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Review #1, by nott theodore Introductory Measures

18th July 2014:
Hi Kiana!

Now I've finally finished Against All Odds I've let myself come and get started on this story - hopefully it doesn't take me too long to catch up this time!

This was such a great first chapter, and I'm so impressed with the fact that you started writing this during NaNo because you really can't tell that it's been written so quickly! The only few minor things I spotted were some missing speech marks at the end of some of Verity's sentences, but that's nothing major really.

I loved your characterisation of Audrey here. I know that this is only the first chapter but I already feel like I've got to know her well from this because you've written her so vividly. Her sarcastic narration is absolutely fantastic and I loved the way that you introduced us to different aspects of her life. The opening of this chapter was so funny, with Audrey completely forgetting the intern's name and not knowing how to address them at all. And then the fact that it was Draco just made it even better because I didn't realise who that was in the story and just expected it to be some general character that you'd made up, rather than Draco! But I think including Draco in here was great because it helps link Audrey in to the world that we know more. And her making all those accidental comments about teaching a Death Eater how to become a Potioneer really made me laugh as well.

All the other characters that you introduced at St. Mungo's were great too, and I loved the way that Audrey thought about Eileen and James!

I think my favourite part of this was the way that Audrey and Verity were talking to each other, because Verity really reminded me of some of my more pushy friends and the way that she deconstructed all of Audrey's points made me laugh a lot! And I thought it was a great way of getting Audrey somehow connected to the Weasleys - I've never read a story before when Audrey and Percy were kind of set up together, and I thought that was a fantastic idea!

The party was great as well, I loved the way that Audrey was just suddenly launched at Percy and forced to go and talk to him. And the way that the title of the story linked in straight away was brilliant. Making small talk is really difficult, especially with people like Percy, so I totally empathised with Audrey there. But Percy made me laugh, he was so obnoxious and arrogant and it was great to see the way that she turned round and proved him wrong straight away! This is going to be great!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by magnolia_magic An Exit with Oliver

10th July 2014:
Whoa. Hot Oliver alert! Haha, I should have expected it, but it still caught me a little off guard. In a good way, though, definitely! It's fun to see familiar faces. And I think you're doing the right thing by playing coy with us and not jumping into Percy/Audrey right away. It makes the journey much more fun :)

I was surprised to see Jemima turn up at Audrey's workplace acting so completely different from how I imagined her character. She seemed so straight-laced and cautious in chapter 2, but clearly that is not the case. I'm excited to see how the rest of your characters develop, and what surprises they have in store. I'm not sure how to think about Jemima now, but I think her character will start to take a more defined shape as she appears more. Looking forward to it :)

The getting-ready scene could have been shorter, I think. While it was funny and perfectly showcased Audrey's zany inner voice, I personally would have preferred to see some of that space used at the party scene, moving the plot forward. Those kinds of scenes are where this story really shines, I think, because we get to see Audrey's "small talk" misadventures in action. It's amazing to me how fast her mind works and the sheer amount of thoughts she can have at any given moment. The things Audrey actually says are just the tip of the 'berg in comparison :)

Anyway. That was rambly. Haha, Audrey must be rubbing off on me :P

I was really happy to see Audrey start to form a slightly more positive opinion of Percy at the party. Her view of conservatives is really unforgiving, and it shows that she has strong and passionate opinions. I just hope she starts to rethink her opinion of Percy eventually, and I can't wait to see it happen!

Another great chapter, Kiana! Keep up the awesome work :)

House Cup 2014 review

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Review #3, by magnolia_magic The Morning After the Night Before

10th July 2014:
Kiana! I'm making it my goal in life to completely catch up on this story, because I had such a great time reading the first chapter. And if this chapter is any indication, the rest of it is definitely going to be a fun ride :)

I'm still loving Audrey's voice. I definitely feel like I'm listening in on her thoughts, because the narration is so random and scattered at times. She goes off on tangents and obsesses over little details, and clearly spends a fair amount of time feeling self-conscious. I love being able to tell those things about her personality just by the tone of the writing. Awesome job!

Audrey seems like such a wild child, so it was a relief for me to see that she has level headed friends to balance her manic energy. Jemima is adorable, and Verity is very practical (and a little sly--love it!).

