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Review #1, by LavenderBlue Of Scrubbing and Stars.

3rd March 2014:
NEW CHAPTER. Yeah! Crabbe is a bleepity bleep bleepums and other not 12+ things that I cannot say here. Alas. Seriously though, what a jerk. I'm glad that Claire has an Annabelle in her life. Also, that Annabelle has a lovely boy in her life, even if he is a Muggle. GOSH, CLAIRE. BE A LITTLE OPEN-MINDED. Haha, though who am I to talk -coughAndromedacough-.

Speaking of which, LOVE the Andromeda reference. Muahaha. :]

Seriously, though, it's so sad that Claire even has the thought process that the same arms hugging her once touched a Muggleborn and are therefore contaminated. So much so that she scrubs herself raw and burns her clothes. D: It just shows how deep the bigotry lies in pureblood circles. Scary stuff.

Oh em gee. Evan. Dude. So embarrassing. Of course he would ask her in that grandiose manner. Despite the fact that I have a bad feeling about the guy, the scene itself was very cute. But Regulus. Regulusss. And the eye contact. And good heavens, poor Claire's mindset about the future.

Excellent chapter! I hope you take as much time as you need to relax and get thing backs in order, and I will be eagerly looking forward to another chapter when it comes along!

Author's Response: Your reviews always bring me great joy! I think over Spring Break I'll get back up to writing a new chapter once everything is all in order and much less stressful. Whew. We're getting there, but on the emotional front things are much better. And getting better everyday, on to the story~

Yes! My love for Andie has to shine through in my writing. I'm trying to reference the generation of peoples that came before them that are so much more well known and spoken of.

I wanted Claire's reaction to be huge. And in truth, I don't want her prejudice to fully go away. But I'm hoping to form this all in a way that she sees value in all human life, not just the pureblood life.

He is. I want him to be so dang likable but hatable too. He's like the perfectly crafted pureblood in over his head and I love it.

My love for Regulus grows every chapter. He's such a harsh reality and I love it.

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Review #2, by Mari Of Good Nights and House Elves.

23rd February 2014:
I rly like this fic.
the charCters are all likeble, and Claire is convincing as a pureblood.
im liking fwd to see how the relationship develops.
Sry for the poor speling, my iPad is set for portuguese.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm taking a small hiatus as college is kicking my butt this semester, but I'm going to try and write some here for there to bring it back up to speed!

Your review made my day! :)

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Review #3, by LavenderBlue Of Good Nights and House Elves.

10th February 2014:
Ooh, look! A shiny, gorgeous banner! And a brand new chapter for me to read. HUZZAH.

"But in the end my true opinion on it mattered little." NOO, CLAIRE. NO. You've done a great job so far of capturing Claire's thought process about her future, her place, and what's to be expected of her. So much so that when I first read that line I was like, "Meh. Yeah. That's true." And then I was like, "WAIT, NO. THAT IS WRONG." It's scary how invasive that pureblood mindset is.

Claire and the house elves are adorable. That's all there is to it. Completely adorbz.

And here you encapsulate a struggle I'm sure many a Hufflepuff feels: "Something inside of me burned at the comment, like I was just the type to be nice to everything." So dead on. It's interesting to see the tension between what Claire knows to be her house's stereotype and her actual behavior.

Love, love, loved the conversation with Regulus. Even though Reg remains all enigmatic-like, I think we're beginning to see more of his personality come through. And clearly I think he has a soft spot for Claire since he's letting her eat after curfew and complimenting her on her niceness to house elves. :] Still intrigued! Looking forward to more... I'm anticipating juicy girl talk with Anabelle? Hope so!

Author's Response: Yes! I thought it was due time I actually use one and spark a little interest in people. Haha.

It is scarily brainwashing in all honesty. I guess I can see and understand it a whole lot because I have seen racial tensions from my hometown, but I cared little for it and thought my views on it wouldn't change a thing.

I'm trying to play up her "Nott" tendencies for a while, just so everyone gets the picture that she isn't a usual Hufflepuff but all for a good reason. ;)

I'm trying to avoid them falling in love so right off the bat, I want it to be something that progresses through out the story. And I hope to add more of Regulus in in the later bits but I really want to develop Claire so that her actions and reactions later are believable.

Thank you so much for this review! It made my WHOLE day! I look forward to diving into your story again soon!

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Review #4, by LavenderBlue Of First Dates and Toasts.

7th February 2014:
HELLO THERE. 'Tis me, and I was pleased as punch to be able to snuggle up and read this chapter. YAY.

I really enjoy your take on Claire's place in Hufflepuff. You wouldn't expect to see the same kind of prejudice/snubbery in Hufflepuff as in Slytherin, but given Claire's name and family reputation it makes perfect sense that her housemates would be leery of her. After all, even though Hufflepuff takes "all the rest," no one ever said that they have to be open-minded. It also makes Anabelle's friendship with Claire all the more valuable.

AHHH. Barty Crouch Jr. makes an appearance! Scary stuff. D: Is it wrong that I picture him as a young David Tenant? Because I do. Lolz.

"Who said a Hufflepuff couldn't have wit?" WHO INDEED. Hufflepuff ftw!

