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Review #1, by Buffalo Custardbath Papa-Paparazzi

22nd December 2014:
Clearwater is up to murder, that's what. I propose that you rename her Murkywater in the chapters to come. And Wood is most certainly not what he seems. One would imagine Wood to be solid and impassive and fairly thick; I think Sneak is a more appropriate name for him. He's manipulating the press, feeding the paparazzi in a very specific way. All the kissing manoeuvres between Wood and Tinley were very well-engineered: allow me to quote my favourite line.

I feel his lips smash against my own, and Iím not too ashamed to say that I respond accordingly.

Lip-mashing, is there? Mash and blend a little longer, Tinley, and you'll have cooked up sticky lip jam and you and and Wood will be attached at the jaw for all eternity while the paparazzi blind you with their cameras.

Ah, Clearwater and Weasley are having a moment of drama now, are they? Clearly (pun inevitable, really), Clearwater is pregnant with triplets and Wood is the biological father, except Wood is a crappy prospective father, so she's trying to uh, reconnect with Weasley. And live happily ever after, I expect. My deductions are never wrong, by the way. I am becoming more and more invested with your depiction of Weasley. There's something enigmatic about him; the others dismiss him as a boring old fart, which he is, but there's also something unknown about him. He never stays long in any scene. I look forward to Tinley and Weasley's next confrontation. I can imagine it will be far from pleasant, given that Weasley just walked in on Wood and her lipjamming.

Malfoy going to tea with three older ladies is an amusing scene to imagine. Think of it: three of them gossiping over his head, absently straightening his robes and treating him like a baby as they matchmake him. Not such a fearsome Death Eater anymore. It was very interesting that Verity stood up for him and sparked a bit of a political moment.

The first victim has yet to be murdered, but I'm waiting and keeping a hawk-eye on these characters.

Buffalo Custardbath

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Review #2, by Butlerdidit Cluedocrap Quidditch Confrotations

22nd December 2014:
Publicity stunt. What did I tell you? I told you so, that's what!

Oh hello, patronus_charm, in case you've forgotten who I am, I'm supposed to be -- some sort of gift-bearing ho-ho-ho-ing cookie-devouring chimney-crawling yokelish Yuletide figure.

I rather enjoyed the little gossiping hen segment with Verity, Je-mi-ma and Tinley. And so Tinley plans to do some matchmaking herself, does she? Meddlesome girl. Of course, I already know who Je-mi-ma will set Malfoy up with. It's Eileen, or I'll eat my overcoat.

I'm almost feeling sorry for Malfoy, which is a feeling that is very, very wrong, given that I'm a high-functioning sociopath and humanity is beneath me. But I do enjoy the developing relationship between Tinley and Malfoy. Tinley is a mentor figure to him, a very meddlesome matchmaking mentor figure.

Clearwater showed up at the Quidditch match. My calculations were accurate, naturally. Naturally there was a bit of a catfight, though I think it was rather humorous and a little refreshing to have this squabble take place in front of George and Angelina. George's restraint on taking sides during the match is funny. Puerile but funny. Well, if I were in his position and I did not wish to damage the delicate dispositions of either his mate or his sister, I'd cheer for the Bludgers.

And there we have it: The Kiss. The Publicity Stunt. Tinley's going to be big in the news. Tinley's going to be possibly vilified because she recently appeared in a Daily Owl photograph, leeching on to one Percy Weasle. Ooh, the mess, the drama! Let it stew! Let it fester!

Excellent chapter, patronus_charm! I'm pleased.

Butlerdidit Cluedocrap

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Review #3, by Bandersnatch Calloohcallay An Interlude of Fame

22nd December 2014:
Ah, something unsavoury about Wood, is there. I knew it. I knew it the instant he popped into the story. And now let me deduce: Wood is up to some publicity stunt. Either that or he's secretly an alien from the planet Tralfamador and he's on a mission to kidnap humans to fill out their human enclosure in the Tralfamadorian zoo, a la Vonnegut style.

Further deduction: Tinley is going to assist Malfoy in scrubbing that silly mark off his arm using some home-made, possibly illegal concoction. The amount of fuss that the wizarding world puts into a silly tattoo is laughable. But I must say I enjoy reading your Malfoy. Very fresh, quite a change from the usual smirking git, or the haunted ex-Death Eater seeing dead people all the time. Honestly, Malfoy's catchphrase should be 'I see dead people', and he should have a starring role in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense.

What am I talking about?

Ah, Tinley. Weasley is halfway decent, I must say, taking the trouble to visit her residence to hand-deliver a warning to her. A rather ineffectual one, though. Why does Weasley care so much? Clearly, he harbours repressed desires for her. Perhaps her intoxicated side made him realise what a turgid, pompous buffoon he is, and now he's being socially awkward and trying to gain her favour in his buffoonish ways.

I do not think I've ever complimented you on Tinley's voice. Well, I'm honest. I shan't hold back this compliment any longer: I do enjoy Tinley's voice very much, her sense of humous, all the clutter of her thoughts. It makes brilliant accompaniment with this violin concerto I'm playing. And Tinley's family relationships are positively endearing.

I suppose I should thank you for such an entertaining chapter. Well, thank you. There you go.

Bandersnatch Callohcallay

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Review #4, by Bentobox Carrotmash An Exit with Oliver

21st December 2014:
Yes, yes, yes. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. I personally prefer, 'Bah, humbug.'

You doubted my return, didn't you, patronus_charm?

Hello again, Tinley. This is my updated deduction of her character: orange hair on her robes - probably owns a cat, is probably one of those 'crazy cat ladies' as they so love to dub themselves on social media websites. And her cat's name probably begins with an A, in a sentimental gesture of solidarity with Tinley's own first name ('Audrey'). Long, messy hair? Tinley is probably trying to emulate a Greek goddess, so I'm going to guess she named her cat 'Athena'. Though I am fairly certain that the Greek goddess Athena was never portrayed cat hair. Tinley likes to sleep? That's because she's secretly an addict to Sleeping Potions. Takes one to know one, Tinley.

This James Pewter. Aha. He is gay, isn't he? Yes, he is. He is going to be a potential love rival for Tinley, as I'm fairly sure he'll be hitting on Percy Weasley the second he sets eyes on him. That will happen in precisely one and a half chapters. I sense some ugly rivalry between Pewter and Tinley.

After all, Pewter? And Tinley? I saw through that right away. And of course, you added Wood to this...interesting mixture of elements/compounds/metals. Wood and Tin and Pewter? I know exactly what you're doing, patronus_charm. This is a plot. A dastardly and evil plot.

OK, Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley aren't the best of friends, eh? Tinley and Wood - I like the sound of this. I suspect Weasley stomped off in a downright jealous and unbelievably trivial sulk.

Excellent plotting! Life is such a soap opera. And soap operas have the most murderous plots of all.

Bentobox Carrotmash

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Review #5, by Brandyduck Cankersore The Morning After the Night Before

20th December 2014:
Well, hello again. I gave you my word I'd be back, didn't I?

So. Tinley, Tinley, Tinley. Just what have you got yourself into? Well, from the evidence of Tinley's feelings and how 'unanchored' she feels, her sudden unappeasable appetite for grease, also known as the melted and cooked lipids of animals, along with her general sense of being pushed on a child's swing...I have come to the conclusion that she has ingested the sap of a rare and poisonous plant of the genus Intoxicus.

Ah, I adore Jemima and Verity. Jemima more, though, just because I can throw up my window and holler down at Baker Street, "JE-MI-MA, COOOEEE!" Je-mi-ma Je-mi-ma. Has a lovely ring to it. Verity and her sound rather lovely as well, being completely unread in the fine art of sarcasm.

Ah, Penelope Clearwater. That woman is venomous. Tinley should be wary, though I have this nagging suspicion that Tinley can hold her own and that these two will inevitably meet again. Their fates are crossed, you might say. I am rather keen to find out just what Tinley was doing with Percy last night after imbibing one too many.

I find Tinley's living arrangements most interesting. Granny Lucy and her inherent madness reminds me of Mrs Hudson. And her shy retiring dad reminds me...why, Watson himself. I love this little madcap family. These days, families are too normal, too sane, too busy celebrating...Christmas or whatever festive occasion that happens to be passing outside my window right now. Bah, humbug.

Draco is no longer the despicable Death Eater? I still am watching him with narrowed eyes. Perhaps his obliging exterior conceals a dark secret? A murderous intention? A motive? Well, well, Mr Malfoy, mark my words, I'll break you open.

In conclusion: a brilliant chapter. Consider this story my daily nicotine fix. Every chapter is like a nicotine patch to me. It goes without saying that I will be returning soon.

Brandyduck Cankersore

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Review #6, by Bend-a-leg Cocklescratch Introductory Measures

19th December 2014:
Seasons greetings, patronus_charm! It is I, your Secret Santa, also known as the greatest detective the world has ever seen, here to unravel a plot or two and I'm willing to wager Mrs Hudson's prized teapot that you'll have the murderer behind bars by the end of the day.

