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Review #1, by daylight whiny male protagonist

2nd November 2016:
Another perfect chapter! How do you do it?

Anyway, it was great. Youíve totally captured that end-of-the-year feeling, that tug to be on holiday, no matter how great the year has gone ó but also that nostalgia for things not quite past, so youíre in this in-between state of wanting the year to last forever and to end right this second. Right? I donít know, itís just lovely. Iím yearning for the end of the year already after reading this, and itís barely fall!
Also, the quidditch match was so good! I feel like writing quidditch is so tricky for me, but you completely nailed it, well done! And the dialogue this chapter was outrageously on point, I feel like Iíve had half of these conversations with my own friends, honestly so so good.
AND MIKEY. And JAMES. Youíre slaying me dead with these boys, I swear. That end scene with Mikey was pure magic.

Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Nora xx

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Review #2, by Ashlumos1888 whiny male protagonist

29th October 2016:
Ok, so I read this ages ago now, and at the time I remember not really getting into it then and abandoning it, but I gave it another go a few days ago and I am SO glad I did!

Firstly it's so well-written, I really love your writing, witty dialogue and not too slow! Mikey is my absolute favourite, and I'm sort of routing for him instead of James at this point? I also really want to know more about Freddie and his dynamic with James, that sounds super interestng!

I think my favourite part is the friendship group you've got going on with the sixth years, especially the Ravenclaws! Most Next-gens with James/OC that I've seen tend to have the OC with just one best friend with their whole life centred around James, so it's really refreshing to see that Effy's actually GOT her own life and can deal with her issues without him.

Can't wait to see what happens next! Do you have an idea of how many chapters are left?

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Review #3, by JEFFY4LYFE whiny male protagonist

24th October 2016:
I'm so confused with how I feel right now. I honestly don't even know what who I want Effy to be with anymore. Like I am so team Jeffy, but Mikey. Ugh I just want to know more! I also feel like Effy doesn't know who she wants either. Mikey's been practically in love with her since they dated, but James is too and we finally see him say it in this chapter. And I know that he was drunk, but people are most honest when they are drunk. And I really hated Freddy in this chapter, but I also see why he's like that to Effy. I really want to know more about all of the different characters. ALSO I'm wondering if you're gonna put James' POV or any other POVs? I think there was an early chapter that had a brief James POV but you might have edited it out...??? I can't wait for the next chapter. I also follow your tumblr for FA but I just saw the note that said its on hold for now. I really like putting faces to the characters. I swear if FA was a movie or a TV show I would totally watch it.

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Review #4, by Charla whiny male protagonist

16th October 2016:
SO glad I stumbled across this lovely, witty, emotional fic!!! Honestly I wouldn't normally read Harry Potter fanfictions about OCs but you may have converted me. so yeah keep it up!

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Review #5, by vforvibha whiny male protagonist

11th October 2016:
I loved your quidditch scene. I really did. It took me straight from organic chemistry to the Hogwarts grounds while I was reading it, which is great because that's what writing is all about: it transports you.

Also, I hate organic chemistry, so thank you for giving me an excuse to procrastinate.

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Review #6, by JT4HP whiny male protagonist

10th October 2016:

I am just. No words.

Okay, now, now, I have words.

This chapter was SO long. I am so happy it was so long. And the writing was brill, like the quidditch match was so well written. And then, there was the end. I CAN NOT. I mean, I can, but I don't want to because like WHAT. and also NO. But like kind of yes. Look, James saw them! And he's probably so sad. But I kind of hope it leads into a good fight between effy and james about it all and then a fantastic snog. Because I like Mikey and Effy together, but I LOVE JEFFY. 4EVA.

Anyway, sorry this review is like all over the place. But such a great chapter! So glad you updated! And I can't wait for the next one.

