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Review #1, by peacock33 Open Season

16th June 2015:
I'm a little confused. Why doesn't James want to tell Katie's friends anything about what happened to her? I get that he doesn't want to talk about her, but he can at least let them know something (or maybe I have forgotten stuff from earlier parts of the story). Great to see another chapter and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Howdy! I know it's been awhile, right? I'm sorry for that. The reality is that the extent of what James knows is in the letter he shows them since it's the sudden and last communication he ever had with her. James's reaction is definitely over the top (and if the current plan holds, he'll eventually talk to Marie about Katie). Part of his frustration is still about the circumstances, but also (and this is more implied I suppose) that they've really been trying to talk to him quite a bit and he's getting annoyed they won't let it drop when he's clearly dodging them. I hope that makes sense.

Fortunately I have some time off coming up soon, so I'm hoping to get more chapters out in that window. We'll see what happens!

Thanks for reading and reviewing - and for your encouraging words!

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Review #2, by RupertsPheonix Open Season

14th June 2015:
Aah! I am left hanging!!I love these l/j interactions and definitely can't wait for more. :) --kate/rp

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying them. Sorry it's taken so long, I've just been swamped with work. Fortunately I've got some time off coming up soon so I'm hoping to finish a few chapters in that time to make up for the slow updates so far this year. We'll see what happens!

Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 Open Season

14th June 2015:
cant wait to know what happens next :)

please write soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! The House Cup is going on right now, but I'll have some time off coming up and hope to get multiple chapters out during that time! We'll see how it goes!

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Review #4, by Voldemort Differing Opinions

29th May 2015:
First and foremost, congrats on your 200th review on this story, well done sir. I shall celebrate with fireworks, though I hope you don't mind that the only fireworks I know are caused by the sparkling of a large Dark Mark sign in the sky. And now to matters of importance: this was a great chapter and I really like seeing the banter between the four Marauders. I like that you've managed to keep Peter out of the background - he's still mentioned and important, even if he doesn't have much to contribute.

I am not surprised Remus picked up on the fact that something was different about James - and he's definitely got a point! I am interested to see how he handles it now that it's evident he is lying. Remus for sure would be so supportive of James' plan for change. Sirius on the other hand would probably have a more difficult time adjusting to the idea, given how adamant he was that they not decrease the intensity of their pranks. I can hardly wait to see what form of silliness James writes in the prank notes to Lily and to Katie.

I'm still really enjoying this almost as much as I love dark curses and evilness.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your reviews on all my stories! They've been incredible to read and incredibly valuable in providing the rare consistent string of feedback that I am so starved for on this story. It is only fitting that you would claim a prize as the 200th review on the piece - I've been waiting ages for it - so THANKS AGAIN!

Alas, the note contents will not be revealed until MUCH later, but James is definitely trying to sort out how to cope with that balancing act. Remus is much more attuned to the situation because he doesn't have quite as much going on personally as Sirius does and his separateness most of his life has made him much more observant. If you keep reading, hopefully you'll enjoy the way it all plays out.

Thank you so much for all these reviews! You are spectacular (something I never thought I'd say about you, Voldemort)!

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Review #5, by Voldemort O Captain, My Captain

29th May 2015:
Interesting to see James as Quidditch captain here. He's a bit intimidating but competent. See why I thought he'd be such a good addition to the Death Eaters?? If only he had joined me. He really is taking steps towards his goal of being a better person though. He didn't even hex Snape in the bathrooms, OR the halls! My, what an accomplishment. If they handed out medals for 'Not Being As Much Of A Jerk As You Could Have Been', he'd be the prime candidate.

Despite that James keeps using Katie as an excuse to not admit thst he likes Lily, he does seem to be interested in Katie as well, given how much time he was staring at her/thinking about her during practise. I will never understand these teenagers and their silly falling in love - what a waste of time when there are other things to be done like taking over the world.

Until next time!

Author's Response: As you'll see throughout the story, James is INCREDIBLY intense about Quidditch. He doesn't always get so salty with others about it, but he takes it VERY seriously. As for not hexing Snape, James is really trying to resist at this point. I don't tend to get prank happy in my stories, but suffice it to say Snape will get his more than once from James or at his direction - and vice-versa - because let's not forget their feud was a two-way street.

I see you've noticed Katie as well - hard not to with James's staring right? But, knowing you as I do, I think you'll be positively disgusted with how things develop on that front - at least until later. We'll see.

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Review #6, by Voldemort Another Run-In

29th May 2015:
Knock knock.

-Who's there?

You know.

-You know who?

Correct! And I am here with a review.

This is definitely so what I was hoping for in the first interaction of James and Lily at the start of the year. It was just so awkward. I like awkward things though, which is why I gave Draco Malfoy that hug during the battle in the Deathly Hallows movie.

