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Review #1, by Claire Full Moon

29th November 2015:
I just finished this chapter and just wanted to say you are an awesome writer and can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #2, by peacock33 Near Miss

19th October 2015:
Great to see an update. I wonder if this is going to mark James trying to start actually dealing with the Katie situation and allowing himself to grieve and move on. Are we ever going to learn about what happened to her? I want to trust Astrid/Ellie but am not sure - like Lily I want to believe people can be saved, but Lily is somewhat blinded by her view of Severus and James has a point that she is a suspiciously perfect candidate to be a mole. Interested to see what happens.

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Another Run-In

26th September 2015:
Happy Birthday Kevin!

In your note, you apologized that the first interaction between Lily and James took a while, but honestly I felt it came at a perfect time!

I really appreciate that you've written Lily and James not as parts of a whole, but as individuals. It's refreshing to look at their relationship as an 'evolution' rather than an inevitability.

James trying to be a better man and show his good nature is very endearing. Not an easy task!

Because you are taking a comfortable pace, I don't truly have a full enough sense of the story to be ready for Dobby noms - I have been reading at least through chapter 5, but I don't think I can stop now! Besides, I am really enjoying it!

In general, this story is well written and I honestly can't think of a single criticism. Well done!

I hope it's been a fantastic birthday!

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Review #4, by StarFeather Hogwarts Bound

26th September 2015:
Hallo, Kevin!

I came back here for your birthday review!

The first explanation around the circumstance of Lily is well written. After reading the chapter 3 where James was given advice from his father, the expectation how he will mend the relationship with her is rising as we read this chapter.

When James entered, I expected their conversation or gazing each other but you turned them aside in this chapter except the reaction of James towards Lily’s appearances. I guess you’re preparing these descriptions in the next chapter. I think you needed to mention the relationship with the other three marauders and some of readers may expect you mention about Sirius and Lupin as well. So many kudos on the verbal exchanges among them in the train. It’s necessary to take much time to set up the original characters J.K.Rowling has never mentioned in the books.

Just my guess, Lily’s new partner in the Potions class must be James, right?


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Review #5, by StarFeather Words of Wisdom

22nd September 2015:
Hi, Kevin. I’ve read from the chapter 1 to 3 and thought of leaving review here. Congrats your nomination @Dobbys!

I wanted to read this kind of story, father and son. Very busy Francis Potter cares his son and apologized to him for having let him wait. I’ve been curious to know how Harry’s grandfather was like. You showed us one of the possible portrait of him. I like you set the story where James consulted with his father about his bitter and sweet feeling towards Lily Evans.
I was very impressed with his honest view about his son. We expect how James will be able to show true himself to Lily from now on with his father’s advice. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will be developed.


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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell Another Run-In

11th September 2015:
Aha! First run-in of the year. I had held out a tiny bit of hope that they'd be Potions partners, though perhaps that's been overdone (I haven't read too much from the Marauder's era, so I don't always know all the relevant tropes and clichés). Anyway, they still have the class together. That'll leave some room for interaction, which is the important part.

At least she's seen James do one nice thing! That's positive. Like, tiny progress is still progress (or is it prong-ress? Oh, that pun was terrible, but I could not resist!)

I'm definitely enjoying this fic. For now, I want to make sure I give a fair shake to the other Dobby contestants and get a look at their stories, but I intend to be back! This is off to a great start and I can't wait to see where you plan to take us. Congrats again on your nomination, and good luck!


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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell Hogwarts Bound

11th September 2015:
Ugh. I hate that for Lily--that Petunia kicked up such a fuss that she couldn't go to France with her friends and had to spend the summer at home. Especially since she didn't have Sirius. That must have been a rather unpleasant vacation. Still, it does sound like the sort of thin Petunia would do.

Aww, poor James. No one seems to think he could possibly convince Lily to go on a date with him. Well, he'll show them! Eventually...

