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Review #1, by nott theodore Missing

6th March 2015:
Hi Jenna! I've been away travelling but I saw that you'd updated this and now that I'm back, I wanted to stop by - I love seeing this story updated!

The opening section with Richard was so interesting! I thought you captured his character really well, and I was really intrigued about whether you were going to show what happened in the past after Rose had left. I was certainly getting the impression that Richard was beginning to feel something for Rose but was constrained by his own notions of chivalry and societal conventions - the way that he was unlike his brothers in that respect, and wanted to respect Rose, was really sweet. The opening to this chapter made it clear that he really is growing to care about her and he wants to act on that interest, which still retains some of the fascination of the fairy lady that he remembers from his childhood. It was so interesting to see the way that he did all that was in his power to try and find Rose and was so terrified that something had happened to her. I really wonder what his reaction will be like when she returns to his time, and especially at what point in the relationship both of them will be at in their own time.

Rose seems to be getting really frustrated with her normal life in the present day again, and it's kind of worrying how much she thinks about returning and finding a way to go back to Richard. Part of me can understand why she wants to return, but with all of the other information that we discovered in this chapter, it's very reckless of her to do so without considering the consequences!

Even in her boredom and disinterest in her return to work, I loved all of the details that you included in the section about the Floo regulations, like the fact that the fireplaces had to be checked on a regular basis, and the different complaints and call outs that the workers in the department get. I also really enjoyed the working atmosphere you created for her, with the dynamics between the two men that work there, treating her so differently - Dennis seems really sweet and kind, whereas Hazlehurst doesn't appear to care much for her because he knows that she doesn't really want to be there.

The news about Archie getting caught in the Floo network as he tried to Apparate was really interesting to read, and I can't blame Rose for taking the opportunity to go along and see Archie again and hear what he has to say about it. I only wish that she'd actually listen to some of it, too...

Hmm, I don't know if I'm interpreting this right, but with the clues about the length of Archie's beard and the way that he looks so tired, plus got caught in the Floo network while he was trying to apparate (after being out with two Muggle friends, which seems kind of convenient) makes me think that he too has been travelling in time as part of the Department of Mysteries' experiments into the time travel potions. If he has been, he definitely seems to have considered the consequences much more than Rose (although since he was part of the team developing the potion then he should be more aware of them, I suppose) but also to have been kind of badly affected by it. I wonder whether he and Rose might meet in the past at any point, too...

The conversation with Archie about time and time travel was so interesting to read - I loved all of the consideration and detail that you'd put into that, about the different ways that time could be affected, about what the nature of time actually is - it was fascinating to read, and definitely something I was intrigued in, even if Rose didn't pay enough attention to it!

I can't help but wondering what the ending of the story about the cat was, and whether Archie was trying to tell Rose the story as a sort of warning to let her know the consequences of what might happen, particularly if he knows that she's taken the potion but doesn't know where she's been with it. It's fascinating to think of all the different consequences something so tiny might have! And I'm intrigued about whether we'll find out who that dog belonged to, actually.

Part of me is wondering whether, in letting Rose go to the bathroom, Archie knew that she'd go snooping and he wanted her to find the potion. I don't want to think that he'd do that, particularly with the different (and extremely worrying) notes that accompanied his study of the potions, but he already looked the other way so that he 'didn't see' Rose stealing the first potion.

I'm so intrigued about what's going to happen next, particularly because I'm sure Rose is determined to go back to somewhere in Richard's timeline, and I think it could be even more dangerous this time...

Sian :)

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Review #2, by marauderfan Missing

5th March 2015:
Hi Jenna! I was thrilled to find another update on this story! It really is one of my absolute favourite stories on the archive.

The beginning part with Richard is so great. I love seeing his thought process and how he views someone from the future like Rose, and all the different pressures of society on him and how his peers would behave in similar situations. You write the historical aspect of this story so well and I love it.

Most of all I love how much depth you've gone into with the time travel! I was just glued to the screen during Rose's conversation with Archie. Besides the fact that I got a really bad feeling when Rose decided to visit him (because I knew she'd end up sticking her nose into something), I loved that conversation they had about sending a cat back in time, and the different interpretations of how time works, whether it's predetermined or in flux - gah, I just love that stuff and I found their discussion so interesting and I'm glad you went into all that detail. Awesome.

Oh no! Rose is thinking dangerous thoughts at the end there! Uggghh. Not only did she steal a potion (this could really get Archie into trouble), but the kind of flippant, entitled attitude she has about it all is very worrisome. Didn't the notes say something about it being most dangerous when it's deliberate? And I'm willing to bet that the piece of the story Archie hadn't gotten to yet is the mkst important. Rose is really blinded by her own obsession at this point and I really wonder how things are going to end up when she goes back.

this story is addicting. Keep up the awesome work!

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Review #3, by Charmnight39 A Closed Circle

24th January 2015:
I am loving it. I am a history buff so I love being transported to that time period. You do a great job though showing the modern items that we would miss.

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Review #4, by nott theodore A Closed Circle

23rd January 2015:
Hi, love! So you just seem to be updating everything at once right now and I have no idea how you manage to write so fast and post such great chapters, but I'm very jealous and trying desperately to read and review so that I don't get behind again :P

I was so happy to see Play the Devil updated again! I've missed this story and Rose especially, and it was great to delve back into things here. And even though it's been quite a while since you last updated, because of Rose travelling back to the present day in this chapter it didn't feel like we'd missed out on very much at all.

I really liked how much was going on in the twenty-first century - how there seemed to be so many more people and things around Rose that she had to deal with, compared to the world that she's just left. It really emphasises the differences in the time periods.

The first scene between Rose and Scorpius was really great! So much to comment on but I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to have to try and type quickly because we both know by now short reviews seem to be impossible for me :P I'm still thinking that Scorpius cheated on Rose because of the mention of Cecelia and the way he seemed to shut up a bit then, but it was interesting to see that the sting has gone out of him being around and Rose is seeing him a bit more objectively (well, she's still getting irritated by lots of things he does but slightly more objective than before) because she's developing feelings for Richard and what Scorpius did to her doesn't hurt so much now because of that.

I really liked all the little quirks and aspects that you gave to his character in that scene, since we haven't really seen much of him yet although he's been mentioned quite a bit. The hypochondriac thing definitely sounds annoying! But I'm fairly certain that he's being sneaky about something - didn't he pick up the vial of potion? I'm intrigued about why he said no and what he's going to do with it. And also how Rose will get back to the past again because she must do after other scenes that we've seen.

The scene in St. Mungo's was great, and I especially loved the different ailments that the other patients were suffering from :P It made me laugh that the witch was getting annoyed with their stupidity and directing other people to go in first when she could see their illnesses weren't serious - I feel like that's definitely something a bored receptionist would do! And the donkey thing made me laugh too!

Aw, it was so sweet to see how emotional Rose got to see her mum again, even though her mum couldn't really understand it. It did a great job of emphasising the way that time passes for Rose but not for the others in the present day, and I'm really intrigued about what would happen if Rose ended up spending months in the past - would it translate as just hours in the present day?

Hugo was quite sweet to Rose in the scene between them - a lot sweeter than I was expecting for a teenage boy, but I loved the way that he also got a little protective and then couldn't really care when Rose started telling him about the boy that she'd met. That fit his character so well.

We don't often see the internet making an appearance in stories like this unless it's a wizarding version, but I love Rose knowing enough to head off to the library and use the computers, although it was still obvious that she didn't know what she was doing completely because she couldn't work the mouse properly and didn't know what it was called. But I love the idea of her heading to wikipedia to find out what she can about the people she's met. I am impressed that she resisted clicking on Richard's name, though, because I'm not sure that I would have been able to!

I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next, whether people notice that something's changed about her and if she's going to return to the past soon or not!

Sian :)

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Review #5, by missatron Prologue

23rd January 2015:
Hi again! I'm dropping by to read this - it looked interesting, so I thought that I'd take a peek!

I really, really just adore your writing style! It flows brilliantly throughout the whole chapter and is such a breeze to read. Honestly, if I had the time, I could read it all day. Your descriptions create such vivid images in my mind, it's impossible! I loved the quilt metaphor, very imaginative!

