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Review #1, by blackballet more than nice

16th January 2017:
ugh that last scene- officially done

with love,

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Review #2, by blackballet crushed moon extract

16th January 2017:
This is so great! I love the characterizations, although I'm still having a little trouble with the names (I'm sure that will come with time). There are a couple of mistakes as well (terrorises where it should actually say terrifies) but nothing that is unintelligible. Overall, this is a really nice chapter and I can't wait for more!


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Review #3, by Pottered the owlery

15th January 2017:
"I'm crazy about you" omg my heart just broke
Jeffy till I die honestly I swear if she gets with mikey ill stop reading (jokes)
Why does Freddie not like effy? And why has he had a dark past
You characterise so well please can we get a flavour of Dom, Hugo or Lily I'd love to see what they were like in ur mind

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Review #4, by The Justice League whiny male protagonist

15th January 2017:
Let me start off by saying, this is my favorite story on the site and every time I see an update, it brightens my day. Secondly, just a fair warning, if Jeffy isn't endgame, I might cry. Legit, I love them together so much. You've written them to be such great counterparts to each other- both arrogant, cocky, strong willed,and I love the way every moment with each other seems like it fits for both of their characters. Other stories often make big fights and breakups between the main couple completely OOC, just to break them up. But everytime Effy and James fight, it's been set up perfectly. And everytime they're not fighting, their interactions are perfectly set so that even though the story is from Effy's perspective, you can see James falling in love as well.

Thirdly, I love the rewrites, even though I desperately want a new chapter (hint hint) because when I reread, which I have two or three times, I can see the subtle hints that Mikey is in love with Effy, and even better, that Effy has minor feelings for Mikey. I've almost accepted at this point that, for a time at least, Meffy will be canon, and with the rewrites I almost like it. Mikey is one of my favorite characters, and I love how both him and James challenge Effy when she's selfish or arrogant, and I like that thatd what attracted her to both of them.

And also, OSCAR may be one of my favorite characters of all time. He's the perfect mix between obscene and sincere, and I love how well-rounded his character is. A lot of gay-best friends are written as complete stereotypes, and at times he is, but instead of making a weaker character, it makes him a funnier and more like able character because he is so honest about it. Him, and all your other side characters, are what makes this story so enjoyable. I love the way your story doesn't completely revolve around Jeffy, or even just Effy.

Keep up the good work!

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Review #5, by justaphilosophicalsoul whiny male protagonist

5th January 2017:
This was such a funny chapter everything that Oscar says is pure gold
this is my favourite characterisation of an oc and James since Agatha and her James in Clash
You write with a magnetism that captures the teenage predicament so precisely that it makes me a little nostalgic of time that I haven't even experiences physically
No matter what you become green birds I hope you are aware for the rest of your life that you've inspired such beautiful romantic feelings and imagination in the minds of your readers
When I look at my window and see candy floss skies and sunsets I think of this story. I think of that party effy went to by the black lake and I smile and I hope u just know how truly wonderful you are.
Stay motivated stay happy, one thought leads to a million inspirations 🤘🏿👁🌈

Author's Response: ahhh omg your review has totally made my day! thank you! thank you a gazillion times over!
like- where do i begin? firstly- comparing anything fluorescent adolescent to anything clash is so, so lovely, but so undeserving. i was such a fan, i think i left a review on every chapter she had put up? and so omg one ONE hand thank you endlessly but on the OTHER hand nooo way ahaha!

and this review in general- it's amazing, it's exactly what i set out to create and encapsulate when writing fluorescent adolescent, thank you thank you thank you. i'm speechless. you are too, too kind. i think this is the loveliest review i've ever received... thank you! just argh- you're the best, i think i have a lump in my throat from this xoxo

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Review #6, by AbraxanUnicorn whiny male protagonist

2nd January 2017:
Great chapter! That bit about literature affecting speech and sentence construction is so true :)

I hope Effy holds out for James and doesn't get too tangled up with Mikey, despite his feelings for her

Author's Response: ahaha i'm glad i'm not the only one who notices the literature/speech relationship! you can even see it within this fanfic itself- effy's earlier speech is studded with 'like' and 'yeah' because it just reflected what /i/ was reading at the time, haha.

and as for effy? you'll just have to wait and see...

thanks so much for reviewing !! xoxo

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Review #7, by luna1306 whiny male protagonist

1st January 2017:

F*ucking Mikey just has to ruin everything doesn't he!?
Only one good thing can come out of this is that James will be so jealous and angry, OH THE DRAMA!

