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Review #1, by Harry and Ginny Negligible Normality

21st April 2014:
it's sweet how James asked Allie out! and I do hope that she and Molly work things out between them! can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #2, by LightLeviosa5443 All Too Emotional

14th April 2014:

You're welcome, and I will yell even more strongly if you abandon this. But you have your muse back, so I'm momentarily not worried! I really loved the way that you wrote this chapter. It was so cute.

Ugh, the way that Allie was talking to Scorpius, and then talked to James and then she started crying a little and he stopped her and then he kissed her head and it was cute and I'm just so flabbergasted right now because it was so adorable. Plus, they're studying together under a tree. JALLIE. So excited right now. This is ridiculous.

Your story is giving me all of the feels right now. Um, so, since you have your muse back should I expect an update soon? Because I'm really excited about the idea of one!! Wonderful wonderful job as usual hon. KEEP WRITING AND UPDATE SOON OR ELSE I'LL DIE. (or just hunt you down and whine and yell at you until you update because I want to read more!!)

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw - Ravenpuff Eggstravagansa

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Review #3, by LightLeviosa5443 Not Just A Normal Day

14th April 2014:
Hey honey!

Woah, that was so unexpected. I didn't think that the girls would get in a huge fight and it would end like that. I feel bad for Allie. Especially since Molly didn't understand where she was coming from. I can see both sides, but I feel like this time Molly was the one who was wrong. Especially saying that family wasn't something she'd know about.

I just feel so bad for Allie, especially now that she's lost her friend, and it seems like Vee isn't talking to her. Poor thing. I wonder what James' prank for Allie is going to be!! Also, I have no idea what is going to happen next but I'm terrified. I have a feeling his prank is going to be major. I also feel like James' crush on Allie is developing. I can't wait for some major Jallie action.

I wonder how the little interaction with Scorp in the hallway is going to go. Wonderful chapter again love!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw - Ravenpuff Eggstravagansa

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Review #4, by LightLeviosa5443 Breakfast Buffet and Kidnappings

14th April 2014:
Hi hon!

As usual I loved loved loved this chapter! It was so fun and interesting and I really loved that last half. It was so funny to read Allie trying to get free from James, and how she was getting so inventive with everything. I also love how she was so open about thinking he's hot. It was wonderful.

I actually laughed out loud when I read the part where she glared at Allie as if asking who's team she was on. So beleivable! That happens all the time! I feel like maybe the family is getting a tiny bit closer together now.

I'm super intrigued about what this punishment is going to be! I can't wait to read about it! It's going to be so awesome! (especially if it means more Jallie). Are they going to make the girls do something that makes them look bad? Or get house points taken away? Oh I can't wait!

Wonderful chapter hon! I love this story so much! And I'm so glad you got your muse back!!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw - Ravenpuff Eggstravagansa

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 Confrontations and a Plan for Revenge

14th April 2014:

Okay, so I think that Jeremy is going to make it difficult for James and Allie to happen. I'm terrified of it. I also loved that you dropped the title in this chapter!!

I have no idea who the girl Allie talked to was or what she said, but I'm really interested in finding out. Especially since she was so flirty with Fred in the common room. I'm actually a little nervous.

AND SO ANXIOUS FOR JALLIE THAT I CAN'T HANDLE IT WHERE IS IT!!! Um, but yeah, I really want to see some Jallie action, especially since he's obviously in on Fred not showing up for the study session.

I also approve of your friends insistence on more Jeremy. That name calling/nickname banter was so great. I also want to know what was up with Scorp, now that I'm thinking of banters. Anyways, this was a really fun, really great chapter and I can't wait to read more!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #6, by LightLeviosa5443 Overdose of the Strangely Named Group

14th April 2014:
Curie! I'm on a roll, and so are you with this story!!

I loved that note at the end. I'm literally melting with it's cuteness. Ugh. Why is he so perfect? I want more Jallie (almes?)!!! Like now! I need more!! It's crucial!!!

I super duper enjoyed this chapter. I was really intrigued the whole time, and the banter between Molly and Allie was really funny. Especially since Vee kept interjecting, and she just seemed so pure and innocent and sweet compared to the two girls. I really just loved how you set that up.

I also love that the boys called Allie the hot one. Yay! Haha. Did I mention that I can't wait for James and Allie to appear for realsies? I want to know how you're going to put them together! That aside, can we talk about how cute it was when Fred was asking Allie for help, and she was just really cool about it. It was also great the way he was so nervous and embarassed. I wonder why James made him ask someone else that wasn't him!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #7, by LightLeviosa5443 Crimson, Cousins and Secrets

14th April 2014:
One, woah, impressive that you're writing this on my phone. I get so frustrated when I try to write on my phone that I end up throwing it across the room or something. So kudos to you!

I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the description of Jeremy, and how Potter and Weasley were teasing Allie and she just tried to ignore them. I also really liked the way that Potter kept teasing her about girls. I'm interested in seeing how you get Allie and James to work, it'll be fun, I'm sure!!