PS are we getting close to the end? Because it kind of feels like it and I"m so sad :(

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Review #7, by FA lover! whiny male protagonist

9th October 2016:
oh my oh my oh MY. This was pure perfection. The drama, the action, the quidditch, the humour-it was a bundle of perfectly written perfection. And yes, I'll repeat myself because this is the only word to use to describe this masterpiece. This will always be one of my favourite fanfics and I will never not enjoy it.
I LOVED drunk James. His confessions twisted and fluttered my heart. I couldn't decide who I wanted Effy with, and not for her, selfishly for me I decided on James especially, and 100% confirming it after that last line. Breaks my heart. Jeffy must be endgame.
I need James and Effy deep meaningful I love you conversation,I NED IT. I need that cute fun fluff in my life. And now I'll go re-read when they were together.
I appreciate you xxx

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Review #8, by angieart whiny male protagonist

9th October 2016:
Oh my goodness. So much drama happening. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I hate drunk James, but I'm glad the truth finally came out about how he felt about Effy. And Meffy???! I like Mikey but I'd prefer James (pls let them end up together). I really did feel bad about James at the end though. Ugh can they just get it together and get back together!!! TIME IS RUNNING OUT JAMES IS ABOUT TO GRADUATE! #teamjeffyforlife

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Review #9, by pottered literally, jewish god bless

28th September 2016:
welp i come back and your new update greets me so im Very happy to be back on hpff for a while yay!
effy was so bitter this entire chapter omg i mean, i understand where she's coming from since she did help a lot, but i don't think it should be a matter of who is getting the recognition of saving jasmine, it should be about the fact that she was saved from that creep. though effy is effy so haha. she does deserve some acknowledgement though!
i felt so bad about the stiff and /off/ atmosphere between mikey and effy. honestly i couldn't believe that mikey was coming at her for that, as i said before, what matters is someone helped jasmine so is he actually doing this ._. though i hope they get along soon :c
eep i was really glad when james came to effy to inform her but then she just lashed out and i felt really bad for him ahh he was being considerate but then he received that backlash. i understand effy has mixed feelings and it's a little too much for her with all that's going on but in that moment, he didn't really deserve that ): ohmygod when he told her he wasn't over her, i died and came back to life lol
a really good chapter !! i love your writing so much bc it tackles real life issues and it's so genuine bc most of us feel this way in school; at that age, going through phases, so i appreciate it so much, especially your characters bc they're so flawed and that's realistic ^^ looking forward to the next update!! i hope things look up for effy and co.

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Review #10, by ameliaj literally, jewish god bless

22nd September 2016:
UPDATE SOON! I cant wait for the rest!

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Review #11, by dobbyisfree literally, jewish god bless

14th September 2016:
I'm so happy that you've updated. I seriously thought that you abandoned FA and got really sad about it. BUT now I'm so freakin happy!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #12, by miluv literally, jewish god bless

7th September 2016:
Hi lovely chapter as usual!! Quick question, who is Christina Pankhurst and why does Effie like her so much? Can't wait for the next chapter, you're a star.
xox miluv

Author's Response: hey! thanks so, so much! & christabel pankhurst was an english suffragette, a leader of the movement- so that's why effy loves her so much! and nooo... you're the star! thanks again for such a lovely reviewww ♥

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Review #13, by Roz literally, jewish god bless

6th September 2016:
This is honestly one of the best fics ever. i think the thing that makes me really fall in love with it, is how real it seems. The characters have all developed throughout the story, and it is always so interestIng to see how they have responded to different scenarios that you have written about. Their reactions, the choices they make and even the things that they think and say feel so accurately... Teenager... But in the best way possible.
I also really love how you have managed to make some characters, for example effy, make often brash or thoughtless desicions in certain situations, as it really adds to the whole idea that even though she is the protagonist, it doesn't always mean that she is able to consider the impact of some of her actions. I really get the theme of how the characters are not perfect, as they are still these young, bright things, which means that they are still learning about this new world of adulthood.
Furthermore, I like the idea of how maybe Effy, and some of her other friends,may be experiencing a slightly awkward time in their lives, where they are not quite adults, yet they have grown out of the innocence of childhood. They are making plenty of mistakes, yet they don't always want to admit their faults or be bothered to clean up the messes they make. For me, this makes your story seem such so much more realistic and therefore I sometimes even find myself empathising with the characters!
Keep up the amazing work, your story is something so refreshing and different, and I wish you all the best x

Author's Response: ahhh... this is the /nicest/ thing i've read in ages. thank you so, so much... where do i begin?!

i love, love, luurrvvve how you think the characters are not only accurate and realistic, and that you acknowledge the mistakes effy's made. i've been writing this fic for the past three years (whaaat!! that long already?!), since i was fifteen years old, so it's been pretty entwined with my teenage experience personally; fa's been almost a diary of sorts, an outlet for my own personal teenage dramatics, and i'm so glad that it's been reflected as i've wanted it to online!

