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Review #1, by fergusons rose petals scattered

28th February 2015:
"most annoying bunch of twats I've ever worked with" - everyone says this to their friends at least 10 times love it

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Review #2, by jesus rose petals scattered

28th February 2015:
“Last night was potentially one of the funniest nights of my life,” said Liam. “Pity you were too drunk to remember anything.”

liam if my faveee

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Review #3, by cnakd call me darling

28th February 2015:
so when u said that effy grew up in kent i kind of squealed and jumped around because i get your british references and they make me laugh so much and most importantly I LIVE AND WAS BORN IN KENT OMG IF UR FROM KENT THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME AND I WOULD TOTALLY FIND U AND BRING U FOOD BECAUSE U R A GIFT FROM THE GODS THIS STORY IS LEGIT AWESOM

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Review #4, by jamaicanbeatz call me darling

28th February 2015:
“Effy, wear your hair down.” It was up in a braid. “You’re not Katniss Everdeen, you are a 16 year old witch.”

hahahahahahahaah in tears lol what a reference i love british people and things and you and this story and life

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Review #5, by freddieweasley78 call me darling

28th February 2015:
“My mum says you’ll fill out soon, don’t worry,” said Aspen.
such a funny line like my friends have said this to me
love all the characters effy is so feisty, james is a bae, Albus makes me laugh so much but i absolutely adore MIKEY HE IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G he is just that one cool guy that every crew has, you know the go to guy that everyone just loves yeah thats mikey
loving the story read this all three time so hoping you'll update soon but this is my favourite chapter so far!!!

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Review #6, by Aluuring more than nice

28th February 2015:
“We’re so awkwardly British.”
best line EVER
oh how i live british teenage spirit

"groovy" - what a word made me chuckle

this story is really good btw you probs know this already but still just want you to know that the fact your making people smile by your words may be the most significant thing of all
you have a talent - please do not give up on this story

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Review #7, by ronweasleyandme more than nice

28th February 2015:
I remember last year, you narrowly beat Alfie Ronson to the Snitch in a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor match. The next week we all went home for Christmas and James did not shut up about it"

The fact that James is affected by Effy makes me very very very happy
this fanfic is the best
"ek" makes me so happy to think i have another 7 chapters to go
so peak for the people that have finished chapter 10
still hope you update soon x

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Review #8, by lalaland communism in mermish

28th February 2015:
“How do you spell communism in Mermish?” I asked.


a rather exceptional line
mermish may be my favourite thing that has ever been created in fan fiction thus far love it love you
can't wait to read chapter 3

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Review #9, by Love life some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
Can I please have your gift of making people laugh
Like this is so funny you had me in tears
I love this
Agh please update soon I need more JEFFY in my life or even just James potter alone will do

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Review #10, by Rubbish matters some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
Jesus Mary and Joseph
You may be the saviour of my life this is the best fanfiction I have ever read and if you don't update soon I will actually die because I need more jeffy
I ship them so hard and I can't wait for you to put in other emotions like jealousy and I can't wait for this ball and albums' party and what jeffy will do there it's going to be so good
Cannot wait
My friend told me about this story and at first I was like ugh not another James oc but this is so good
Wow love it
Please update soon!!! Avhjnskakbx

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Review #11, by Cannot some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
I love adolescent friendship bonds
You portray it so well
Effy's whole social balance is perfect
Your writing is perfect
James potter is perfect
Pleas update soon or I will cry!!

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Review #12, by Gangis some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
Romildas Italian boyfriend absolutely made this chapter
I love all the funny elements
You are truly talented
This is a authentic and beautiful piece of writing
Best chapter yet

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Review #13, by Hakanians some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
Please update soon I love this story so much it's the best fanfiction I've ever read
I love James
I need more James!!

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Review #14, by Jmh some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
So james potter is my absolute favourite character ever in this fanfiction
I know it's kind of wrong but I loved how he Virgin shamed effy because it made him real because that's exactly how a real boy now would behave and its a turn on because it shows how much he likes effy and the way he embedded "i really like you" into his sentence and effy ignored him so he got angry just makes me so happy to read this because it's so obvious he really likes her
I love this story so much like it's literally my favourite fan fiction and I've made my friends who like Harry potter read this too and they all love it and we have nerdy convos about it during spanish lessons sometimes
So I think it's really important that u update soon because Id rather be discussing if Rose is a goth or not than conjugating bloody reflexive verbs!
Lots of love u r a perfect writer x

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Review #15, by Lukuus some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
When james groans after effy kisses his neck on the broom and he says effy it makes me fall in love with life and most importantly you
You have an art for words
Please update
This chapter is the best chapter so far!! I'm so impressed

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Review #16, by Ellabella some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
"Emily Davidson did not get run over..." As someone whose doing their history gcse revision right now I just completely broke down with laughter at this
Best chapter yet
Wow I want effy's life
Everything about it is so effortless she's funny, quirky her friends are amazing OSCAR IS BRILLIANT AS IS ASPEN AND MIKEY AND LIAM they're all just a funny squad of people that I think everyone needs😂
James is amazing he makes this story for me
And her family life is so funny I loved Romilda
Brilliant please update soon it makes me sad that uou haven't in months!!