And Sirius has his sights set on someone, too. Remus wants to go on a date or two. Plenty of potential for romantic shenanigans ahead.

I like how, so far Peter seems to really be part of the group. Perhaps he hands on by his fingernails a bit, and I think that suits canon events nicely, but you write their dynamic as though it's well entrenched, and even if he's the butt of a couple of jokes, it doesn't seem truly mean-spirited. I always think it's much more painful, but powerful in terms of storytelling, if he really is portrayed as a true friend of the Marauders. It makes it all the more heartbreaking that he ultimately betrays them.


Lily’s thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of vivacious blonde and a short-haired brunette.
--I think there should be an "a" before "vivacious blonde".

Finally, she thought, quickly stashing her textbook to avoid Marlene and Alana’s good-natured teasing.
--this is just personal preference, but I think it would be easier to tell the difference between Lily's thoughts and the narration if "Finally" were italicized.

She moved gracefully toward them, with the cat-like effortlessness that the comeliest of witches always do.
--this may also just be a personal preference thing, but since the story seems to be narrated in past, it might be better to have it as, "that the comeliest of witches always did." I just always find it a bit jarring when the narrator switches tenses.

Good job, as always. I'm looking forward to seeing how all this works out, and how James will implement his plans. Slow burn romances drive me insane, because I'm not terribly patient, but they are also by far my favorite to read!


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell Words of Wisdom

11th September 2015:
This is a very sweet moment. I love the idea of James coming to his dad for advice on Lily, determined that he's going to have to do better. And Mr. Potter's advice sounds very dad-esque. But it's solid, and I can see it helping to set up James on the path he's going to have to walk in order to grow up.


There's a lot of space between the paragraphs here, which makes it a bit harder to read. But that's all I noticed.

I really enjoyed this scene! (And the suggestion that maybe Potter men sometimes take a while to grow up, and that it was the same way with James' parents, which is why they were older when they had him, was pretty amusing. It was a nice touch).


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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell The End of the Line

11th September 2015:
Hey there! Penny here, checking out the Dobby nominees--HUGE congratulations on that, by the way!!! That's phenomenal!--and I think you have captured Lily to a tee here. This is the quote that really blew me away:

Severus had changed. He was no longer the resilient victim, he was no longer the boy she had met so long ago, with a pure love for all of magic. He was bitter. He was aggressive. He was being slowly consumed by darkness. The slur? A cruel, hateful word. But the problem was what it meant about who Severus had become.

I don't think I've ever seen a better description of why Snape's actions broke their friendship, or of Lily's thoughts on the subject. You just nailed it, and I really felt like I was inside her head. There was the grief and the sorrow, but also a sense that she had been carrying this with her for months, that she was resigned to it. There was logic, and there was emotion. There was regret, but most of all, there was backbone. I really think that, in one chapter, you've just captured Lily amazingly well, even down to her courage in refusing to use her owl, and delivering the letter in person. It's brilliant. Really well done!


It might be good, when you mention the incident where James used Severus' spell, if you talked about it lifting him into the air, or gave some other detail that would remind us of what we saw of Snape's memory in the books. At first, I didn't know what spell was being discussed.

Overall, I was just hugely impressed with this chapter, and with Lily's thought process and portrayal. Excellent work! And congratulations yet again!


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Review #10, by HeyMrsPotter Another Run-In

11th September 2015:
I'm back!

I completely agree with your Author Note, as much as I was dying for some interaction between them, I definitely think it was right to set the tone of your story first. I have a good grasp of who your characters are as individuals by this point, and where they are in their time at Hogwarts etc. I loved the interaction, of course it couldn't have been a worse situation for poor James, who is trying to give Lily a good impression of him and then goes and knocks her off her feet the minute they're together. Still, the course of true love never runs smoothly, does it?

Lovely chapter :)


Author's Response: Haha. Absolutely right. At least he found a way to try and be benevolent at the end even if Lily was incredibly suspicious, right?