I think it really showed that things are starting to change though, which is why the awkwardness - Lily was not expecting James to change his ways ever, and here he is behaving like a new person and she's not sure how to react. And James, trying for a good first impression, knocks into her and sends her sprawling onto the floor amidst textbooks and spilt ink. Not how he planned it to go, for sure. Hence the awkward silence as they walk to class. I can't blame either of them.

I wonder if Lionel is actually using Lily for her Potions talents or whether James just sees him unfavourably because he's jealous. Only time will tell I suppose. Time or... I could just walk in and use Legilimency or Imperio. Muahaha.

Also I've got to say, James telling Lily she has a smudge on her face reminded me of two of my other nemeses who bickered their way through Hogwarts - Ron and Hermione.

A very enjoyable chapter, even though it didn't have anywhere near the amount of dark magic and hexes that I am normally fond of.

Author's Response: HAHA - who knew you were such a jokester at heart?

I'm glad you liked James and Lily's first meeting of sixth year though. I wanted it to be something fairly innocuous that would have Lily notice James change, but without James noticing that she noticed. And some awkwardness too for the reasons you mentioned.

As for Lionel, he wouldn't know how to use someone if he tried (you'll see). James's reaction is definitely out of jealously. Perhaps if he were a different person this would've been an opportune time for someone like you to step in.

As for the smudge, I didn't even think of that connection, but it is quite similar. For some reason I just like smudges as an awkward romantic intro (even though the romance is eternities away for these two) :p

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Review #7, by Voldemort Hogwarts Bound

29th May 2015:
It is I, Voldemort, Dark Lord and Champion of Tiddlywinks. After I defeated Bellatrix in our Tiddlywinks duel that I told you about, I moved on to a far more worthy opponent, Barty Crouch Jr. But he turned out to be too good at the game so rather than be ungloriously defeated I came over here to read instead.

So far, James is trying, I can see it! He was really thinking about his goal of being a better person, but doesn't know where to start, and it seems he's embarrassed about having such a serious goal - it's like he's worried his friends won't like him for not being the prankster they are used to. As you've demonstrated in this chapter, he's really afraid of being vulnerable, and I think that will be his greatest challenge to overcome. (At least until he meets me. Muahaha.) But if he can't be his true self in front of his best friends, then what? I think he'll recall his best friends are very accepting, as Remus found out the previous year, and hopefully he will feel at ease sharing his goals. After all, sharing things like that is the first step towards it becoming a reality as they can help him succeed.

Lily seems prepared to face a really difficult year socially, as she no longer has her best friend, her other friends aren't in many of her classes, and she's expecting James and co. to be the same as they were before. I'm interested to see their first meeting.


Author's Response: James (as you've seen first hand) always tries hard and he never gives up. He's very tenacious on top of his bravery. I will say that he's not so much embarrassed about the seriousness of the goal, more nervous that they've always been 100 percent honest about each other's goals and he isn't going to be. Because he knows he'd get no end of grief from Sirius in particular about falling for LILY EVANS.

You are correct though that James is afraid of being vulnerable. He becomes quite vulnerable in the middle, transitioning to the end of the story and definitely struggles with it - shouldering it all and brooding, hiding it, trying to play it off. It's not so much that he can't be himself as it is not wanting to appear weak. It's a key trait of adolescent boys - the appearance of strength is so paramount.

Hopefully you'll enjoy their first meeting though.

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Review #8, by Voldemort Words of Wisdom

29th May 2015:
I am back once more, because Bellatrix Lestrange is absolutely rubbish at Tiddlywinks and keeps obliterating all the pieces, so it's a far better use of my time to read this spectacular story than it is to deal with amateurs like her.

I really enjoyed this look into James' home life, and his dad is such a kind and gentle soul. James comes across as pampered and a bit naive but really caring, and as his father mentions it's a side that most at Hogwarts don't see of him. His dad is so chill and I think this chapter really showcases the difference in mentality between the two generations - for James, a teenager who is relatively young and inexperienced in life, it seems like such a huge obstacle to grow up and show the world who he is - and for his father, older and wiser, he seems to be calm and encouraging as he's been there and been through it. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself well but I really liked the contrast between these two ages and just what a wonderful father-son relationship you've portrayed.

I will be back soon with more evil reviews for you!

Author's Response: Bellatrix? An amateur? But she LOVES you! In her own creepy way of loving.

Yes, James's father is an interesting man and tries to be a good dad even though his career has significantly limited his time with his son. Having been there and been through it is an excellent way to put it (as will come to light later), but to write it I sort of drew on my own experiences at James's age versus how I see the world now and tried to magnify it quite a bit (given that I'm not anywhere near as old as Mr. Potter).