The only minor (very minor) issue I had with this chapter is the length, and the amount of jumping from scene to scene. Maybe it's just because I haven't taken much time to sit down and read in a long time, but I felt a bit overwhelmed with how much was going on in this chapter. But I loved all the content, so I wouldn't suggest cutting it out. And I've seen that all your chapters are about this length, and consistency is good. I'll just have to get used to the pacing :)

I loved all the supporting characters you brought in (and there were so many!) Penelope is just deliciously evil, and I can see a catfight coming in the future. And Audrey's family is funny--especially Granny Lucy!. I can definitely see where she gets her oddball tendencies :) Wonderful job at fleshing out these characters with just one introduction. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

Great chapter, Kiana! I can't wait to read on!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Infinityx Papa-Paparazzi

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 review, Educational Decree #3

Hi again!

I kind of guessed that was a camera flash. I should have thought it would be Rita Skeeter though. Who else is rude enough to interrupt a person's private moment and in a restricted box, even? That moment with Percy and Penelope was just...odd. What did Percy want? I'm a little confused with what happened. I do think Audrey should get a bit more background info on Oliver before they go any further though. What if there's some truth to what Percy told her?

Aw, Verity is such a sweetheart! I love her for standing up for Draco! And that mention about Astoria and Daphne in the end! Are you going to turn this into a sub plot which shows how Draco and Astoria get together? I'd love to read that!

Lovely chapter, again!

Author's Response: Hi Erin!

Yay go you! Of course it's Rita Skeeter, she's so horrible and horrible and I want to throw things at her for doing this. With Percy he's just being a little odd and having an old argument with Penelope basically, but don't worry about Oliver, she will look more into him later on.

Wooh go Verity! As for Draco and Astoria you will just have to watch and wait but maybe also check the ship list for this story as it might give you a hint of what's to come ;)

Thanks again for another fab review! :D


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Review #5, by Infinityx Quidditch Confrotations

8th July 2014:
House cup 2014 review, Educational Decree #3

Hi again! Looks like I'm finally catching up on this story!

It's so nice that Audrey's friends are being so open-minded about Draco. I love how Audrey uses her appearance to her advantage and tries to appear all cute.

I love that conversation between Audrey and Draco as well as it gives a lot of insight into her personality and what she believes. I also love it whenever Draco makes an appearance in this story.

ugh, Penelope is horrible. What is her problem? She can't still be jealous that Audrey was seen with Percy. AND THAT FINAL FLASH. WHAT HAPPENED. I'M GOING TO READ ON NOW.


Author's Response: Hi again Erin! And yes, you are, go you!

I'm so glad that you liked her friends as they are dear to me, and I guess as she's so liberal and a bit cray cray, it makes sense that hers are too. I'm so glad that you're loving Draco though as he's just so much fun to write and a babe and I love him, and yeah he's perfect ♥

But hate on Penelope as she is one to watch and watch as in watch big time. Erm, she might have another agenda but watch and wait because that girl can hold grudges like no one else can!

Thanks for another fab review! :D


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Review #6, by LightLeviosa5443 Bleak and Bleaker

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review - Education Decree #3
I'm so excited TO BE FINALLY CAUGHT !!
Oh my gosh, Audrey is cracking me up with being all nervous and panicking that she's pregnant. HAHA OH MY GOSH HE LOOKED OVER AT HER. That's priceless. So priceless. Oh Kiana you silly girl, you. I wonder what was in the letter that made Oliver swear and be so rude to Audrey. Poor thing :( I just want to cuddle her now. Especially since you used the line "For the second time in two days words cut across my heart." Audrey is too nice to deserve this.

LOL the line "Audrey, this is magic, not some twisted Muggle thing which goes wrong all the time." That's so perfect. I believe pure-blooded people following that line of thought, too. I still think it's funny that not only is Audrey panicking but she's getting checked. Oh my. What on earth are you planning here?



I'm going to eagerly await the next chapter, also, you're welcome for the nomination, totally deserving

xoxo Sarah ♥
(i'm throwing in another one for good measure)
House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: Yayay, hi Sarah! :D Hahaha, well another new chapter is up now so you are sort of caught up but not so yeah :P

Yes, Audrey, isn't having the best time right now with a maybe pregnancy and maybe having Oliver ditch her. It will be figured out in the end but cuddle her now, as she is too nice for all of this crap which is going on right now.