I'm glad you felt like the choice to defer their interaction made sense too, especially since I adopt a bit of a different take on the history between James and Lily.

Thanks for another kind review!

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Review #11, by HeyMrsPotter Hogwarts Bound

11th September 2015:
Hi again, Kevin!

I'm really enjoying this story. I like the relationship that you've created between the marauders. There's a good balance of banter there between them, and I love the idea of them making resolutions every year. Their talk about girls was so brilliant, and I think it was nice that James didn't tell the others about Lily, it shows that he really cares for her and it's not just a case of 'chasing skirt' for him.

Another great chapter!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the characterizations of the Marauders and their group dynamic! As for James, I'm afraid you may have ascribed him too noble of intentions. He's definitely NOT just chasing Lily's skirt, but at the same time, him keeping quiet is also a little self-interested in that he doesn't want to deal with the razzing from his friends (particularly Sirius) if he were to reveal that he fancies her. Fortunately for him as things progress and he continues to struggle with it, Sirius is so primarily focused on other things that he won't quite get there until it's too late :p

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Review #12, by HeyMrsPotter Words of Wisdom

11th September 2015:
Another great chapter, Kevin!

I love the relationship James has with his dad. He doesn't need him but knows he'll be there if ever he wants help. I liked Francis' sense of humour, like the little comment about Lily being a Gryffindor, and how it took him so long to have James. The way that James described Lily was so cute. It was fitting with his character that he was sweet but not overly mushy, dropping in the subjects that he was better than her in shows that she's still under his skin in an irksome sort of way even if he has admitted to himself that he fancies her.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully some interaction between James and Lily.


Author's Response: Thanks! You pretty much nailed the dynamic I wanted to create between the pair. James's dad (who apparently is supposed to be Fleamont now...WHAT?!) is definitely (as showcased later in the story) something of a jokester himself with his own past. Father and son are indeed quite similar. And I'm glad you thought James wasn't too mushy too. I tried to make him a little rambly to balance everything, but avoid him being TOO syrupy with his thoughts!

Thanks for R&R-ing!

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Review #13, by HeyMrsPotter The End of the Line

11th September 2015:
Hi again!

Wow, this was such a sad chapter. I'm glad you showed Lily's POV, and I think you wrote her voice so perfectly. I like that she is so rational about Severus, and her decision to not forgive him isn't about the name that he called her but the fact that he didn't turn to her when he needed it and that he turned to hate instead. This is exactly how I imagine Lily to be. I really enjoyed this chapter!


Author's Response: Hello!

I'm really glad to hear you thought Lily and this scene were believable since it's obviously a crucial moment in both of their character arcs, the final dissolution of their friendship.

Thanks again!

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Review #14, by HeyMrsPotter Ain't No Sunshine

11th September 2015:
Hi, Kevin!

I'm here for reading week, congratulations on your Dobby nomination! I think this is a really great opening chapter. I liked that you started it somewhere other than on the train or at Hogwarts, it's a refreshing change from the norm. James looking back on the previous year at Hogwarts was a good way to give context and a timeline to the story. I also love how you've initiated the James/Lily relationship, in that he isn't obsessed with her and has only been asking her out as a joke, and that she's gotten under his skin only recently because of her brutal honesty. Great start!


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Review #15, by Slide Aftermath

8th September 2015:
Finally, the prank kicks off. I'm curious as to what was in the notes, though the magic origami action is pretty cute. Poor teachers. Poor students being ambushed by sudden notes! It's good, it's harmless fun.

The exploding cleaning is less harmless - or, we'll see what McGonagall has to say for herself. Okay, I'm not surprised she's seeing it this way. Exploding bubbles was unlikely to be a super helpful thing! I love McGonagall, and of course she had a soft spot for the Marauders, but she is, as ever, fair in her dealings.