A nice murder or two is the ideal way to wind down for Christmas, I daresay.

Ah, this Audrey Tinley. Female, twenty-four years old, Caucasian, single, Potioneer, is she? Probably eats the periodic table of elements for breakfast, and by this, I mean the chart. Ah, clever. Very clever, patronus_charm. I did not miss the clue at all; it was pretty obvious. I'm referring to the story summary where you surreptitiously snuck in the cryptic phrase, 'Percy/Audrey'. You used italics! Clever. Italics indicate secrecy and trickery, but I am on your trail, of course. So Tinley is going to be the perpetrator of this forbidden romance, which will inevitably end up in a gruesome murder.

I do find your Audrey Tinley...amusing. Her mannerisms, her figures of speech, her musings that occasionally hammer on the fourth wall. I find this Potioneer job of hers utterly mundane, but all jobs apart from mind-palacing and solving murders fall into the category of mundane and soul-destroying, anyway.

This Eileen is suspicious. Who on earth even utters phrases such as, 'We've got to pip pop poppety rock'. Very fishy, indeed. I know a psychopath when I hear one speak, and Eileen is certainly one. Now all we need to do is catch her red-handed.

Verity is a little firebrand, isn't she? Though if I were her, I wouldn't curse the German Minister of International Co-operation and his ancestors back to the eighteenth generation. What a sheer waste of energy. I'd prefer to curse the hapless man's eighteen generations to come. There's a particular curse known as scabious loinpox, which I must recommend to Miss Tinley if I ever do get the chance to fall into the same story as her.

Ah, the party at Weasley Wizard Wheezes. I never understood parties other than them being socially-awkward gatherings of pathetic excuses of human beings hoping to achieve various stages of intoxication in order to muster enough courage to ask someone out. Trivial.

And I approve of Audrey's predisposition for the truth rather than beating about the push with all that niceties and small talk. Small talk is an art? Indeed. Small talk is glorified. Small talk has become the pinnacle of western civilization. And what Audrey did to this Percy Weasley is something I would have done as well. Keep all these tampering cupids away from me and allow me to remain a friendless high-functioning sociopathic canker. With a clear mind.

I must admit, grudgingly, that I did enjoy reading this first chapter of a story full of insignificant people. Who knew that insignificance could be so interesting?

I shall be back!

Bend-a-leg Cocklescratch

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Review #7, by BellaLestrange87 Awkwardness Abound

18th September 2014:
Oliver's back? Maybe he's explaining why he stormed out. He certainly didn't when he left.

*laughs at Audrey's explanation about how to lie*

Repeated sentence - "Phew, problem number one solved, I have gotten rid of Draco so I can proceed to deal with number two and three without interruption."

If she's still referring to Oliver as her boyfriend why is she trying to avoid him?

*laughs at her fantasy for what'll happen if she goes to see him*

Oliver doesn't seem to know that water is supposed to be swallowed. Or maybe Audrey should wait until he's swallowed it to pop surprising news on him.

Wow. Oliver really doesn't like Draco. Did he just break up with Audrey?

What could George possibly have done that he would need an alibi for? Wow he's blunt. Considering this is a Percy/Audrey fic maybe his mention of them doing... things is foreshadowing?

CLIFFHANGER. I now need to know what is in that letter.

Good chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again Olivia!

Oliver is back but as for the explanation that will come in a little while.

Haha, Audrey should write some how-to books as she's such a pro at teaching.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix that!

Audrey is very confused emotionally hence the confusion in references so I wouldn't pay too much attention in what she calls others :P

Hahaha, Oliver is a little dim at times so don't worry too much. He really doesn't like him but then you can sort of understand given everything Draco put him and his friends it's naturally he'll have anti-Draco feelings. And no, it's not quite the break up for them yet.

George is up to all sorts of things so it's a matter of waiting and seeing really! Is it foreshadowing or isn't it? Hmmm, wait and see!

Thanks for the review :D


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Review #8, by BellaLestrange87 The Morning After the Night Before

15th September 2014:
This is for the Blue vs. Bronze review battle!

I'm back, and I enjoyed this chapter just as much as I did the first one.

Poor Audrey. Although, considering how many parties she's says she's been to, she should probably know better. Why wouldn't she just Apparate straight home? It would make sense: she'd have avoided Penelope.

Speaking of Penelope, she appears to be a real snob. Surely she was nicer to Percy than she is to Audrey? I can't envision Percy as the type to go for somebody rude and prickly. (Is that the right word?)

The Daily Owl seems to be a more accepted version of the Quibbler. Percy Weasley is the most eligible bachelor in the country? I honestly wasn't expecting that.

"A mother's touch is always needed so you were practically an orphan, dear." That is one honest grandmother. Is that a demonstration of her respect for her son-in-law or was Audrey's dad a bad parent?

Audrey's description of her room made me laugh. A Christmas tree in July? It would make for a great tour.

I have only one bit of CC: Draco does seem slightly OOC, unless he has changed since DH or he has some respect for Audrey (which he appears to, given his agreeing to her comment about Eileen. In that case, you can ignore this paragraph. Pre-DH I don't think he would be asking anybody if they were alright (unless they were a Slytherin, I suppose.)

"Itís a difficult one to make and administer as the ratios of ingredients must be exact otherwise instead of stopping the rate of the heart beat which is what it is intended to do, it will instead stop the heart completely." Isn't stopping the rate of the heart beat the same as stopping the heart?

Overall, this was a great second chapter, and I can't wait to see how Audrey's friends get her and Percy together.


Author's Response: Hi Olivia, thanks for another fab review :D

Yes, she probably should have done so but I guess you can always have one too many drinks and end up in awkward situations like she was in. As for avoiding Penelope, I think Audrey must have been a little too hung-over to think about things like that.

Yes, she is a real snob and a horrible one at that so I can see what you mean about Percy, but those two will be explored more throughout the story, so don't worry.

Haha, Percy is hot stuff how could you not know that? If you live in the UK, I envisaged it to be like The Daily Mail if that helps you at all :P

Yes, she is very honest and blunt and perhaps a lover of the truth a little too much, it's a demonstration of respect as she is a fan of Audrey's dad.

Haha, everyone loves Christmas trees even if it is July! :P

Yes, I know what you mean about Draco and he does calm down in the later chapters I just had a few teething problems with him in the beginning ones, but hopefully it straightens out later on.

Yes, it is and I'll edit it asap, thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for a great review :D


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Review #9, by BellaLestrange87 Introductory Measures

13th September 2014:
This is for the Blue vs. Bronze review battle!

Aaaand I'm hooked. I love the way you started the story. Not many people would have word #1 a swear word, but it worked. I wanted to find out why the first word was a swear word, and then you sucked me in.

Is that Draco Malfoy? Draco isn't exactly a common name, and this guy is blond. Dyed hair? I knew hair couldn't be that white without some form of modification.

Short person syndrome? That made me laugh. I'm five foot three (hopefully I get taller) and one of my male friends says I'm vertically challenged. Considering he's 6'2 at least, my consolation thought is that I'm only vertically challenged compared to him.

"A woman, or a man for that matter, does not need to have a partner to be content. Us singletons are united in our aim of enjoying being single without having people constantly meddle in it and have it messed up and make us tied into a relationship where we are forced to ponder what to buy our other half for Christmas, whether they love us and make an attempt at looking nice. We live in the twenty-first century, Verity; I do not need a man." Cough cough my friends cough. Can I use this against them next time they bring out the 'you need a boyfriend' line?

I love the way you use humour. The line about the scowl... hehehe. I see Percy is as pompous as usual. It will be interesting to see how he and Audrey get along after she left him for being rude.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Olivia!

Yya thank you so much, bahaha, yes I know it was a bit risque doing it but I thought it would definitely capture your attention so I'm glad that it did work for you.

Yes, it is and perhaps with dyed hair because I always imagined him being a person who went grey early on :P

Hahaha, yes, I couldn't help but include it because even though I'm 5'5 my family are all over 5'9 so I'm the midget so I made sure that Audrey would suffer the same fate :P Haha, being vertically challenged is secretly great, right?

Yes, you definitely can, and I'm so glad that you like it! :D

Hahaha, Percy is very pompous right now and prone to scowling too, so I hope you like how those two end up together because I can see why it would seem unlikely right now.

Thanks for a great review! :D


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Review #10, by nott theodore A Multitude of Stilted Sentences.

13th September 2014:
Hey Kiana!

Ah, so I missed your status about this being updated so it's a good thing I was going through the recently added pages and got to see this! I've missed reading from Audrey's point of view and it was great to get back into reading this story!

Oh dear, Audrey's language when she's stressed gets rather bad :P I can just imagine her Granny telling her off if she ever heard what Audrey's internal monologue is like! Although I can understand why she was so nervous as the situation with Oliver has been rather awkward recently, even if they parted the last chapter on good terms. Still, 'we need to talk' is never really a good thing to hear, although I was kind of glad to read it because I'm excited for the prospect of Audrey and Percy getting together and that can't happen while Oliver and Audrey are together (although I guess it kind of could but it shouldn't and yes I'm rambling...)