Bahaha, I'm glad you liked that as Purebloods making Muggle jokes is just the best thing ever and I love doing it so much as it's just so ridiculous. But I wasn't planning anything, Audrey was just taking precautions as she is a sensible person :P

I DON'T KNOW, IT'S JUST A BAD DAY, THE NEXT CHAPTER IS A LOT NICER TO HER. SORT OF. YOU WILL SEE :P And no she isn't pregnant so that's one yay! :D

Percy and Audrey are so fab and will be together 5eva!

Thanks for another great review and thanks again for the nomination! :D


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Review #7, by Infinityx An Interlude of Fame

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 review, Educational Decree #3

Hi Kiana! I can't believe I haven't caught up with this story! Audrey is as unpredictable as ever. And she was with Oliver. Wow. How did that happen? I'm a little excited since I was kind of rooting for them anyway. Aw, he asked her out on a date! How cute! Poor Audrey, she's so awkward when it comes to Quidditch.

Percy's warning is weird though. What does he know? I'm so curious.

I love how you've brought Draco into this, like I've already told you. And that reference to Gran in every chapter is awesome.

Great chapter again!

Author's Response: Hi Erin!

Haha, don't worry! Yes, Audrey and Oliver are a bit random but it will sort of make sense in the end. Yup, Quidditch and her definitely do not mix, but hopefully it won't be so bad, or will it? :P

He knows something so you should be curious! I'm really glad that you liked Draco's cameo as it was so much fun to write as he really is a babe and deserves all of this screen time and I'm going to stop before I go on a why I love Draco rant thing :P

Thanks for the fab review! :D


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Review #8, by LightLeviosa5443 April Fool's

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I'm so excited to read this chapter and get caught up on this story!!

LOL KIANA. How do you start off a chapter so hilariously. Why is Audrey torturing Draco with taking Muggle transportation? Ooh, she's trying to broaden his horizons, so to say. That makes sense, okay. Well then that's so sweet of her to be willing to take him on a trip to show him that the muggle world isn't so bad!

Ew yeah, please don't have him throw up! You can do it, Draco! You can do it! Though I am extremely entertained at the idea of Draco in a muggle museum. :P I mean the tube was a big deal, and now a museum? He's probably never going to forgive Audrey, or he's going to end up liking it in the end. That's my guess.

HAHA Oh my gosh she pawned him off on Astoria. I really liked the way you wrote Astoria, it's interesting and fun!! LOL George logic. Starting a business that is worldwide with your brother is obviously easier than planning a party. DUH. Oh my gosh. This is going to be a disaster. George's Birthday can never be a good thing... WAIT ARE WE GOING TO GET AN AUDREY PERCY SCENE NOW?!

Well, I mean, I'm guilty of making a family tree for all of the next-gen characters. Not that I need it anymore. But once upona time I did. OH NO DON'T HURT PERCY. UGH. KIANA WHY ARE YOU MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT?!

This was a wonderful chapter, I loved it :)

xoxo Sarah ♥
(i'm throwing in another one for good measure)
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! Yay I'm excited for you too :P

Bahaha, erm, I don't know, I think she just thought it would be a fab way and if anyone brought out the fact he was a Death Eater she can be like ha he went on the tube he can't be that bad.

Erm, yeah throwing up is a little disgusting so of course I could never let that happen. As for him liking his Muggle day out you will find out in the next few chapters, I can't remember which one exactly but you willl.

I'm so glad that you liked Astoria as it was really fun to write another spin of her and that's why characters with no backstories are so much fun. Yes, the party is going to be a disaster sort of, you did get a sort of scene there, but this is the beginning of the end for something or one I should say after that ends there will be a lot more Percy Audreyness so whoo!