I'm surprised you were such a fan of his though given how much trouble people like him would've given you at the Ministry as you attempted your first overthrow...

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Review #9, by Voldemort The End of the Line

29th May 2015:
I'm back! (In the interim, in case you are interested, I looked up the plural of nemesis and it is nemeses.) And I enjoyed this look into Lily's mind as well. Although I think Severus was doing a great thing indeed by turning to hate and darkness and cutting off his friendship with Lily, I could see how it must hurt her. Your analysis of heir friendship was very on point, and how it would have taken a while for her to actually internalise how much Severus had chamged, and it took that moment during OWLs for her to open her eyes and see the differences between them, and that it's deeper than just the word Mudblood.

Although Snape himself does not appear in the chapter, he was characterised perfectly in his pleading, sad letters, and it felt like he was right there off the page. I don't feel any pity for Snape though, because it turns out he was on Dumbledore's side the whole time and not mine. Ugh.

I like the idea of alternating viewpoints and seeing inside both of their heads. Normally for this sort of thing I just use Legilimency or some sort of creepy possession via Horcrux, but reading will probably be far easier.

Excellent chapter! See you on the next one.

Author's Response: Hello again!

I'm glad you liked the alternating viewpoints as it's something of a fixture of this story. Honestly, being something awful at the skills you mentioned it was the only way for me to attempt to capture the story as I have here.

It's interesting to know that even you recognize Snape as some kind of pitiful in his relationship with Lily, but I suppose that must have come to light when he begged you to spare her.

As far as the disintegration of their friendship goes, I tried to extrapolate out as much as I could from the scene where Lily confronts Snape outside Gryffindor Tower post-Mudblood incident and I figured that that was the end, but that Snape wouldn't let it drop so easily once they were out of school and back in such close proximity. Didn't play out for him though.

Thanks for these enjoyable reviews!

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Review #10, by Voldemort Ain't No Sunshine

29th May 2015:
Hi Kevin. The Dark Lord (that is to say, I) has returned. My goal of Avada Kedavra-ing Harry Potter is going quite poorly so I've set a new goal which is to leave reviews on this story.

I am not sure how I've ended up so invested in the tale of two of my greatest nemesises (nemeses? I must learn what the plural of nemesis is because that is a useful word for an evil Dark Lord to know) who defied me thrice, but so far this looks like an interesting read. I love it when characters in stories undergo huge transformations and are really dynamic, and this is set up to do exactly that. I like your characterisation of James so far, in that he's much more introspective than he appears to be to an outside observer. He seems like a nice guy. I almost feel bad that I eventually killed him.

With evilness,

Author's Response: Yes, I've always believed there was more to James than met the eye - though I'm sure you figured that out when he didn't jump on board with your followers despite being a pureblood.

FTR, I believe it is nemeses, and I am sad to acknowledge that you got them in the end. I haven't quite decided yet if this story will reach that point or whether it will have a happier conclusion.

I hope you continued to enjoy it as you follow on...

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Review #11, by 800 words of heaven Mitigating Damages

1st May 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I apologise for being a little late with this review. I actually read the chapter a couple of days ago, but time got the best of me, and thus was not able to write up my thoughts. But here I am!

You definitely accomplish a lot in this chapter! I was really looking forward to the way James and Lily would handle the situation. It is very true that Dumbledore throws them in the deep end with no life raft, but from his point of view, he's grooming the leaders of the future. I'm sure he's already thinking of having these two join the Order after they graduate, and to be effective members of that secret society, they'd have to set themselves apart at school.

In terms of the cloak being too much too soon - I didn't think so. James strikes me as one of those people who trusts deeply and somewhat quickly. In effect, he puts his trust in trust, and expects the person at the receiving end to have the same sort of honour system as he does. From that point of view, it makes sense that he'd share the Invisibility Cloak with Lily. Also, it does seem like a good strategy on their part. I think his sharing the cloak also highlights another aspect of James' character, and something which Lily still lacks. He's a strong enough individual to realise that he can't do everything alone, and therefore uses partnerships to full effect. I have a feeling that if the roles were reversed, Lily would have rather carried out this plan alone, rather than including James.

And this now leads me to Lily. In this chapter more than any others set in seventh year illustrate just how much she has to grow as a leader. James is already there - he's confident, he's charismatic, and he has an astute understanding of the people he leads. Lily still lacks that. Of course, there was the beginning of her working towards that goal, with her spontaneous lying - I was rather proud of her for that one! But she still has so far to go. You touch upon her sudden realisation that she's feeling rather lonely this year, and I'm waiting for her to figure out that part of that is her fault. She's always sort of shied away from asking for support when she's needed it, and now when she needs a system of people who'll be there for her emotionally, it's not there. I'd love to see Lily build positive bonds with others outside of Alanna, Marlene, and the Marauders. Her other major relationship so far has just been with Lionel, and that didn't work out too well.