I thought you did a great job of writing their initial meeting (also the comments about the Londoners and the sun in April made me laugh so much, because it's so true for everywhere in Britain :P) and how awkward they were and Audrey makes me laugh a lot. And then ooh, plot twist! I thought James and Oliver did get on unexpectedly well but hadn't made the connection that Oliver was bisexual and falling for James, which is kind of cute in a way! (Like Audrey said, haha.) Now I see why you said that Oliver and James would both have mroe of a role in the story and I can actually picture them both together even though it'll be a bit weird for Audrey to see them together as Oliver's her ex and she used to fancy James quite a bit. I am glad that Oliver told Audrey though instead of leading her on and stuff, and that he trusts her enough to be able to do that.

Oliver being bisexual is also something I've never seen in any fanfiction story before so that was really original! And the fact that he was in love with Percy! That's just brilliant, you have no idea how much that idea made me smile because so many people don't even seem to pick up on the fact they're in the same year at school. But that was a really stupid plan to get Percy to like and notice him, by cheating on him with his girlfriend! Silly Oliver!

I really loved reading about Audrey telling Draco about the potion that she'd made for him, because it was such a touching scene. It was cute to see how much he paid attention to her and her ridiculously elaborate cover story, but then to find out what she'd actually made it for as well as it's a really sweet thing to do. I like the idea of Audrey being someone who's into social change and equality a lot, and I'm glad that Draco accepted it! Although you've also got me a little bit worried that the potion's not going to work and it's going to harm Draco really badly, especially as Audrey's not even sure if it's actually legal... I feel like if something goes wrong, there could be some extremely serious consequences! (And then maybe Percy will ride to the rescue and help her out? :P)

The final section with Astoria was brilliant, as I've never seen Astoria written like this before and it's so different to how I normally imagine her. I loved all of her talk about Audrey's aura being clouded and the idea for hypnosis and the Green Boot cafe, as they were all so fun to read about and made Astoria seem very real in this story. Plus it was hilarious to read about Audrey being threatened with hypnosis - I think my reactions would have been similar to hers!

Even though Astoria's methods did seem a little strange, they did work and it was good for Audrey to have someone outside of her family and everything else that's going on in her life to talk to about what's happening with her mum. I think it was great that she was able to think about what she felt towards her and why she felt those things as well, because a lot of people wouldn't do that and it's got to help, so well done to Astoria for making her think more! And then I'm optimistic for Audrey too as far as her mum's concerned as now she realises how she feels and why, she might be able to forgive her and get some sort of relationship with her, which I think would really help.

This was another great chapter, Kiana - I'm really loving this story! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! Don't worry about missing it, I've only just got round to answering all my reviews so I know what it's like :P

Yes, her granny would definitely have quite a lot to say about the amount of expletives she uses, but I guess that's just Audrey's character to get all shouty and use a lot of swear words :P Haha, it's fine as I really wanted Oliver and Audrey to end when I was writing this as we really need some Audrey and Percy time. I think whilst Oliver and Audrey did have fun together, he just wasn't as interested in saving people and making lives better as Audrey and Percy are hence why they never really worked.

Yay for the London sun, we really are so keen when it comes to summer but I guess as it never tends to appear for more than a week we just have to grab when it comes! Yes, a plot twist :P *cackles in the corner* This was a rather random one I have to admit compared some which will come later on but I think the NaNo madness did help a lot when it came to coming up with how on earth could I break Audrey and Percy up! I think Audrey's one of the few people who could just accept that her boyfriend is bi and loves her colleague, but again, that's just Audrey, and those two will definitely feature a lot more in the story!

I'm glad that you liked it because I think I've seen a few gay Olivers from time to time and of course there's always straight Oliver, so I thought why not mix it up and have a bi Oliver too :p Yes, Oliver was a bit stupid and, again, this whole Oliver plotline is one of the crazier ones of the story but it was quite funny to imagine that someone could like Percy enough to do that :P

I'm so glad that you liked that because even though this is an Audrey/Percy story, I think Audrey and Draco's relationship has been one of my favourites of the entire story. Of course she had to have an elaborate cover story, nothing with her is ever simple! Erm, what was that about it going wrong... Hmmm, the potion will be explored in the next few chapters and you are right about it not being plain sailing and Percy will have something to do with it but more than that is saying too much :P

Hahaha, yeah, I went a bit crazy with Astoria in this story but I guess as all the characters are a bit mad, I thought let's make Astoria crazy too! Astoria is very strange and crazy I have to say, but you are right that she did need someone like Astoria to talk to about her mum because then there would be less judging. Audrey and her mum still have a lot of issues to deal with and lot of things to go through before they can ever be normal, but this is definitely one of the first steps to getting there!

Thanks for an amazing review, Sian and sorry for taking ages to get to it! ♥


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Review #11, by nott theodore Mother, Mother, Mother, etc. etc. etc.

6th August 2014:

Okay, I'm excited that I'm actually finally all caught up which means for the first time in like forever I can read your stories as you post, and guess what? FIRST REVIEW! :D

Ooh, I definitely wasn't expecting that Audrey's mum would turn up completely out of the blue (I probably should have read the chapter titles before I started going through all of the chapters and then I might have been able to guess... then again, the cliffhanger wouldn't have had such a big impact) and it was quite dramatic!

I thought that you wrote Audrey's reactions to the news really well. There were so many different emotions layered in there and it was really difficult for her to suddenly confront her mum who almost seems like a ghost from her past because she's taken so long to get back in touch again. There was anger there because Audrey felt like her Granny had just forgiven her, but then a lot of hurt as well and I think in a way she was lashing out because she didn't want to get hurt again and she was trying to protect herself from it. I thought her mum's explanation for why she left was interesting though, and even though for the damage it's done to Audrey it can't really be acceptable to leave, I think it helps to explain it a bit because she went through a really traumatic experience.

The scene with Draco was probably my favourite one in this chapter. I felt so sorry for Audrey because really she has loads to deal with right now and I can understand that she'd want to try and work through all of her problems and she doesn't really want distractions when she's doing that. Draco was really cute when he was asking her if he'd done something wrong, though! He must have thought that Audrey had changed her mind and was going to start treating him like other people did and that would have been awful. But I'm so glad that she did actually talk one of her problems through with him and it was really interesting to see his views on forgiveness, because I think you actually got them spot on and so in character. It makes a lot of sense and I wonder if Oliver heard the conversation whether he'd have a different view on him. I hope that Audrey will be able to spend some time with her mum though and maybe they can create some kind of relationship and she can maybe forgive her eventually.

The scene with Oliver was really interesting too, and even though Audrey's been a bit more subdued in this chapter with her humourous inner monologue (with the exception of the annoyance that her cat hasn't decided her life for her) and I liked seeing something a bit lighter-hearted - the tale of the crazy stalker made me laugh a lot! With everything that is going wrong in her life right now I suppose it might be easier if at the moment she patches things up with Oliver, but to be honest I kind of feel like they need to do a lot more talking. Maybe it's just because I know that they're wrong together and that eventually she'll be with Percy, so I'm rooting for him :P But it is good for her to have stopped arguing with Oliver for now, even if she's already being pessimistic about their future together!

This was a lovely chapter and I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Audrey's life and some of the more serious parts of it, because there are lots of difficult decisions for her to make right now. But I've loved seeing the way that Audrey's character develops up to this point and I'm looking forward to the next chapter too! (I'm far too excited to say that now that I've actually caught up!)

I love this story! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian, I'm so so sorry for taking aeons to get to this but here I am!

Bahaha, it's fine but I'm glad you liked the drama as it just makes the story so much more interesting when you include it!

I'm really glad that you liked how she reacted to her mum because fortunately for me I have never experienced anything like this so I was sort of making it up as I went along in a way but I can imagine it must have been horrible for her. I guess it's sort of why she's so out there as a character as she needs to be loud and funny and crazy so to block out all of those horrible things which have happened to her during her life. And sorry for sort of rambling away about this, I just really love writing this aspect of Audrey!

Aw, yay for Draco love as he is such a cutey a lot of the time! I feel quite sorry for him as he must be so unsure of everything that he even has to start questioning whether Audrey likes him or not which must suck a lot. Haha, they are like each other's therapists when you put it like that which is a rather strange thought because Draco Malfoy and caring don't really go together a lot of the time.

Bahahah, yay for crazy stalkers everyone's gotta love them! They definitely need to do a lot of talking as there are so many unresolved issues with the two of them they just need to get everything out and say it and then hopefully everything will be okay again. Or not, as I'm rooting for Percy too so it's fine if she breaks up with oliver!

I'm glad that you liked the serious parts too, as those will be explored more in the story as it does quite a serious turn from here on which is a fun change to write about.

Thanks for an amazing review, Sian!


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Review #12, by nott theodore Awkwardness Abound

6th August 2014:
Hi again, Kiana!