Thanks for the great review, lovely! ♥


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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123 Bleak and Bleaker

8th July 2014:

OHMYGOD. I CANNOT BE THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER OVER HERE: The poor potentially existing baby. SERIOUSLY I CRY OF LAUGHTER. I know it's a serious topic lolol but it is so funny haha :P The way she says potentially omg :O best thing ever

Also, have I told you how much I love Audrey's potty mouth? i actually love it a lot. I live for her potty mouth. LOL. I cannot handle. She reminds me so much of you and especially the way you talk Kiana ahaha. ALSO I AM EVIL FOR ADDING ONTO YOUR REVIEWS AHAHA. You love me. ehehe. Oliver is also a total babe still though kinda a jerk and mysterious hm who owled and also Jemima's a good friend and Audrey and her Grandma Lucy BEST THING EVER. "She's going to kill me" thing was the best thing most likely not the exact words but you Know :P

CONGRATS ON BREAKING ZE RULES I LOVED THIS CHAPTER YO UPDATE SOON!? I really love your writing you talented mind and person.
Educational decree #3 and House cup review 2014 LET'S GO GRYFFINDORS AND BRAZIL SCREW GERMANY.

Author's Response: YOU CAN. YOU CAN.

Bahahaha, it's cool, if she wasn't talking a load of crap in a really serious moment, I think a lot would be wrong with Audrey, so let's just all celebrate the randomness she sprouts all the time.

Bahaha, I'm so glad that you liked her pottymouth, but gah, I'm really worried I'm talking a load of crap all the time so I will be very careful with what I say in the future now :P Erm, yeah, Olvier, erm yeah, is all I can say, so you will have to wait, erm yeah, okay? Okay. (don't know why a TFiOS quote came out but it did)

Whoo, I ♥ breaking da rulez. Thank you so much for this fab review but bahaha Germany rules :P


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Review #10, by ravenclaw14 Bleak and Bleaker

17th June 2014:
Loving the story so far!! And when are we going to get some more Audrey/Percy?? (sorry they're pretty cute :P) Anyways, great story, update soon please!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, you will get some of them soon so don't worry at all! Thanks for a great review and I will hopefully update soon! :D

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Review #11, by potterhead Bleak and Bleaker

6th June 2014:
This chapter felt sadder than the rest but was still good. I hope that Oliver isn't as bad as he seems to be now as I do like him, but I can't help but wonder where he left too and then what Jemima said. I think the letter's from Percy, it sounds like him and relates to him, so it must be. Perhaps those two could be together.

Author's Response: Yes, it definitely did have a much more muted tone but I'm glad that you liked nonetheless! Like usual, don't judge too early, especially with Oliver as we still have a lot more of his story to go! Yay for Percy being nice, I said he would change! Thanks again for these amazing review! :D

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Review #12, by potterhead April Fool's

6th June 2014:
Draco and Astoria are together!1! Sort of. I liked that he's getting all Mugglefied thanks to Audrey and hopefully Astoria will make him into a better person too as I do think he is nice deep down. George and Angelina were cute together too! The party was very interesting though I can't decide if I hate Percy or not. Sometimes he's nice then he's all moody, STOP CHANGING!

Author's Response: They are, well, sort of! But still I'm so glad that you liked them being together as they are more guilty pleasure. Erm, yes, the party did show a new side to Percy but hopefully in the coming chapters you'll have a much better idea of him and he won't change so much! Thanks for a great review :D

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Review #13, by potterhead One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four.

6th June 2014:
I hate Eileen too, you're very good at writing annoying characters I have to say. So James is gay? I wonder what this will mean for Audrey... Percy was quite nice here, though I feel so bad for Audrey yelling all that stuff and he was there *awkward turtle* oh well, it was funny for me. Also, I hope this means Astoria and Draco will be together soon!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! And yes he is and it definitely will mean something so pay attention! Whoo for Percy he is lovely really! Thanks for a fab review:D

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Review #14, by potterhead Papa-Paparazzi

6th June 2014:
Ew, Rita Skeeter, I really hate her and I wish she would go and die and stop ruining people's lives. We got a lot more action in this chapter and the kissing was written well so thank you for that. The ending with Verity and the others standing up for Draco was very moving as it's sad how much people hate him though I want him and Astoria to be together now!