I love the idea that Rose is effectively dying from going back in time, but she doesn't actually regret it. It makes the start seem so powerful, strong and emotive. I loved how your jumped straight in with telling us what is going on. Your characterisation of Rose is such a unique one - I'm used to her being quiet, studious, not someone who is in love, clever and a criminal. I like how you have taken a character who already exists and made her your own.

You kept some information from us too. That makes us want to know: who is HE? What significance does he have? Is there a complicated backstory? You're leaving me in the dark, which is driving me insane!

A great read!

Missy ♥

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Review #6, by marauderfan A Closed Circle

22nd January 2015:
Do mine eyes deceive me or is this a NEW CHAPTER?!?! :D :D YES IT IS AND I AM SO EXCITED

Ooh, I'm really curious what happened between Scorpius and Rose. I'm also under the impression that it was not entirely Scorpius' fault, as we're seeing this all from Rose's likely biased perspective. But he clearly did something, because he acts like he regrets it. What I can't figure out is whether he's trying to help her because he actually still cares a lot about her, or because he's trying to make up for whatever transgression he did.

The twenty first century seems far busier. I love how you showed this through Rose feeling like just a number being processed at St. Mungo's.

It's nice seeing the Weasley family again though, and like Rose, I feel like it's been so long since I've read about them here, but for Hermione and Hugo it's only been a day since last time they saw Rose. Hermione's reaction to Rose being extra sentimental was funny.

Hahaha, Rose looked Edward up on Wikipedia. I seriously forget about the existence of the internet in fic, it's like two separate worlds, but this is happening like present day so of course even magical folk would have some knowledge of the internet. I am SO impressed with her self control though, and the way she didn't click to find out about Richard - I would not have been able to avoid clicking and finding out anyway! I'm the person who sometimes reads the last page of books before I actually get there and potentially end up spoiling it for myself. It's literally the worst habit.

This was such a good chapter, and I love how it delved into a bit of the complications of time travel, how Rose finally realises how serious it is (when she's debating clicking to find out more) and that knowing things can be dangerous. And after all that she still wants to return to the past. I guess she hasn't learnt her important lesson yet... that'll come when she seriously messes something up, I guess :p

Loved it!!!

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Review #7, by BellaLestrange87 Rose

21st December 2014:
I just lost what I wrote due to accidentally going back, so I'm going to try again. I'm beginning to think that I should write my reviews in a word processor and copy and paste them into the box.

I loved the relationship that Rose her parents, and the banter between them. The part where Ron accidentally exploded the coffeemaker made me laugh. It's so like Ron, being too heavy with the magic, and Hermione having to show him how to do the spell properly and not break the coffeemaker. I can remember Hermione lecturing Harry and Ron in their Hogwarts years about Hogwarts and stuff she read in Hogwarts, A History that they never bothered to learn about.

"The pigeon incident in June"? Ron, what did you do? Although, considering he had to perform a Confundus Charm just to get his licence in the first place, can't have been anything good. Especially if he got it revoked.

I really liked Richard's part. He's clearly in love with his woman - Rose, as I now know. I did notice that he specifically mentions that she's a witch. I think back then if you were a witch you got burned at the stake. If Rose told him that they obviously trust each other enough for her to put her life in his hands.

The final paragraph was excellent. There was one mistake Rose did not make. Did Rose make a lot of mistakes? Was one of these mistakes the action that set in motion how she ended up in the mid-to-late 1400s in the first place? Or telling him she was a witch? Maybe he didn't care, but I'm sure he probably had sterner-minded advisor who thought differently. And yes, most people probably don't want to know that they have two or three years to live. :)

I only noticed three things that I think I should point out to you:

'"You will be the only one who thinks so,Ē I inform her through a mouthful of toast.' You slip into present tense her, and the rest of the chapter is in past tense.

In his younger days he had enjoyed chasing after occasional the dark wizard or two, though now he was mostly resigned to paperwork. after occasionally the dark wizard or two

I answered a memo about a faulty Portkey found in Derbyshire and by promising Mssrs. Hazlehurst and Creevey would be on it as soon as they were finished with their current task. in Derbyshire by promising Mssrs. Hazlehurst

Overall, this was another excellent chapter!

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Review #8, by BellaLestrange87 Prologue

21st December 2014:
This has been on my Reading List for a while and I haven't started it. And, since I've promised myself that I'm going to review every chapter of everything I read from now on, you should expect a lot of reviews, both on this and on The Girl From Slytherin.

I really liked the first section, where you talked about time and their quilt of... well, time. (Bad descriptor.) The fact that they get angry at people who manipulate time ties in perfectly with Hermione's comment in the third book about wizards who mess with it and the fact that bad things happen to them. Also, that whole bit is really poetic and nice and just well done.

I liked how you described the growing use of technology, and how it's made us worse towards nature. It's something we sometimes look at with a blind eye, or just ignore altogether, and I like the fact that Time is clearly not ignoring it.

I loved Rose's section. So many unanswered questions come up here - who is this lover of hers? Scorpius? How did she come by that necklace? Why is she breaking into the Department of Mysteries and stealing Harry's invisibility cloak? That reckless time a few months ago that she described: was it the source of all this trouble?

That final section was also amazing. This clearly doesn't seem to be a very happy marriage. Since these two people appear to be very rich, is very accurate - from what I know about the late 1400s, arranged marriages among rich families were very common. Have to preserve the money, I guess. What I also noticed that was period-accurate was how the wife automatically curtsied to her husband. You really did a good job here bringing out a sense of the times, of how the man was always in charge and basically controlled the woman's life.

I love the sense of foreboding at the end: the man has only a few years to live, and there is a small pendant around his neck, the same pendant that Rose described as missing from around her neck. I strongly suspect that the necklace has something to do with her being feverish and diseased and why he is dying.

This was an amazing first chapter! (Because I have no idea how to end reviews any other way.)

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Review #9, by patronus_charm Starlit Night

1st November 2014:
Hi again Jenna! Iím just trying to catch up on your all stories today :D

Wah wah wah that moment with Richard ♥ wah wah wah so many feels ♥ wah wah wah it was so perfect ♥ I really loved it as they just opened up to one another and even though it was only a little bit it just seemed to have revealed so much. Roseís comments about Hugo made me laugh so much about how he was a brat as it was a nice touch to add in a bit of humour to the otherwise serious section. I feel so bad for Richard because he does genuinely seem to want to marry for love and have someone he really cares for, itís just obviously a little hard in those times to find someone like that and even though heíll sort of have it with Rose, I know it obviously canít last because of the whole time travel situation. Wah, that section was just so angsty!

I really loved how Richard taught her the history of the English kings and Iím impressed by how you managed to condense it down but make sure that all the facts were still there as it couldnít have been an easy job! Richard seemed so sad when he was recounting that story for some reason, I canít help but wonder what he was really thinking and feeling and whether he wanted to be king at that moment in time or whether he got the urge later on in life. Hmm, so many questionsÖ.

Bahaha, poor Rose forgetting about all the social customs of the time! She must have made Callumís day apologising to him though! I really love all this time Richard and Rose are spending together as they really do seem to be learning about one another as well as learning from one another too and itís so cute and adorable and just wonderful! ♥ There was another comedy scene with Apollo who is, indeed, a very adorable war horse! But the elbow grabbing and looking at the stars moment was my favourite bit of the whole chapter because of the feels! ♥ Though the whole someone walking on your grave feel did creep me out and I hope this isnít an omen.

But wah, why did Rose have to go back to the present? Just as she and Richard were getting so close she had to leave him, oh well, I guess I can find out more about her and Scorpius now! A great chapter and sorry for this rambling review, because itís even leaving me feeling confused :P


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Review #10, by marauderfan Starlit Night

21st October 2014:
I'm so impressed with the historical background in this story - you must have done a lot of research. It's what really sets this story up well and makes it feel real, all these things are happening on such a rich historical backdrop. Not only the succession of kings and who's related to whom, but the societal things as well like Rose thanking the servants out of habit, or accidentally apologising to them - it continues to remind me just how out of place she is even after so long in the past.

