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Review #1, by dbmweasley albus! albus! albus!

5th July 2015:
I absolutely loved it

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Review #2, by pottered  albus! albus! albus!

5th July 2015:
eeep i loveddd this and, like, for some reason I adore the chapter title ???
right ok so im so in love with jeffy and uhh nooo they were definitely not cringy, they were perfect ;p
omg I didn't know that flanter is a word/slang??? but that's sooo amazingly creative, i love the word. if it isn't a word, then it should be ;0
aww poppy is so cute, it's like, her name is adorable and so is she. albusss, i adore albus. poppy and him would be so cute together tbh
james telling effy the prefect's bathroom password and walking her to it was so cute and nice. i absolutely loved their scenes together, as i said, im in love with them. and omggg aw i understand james a lot more now and plus he's sooo charming.
ok but have I said i love oscar in my previous reviews ? because i adore oscar! i love him sooo much he's just so über cool and amazing! he reminds me of one of my friends which just makes it a lot better lol
louis and ruddy just (heart eyes)
ooo the stuck in the mud thing was really creative, i loved it, the scene with josh pushing effy in the mud was /hilarious/
danny is the perfect quidditch captain really
ugh i just love ur characters sooo much, like, each one of them, they're sooo realistic
effy!! i loveee effy! sooo much. i adore her narrative and the fact that taylor hill plays her is just amazing because I think she fits effy perfectly (she's so beautiful sighs)
ALSO effy's dream lol that's me with my crushes tbh .-.
ok so I loveddd this chapter (i love every chapter tbh although i /do/ think my ever so favourite is the one where jeffy dance in, like, hogsmeade.)

P.S. /how/ do people not like aspen, she's a complete sweetheart! plus i love her name so much

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Review #3, by scattered  albus! albus! albus!

5th July 2015:
"Flanter" - I thought that was hilarious. Can I just say that I love Poppy? Her dynamic with Al is perfect. AND JEFFY! It wasn't cheesy at all or cliche, it was written so perfectly and like they were actual normal people at Hogwarts instead of these crazy romantics, which is never realistic I feel. This was just so good!

Can't wait for the next chapter! x

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Review #4, by Sunshine&Daisies albus! albus! albus!

4th July 2015:
Thrilled that you updated! This is a lovely story, please keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #5, by Snapasawrus labradors, hedgehogs

4th July 2015:
You only updated this month but I don't think I can go much longer without a chapter 14 like the excitement for Jeffy is actually killing me
We've had such restricted time since chapter ten given to just them to and let me tell u how effective that has been in keeping me excited!! I literally squeal when I think of more Jeffy
Please please please update soon I have so much love for this story
You write like a fresh air, simple and beautiful !!

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Review #6, by Lalaland labradors, hedgehogs

3rd July 2015:
Lol your authors note has excited me so much!! Really can't wait, as always loved everything

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Review #7, by PotterKid labradors, hedgehogs

3rd July 2015:
OMG I love this chapter, I just wish there was more Jeffy. I can't wait for chapter 14! Please please please update soon!

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Review #8, by Candour labradors, hedgehogs

2nd July 2015:
I found this chapter really inspiring and I'm not motivated to practice and learn all my latin vocabulary just as EFFY keeps trying wit her patronus
Thank you for this minuscule bit of inspiration although probably insignificant to you this has helped me so much!
Fab chaoter btw but you don't need me to tell you that you must know already how talented you are! #Jeffy

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Review #9, by Petunia Evans labradors, hedgehogs

2nd July 2015:
So I really love this not because of JEFFY or the characters or the plot or the way it's written (btw the above is all true)
I love this because your chaoter titles are actually beautiful
Bit random but they are so precisely chosen and wonderful as are the lyrics and the summary of this fanfic and the banner
My friend told me it used to be different but Idc coz I love this lol
So yeah just thought I'd throw that out there😂 hope ur well and I pray people like you continue writing forever because this fanfiction makes me smile and that's one of the biggest achievements an author can make you are very talented
I wish you all the best with the rest of this story

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Review #10, by DitzyDaisy labradors, hedgehogs

2nd July 2015:
Hey hey! I'm so impressed with this speedy update and I love the patronus theme the opening scene really made me laugh!!
I get the the feeling Scorpious has a weeny little crush on rose!!
Excited for the next chapter when will it be?!

