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Review #1, by Tris  Chapter 20-Are You Through With Me?

9th April 2014:
Draco has some making up to do, and he better get on it because this is making me mad!

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Review #2, by Taylor Chapter 19-I Leave With Every Piece of You

24th March 2014:
Oh my god I love your story a lot please don't end it like this this isn't the end is it? Please update I love it DX

Author's Response: Definitely not the end I've just had personal and school overload I'll try and update soon!

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Review #3, by Tris  Chapter 19-I Leave With Every Piece of You

21st March 2014:
I knew it was too good to last... I knew something bad would happen, but since this is a Draco story I will hold on to my dream that they get back together in the end... Good for her that she dumped him though... Half of me thinks he has had enough chances but maybe this is really what he needed to ge his priorities straight... I hope you can keep updating fast or I just might die of anticipation!

Author's Response: I've been so busy and have family in town right now but I will try my best to get the next chapter done!

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Review #4, by sweetypye0110 Chapter 2-Testosterone Fueled Stupidity

20th March 2014:
I do really like this story (I'm a sucker for Draco/oc stories) and will probably keep reading but sometimes you have very long run on sentences. Just something to look out for. Anyway, on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for your input! I try to have longer sentences because I personally do not like to read short choppy sentences. They may seem like run ons but I try to make sure they have the correct punctuation so they aren't. I am glad you are enjoying the story!

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Review #5, by Tris  Chapter 18-Cold-Heart Look of Shame

17th March 2014:
I love the insight that Blaise and jade provide. They really know their stuff. I also appreciate that the relationship between Lina ans Draco I'd real They truly do care about each other, but it is not all perfect. Keep up the good writing. I love this story (btw I got my friend hooked, and she loves it too!) please update soon!

Author's Response: Next chapter is awaiting validation. I really appreciate the reviews and I love you are enjoying the story and that your friend is too!

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Review #6, by Tris  Chapter 17-We Pull It Together And Tear It Apart

16th March 2014:
Wow i love the honesty. Cannot wait for more. I just really hope neither of them screws it up again! Haha

Author's Response: putting the next chapter in the que now :)

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Review #7, by Tris  Chapter 16-Merry Christmas Baby

6th March 2014:
I absolutely love the "real" proposal. This story is becoming very beautiful and sweet. I love to read it, and anxiously await more chapters to see what kind of stress Hogwarts and thei peers put on their relationship. Please update fast, I love this story too much to wait very long, haha.

Author's Response: I'm on spring break from college so i finally have some free time I'll try to get a new chapter into the que tonight or tomorrow just for you!

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Review #8, by Tris  Chapter 9-Tell Me We Belong Together

16th February 2014:
I love this story. The feelings are real and I think it is just great!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'll get the next chapter up ASAP :)

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Review #9, by Amanda Chapter 4- Polyjuice Conundrum

7th February 2014:
It's going so good , i hope you write more :)

Author's Response: I have a lot more written right now I am trying to get chapter 5 up but have been having issues due to content hopefully it will be up soon :)

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Review #10, by Tris  Chapter 4- Polyjuice Conundrum

24th January 2014:
Keep writing! I am dying to see what happens!!!

Author's Response: Putting a new chapter in the que tonight! Glad you're enjoying it :)

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