Author's Response: Yes, Skeeter is very ew worthy so I am with you here! Aw, I'm glad you liked the kiss as I always thought I sucked at them! But whoo people power and thanks for this fab review! :D

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Review #15, by potterhead Quidditch Confrotations

6th June 2014:
I really like Audrey's friends now we know them a lot more as they make me a laugh a lot and are very entertaining. I think Jemima and Verity might get Draco to go out with Astoria and if that's the case it's cool you're writing about them too. The Quidditch match at the end was very exciting with the way Oliver went and kissed as we got some action ;) Though I have a feeling the flash isn't a good thing.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm lgad you like them as they are very dear to me! Haha, yes, Draco and Astoria definitely do play a part so don't worry! Whoo for action, though you are right, the flash sort of ruined it! Thanks for the great review :D

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Review #16, by potterhead An Interlude of Fame

6th June 2014:
Ok, I think I want her and Oliver together as he was very sweet this morning even though he thought Audrey was running out on him, they need to get together now as only one date so far isn't enough for me so I hope they get some more action ;) Percy is very weird and still quite annoying, but I imagine he will change to be with Audrey.

Author's Response: Aw, you settled on one then! Haha, Audrey and Oliver are very funny together but maybe things will change making it easier for you. Poor Percy, he does get nicer, don't worry! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #17, by potterhead An Exit with Oliver

6th June 2014:
This chapter was very funny. I like Jemima a lot as she is unusual and I can't wait to see more of her. Audrey's thoughts were very vibrant, especially when she was getting ready which was funny. The ending was great, but now I'm not sure if I want her and Oliver to be together or her and Percy.

Author's Response: Hi again, yes, Jemima and Audrey are very different but I'm glad that you liked them! Ha, I always shipping one pair from the beginning to end, but I'm glad you liked Oliver enough to ship them together too! Thanks for the great review :D

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Review #18, by potterhead Introductory Measures

6th June 2014:
It was a very enjoyable first chapter and Audrey made me a laugh a lot. I like that she's trying to help Draco and I hope we get to see more of him later. Percy is annoying.

Author's Response: Whoo, thanks for the great reviews, Percy does suck now, but hopefully you'll like him later on! :D

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Review #19, by Miss Undaztood Black April Fool's

7th May 2014:
So I was reading through the rest of the chapters, looking for one to leave CC on, and I really struggled to find anything I didn't say in my first review. There are a small number of minor spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing that detracts from the story.

As you've got more confident and comfortable with the characters and story, and you know you've laid all the foundations for the reader, the story has a better flow and is easier to engage with.

There were a few specific lines/words in this chapter that I picked out that could be improved, so I'll run through those in the order they appear:
- 'Ron and Bill are looking after it. Bill wanted to get out of the house as Victoire’s in a vicious mood because Fleur wouldn’t let have some new ballet shoes or whatever, and Ron wanted to come help because Hermione was just reading at home and that was too boring for him.' This is said by George, and is more an example of something to watch out for. It's speech, but it doesn't read as a believable speech pattern, especially not a casual one. There are times in speech where your characters explain things for the sake of the reader, as the other characters already know, and while the exposition is necessary, there might be better ways of explaining things.
- 'The point is of a surprise is to be shocked.' The first 'is' needs taking out.
- 'You should have picked it up as I looked even more excited than usual.' Another example of the exposition thing. Most people aren't quite that aware of their facial expressions or body language. She's much more likely to say, "Did you not notice? Do I not look much more excited than usual?" Or something similar.
- ‘I see how it is,’ he says slowly, each word and pause being a measured one. ‘I shan’t stay here any longer is my presence is so undesirable to those around me.’ My point about this line is it's really not clear whether Percy or Oliver said it.

That's really all I picked up on in this chapter, or indeed any chapter since my first review. The flow of the story, and how the narrative interacts with the action, is something I picked up on in that, but that's much better in this chapter than in the earlier ones. I'm not sure if it's the writing that's changed or if I've just got more used to the voice the further I've read.

So, basically: great story, great characters, great writing, minor points of improvement. Good job! :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for leaving another review, I honestly didn't expect it and now I feel so bad for taking ages to respond but exams are just taking over my life right now :P

I'm glad the characters and the flow of the story improved as it went on, but I still definitely will go back and look at earlier chapters because since you mentioned it, I thought about it more and more and I can see what you mean.

Thanks so much for pointing out those errors, it seems no matter how many times I stare at a chapter, there always seems to be mistakes :P They should be fixed now!

I didn't purposely change the narrative (I think?), but I think I've taken more care in making the voice succinct throughout rather than the rambling earlier on while editing, so it's good to know it improved!