Small giggle at James' note to Lily. He really is a bit of a sweetheart deep down, isn't he? Though I can't blame her for being cautious.

Good to see more of Katie and her friends! She's really growing on me.

Ha, go Remus. Cut to the heart of the matter. Though it's fair of James; it's not like he's committed to Lily and she's shown no interest in him, while Katie's friendly and flirty. It was never going to be true love right away with Jily.

I think I'll take a break for now, but I've been seriously enjoying the story so far, and I will definitely be back! Good stuff.

~ Cath

Author's Response: Haha, yes...James was still hoping that the ultimate effect of the cleaning would outweigh the chaos and disruption in terms of punishment, but in his heart knew better in advance given McGonagall's nature.

And the note from James to Lily is definitely to demonstrate that underneath it all, he really does have a good heart, which will hopefully be revealed more as the story develops (including some small moments with Lily even before they're an item).

Thanks again for all the reviews!

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Review #16, by Slide Celebration

8th September 2015:
I'm oddly pleased it's Remus and Peter sneaking out to Hogsmeade to prep for the party. They're usually the two who get to do the less rebellious things in fics, but I like to think they can be subtler than James and Sirius! Poor guys, dumped with a party at the last minute - no, I can't fake sympathy, they probably love it deep down.

Katie remains charming; friendly and able to keep up with James. I think she'll do him good, he needs someone to keep him on his toes, for the moment.

Not that Lily doesn't keep him on his toes. Someone has to be the responsible one in Gryffindor House, it seems, and it sure as hell isn't going to be Remus! Though I can see this one going wrong with neither of them really trying to antagonise the other; at least Lily is smart enough to not make this a public fight.

The age line is smart! And... oddly responsible! I guess he really is trying to find the sweet point between fun and irreverent. Ahh, poor James. It's not Lily's fault; it's human nature to not notice something like him stopping from being bad. Especially not after a few short weeks.

I actually expected their conversation to end in a row, but this was interesting and very believable. Though poor Lily must be utterly lost.

I adored Remus in the scene with Lily. It's a really good depiction for him to be a people-watcher like this, and to end up being the unfortunate and probably often unsuccessful referee between her and James. But now things are changing, I look forward to seeing what, if any, part Remus has to play in things.

I have no problem with the POV shifts; it would have been difficult to portray the entire circumstances of the party from just one POV. It might have been do-able, with deep immersion into one of their headspace's - and I'd have probably chosen Lily. But this worked perfectly well. Then again, I'm guilty of changing POVs around lots myself, so perhaps I'm not the writer to ask. ;)

Good stuff. Onwards!

~ Cath

Author's Response: Well here I am, only two months later. Blarg. Yes, you're right not to feel sorry for them. They definitely DO love it - they just prefer to have more time to prepare and show off.

James is definitely trying his best at this point, but not really realizing the level of Lily's bare minimum expectations. Fortunately she notices here that he is trying to be better, though the influence of that realization on her is pretty minimal at this point - primarily being confused. :p

I'm glad you thought that the exchanges between James and Lily and Remus and Lily were believable though. He'll definitely play a role going forward, particularly in dragging realizations out of Lily.

Belated thanks for the great review!

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Review #17, by Slide Just a Game

8th September 2015:
Now we may find out why Alana and Marlene were interested in the Quidditch! Brilliant, I was hoping for more Lily. Who, of course, cares nothing for Quidditch. Evidently I was right, plenty of Quidditch in the story, huzzah.

Wallenby's first proper appearance doesn't disappoint. The girl has spirit. I expect her to break many hearts. And hopefully not get her heart broken. I always have a soft spot for the Hypotenuse in a love triangle. ;-) Plus, smart move abandoning the 'there are probably only 10 people per year per House' directive; odds are good Hogwarts is way bigger than that (grumble grumble JK and numbers). But in a school of a few thousand, I can believe there are a few people in her year Lily hasn't met properly, especially if she's been quite socially withdrawn.