Oh wow, this was a really great chapter because there really was a lot that started to happen here and I'm so excited now to read the next chapter, although I'm a little bit apprehensive too, to be honest!

Okay, so my opinion of Oliver in this story is steadily getting worse because it's just not okay for him to not see Audrey for a week after leaving her like he did. I don't really blame her for putting off going to see him in the staff room and doing all those other things instead because it definitely was really awkward between the two of them! Draco seems really sweet in that scene though, and I was happy when he said that his date with Astoria went well! At least somebody's love life seems to be working out, and the girls do seem like good matchmakers to be honest!

I did notice one line which I think you accidentally copied in this section, when Audrey's trying to work out if she can put off seeing Oliver any longer, it's nothing major though!

Hmm, I'm not sure what to make of Oliver and James laughing together in the staff room because you made it sound like something would be happening with James and the fact that he's gay so now I'm really curious. Oliver clearly didn't realise how annoyed Audrey was though and I feel like if he was better at picking up on her moods they might have more of a future.

That meal at the Crescent Moon was just so awkward and I was kind of cringing as I read that section and how awkward things were between the two of them. Then, just when it started to get a little bit less awkward, Oliver started getting really angry about the idea of Audrey working with Draco! To be honest, I can understand why Oliver reacted the way he did, especially with what he was saying about having all of those memories from the battle. But at the same time, if everyone refuses to forgive and try and move on from what happened, then it's going to be really hard to build a fairer society. I had no idea when I realised Draco was going to be part of this story how much of a role he'd have to play! I think that Audrey's right to support Draco to be honest, and if Oliver had tried to tell me what to do when it came to someone I worked with and opinions I held, I'd be getting very annoyed!

It was so sweet that Audrey could go to George as her second choice for someone to get comfort from. And I love the way that he considered her question about Draco and came to the conclusion that Draco could be forgiven, because it's so much more in character with George and I thought the parallels that he drew with Percy were really interesting too.

Ah, it was so nice to see Percy come along and him and Audrey actually stay in the same room because George is the sort of person who can make them feel more comfortable about it. It was so great to see that and some of the subtle, slow development between Audrey and Percy's relationship (can it be called that yet? Acquaintance, maybe?). That letter at the end has made me really nervous though, I don't know what it's about! I'm worried it's something to do with her family and that Granny Lucy has been taken ill or something like that! I have to read on now to find out!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian!

Yes, you should be apprehensive about the next chapter as a lot happens so be scared and prepared and just ready for Audrey related chaos is the best thing to say really!

Erm, yes, erm, yes, Oliver, more will be revealed in the next chapter as to why he avoided her and why he's been a jerk recently so do not fear (I swear that's my standard line in this story!) as it should all be explained in the next chapter. Yay for Draco, and I'm so glad that you like the glimpses of his love life as it definitely will be explored a lot more in the coming chapters!

Thanks for pointing that out to me, I have annoying habit of doing that and I'll fix it asap!

Yes, Oliver can be a little dense at times when it comes to Audrey's feelings but I suppose with James around he's going to be like that a lot ;) There's a lot more to come about Oliver's background in terms of Penelope, Audrey and Percy and that should clear up a lot of things!

Yup, it definitely is getting very, very awkward between the two of them, possibly even more awkward than Percy and Audrey which is saying something as they are like the King and Queen of Awkward :P I can understand Oliver too, don't worry, because something as horrible and dreadful as that battle will have show its effects for a very long time but then there's always that fine line between forgive and forget and holding grudges. Haha, I didn't realise Draco was going to play such a major role when I started this story either so it's been so much fun exploring his character and seeing how someone like him can effect so many things.

I'm glad you liked that as it was fun to make George all deep and reflective while still trying to keep him as George. It's just so much fun to explore this idea of Draco and do we forgive him with lots of different people as it's one I don't really see that much in FF which is sad as there are so many different takes on it so it's great you're liking it here!

Bahahaha, yep, George has this ability to say incredibly awkward lines which somehow put people at ease, I have to say it's quite a cool trait to have! Erm, I think it might be a bit more than acquaintance maybe bordering on friendship bordering on advisor of personal issues I'm not really sure as it's so strange!

Thanks for another amazing review! :D


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Review #13, by nott theodore Bleak and Bleaker

6th August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

Oh my goodness! Poor, poor Audrey in this chapter! I seriously feel so sorry for her here because there's a lot that's gone on and I can see why the chapter title fits because things definitely aren't looking good for her right now!

Okay, so the opening of the chapter I just felt so sorry for Audrey with all of the panic that's going on in her mind! I can definitely understand it and it's clear that she's not used to doing that sort of thing, and then to top it all there's all the worry that she might actually be pregnant too. After all that, I expected that Oliver would at least stay and be all nice like he was when she stayed over the first time, but then he got that mysterious letter and went rushing off! I didn't expect him to do that because I was still hoping he was a nice guy, even though I suspected that he wasn't always. He could have at least told her where he went, and for a second I thought maybe someone had strange photos of him and Audrey or something - like the Daily Owl - but now I'm thinking that maybe it was Penelope or someone else. I'm not really sure...

I am really glad that Audrey wasn't pregnant! For a second I was reading and got really worried that you were going to do a massive plot twist like Audrey had a third child who wasn't Percy's, so I'm glad that she got Jemima to help her and do the test to make sure that she wasn't. The revelation about Jemima was quite surprising too although I suppose she has the sort of lifestyle that could lead to that, but it was nice of Audrey not to question it too.

The revelation about Oliver and Penelope was something I was kind of expecting because I guessed at it a couple of chapters ago, but I was still shocked because I didn't think that it would have been something that went on for so long. I felt so, so sorry for Audrey though because now she knows that Oliver has a history of cheating and things could be more difficult. I kind of hope that they break up now, because even though it will be hard for Audrey, I think it'll be better in the long run. And of course, she has to get together with Percy too!

Aw, that letter at the end was just so sweet! I love the fact that Percy did something like that and that you're showing a nicer side to Percy too! Audrey was a bit dense not to realise that it was Percy writing to apologise but aw, at least someone is being really nice to her!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian!

Aw, yes, Audrey does need a lot of hugs in this chapter and definitely in the ones to come too, as she isn't going through a time of her life right now.

Yeah, her panicking definitely didn't help in this chapter as it just meant she had a lot of unnecessary fears about life and the future and stuff, and probably made her and Oliver's relationship even worse. Oliver is a bit strange in these few chapters but don't worry too much about him! I actually feel kinda bad I made him look like such a villain in these few chapters because while he is mean I didn't intend to make him that mean but oh well, he dated Penelope he does some hate :P

Bahahaha, yeah, it could have been quite entertaining to see what would have happened if she was pregnant because seeing her manage a child would be funny, but no that would have bit too big a plot twist! Haha, Jemima's life is a little too crazy for all of us but I guess it's a good thing so Audrey now has someone to go for all that sort of stuff.

Yes, that was a good guess but there is a lot more to their relationship than you first think so don't worry too much just yet! The same goes for the cheating too, because while it is bad it's not as bad in a way, I don't know but just wait and see is probably the best thing to say as I'm making no sense :P Yay for her and Percy, those two are getting a lot closer to beign together!

Bahahah, I think with Audrey her life is just far too cray cray right now to realise it was Percy which is kinda sad, but it will be revealed later on, don't worry!

Thanks for another amazing review, Sian! :D


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Review #14, by nott theodore April Fool's

6th August 2014:
Hello again!

Aw, I absolutely loved the beginning of this chapter with Draco and Astoria on their date! I think that Audrey's idea for it was really cute and fit with the two of them really well, especially since we know that Astoria likes Muggle things and Draco's trying to expose himself to them more so that he can eradicate some of his prejudices. Although you've suddenly made Draco seem even cooler and normally I'm a bit on the fence when it comes to him, because if he can go on a date to a museum with a girl he doesn't know that well then he's pretty cool!

I think that my favourite part of that section was his complete bewilderment at travelling through Muggle London though, and all the different amazing descriptions that you got to include of the city. Audrey was so funny as she was taking him along, although there was still that caring side of her evident, and it made me laugh when she and Jemima just casually slipped away from Draco and Astoria as they were going into the museum before they realised they'd actually been set up on a date!

I was really interested to see what would happen at this second party of George's and it's kind of equally dramatic! I loved reading all the preparations for it and the way that Angelina just took control and wouldn't let George mess around with her and try and find out what the surprises are. Haha, the gluten-free vegan guest and the one from Nepal comments made me laugh!

Okay, Oliver in this chapter was really cute with stopping her to kiss her and stuff before the ending. It seems like he really does like her, but I'm worried and have a feeling that he might turn out to be a bad guy or something, especially since Percy keeps warning Audrey away from him!

Verity's really funny when she comes along and tries to be really impressive with all of her gossip and doesn't expect Audrey to know that's why she's coming; it shows the strength of their friendship really well. Her news was definitely interesting! It's so cute that George and Angelina are going to move in together, and the idea of Jemima and Charlie too! Although I'm not sure how I - or Audrey - feel about the idea of Percy with another girl, although since she's technically with Oliver so I guess it's kind of her own fault.