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Review #11, by DanielleRadcliffe labradors, hedgehogs

2nd July 2015:
I get really excited reading your writing
You are truly exceptional at it
My favouriye part was when aspen crawled into effy's bed for a moment I thought it was going to be james but I was so glad there was a deep emotional best friend moment because it was truly needed!!
I loved the snippets of james and the tove lov song is my absolute fav at the moment!
I'm crazy about your chaoter names they are always so funky and btw I check your tumblr religiously it's just so cool😂
Excited for chapter 14 xx

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Review #12, by silverashes labradors, hedgehogs

2nd July 2015:
LOVE. I have nothing but absolute love for this story: the characters, the plot, everything! Even though there was little James/Effy, I really enjoyed the chapter. Her relationship with Mikey is fantastic; I wish I had a friend like him! Her relationship with Al is also enviable. He's adorable, and I loved their little heart to heart talk. I am very excited to see what her Patronus is/what memory makes it happen! Please update soon, I am so in love with this story!

xx Rachel

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Review #13, by angieart labradors, hedgehogs

1st July 2015:
OH MY GOSH!!! I just saw your author's note and it immediately made my day like 100 times better. I'm so glad that you have a plan for this story cause it seriously is so good and unique. This chapter really made me see a different side of Effy and I'm so glad that she is so independent and doesn't drool over James every single minute. I love her relationship with all her friends and I'm really wanting to know more about her relationships with other people *this is sorta kinda my plea to have more Effy and Mikey* Good job with this story and i can't wait for the next chapter. Hopefully with more JEFFY or MEFFY (mikey and effy)

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Review #14, by Sharaday wild horses, part.2

30th June 2015:
JEffy moment at the end just killed me!! Onwards to the next one xxx

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Review #15, by Ranjico labradors, hedgehogs

30th June 2015:
Hey just wanted to say there's a few spelling errors and missed out words (sorry to be annoying just thought I'd say lol) but amazing chapter my favourite so far I throoughly enjoyed reading about effy's life, she is my fav oc ever.
Also is it bad I've got a teeny weeny crush on Oscar?!
I'm thinking that migjt cause some issues between effy and the potter boys, whose side will she take?!
Looking forward to more x

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Review #16, by Bella labradors, hedgehogs

30th June 2015:
OMG I literally got so excited after reading your authors note!! You have planned a sequel and ending, that is like life's inspiration for a die hard fa fan like me!
I'm so proud of you like you don't even know who I am but still
Your writing has come such a long way and each chapter is better than the next
I've never seen such writing that if full of as much spunk as it has reality and rawness
You build characters flawlessly and the fact that every one of your readers has a different favourite really emphasises how you reach to every type of person out there (yes I took the time to read all your reviews)
My personal favourite has to be james just because I'm a potter girl through and through but I'm not going to lie Scorpious and louis are close seconds as little as we've seen of them
I would love to see more of lily roxanne and Lucy in this and see how they fit in just because your characters are so funky! I adore your take on rose and the description of her in this chapter is amazing lol it was definitely my favourite part apart from when james pinned Effy to the library and wall lol
So yeah well done dude this is a great great great super duper amazeballs chapter part of an extraordinary fiction and I genuinely can't wait to read more and more and more
Chapter 14 is going to be truly amazing and enough to feed my JEFFY addiction I can just feel it!! Mind you tho the mikey effy angle isn't bad either but james will aLways have my heart!!
Fingers crossed for Albus and his new bird;)
Lots of love
Bella x

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Review #17, by Arielxo labradors, hedgehogs

29th June 2015:
Really funny chapter! Had me cracking up
My favourite part was rose, I really like your spin on her
But no aspen and Scorpious broke up!! I loved them but hey JEffy still exists so it's all good lol
I'm excited to see where the dynamics of relationships go in the next few chapters, I'm sensing jealousy and a bit of triangular love as there are so many good looking men in effy's life!!
Great job greenbirds I'm througoughly impressed
But I have to agree with effy, I don't think she's arragont at all! Headstrong opinionated and stubborn yes but not arrogant!
Till next time

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Review #18, by dbmweasley labradors, hedgehogs

29th June 2015:
Hi! Started to read your story today and, well, finished it today. I really, really like it, especially because it isn't super cliche. I mean the James/OC thing kinda is, but the storyline, the not-so-flawless characters, the not-so-smoothly-going relationship between James and Effy, that is different, and that really makes the story a lot better. Also, you write in a very easy and funny way, without using too much sarcasm. Sometimes I feel like some fanfictions are written IN sarcasm, you know? Also I like that you don't just focus on Effy and James, but the rest of Effy's life as well.