Um, also, another appearance from the mysterious Regulus. I'm intrigued! And want to see more of him. MORE. I'm enjoying the read so far! Do keep up the good work, and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Your reviews always give me a happy heart!

Ah, yes. There is more Hufflepuff interaction coming along for dear Claire in due time. Anabelle in a lot of ways will be a hinging character, I have big ideas for that one.

YES. The idea for Barty Crouch Jr. just seemed lovely to me. I always guessed he had gotten in with the wrong crowd whilst in school, that he just would have groveled his way to becoming his crazy self. Haha. I picture him exactly like that too, but I've probably written him less attractively simply for the creep factor of it all.

I am falling in love with this house, it seems.

Thank you for this review! I'm working hard between my crazy schedule to get a chapter I'm well and pleased with haha.

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Review #5, by LavenderBlue Of Thestrals and Paupers.

23rd January 2014:
Hm. Claire, what is up with you? It seems that she definitely prefers her family and pureblooded friends to her house friends. "Mother had allowed me" to be friends with her. Youch. Burn, Claire. Still, she does seem to be genuinely kind to and interested in the friends she's allowed to have, like Anabelle. All the same, you can tell that there's a definite superiority complex there, which is funny, considering how ticked she is at Regulus for having a superiority complex toward HER. But I love that she's contradictory like that; it's such an incredibly human trait. :]

WHY CAN SHE SEE THESTRALS?! Omg. Backstory waiting to be told. Who did she see die last summer? Poor Claire. Regulus I'd expect to see them, since he's been going around, doing the Dark Lord's bidding, seeing dead bodies left and right. Still. :( So much trauma for teenagers. And that's something that Claire and Reg share in common, so no complaints from me.

I love that Regulus and Claire have a moment over her father. It's clear that he means a great deal to Claire, and it's also clear that Regulus is decent enough to pass on information to Claire that he knows will make her happy, even though he's totally not obligated. Gold star for you, Reg. GOLD STAR.

Aw man, hawt stuff going on in the hallway. That little Claire and Evan tete-a-tete, and of course Regulus is creeping like a creeper (shhh, I don't care if it's cos he's a prefect) and warning Claire off. I think he knows something about Evan that she doesn't know. UH OH. I'm really enjoying the read so far. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: I like the struggle between Claire and her family's upbringing and her current situation. I wanted her to have a distaste for the life her mother is forcing upon her but also see the safety in that life. I can't reveal too much, but I always wanted to think like what if this super nice girl just ended up in the wrong family, what would she chose?

It's incredibly human. It's something we all do, inevitably. Though many work against it, there is always someone out there we consider ourselves better than, only Claire thinks she's too noble and kind to consider people that way.

AH, the mystery of the threstals. ;)

I want him to be likable! I really think at the end of it all Regulus wasn't saddistic like most of Voldemort's followers. There was something noble about him at the end of his days. Something that I believe was always present but was sucked away at being the perfect son for his parents.

I hope to get writing the next chapter soon. College and writing simply aren't on fantastic schedules. Thank you!

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Review #6, by LavenderBlue Of Freedom and Dark Marks.

22nd January 2014:
I've finally got a chance to sit down, cozy up, and read these two chapters. YAY. I mentioned this in the reply to your review, but seriously, I am obsessed with the Black Family, and Regulus is one of my all-time favorites. He's on my list of characters I want to write about, in addition to Andromeda and Xenophilius Lovegood. :] I'm so excited to have the chance to read a story about Reg from an OC's perspective, too. Let's begin!

I'm already intrigued by Claire's character. A Nott sorted into Hufflepuff? Yipes. I wonder how that's affected her life perspective? She still seems very well-versed and brainwashed into the pureblood philosophy, but I imagine that her housemates have had some tempering influence on her. Or maybe not? I wanna find out...

Stupid boys, showing off their Dark Marks. They've always got to be one-upping the other. Evan doesn't seem too bad so far. I mean, not sadistic anyway. And Reg is mysterious. Hmmm. I'll reserve my judgement on Reg for a later date.

Just a couple typos that I caught, before I forget: "The most prestige of families" should be "prestigious of families," I believe. And "Nobel" should be "Noble."

NOW. Getting back to the story! I think it's fascinating that Claire's rationale for potentially getting pregnant would be to avoid committing herself to the Dark Lord. Her hesitancy is clear, and I think you've done a great job of establishing early on the sort of inner-tensions that Claire is dealing with by virtue of her status, name, and house. Lovely work so far. On to the next chapter! :]

Author's Response: Ah! The list of those you want to write about, I'm dying! Especially Xeno, because I am oh so curious about him but also Luna's mother. I love seeing the "unsung" heroes or just characters in general. I love seeing them portrayed while sticking true to the story.

I want their to be a struggle between what she has been raised in and what is actually out there. I don't want it to be just in her head or through dialouge, I want that contrast to be shown through her interactions and the setting she is in as well.

Yes, Evan is going to be a favorite of mine to write. I want to make him the perfectly acceptable boy that she could marry, and then... well you'll see!

Thank you for catching my typos, alas I am horrible at thoroughly reading my own work.

Thank you for this lovely review! xx

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