A lovely chapter, overall. As always, I eagerly anticipate the next one :)

Author's Response: First off, there is no "late" for reviews, especially delightfully detailed ones like yours! I really appreciate you carrying on with this story and giving me such great feedback - especially when I've been rather intermittent this year with updates.

You're absolutely right about Dumbledore. Making them handle it on their own is the second in his line of machinations for them (after naming them co-Heads) which are definitely geared toward cultivating them as leaders and as people - yes, for the benefit of the Order too.

You're very right about James and Lily's styles too (I'm glad I've developed them well enough that it comes across). While I hope to demonstrate in some other settings that it isn't that Lily's a poor leader, James is much more the charismatic coalition-builder than she is. Lily is generally well-liked because (to everyone but the Marauders-less-Remus) she's very kind and then she prefers to lead by example. They'll both learn a little of the other's style from each other as things progress though. The trust angle definitely plays in as well because though I intend to edit it to make the friendship dynamic with Lily and her friends a BIT less superficial, it is at least partially deliberately so - partly because she still deals with "outsider status" as a muggleborn, partly because of the collapse of her relationship with Petunia, and partly because of a past trauma.

Though I'm not 100 percent convinced that I won't need to go back and edit later to make their growth less divided, you're right about Lily. Early 7th is much more about HER growth (though it will still involve James dealing with the trauma of last summer) and the whole year they'll grow together. As for her support network, though from canon we know she's well-liked and social enough, I've actually kind of viewed her as someone with loads of people she's on good terms with, but comparatively few TRUE friends (tying back to her trust issues and also owing in part to her connection with Snape until recently). That may be controversial (since though I don't remember Lupin's exact words about her I think he referenced her having lots of friends), but I've always viewed that through the "Lupin-lens" which I think would regard simply being on good terms with so many people as being friends because he also doesn't have many given his issues - though in life I think having a huge network of people you're on good terms with is VERY different from having loads of FRIENDS. We shall see though. Lily's connections with those she leads will deepen as the year goes on though as she learns from James about confidence and tactics and as she starts to acknowledge her own imperfections. I'm contemplating an off-shoot friendship with a non-Gryffindor prefect in that vein, but who knows!

Thanks so much for the spectacular review! I'm hoping to have an update sooner rather than later!

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Review #12, by RupertsPheonix Mitigating Damages

20th April 2015:
Love it! I knew he'd have to show her the map or the cloak. :) I love that it's the cloak - family secret, later goes onto their son... such sentiment there.

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for continuing on reading and taking the time to review! It really means a lot, especially after longer breaks than expected.

I hope to get the next chapter up in the next couple of weeks!

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Review #13, by RupertsPheonix The Prince's Path

21st February 2015:
Thanks for another great chapter! I enjoy your writing style quite a bit, and I'm anxious to see how everything pans out with Lily and James' new assignment with their "dissenting prefects." Great update, looking forward to another!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review and for sticking with the story! I'm hoping to wrap up another chapter tonight, but at the very latest by next weekend so stay tuned!

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Review #14, by TheBigA Round One

19th February 2015:
Hey there again friend! Been quite a while hasn't it? I feel like being engulfed by the ever lit Jily flame again, so here I am! Anyway first chapter back, a nice easy reintroduction to the main characters. I felt that you touched upon a lot of character aspects in this chapter even though most of the text was dialogue, It was fairly easy to recognize the underlying development you wanted the reader to pull from James' thoughts, such as in the beginning of the chapter, where he is thinking of Remus' "destructive" taste in women, which brought a much deeper dilemma about Remus' furry little problem, and the discrimination it can sometimes lead to in the Wizarding World. I also found the slow acceleration in the depth of interaction between James and Lily's dialogue to, rather than frustrate me, instead only increases my anticipation for the future. I didn't mind the switch to Lily's POV at the end because it was able to "complete the picture" for me in the sense in what Lily has realized about her feelings for James and remind me of the recent events which aren't as fresh to me as they were when I first read them. Finally on the topic of characters, I'd like to say that James was the true stand out of this chapter and that his emotions and thoughts provided critical insight into his habit of distancing his private working from Lily and without this POV it would've been lost. Great chapter and I look forward to catching up to what is so far a fantastic story😃
All the best,

Author's Response: Hello again! Glad to see you back! I'm glad that you're finding the fact that I'm not sprinting into sudden James/Lily depth and understanding to heighten the anticipation rather than irritate you. I think you may be in the minority there, but it's honestly people with that mentality that this story is most directed at, so it's encouraging to hear.

I'm hoping to have another update soon (possibly today) so hopefully, I'll see you back!

And don't worry about the multiple posting. I can take care of it on the back end. I just appreciate you leaving a review in the first place!