Hmm. I think Scorpius cheated on her. Based on the short discussion of him in the beginning of the chapter, and then about halfway through when Rose is lamenting things that suck in the modern day, like bad haircuts or adulterous partners. It's a clue! Scorpius cheated on her... with a hairstylist :p ok, scratch the last part, but. that is what I think. :p

I loved the scenes with Rose and Richard together, particularly when they went to the stables and Rose was so forward with him and still playful - it's always amusing to me to see Richard try and step out of his natural formality and how Rose brings that out.

Wow, the end has me wondering and guessing all sorts of things. That bit about the starts creepily glowing like a face was so eerie and definitely held some dark sense of foreboding - first something strange going on with Richard, and then weird signs in the sky, and I feel like the "walking over your grave" comment was actually pretty important. I'm sure Rose didn't mean it literally, but... I'm sensing a lot more meaning in it than she probably intended. Ahh and then all of a sudden Rose is back in the twenty first century! In the middle of the night when she was sleeping! How did she get there? I thought it was only Apparition that caused it. Did Scorpius find the potion in her bag and bring her back? Omg so many questions, I guess I have to be patient and wait and see :p

Awesome chapter, Jenna!

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Review #11, by nott theodore Starlit Night

3rd October 2014:
Hi Jenna! Ah, I was so excited to see another chapter of this story up, and just when I've got internet (although it's still very temperamental) back!

Yay for Rose and Richard alone time! I've been excited to read some more of this, because as good as the other chapters have been I really enjoy reading about the two of them together and seeing the way that their relationship is slowly developing. I really liked the way that Rose went out to go and find him and didn't just sit there and let things happen around her as I imagine most women at this time would have been expected to do. It's great that you're still highlighting all the differences - however small and insignificant they might seem - between Rose's world and the one that she's found herself in. She's more than a bit incongruous in this setting, and although she's making the best of it and seems to have been accepted for what she is, it isn't easy to keep up the pretence. Small things like the scene with the servant who's so surprised that she even acknowledges him make this so much more believable and help us to fit in with Rose better, because we identify with her character much more than the others (at least, I do :P).

Anyway, Rose and Richard time. Yes, thank you! I liked their conversation and the fact that Richard is still so restrained and formal with Rose and can't help but be surprised by how 'forward' she is - after their first meeting (well, Rose's first meeting), I can't help but wonder how they'll progress to that stage in their relationship! I'm really intrigued whether or not, eventually, Rose will tell Richard the truth and explain fully all her lies and what the reaction will be then. It was great to see Richard talk about his siblings and family as well, and start to open up to Rose a bit more.

The historical background was interesting! I already knew about it of course, but I think it works well to help readers place this time in history and put Rose's appearance in context, as well as making sense to be included since Rose doesn't really know any of the history either.

The scene in the stable was really cute! I liked the way that Richard gradually warmed to Rose and she managed to get him to take things a little less seriously over the course of them spending some time together. Although he's still surprised when she takes hold of his elbow :P

I actually really enjoyed Rose's introspection in this chapter as well. I think it's the first time that she's really shown the same sort of introspection in this story, as before she's probably not been entirely honest with herself about certain things, but I think it's great to show that, like she says, her time spent in the past has changed the way she thinks about things and forced her to look at herself a bit more. And she's realising that she's starting to fall for Richard!

Hmm, the scene with them watching the stars was really sweet. I liked the closeness between the two of them and the reminder again that this England is very different to the one that Rose has known, but also the fact that she's starting to be conscious of whether or not she can mention Astronomy without being suspected of witchcraft or something. And then Richard has the funny turn! I'm curious about what it was that caused that, as I'm really intrigued to see how you'll link it in somewhere else in the story (I think I know your writing well enough by now to believe that will happen!). The 'walking over your grave' comment was really interesting too, I'm wondering if that will have some sort of impact on it...

And the ending! I definitely wasn't expecting her to be pulled back to the future the way that she was but in a way at least Scorpius didn't go back into the past as well and meet Richard and challenge him to a duel or something :P I'm so intrigued by how she got pulled back to the future and whether it was because of Scorpius or just because the potion was wearing off in her system... I guess that I'll have to wait and see!

Sian :)

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Review #12, by GingeredTea Richard

1st October 2014:
First off, I know it has nothing to do with you, but that chapter image is awesome. :)

From the very opening of this chapter, I could sense the portrayal of a man trying to distract himself with a simple morning routine. You managed to do this so subtly and so well that while it was an immediate 'sense' I had, the thought did not exactly cross my mind so bluntly until he admits to himself in the story that he is trying not to think of Rose.

Then you begin this sentence: "Agnes had let him be the highwayman". This especially long one stands out clear as a run on thought of the character and does so perfectly!

"Richard liked to internally boast of his denial of fate." Generally I find when someone has to internally boast anything, it's because they're trying to convince themselves.

Somehow, Richard's old world speech/thought patterns and actions brings a new level of humor to his awkward interactions with Rose. I found myself laughing quite a few times!

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Review #13, by Penelope Inkwell The Puzzle of Now

20th September 2014:
Poor Rose. Iíd have trouble with the horse, too. I can ride well enough to get by, but I cannot even begin to imagine how one manages a side-saddle! Iíd be at a total loss. And falling off is the worst. Although at least she got to cozy up to Richard ; )

I hadnít even thought about the hair issue. It would definitely bother me at first, like, ick. But now that I think about it, once I got used to it, it would probably be nice not to have that to worry about. Shaving my legs takes forever, and it is a pretty random beauty standards. Now that you make me think about it, itís obvious that, throughout much of time and in many parts of the world, no one would have cared.

ďIím too busy for such vanityĒ (core phrase for Iím not getting any action, let the beast roam free
--Itís funny because itís true.

Magical smithery sounds awesome! I love that youíve thought about what other classes might have been offered, way back when. So thorough!

"Everyone seemed to name their children after each other and marry their second cousins, and it was quite exhausting.Ē
--Bahaha. European history in a nutshell.

Iíve enjoyed Nicholas, and it was nice that Rose got to meet a fellow magical person. However, Iím hoping that now that most of the other guests have vamoosed, Rose & Richard will really get to know each other.


"I had been here long enough and heard enough about womenís rights (or lack thereof) in the past to truly blame Nicholas for his condescending words, yet they still stung. ď

I think here, you mean, ďI had been here long enough and heard enough about womenís rights (or lack thereof) in the past that I didnít truly blame Nicholas...Ē

I think you mean that sheís gotten too used to it to blame him, but the wording now makes it seem like sheís heard so much that sheís sick of it.

Another great chapter! Hope youíre well!


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Review #14, by patronus_charm The Puzzle of Now

25th August 2014:
Yay a new chapter! :D

Yay they found her and double yay for Richard! He was so sweet and attentive and yeah I just loved him and want to marry him so back away Rose. When Richard got onto Apollo with her and wrapped his arms around her it was so sweet and there were so many squeals and it was so perfect. You really wrote that so well and I am shipping this ship way too much!

Ooh and they talked! I really wonder the castle in the sky is, I have a feeling Richard might turn out either to be magical or a person who hates magic and burns witches so I wonder if this is a sign for one of those things. Or I could be completely wrong so ignore the ramblings if thatís the case.

I really liked the section with Ellyn as it was strange to see how attached Rose had become to the historical world and how she really couldnít leave it. The mentions about missing modern beauty products was very apt and I could see why Rose would be suffering from the lack of it. I canít wait to see where this leads though because we do know that she does go back to the future at some point and then back to the past again so I wonder how she ends up doing it.

Nicholas is interesting and I really liked learning about Hogwarts in that time period. I have a feeling he is the one to watch though and that he could be up to something. Iím not sure what but Iím sure he is, or maybe Iím just suspicious of everyone and thing in this story :P

A great chapter :D


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Review #15, by marauderfan The Puzzle of Now

25th August 2014:
Gah I just love the irony of her thinking about how scary ghosts are with the exception of a few including Nearly Headless Nick, and then Sir Nicholas himself shows up in person. You are having way too much fun setting up things like this :D I'm super excited for Rose to make the connection - she has to sooner or later!