Thanks for a great review :D

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Review #20, by Miss Undaztood Black An Exit with Oliver

6th May 2014:
Here for the review you asked for :)

I've read the first few chapters, and honestly, this is one of the best written fan fics I've read. You've created a really unique voice and kept it consistent and believable, you have a wide array of colourful characters and while the reader knows it's a romance where she'll end up with Percy, there are so many aspects to the plot: sub-plots and character foils etc, that I, at least, was engaged and interested and don't yet feel like I know what's going to happen, which is key to keeping people coming back for more chapters.

You asked for constructive criticism, so I thought really hard about it and I've come up with a list of areas of improvement so far, with a focus on this chapter.

The first thing I'm going to say I know has been said before in other reviews, but you do need to be careful that the narration doesn't detract from the story being told. There are times, though they're few and far between, where the narration is so engaging and unique that as a reader, you lose track of the plot. For instance, the narration about her getting ready for the networking event at the ministry. While it's a funny passage that gives us insight into Audrey's home life, I wonder if it's a little too much description without action/dialogue.

Secondly, your characters are great: they're vibrant and rich and interesting, but at the moment, many of them are a little two dimensional. I don't know if that changes in later chapters as you develop them more, but it's perhaps worth spending time thinking about what makes each of them human, what drives them, what they're afraid of.

I did notice, when reading through, the odd spelling/grammatical error. Examples from this chapter are:
- After she meets Lee Jordan, she says she will do her "fellow Hufflpuffs proud" - missing 'e'.
- Be careful of an overuse of commas. When she first enters the ministry, there are three sentences where the commas are unnecessary: "When I enter... I want to join", "There's the... information from", and "As a large... shaking from me". There are other times when you use a comma, but another punctuation mark like a colon, semi-colon or dash would be preferable. For example, a little above the sentences mentioned in my last point, at the end of her step four, "For once, nothing has appeared to have gone wrong, perhaps tonight is my night." The second comma would be better as a dash or colon. Another note about this sentence is the mixed tenses in the middle clause, the 'was' is not needed.

Really, the points I've mentioned above are just things to be aware of as you write and suggestions for fine-tuning. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me :) I'll read the rest and leave a couple more reviews later on. I'm really enjoying reading this story, it's so lively and engaging, and very different to a lot of stuff I've read before.

Author's Response: Hi, thank you so much for these great reviews and I'm so sorry for how long it took for me to reply to them, exams just had to go and get in the way so it took a lot longer than I usually take!

Oh wow! Thank you so much, I had to go and read that line a couple of times over because that is seriously one of the best compliments I've ever gotten! I'm so glad you liked the characters because there are so many of them I often feel lost at times and wonder what's really going on in the story :P Hahaha, yes, you're definitely right about the sub-plots and there are quite a few twists and turns before Audrey and Percy get together.

Thank you so much for the tip on the narration. I do find that I do over do it from time to time, and I've planned to edit all the chapters in the coming weeks, so that will definitely be a thing to watch over. Thank you so much for mentioning that though, as it's something I often forget to look out for!

Yes, I think that's one of the problems of having a two large a cast because later on we do have time to develop them, but right now it's a little tricky, but I'll definitely work on that too.

Ooh thanks again for pointing out those spelling and grammar errors, this was all written during NaNo so I'm not very surprised that there are some still lurking away there :P

Thank you for this review, it was really useful because I haven't had much CC on this story, so I was glad to get some because I always want to improve the story as much as possible!

Thanks for such a great review :D


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Review #21, by MissesWeasley123 April Fool's

27th April 2014:
(bighead) Percy - GOLDEN KIANA GOLDEN!

lol seriously, whenever Audrey talks it's like listening (reading?) to you talk bahaha because both you and her are so funny and brackets are the best things EVEERRR. ♥

Aw, and poor Awko Taco Percy poor thing :( ♥


I also loved that small talk bit it's like ahhh yes small talk indeed! Also, I love your summary, have I told you that? Well yes, I lurve it.

Why is this story so goood.

Also, I think there was a random square bracket back in the scene with Draco and Astoria like near the beginningish of the chapter. I don't think it was supposed to be there :P


Author's Response: Wah, thank you so much Nadia, you are too fabulous! Lol, you know when you spend too much time writing FF when you and your character are the same...OH WELL. SHe is quite cool and gets to date Oliver so I'm not complaining.