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Review #15, by 800 words of heaven The Prince's Path

14th February 2015:
Heya! I'm back again!

I really enjoyed this chapter for the way it set up the scene for what's happening outside of Hogwarts with Voldemort's aggressive rise to power. What I particularly enjoy about the way you write these events is that you make it relevant to the students at Hogwarts. They're very much a part of this movement, more so for Voldemort right now, but I think Dumbledore is grooming Lily and James to be his torchbearers for the good fight in the halls of Hogwarts. I imagine that this would have quite an impact on them and thus influence their decision to join the Order after they graduate. most other stories I've read portray the reason for this change to be quite sudden and because of some sort of cataclysmic event, but you're building it up slow, which makes it far more realistic.

Snape is as melodramatic as ever. It's interesting to read about what motivates him. To me, he seems far more caught up in the fact that this gives him importance and respect and a chance to be a leader. More than anything else I think he enjoys the recognition. He's also still deluded when it comes to Lily, thinking that she'd defend him about being caught in a Death Eater hangout. What even, Snape? This is a bit ridiculous, even for him.

I liked they way you used Dumbledore as a link between Hogwarts and the rest of the community. However, I did find that some of his dialogue was rather inane. I understand the effect you were trying to achieve; he speaks in riddles - and a lot of what he said was to that effect. Also my guess to the book he gave James is The Art of War.

Looking forward to the next chapter, as always :)

Author's Response: Hello again! You are correct about the book - and the dialogue. The struggle with that for me was that I actually had originally intended this scene to be far more literal, but as I wrote it and reflected more, I realized there was no chance that Dumbledore would be as open about things with James and Lily, especially not at this phase of their lives, and so I had to re-write it to be much more riddle-y, perhaps going too far in that direction.

You're definitely right too about him wanting them to be torchbearers. I definitely imagine that both Dumbledore and Voldemort would have a great interest in winning over the youth of the era if possible. Dumbledore's difficulty of course is that despite his machinations, he is still ultimately good and wouldn't abuse his authority to achieve his ends, while Voldemort is happy to have loyal subjects infiltrate Hogwarts (including student leadership positions) to accomplish his ends. Because of this difference, Dumbledore needs to have James and Lily decide for themselves to fight that "hearts and minds" battle in the halls and he chose them because he believes they will - and will do so better as a unified team. As you point out, this is definitely something I want to explore slowly and realistically so that we can see the first War's impact on students too outside of the deaths (and because it definitely WILL dovetail with the pair's decision to join the Order).

As for Snape's thoughts on Lily, I don't think I conveyed it as well as I could have because I try to keep Snape's sentences mostly short to fit his overall sense of bitterness in that area. Really, what I intended to express better was to pick-up on his side of Lily and James's silent exchange about whether he would hurt her, to emphasize that he would not have. Something to come back and edit later. Even outside of Lily though, he is a rather dramatic character. Part of that is that he's still a teenager and that he's not yet developed his more canonical ability to be as coldly calculating. Here he's also on a high about, as you say, the prospect of significance and recognition, which I think given his upbringing and his sorting into Slytherin would be big driving factors for him.

Right now, I'm trying desperately to crank out a challenge entry, but after that I'll be starting the next chapter for sure. It should have more direct interaction between James and Lily as well as more prominent appearances by Remus and Peter and, whether it's your thing or not, Quidditch practice.

Thanks for the wonderful, thoughtful review!

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Review #16, by 800 words of heaven Twice Skived

13th February 2015:
Heya! I've fallen a little behind on this story since Secret Santa ended, but I have finally arrived.

I quite enjoyed this chapter. The length of it allowed me to get back into the swing of things and reacquaint myself with your characters. I did find the transitions a little abrupt, but since the scenes themselves were so distinct, it didn't detract too much from the overall flow of the chapter.

It was really nice to see Sirius unintentionally prodding Lily towards some introspection. I'd never really thought about it that way before, but the way Sirius phrased her behaviour as hypocritical concerning arrogance rang true with me. I see this not only as the beginnings of Lily realising her own flaws, but perhaps also the start of her and Sirius' eventually-close friendship.

It's comforting to see James doing a little better this chapter, although I imagine it'll take him quite some time to get over what happened with Katie. His little rant about the reason why things are the way they are with Voldemort's rise to power is admirable, but also a little idealistic - I feel as if he's simplified the situation somewhat, and this is quite telling of the way he sees the world in terms of black and white.

The Death Eater gathering at Hogwarts was a clever reminder about what's happening outside the walls of Hogwarts. We read a lot about it through Lily's ruminations but there's something else to be said about seeing it first hand. And the fact that two prefects were involved underscored the point that no one is really above suspicion.

Lovely chapter! I'll be back for the next soon :)

Author's Response: Howdy!