To be fair, she had raised a son who would gallop off leaving an amateur rider on a mischievous horse. Perhaps she deserved the ruining of an old dress. -- hahaha, brilliant.

I liked the scene with Rose and Richard on the horse headed back to the castle! Haha, sending Nicholas away was definitely planned.

Like Rose, I too am really interested in whether time will have passed, or whether she'll return to the same moment, or whether she'll show up in a different time entirely. Who knows with time travel!

I kind of love her discussion with Sir Nicholas about feminism and how Victoire would totally not stand for the lower status of women in the middle ages. Although she might be more chill than Rose is about the not being able to shave her legs! :P

If only he had left some of his fine aura wandering the halls of Hogwarts to teach the loutish boys there how to properly treat a woman. -- Ha. Too much! This is great, seriously. Come on Rose! The hints are all there! XD

Awesome chapter! (Sorry about the excess of exclamation points in this review, I just ate way too many gummy bears!)

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Review #16, by nott theodore The Puzzle of Now

10th August 2014:
Hi Jenna!

Yay, I'm so glad that I'm caught up on this story now because I can be part of the race again to try and get the first review on this chapter!

Okay, I'm really glad that Rose seems to be okay with her ankle and that she's not too badly injured, it seems. I thought you did a great job of describing her panic though, when she was left alone and couldn't do anything but wait for Richard and Sir Nicholas to come back and find her. I think something like that would have really shocked her a bit, into realising the magnitude of the situation that she's stuck in. So far she seems to be coping rather well with the fact that she's trapped, essentially, in the past without any way of getting back because she hasn't got the potion. But I think it's hard to keep it together all the time and even though she's got reasons to enjoy being here, it's nice to see that she's not completely calm about it all the time!

It was lovely to see some more Richard and Rose time! It made me laugh to see the way that he ordered Nicholas out of the way with a bit of a pointless task, because really he just wanted to get Rose to himself for a bit. And I loved their conversation too, and the way that Richard started relaxing and feeling more comfortable around Rose during the ride back to the castle too. He definitely is cool and measured, like they say later in the chapter, but I have a feeling that it won't be too long before Rose is able to start breaking him out of that shell. At least she's got his promise to explain the wars that are going on, as well as the fact that he finally started calling her Rose!

One of my favourite things about this story is the way that there's no romanticising of the past. Rose dwells quite a bit on the differences between the present day and the period she's now in and I think it's great to show all the major differences and the smaller ones too. There's really so much that we take for granted in the present day and reading a story like this is highlighting it. I feel extremely sorry for Rose and her hairy leg predicament - I think that should be one of the first spells she looks up when she returns to the present day so that she's more prepared for when she returns to the past!

Another thing I have to comment on is the brilliant way that you've created Rose's voice in this story. I know we're quite far in so it might be a bit late to comment on it, but it really rings through in every single thing that she thinks, and the way that she thinks about other people too. I haven't seen her doing anything that's out of character really, or that doesn't make sense. And I love reading all of this story from her perspective, because it's so entertaining and interesting. For a character that's written quite a lot in fanfiction, I really think you've done a great job in making her seem not only vivid and believable, but also original. It's just one of the reasons why I love reading this story so much!

The friendship between Rose and Nicholas is great! I still kind of can't believe that Rose hasn't worked out that he's going to become Nearly Headless Nick yet, but at the same time it does kind of fit with the way that Rose says she's never paid much attention to history. When I think of that fitting in with her earlier comments about the ghosts, too, it's hilarious - clearly Nick remembers Rose and realises that she's the girl who appeared in his youth while she's still at Hogwarts, which is why he's so warm towards her. But I'm intrigued about what he might have learnt about her during the rest of his lifetime and her visits, because he could have known quite a bit about her future while she was still at school, so it's interesting to think all that he hasn't told her!

I thought it was really interesting to read about all the magical history that you'd created for this period as well. I know that witch burnings and trials were starting to become even more of a threat, and almost anything could be misconstrued, so it was really interesting to read about the way that the witches and wizards going to Hogwarts were taught from a really young age to hide their magic. The lessons sounded great as well, and I love the idea of them being tailored to different students as well as more appropriate for the time! It's just fascinating to see your interpretation of the system that they were using at that point in time and I really enjoyed reading about that.

Go Rose, for calling Nicholas out on being misogynistic! I know that he doesn't mean to be, and that a lot of them probably didn't mean to be so sexist in this time, but the way that society was constructed gave women very poor roles and positions in society. I'm not going to rant about it, even though I easily could, but I think it's great to show those differences here. It would be extremely difficult for a woman who's alive today to go back and endure all of that attitude, only being complimented as far as her looks are concerned and being dismissed in other ways. I don't blame Rose for struggling with it!

Those last lines about someone like Nick walking the halls of Hogwarts and improving the attitudes towards women was brilliant, it made me smile so much!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, but I hope that Richard starts to warm towards Rose soon and stops being quite so cold - especially when it's just them in the castle and the guests have all left. But I also have a suspicion that Scorpius might turn up soon and that could ruin things completely... Anyway, I'm going to end this review now because I only have 300 characters left, but this was brilliant as usual!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi!!! :D

I'm glad that you liked seeing Rose freak out a little bit and realize the dangers of being there in the past. I think that she did adjust well and got caught up in the adventure of it, but also getting injured and having no real support system or anybody looking out for her is pretty scary.

Richard and Rose time is so much fun for me to write so I'm glad you liked it. He's a bit awkward in general but he does like her and is trying to impress her a bit, I think. :P

I felt like a lot of time travel novels I've read have kind of romanticized the past and glided over the more unpleasant aspects, but that was one of the hilarities that I could not resist. Although of course Rose is used to relatively very luxurious conditions, she's been thrust into the past without any preparation or knowledge of what to expect so she's bound to get a bit whiny. :P

Ahh, thank you! Writing Rose and the way she thinks and interacts is really entertaining and I personally find her one of the more relatable MCs that I've written and writing her flows really easily. I'm so excited that you find her an original portrayal of Rose - that means a lot! :)

Rose not figuring out who Nick is is partly me building up suspense, and partly the fact that it would never occur to her to think of it. I think that even if she was told his whole title, she might just think that he was an ancestor of the ghostly Nick because it just seems like too much of a coincidence. I promise that eventually she will figure it out though. :P

I'm pleased you liked the magical history! It's so interesting to write about and to imagine, and this story was a great outlet for expanding on JKR's already fascinating magical history.

I feel like the term "sexist" or any conception of it didn't even exist or occur to anyone at the time. It's sad but felt realistic that Rose would be the victim of a lot of casual misogyny. I know that I would have a very difficult time with it as well, and probably would go crazy, whereas Rose is a little more understanding of the conditions of the times and optimistic that she can help encourage change and positive opinions of women.

Hehe, I'm really enjoying your hopes and suspicions - it's always exciting for me and gives me lots of ideas! :) Thanks so much for another brilliant review, you really are too kind to me!! ♥

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Review #17, by nott theodore A Proposal and a Tumble

3rd August 2014:
Hi Jenna! Ah, I'm so excited because now I'm finally up to date with one of your stories! (I just have like thirty other chapters of different ones to read and then we'll be fine :P)

The change at the beginning of this chapter from Rose's point of view to Richard's was really interesting, because it's great to get to learn more about him at the same time as the other characters, especially as he's trying his best to keep his distance from her at the moment. It was great that you showed the way he had to work so much harder than his brothers to be strong and brave and because of that he already had insecurities, so he wasn't really suited to being a prince or a brother of the king (and maybe not the king himself, as he'll be eventually). But it was great to see all of that as it applied to Rose and how he felt about her. It's really nice to see the way that the two of them are thinking about each other as well, and how that's changing gradually even though they've not actually spent that much time together. Rose is starting to question how she should feel about Richard because she knows that in both of their futures they'll be a lot closer, but she's struggling to work out how that'll happen, and at the same time Richard is seeing Rose first as the faerie lady from his childhood, and now as an alluring young woman who's full of faults and flaws but who he's attracted to nonetheless.

