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Review #1, by Miss L The One With The 'Supportive' Best Friend

12th February 2017:
Ugh. Even I am hating you sometimes.

(Not the fic, of course)

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Review #2, by nhrdez The One With Potter Boy

14th July 2016:
Loved this story and can't wait to read the sequel!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've just updated the sequel, hope you enjoy the next chapter :D

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One With The Change In Friendship

23rd May 2016:
Hi again!

YES! HE TOTALLY LIKES HER! Hello is obviously code for I love you.

I'm not surprised that Michelle was so jealous. She'd relish the attention if it was the other way around and she knows it. She really should be more supportive. It's very sweet that James is concerned for her and wants her to stand up for herself. At some point she better take that advice! If you're describing your friendship with someone as a habit, it's time to move on.

HONEY LIP BALM AND PARCHMENT! bow chica wowow! It's love! It must be! Tell me, did his friends drug him because it might give him the courage to make his move? That's what I'm hoping. That's got to be it!

This story is so very sweet so far. I love it!

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One With The Chocolate Of Forgiveness

23rd May 2016:
Hi, it's me again!

I can't really blame her for wanting to hide out. I probably would do the same thing. Completely mortifying.

I just know that Abigail is going to knock down Michelle's ego and put her in her place. I can't wait for it. You can't treat your friends like that and expect them to stick around long!

I think it's so hilarious that she was suspicious of the chocolate and I totally loved all of his very creepy rambling. He has the potential to be a good stalker, after all. He totally likes her.

I worked on his poem for her a bit..."Abigail, I love you more than roast quail...when I like about you I flail..." That's all I've got.

EAT THE CHOCOLATE! Never say no to chocolate.

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One With The Love Potion

23rd May 2016:
Hey there!

Michelle's mood swings are giving me whiplash. Abigail seems to really just keep Michelle around for convenience which is a terrible reason to keep someone who is awful to you around. She can't even glance around the room without getting ridiculed! I think that it's a solid choice that Michelle didn't make captain for the sole fact that she lacks the proper tact to get a team to work together.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DRUGGED JAMES! He's their friend! Poor sweet little Abigail. She doesn't even indulge herself.

William is clearly a much better friend than the other two! They are completely useless. I'm glad he told them off properly.

I love your portrayal of James. He's hilarious and witty and totally adorable. He's also a brave soul for admitting what he smelled. I surely wouldn't.

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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One With The 'Supportive' Best Friend

23rd May 2016:
Hello again!

Okay, I binge read like four chapters of this at the gym this morning by my fingers were too sweaty to type a review. Don't judge! I'm officially addicted to this story so bad. I'm so glad there's an abundance of chapters for me to devour!

My heart hurts so much for Abigail dealing with Michelle. She shouldn't have to feel like she's walking on eggshells just to get through her day. The fact that she's actually worried about Michelle being mad at her for something so simple as waking her up says it all. I think you did such a great job crafting her up because I want Michelle to reform her ways, but I also want Abigail to knock the snot out of her. If I feel so much about a character, it's clearly a great one.

It's torture for me to read her friend putting her down not just for like James but also for him to show her any sort of attention. Real friends would be squeeing for her.

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Review #7, by StarFeather The One Where I Learn More About William

23rd May 2016:
Hi, Tammi! I missed this fluffy feeling. After work, I really enjoyed your story including their kiss. ;)

William's background is so sad to follow, but we feel relieved by your bright expression about friendship between James and William. I like his uncle's name, Duncan.

I also like Isabella. She showed us the different aspect of Hufflepuffness. It's quite unique.

You set another sweet scene in the latter of the story. Hahaha, James is a mischievous boy who let Abigail say she would go out with him. I like the plot.


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Review #8, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One Where James Knocks Me Down

23rd May 2016:
Hello lovely!

I know, I know. You said that you were just doing the reviews out of the kindness of your sweet heart. I clicked on your AP just to browse/creep and I realized that this lovely story has been on my reading list for an eternity!

First and foremost, I love your OC. Abigail and funny and sassy and she's just absolutely brilliant. How did I ever live without her in my life?

I have a friend that I think is a bit like Michelle. She likes to have massive blow ups over absolutely nothing. One was over something as petty as me like a song she didn't like. I hope Michelle resolves her pettiness and becomes the friend that Abigail needs. That being said, I'm looking forward to the potential drama she's bound to bring up!