Thanks so much for this review and the recommendation on the forums! I've never had a story recommended before so it was a great thing to come back to after a LONG day (and long weekend ahead). I've really enjoyed all the thought and detail that you put into your reviews and this one is no different.

I definitely hear you about the transitions, they were way harder than normal. The first one was originally a little softer with a transitional Lily-introspective scene, but it felt a bit too much like pulling back the curtain and undermining the effect of Sirius's comment at the end of Potions so I struck it.

As for James, he's definitely doing better. And he is very black and white about things. It's one of the interesting aspects (I think) about what his and Lily's relationship will become - James is really the "man of action" and while Lily has no fear of acting decisively herself, she has a more considered, nuanced approach. They'll prove to be complementary in that way once Lily realizes that just about the only people she HASN'T taken a considered approach to are James and Sirius (which is on the way soon).

I'm interested to see what you think of the next chapter (in particular the meeting with Dumbledore) as it plays more on the war growing and its impact on the school and Dumbledore's corresponding machinations without being overt at this point.

Thanks a million!

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Review #17, by KLB1234 Twice Skived

28th January 2015:
I am loving this story. I got through it in just over a day and can't wait till the next update. I like that you have managed to characterise both lily and James in a way that makes them tolerable. In a lot of fics people get too hung up over the necessity to make them fight constantly to develop their characters and the plot.

I am enjoying seeing Lily interact with the other marauders more, and would like to see more of that.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for your dedication and I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying it. Thank you too for the compliments on the characterization. I feel like I've not done Lily enough justice to this point, so that's something I'm working on now (along with the James/Lily build-up), so you'll definitely see more of her interacting with others and more of her relationships with her friends outside of stereotypical conversations they've had previously.

I hope to have update tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. And thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! It's very much appreciated, especially at the end of a busy week for me!

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Review #18, by RaeLane Twice Skived

18th January 2015:
I really love your story so far! You have a great writing style and I look forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and the encouragement! I'm working on it now and hoping to update soon!

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Review #19, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusic One Night in July

5th January 2015:
Oh my goodness, I have been gone forever it seems like, but I had a little bit of time, and was thinking of you and your fantastic story, so I stopped by to get a chapter or two in.
As for the chapter: Success! I especially loved the little witty Beethoven lines, especially since I'm a big fan of classical music! Like usual, looking forward to reading on!
Sorry for being a stranger, Cece

Author's Response: Welcome back! I'm glad you liked this chapter - I think you might be alone in that, but it's encouraging anyway. So many others were upset that James got no "closure" - but then that was sort of the point.

Perhaps surprisingly, I'm actually NOT a big classical fan, but I figured for a Ministry function it would have to be more in that vein and of course it gave me the opportunity to play with Beethoven.

Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by peacock33 Cold Light of Day

3rd January 2015:
Great to see another update. I'm excited to see how the story starts moving with more interaction with LIly and James.
WHile I understand Sirius' point, it seemed kind of silly to act like what happened was the same as another breakup. It clearly wasn't as neither James or Katie chose for this to happen and would have still been together if given the choice. But furthermore, james got no closure and has reason to wonder if katie will be coming back at some point for them to resume their relationship. Plus, he has to worry if she is even alive or hurt or anything like that. Beyond just losing Katie herself, the whole experience is rather terrifying in showing what is going on at that time in the wizarding world and would have really destabalized James' view of the security of his world. So it seems like a month isn't too long for him to still be struggling with all of this; so I'm glad you have implied that he won't just forget about katie after this. Sirius came off as kind of selfish and not really caring about james' struggles, but just wanting him to get over it so Sirius didn't have to deal with it. But i am glad that James won't be moping and wallowing forever.
I'm interested to see what you will do with Lily as so far James seem to have come off as the nicer, more mature and less judgmental person in recent times. So I hope that Lily becomes more appealing soon. It seems like we'll have to see her change a fair amount to believe in james falling for her as hard as he did Katie, who was so nice and fun.
Thanks and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Hello again! Glad to see you back!

Sirius IS wrong from a literal standpoint for the reasons you've mentioned. But he isn't being selfish. He genuinely believes he's doing the right thing to buck his friend up and get him out of the doldrums, where he's dwelling on the loss almost ceaselessly. Being blunt (sometimes callously or exaggeratedly so) is part of their dynamic as "brothers" which you may see more of going forward. So while this won't be the end of James thinking about Katie by any means (proving the point that moving on after 6 weeks or so IS unrealistic), it WILL be what he needed to get him to back to "living" so to speak and also get him some perspective on the reality of their relationship and the world at large.