It was so cute of Richard when he was trying to work out if there were any ways that he could get closer to her and talk to her again! Normally you'd think that someone with so much power would be used to doing whatever he wanted to get his own way but he's very conscious of being seen to do the right thing, even though he wants to speak to her. It was so cute to see him sweating and nervous when he'd made up his mind to talk to Rose after the dinner!

Haha, Annie Lovell is quite the character, isn't she? She kind of made me laugh in this chapter and I can see why she and Rose got on quite well, in spite of the darker side that's there, because with her confidence she wouldn't seem out of place in the 21st century! I was a bit surprised by the way that she propositioned Richard so boldly though, especially since he's a prince, but at the same time I was really relieved to see Richard rejecting her and not letting anything happen between them - it was good to find out what happened when she followed him the other night, too! I also liked finding out more about the history and background between Francis and Annie getting married, with the age gap and things. It was really interesting to see Richard thinking of the way that Francis had preferred 'little Anne Neville' when he himself will marry her eventually!

The second part with the switch to Rose's point of view was great again (not that your writing is ever anything but) and I liked the way that she observed something about the way that Richard behaved with Annie Lovell without knowing the reason why. It was great to see the way that she and Sir Nicholas are getting on though, and that she's got someone to talk about Hogwarts with (the idea of a Weasley teaching potions is absolutely hilarious for some reason). It's interesting that she hasn't told him yet about the fact she's come from the future but I think that might be a bit much to confide in him - she doesn't seem to have made the connection that he'll become Nearly Headless Nick either, and the comment about her having his head was so well placed and just perfect.

Ah, I thought the fact that you described the difficulties she was having with the ride was great and I loved reading about the way the two men were acting in comparison to her. Richard definitely suggested that so that they could all do something together though! And oh dear, poor Rose - falling off her horse isn't great in any circumstances and I don't think that healthcare is going to be great for her in the fifteenth century. I'm wondering what's going to happen next - will Richard come back and save her, or is she going to run into someone else? Scorpius maybe?

This was a fantastic chapter and I'm so excited that I'm finally caught up with this story, so now I can say I'm looking forward to the update soon! (Update this instead of your other stories and then I might have a chance of catching up :P)

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian!! :) I just finished exams so going to tackle all of my reviews and hopefully give some good responses to all of your amazing comments! ♥

I'm so glad you like seeing Richard's point of view as well! It really wasn't something I planned when beginning the story but it really helps me to get into his head. Richard is so interesting because all those assumptions that he was insecure are already there and my perception of him as a bit of an underdog makes him so interesting. I feel like at this point, they have crushes. The main reason Rose is thinking longterm is because of the interaction she had with him at Barnard Castle, which adds a really weird dynamic for me to write. Is it fate that makes her like him, or would she like him even if she didn't know that they would someday be together? :P I don't even know!

Richard is very self-conscious! He worries a lot about how other people see him and he's very polite and used to kind of being in the shadows. Rose also intimidates him a bit because he likes her.

Annie was another one of those characters that I didn't really think about until she sort of wrote herself. I imagine those times being really scandalous and having people using relationships for power - poor Francis though! And being with a man who is powerful like Richard would presumably be a good political move for her. She's a lot of fun to write because she's so bold and sneaky.

Haha, I'm glad you like her conversations with Nick about Hogwarts! He's one of my favourite characters in this story and so fun to write. She hasn't thought of him being a ghost from the future yet, and I'm definitely milking the dramatic irony hehe. :P I think that at this point telling him the truth would be a bit too much, and she doesn't really have much proof other than how she's confused all the time, hehe.

I used to ride horses a lot so it's really fun to write about the characters riding. :) But falling off is definitely no fun!

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thanks so much for the awesome review!! :D

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Review #18, by nott theodore The Joust

3rd August 2014:
Hi Jenna!

Okay, so just before I go into my normal gushing and rambling, I did spot one typo here right at the end of the chapter, when you write 'Sir Nicolas' instead of Nicholas, but that's just something tiny.

The first section was really interesting! I wasn't expecting to see part of the story written from the present day when we've been experiencing so much of the past because that's where Rose is, but it makes sense since we got to see things from Richard's point of view when Rose was still in the present (I'm confusing myself with all the different times now, oh dear). I loved getting the chance to learn some more about Scorpius and have an insight into the way that he thought and felt at the beginning of this chapter, because obviously Rose is still angry with him and we're not going to get an impartial view of their relationship from her. It makes a lot of sense to think that being with Rose reminded Scorpius of how inferior he felt, and I liked the fact he acknowledged that but still wanted to be with her and get the chance to apologise for what he'd done to her. I think it put a slightly different spin on what he'd done which was nice, but also not great as I don't feel like he's so horrible now :P But then the way you ended that section is slightly terrifying! It sounds like Rose left the time travel potion back in the present day when she apparated into the past so I'm not sure how she's going to get home unless Scorpius takes the potion and then travels back in time to give it to her. Then she'd have to take them both back to the present as quickly as possible because I can't imagine what it would be like for Scorpius to discover what she's been doing and also meet Richard!

It's great that you're still including lots of details about the differences between the two worlds of the past and present so that we remember it's not all easy for Rose and there are some really practical difficulties that she has to face when she spends so much time in the past. No wonder she's feeling so ill, really, if she can't drink water because it's unsafe and everything else has alcohol in it!

I loved the way that you introduced the joust in this chapter and all the excitement that was in it! I think that if Rose had been used to Quidditch as well, then watching something else that's really competitive like jousting would be something she'd find interesting and exciting when she got to see it. I also thought it was really clever to have Sir William sat with the two ladies, explaining what's happening to them so that we got a better picture of the way that the joust worked and the sort of excitement it created. The part with the favours was really interesting too, as I was wondering how Rose would do it if she was asked for one - she could hardly conjure up something in front of all those people! (Although I'll admit, I was secretly hoping that Richard would ask her, but of course he behaves far too properly for something like that at the moment.) The ribbon was great as a substitute and it's brilliant to see Rose's character developing through this as she thinks how to behave properly but still stays true to herself to some extent.

Ah, the end was great! I was wondering if Sir Nicholas would realise that she was magical at some point, and I was right about the cards, yay! That part was really great and I loved the idea that Rose might now have an ally when it comes to learning to behave as well - I don't think someone like Nicholas will be quite as incredulous if she says that she's from the future as a Muggle would be! I'm hoping that we'll get to find out more about what happened between Annie and Richard soon as well...

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey hey!! :)

Ahah, I shall fix that! :)

Oh goodness, I get so confused with all the different tenses and time periods as well, though they are quite fun to juggle. It adds an even more confusing element that at some point in the future this is Rose looking back and telling her story. And of course, Scorpius. One of the tricky things about first person narration like this where the narrator is so single-minded is that it's hard to remember that she probably made some mistakes too, not just Scorpius.

He was one of the characters who just wormed himself in from annoying ex-boyfriend to potential meddler. :P I didn't even intend for him to get so much spotlight time!

I would not be able to drink alcohol as much as she's having to, and I wanted to show how the past isn't all daisies and roses - so to speak. :P It would be an extra adjustment since because of where she lives she's accustomed to a high degree of luxury.

The joust was quite fun to write, I'm so glad you liked it. :) Jousting would be quite exciting to watch, I imagine, especially if she's rooting for a certain champion... I'm pleased you liked how Sir William was there explaining things as well, it seemed like a good sneaky way to tie in some background explanations. Richard is way too proper and shy to ask Rose, he's a bit of a wimp considering he's a duke and all. I'm glad you liked seeing Rose adjust, she does try quite hard sometimes.

Ahh, I'm so glad you liked the end! The big reveal. Sir Nicholas definitely has a lot of secrets and he's going to be a good friend for Rose to have since she can share at least part of her identity with him.

Thanks for the wonderful review, darling! ♥

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Review #19, by nott theodore The Feast

3rd August 2014:
Hi again, Jenna!

Ah yay, this was another great chapter and I love getting to read all of these scenes that are set in the past so we can absorb the setting that you've created for the characters and learn more about what's going on! This was so brilliant and I'm glad that the banquet went a lot more smoothly than I anticipated when I first realised that it was coming, and Rose didn't really do anything to actually embarrass herself, so I'm quite proud of her here.