One little suggestion is be careful of some extra comma's. They were breaking some sentences up a litte. Not much, but something that I thought I'd point out regardless.

That aside, I really loved how supportive of Molly, Allie is. I say that every time, but to see her be so nice, and always siding with her is just so heart-warming. I also liked the flashback. It was nice to know exactly how they broke up and why it caused such a huge deal.

I wish her cousins weren't so oblivious to how awful Dom is. I hate her in this, but I feel like that's the point!

Anyways, lovely chapter hon!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #8, by LightLeviosa5443 A Deal and Switched Ties

14th April 2014:
Hey hon!

I didn't realize I hadn't read this much of the story! Woah! You sneaky updater you!! I love this story, so much! Though I haven't read it in so long I think I need to go through and give myself a mini refresher. I really liked this chapter, though I noticed James kept saying "if you liked me back" Should I keep my eye out for something? Huh huh huh?

I love how protective over Molly, Allie is. I also really loved the scene with Vee! It was just so much fun and so unique. I'm really enjoying this story. It's so wonderful!! I can't wait to read on and see what else you do with the story (After I give myself the little refresher, of course).

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #9, by Harry and Ginny All Too Emotional

17th February 2014:
oi! you better not abandon this fic or I will hex you! I'm just kidding hun! this chapter is amazing and I loved how you wrote James and Alicia getting closer... I can't wait to see how you're going to write the next chapter and to see how Molly and Alicia are going to fix their friendship!^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #10, by Harry and Ginny Not Just A Normal Day

17th February 2014:
*hides* I'm so sorry I took ages to read and review this, but better late than never right? I loved reading this chapter and how Molly's and Alicia's friendship took a turn! going to read the next chapter right now!^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #11, by maraudertimes And Yet Again, Not His Eyes

3rd February 2014:
Hiya Reebee!

I really like this! All your characters are just absolutely amazing, well, save one or two or maybe just one (*cough cough* Dominique *cough cough*). I love Allie and her mother hen-ness with Molly, and Molly with her six-year-old-ness, and I hate to say this, but I kinda love Dominique, but only as an antagonist in a I-love-to-hate-her way!

The moment when Allie was watching the Gryffindor quidditch team and James looked up at her was priceless! I couldn't imagine it going any better than that! And the fact that Allie got really really scared and closed her window drapes in a hurry was hilarious.

I really liked this chapter, especially the 'honey you're beautiful' moment between Molly and Allie. I recently went through that moment and it was really cute to see how it panned out between those two. I just really loved it!

Great job Reebee!

Author's Response: Hi Lo!

Thank u!! Haha, definitely ;) thank u! I'm glad you like the friendship! Writing this type was completely foreign to me! Hehe, I agree! I LOVE to write Dominique! So so fun!

Thank u! Wow! Such a huge compliment! :D Thank u!

Thank u again for the amazing review! :D Aw, I hope you're alright now :) Friends are really just the best. :)

Thanks again for the awesome review, Lo! And I just saw your comment on my MTA! Thank u! :D I'l answer it soon! :)

-Curie :D

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Review #12, by Mrs Malfoy All Too Emotional

21st January 2014:
Don stop writing pleaaase! I want to know hat happens between those two!! I ant more lurve ans a bit of kissing please! Whatever you do,don't abandon! Liv x

Author's Response: Hehe, I promise too! That was the sweetest review! Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #13, by LilyLou All Too Emotional

20th January 2014:

Please please please update soon! I'm dying to read more! Ahh, your characters are all so wonderful! James is one of those characters that you just want to keep reading about, you know? I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates! I cannot wait to see how everything plays out!


Author's Response: Janelle!

I'm glad! Especially since it is one of my older works and of course, one that i am a bit skeptical about. Thank u! I hope you continue to like it! :D

-Curie :D

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Review #14, by LilyLou Really Quite Splendid

13th January 2014:
Hey, here for our review swap!

This is really cute, and I think I'll stick around to read more! I love the characterization in this-- it's marvelous. You explain every character you mention well, and no one seems too similar to one another in any way.

This is going to be a nice fluffy story, I take it? I look forward to seeing what is to come.

One small thing would be I think you should go back and check grammar. Also, they're in sixth year dormitories, but Rose, who you said was a sixth year, is a year younger? That confused me :p

All in all, great read! I'll certainly be reading more!


Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad! It isn't one of my current priorities, but that doesn't mean that I don't love it :) Thank u! I'm glad!

Yes, very very fluffy! :D

Gah! Yeah, I need to go edit all of my stories for grammar! And that even confused me when I wrote it! ;)

Thank u! And the favourite made my day! :D

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Review #15, by LightLeviosa5443 And Yet Again, Not His Eyes

10th January 2014:
BvB review battle!

I loved this chapter, I'm actually really glad that you were the last person to respond in this battle because it reminded me to come finish reading this story!!