Oh no, that conversation between Percy and Audrey - I had so many feels! Even though there was some tension and stuff in their conversation they were still actually talking and I was so hopeful for them, but then it went wrong with all the talk about forgiveness! I think that Audrey did start to change his opinion about it and I wanted to see what Percy would say, but we didn't get the chance and I was kind of annoyed that Oliver came crashing in.

And no, I can't believe that Percy said that to Audrey, I feel so sad now! And I kind of want to shout at her for what she's doing at the end of this chapter even though I can kind of understand why she's doing it. Eep, reading on!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! :D

Bahaha, I'm so glad that you liked it and didn't think it was weird how Muggle crazy Audrey made the date. But then given how you already know her quite well by this stage I guess you can't be too surprised by how crazy she made the date :P DRACO IS COOL SIAN. DON'T DENY IT.

I'm so glad that you liked the transport bit because if this story is set in London, the tube has got to feature in it at least once as it's so iconic and a massive part of the city it would feel quite strange without it being there. They were quite sneaky there, I have to give you that!

Yup, George's party tend to be on the dramatic side of things most of the time as he's just so crazy like that. All hail Angelina though because I don't even want to imagine what it would be like without her stepping in.

Yes, he is quite cute I have to give him that but I shan't say too much on the subject. He isn't awful though, he is quite lovely still but yeah I shall remain quite as that is for the best.

Aw, I'm so glad that their friendship comes off strong to you as it's such a hard thing to replicate it means a lot to me that you can see it here. I should say don't get too excited about Jemima and Charlie yet... Oh no, Percy and Audrey are 5eva and nothing could ever break them apart, except maybe Oliver but don't worry too much yet.

Yes, the feels, way too many feels! I think Percy does have a fair point as he experienced so many horrible things in the war whereas Audrey didn't really and while that was great it does mean she does lack a certain level of depth about it.

Shout, shout, shout, as I will shout with you and at Oliver too!

Thanks for another amazing review!


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Review #15, by nott theodore One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four.

6th August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

Haha, high five for being able to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder :P

I loved the way that you began this chapter, with Audrey talking to Eileen and doing a sort of checklist of place and time and everything in her head. Eileen's so annoying and I can see why Audrey would hate having to work with her and have to try and keep on her good side because she's her superior - it was so in character for Eileen to say that Audrey and Oliver are courting though! That bit made me laugh so much.

It's also amazing when Audrey goes all feminist and tries to go girl power on Eileen. To be honest, Eileen deserved it - she was generalising far too much, and even if Audrey didn't care a thing about Quidditch, she was still right to put her right (if that makes sense). And ooh, revelations! James is gay - I probably should have seen that one coming but I love the way that Audrey's still trying to stop herself from being distracted by him now that she's got her boyfriend, and being disappointed that she can't now marry him in a beach wedding. Predictions of what it will lead to? Hmm, I honestly can't think of anything but now I'm sure there must be something since you wouldn't have asked otherwise... maybe James is going to fall for Draco and there'll be all sorts of awkwardness? Or maybe Oliver's secretly gay too and then James will eventually meet him and stuff? Or it could be something much more obvious that I've simply forgotten about right now...

Audrey's so sweet! I love the fact that she's genuinely really nice and fits in with her house and stuff with what she's trying to do for Draco. I really like the way that their friendship is starting to develop and the way that Audrey feels protective over him even though she hasn't really known him for that long yet. But it's also really cute the way that they're trying to set Astoria and Draco up with each other by telling them both that the other's been missing them and stuff like that. I'm excited to see the two of them meeting and really love the idea of them getting together because of a matchmaker. Oh, I really hope that Audrey's potion does work as it would be great for Draco to be able to get rid of that mark on his arm!

Penelope just keeps on turning up when she's not wanted, doesn't she? And Percy was being so sweet to Audrey (the WAG thing made me laugh) and now I want to know what he was trying to get her interested in - she should have been listening to him! I think that he probably does like her, or at least thinks that he could because there are all these looks and he seems hurt when he sees her with Oliver/when she announces to the Ministry that she doesn't fancy him (although that would be quite upsetting to hear for anyone, I guess :P). I'm glad she stood up to Penelope, but I feel like she'll start to regret that maybe when she realises that she does actually like Percy...

I really love reading about the girls' conversations because you just capture their friendship so well! Hmm, I'm wondering if maybe they'll organise for Draco and Astoria to meet in a gallery or something? Or maybe Audrey will come up with something even crazier...

Sian :)

Author's Response: Yay for that and I'm so, so, so sorry about how long it's taken me to respond to this review, I honestly have no excuse *hides in shame*

Bahaha, yes calling Eileen only annoying will seem tame in a few chapters *does an evil cackle*. Just kidding, but I'm glad you find her annoying because she's just one of those sorts of characters which has to talk in a different way to show her superiority to you and I just hate that.

I'm glad you liked the girl power moment and you definitely weren't wrong about that bit. Women really do need more of a champion like Audrey is! Ooh why yes he is Sian and just wait and see what might happen as a result of that shall we say... ;) I really loved your predictions and some of them were very, very hot but if I remember correctly you'll find out in chapter 13/14 what really happened!

Aw, I'm glad that you liked the perspective as he does need a motivator and I honestly think that if Draco didn't have Audrey in his life he would be some crazed alcoholic who should be locked up. Yay for Astoria and Draco there should be a ton more of them to come!

Bahaha, yes she does and she will continue to do so for a very long time. Ha, I'm glad you liked the mention of the WAG too, I just couldn't resist throwing it in like that as it was too good to miss out. He does certainly seem hurt especially with some of the things Audrey said so what you're hinting at might turn out to be true!

Aw, thank you, we'll just have to see about that though! Thanks for this amazing review and I hope this terrible response somehow makes up for the lateness of it all!


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Review #16, by nott theodore Papa-Paparazzi

6th August 2014:
Hello again!

*facepalms* Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I didn't even think of the white flash of light being a camera flash. That's just unnecessarily embarrassing because I was getting panicked that they'd been cursed or something so I'm glad that I was wrong! Although perhaps Rita Skeeter was as bad as a curse...

You capture Rita Skeeter's character really well in this chapter! I know that you've written about her before but I loved the way that she was so in character, trying to get the gossip and making things up about Oliver, determined to get a scoop. I felt sorry for Audrey there, actually! At least Oliver wasn't all horrible and trying to get her to pose for the paparazzi or something, because that would be a definite reason to break up with him!

Ooh, so Penelope and Oliver did get together... towards the end of Hogwarts! I'm really thinking that they cheated on Percy when they were together now, even though Oliver didn't admit that to Audrey. I can understand when he was trying to hurry over it though, because I think he does like her. Audrey's monologue through that section was hilarious, especially the comments about her mind being occupied with things other than descriptions, and Percy looking like a tomato :P

Okay, so I know that Audrey's still denying it, but she definitely is starting to feel something for Percy, even if she won't admit it to herself or anyone else yet. That feeling that she had to go after him when he saw her kissing Oliver? Yes, Audrey, that's because you like him!

I can't work out what Penelope's up to though, I think that she's the sort of person who just wants a famous(ish) boyfriend at this point, so maybe if she can't get Oliver then she'll go after Percy again because of his position in the Ministry and his family connections? Either way, I feel like she could be quite a lot of trouble for Audrey in the future...

I thought the second part was really great as well! It's not easy to deal with the way that society would have been after the war with all the former Death Eaters trying to readjust, but all of the prejudice that would have still existed. It's making me feel really sorry for Draco, and I think the fact that I'm seeing it through the eyes of someone who wasn't involved in any of that really makes me feel even more sorry for him!

Woo, go Verity though! It must be awful for Draco to walk into a room and have it turn quiet just because he's there, but I was so proud of Verity for standing up for him, even though she doesn't really know who he is and hadn't been exactly happy at the prospect of meeting him. Hannah's cameo was great, especially the way that you portrayed her a lot more forceful than I normally see her, although she wasn't very nice!

The hints of Astoria and Draco were really great in this chapter, and I love the idea of them being set up by someone else rather than Draco meeting her through his more traditional pureblood connections, which is what I normally read. (Also, that comment from Audrey about sticking with people that Verity sets her up with made me laugh so much.) The description of Astoria was great too, and I feel like she'd be the sort of person who'd get on with Audrey! I did notice one typo there, when you write 'galley' instead of 'gallery' but that's only tiny.

This was another great chapter and I'm really enjoying this story, Kiana - it's added to my favourites! On to the next chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi again Sian! :D

Bahaha, it's fine, it could have gone anyway given how fast this story moves so don't worry about getting it wrong! Plus, as you said Rita Skeeter is pretty evil so she could be considered as a curse in a way.

I'm glad you liked her as it was so much fun to write her again as she's just such a fun character to write, and I really recommend trying it out! She actually does pop up a few more times in the story so don't worry! As for Oliver, he may seem evil at times but he could never be that bad!