Although I've read tons of books set in this era now and I love reading about it, it's really interesting to see someone like Rose thrust into this setting. She doesn't have much knowledge of history - which makes sense, really, considering the fact she went to Hogwarts and didn't learn about what was affecting the Muggles in the past - but that means it's more difficult for her to understand the tensions that are going on. At the same time, she has no real idea yet what's going to happen to any of these people either and she's learning about history as it's actually happening, which is really cool to read.

Haha, I loved the part at the beginning when Rose was getting dressed and she'd had to multiply her underwear so that she could have enough for however long her stay might be. I don't blame her for using it, especially as it would be very strange to suddenly start getting dressed by someone else again when you've done it yourself for most of your life!

I loved the banquet scene! It was so amazing and I loved the way that you blended the real historical background and information with the magical world too, with the appearance of Sir Nicholas! It made me laugh a bit that Rose was being pleased by his attentions and flirting without realising that in the future he'd become Nearly Headless Nick - if she knew that, I'm not so sure that she'd want him to pay her that sort of attention! :P

I thought all the tiny details in this chapter about the way that Rose was meant to behave during the banquet were great, because really, none of us would have any idea what we were meant to do back in those times! I thought it was great that everyone swallowed the lie about 'Baron Ronald' (he'd love being called that, wouldn't he?) and the way that kind of put her as Nicholas's equal. Aw, and the cute moments with Richard too, when he gave her some of the pork and he was blushing about it! Was it him who made sure that Agnes went home with some of the best cuts as well?

As I was reading this I was recognising some more of the historical characters too, like Sir Francis Lovell and his wife Annie! I love the way that you've portrayed Annie here, because she's such a vivid character and so flirtatious - she really seemed contemptuous of her husband! But it was quite good for Rose to have someone like that to guide her through things, especially because she was someone who took more of the limelight so Rose wasn't quite as exposed when she didn't know what she was meant to be doing! She does seem quite dark and manipulative though, and I'm really interested to see what sort of role she's going to play in the rest of this story.

I think my favourite thing about this chapter was the tiny detail about the cards that they were playing with! I know that one set created a lot of fuss and problems because of the chance of Nicholas supporting the house of Lancaster (he does seem quite good at getting himself into trouble, doesn't he?) but I also loved the magical symbols that appeared on the cards in places of the suits - the four objects of the Founders, if I'm not mistaken? That was such a clever touch and I'm kind of surprised that Rose didn't pick up on it too, but then again, she doesn't sound like she paid much attention in the past (especially only knowing the names of a few Death Eaters!) so it's not that surprising!

I'm really intrigued and a little bit worried about what Annie Lovell is going to try and do, especially since I don't remember reading about anything having happened between them...

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey hey!! :D

I'm glad you like all the scenes in the past, I remember by this point in the story I was getting pretty invested in it and having fun writing all those moments. A good thing about Rose's situation is that none of the people are going to be like, "oh hey, you must be a witch from the future" so they don't think to question her - so far, at least. She definitely does have a bit of a knack for awkward situations, though.

I'm so glad you think so, I agree! It's so fascinating to think about what it might be like to suddenly be trapped there and not really know what's going on. Rose might make more of an initiative to learn about the past when she's back in the present, but for now she's just sort of grasping onto whatever she can figure out.

It definitely would be hard to figure out all the clothes and customs and especially the hygiene practices. Hehe, I love writing those scenes since Rose really is such a princess.

I loved writing the banquet scene! I wish I could have more authentic information instead of just imagination but I'm so glad you liked it. Haha, it will/would be so awkward for Rose if/when she finds out his true identity. Picture a lot of throwing things through his ghostly head (if that moment ever comes...). And yes, well again they wouldn't have any reason to doubt Richard, and he's pretty invested in her even if she doesn't know it yet. :P Poor Richie has a bit of a crush, but he's a good guy and takes care of Agnes.

Well you know by now that I was actually inspired by Lovell to write the OF version more about him, which I still really want to do. Annie is so fun as well, she's just really unpredictable and I'm glad you pointed out how she's a little manipulative.

Thank you! I'm so excited you liked the magical cards nad noticed it all in this chapter - clever lady that you are!! Yes, Rose is clueless at this point but then again she's pretty overwhelmed, poor thing! She won't stay clueless forever, though, I promise! :P

Thanks so much, lovely! ♥

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Review #20, by nott theodore Fotheringay

3rd August 2014:
Hi again, Jenna!

I'm really trying to catch up with this story while I have time and hopefully before you update it too much more, because you're so quick at writing and I've got far too behind!

I thought the beginning of this chapter was great, to go into all the details of the difficulties that Rose had adjusting to life in this period! I think it's something that's romanticised so much in stories and films especially, and I think that the way you've shown the contrasts between the facilities that Rose is used to and what's available to her in the fifteenth century - even in a castle - is brilliant, because it does the opposite of romanticising it. It was also great to read all the detail that you'd put into it from an historical perspective, so we got to learn more about these times and find out the sort of conditions that they had to live in - it's so strange to think of the way that they actually used to live! Of course for them there was nothing unusual about any of it, but for someone like Rose, just as it would be for us, it's extremely different and disgusting, to be honest!

If I were Rose, next time I went back to the modern day I'd be learning lots more charms that would help out in these sorts of situations, so that she doesn't have to try and wash with an Aguamenti charm and all those sorts of things :P

I thought that the way that you included religion was really interesting! You couldn't write a story set in this period without including it, because even if people didn't really believe in it, they had to go along with everything because of the way that society was at this point in time. But for someone like Rose, who's had a background with Hermione telling her things like that about religion (you managed to capture Hermione's thought process brilliantly there, by the way - if there's not a logical explanation behind it, then it doesn't need to be considered), then dealing with going to chapel twice a day and having to behave like a demure young Christian woman would be extremely difficult! Her thoughts in chapel really made me laugh, and the way that instead of using the quiet to think about something useful, like a plan to find her time travel potion (any chance that accio might work? :P), she gets paranoid that other people can hear what she's thinking!

Aw, it was great to get to see a scene with Richard, even if it was only short! I was quite surprised that he seemed to swallow her transparent lie about who her father was, but I'm looking forward to seeing how she behaves at the banquet tonight - I feel like, if she doesn't want to arouse more suspicion amongst the others, she's going to need to improve on the lying front!

I loved the conversation with Ellyn, though, and the way that you tried to emulate her speech, because little bits like that just make this even more believable! And it was really nice for Rose to have some girl talk as well, but I did feel sorry for Ellyn when she confessed her crush on George because we know there's no hope of anything 'honourable' happening for her! I'm really looking forward to reading about the banquet now!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey hey!!

Haha, I'm lucky I wrote so much of this story last year because I haven't done very well with it since!

I'm glad you liked the beginning and how it shows a less romantic side to being in the past. While visiting castles like these I really got a feel for how tough and uncomfortable life would have often been and wanted to show that. I had a lot of fun, especially with all the toilet stuff as it's quite entertaining. :P

Yes, definitely! Rose is lucky that she's a witch since there is stuff she can do to make her life there a little easier at least.

Absolutely, religion is really important to the times but also was quite interesting to think about. Hermione is a lot like me and my mom in how we talk about religion hehe, so I'm glad you liked it and thought it made sense. :P Rose's inner monologue and the thing she stresses about are so funny to write and I imagine that trapped in chapel she would let her thoughts get away from her a bit.

I'm glad you liked Richard here! Well, I figured that he wouldn't exactly be looking for lies in her story since he does like her, and it's trickier for them to figure out if somebody is telling the truth than it is for us with the internet and everything, so Rose does have a bit of time before anybody really starts investigating her. :P

I love writing Ellyn, and she really doesn't have a very promising life because of her station and gender. She was a character who surprised me by continuing to pop up and having something to say.

Thanks so much for another amazing review, Sian! :D

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Review #21, by nott theodore Richard

19th July 2014:
Hi again, Jenna!

*takes a moment to appreciate the chapter image of Richard*

Yay, another chapter set entirely in the past! I loved the way that this focused more on Richard and his version of events because it's really interesting to see how he perceives Rose, especially since he's from this era and because of that his standards and expectations would be completely different. I think it's really impressive that you'd even attempt to tackle something like that and you did it so well here!