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Review #17, by Palmtreesaregeen some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
I just love this you know
It has everything
This is what teenage elationships in London are
"He swung his legs over the park fence" just love that line because that is just so real
So much rawness and everything is so alive in your stories
I cannot express how much this is really making me feel happy

It really does make me realise how brilliant and magical your teenage uears really are, the restaurants the nights out wow
Your are gifted
Please update soon

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Review #18, by Chunga some aloe vera?

28th February 2015:
"Camel or khaki" oh god I'm laughing so hard man😂😂 you know I just love the topical British humour here like every english teenager between the age of 13-19 gets all these reference I love it😂 this is an amazing chapter my favourite so far and I'm absolutely elated after reading it like I'm actually in such a good mood it made me laugh smile and wish I was living their lives
Wow absolutely in love with this and I really really look forward to an update which I hope will be really soon because I don't know how long I can go without reading this story!!!

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Review #19, by emmie some aloe vera?

26th February 2015:
Where are you?!?!?! please tell you're not gonna abandon this story!! please don't the plot and story in in general is too good! Please update soon!

Author's Response: im sorry! fluorescent adolescent is not abandoned but real life just takes priority. im so sorry- a levels are the worst. thanks so much x

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Review #20, by ashtoashes some aloe vera?

11th February 2015:
Hi! Hello! I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading this so much and I love your writing style! I love your characters, and I particularly love your take on James, which is really unique and refreshing I guess. Anywayyy, please keep updating because I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: ahhh thanks dude! glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by sleepingdragons tattered velvet carpeting

4th January 2015:
Omg I'm so embarrassed! So I left a review on your latest chapter and I realised that I accidentally called Effy 'Ellie'!? It's definitely because the main character in my hpff is called Ellie and I'm just so used to typing her name all the time haha, so sorry!! xx
(P.S. I love the name Effy, it always reminds me of Effy from the tv show Skins hehe)

Author's Response: omg no dont worry! and the name effy is sooo from skins, i am a massive fan, so yeah, its sick you watch it too aha xxx

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Review #22, by WhiteFeather some aloe vera?

21st December 2014:
Thank you for referencing feminism in this addition, but you kinda just made me really hate James, because i literally am Effy in any conversation about feminism... And he is full on virgin shaming Effy and that's totally not cool, and basically i don't think he's going to recover from this hatred i have from him, no matter what happens next. I hope Effy starts her society, kicks absolute BUTT and James ends up apologetic and regretful. Also, this story has really great potential and i really like reading it, so thanks a lot! :)

Author's Response: hey! so as an avid feminist myself, i couldnt help but stream some of that into not only the story itself, but effy as a character- so im soo happy you liked that! its a pity you dont like james, but i really dont blame you- he has a LOT of growing up to do. hopefully upcoming chapters will change your mind! thanks so much for reviewing, it honestly makes my day xx

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Review #23, by sleepingdragons some aloe vera?

17th December 2014:
So I've literally done nothing all day but binge-read this. I love it so much! (Also your taste in music, judging by the song lyrics)
There's so many little details I love, and your characters are just the best (eg. Oscar, I love him haha).
I'm sososo excited to finally read a fanfic with someone feminist stuff in it, I love Ellie for wanting to start that society! And boo James for being so rude. Tbh I don't really like him that much at the moment, he was being a bit of a jerk.
Anyway I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: omgomgomg thank u so so much!! im so happy you like oscar, but im even happier you like the feminist aspect of effy's character. i wasnt too sure about it but now im really glad i added it in! and haha i totally agree with you on james- he has a lot of growing up to do, but hopefully you'll see some of his more redeemable qualities come out in later chapters. he and effy are so different, but so alike at the same time, you know?
thanks again for reviewing, im so glad you're liking this! xxx

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Review #24, by pottered  some aloe vera?

16th December 2014:
ohmygod. I just started reading this story and I'm in LOVE. I'm in love ok. Your writing is so good and all your characters are portrayed so beautifully. And ohmygod I LOVE effy. She's such a strong main character with so much potential and James...hmm he's really cuteee , like, sometimes but the other times he could also be a bit of a jerk like this chapter. It was all cute and lovely, and then BAM he just insulted effy /: but I love them both. Also aspen. And Albus. And Oscar as well. Basically everyone.

Author's Response: i am genuinely, 100%, truly blushing. oh wow. i'm so so so happy you like this! i'm so glad you see effy as a strong character- its difficult presenting the protagonist like that when the story is told in 1st person, and you're so right about james, he is a bit of a jerk. but hopefully upcoming chapters will change your mind? thanks again for reviewing, im so happy you're enjoying it! xxx

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Review #25, by ochalke5 some aloe vera?

12th December 2014:
WHAT?! I NEED AN UPDATE ASAP! I am totally addicted to this story and I cannot stop reading it! I love James and I love Effy. You're wonderful and this story is easily one of my favorites!
Please update soon!

Author's Response: thank you so SO so much natalie! im trying to polish off the next chapter as we speak. honestly made my day!! sxx

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