"young bright things"- that is /exactly/ what i strove for. thanks so, so much. SO much !! you've kind of validated exactly what i've been striving for. i love it. i love how you can empathise with them! it genuinely means the world.

this review made my day, and i had a pretty good day. thanks so much for reviewing, thanks so much for reading and sticking with fa despite my awful updates. all my love xoxoxo

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Review #14, by Lizard literally, jewish god bless

5th September 2016:
So, I had to reread a couple of chapter because I really couldn't understand why Effy was so hostile against James, and why she feels like it's a "victory" telling him off like that? In an extremely hurtful and mean way, I might add.
I get that she's hurt and fed up with her situation, but she was the one who ended it with James, so the fact that he came to speak with her and tell her before he thought she'd heard it through gossip that he'd go with Dahlia to the ball is actually a big plus from him. Effy is the one who has put herself in this position that's she's in right now, since I thought James was completely right to think that they should take a breather (or at least think about what kind of relationship they could and should be having) after she confessed to not trusting him (also Effy is a big hypocrite, of course she knew and liked that Mikey liked her, even her friends says it so James can't be that far off in his accusations). Speaking of Mikey, he's such a jerk in this chapter, and I'm fully on Effy's side in that argument and I hope she doesn't do what Al said and apologize, this is a time for her to stand her ground.

And Effy mentions that she'd be accused of being petty were she to protest too much about the articles being written, and while I agree that everyone should get the credit they deserve-- it's not James who writes the articles so she can't really fault him for that either. Especially since they haven't even talked since the hospital wing! How can she know what really happened and was said if she doesn't go straight to the source? Like, this is Rita Skeeter we're talking about. And again, Effy was the one to break up with James in the end, and she was the one who went a got him when she needed help with Jasmine so I understand why James wouldn't approach her because she's sending out mixed signals. The ball was in Effy's court to talk to James, but she's too stubborn and too fixated on his flaws to even think about that. Effy has had a pre-conceived opinion of James this entire story and right now, nothing he does will ever make her change that, which makes me just want to say to James to drop her and get on with his life.

Urgh, I don't know, I really like your writing but this chapter and Effy's actions just rubs me the wrong way. Both James and Effy are flawed characters, but right know it feels like whatever James does is just wrong wrong wrong and he's defined by his flaws so whenever he does something good like actually communicating to his ex-girlfriend that he's taking someone else to a party, Effy is justified and victorious in "taking him down", which is such an unfair take on the situation.
Right now I just want to shake Effy and tell her to take a look in the mirror and work out her goddamn issues before she's lost someone that obviously means a lot to her (if she hasn't already done that, if I was James I wouldn't be quick to forgive her for saying what she said in this chapter to me).
James is actually not the one who screwed up their relationship, sure he wasn't perfect but he was honest to her all the time, and I know that Effy felt insecure, but seriously, it wouldn't have matter what James did, wrong or right (he did mostly right), Effy's inability to trust him and too see through her prejudices of the James before they got involved is what really mucked things up.

I'm sorry for this long and messy review, but I just felt like James needed someone to advocate for him, everyone was gushing over Effy being a boss when she was just mean, and feeling proud about it! I hope she realizes this come next chapter, because James might come off as arrogant and cold, but I'm pretty sure he has feelings too.

But don't get me wrong, I honestly love this fic and your characters and your prose is fantastic! But, I'm planting myself in James' corner for the duration of this fic, I think he needs someone there. And I sincerely hope Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup in the end, I think James deserves it in his finale year and since I'm feeling spiteful against Effy (but mostly Mikey tbh) I don't want them to win it. :)

Author's Response: omg. omg. are you my new best friend? i kind of feel like you are? i /loved/ this review and i couldn't agree more?! and i'm super super excited by your observation and persepective and it's /exactly/ what i think too?

like- effy is a teenage girl. she's slightly spoilt, relatively attention seeking and incredibly stubborn, to the point of almost being narrow minded. in addition, her friends haven't quite had the sit down "we like what you're doing, we see where you're coming from, you do you, but... don't because you're kind of in the wrong" conversation. this is because 1. my friends were- are- much better at being illogical psychos with me than actually level headed and mature young adults (and i /do/ base a lot of the friendship dynamics in FA on my friendships irl, so you know, writing from experience and all that jazz) and 2. wouldn't make for a very vivid plot to be honest!

