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Review #1, by ilybabes crushed moon extract

12th May 2015:
aah love this story so far (i've only just started reading) and the title too :)) really great writing, both with descriptions and dialogue

Author's Response: i'm so glad you're liking this! hope the rest doesn't disappoint. thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #2, by Hazel Black crushed moon extract

9th May 2015:
I love this story so far! I really like how all the characters have such different, defined personalities. Great work :)

Author's Response: ah so crazy how you've reviewed- been meaning to read pureblood for AGES. hope you enjoy the rest, thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by mrsdeanthomas421 wild horses

2nd May 2015:
this story is fantastic. I honestly don't like James all that much, but I really appreciate how you have managed to craft a human, and therefore flawed James and not the stereotypical perfect first son of the Potters. I do however love effy- she has distinct independence and of course Ravenclaw intelligence. I love your portrayal of Effy's friendships with Mikey, Liam, Albus, etc.- it is refreshing to read some strictly platonic guy/girl relationships.
Effy/Mikey is secretly my favorite thing ever, so I was interested to read this:
"My permission to let Jasmine snog one of my best friends felt weird as they tumbled out of my mouth. I thought about giving Jasmine permission to snog Albus, and it just didnít feel as strange."
Can it be that there are feelings rumbling about? Or are they just so close that the question made her uncomfortable??
Great job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: i am SO glad you like this (also dean thomas is definitely one of my favourite characters. so very cool username. i'm a fan)
i'm really happy you're telling me your honest opinion of james. he's not meant to be a two-dimensional "lad with a heart (and six pac and brain and kindness and charisma and everything else under the sun), i've tried really hard to make him as real as possible- so the fact that you don't like him really proves that! thank you!
but i'm super stoked that you like effy. in previous chapters she was meant to be this sassy pretentious ravenclaw girl (urgh so cliche 2013 bea what u on) but the more i write the more i find i'm injecting little parts of myself into her? and just the fact that you ship effy/mikey! all i can say is watch this space. you definitely do not have an inkling for nothing.
thanks again for such a great review! xxx

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Review #4, by Wilder004 wild horses

27th April 2015:
Strangely i love the character of Romilda haha she makes me smile lol
to think that was the romilda vane who tried to love poison our harry

btw think you've inspired my babies name
effy is beautiful

Author's Response: awh! i'm so glad you like the name effy and the character romilda. thanks for reviewing ♥ ♥

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Review #5, by Baslisks wild horses

27th April 2015:
so excited for chapter 12 because omg there will be more jeffy time at al'sparty and shit will go down and I'm so pumped like i need a chapter 12

i cannot say how much this fan fiction actually creates addiction in life

i need to conjugate my spanish verbs but no i must read this first

this had made me a happy girl

but chapter 12 would make my life complete

Author's Response: hahaha well i hope chapter 12 (which should be up this month) does not disappoint! nooo don't let this silly fic get in the way of your spanish verbs. revise! thanks so much for reviewing, im so glad you're liking fa xx

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Review #6, by colapola some aloe vera?

27th April 2015:
omg iffy lives in kent

i live in kent

that is crazy

i am dancing

Author's Response: thank you so much for reveiwing xx

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Review #7, by GraceDances rose petals scattered

27th April 2015:
Yes a florence and the machine reference song

i love them so much omg but they are so underrated so whenever i see them somewhere i get a tad over excited

your impeccable talent for chosing good names and songs has made me fall in love with this fic even more!!

Author's Response: no way! i am so obsessed with her, saw them live last year! amazing concert, highly recommend. thanks so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #8, by Nakshara rose petals scattered

27th April 2015:
drunk effy is rather funny
i love the relationship with mike and liam !!
so the dynamics in this story are freaking amazing
like effy has the perfect life

i wish i could live in this fan fiction it is perfect

onwards i shall read!!

