the gall to send that letter with no apologies? Just demands? See, this is why no one like her!

Poor Louis! He has so much work to do, and he puts it all on himself. He really wants to give back to his family, but he can't even have a day's rest without someone being mad at him or him 'messing up.'

I think what he's doing is admirable, considering he wants to keep the Ministry out of it, but he should do just that. He has a strong case. She would lose AND never get to see Freya! It's win-win for everyone! ;) But I guess Louis is much nicer than I am. *sigh*

Oh no! I only have one chapter left! You do realize that once I'm caught up I'll have to start bothering you over at the forums to start writing the next chapter, right? :P

Off to that last chapter! I'm excited, and scared haha!


Author's Response: Hahah we all know what the end of that sentence is, Mae! Maybe I'll write a one shot about it from Horatio's POV? :P I'm terrible for having Rachel turning up in the middle of all of this Louisio!

They are officially dating! Which is totally going to be a problem for a certain other ship. Freya just needs to be hurt in the face for sending such a letter!

He does have so much work to do and he needs to learn to rely on other people, but he's proud and he already feels that he already asks too much from his family.

He does want to keep the Ministry out of it, but there might come a point where that's not an option anymore...

Awww you can bug me all you want! I encourage you too! It'll get me writing it :P

Thank you Mae! Don't be too scared... although you should be scared :P

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Review #21, by Maelody She Returns

13th January 2015:
No! She wasn't supposed to come back this early! No! No! No! The only good thing that came of her coming back this early is that it got Horatio to step up as a friend again instead of a hurt ex lover.

So you really know how to go for the hard blow, don't you? "He just had to put up with the fact that their friendship had taken a hit, not enough for outsiders to notice, but enough that they noticed." This actually broke my heart! No matter how true this is, and how even the best of friends go through it, it's always heartbreaking to see it happen. :(

Back to Freya though! GR! How does she even muster the courage to come up to him like that? And just state that she wants to see Samantha! I don't care how smartly she is dressed, giving her whatever job that is, she needs to go back and leave my happy Louis alone! He's on one of the most adorable dates on the history of the planet and she just has to ruin it!

I was really rooting for Sam to get that third dragon, too. I bet you Freya noticed it in Louis' hand and bought it. She's going to give it to Sam when she meets her, I just know it. I don't like it! Hrmf!

I'm sure Rachel will come around. She's too amazing not to! Though I wonder who it is she has to go meet. She best not be working for Freya. Like they're Hogwarts friends or something and she meant to just check up on Louis and Sam for Freya, but ended up liking Louis in the long run. Hmmm... Am I reading too much into this? Probably. I'd still like Rachel even if that were the case, though! In the movies they always make you like the character who accidentally falls in love with the person they're supposed to be spying on or changing! Isn't that right? RIGHT!

Again, my emotions are everywhere! How do you do this to me? Oh, that's right. You're amazing, that's how. Duh! ;)


Author's Response: Damn you Freya! GO AWAY!!! NOONE WANTS YOU HERE!!

I do! I'm sorry, but it's true. With them both having feelings for the other but not acting on them, of course it'll take a hit. :( I'm so mean! It broke my heart to write it if it makes you feel any better?

She is an idiot! It's the onll explanation I have... well, that and she thinks that Louis will take her back with open arms. And I'm sad to admit that if he didn't have Horatio around to stop him, he would have taken her back. (Even if Rachel was around in that alternative universe) and Freya knows it.

I was rooting for it too and Freya is downright devious, so she might?

Rachel will hopefully understand once Louis explains it to her. :O working for Freya?! Now that is a plot line! :P

Awww I'm sorry for putting your emotions through so much!

And you're the amazing one!

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Review #22, by Maelody Things Could Have Been Different

13th January 2015:
Oh my oh my oh my oh my!

You sly dog, you! ;) I can't help but love you right now! Seriously, I'm so excited over here! It was just so, sweet! And steamy! ;) They should drink more often. :p

More seriously, though. There's a big UH-OH factor coming up, isn't there? Don't tear apart my Louisio! I see it coming. A big ol' fight. They can't live under the same roof with one another with feelings like that toward one another!

When he kissed Rachel, I felt the same sort of excitement, though! He's going to be happy! I mean, his liquid courage got him a little more lucky that night all the way around, but it was sweet! I'm already in love with Louchel! (It's a little rocky, but I like it ;)). I just see problems with the whole Horatio thing, and then the whole Freya will be coming in thing. Louisio was not meant to complicate my feelings! ;adkjfadja!

Oh, and Horatio, be a dear and GET RID OF THAT CIGARETTE! It really adds to your character, it does, but it's bad for your health! Stop that!

OK, so my emotions are everywhere with this chapter! You're a little vixen, that's what you are! I can't contain myself! I have to move onto the next chapter! AH!


Author's Response: Hahah I am very sly! I'm so exicted as well and I should definitely get them drinking more! They can't control themselves around alcohol.

There is going to be a big uh-oh factor... but is it what you think? Who knows?! Well... I know haha.

It's hard to be annoyed that he's with Rachel when I'm happy for them! I have so many conflicted feelings too! Oooo Louchel! I love that ship name! And I just want Louis to be happy!

Louis is about to have some big things happen to him. Rachel, Horatio, Freya!