I had wondered if #5 was James. Drawing it on your cheek, eh, Wallenby? You go, girl. I chuckled at her all but holding Lily hostage.

Quidditch is hard to write, but this works well. Keeping it closely in James' head with the commentary bulking out beyond his perspective seems like the way to go. Moving briskly through sections of the match and then focusing on smaller details is working fine.

Yeah, Wallenby's turning into a favourite of mine already. Poor girl.

James' stunt at the end is rather sweet, and a good way for him to demonstrate change. Odds are good he flitted off congratulating himself at the end of previous matches, which wouldn't have been unreasonable! But sticking around to thank his fans after an injury, well, he's turning into a good egg.

Good stuff! Onward!

~ Cath

Author's Response: Haha. Lily is definitely "meh" about Quidditch and it's actually a place where you get to catch the first glimpse of the pretentiousness she denies in herself.

I'm very glad you like Katie and I'm interested to see if it continues. I would say that the vast majority of people despise her (I think because she stands in the way of their James/Lily fix), but I have a real soft spot for her too for various reasons.

Though the reaction isn't the seismic shift he hoped for (and indeed to him is entirely unnoticeable), James's applause effort was (surprise) actually Lily-centered and if it's an unknown victory, it is one - the first time she actually has a inkling that he's really changing.

Thanks for all these great reviews! I've got to take a break for a bit, but hopefully I'll be able to respond to more soon since I've kept you waiting for WAY too long!

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Review #18, by Slide Differing Opinions

8th September 2015:
Oh wow. James may have broken. Sirius is right, this might be helpful but it's not going to be hilarious and people might wonder if James is ill. Or spend so long waiting for the other shoe to drop that they don't appreciate his work.

Poor Remus, you can tell he's not usually that successful with women. 'Escorting.' Set him right, James!

You can kind of tell they're growing up a little; that even aside from life changing choices, things a twelve year-old found hilarious aren't necessarily the same thing a sixteen year-old will find hilarious. Stinkbombs have a limited shelf-life to the teenaged boy. But go on, Peter, find your assertiveness. I'm sure no ill will come of that.

I've enjoyed James and Sirius so far, they're a good-natured partnership, but it's nice to see more of Remus, and nice to get the impression that Remus picks up on things others miss. Sirius is a force of nature zipping around; Remus is calmer, more observant, and makes for a good observer of the group.

Good stuff. Onwards!

Author's Response: One of the things I'm definitely trying to balance with James and Lily's independent development is the dynamic of each of their friend groups and the characters within them. The first half of the story I think I do a much better job with the Marauders (that's why we go back and edit, right?), but it's something I want to focus on so I do try and keep Remus and Peter present, interactive, and distinctive. For Remus, I think observant is the best word anybody could use to describe him and I worry that some people think that makes him "too quiet" or "boring" to have been authentic as a Marauder, but I have to disagree and I hope people will see as they all mature how his more reserved nature actually acts as a positive restraint to Sirius's highly contagious impulsivity.

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Review #19, by Slide O Captain, My Captain

8th September 2015:
Haha, poor James. Absence of misbehaviour alone is not going to show Lily you've changed your ways. She'll just stop noticing you or paying attention.

I hope we get more Quidditch, or at least the team, they seem like a fun bunch. I'm always a sucker for Quidditch in stories, and this seems a good vehicle for James to develop a dash more responsibility and maturity. Oh GOOD Wallenby's here to mix things up. I hope she's thoroughly charming (apparently I like to suffer while rooting for my romances). Go, Sirius, keep on stirring.


Author's Response: Ahh yes...James really does begin by thinking that simply doing what he's supposed to is going to prove something to Lily. Though the eventual idea that he has to be more comes less from Lily than from other forces, he'll eventually wake up to it.