Author's Response: ahaha! effy most definitely does not have a perfect life (hopefully will be displayed in later chapters) but i'm so glad you like the friendship dynamics between mikey and liam, they're my faves :') thank you so much for reviewing! xxx

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Review #9, by TriangLe wild horses

27th April 2015:
Do you know how long a chapter 12 will be? Really good chapter the last bit really made me laugh
I love how jeffy can just slip together no matter what

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing! i'm so glad you've liked this chapter, and hopefully c12 will be up by the beginning of may ♥ ♥

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Review #10, by Falxoldn wild horses

26th April 2015:
This is the sort of story that deserves its own fan fiction site where the pairings would be jeffy and scorpen and fresmine (Fred and jasmine lol)
I cant wait for chapter 12!!

Author's Response: ahahaha no way! well if you're interested in extra scenes and stuff, there's always my fanfic tumblr (on my author page) where you can request scenes or more information about the characters. and omg fresmine?! that's a new one. LUV IT.
thanks again for reviewing ♥

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Review #11, by DoxieTheDuck wild horses

26th April 2015:
This chapter literally just fueled my craving for more Jerry
Like I need them to function
Please please I beg you I just beg you can we have a chapter 12 in may at some point because I don't think me or my friends can wait longer than a month
Please we are actually prepared to send you money for this
This story is so darn good and blimey Jeffy is my OTP
Wow 10/10

Author's Response: i am so flattered that you're so taken by jeffy! thanks so much for reviewing, it genuinely means a lot- hopefully ch11 WILL be out by the beginning of may. i know my updating history is atrocious but i'll try to improve it! thanks again for all your kind words ♥ i am mentally and literally blushing.

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Review #12, by BananaSkins wild horses

26th April 2015:
"When I had decided to become pretty"
Aw jack

Author's Response: ahahha. oh jack ♥

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Review #13, by SpekticismM wild horses

26th April 2015:
Okay so the length and limited JEFFY interaction did disappoint me a little bit but I think that's just because I'm an obsessive freak over all things FA
I understand that these fill in chapters are necessary but like idk I just imagined more from the ball I thought shit was gunna go down
But Im sure you have a certain way of planning and there will be more action and most importantly JEFFY to come
But as usual really good writing and the situation at the end really made me laugh😂 the relationship between albus Scorpious mikey and Liam is so great! Pumped for a chapter 12 which I would die for!!

Author's Response: ahhh i'm so so sorry you were disappointed by the jeffy interaction. the next chapter will DEFINITELY have more, but yeah i'm so sorry! i'm writing this story as more of a coming-of-age than a romance, but yeah i'll strive to include more jeffy scenes in future. thanks again for reviewing, you have no idea how much i love the feedback aha! ♥

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Review #14, by pottered  wild horses

21st April 2015:
omg ok loved this. /loved/ this. a lot. (deep breaths) (almost screams) james and effy; my loves.

Author's Response: i'm so glad you liked it! u rock ok coool

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Review #15, by Anon wild horses

21st April 2015:
I loved this chapter. I'm glad Effy and James made up, though I'm still not sure if I like him. I also found the fact that Scorpius said Rose's name interesting. Considering Albus' reaction, I think Scorpius' feelings were stronger than Albus has implied. I'm curious as to what happened with her and I hope we find out. I also hope that Scorpius gets together with Rose. We haven't seen enough of her for me to decide if I like her or not, but I don't really like Aspen all that much. She's mean and she seems controlling when it comes to Scorpius. Update soon!