Lily is actually quite an interesting case as she's come off not quite as I'd intended. I think it's largely because there hasn't been enough development of her character outside of interactions with James or situations where he appears or comes up in conversation which, since he sets her off, causes her to necessarily appear in a bad light with the possible exception of helping Katie and what I would consider her fairly mature handling of Lionel. It's something I'm going to look to help fix through edits later, but hopefully Lily has already started to come across as a LITTLE more caring with how she's reacted to James's situation. Certainly we'll see her start to acknowledge her own flaws in the coming build-up though because a reality of this story was always that BOTH people needed to change to make James/Lily not just great, but viable.

I think the words "nice and fun" are an interesting choice for Katie. Certainly very appropriate, but I'm interested to see what you think of James's eventual analysis of her in that regard.

I'm hoping to get another chapter up next week, which should include more development on Lily's part and include a bit more on the dynamic in her group of friends in their own right (independent of the unfortunately stereotypical subjects of development so far - another thing for edits).

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Review #21, by Unicorn_Charm The End of the Line

2nd January 2015:
Hiya, Kevin!

I've finally had a chance to come back and continue on. :) I really wish I started this story sooner, I'm really enjoying it so far. This chapter was really, really well done. I honestly cannot see all of this happening any other way. This is exactly how I would have imagined Lily feeling and thinking about Severus after he called her a Mudblood. So far you have characterized her wonderfully.

I think everything that Lily thought was spot on. Severus did slowly turn to darkness, just like she said. I can totally picture him going from the victim to this cold hearted and cruel boy, just like you described here. Lily's pain came across really well here. Again, this was just very well done. I could easily see this as being canon. Excellent job on this!

Your writing really is a joy to read. These first two chapters were great and I cannot wait to continue on! Well done!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hello again Meg!

You are super nice! It's all great to hear, though I hope if you keep going you feel the same way... :\ With Lily in particular I have misgivings about how I handled her (and her friends) in the late-beginning and middle so I'd love to get your feedback on that if you carry on.

At any rate, with regard to the final severing ;) of ties between Lily and Snape, I always believed it was about so much more than just Snape's Worst Memory so I'm glad you agree.

Thanks so much again for the wonderful review and encouragement!

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Review #22, by missatron Ain't No Sunshine

2nd January 2015:
Hi there, Kevin! I've been wandering round the archives and reviewing stories to kick off their new year, and I found Evolution! I can't believe that I haven't reviewed it yet.

As an opening chapter, I, personally, think that this works very well. It was very well written, and gave the tiniest of hints about what could possibly happen in future chapters. It can sometimes be hard to grip the reader from your first few pages of writing, but this certainly gripped me and didn't let go!

I like how you haven't started this off as the stereotypical James/Lily fic, as James seems to be more interested in oranking Lily that thinking of her as a potential girlfriend, or even liking her. In the James/Lily stories that I have read before, James usually starts off being obsessed with Lily from day one. Your characterisation of James is actually very pleasant to read.

The narrative voice is very consistent throughout. James' personality is very clear, and your writing style shines brightly. I look forward to reading future chapters.

From Missy

Author's Response: Howdy Missy! Thanks so much for stopping by this story and for your encouraging words. I always worry about this one as: (1) it's kind of my "baby" on the archives and (2) it was my first foray back into the world of fiction and I know it has some issues (more in the middle).

I'm really glad you like the non-stereotypical side of it though because that's definitely what I was aiming at. I've just never viewed James as being over-the-moon-in-love-for-all-time with Lily or there being a bunch of existing sexual tension that suddenly turns into romance (the other James/Lily trope).

As far as James goes, I'm glad you found his characterization believable. At this exact moment, I'd certainly agree his thoughts aren't 100 percent settled, but Lily's definitely piqued his interest and if you continue reading you'll see what that initially turns into and how it influences him and changes over time.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Secret Santa Cold Light of Day

1st January 2015:
Iiti! Secret Santa here!

Oh, my goodness! Sirius is ridiculously clueless about how to handle emotions as ever! I wonder how he'll grow this year. In canon, he and Lily are quite close, and I'm wondering if you'll write the beginning of that relationship during this year. Will it be before or after James and Lily start dating? How on earth will such two different people manage to get along? The Sirius/Lily friendship is a relationship that I'm looking forward to the most, I think, since I know Jily will happen whether I look forward to it or not.

Sirius is direct, if nothing else. I wonder what his "pep talk" will do for James. James needs to move on. And Sirius needs to get better at expressing his need to help his friends.

So! We've reached the end of the published chapters of Evolution! Maybe you'll post another chapter before the season of Secret Santa gift-giving is over, since the queue opens up before the end of that! But if we don't meet again... YOUíLL NEVER WHO I AM. MUHAHAHA.

