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Review #1, by Karou_Marauder Dead?

5th April 2014:
Oh few! You didn't kill Albus after all. I only just noticed but I'm pretty sure 'Scorpious' is spelt wrong, I don't think there's an o in it.

Potions? Isn't this the holidays?

Good start, I'm going to read the next few chapters now.


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Departure

8th February 2014:
Professor Drame is a little over the top. Leaving just because the students aren't perfectly behaved. That amused me. Especially since they haven't really done anything wrong. I wonder are we going to see a new Potions teacher now.

*laughs at Hugo saying she'd have to like it if she was any good*

Author's Response: Yes I made Drame seem quite an irritable character. He seems to blow at nothing. I'm glad you liked the bit where Hugo wanted to know if she was any good I thought that no was good too. Anyway thank you for your review I love to hear what you think

HEG :)

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Review #3, by MargaretLane Dead?

8th February 2014:
Aw, they're missing out on their summer holidays. Poor kids.

You've written "weather" instead of "whether".

Scorpius hasn't gone home for the summer either? Interesting.

I'm a little confused as to how they have Potions if it's the holidays.

Author's Response: Hi.
Yes it's sad isn't it. I certainly wouldn't like that but they have to don't they because the Hogwarts Expresss has already left.

I didn't notice that I have spelt 'whether' wrong. I will correct that.

Ah you have noticed that Scorpious hasn't gone home for the holidays? That was due to a little mistake I have made. Unfortunately I typed up the chapter on Microsoft Word but I forgot to add it to the story! I'm am sorry because so many people will have read the story and not had a clue as to how Albus ended up in Riddle House or why Scorpious has to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays. I am very sorry and the chapter will be added soon because I am just waiting for chapter 3 of Albus Potter and the Lost Riddle. Sorry.

So you're confused as to how they are in potions n the holidays. It was because so many people were staying behind at Hogwarts - including some of the teachers so they decided to put on lessons.

Thank you again. I love to hear your thoughts and I find your suggestions very useful,

HEG :)

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Review #4, by HARRYPOTTER Dead?

5th February 2014:
Just read the first chapter as I have already read the other book.
So far I love it. I am not much of a writer so I don't have an account on HPFF but thankfully I can still read all the story's.
I am left on a cliff hanger as I know how bad Professor Drame is and I can't wait for the next chapter. It's like reading the actual Harry potter books. Are you planning to write a whole series?

Author's Response: Hi.
So you've Already read the other book. I hope you like it. I think that I might type my chapters up every Friday or something so you don't have long to wait.
Yes Drame is bad isn't he but you might get quite surprised in the next chapter because something happens.
Thank you for saying that they're like the actual Harry potter books because it is very good too get complements like that and it is hard to think of ideas that no one has used.

Yes I am planning to go even passed the seventh year


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