Author's Response: i'm so so happy you liked this chapter. i'm also pleased that you're undecided on james- he most definitely isn't perfect and i really try not to portray him to be, whilst also balancing the adoration he is absolutely saturated in by other characters. like he's not a bad person but he's not noble, you know?
thanks so much for the feedback- i'm forever interested to hear what people have to say about my characters!! aspen is quite controlling regarding scorpius, i agree, but she's one of those girls who have to have everything HER way i suppose, hahaha.
thanks again for the review xxx

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Review #16, by angieart wild horses

20th April 2015:
AH! YOU'RE BACK!! This chapter was so good. I wish there was more of James and Effy though. Hopefully there'll be more JEFFY in the future chapters? *fingers crossed*

Author's Response: there will definitely definitely DEF be more jeffy in the chapters. whenever you refer to them as jeffy my heart flutters ahha- i'm so glad you're liking it so far! thanks again for reviewing ♥

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Review #17, by SiriuslyinLove wild horses

20th April 2015:
Too much banter to take in this chapter!! Rose was such a
Dog to effy!!
Oh james you break me
Can't wait for chapter 12!!

Author's Response: hahahaha, rose is ridiculous. thanks soo much for reviewing ♥

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Review #18, by SamSmith6 wild horses

20th April 2015:
This chapter was a m a z I n g
How do you write so good so effortlessly! My favest chap yet OMG!!!
Please can we have a chapter 12 quicker than we got a chapyer 11? I'm sorry I know you have a life i sorry I really am but I need more of this amazing story!

Author's Response: i'm so happy ch11 was ok, and i'm thrilled it was your favourite. hopefully ch12 will change your mind hahaha- i'm working on it now, and i've mentally planned it to be twice as long as this xx

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Review #19, by loony_lovegood101 wild horses

20th April 2015:
THEY'RE SO ADORABLE. LOVE IT! (caps was necessary)

Author's Response: ahhh yayayayay! i'm so glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #20, by CanYouNot tattered velvet carpeting

19th April 2015:
Tattered velvet carpeting
Wow just wow
That is beautiful honestly one of the most mesmerising lines I've ever rread!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #21, by BeTexJaue some aloe vera?

19th April 2015:
Can I just say I'm super excited to read the next chapter whenever it comes! I can't wait for james and effy to interact again at the ball or whatever
And just wow yeah this like a really really good fanfiction and I just can't stop reading it lol!
It's full of color, good blond jokes and OSCAR (who is my fav closely followed by James who has to be BAE)
Really great first ten chapters!
Do you know how long your entire thing will be like how many chapter (she asks hoping you say 3900)
See you soon in another review!!

Author's Response: im so glad you're liking it: ch11 is up and i hope it does not disappoint! your compliments make me blush, you're so (too) nice, thank you infinitely. oscar is fab i agree!
i'm imagining maybe 20/30 chapters? i don't know, i don't have a mental conclusion for the story so probably when james graduates. or effy. idk.
thanks again xx

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Review #22, by Year+O crushed moon extract

18th April 2015:
Love the name of this chapter and the name effy!! That's my sisters name lol I've never heard anyone use it before
Really good chapter btw Oscar is really funny "i love her I hate her" got me
Can't wait to read the rest I can tell I'm going to enjoy it a lot

Author's Response: ahaha i love the name effy! really want to name my eldest daughter elizabeth just so that can be a potential nickname hahaha. i'm so happy you're enjoying it! xx

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Review #23, by AmericanbutnotuSa some aloe vera?

18th April 2015:
So my friend told me about this and I was kind of half heartedly agreed and pretend to be interested as you find yourself doing when you hate the ship said friend is describing but to save the friendship from disintegrating you read it anyway even though IT may cause physical gagging

You have changed me.

I hate oc. I would burn every oc if I could, I also hate next gen and a typical cliche James Potter.
But no.
No longer do I feel this way.
Well I do but this is an exception
I actually love effy, she's my favourite character followed closely by Mikey and Liam who remind me too much of my friends, I love the romance with james and I have found myself smiling and giggling and reading this story again and again
And why have you done this to me
I personally (forgive the plagiarism) myself refused also to join the james potter appreciation foundation but you have compelled me!!
I adore James Potter

I adore you

I also adore my friend who is smirking at me in the "I told you it was amazing" smirk friends do when they've proved you wrong