i think the thing with effy & james isn't only that james is moderately famous, or that they're both stubborn, or that they're in seperate years and houses. i think they're both at different stages in their life- effy is in year 12 i suppose, and can barely imagine life outside hogwarts. she's the youngest in her family, and she's always been very confident in who she is and where she stands. she's very much a teenage girl, you know? whereas james is on the cusp of adulthood, he's graduating in a month, and he's fully aware that his glory days of ladding about are behind him. and he's got quite a dark background that'll be revealed more and more throughout the second half of the story; but yeah. they're very similar people who've lived actually rather different lives, giving them a very different persepective of their relationship.

with james, his faults are more explicit; with effy, especially as she's in narrative, they're way more implicit. but definitely still there! but honestly, truly- thank you so, /so/ much for this review. it totally made my day, and sorry for rambling on so much about the nuances of the two characters. they've been forming more and more in my head since i first came up with FA three years ago, and i'm neck deep in character analysis. and SUPER excited to reveal more about the two in upcoming chapters. thanks so, so much for this review again- i hope the next chapter answers some of your questions!!! xoxo

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Review #15, by Jane literally, jewish god bless

5th September 2016:

Author's Response: ahhh omg thank you !!! you're amazing too !! go us X

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Review #16, by Jess literally, jewish god bless

31st August 2016:
Love the story please update soon 💖

Author's Response: thanks so much jess !! xx

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Review #17, by Hannah the owlery

28th August 2016:
Love this story omg. They need to get back together rn!!! Amazing plot and idea and writing. Love it

Author's Response: hannah! thank you so much- means the world, you're too kind! xx

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Review #18, by ShieldSnitch3 literally, jewish god bless

25th August 2016:
oh my god. oh my god.

i literally just found this story a few days ago and i have been binge reading it like CRAZY and it's so good. like, your writing style and all the descriptions and details and the CHARACTERS. they're all so unique and amazing and i love them all to death and akdfjdajkdfs;j this is an awful review but i'm just enjoying this story so much and i need the next chapter pls.

i'm all aboard the jeffy train although i think their relationship has been a bit - ahem - messy so idk if it will work out or not but man, i love their chemistry. and james. but who doesn't have a soft spot for james sirius potter?

(despite his ego and generally bad behavior throughout the last few chapters.)

anyway, i am eagerly awaiting the next chappie and i just adore this story and thought you should know that.

(also, i want an oscar. he is fab.)

Author's Response: omgomgomg. asdfghjkl; omgomgomg !!

stfu !

no waaay. i am SUCH a fan of your writing! you're pretty much the queen of next gen flick lit! sorry to sound like damien from mean girls- but danny de vito i LOVE your work! and all that jazz is my jam, my go-to fanfic when i'm down or needing inspiration.

like that quidditch jacket scene by the lack when aria first arrives? helloo? you genius. i loved that. iconic. always think of it.

this genuinely means the world; couldn't be happier that you like fluorescent adolescent, especially when i look up to your writing as much as i do! i am BEAMING. if my friends knew i wrote harry potter fan fiction, i'd be phoning them right now... if my MUM knew i wrote hpff, i'd be on the phone to her right now. super super stoked.

you rule. does this mean we're friends? sorry for fan girling. i'll be cooler next time. xoxo

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Review #19, by Kate literally, jewish god bless

24th August 2016:
I've just read your entire story through there and it's fabulous. I have fallen completely in love with Effy. She is such a brilliantly formed character. I also love Oscar can we please see more of him! I'm looking forward to see where this goes, one part of me really wants James and Effy together but the other feels that's their relationship has been too complicated and too messy. Maybe a case of the right person and just the wrong time for poor old James? Looking forward to more, X

Author's Response: ahhh oh my gosh! i cannot believe you've read through it all; the earlier scenes are such rubbish, i'm in awe that you battled your way through my 16 year old angst!

and wow. i /looove/ that you love effy. i always say this, but so much of myself goes into her; she isn't perfect, she's flawed, but i love that you think she's real and i really do put my heart and soul into her. and YES YES YES to oscar! so much of him coming up. watch this space!