*throws confetti into the air and runs away with the energy provided only by the holiday season*

Author's Response: Howdy! I don't think you've used that one yet ;) Before I respond in earnest I wanted to take another moment to thank you PROFUSELY for all these reviews and taking the time to read this whole story - all 41 chapters and 106,000 words of it! That was a titanic effort to take on (holidays or no) and I REALLY appreciate it. Your reviews were so detailed and thoughtful and overwhelmingly helpful that I think they'll be instrumental moving forward from here. THANK YOU!

As for Sirius, yeah...he's not the most tactful, but sometimes blunt is what people need and I wrote this chapter with that in mind for James. We can't forget that James and Sirius are said to be like BROTHERS so if anyone knows what will finally wake James up it's probably him. And I certainly think it will. Sometimes there's just of value in someone you know loves you and cares about you bucking you up in when you're in a really rough spot. Did he muck up the wording in a few spots, especially his "other witches in the castle" remark? Absolutely. But by the end the idea was actually supposed to be that Sirius had gotten through to him. I don't know if that truly came off, but that was the aim.

I think you'll find if you carry on that James is a bit more "alive" from her on out and that the tale can really move forward in earnest once more.

Thank you again for this wonderful gift! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy a SPECTACULAR New Year!

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Review #24, by Secret Santa Lakeside

1st January 2015:
S'mae! Secret Santa here!

Once again, I just want to mention that I love the details that you put into your story. My favourite types are the ones you give about the academic curriculum at Hogwarts. The details are thoughtful, thorough, and realistic. I love it!

I like this change in Lily. She's always been thoughtful, but this nostalgic turn to her thoughts is interesting. It gives a new dimension to her character; it shows a softer side of her that yearns for times past when things were simpler in her life. We've never seen this side of her before, and I think this is the beginning of the changes that she's going to go through this year, as well as building on what's going on with Voldemort's rise to power.

I also liked this time we spent with Lily's friends. Finally, they weren't talking about boys but their lives! And they weren't fighting either, but just chilling. Woohoo! Also, I just read your AN, and now it's going to be really weird for you to read some of my past reviews where I've just been complaining about all the issues you've already identified. But I'm looking forward to their development.

The James and Lily interaction was also interesting, since Lily was trying to offer her support to James despite the fact that she doesn't quite like him. It's clear that James doesn't trust her, but I think it will be lead both of them to new and exciting discoveries about each other if James does open up to Lily about Katie's disappearance.
Onto the final chapter! Awkward sign-off for the last time!

Author's Response: Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if those details are necessary or helpful or what the deal is with them exactly because mostly non-members read and review this story (with me not getting active on the forums really until it was like...well, it was too long to just go out and ask people to start reading it) and while a number of them have given exceptional characterization and big-picture feedback, none of have commented thus far on details like that.

As for Lily, I definitely wanted to make a quick start to the reforms I've recognized needed making with the topics of conversation among the three girls and also Lily's interactions and behavior. Obviously you could see more of the needling, but I wanted to show that Lily doesn't always bristle at it - that it is as I said - just part of their friendship.

You're absolutely right that all of this is going to ultimately give rise to positive changes in Lily. Right now she's just doing some of what she does best - thinking, thinking, thinking - but it will cause her to come to certain realizations, both on her own and with the help of some other characters that will allow her to grow.

With James and Lily, you're right that there's distrust on his side too, though his is borne more of the fact that she's never taken his side or tried to support him - EVER - with the possible exception of fighting alongside him against the figures attacking the first-years. I think it's a lot less deep than the distrust from the other direction because James knows full well that Lily doesn't set out to hurt people or betray confidences, but it's still there.

I haven't quite decided when James will open up to Lily about Katie's disappearance or exactly how it will happen yet, but certainly it's coming. I think there a miles of bridges to be built before he'd share anything that personal with her though. It'll be many small, small steps before that subject is ever reached.

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Review #25, by Secret Santa Round One

1st January 2015:
Ai! Secret Santa here!

James and Lily's first round! And first real problem-solving session! They handled it rather well, all things considered. It could've gone a lot worse than it did, since they did come to a resolution. And now they're talking about James' responsibilities and how he actually has plans for after Hogwarts and how he's been working towards them over his tenure as Quidditch Captain.

I'm oddly pleased that Lily agrees with me. James and Katie's relationship ending lacked a lot of closure, which is a huge problem for James (and me), aside from the fact that she's actually gone.

Sorry about the short review, but I find myself sort of rushing towards the end of published chapters. I march forever onward...

Author's Response: Indeed they did. Lily handled it better than she probably otherwise would've due to James's fresh wounds. Absent that she wouldn't have long suffered his melancholic, disinterested silence. But that's also to show that even when it comes to her sworn enemy she does have the CAPACITY to empathize with him if she really tries. And crucially as you say (though she won't think on it much now), the conversation and problem-solving have planted the first hook in her head that maybe there's more to James Potter than meets the eye.

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