But now Mikey is out of the friend zone and I do not like it one bit!

Even though I love the drama it creates, Mikey can f*ck off

I love your story update soon

Author's Response: thank you so, so much for reading- and even more so for leaving a review!

hahaha- i love your feelings on mikey. the mikey/james plot has totally divided people's opinions in the reviews and, if i'm being honest, i kind of agree with you! TOTALLY a case of wrong place, wrong time.

thanks again for leaving a review! ♥

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Review #8, by jeffylover whiny male protagonist

28th December 2016:
“Oh yes I am, Elizabeth, even if I haven’t been bar mitzvah! I spoke to my Rabbi- well, I spoke to Adam Goldstein before he flew to the Bahamas- and I am culturally Jewish, if not religiously, and you know what Effy, I am gay, half Korean, left-handed, a wizard, and Jewish, which officially makes me the biggest minority in the school, so I would not cross me if I were you!” this is just hilarious you are both an excellent fluent writer and natural comedian, what a beautiful chapter, eagerly awaiting more!

Author's Response: thank you so so much! that is a particular favourite oscar-ism of mine, and i'm super stoked you picked up on it aha. you've totally made my day with your kind, undeserved words; thank you endlessly ♥

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Review #9, by a Fan whiny male protagonist

27th December 2016:
I ship Mikey and Effy a ridiculously lot and I really hope they'll give a go at a relationship. I've been so on the fence with James, he's been kinda too selfish and controlling for me to love him and I think he needs to grow a little bit before getting another chance with Effy. Loved this chapter, I'm in awe of your writing and how it has evolved so much during the course of this story. Hope you'll update soon! X

Author's Response: i'm so glad you do! i'm not making any promises with the two of them, but watch this space ;) yeah, james is totally problematic- he's as loved as he's disliked, and of course his actions are only seen through effy's persepective and narrative. you are too, too kind; your words are so lovely and they've made my day! thank you sooo much! xoxo

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Review #10, by HPFantasticks whiny male protagonist

9th December 2016:
Oh my god, this is sooo good!!

I read this a long time ago, and now had to reread it again, which I did in one go and I love it love it love it!!

Also, you have edited it since I read it, and I really like your changes. There was one scene where Effy had to walk from the prefects´bathroom in James´jersey, that I missed, but you got that in anyway.
I like so much how you hint at the Maradeur Map and the way you have draw all your characters. And this last ending was just brilliant!!
To be honest, the only thing about the story that I do not see the point of, or like, is the entire Russian war, there is too little of it to make sense and I do not feel it is necessary- you show James´political awareness by the Thatcher t-shirt. The story just has soo much going on for it that Russia only distracts?

You are a fantastic writer, you set the scene, shape the characters and have amazing dialogues, so please keep on writing. Especially here and this story!

And yes, Mikey is great, but James is James and your James is awesome!!

Author's Response: ahhh i'm so so so glad! yeah omg, the changes were SO overdue- i started fluorescent adolescent as a fifteen year old and my youth is totally reflected in the earlier writings. i don't regret a single thing about the plot or the characters- i've grown with fa as a small, guilty pleasure project on the side of my teenage life- but yeah, so glad you could give it a re-read !!

yeah, as i said earlier, fa for the past three years has been such an outlet for my own teenage angst and drama, and its reflected all over the plotline- from the new friendships, the boys and the russia war. i so desperately wanted to highlight how teenagers don't just talk about the opposite sex and make up and parties, like the golden trio's generation we do care, we care a LOT about politics and current affairs, and it was a plot line i unfortunately had to drop due to clashes with future plot lines. so i'm hesitant to take it out, but totally get what you mean about it!

you're too, too kind and this review was so lovely to read. thank you for everything & happy holidays! all my love xox

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Review #11, by putitonpaper whiny male protagonist

7th December 2016:
Wow! It's hard to know where to start with reviewing your story.