I really like her brother, Daryl because he's not far out from my brother on a good day. The best characters for me are the ones I find easily relatable and you've definitely managed that so far! He also dropped me off at my college dorm so it's practically the same thing! ;)

I have never thought about how wicked wizarding comic books must be but I'm completely sold on the idea. I can't even imagine. And how cool must it be to be an artist that can make those imagine literally come to life!

It's okay, James, you can barrel into any girl any time. Totally fine.

The first chapter was completely adorable and I can't wait to read the next one! This is going to be a brilliant story for sure!

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Review #9, by Flabs The One With The Duel To The Death

30th April 2016:
I started reading this fic about an hour ago and I've rushed straight through and have been too impatient to stop and leave a review but I had to now because OH MY GOD THEY FINALLY KISSED!

I'm so happy right now, I'm just sitting in my bed with a silly little grin on my face because they are my new favourite idiots and I love this story so much and did I mention that they KISSED EACH OTHER AH!

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Review #10, by thehiddenface The One With Potter Boy

23rd April 2016:

Author's Response: Thank you :D

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Review #11, by Zelenia The One With Potter Boy

22nd April 2016:
Yay! You finished! Congrats.

I have being absolutely adoring this story - James and Abigail are such a sweet couple. Can't wait to see what seventh year brings :)

Author's Response: WOO!!! Thank you! :D

Awww I'm so glad that you have, this makes me so happy :D More will be coming soon in the sequel :D

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Review #12, by Giù9 The One With Potter Boy

21st April 2016:
Thank you for writing this amazing story! This was the first Next Generation ff I have ever started reading and I have loved it so much the entire time. Your characters are amazing and your story is simple and fun, never boring and always able to make me smile. Thank you, thank uou, thank you!!!

Now I'm going to read the first chapter of the sequel (you are amazing for updating so quickly), but I have a feeling that they are about to get caught ;)

Keep writing great stories!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for being a fan! And for your wonderful reviews! Aw you're going to make me cry in happiness, I'm so happy that you feel that way :D

I'm hoping to get more updates up a lot quicker, and hahaah you may be right :P

Thank you!! *hugs*

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Review #13, by PotterPoppins101 The One With Potter Boy

20th April 2016:
IM CRYING OH MY GOSH I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR FINISHING THIS!!! I haven't reviewed much, I always want to read the next thing, but this story has brought me a lot of happiness and I'm so glad you've been dedicated to it. Thank you for your story and I can't wait to read the sequel! I promise to review more!


Abby Rose

Author's Response: I'M CRYING TOO! Thank you so so much! *hugs you so tightly*

I love you so much for saying all of this, and it's made my day! You're amazing Abby Rose, and I hope that you love the sequel as much :D

Thank you once again!



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Review #14, by water_lilies The One With Potter Boy

20th April 2016:
I absolutely love your story!

It is sad to see it come to an end, but it is great that we get a sequel. I've been following your story sor the last couple of months, although I never reviewed, but I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed it and you totally deserved to win the Dobby! You truly are a talented writer :)

Your characters are very relatable and believable, as is their development throughout the story. I was able to relate to Abigail and James' relationship quite a bit; I've always been very shy, just like Abigail, and then all of the sudden my now husband started talking to me about silly things, which eventually led to him asking me out after having a crush on me for as long as I had had a crush on him, which was a couple of years lol. That also helped me get out of my shell and grow as a person, although, thankfully, I didn't have a Michelle around. Also, you story really helped me when I needed to relax and stop stressing about the final comprehensive exams for my masters program, this also meant some procrastination, but it was worth it ;)

I will say that I would love to see more interaction with the other members of the Weasley-Potter family, something that you seem to be hinting at when you said in a previous chapter that the ban had been lifted. I wonder how crazy the other family members are going to be... I really want to see them interact with Abigail and then tease James about it. By the way, Harry and Ginny are amazing, I love them and how embarrassing they are, it's a great change from the usual serious ways in which they are portrayed.

I am really looking forward to reading your new story, in fact, that is what I am going to do right now :)

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! *blushes*

I'm so sad too, but the sequel is here so the sadness won't be for long! Oh wow! I'm so glad that you've loved my story so much. That brings me such joy!