Erm, yes, Penelope and Oliver, erm, yes, is all I'll say for now as I can't really say much for reasons you'll learn out later but I hope you like them! You are quite warm with your theories so far shall I say.

Yes, she does love him, well, maybe not love but she's definitely starting to like him. I think the Cauldron Thickness Report was a sign because it would be just her thing to fall in love over something geeky like that. :P

All Penelope does for Audrey is create more and more trouble for her so you are right about that. She's not as evil as other characters in this story shall we say but she just has a tendency to get mixed up in the bad sort of thing really.

Aw, poor Draco, he really does need a lot of hugs doesn't he? In a way, he did bring it on himself as he was part of it but I really want him to have a second chance too.

Hahaha, Verity was very much a go girl here even if she doesn't really like him but I guess she'll just have to deal with him. Yes, poor, Hannah, but I guess she needs some omph if she ends up marrying as he's quite fierce towards the end.

Hahaha, yeah, I did mix it up there, but it was a lot more fun to do it this way as no one really saw it coming :P Ooh thanks for pointing that out to me I'll fix it right away!

Thanks for an amazing review, Sian, and the favourite, it really made my day! :D


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Review #17, by nott theodore Quidditch Confrotations

6th August 2014:
Hi Kiana! Okay, this review is going to be typed as quickly as I can when I'm reviewing (which is kind of a struggle but you know :P) because I have to read on and find out what happened at the end of this chapter!

Once again, I love reading from Audrey's perspective because I really think that you've created a unique and original voice for her. She's so funny and her internal monologue just makes me laugh so much when I read it. All of the little comments that she manages to keep in her head, especially when she's with her friends.

Your invention of new places for them to spend time in and hang out is something I think is great, too, because I always think there must be more locations and places for them to visit than the very few we see in the books. If I remember rightly, the Crescent Moon appeared in AAO too?

I really like the way that you write the friendship between Audrey, Verity and Jemima too, because it just seems so natural and believable. I can picture them there clamouring for details about what's going on between Audrey and Oliver and her eventually giving in because she knows that there's no real point in resisting :P

Ah yay, I think it's great of Audrey to get Verity to try and set Draco up with someone! It would be really cool if it was Astoria that he gets set up with, and if it is then maybe Verity should go into business as a professional matchmaker, since Audrey's eventually going to end up with Percy too! I hope it does cheer him up a bit, but I liked the fact that Verity especially - with her links to the Weasleys and things - wasn't quite so accepting of the fact that Draco was a former Death Eater as Audrey had been. I think there would still be all sorts of tensions around that, as well as people who can accept it more readily and move on.

The scene with Draco was lovely too, I think it's great to see a version of him who's so unassuming. In a way it's quite a drastic change but I can imagine that after the war he'd have started feeling like he wasn't entitled to anything at all, especially with the problems he's having in his training. I'm glad Audrey's so nice though, and there to help him! The details about the potions are really interesting too, and the way that they have to make them and balance them for use at St. Mungo's. I'm not sure if I've said this before but it's really interesting to see someone working as a Potioneer, because that's not something I've seen a lot of in fanfiction!

Yay, the second kind-of date! I thought you did a really good job of side-stepping the writing of the actual match without it being too obvious, because it makes sense that Audrey wouldn't really be following what's going on if she isn't really that interested in Quidditch. It was nice to see her with Angelina and George as well, although I felt kind of sorry for George with the way that he had to try and remain neutral in the matches so Oliver and Ginny don't get annoyed with him!

Oh, I wasn't expecting to see Penelope Clearwater there at the match! She's definitely not the nicest person and that's a really different interpretation of her, and I'm actually enjoying reading her like that quite a lot! Ooh, I have a new prediction about the reason for Percy's warning to Audrey! So, if Percy and Penelope broke up because she cheated on him, and Percy doesn't like Oliver... did Penelope cheat on Percy with Oliver? This could be very dramatic if it's true! I also really liked the fact that Audrey had read Percy's report on cauldron thickness, because that fits so well with her character and it's something small and subtle to show reasons that they'll have things in common and might get together.

Okay, so this was a bit longer than I was intending it to be because I rambled like always, but anyway, I'm going to read on right now because I need to know what happened!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian, sorry for taking ages to get to this again :P

Bahaha, I'm so glad that you liked her because I wrote her during NaNo so sometimes I went a bit crazy with her ramblings just to boost my word count so that means a lot to me :D

Yes, it did, sometimes I can't think of another new thing so I just recycle old ideas :P Jenna really is a big inspiration for me though as she writes so many cool places I feel as if I should do the same so look to her for that sort of thing.

Yay for match making! Verity is quite surprising when it comes to setting up Draco and there will be a few things which shake up but I hope you like them. It was fun to explore a lot of the tension with Draco though as she is bound to be influenced by the Weasleys's view of him whereas Audrey has nothing to base her opinion of him on. As for Audrey and Percy... you'll have to see! ;)

I'm glad you liked the Draco details, as I always imagine these years after the war to be very life changing for him, and he does develop into a better person because of it. I might be naive thinking of that but I do think he does turn out to be a sort of good guy in the end. Yay for potions, this was me challenging my sadness about no longer doing chemistry, I don't really get why I missed it but oh well :P

Yay for it! I can't write Quidditch for the life of me, so Audrey was the perfect character for this scene really as I could just ramble away and it would be fine really. Bahaha, poor George, I'm sure he has a lot of practice and experience though so he should be okay.

Yes, she is just so ewww really. I always imagined her evil in my head for some reason hence why she's out to get Audrey. Ooooh that is a good prediction but you will have to wait and see as more will be explained later on.

Thanks for this amazing review, Sian, sorry for taking ages to respond to it though! :D


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Review #18, by ChemistryCat Quidditch Confrotations

6th August 2014:
I love Verity!! I find her very similar to my own best friend! I hope she matchmakes Draco with Astoria (can you shape her similar to luna, I think he needs a little loony in her life)
Loving the story
PS blood is alkaline, just a pet peeve as a science student. Another thing I love about the story is the chemistry (pun intended)!!

Author's Response: Yay for Verity, she is a ton of fun and don't worry because you might just be right there ;) Haha, thanks for telling me that I'll definitely change it but yay for science as it's always fun :D


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Review #19, by nott theodore An Interlude of Fame

3rd August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

Okay, first of all you need to stop writing/updating so quickly because I was congratulating myself on actually having a chance of catching up on this and then you go and post another chapter :P

Ah, this was great again, I loved the way that Audrey's thought process was when it started and she woke up in a strange place and couldn't remember what had happened the night before with Oliver. And Oliver was actually surprisingly nice and calm about it, even though nothing happened and he basically woke up to her running out on him (although she did have work so she wasn't quite making excuses to leave). Him asking her to go for lunch was really cute as well, and nice of him after she fell asleep in his bed fully clothed and tried to run away.

Audrey's voice, as ever, is really strong and absolutely hilarious. I want to quote some of my favourite lines back to you, because I was laughing out loud and getting strange looks for it, but it would probably be half the chapter and take up all the characters that I've got left in this review box, so I'm not going to. But you've got such a great talent when it comes to characterisation as well as humour, because you manage to create such vivid characters who have very real and believable personalities, and it's really awesome to read stories with characters like Audrey in this.

Aw, I felt really sorry for Draco in this chapter when they were in Audrey's room and she had to annoy him into admitting what was wrong. It's so unfair that there are people who are trying to get him chucked off the Potioneering course, because even though he did do things that he regretted and things that were wrong, he's trying to start afresh and how is he meant to do that if people won't let him even have a job? (The comment about killing the fly made me laugh so much, it fit in so well with Audrey's internal monologue and just flowed really well, but it was absolutely hilarious!) It's great that Audrey's decided she's going to help him though, even if it's going to be harder than she originally thought. I hope that she manages to do something and I'm really interested to see what it is she'll come up with to help him! One of the other things that I love about this story is seeing the way that Audrey interacts with all the canon characters that we already know as well, because she manages to fit into this world so well.

Haha, I was laughing so much when I saw the way that she reacted to seeing Harry and Ginny when she was on her date with Oliver, getting really nervous about talking to them and knowing what to say when I know that eventually she's actually going to be related to them and have to spend time with them properly.

Ooh, I love how Percy's starting to creep in more and more even though Audrey keeps telling herself that she doesn't care about him at all and doesn't like him. It was really interesting to see that even when she was on a date with Oliver, thoughts of Percy were still in her mind, like when she realised that Ginny was his sister. Oh no, now I'm worried that Oliver's going to turn out to be a bad guy and something bad is going to happen to Audrey because of it - so instead I'm hoping that it's just Percy being a little bit jealous of Oliver and everything will be fine!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian!

Bahaha, I'm sorry but I mainly update every month so it's not too quick :P

Yes, Oliver and Audrey are full of contrasts I have to say, except that they're both kind of party loving so I guess there's a similarity there for them. I had to make nice and sweet though because no matter what happens in this story with him I still really love him as a character and I will try and not be too mean to him as he's just so cute.