From the moment I started reading this, I felt like I was dropped in your world, at least your take on JK's world. Honestly, you really know how to set a scene.

And your characters... there are so many yet they all have depth and individual back stories making it quite easy to follow. Anyone that didn't fall in love with Oscar immediately is no friend of mine. (In fact, Oscar reminds me so much of a best friend of mine so I really have a huge soft spot for him.) Your dialogue is also amazing. There were so many points where I laughed out loud, usually at Oscar's lines (but seriously, can Oscar and I be best friends?).

You've taken me through an emotional roller coaster with Effy! Of course, like most I was team Jeffy. Even to the point where I thought Effy was being a bit unfair to James. I think what I like most about their relationship is that you've captured what it's like when you're first falling for someone -- the new feelings, the tingling nervousness when you see them, the back and forth (Does he like me??? I think he likes me! But what if he doesn't??). And then there's also the unnecessary drama of high school relationships that you've also captured very well. You find yourself constantly saying -- "Well if they just talked I bet they'd work this out!" but then you remember, this is high school, drama will prevail!

But then there's Mikey! And Mikey seems so safe and comfortable to me. When I was in high school, young and foolish, the Mikey type relationship just seemed too safe to me, a little too boring. But being older (and somewhat wiser, I like to think), Mikey just seems like the guy you spend forever with. So I guess I'm team, whoever Effy wants! You're slaying me with this last scene though. I think I actually gasped out loud when I read it.

You're a talented writer and I'm so excited to see what happens next.

Author's Response: oh my goood where do i begin on this review? i've been ill, itv has had all the harry potters on this festive season so in my bed-bound, chicken noodle soup groggery i've turned to harry potter both on the screen and on the net for comfort and your review - like - wow! talk about comfort! WOW you are the bEST.

firstly- yeah, oscar was totally based on my own best friend at the point of writing this! alas we've drifted since- university and all that jazz- but it's so nice hearing such glorious feedback on oscar from others. he's a personal favourite too, obv.

i love how you think effy's been mean to james. i've received such a spectrum of feedback on the duo; some think he's awful, some think she is. ultimately they're a teenage couple, they don't know who they are themselves yet, and i wanted to capture the messy parts just as much as the katy perry teenage dream aspects! and omg yeah- so see what you mean about mikey. when you're fifteen, you want the bad guy james type. when you're a little older, you suddenly see the appeal in the boy next door. so down with that.

thank you so, so much for such an amazing, lovely review. happy holidays! xoxoxo

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Review #12, by Purpledragons whiny male protagonist

7th December 2016:
Honestly all I want to do is be effy. I haven't read Harry Potter in nearly 6 years but your fan fiction just reminded me why I fell in love with it in the first place.
Can you imagine being effy and just knowing there's a seventh year party omg the fever and spirit of the whole thing I can't even
You wrote eloquently and I cannot wait for the next chapter absolutely magical #jeffyalltheway

Author's Response: omg. that is just. the- the biggest compliment ever !! thank you SO much ! i turn to fanfiction when i'm craving the whole potter universe too so i totally feel you on that front.

your words have been way too kind and i'm smiling into my laptop screen. thank you so much!

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Review #13, by daylight whiny male protagonist

2nd November 2016:
Another perfect chapter! How do you do it?

Anyway, it was great. You’ve totally captured that end-of-the-year feeling, that tug to be on holiday, no matter how great the year has gone — but also that nostalgia for things not quite past, so you’re in this in-between state of wanting the year to last forever and to end right this second. Right? I don’t know, it’s just lovely. I’m yearning for the end of the year already after reading this, and it’s barely fall!
Also, the quidditch match was so good! I feel like writing quidditch is so tricky for me, but you completely nailed it, well done! And the dialogue this chapter was outrageously on point, I feel like I’ve had half of these conversations with my own friends, honestly so so good.
AND MIKEY. And JAMES. You’re slaying me dead with these boys, I swear. That end scene with Mikey was pure magic.

Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Nora xx

Author's Response: nora hey! i am so sorry for the delay in replying to this. university and life and everything, everything has been totally crazy (i thought life would get easier after year 13- apparently not) and it took me a post-christmas flu and harry potter being played non-stop on itv to get back to it all!

yeah omg. it's the dead of winter, summer seems like an eternity away and i'm pining for the end-of-term beginning of summer feeling once again. long days, bright nights, warm breezes. god, i'm craving that! i'm jealous of effy reading about and writing about her upcoming summer antics.

thank you so, so much for such a wonderful review! all my love.

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Review #14, by Ashlumos1888 whiny male protagonist

29th October 2016:
Ok, so I read this ages ago now, and at the time I remember not really getting into it then and abandoning it, but I gave it another go a few days ago and I am SO glad I did!

Firstly it's so well-written, I really love your writing, witty dialogue and not too slow! Mikey is my absolute favourite, and I'm sort of routing for him instead of James at this point? I also really want to know more about Freddie and his dynamic with James, that sounds super interestng!

I think my favourite part is the friendship group you've got going on with the sixth years, especially the Ravenclaws! Most Next-gens with James/OC that I've seen tend to have the OC with just one best friend with their whole life centred around James, so it's really refreshing to see that Effy's actually GOT her own life and can deal with her issues without him.

Can't wait to see what happens next! Do you have an idea of how many chapters are left?

Author's Response: oh my god. please puh-LEASE forgive me for such a late reply to such a wonderful review! first semester at uni has been absolutely crazy and i feel like the biggest idiot thinking life got easier after year 13. hahaha to THAT. i'm super sorry !

you're so, so kind. i couldn't be happier that you gave FA another go after my heavy editing! yeah, you're so right about the typical friendship dynamics of next-gens; they're either 'nerds' with just the one friend or totally bffl'ed up to rose or dom (or both) thus giving them easy access to a potter boy. i initially started off with aspen being dom but i just felt like that wasn't right, was too lazy- throughout my whole secondary school experience i found myself making friends with new people, different people, and maybe it's because i'm an extrovert or maybe its just such an fundamental part of being in school but i really, desperately wanted to reflect that within FA. like even writing references to teddy oliver or eve feltham make me so happy!

thanks again for such an incredible, heart warming review. and i'm super sorry for the delay in replying! xoxo

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Review #15, by JEFFY4LYFE whiny male protagonist

24th October 2016:
I'm so confused with how I feel right now. I honestly don't even know what who I want Effy to be with anymore. Like I am so team Jeffy, but Mikey. Ugh I just want to know more! I also feel like Effy doesn't know who she wants either. Mikey's been practically in love with her since they dated, but James is too and we finally see him say it in this chapter. And I know that he was drunk, but people are most honest when they are drunk. And I really hated Freddy in this chapter, but I also see why he's like that to Effy. I really want to know more about all of the different characters. ALSO I'm wondering if you're gonna put James' POV or any other POVs? I think there was an early chapter that had a brief James POV but you might have edited it out...??? I can't wait for the next chapter. I also follow your tumblr for FA but I just saw the note that said its on hold for now. I really like putting faces to the characters. I swear if FA was a movie or a TV show I would totally watch it.

Author's Response: ahhh please accept my apology on how grossly delayed this reply is! i appreciate your reading and, moreover, your incredible review but omg- nobody told me how crazy the first semester of uni is! (well, they do. but like. still.)

effy is confused. like, she's all over the place. and james is too- he's frightened of his feelings for effy, nervous for the future and hates feeling out of control, which he feels with both factors of his life. and yeah! there was totally a james' pov but i deleted it when my friend - rightly- pointed out it was lazy writing.

and wow. i've totally based fa on years of binge watching back to back gossip girl, skins, greys anatomy- you name it. i would adore a tv show FA and i'm blushing you mentioned ti! xx

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Review #16, by Charla whiny male protagonist

16th October 2016:
SO glad I stumbled across this lovely, witty, emotional fic!!! Honestly I wouldn't normally read Harry Potter fanfictions about OCs but you may have converted me. so yeah keep it up!

Author's Response: ahhh my god your review is so, so kind! a million apologies for how late it is- first semester of university has been hectic and i can't believe it took me a post-christmas flu to sit down and reply. i appreciate your kind, lovely words to the max. thank you so so so much !!