As for Quidditch, there will definitely be more. The way James develops, the sport is actually a huge part of who he is, WAY beyond the "cool jock" aspect of it that's often employed. And Katie will certainly be here to more than just mix things up ;)

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Review #20, by Slide Another Run-In

8th September 2015:
I briefly wondered why Sirius and James are doing Potions if they hate it so, then I figured it'd always be a reputable NEWT. Then I figured they could probably plunder it for all sorts of uses for pranking, which may be their primary motivation...

Ah, Sirius. Cruel, hilarious Sirius, throwing them together. He might just pair them up. Or get James killed. Somehow, the latter still seems more likely. Though I enjoy how poor James has a lot of work to do to make up for past misbehaviour. He really was a rascal.

I have no problems with the pacing here. I think it's always important in a romance for both characters to be fully-realised in their own right, rather than their entire existences revolving around each other. So building them up before throwing them together is good!


~ Cath

Author's Response: Sirius and James are definitely doing Potions for practical purposes. Sirius is actually the one interested in being an Auror at this point, but James (as you'll have noted from the last chapter) is battling with Lily for being top of the class, so he wants to try and match her step-for-step and also doesn't mind having a free class to partner with Sirius and have a little fun.

And James DEFINITELY has a LOT of work to do. Though he's already acknowledged it, incidents like this (and future ones) will show him just how much work is required. Though, as with many couplings, his actual efforts won't be what ultimately wins the day (at least not on their own).

Thanks again for the reviews! I really appreciate the feedback!

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Review #21, by Slide Hogwarts Bound

8th September 2015:
Hi Marlene! You, like Lily, are doomed forever. Sorry. Hi Alana! You might not be doomed. Who knows? That's the joy of OCs. I look forward to getting to know them both better, I am always a fan of Lily having interesting friends. And broadening the cast is a necessity of the era, I find. Nowt wrong with that, I like a good cast of new faces, personally.

Ah, Sirius, projecting your own interest onto James. It's cute. Though it does help make it clear why James isn't quite ready to express his genuine interest to Lily out loud; the Marauders don't seem in much condition to take such feelings seriously yet! I'm sure no ill will come on James pretending to like someone else. There will be no comedy of errors, oh nooo. :-) I also find myself wondering if there's anything to Sirius not even NOTICING Lily in this situation, but we shall see.

Marauders resolutions are sweet. It sounds like the sort of thing they'd do.

Good stuff, and onward!

~ Cath

Author's Response: Yes, Lily is a member of an interesting trio, though one of my main goals when I go back and edit is to include an develop them more because I don't think the female characters and friendships get enough substantive development as currently written.

I can DEFINITELY say that Sirius and Peter are not mature enough to handle the revelation right now. Especially Sirius. I'm glad you liked the resolutions though - I wondered at the time of writing if they were too corny, but so far everyone seems to like them so I'll finally mark it as a definitive positive and keep them around in the future, though they may have a touch of tweaking with Remus and Sirius anyway.

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Review #22, by Slide Words of Wisdom

8th September 2015:
So often do the family relationships get neglected! And I'm keen to learn more on the Potters (my God, everyone dies in the Marauders era, EVEN PARENTS). I think there are lots of different ways they can be portrayed, and 'loving but detached,' is a good 'un. Francis is clearly a caring father, but somewhat formal; almost grandfatherly in the relationship, which is interesting. He's kind, but hasn't got his hands very dirty in immersing himself in his son's life.

It justifies this as a turning point for James, and I like how it's not JUST coming because of Lily, though she is of course a factor. All good stuff. Onward!

~ Cath

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the injection of the family dynamic. It's something I've been unable to explore so far to the fullest extent I would've liked, but we'll see what the future holds in edits.

As for Francis (I guess he's supposed to be Fleamont now or whatever :p), it's been interesting how people have interpreted him. I think he definitely comes off more detached and formal here because he's in the middle of work (which HAS created some distance between the two), but he actually is about as involved in James's life as James allows. James just doesn't usually turn to him for a whole lot of guidance and he tends to respect that. As you'll see later, outside of work (or just after finishing work), he's actually a pretty relaxed, jovial guy.