Hahahaha, I'm sorry you were given strange looks but just hearing that made me laugh a little too much too :P Don't worry about not quoting them, it means so much to me that you find it funny so that in itself is enough for me! I'm so glad that you find Audrey believable and realistic because that's always my biggest fear when it comes to writing as my first character was the biggest Mary-Sue ever, so I really don't want to make the same mistakes again.

I know, it's so sad that he has to keep up with all these battles and it's only really Audrey who supports him and believes in him here. As for the job, you'll have to wait and see in the coming chapters (meaning the ones after 11) as things start to change dramatically for Draco and there will be lots of explanations too, so don't worry. I'm glad that you find Audrey interacts with the canon characters well though as it was a fun challenge for me! But she's almost acting like a mother hen to Draco right now so it is rather amusing to see :P

Yes, she can be such a fangirl at times! I don't know how she ever ends up marrying Percy because I'm surprised she doesn't freak the family out by getting all excited about them all the time.

Yes, he is quite a creeper in a not too weird I hope sense, as for Audrey's mutterings about him, she can keep telling herself that but it might all start to change soon. There is some jealously in there with Oliver but he shouldn't be too bad as bad guys go... :P

Thanks for another amazing review! :D


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Review #20, by nott theodore An Exit with Oliver

2nd August 2014:
Hi again, Kiana! Back for another chapter in a day, I'm far too proud of myself for this :P

Audrey's just such a fun character to read about, and I love the way that you capture her so well and she feels so original. Each chapter I've read so far of this story has just left me with a massive smile on my face because it makes me laugh so much and I'm really loving this so far!

Audrey made me laugh a lot at the beginning of this chapter when she was panicking as much as her Granny does when someone told her that there was someone there waiting for her. It fits so well with her character and the sort of rapid thought process that's so endearing in this story. She seems to get distracted quite easily, especially by men (not that I blame her with the way that you've described James, to be honest) when she's meant to be concentrating on other things. I loved the way she was walking along and then it was just like 'oh, hello, James!' and she couldn't stop herself looking at him. I seriously want Audrey to be my friend right now because she makes me laugh so much :P

The characters you've created in this story are so vivid and we're only three chapters in, so that's a massive achievement. Jemima was so brilliant, the way that she's just sprawled out there like she owns the place, and I liked Audrey's sarcasm and sassiness too, the way that she's not afraid of retorting to her friend. Haha, when Audrey said that she might sneeze in front of the Minister for Magic at this event at the Prophet, I couldn't help but think that she'd probably end up embarrassing herself by something much worse than that, if the party at George's was anything to go by...

I also love the way that she's blaming the smirks she's picking up on the fact that she's spending so much time with Draco :P

Normally I try not to do too much of this (and I'm going to have to limit myself to just a few) but I have to pick out some of my favourite quotes from this chapter because there were just so many great lines!
'(I'm not a vampire, I just like the dark)' - so funny!
''Thank Merlin I got Draco as an intern because I get to put my smirking into action here.'
'Obviously this has nothing to do with the topless shoot he did in Witch Weekly last week, and nothing to do with the fact that Verity and I spent several minutes just staring at it in awe. Nothing to do with it at all.' - love this so much!

Audrey's getting ready process was really brilliant and reminded me a lot of mine, minus the cat hair and the napping because I never have time for that and I'm always late anyway :P It was so chaotic but so like Audrey (this is why she should be real and then we can be friends).

The party at the Prophet offices was really fun to read about - I definitely wasn't expecting Oliver to make an appearance! I sensed a bit of a change in the way that Audrey thinks of Percy though maybe, when she realised that he's working at the Ministry to try and get more equality and things (your description of a conservative was hilarious!). Although naturally she got distracted by Oliver and I can't blame her to be honest - I'm intrigued to see what's going to happen next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Yay, hi again, Sian and this is the second review of yours I've answered today so go us! :D

Bahaha, yes, she has that habit, especially when writing her which is why I think I won NaNo so quickly because she really was so much fun to write.

Aw, yay for more Audreyness! She does have a tendency to be a hypochondriac but as you said with having Granny Lucy in her life it was bound to happen. Luckily, it turned out to be nothing at all because I think if something did happen she might just faint from the excitement of it all. Hmm, James is good looking, eh? Well, just as a little hint keep an eye on all James things related as it might give you a spoiler or too about what's going to happen next in the story. Aw, you can have her as a fictional friend, but I get what you mean because life must be crazy with her! :P

Aw, thank you so much, Sian, that means so much to me :D Jemimia is definitely another favourite of mine because even though Audrey is ridiculous, Jemima is even more ridiculous with the way she really has no shame at times. Ha, Audrey was actually quite well behaved at this party which was a surprise because no one was child minding her all night and she didn't do anything too stupid so maybe she's going up in the world!

Yup, it's all Draco's fault!

Aw, thank you so much, I'm so glad that you liked them and Audrey's rambles aren't too crazy for you :P

Haha yes, it was inspired by mine too and it made me realise how much time I really do spend procrastinating when I just have to get dressed. Okay, we'll try and make Audrey real, Sian, so she can be all our friends, how about that? :P

Ha, everyone was caught out by Oliver especially with what's to come in the next few chapters so just watch and wait really :P Yes, this is my liberal, rights to everyone side coming out here with subtle Conservative bashing and making Audrey like Percy a little more because things do tend to go upwards from now on.

Thanks for another amazing review, Sian :D


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Review #21, by nott theodore The Morning After the Night Before

2nd August 2014:
Hi again, Kiana!

Yay, it's great to get a chance to come back to this story again, because I really loved the first chapter! I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to catch up with this before it's finished though, unlike with AAO :P

Audrey has such a great voice, it feels very original and unique to read and I feel like I know her so well already, even though I've only read two chapters of this story so far. You're really good at writing humourous characters and someone whose mind is a bit crazy (because there's this constant barrage of thoughts which makes me laugh so much, but I can't imagine living like that :P). I laughed so much when she was getting ready to go out in the morning and still suffering from the night before, and everything was such an obstacle to her. It's kind of refreshing to read from the point of view of a character who doesn't seem completely obsessed with her appearance and is more believable, because she feels awful and doesn't care what people think of how she looks.

Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting that something had happened between Percy and Audrey at the party after she went and said those things to him, that's such a brilliant twist! I was really intrigued to see how you'd develop any sort of romance after their first encounter in this story and now I think it's going to be even more fun than before. Poor Audrey, though, with those pictures all over the Daily Owl! I liked your idea of creating that, by the way, as a sort of tabloid magazine in the wizarding world. It's just so typical already that her life would end up splashed over something like that!

Penelope Clearwater was not what I expected her to be either, and I think you've done a great job of coming up with a really original portrayal of her! Because she's a Ravenclaw I think that most people assume she won't be concerned about boyfriends but I can sense that there's going to be some rivalry and trouble going on here for Audrey, even if she doesn't actually like Percy yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing that!

I really liked all the different characters that you introduced in this chapter as well, because it was nice to get more of an insight into Audrey's life and the people who are important to her. The friendship between the girls was well written, as well as the backgrounds that we got for them - Jemima especially, as she's new to us.

I love Granny Lucy! She's such a brilliant character and I don't think that older people manage to have a big role in stories like this one usually, so I loved her appearance and the way that you described her so vividly! The tie-in there is really nice as well, as both of Percy and Audrey's daughters will be named after their mothers/mother figures.

I wanted to give Draco a big hug at the end of this chapter, he was so cute! I like the way that Audrey doesn't seem to have really been involved in the war so she's not got the same prejudices as some people might have, although she does realise that there are things in Draco's past that might mean he doesn't want to use Muggle remedies. It's cool that Audrey's exploring those though, and I liked the way that you brought them in - it was great to see the way that she thought of Draco too, more like someone she can have as a bit of a pet than someone she's really mentoring. The comment about turning him against authority was my favourite there, I think!

This was a fantastic chapter and I'll be back for some more soon!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Whoo, hi again, Sian! :D

It means so much to me that you liked Audrey because a lot of the time she's the exact clone of Percy and boring and serious too, whereas I think Percy's more likely to marry the polar opposite of him as they'll bring him out more, hence the way Audrey is. I'm so glad that you liked her internal ramblings too because I had a little too much fun writing those so I may have gotten carried away with them... :P I'm glad that you liked the change in her because I really just wanted to show a different side to someone here and that they're just bit crazy but go with the flow so it's all okay.

Bahaha, yes, something did happen though whether the thing is a good thing for their romance is the questionable... :P The Daily Mail and the way it writes about celebrities may have been my inspiration for the Daily Owl I have to say (if you even look at the name :P), because it's just so cruel to people and rips them apart and makes up stories sort of like with Audrey and Percy. I guess it does eventually draw them together...

Penelope Clearwater was probably the character I had the most fun with in this story because writing evil characters is way too much fun as you can really delve into another world with them. The rivalry will definitely continue on until a very, very bitter end shall I say, I can't give away more but Penelope really does give it her all.