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Review #17, by vforvibha whiny male protagonist

11th October 2016:
I loved your quidditch scene. I really did. It took me straight from organic chemistry to the Hogwarts grounds while I was reading it, which is great because that's what writing is all about: it transports you.

Also, I hate organic chemistry, so thank you for giving me an excuse to procrastinate.

Author's Response: i hate chemistry too! so glad i could help you find some form of escapism from that vile subject. sooo not a fan. you're so, so kind and i'm blushing. thanks so much !! xx

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Review #18, by JT4HP whiny male protagonist

10th October 2016:

I am just. No words.

Okay, now, now, I have words.

This chapter was SO long. I am so happy it was so long. And the writing was brill, like the quidditch match was so well written. And then, there was the end. I CAN NOT. I mean, I can, but I don't want to because like WHAT. and also NO. But like kind of yes. Look, James saw them! And he's probably so sad. But I kind of hope it leads into a good fight between effy and james about it all and then a fantastic snog. Because I like Mikey and Effy together, but I LOVE JEFFY. 4EVA.

Anyway, sorry this review is like all over the place. But such a great chapter! So glad you updated! And I can't wait for the next one.

PS are we getting close to the end? Because it kind of feels like it and I"m so sad :(

Author's Response: you've always been the nicest and most loyal of reviewers and i'm almost heartbroken on your behalf at how late my reply is! i'm so, so sorry. you deserve better. my first semester of university has been overwhelmingly crazy and chaotic and all kinds of dramatic and its taken me tonsillitis to return back to hpff !!

as always, you are too, too kind. i'm thrilled you liked this chapter thank you so so so much !! we've just passed halfway through, i'm guesstimating maybe like 30/35 chapters overall? but there's always room for one-shots of sequels of sorts ;) all my love xoxo

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Review #19, by FA lover! whiny male protagonist

9th October 2016:
oh my oh my oh MY. This was pure perfection. The drama, the action, the quidditch, the humour-it was a bundle of perfectly written perfection. And yes, I'll repeat myself because this is the only word to use to describe this masterpiece. This will always be one of my favourite fanfics and I will never not enjoy it.
I LOVED drunk James. His confessions twisted and fluttered my heart. I couldn't decide who I wanted Effy with, and not for her, selfishly for me I decided on James especially, and 100% confirming it after that last line. Breaks my heart. Jeffy must be endgame.
I need James and Effy deep meaningful I love you conversation,I NED IT. I need that cute fun fluff in my life. And now I'll go re-read when they were together.
I appreciate you xxx

Author's Response: woowaaa cool reviewer name! love it! i'm a lover of la lover!

i'm so, so glad you liked it and reading this review totally made my heart swell. i'm genuinely smiling. i agree, jeffy has so got to be endgame but they're just such messes! and they have a lot of baggage between them.

thanks so much for everything, this review was the loveliest thing ever and i'm so, so sorry for the delay in replying! xox

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Review #20, by angieart whiny male protagonist

9th October 2016:
Oh my goodness. So much drama happening. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I hate drunk James, but I'm glad the truth finally came out about how he felt about Effy. And Meffy???! I like Mikey but I'd prefer James (pls let them end up together). I really did feel bad about James at the end though. Ugh can they just get it together and get back together!!! TIME IS RUNNING OUT JAMES IS ABOUT TO GRADUATE! #teamjeffyforlife

Author's Response: ahahaha your review totally made me smile! you're so, so lovely, thanks infinitely! all my love xox

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Review #21, by pottered literally, jewish god bless

28th September 2016:
welp i come back and your new update greets me so im Very happy to be back on hpff for a while yay!
effy was so bitter this entire chapter omg i mean, i understand where she's coming from since she did help a lot, but i don't think it should be a matter of who is getting the recognition of saving jasmine, it should be about the fact that she was saved from that creep. though effy is effy so haha. she does deserve some acknowledgement though!
i felt so bad about the stiff and /off/ atmosphere between mikey and effy. honestly i couldn't believe that mikey was coming at her for that, as i said before, what matters is someone helped jasmine so is he actually doing this ._. though i hope they get along soon :c
eep i was really glad when james came to effy to inform her but then she just lashed out and i felt really bad for him ahh he was being considerate but then he received that backlash. i understand effy has mixed feelings and it's a little too much for her with all that's going on but in that moment, he didn't really deserve that ): ohmygod when he told her he wasn't over her, i died and came back to life lol
a really good chapter !! i love your writing so much bc it tackles real life issues and it's so genuine bc most of us feel this way in school; at that age, going through phases, so i appreciate it so much, especially your characters bc they're so flawed and that's realistic ^^ looking forward to the next update!! i hope things look up for effy and co.