He should! I blame his brother entirely for it! Molly needs to find them and yell at him, maybe destroy them in front of him?

Awww thank you Mae! hahaha I love hearing what you think of this story! :D

Stay brilliant!

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Review #23, by Maelody Tickle Monster

13th January 2015:
I sense the foreshadowing is strong in this chapter. Me no like it! Keep Freya away from precious Sam and Louis! *hiss*

OK, now I'll talk normally. As normal as my speaking get, that is. ;)

Rachel is so good with Sammy! How cute! They colored together and Louis actually got some work done! This foreshadowing is good! I like this one. You know, where Sam takes to Rachel as a mother. ;)

Ooh la la! Louis and Rachel get to go on a date! How exciting! I can't wait to see what he takes her on! I can't imagine it'd be too terrible good (he's a single father with a minimal job) and he might get embarrassed, but I think Rachel will absolutely love it! She just seems like that kind of girl to me. :3

You, ma'am, always cease to amaze me with your work! I love this story more and more with every chapter I read and I seriously cannot wait to catch up with what you have here so I can bother you to write more chapters once I'm caught up! I won't miss the ending of this one! I promise!

As for now, I have more reading to do!


Author's Response: There is some foreshadowing! *hisses at her too*

Hahaha talk however you want! I shall talk the same :P

She is, she knows how to get Samantha to like her and manages to distract her enough to get Louis' work done. Or as much done before Colin takes over.

It is very exciting!

Awww thank you so much Mae! You make me blush! I'm so glad that you love this story so much and you are more than welcome to bother me until I write more! IN fact I actively encourage it! :D

Thank you so much Mae!! xx

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Review #24, by Maelody Interfering family

13th January 2015:
I knew it! I knew you were going to bring her back! Bad! Bad girl! Keep her out of this story! I mean, I know you need a plot and somewhere to go with all of this, but you can rethink that and just pretend Freya never existed, right? Sam is the product of Louis and Horatio's love child, because that can totally happen because of... Because of... erm... Magic!

More story of the love pair that I missed. :( You're a tease, you know that? A tease! However, I do like this Rachel girl a bit more. There's something about her that I can already tell she's going to be a God-Send (Tammi-Send?) to this story.

The whole Molly thing is sweet, but I bet it is oh so confusing! I hope nothing blows up in these boys' faces with her if she officially lose control over the fact her boyfriend is her cousin's ex, whom they both currently live with. That's got to be hard. Do it for the baby. Do it for the baby!

I guess Sam isn't really a baby, now is she? ;) A whopping three years old! She's so cute! :3


Author's Response: She had to come back, she brings the drama! The very entertaining drama where we all hate her and want to chuck things at her :P Hahaha I wish she didn't exist and that Horatio and Louis had adopted Samantha or been their love child. Magic needs to hurry up and solve this problem!

Haha I am a tease! and I apologise! But it is mighty entertaining. :P I like Rachel too but I love Horatio and Louis more. I'm so conflicted! Hahahah Tammi-send... I love this!

Oh it is so confusing! Everything isn't going to stay hidden forever, it's going to be hard for her.

She's still kind of a baby, she's Louis' baby! :D

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Review #25, by Maelody Music to my ears

13th January 2015:
Out of all the nicknames, Koukla is, and always has been, my favorite! This is why Horatio is my favorite! GAH!!!

WHAT!!!? Horatio and Louis got together and we DIDN'T GET TO WITNESS IT HAPPEN? I demand a spin-off story right now! One where it's just Louis, Horatio, and Sam! This must happen! No, don't argue! There are no ifs, ands, or buts! You will do this or else Mae will... Mae will just have to keep reading and be forever sad that she never got to see the actual beauty of Louisio!

Seriously though, I'm just so ecstatic that they were ever a thing! We turned you, didn't we? That wasn't even in the plans until we lovely people came into your life. :p However, I think I sort of like it this way. Realistically speaking. The fact that they tried it, and now Molly is back and Louis is sort of interested in this new girl Rachel seems like a nice plan.

Judging by the title of this one, it sounds like Freya is going to be back! Gr! Keep her away from my happy little Louisio family! She can't run out on them and just expect to get her daughter back because she got to do what she wanted to do when Louis didn't and now she's 'more mature'. I swear to Godric himself that if she uses her graduating Hogwarts as a reason to get custody of her daughter over Louis, I will jump over the black lake itself and punch her in the face! Er... I mean, tell her how much I disprove of her antics.

But YAY! There's a sequel! I'm just so happy there's a sequel! I'll get to working on it as fast as I can!



Author's Response: It's my favourite as well and I'm going to let you into a secret! Horatio totally gets a tattoo that says 'Koukla' on it :P

YEP!! IT HAPPENED! A SPIN OFF STORY IS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF YOUR DEMANDS! :P There is definitely no arguing on my part :P

But yes, you are all to blame ENTIRELY for Louisio happening! It wasn't part of my plans, but now I can't imagine it being any other way at all! This is the power you all have over me! I will just give you all what you want, you just need to demand enough. :D

Yep, the title is very sugestive. Freya is coming back, you may need to hold back your anger at some points. It's going to be a bumpy ride on this rollercoaster of a story! :D

Thank you so much Mae!! :D

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