+ you're so, so right about james and effy. they're intensely, insanely messy, and totally wrong place wrong time. but who knows huh!

thanks again for reviewing. the next chapter should be up within a week, and i hope it doesn't disappoint! xoxoxo

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Review #20, by potterhead literally, jewish god bless

23rd August 2016:
I'm so disappointed in James:( from "you should stay wilder son" and that kiss to just ignorance. But he's definitely up to something because HE approached effy and just told her he's not over her so jeffy till the end really I can't wait to read the next chapter!!

Author's Response: i'm GLAD you're disappointed in james. he's just as flawed as effy is- perhaps more explicitly so- but he's a teenage boy! hell yeah he's confusing af! thanks so much for leaving a review, it's so appreciated ♥

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Review #21, by Flowergirl literally, jewish god bless

23rd August 2016:
I love how real effy is like she's low key offended when albus says mikey doesn't like her. Because let's face it everyone loves knowing someone likes them. But I don't care as much of the fiery effy I love and the mikey lovers JEFFY till the end. When James admits he's not over her UM HELLO THATS LIKE THE BIGGEST THING FOR JAMES POTTER TO ADMIT. Im absolutely chuffed with this chapter and hope to see more determination from James to win her back and maybe even some jealousy when Heath comes into play!!!

Author's Response: yeah exactly !! like who ISNT disappointed to hear that someone actually turns out not fancying them - i put so much of myself in effy's characterisation & so im stoked you like her so much !!!

thanks so much for this review; the next chapter should be up within a week and i hope it doesn't disappoint !! all my love xoxoxo

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Review #22, by Ameera  literally, jewish god bless

21st August 2016:
It was so good ! As much as I love Jeffy and I can't wait for them to get back together, I think she killed it in the end !!! ( Girl Power )
I love your story, you're so funny and your writing skills are amazing !!! Can't wait for the next update ! ❤️

Author's Response: hahahaa thanks so much! yeah for sure, like jeffy is obv end goal (ah spoiler...) but girl power and female independence is still super important too!! so i was really excited to update w this chapter and this scene especially, because it /is/ effy's time, isn't it?

you're way too kind, you are so so lovely- thank you so much for leaving such a gorgeous review! means the world xx

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Review #23, by PLUM literally, jewish god bless

21st August 2016:
Yay you're back! Another beautifully written chapter and I can't wait for the rest! I hope you find a way to write through your writers block ... I've missed this story so much lol. Love it!

PLUM (fka scattered) xx

Author's Response: ahhh !! what happened to your old account ?! i LOVED your james/oc story- jenelle was always such inspiration for effy's character! please tell me you haven't abandoned it, ill cry!

and ive missed this story too!! super super glad exams and year 13 in general is over. what an intense and yet amazing year?! so many ideas for upcoming FA plots ... thanks for leaving a review !! and thanks especially for staying tuned despite my massive leave xxx

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Review #24, by JT4HP literally, jewish god bless

20th August 2016:

YOU'RE BACK! I'm so happy!

I thought it was really really good. And I loved Effy in that last bit with James. She was so good. Like, yeah, I'm not over you but also get out of my face you hero potter.

Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: oh yesss i'm back!! and i'm super super sorry for my unannounced hiatus; year 13 just got the better of me!

i'm /so/ glad you liked it. i really wanted my comeback chapter to be a big one for effy and girl independence, that kinda thing. hopefully the next one'll be up within a week!

thanks again for reviewing ! xoxoxo

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Review #25, by RavenHairedGirl literally, jewish god bless

19th August 2016:
as always i love effy being a bad b***h, i'm so torn by this whole james and mikey thing i actually don't know which way to go. i like the way you're dealing with jasmine's plotline, having known a girl who was sexually assaulted, jasmine's reaction and wish to be overly positive was quite accurate (at least from my experience).
james is such an pr***! as always much love for your writing- and a levels and uni? i hope your results went the way you wanted them to!

Author's Response: hey hey hey!
i'm so, so happy you're feeling this way about mikey vs james! i really didn't want to write a love triangle- i think they're /so/ cliche and stink of twilight angst- but effy & mikey are so inevitable when i write them. a bit of a risk but super glad it seems to have paid off aha !
and yesss- i'm glad! again, another bit of a risk w the jasmine story line but yeah, so happy it seems accurate from your experience. also- so sorry to hear about the girl, i hope she's ok?

anddd yes! results went so well, couldn't be happier, and lucky enough to get into my top choice uni! hoping likewise w you if you're year 13 too? all my love ! xx

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