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Review #1, by Artemia Marie Mistletoe Mishap

4th March 2014:
Really enjoyed reading this! Great work!! :)

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Review #2, by DixieGirl Mistletoe Mishap

6th February 2014:
THAT CAN'T BE IT. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE. *whimpers* i need more.. don't do this to me..

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Review #3, by quirkycharm Mistletoe Mishap

23rd January 2014:
Love it! I needed something light and refreshing and happy. Thank you. :)

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Review #4, by Dark Whisper Mistletoe Mishap

20th January 2014:

Well, great job, my fellow Dramione shipper. :)

This was really adorable. You did a great job on their dialogue. And I loved how you wrote as things got more and more heated. It was quite suspenseful and really held me as a reader.

I think my favorite line was about how he would be able to "feel it" and know in their kiss whether or not she would be telling the truth. I agree with him in that regard. It was an excellent point, but also a very intimate and intriguing thing to say. I loved it.

And then, it was adorable when it was over and she asked him nicely to stop teasing Longbottom. LOL! That was such a sweet way to admit defeat. Excellent writing!

Good job,
Dark Whisper

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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell Mistletoe Mishap

20th January 2014:
Very cute! Iím a sucker for a nice Dramione, especially one with plenty of banter. Precious, warm-and-fuzzy Christmas-y fun. I enjoyed their interactions, as well as Ginny at the end (I could certainly see that being her response). And then there was just Dracoís general petulance, understandable, in his situation, but it was adorable.

I also liked that Hermione had implemented the DA coins into the prefect duties--nice touch. Itís just the sort of thing she would do, and good to see that sheís still herself, sorting through problems and implementing her ideas.

Thanks for a read that made me smile :D


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Review #6, by a fan Mistletoe Mishap

13th January 2014:
Please do another chapter

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Review #7, by a fan Mistletoe Mishap

13th January 2014:
what a cute should do another chapter or so...I love draco.they would have made a cute cuple in the books..

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Review #8, by SereneChaos Mistletoe Mishap

13th January 2014:
OH MY GOSH! That BANTER! It was brilliant. All of it was so well written and funny to read. I'll admit, there are a lot of Dramione stories that focus on how beautiful Hermione is, and during your descriptions of the way her hair and eyes weren't just brown, I was getting a little nervous this might be another one of them. But then Draco and Hermione talked, and it was like MAGIC! Oh my gosh. One thing that I do think would make this story a little better is to have a really quick explanation closer to the beginning about how Draco is stuck to the floor. I had been confused about it earlier, and while I like that Draco explained it to Hermione, it seemed a little late in the chapter for readers to figure it out. Otherwise, this was brilliant. Thanks for writing it!

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Review #9, by Stunned Mistletoe Mishap

13th January 2014:
Now that was one of the best Dramione one-shots I've ever read.
You have got to make this into another one-short/short story/novel!
I loved the joking between Draco and Hermione it had me on the edge waiting for their kiss.
Honestly, perfect.
No grammatical/spelling mistakes and everything flowed with a wonderful, smooth ease.
Amazing, I loved it!
Stunned x

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