I'm really glad that you liked the insight into Audrey's life. I understand if you did get a bit lost as there are so many new people in this chapter it's a little crazy, but hopefully in a few chapter's time all of it will make sense again.

Aw, thank you, I have to admit she is based a little upon my own granny so it was so much fun to write because of that. I know what you mean about older people in stories, but after writing Granny Lucy it's made me want to include even more of them. Haha, yes, I had always wondered who the Lucy was so that's partly why Granny Lucy is in this story.

Yay for Draco love, that's another aim in this story to make people more Audrey like and accept Draco for who he is. I'm so glad that you liked their relationship though because it's possibly the strangest one I've ever explored but it's been so fun for that reason too as I never knew which way it was going to go really.

Thanks for a fantastic review! :D


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Review #22, by DancingMooncalf Awkwardness Abound

30th July 2014:
I think it mean to leave me hanging like that... I was just really getting into the story, I really really want to know what the letter said and where Audrey goes and who it was from and all those crucial things... but I have to wait now.
Please don't make me wait to long!

I love the story to bits btw. I haven't really been able to put it down since I started reading yesterday.

Author's Response: Haha, do not fear chapter 11 is up now and chapter 12 should be making it's way to HPFF soon, so you can find out things soon! Thank you so much though and it's great to hear you like the story so much and this review has really left me smiling! :D


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Review #23, by nott theodore Introductory Measures

18th July 2014:
Hi Kiana!

Now I've finally finished Against All Odds I've let myself come and get started on this story - hopefully it doesn't take me too long to catch up this time!

This was such a great first chapter, and I'm so impressed with the fact that you started writing this during NaNo because you really can't tell that it's been written so quickly! The only few minor things I spotted were some missing speech marks at the end of some of Verity's sentences, but that's nothing major really.

I loved your characterisation of Audrey here. I know that this is only the first chapter but I already feel like I've got to know her well from this because you've written her so vividly. Her sarcastic narration is absolutely fantastic and I loved the way that you introduced us to different aspects of her life. The opening of this chapter was so funny, with Audrey completely forgetting the intern's name and not knowing how to address them at all. And then the fact that it was Draco just made it even better because I didn't realise who that was in the story and just expected it to be some general character that you'd made up, rather than Draco! But I think including Draco in here was great because it helps link Audrey in to the world that we know more. And her making all those accidental comments about teaching a Death Eater how to become a Potioneer really made me laugh as well.

All the other characters that you introduced at St. Mungo's were great too, and I loved the way that Audrey thought about Eileen and James!

I think my favourite part of this was the way that Audrey and Verity were talking to each other, because Verity really reminded me of some of my more pushy friends and the way that she deconstructed all of Audrey's points made me laugh a lot! And I thought it was a great way of getting Audrey somehow connected to the Weasleys - I've never read a story before when Audrey and Percy were kind of set up together, and I thought that was a fantastic idea!

The party was great as well, I loved the way that Audrey was just suddenly launched at Percy and forced to go and talk to him. And the way that the title of the story linked in straight away was brilliant. Making small talk is really difficult, especially with people like Percy, so I totally empathised with Audrey there. But Percy made me laugh, he was so obnoxious and arrogant and it was great to see the way that she turned round and proved him wrong straight away! This is going to be great!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian!! Yay you caught up on this story too so hopefully I can catch up on all your fantastic reviews soon too :D Thank you so much for them, as they really have made me smile!

Ooh thanks for telling me that, I've been meaning to edit this story for those sorts of things for a while now but I just haven't gotten round to it because of laziness so I definitely will make sure I get to them asap!

Aw, thank you so much, it means so much to me that you like Audrey as she is possibly my favourite character out of all the ones I've ever written so I'm smiling way too much now. Also, the fact she made sense to you too is another bonus because I was worried that her thoughts were a little frantic and crazy so that's great you could follow them. Haha, yes, Draco is a little surprise here, and i never intended for them to be such great friends as they end up to be, but it's really fun to explore Draco with someone who only knows him from after the war.

Yay for those characters as those two in particular play a very important role later on so just watch and wait I should say!

Yes, we all have those pushy friends who always think they know best for us and are acting out of love when it doesn't always seem like that to the others. Yes, this Verity is actually the Verity who was working at the shop in HBP, so I thought it would be fun to make her Audrey's friend so she already is connected to them in one way.

Yes, Audrey certainly does hold back when she gets started but I suppose that's what makes Audrey and Percy so great together as they learn to soften their views for one another.

Thank you so much for a fantastic review, Sian, it made me smile so much! :D


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Review #24, by magnolia_magic An Exit with Oliver

10th July 2014:
Whoa. Hot Oliver alert! Haha, I should have expected it, but it still caught me a little off guard. In a good way, though, definitely! It's fun to see familiar faces. And I think you're doing the right thing by playing coy with us and not jumping into Percy/Audrey right away. It makes the journey much more fun :)

I was surprised to see Jemima turn up at Audrey's workplace acting so completely different from how I imagined her character. She seemed so straight-laced and cautious in chapter 2, but clearly that is not the case. I'm excited to see how the rest of your characters develop, and what surprises they have in store. I'm not sure how to think about Jemima now, but I think her character will start to take a more defined shape as she appears more. Looking forward to it :)

The getting-ready scene could have been shorter, I think. While it was funny and perfectly showcased Audrey's zany inner voice, I personally would have preferred to see some of that space used at the party scene, moving the plot forward. Those kinds of scenes are where this story really shines, I think, because we get to see Audrey's "small talk" misadventures in action. It's amazing to me how fast her mind works and the sheer amount of thoughts she can have at any given moment. The things Audrey actually says are just the tip of the 'berg in comparison :)

Anyway. That was rambly. Haha, Audrey must be rubbing off on me :P

I was really happy to see Audrey start to form a slightly more positive opinion of Percy at the party. Her view of conservatives is really unforgiving, and it shows that she has strong and passionate opinions. I just hope she starts to rethink her opinion of Percy eventually, and I can't wait to see it happen!

Another great chapter, Kiana! Keep up the awesome work :)

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Haha, yes Oliver does pop up a lot more from now and you can expect a few other familiar faces from canon to through Audrey and Percy a little off track for the moment in time, so don't worry too much about them for now as they will be developed a lot more later on!

Haha, yes, Jemima is a tricky one to gauge as she has shape-shifter qualities in a way and you can never really be certain of what she'll be like next but I hope you like her in the end.

Hahaha, yes I know what you mean about the getting ready scene and I definitely will review it soon as I might actually have some time then. I'm glad that you liked the party scene and Audrey's small talk woven in then as it was really funny to include that.

Hmm, Percy, Percy, Percy, I wouldn't think that that too quickly shall I say but I guess though their relationship starts badly it does develop and go upwards from this point.

Thanks for a fab review, Maggie! :D


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Review #25, by magnolia_magic The Morning After the Night Before

10th July 2014:
Kiana! I'm making it my goal in life to completely catch up on this story, because I had such a great time reading the first chapter. And if this chapter is any indication, the rest of it is definitely going to be a fun ride :)

I'm still loving Audrey's voice. I definitely feel like I'm listening in on her thoughts, because the narration is so random and scattered at times. She goes off on tangents and obsesses over little details, and clearly spends a fair amount of time feeling self-conscious. I love being able to tell those things about her personality just by the tone of the writing. Awesome job!

Audrey seems like such a wild child, so it was a relief for me to see that she has level headed friends to balance her manic energy. Jemima is adorable, and Verity is very practical (and a little sly--love it!).

The only minor (very minor) issue I had with this chapter is the length, and the amount of jumping from scene to scene. Maybe it's just because I haven't taken much time to sit down and read in a long time, but I felt a bit overwhelmed with how much was going on in this chapter. But I loved all the content, so I wouldn't suggest cutting it out. And I've seen that all your chapters are about this length, and consistency is good. I'll just have to get used to the pacing :)

I loved all the supporting characters you brought in (and there were so many!) Penelope is just deliciously evil, and I can see a catfight coming in the future. And Audrey's family is funny--especially Granny Lucy!. I can definitely see where she gets her oddball tendencies :) Wonderful job at fleshing out these characters with just one introduction. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

Great chapter, Kiana! I can't wait to read on!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Maggie, yay I hope you do as that would mean a ton from me :D

I'm so glad that you liked it because it was so much fun to write. It also means a ton to me because this was written during NaNo so sometimes her warbles were rather excessive, so trimming them down was rather hard.

Yes, her friends aren't very prominent in this chapter but they will continue to develop further on and hopefully rein Audrey in.

I know, this is a lot bigger than my usual chapter size too, but I just couldn't help it because no matter how much I tried to cut it down it just wouldn't go down :P OH well, at least I was consistent as you said.

Penelope, Penelope, Penelope, erm yes, you could call her that but wait and see as she may be a little worse than that ;) Yay for Granny Lucy, have no fear she'll continue to appear in this no matter what!

Thanks for a great review! :D


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