I really enjoyed the first part of this chapter when Richard was thinking back to the fairy lady that he'd met when he was younger! I liked the fact that even though he was trying to forget about Rose and the meeting with her, but he just couldn't stop thinking about her. The way that you wove in some of his past was great too, because although I've read a lot about him, it helps a lot of people who haven't find out more. The idea that Rose's arrival when Richard was a child (so I suppose that wasn't really his first meeting with her) became a cherished memory for him and something that he's thought back to a lot when he's been growing up. That was so amazing!

Eep, that meeting was so great! I love the contrasts between the characters of Rose and Richard that we can already see, because she's trying her best to conform in some way to the society that Richard belongs to, but even though she tries to fit in there are some things that she can't manage. Her views on things are obviously so different to his, especially on things like women and equality and all those sorts of things. She's still much bolder than the sort of woman he'd normally encounter, and even though she's adjusted her clothes and her appearance, she's still addressing him as she would anyone nowadays.

It was great to find out more of Rose's history through this as well! I wondered what had happened between her and Scorpius and I suppose that it's kind of a mark of how close she and Richard will become that she confided that history in him, even if some of it was altered. (I really liked the way that she was altering some of her words to hide the way she lives in the future and the fact that she's a witch, too.) Was she actually engaged to Scorpius in the modern day, or was that an embellishment on the story to make it easier for Richard to understand? But I thought that he must have cheated on her, or tried to at least, so I can understand why Rose is feeling so angry with him and wants to get away from everything that's been happening in her life there. It sets everything up beautifully for motivating her to escape into the past with Richard and start a relationship with him soon.

And Rose is going to go live with Richard in the castle! That's really exciting, I wonder how much longer she'll stay around though, and what will happen to their relationship if she suddenly disappears and then reappears later on. Anyway, this was great and I'll be back for more soon!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian!! :D

Hehe, he's so beautiful. ♥ My Richard isn't really based (though probably inspired by) Phillipa Gregory's Richard or from the TV series but I do think Aneurin fits him perfectly.

I love writing Richard's perspective and I'm glad you liked seeing his view. He's tricky sometimes because he does follow the prejudices and views on women of the time but it's good to know you liked how he was written.

Because of the strange timelines, Rose has already made an appearance and lasting impact on Richard as a child and an adult. It's sort of magical for him and is kind of confusing, but exciting for me to write about and slowly reveal to the readers.

She is trying to conform! The good thing about Rose is that she is adaptable and does try to fit in and make sense of her position. The more time she spends in the past sees her evolve and change.

I think that for Rose to make things up out of nowhere would be a lot trickier. Instead, she draws on truths and turns them into plausible backgrounds. She definitely was never engaged to Scorpius, though it makes more sense for Richard to think that because of the standards of the time. :P Rose's relationship with Scorpius and her general dissatisfaction with her life in her current time is a big reason for why she wants to escape to the past and have adventures like you pointed out.

Yay for castles! :D

Thanks so much for a wonderful review, darling!! :D I'm slowly working my way through responding to all your wonderful thoughts.

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Review #22, by nott theodore Hedgewitch

19th July 2014:
Hi, Jenna!

Yay, I finally made it back to this story! I've been missing your writing so much but now I'm back into reviewing again I'm determined to catch up so I can read and review these updates when they're actually posted!

This was such a great chapter to come back to! I loved the way that the whole chapter was set in the past, and it feels like this time Rose spent more time in the past that she did the first time that she visited. I wonder if that pattern's going to carry on, and she'll end up aging as she spends time in the past, but since time doesn't seem to be carrying on in the present, I wonder if she'll age ahead of her time? (Does that even make sense? It did in my head but I'm not sure if it did here :P)

Anyway, moving on from the incoherent musings... I liked the way that you took us back to Rose's arrival in the past, since we saw it from Richard's perspective in the last chapter. I thought you did a really great job of immersing us in the period straight away, and also tackling Agnes's speech, because not only does it sound older but she's using a certain amount of dialect too, which she would have done in those times, so it was great to see that you'd actually made the effort to include something like that. It helped to make it a lot more believable.

I really liked reading about Rose's reactions and thoughts as she arrived. She was unsure because it was a completely different place that she'd arrived in this time, but I wonder whether it's because this time, Rose didn't have any specific destination in mind when she tried to apparate? Her confusion was really believable and I liked the way that you described Agnes, that she seemed a bit scary by today's standards but Rose could see past that and see the kindness there.

Aw, I felt so sorry for Rose when Richard dismissed her, even though I'd already read about it in the last chapter. But it was sweet that she was so hopeful, even though she really barely knew Richard, and that she's already feeling that connection with him. It's going to be really interesting because now we've seen the first time that both of them have met the other, and I can't wait to see how the relationship develops from here!

I absolutely loved the detail and thought that you've put into creating this world, and the way that the magical world integrated with the world at this point in history. I sympathised with Rose when she was trying to work out how Richard fitted in with all the kings, because they definitely are confusing (even though I'm British :P). But I absolutely loved Agnes's character and the way that you used her to explore the situation for wizards at this point in time. It's so interesting to think that the lower classes would only have been able to afford to go to Hogwarts for a few years, and the subjects that they learnt there would be tailored to their futures. And then the way that they had to hide their magic, so Agnes and all her family members had returned to normal life and acted as the village wise woman. All of that detail was just so interesting to read about and made the chapter so rich to read!

I love the fact that Agnes is a witch though and understands Rose's abilities but also has that connection to Richard, because I think that makes a lot more sense when it comes to the two of them starting a relationship together. I can't wait to see how this continues!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian!! :D

Ahh, I've been slowly working my way through all of your AMAZING reviews and I really don't know how to do them justice with these responses! I'm sorry for taking so long to reply, but thank you for taking the time to read my stories and leave such thoughtful reflections. You're an incredible reviewer.

Rose is definitely here to stay for a little while at least. That does make sense, and is one of the questions Rose is asking herself as she spends more time in the past. It's impact on her life depends, as if she spent years in the past that could mean years off her life in her own future. (now I'm not making any sense!).

I struggle a lot with the dialect and the speech patterns: obviously they can't really be accurate but I did want to try and separate the "norm" of speaking (Rose) from the oddness she would find in the language of Agnes and the others. I'm glad it makes it seem more believable! :)

Hmm, interesting theory about how the Apparating might work. :P It is quite tricky and Rose has no idea how to control the time travel at this point. I'm glad you liked Agnes, she is kind but also a little odd and I would probably be a little freaked out by her as well to be honest.

Richard is the only person Rose knows so far in the past, and so it fits that she would feel connecting to him. It's a bit of a paradox really. I love writing them together though, it's quite fun if a little hard to keep track of. :P

I'm pleased you like the detail! As you know I quite enjoy writing the historical details or at least trying to imagine what it might have been like. The kings are pretty confusing, and she wouldn't necessarily know much about the specific actors in the war of the Roses, not to mention that for now she just thinks he's some sort of duke.

I really liked thinking about class divisions at Hogwarts and how to tie in to the books. It's so cool, especially with the stigma against magic during that time and the lack of a Ministry.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Sian!! :D ♥

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Review #23, by Penelope Inkwell The Joust

10th July 2014:
For the House Cup 2014 Review

Although I was going to review this anyways! Thatís just an added bonus :)

Iím back! Sorry that itís been so long. I was very busy with school for a while, and then I was traveling, but Iíve been wanting to read the next chapters for AGES! By the way, I recently visited the Tower of London and got to hear about Richardís rumored nefarious doings, and I thought of what Rose might have to say about those allegations :)

So, a joust! How fun. Although I must say, it does not sound like the ideal post-hangover activity. Poor Rose! And no water! I guess thereís always the "hair Ďo the dog that bit yeĒ method. Yikes.

I love that Rose gets into jousting. It does make sense, since sheís a fan of Quidditch. I mean, of course sheís concerned when people are injured, but she is used to a game where people hit bludgers at each other and try to knock players out of the sky, which *is* probably worse than even falling off Apollo would be. I think I, personally, would want to enjoy it, but spend half the time in a panic. Rose taking to it more easily makes sense, and the concern she does show speaks well for her character.