I'm so glad that you could relate to my story and characters, it was something that I hoped I could do, so I'm happy that it was achieved.

Awww I love hearing how people have similar moments in their lifes! You and your husband are the real life James and Abigail! :D

I'm so glad that my story helped you relax and stop stressing, and I ope that you've done/will do fabulously in your exam! (BEST OF LUCK!!)

There is going to be more in the sequel, now that they've been official unbanned, they can come out of the woodwork ... poor Abigail won't stand a chance. I feel sorry for her.

I love writing Harry as an embarrassing dad, and I always thought that if he wasn't so full of angst and sadness, he would be sarcastic and witty and just a proper embarrassing dad. :D

Thank you so so much!!

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Review #15, by Potterheadforever6654 The One With The Make Over

17th April 2016:
Can't believe this story is coming to an end I have read along with the characters from chapter one and your development of them is excellent. Really looking forward to the sequel 😍😍

Author's Response: I can't believe it either, it makes me so sad to think that soon it'll be over :( Aw thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you think of the sequel :D

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Review #16, by HarryGinnyLove88 The One With The Make Over

17th April 2016:
I`m glad you wrote so soon, but I know this story ends soon and I`m sad about this, this is my top 3 story definitely :)
write soon, I cant wait to know what happens soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you :D It makes me sad too :( But the sequel is up!

Awww your top 3? *hugs you* :D

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Review #17, by onkm The One With The Make Over

16th April 2016:
I loved it! Thankx for updating :)

Author's Response: I love you! Thank you for the review :D

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Review #18, by Potterheadforever6654 The One With The Sleepover

12th April 2016:
Aww that was so sweet ❤️❤️

Author's Response: :D They're all just so adorable!

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Review #19, by Giù9 The One With The Sleepover

12th April 2016:
I LOVE CLICHES! That is all!

Author's Response: I LOVE CLICHES TOO! :D

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Review #20, by Purplenotebook The One With The Sleepover

11th April 2016:
Ok that chapter was so cute I'm kinda in love with everyone of your characters. I cannon wait to find out who that letter was sent to because I have a feeling that it was not James ;)

Author's Response: Awww yay! And they love you too! :D Haha, oh we'll find out just who got sent the letter soon. :P Although, I think we can all guess, can't we? :P

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Review #21, by Lady G The One With The Sleepover

11th April 2016:
Aaah, they're so cute! Don't worry about it being a cliché chapter, we need those everyones in a while ;)
And since I think Abigail and James are so cute together (and I selfishly want it to happen) I really hope they don't wait to have sex until their anniversary, that's months away! And things are really heating up beteween them already :) but, whenever Abi is ready will be perfect, but it seems like it's not so far away as she likes to think? Anyway, I'm sure it will be perfect for the both of them whenever it happens!

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #22, by HarryGinnyLove88 The One With Ginny Potter

1st April 2016:
But Harry? he is James, Al and Lily father or is it Newt? Gosh, this chapter was a little confusing?? please explain.

P.S. please finish your story "the year you stole my heart" I wanna know how it ends..

Author's Response: Ahh, it was changed for April Fools day haha :P It's back to normal now.

Oh god! I really do need to finish that story! I'm so sorry it's been so long *hug*

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Review #23, by Giù9 The One With Ginny Potter

1st April 2016:
Yes! I'm so excited about the last few chapters and the sequel! I can't wait, I can't get enough of Abigail and James and his crazy family and William and Isabella and the rest of them. I hope we get to see more of Abi's family as well. And Michelle of course. I feel like things with her are still unresolved.

I find it hilarious that everyone deliberately discuss James and Abi's sex life except the two of them XD

Update soon ;)

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Review #24, by Regan The One With Ginny Potter

1st April 2016:
Am I missing something with the Newt/Harry?
The chapter titles say Harry but the words indicate Newt???

Anyways, regardless, I'm super excited for both the next chapter and the sequel!!

Author's Response: HAhaha it was changed by the site for April Fools day, so it's back to normal now :D

Thank you so much! The sequel is up! :D

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Review #25, by LB The One With Ginny Potter

31st March 2016:
OMG im so excited as well. your dialogue is sooo funny!

Author's Response: Awww thank you! :D

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