Just wondering: how many more chapter? Approximately.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #19, by Nagrinas labradors, hedgehogs

28th June 2015:
This chaoter was so funny it has so many puns lol
Really enjoyed it can't wait for more!

Author's Response: i'm so glad you liked it! xx

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Review #20, by mrsdeanthomas421 labradors, hedgehogs

23rd June 2015:
TEAM MIKEY. TEAM MIKEY. TEAM MIKEY. I don't think I have ever shipped something so hard, so the lack of Jeffy in this chapter made me smile, but I also loved seeing more of Effy as a person, not a person in a relationship. The Al/Effy kitchen convo gave me all sorts of warm feelings- they are so good for eachother (as friends, of course). I was really pleasantly surprised to see the Aspen/Scor relationship come to an end with a fizzle rather than a bang- with Aspen's personality it would have been easy for you to go with the nasty breakup road but I appreciated the rawness and simplicity of her quiet breakdown with Effy at her side. I may or may not have a character crush on Teddy Oliver after only a few sentences so good job with him :) oh and if Effy and Mikey decide to get kinky on Valentine's day just know I would not be opposed in the slightest (I have a feeling I'm just going to have to enjoy whatever happens between them, if anything, while it lasts). I loved this chapter as always and will be checking religiously for an update!

Author's Response: well first of all i love dean thomas so i'm really appreciating your username! as in he's such a great, underrated character, so yeah. go you!
ahhh, where do i begin! i am, to begin with, so thrilled you back effy and james together- the whole love/hate lover/enemy dynamic has been used so much in fanfiction i'm constantly scared i'm overdoing it, or running too close to cliche. so that comment really resinated with me, thank you!
i too really like teddy oliver, and i'm glad you like him too, especially enough to comment on him. and regarding aspen and scorpius's relationship: i originally had effy walk into rose & scorpius kissing in the owlery but i scrapped that all together, because does that really ever happen? i mean, maybe on tv? perhaps in real life, but i've never heard of it. as a teenager, i really try hard not to write teenagers acting in ways myself or my friends wouldn't, you know?
anyway. thank you so much for such a kind and encouraging review. ch14 is in the queue, and hopefully it doesn't disappoint! xx

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Review #21, by Noodles labradors, hedgehogs

22nd June 2015:
Jesus flipping Christ unicorns food God this is what I'm talking about
writing like this makes me skip and spin and dance even when I'm not stoned
What a great chapter! I feel as if I really know EFFY now and the whole individual who doesn't rely on james is a lovely angle and tbh more than a feminism aspect as it is and I should appreciate I love it even more coz it gets me hyped for more JEFFY time!
So glad you updated so quickly I love that!!
YH amazeballs job I'm so so so so so excited to see a chapter 14
Love and hugs xo

Author's Response: hey dude!
i'm so glad you liked this chapter, and i chuckled at your stoned comment hahaha. what a compliment! i'm flattered, but come on now ahahaha.
i'm SO HAPPY you feel like you know effy now and my attempt at writing an independent teenage girl has worked. it's like, i don't want to be too 2-dimensional and be all I HATE BOYS and HOW DARE YOU OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME you know? like i wanted to fuse a girl who really embraced her feminity but also relished in a woman's 21st century independence- you know? ahaha sorry for rambling!
anyway yeah. i'm so happy you're liking this thus far, and i really hope ch14 (which is in the queue) doesn't disappoint! your review made my day, thank you endlessly ♥

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Review #22, by mathildarose labradors, hedgehogs

22nd June 2015:
I love your Al. Maybe even more than your James but you know only by a tiny etsy bit. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: interesting! i'm afraid i don't spend that much time on al compared to his brother, but now i know you like him i'll make more of an effort to include his presence more. thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #23, by GeekAttack labradors, hedgehogs

16th June 2015:
Love the back in forth between Effy and James- this is fab!

Author's Response: thanks so much! ♥

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Review #24, by LittleMissAutumn labradors, hedgehogs

16th June 2015:
I really liked how this chapter just focused on Effy's life with her and her friends because it's her story and she's her own person.

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing. that is definitely what i was going for, so i'm glad it worked out! xx

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Review #25, by MagicInMe labradors, hedgehogs

15th June 2015:
Loved it can't wait for chapter 14 xx

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing, i'm so glad you liked it!

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