Hehehe, so much awkwardness but we will catch up on poor Percy and Drastoria asap!

Aw, yay, thank you as I hate summaries and no the random square thing wasn't met to be there, but it should be gone now. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for a fab review! ♥

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Review #22, by magicalmayhem April Fool's

27th April 2014:
Living this story! Can't wait to see what happens next

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! ♥ The next chapter should be up soonish!

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Review #23, by LightLeviosa5443 One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four.

8th April 2014:
Yay chapter 7!!!

I'm so excited this is posted!! And you're updating the CI's too? Ooh, I can't wait to see them!!! Look at you go, making graphics for your own stories. Oh, and you're welcome ;)

Okay, to the story. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY. Ugh, Audrey is so funny, the way she thinks, the way she acts. It's just all so natural and ridiculous and hilarious and sometimes she makes me feel like I'm kind of normal. Kind of. I think I'm on a higher level than her. Anyways.

This was so awesome, and can I just predict that I think James and Oliver are going to be a thing and that's how we edge into the Audrey/Percy area? Because you mentioned a couple, and James made a comment about being jealous of Audrey being with Oliver, and you have to have a good reason to break them up. Oh and that would totes hurt her self esteem. Which would definitely push her towards Percy.

Just a theory though. I can't wait for the next chapter!! Great job girlfriend!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Sarah! I'm sorry so I took ages to respond to this but as you know I was away :P

Whoo, I am, hopefully they'll turn out ok as bright graphics seem to hate me a lot.

Whoo again, thank you so much, I just want to give you a virtual hug for that! I'm so glad you like Audrey though, I can definitely see similarities between the two of you from what you told me so whoo for that.

We do edge into Percy/Audery era soonish I will say that, but how is another question resulting from a series of multiple things though one of them is naturally the end of her and Oliver but how is another thing :p Whoo, for theories though, you've gotta love them!

Thanks for the fab review lovely!

♥ Kiana

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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123 One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four.

8th April 2014:
ohmygod you updated yay.

OHHH SNAP. James. Wooh. What if he and Oliver get together actually lolol.

Percy is so awkward lol and Penelope is a hag. She should go break an arm or something. Hmph.

Great chapter! Audrey's just developed so well, it's so much fun to read her.



Author's Response: ohmygod, i know, i'm so lazy it took me an age :P

OOOH. I KNOW. Haha, I can't say anything more but more will be revealed in the coming chapters so whoo.

I know, you just want to hug Percy as he tries so hard but fails, and Penelope will get what's coming for her. Eventually...

Whoo go Audrey! Haha, I know, I learnt the recorder for like 3 years and that's all I came out with :P



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Review #25, by LightLeviosa5443 Papa-Paparazzi

25th March 2014:
Woo! This chapter was so great!

I really love the way you've characterized Audrey. She's so funny and her actions are so honest and just bold. I really love the way she felt that she HAD to say something to Percy, very cute! Oliver seemed like such a terrible person when he was insulting Percy. First time this whole story I've disliked Oliver! Now I really can't wait for Percy to step onto the scene!

Can I just say that when Verity stood up for Draco, it was so cute, and perfect. I really loved how Audrey didn't like Hannah, and how she wanted to say something but just couldn't. I also thought the old man was a great touch to throw in there. Super cute and that Draco thanked him was just perfect.

I TOTALLY CALLED IT ON ASTORIA. I. CALLED. IT. Sorry, I got excited :P I LOVE how you set that one up too, that was brilliant!!! I can't wait to see how you pan out the rest of this story cause ooh girl it's a winner.

Update soon lady!

xoxo Sarah

P.S. This is my 500th review!!!

Author's Response: Whoo, congrats on your 500th review, and thank you so much for giving it to me it means a lot :D

Haha, I think it was the first time I started hating on Oliver but there is more to the story which comes along later so just wait and see, but it makes me insanely happy to hear you like Audrey :D

Aw, I know I was gushing throughout and was sort of yelling girl power and stuff :P Haha, I never really liked Hannah so I couldn't but throw in anti-Hannah moments (sorry Neville!) so whoo for taking a stand. YOU DID AND YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE. I'm so glad that you liked this story, it honestly means so much to me and there will be more Draco and Astoria moments to come :D

Thank you so much Sarah and I will try!


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