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Review #23, by Slide The End of the Line

8th September 2015:
Thirty-seven, oh, Snape, you slightly stakerish boy. I enjoy Snape as a character, despise him as a person, and yet I must pity him now. Even if he so thoroughly deserves to be blocked out by Lily. You go, girl.

It's right of her to reject the idea of an apology being enough; by this point, Snape's internalised far too much hatred. She has become the exception, and Lily's smart to cut him out of her life.

I also really like the falling out of Lily and Snape as an ongoing thing; the choice might have been made, but no ties are ever cut so absolutely and so clearly. Good stuff! Onward!

~ Cath

Author's Response: Snape and his obsession indeed. Though in fairness to him I imagine most of that was in the first two weeks or so and then tapered off. But you're absolutely right about him being cut out - I think we seem to share a similar mindset on him (except the pity :p).

As for the break, it will be mostly clean for Lily from this point, but from Snape's perspective you're correct. He doesn't let this go easily, and as you'll see draws the wrong conclusions about it while he's busy brooding too.

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Review #24, by Slide Ain't No Sunshine

8th September 2015:
Hullo! I've been meaning to check this story out for a while (it's the In story in Marauders fic and I really enjoyed Unconfirmed Reports) but now I find myself with a chunk of free time and the impetus. So, onward!

It's always curious to see how people depict James' home life; the impression that he's given quite a lot of freedom alongside his privilege is believable for turning out the brattish chap we meet in Snape's flashback who we know is, deep down, well-meaning. It shows nicely in how he treats Tinka; she's subservient as a House Elf and he takes that in stride, but he's pleasant in how he takes her deference for granted.

This chapter is mostly scene-setting, but it's useful. There are lots of different ways to depict Lily especially, and the idea that she didn't usually show her anger until Snape's Worst Memory is interesting. That this is what elevates James from teasing to a genuine interest also makes a lot of sense! Anyway, I look forward to how this progresses. Good stuff!

- Cath

Author's Response: Sorry it's been almost a month before I responded :( Life's been mayhem!

Anyway, I'm glad you stopped by! I was quite surprised honestly with this voting going on that this story was anywhere near anything let alone having someone call it the "In story in Marauders fic" - I'm kind of blown away right now.

I'm glad you liked the characterization of James and the little glimpse of his home life and the sort of "origin story" of his present dynamic with Lily. As you'll probably see, Lily can be snarky herself, but she rarely gets angry at anyone but James. Why? Well, that's an epiphany she'll have later (but don't worry it's NOT the "OMG I've actually always loved him" variety).

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Review #25, by Somya Sharpened

3rd September 2015:
Hey i absolutely love your story. WHY WOULD YOU CREATE AN AMAZING CHARACTER I CAN SHIP JAMES WITH. WALLENBY IS AMAZING AND UGH. IM SO CONFLICTED. Anyways, the chracters and their development is phenomenal.PLSPLSPLS update soon. Just a thought (iknot this is your story, im sorry if this offends you) but i think lily and sirius would have a better relationship on account of that whole regulus/petunia thing. How they had siblings that well sorta hated them. I would love to see some sort of a breakdown of either one of them (yes im evil) and the other consoling them.

Author's Response: Sorry to not respond for so long, but life's been crazy!

But most importantly I really appreciate your kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Katie was actually SUPPOSED to be someone you'd love and could really ship James with, though I think you're one of the few who's gotten on board with the idea. In the end though, she's also there to demonstrate what I see as a big part of WHY James ends up with Lily.

As for as Lily/Sirius...I can definitely see that connection, but can definitively say that won't be going on at all here. They'll have time for that sort of stuff to come up, but I just don't see Sirius as ever betraying James in that way.

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