I also like that Rose is really thinking about how she ought to act. Sheís not paranoid about it--as she says, sheíll only be there for a while--but she is taking things seriously, which I think may be good for her character growth, long-term.

And Sir Nicholas! Heís a wizard?! Ooh! I didnít see that coming, but I like it. Iím looking forward to seeing how that might play out. Also, having Salazar Slytherin be the ďknave" of snakes? I love that! Brilliant touch. It all goes so perfectly: crowns for Rowenaís diadem, cups like the Cup of Hufflepuff, and swords like the sword of Gryffindor. It does all fit wonderfully as a deck of cards. How very clever!

Also, is Scorpius coming to Fotheringay? Oh my!


Really all Iíve got here is teeny, nit-picky things.

"They were armed in full silver armor, which reminded me quite strongly of the suits of armor which decorated Hogwarts and were prone to going for unexpected strolls.Ē
--Armed in armor which reminds her of suits of armor is a lot of ďarmĒ in one sentence. Maybe ďoutfittedĒ in full silver armor might break it up a bit? But that really is quite picky. I love the bit about comparing it to the Hogwarts armor, though, and how those suits will just get up and walk on their own.

"I wondered why he was so sure about keeping his voice down.Ē
--ďinsistentĒ might be a better word than ďsureĒ here. Or something like that.

But thatís it. Youíre writing is so good that, if Iím to critique anything at all, it pretty much always has to be the teeny tiny details.

Another great chapter, as always! Iím so excited to be reading this story again! :D


Author's Response: Hi Penny!!

Don't even worry, I've been really slow and lazy about editing and uploading these chapters!! That's so cool - I LOVE the tower and London in general as is probably pretty clear here, hehe. Rose has (so far) not really been able to research Richard and hear about his reputation, though it will someday definitely cause her some trouble.

It makes me cringe just thinking about Rose and her hangover, yuck. I'm so glad I live in a place and era where there is clean water, and it's another Rose is starting to appreciate about her own time.

Haha, that's a funny point about Quidditch and why Rose likes the jousting. I think it would be pretty cool to watch especially when you know the people in the suits of armour. She also does want to act properly and not stand out too much, since she doesn't know for sure if she can get back herself and what the consequences of exposing herself as an imposter might be. She is a little self-conscious as well so she doesn't want to make a fool of herself.

Hehe, I'm so glad you liked Nicholas being a wizard!! It was one of the twists I was really excited about. I did some research on decks of cards of the time and thought they seemed quite cool, and it fit well to tie them in here. I'm glad you liked it!

Scorpius...well, we should keep an eye on him. :P

Thanks for pointing those out, I've fixed them now and it's super helpful! :D Thanks so much for the really wonderful review, Penny, and I'm sorry about the late response! ♥

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Review #24, by marauderfan A Proposal and a Tumble

9th July 2014:
I have surfaced from the void of internet-less-ness and am so happy to see a new(ish) chapter on this story! Hurrah!

This was a cool chapter! I loved the shift in POV to read about things from Richard's perspective. It's interesting to read his changing opinions of Rose, who at first was this fantastical fairy woman, and now it seems that the most alluring thing about her is how human she is, all her faults and sloppy manners making her seem otherworldly to him in a way. I wonder what his friends will tell him about the baron Ronald, and whether they will actually find a baron named Ronald and what he is like, haha.

Because this really wouldn't be a proper review if I didn't get distracted and off topic at least once, I'm going to point out how much I love your attention to historical detail again, and the point about how they only bathed once a year, makes me very glad to live in modern times rather than the Middle Ages because when I go backpacking and don't shower for a week, it's unpleasant. I can't imagine a whole YEAR. Though I guess that in the Middle Ages everyone was too drunk to care about being smelly, as they had wine for all occasions.

Annie Lovell is a great character! I like how forward and crafty she is, though I feel like this isn't the end of her craftiness regarding Richard. She seems like a stubborn type who is used to getting what she wants. She has noticed Richard's attraction to Rose, and yet still seems to be very friendly with Rose - but I wonder if that's about to change. The way you've woven actual historical figures into this story is just so cool, and the blend of history and HP characters is such a rich and clever blend.

I would have Nicholasí head for this. -- Hahahaha, the wording of this. So fabulous. I am eagerly awaiting when Rose finds out that Sir Nicholas is indeed Nearly Headless Nick.

Uh oh, falling off a horse. That isn't good. It sounds like she has a broken ankle - but on the bright side, it doesn't sound like the horse stepped on her or anything, so at least she's better off than she could have been. But I can't imagine that fixing broken bones was an easy process in the 1400s.

This was a great chapter and the story continues to be amazing! I noticed a bit of 'old Rose lamenting her past self' in there, when she mentions something about being young and fanciful then - it reminds me of the great mystery alluded to at the beginning, of what happened to her back in time, whether she aged a lot while she was there, or something else befell her... but either way I'm excited to read on and awaiting the next chapter!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Kristin!! :) Hai!!

I'm glad you liked this! Writing in Richard's POV was one of the aspects of this story which really surprised me since I didn't really plan to do it, so I'm pleased you liked him here. Richard is just really confused and amazed by Rose, and also her human qualities make her more mystical to him because he's more used to the women of his own time. He finds her endearing but also really fascinating.

Thank you! Oh goodness, I agree as I'm a bit of a shower princess and, like Rose, wouldn't go very well in a situation where the hygiene norms were different. I love writing about her discomfort, it's so amusing.

I'm pleased you like Annie as well! She is stubborn and a bit spoiled, and definitely using political relationships to her advantage. I'm so glad you like the historical and HP characters, they're quite interesting to tie in.

Hehehe. She might take a bit too long about figuring out Nick's identity... though to be fair, with all she's dealing with she's unlikely to think of the old ghost from Hogwarts in connection to Nicholas.

Yes, while Rose is a witch and should be able to set her ankle with magic she isn't exactly the most skilled when it comes to practical spells. Her injury might become more important later though.

There is definitely disaster and pain coming, though for now Rose is still settling in.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review and continuing to be so awesome and supporting this story, Kristin!! ♥

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Review #25, by patronus_charm A Proposal and a Tumble

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Hi Jenna!

I really loved Richardís thoughts at the beginning of this chapter there were so romantic and lovely and I really loved seeing him fall in love with Rose. He really has watched every move of hers and analysed her from every angle so that is a clear sign, and I felt as if I could sense some jealously and protection creeping in as he mentioned other people. I canít help but wonder what might happen if his search for Baron Ron yields something as it would be rather funny if it did :P

I liked learning more about Annie and Sir Francis as I can place the two of them into context now. Aha, so there was something going on between Annie and Richard though, well in a way, I was glad that he put her straight and made it sort of clear that his heart lay elsewhere. I really liked their old-fashioned speech which was a really cool thing to add in! I have a feeling that his rejection of Annie wonít go down so well though and Iím worried she might do in revenge!

There were some really lovely moments when Rose was out riding with Richard ♥ I have a feeling that Nicholas might be an eventual rival for Richard though as he and Rose have the magical connection which is really cool but weíll have to see. The ending with Daisy galloping off was dramatic!! I wonder if Rose is going to bump into any more historical figures now.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :)

First of all, I'm so sorry for the long delay in all my review responses to your lovely reviews! This month has just gotten the best of me.

Aw, I'm so glad you like Richard! He is a bit possessive already which could be a good or a bad thing, and I love writing his perspective so much that it shows up way more in this story than first planned. :P The good thing about Richard is that he doesn't WANT to expose Rose for a fraud because he does like her, so hopefully he won't go digging for the truth anytime soon. :P

There's definitely something going on, and Annie's a little sneaky whereas Richard is loyal to a fault to hs friend. I'm glad the old-fashioned language doesn't go over the top though, I do worry about it! We definitely haven't seen the last of Annie.

I'm so glad you liked the riding scene and the romantic moments! Nicholas and Rose definitely have more of a friendship than she has with Richard so far, because he's more light-hearted and less guarded and of course they have magic.

Thanks so much, Kiana! :)

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