Can't wait for the next chapter super excited
Also love your new albus oc story (wow you've really changed my mind on oc's)

Author's Response: omg! i can genuinely not believe your friend recommended this to you omgomgomg. just the fact that people are physically talking about this hahaha- overwhelmed. might need to sit down idk.
i am sooo glad you're enjoying it, and thank you so much for the review. i'd like to cartwheel and dance and paint and sing in an attempt to display how happy i am that you're enjoying this, and that you're liking james potter and mikey and liam and effy and all those absolute losers... but i'm useless at all of that, so i'll just try to express it in words.
i am SO glad you're liking this and that i didn't let down you nor your friend! and im SUPER pumped you like bona fides too!!
ch11 is now up and i really hope it doesn't disappoint ♥ ♥ ♥ thank u again and again ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #24, by CandourLupin some aloe vera?

17th April 2015:
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.
There is going to be a ball.
This is going to be cray zay.
I cannot wait
You officially have me on the edge of my seat more so than I was throughout my physics gcse!

Update soon please!!! Hope your well and happy and PROUD OF THIS SCHMAZING PIECE OF ART

Author's Response: i am so glad you're liking it! the ball chapter is up (ch11) and i truly hope it does not disappoint. thanks so much for reviewing ♥
(and physics gcse is GROSS. i got a D in the exam which took my whole additional science grade down from an A to a B. ew ew ew ew)
thanks again xxx

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Review #25, by VaguebutnotVogue some aloe vera?

17th April 2015:
Waiting waiting waiting endlessly waiting for chapter 11:(
I NEVER REVIEW like ever but you have pushed me to it green birds! To get an update I will actually force myself to say nice things to you (if you knew me personally this would be revolutionary) because I like the story THAT much
Idk if you just are an amazing linguist but like the whole characterisation and just casual elegance between each sentence of this fanfiction is spectacular
This chapter, as every chapter before it, has been brilliant in grammar, spelling, plot and the balancing of effy's relationships
You manage to give us the right dose of everything, a quality that I as Someone who writes way too much, envy!!!
I can't lie and say this is my favourite chapter because I'm sorry but "tattered velvet carpeting" (that whole line) had me
Screenshotting, writing the line out on my notes as a possible future tattoo idea etc etc so that chapter was my absolute FAV but this is a very close second because it was so freaking funny
My favourite character is effy which never happens with an oc (so be proud of yourself because you have successfully managed to STRAY from cliche) and she just makes me laugh so hard idek why she's smart and quirky and she has flaws and so does james and they're going to learn and there's going to be more snogging And oh god just her name EFFY, think you may have just given me the name
Of my future child?! And I can't get enough of these Italian boyfriends and topical muggle jokes and she's a feminist as well bloody hell so as you can guess i just can't wait but you're making me wait which I'm not loving:( and Im aware I'm sounding close to resembling the desperation of Bella Swan in new moon but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU BIRDS THAT ARE GREEN IN NATURE, GRACE US PEASANTS WITH A FEW DROPS OF YOUR GLORY
Wow my first official review is shocking😂
James Potter has done this to me

Update soon and thanks for listening to my rambling (assuming you do of course)

Hugs and kisses or whatever White girls do xoxoxoxoxoox

P.s. If I were you I would be IMMENSLEY proud of myself for producing such an authentic composition that makes people SMILE - well done

Author's Response: well i am honoured to have prompted you towards your first review of hopefully many more to follow! i am so so touched by your kind words and praise, you are too nice and i am so thankful omg. i'm so glad you're enjoying fluoescent adolescent- reading this review is genuinely making me blush (but i'm like princess caucasian so that's not THAT rare a happening).
and plus plus plus i'm so glad you like the name effy ahah! i loove the name effy but my friend initially told me it was too skins and baby-ish (if you like FA you'd definitely like skins btw) and recommended eliza instead- so yeah, so excited you like effy hahaha.
thanks again, thank you so so so so much xxx

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