Author's Response: firstly -- so, so sorry for the delay in replying to this, definitely not a sign of ingratitude, you know how much reviews like yours mean to me, life has just been so crazy recently!

effy was definitely bitter this chapter, and you know how much i love exposing her bad faults and qualities. not only is she bitter at the break up with james but she's definitely annoyed it is james, out of everyone, that became hogwarts' hero hahaha. maybe one day she'll grow up. maybe. this chapter has just exposed quite a decent amount of everyone's- james, mikey, effy- bad side and i'm excited to get out of this post-drama negativity!

thanks so so so much, thanks infinitely for your kind words and continued support ♥ i'm so sorry about the delay in replying and sporadic nature of my updates !! next chapter hopefully up soon x

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Review #22, by ameliaj literally, jewish god bless

22nd September 2016:
UPDATE SOON! I cant wait for the rest!

Author's Response: thank you so much !

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Review #23, by dobbyisfree literally, jewish god bless

14th September 2016:
I'm so happy that you've updated. I seriously thought that you abandoned FA and got really sad about it. BUT now I'm so freakin happy!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks so so much !! fa is not abandoned, but yeah, updates (and replies) will be indefinitely more sporadic :( super sorry, as a fan of other works that've been through the same process i know how annoying it can be! but thanks so so much for the review and support despite it all xoxoxo

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Review #24, by miluv literally, jewish god bless

7th September 2016:
Hi lovely chapter as usual!! Quick question, who is Christina Pankhurst and why does Effie like her so much? Can't wait for the next chapter, you're a star.
xox miluv

Author's Response: hey! thanks so, so much! & christabel pankhurst was an english suffragette, a leader of the movement- so that's why effy loves her so much! and nooo... you're the star! thanks again for such a lovely reviewww ♥

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Review #25, by Roz literally, jewish god bless

6th September 2016:
This is honestly one of the best fics ever. i think the thing that makes me really fall in love with it, is how real it seems. The characters have all developed throughout the story, and it is always so interestIng to see how they have responded to different scenarios that you have written about. Their reactions, the choices they make and even the things that they think and say feel so accurately... Teenager... But in the best way possible.
I also really love how you have managed to make some characters, for example effy, make often brash or thoughtless desicions in certain situations, as it really adds to the whole idea that even though she is the protagonist, it doesn't always mean that she is able to consider the impact of some of her actions. I really get the theme of how the characters are not perfect, as they are still these young, bright things, which means that they are still learning about this new world of adulthood.
Furthermore, I like the idea of how maybe Effy, and some of her other friends,may be experiencing a slightly awkward time in their lives, where they are not quite adults, yet they have grown out of the innocence of childhood. They are making plenty of mistakes, yet they don't always want to admit their faults or be bothered to clean up the messes they make. For me, this makes your story seem such so much more realistic and therefore I sometimes even find myself empathising with the characters!
Keep up the amazing work, your story is something so refreshing and different, and I wish you all the best x

Author's Response: ahhh... this is the /nicest/ thing i've read in ages. thank you so, so much... where do i begin?!

i love, love, luurrvvve how you think the characters are not only accurate and realistic, and that you acknowledge the mistakes effy's made. i've been writing this fic for the past three years (whaaat!! that long already?!), since i was fifteen years old, so it's been pretty entwined with my teenage experience personally; fa's been almost a diary of sorts, an outlet for my own personal teenage dramatics, and i'm so glad that it's been reflected as i've wanted it to online!

"young bright things"- that is /exactly/ what i strove for. thanks so, so much. SO much !! you've kind of validated exactly what i've been striving for. i love it. i love how you can empathise with them! it genuinely means the world.

this review made my day, and i had a pretty good day. thanks so much for reviewing, thanks so much for reading and sticking with fa despite my awful updates. all my love xoxoxo

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