I love Allie and Molly's relationship. They're such a funny pair and I am really enjoying seeing how they interact. I do not like Dominique, and I love that you've portrayed her as you have. Everyone always makes her this super-lovable cousin, and I just never pictured it with her.

I wonder what James is going to do now, it was rude of him to flip Allie off, though I can understand why it would seem like they're spying. How did Dominique even know that Allie was there watching, though?

Poor Molly, she's so upset about Jason, Allie is such a good friend. I love how Molly climbed into bed with Allie, because I do that with my friends. I did it last night, I went over a friends house late at night and just climbed into their bed, because I didn't want to be at home. So that scene was perfect, in my opinion.

Loved this chappie, brilliant job!!

xoxo Sarah.

Author's Response: Thank u! Aw, I'm glad u liked it!

Thank u! Really? I've always thought that my version of Dom was cliche, but, I'm glad to hear that you think it's not :)

Haha, James is loser of predictable? But, I guess you'll have to see what he does :)

They sort of were spying :) and you'll find the answer out in the next chapter :D

Thank u! It was inspired off a scene from my own life, but, it's not a sad scene in my life :) I hope you're okay, Sarah :) just remember that everyone here and in real life is here for u :)

Thank u!


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Review #16, by navyfail Really Quite Splendid

9th January 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the review swap!

You are quite good at writing summaries since when I looked through your author's page, I wasn't sure which story to read. They all sounded so intriguing. In the end I picked this lovely looking story. :)

The beginning is nice and interesting. The dialogue is great. And I do have to agree with Molly; I wouldn't want to hear about my cousin playing tonsil tennis with my best mate either. I really like how Allie does things to annoy Molly at times. That's a sign that they are true friends.

Molly seems like a great character. I love how you added depth to her so quickly with her insecurity of being not as close with her family. It is relatable and understandable. In most stories Molly isn't a Quidditch player (being Percy's daughter and all) but I like the change. And Dom sounds plain out mean and rude. I can't believe her cousins didn't do anything about her kissing Molly's date.

A few things I noticed:
"'What the hell did god ever so to you?'" - Do you mean 'do to you'?

"She some how thinks that being on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team and knowing every little bit of information about quidditch will somehow make her closer to her cousins." - 'Somehow' is one word.

All in all, great first chapter. I had a great time reading this. And good luck to you on future chapters.


Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank u! I'm glad! I used to terrible! So let me tell u that that is a very recent development :)

Thank u! I personally am not a huge fan of this story anymore. I just don't like the style, but I'm glad it appeals to readers :)

Dom is. Which is a cliche, but, I couldn't help it ;) Yeah, Molly's cousins aren't all that nice to her in the beginning, but I'm happy to say that that does change! :D

Ooh! Thank u! I love readers pointing these things out! Especially considering I usually miss these and am terrible at grammar! I'm pretty sure the last one was a weird auto correct by my phone! It does the weirdest things sometimes... -_-

Thank u! :D


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Review #17, by LightLeviosa5443 Really Quite Splendid

1st January 2014:
Ooooh I love Review Swap! It's so much fun because you read stories that you might not if someone didn't comment saying they'd do it! So yay!

I. Loved. This. Chapter. Like I loved loved it. I actually am probably going to keep reading and reviewing it because it's just so fantabulous. I want to know what happens next.

Can I just say that one of the best parts is that Molly is featured for once? Wait wasn't this the Molly story you were telling me about? Oh man, I'm too much sometimes! What are the chances of me picking this one not realizing we were talking about it! And the best part is that I saw Rose/Scorpius as one of the pairings which is why I chose this one.

Anywho, I absolutely, positively loved this chapter. I really enjoyed how you pointed out that Molly gets singled out and she wishes that she just meshed with the rest of the Wotter clan. I also like how you call the boys the dating Nazi's because that's exactly how I see them!! So perfect!!

I honestly didn't even realize that it was a short chapter when I clicked on it, so I was so upset when it ended, which is why I'm all over the place with this review because I'm so excited to read on!

Love. Love. Love this story and I'm only on chapter 1! Thanks for commenting, because now I'm addicted and this going into my currently reading so I can keep up with it!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Thank u so much! This review! Ah! Amazing! I hope u do and that u like it!

Yes, that is the story! Haha! So funny! Scorpius is featured quite a bit :) I personally have a huge soft spot for Molly!

Thank u so much! OMG! PERFECT used AGAIN!! Ah! Thanks so much! That's how I see the boys too!

Thanks so much! I do hope u read on! And I don't care about the all over the place-ness of this review, it was too sweet!! :D

Thank u thank u thank u!! I hope u do! That review was too sweet! :D


xoxo Curie :)

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Review #18, by Rumpelstiltskin A Deal and Switched Ties

30th December 2013:

I am here for the fourth day of 12 Days of Reviewing!

Oh my. Poor Vee! I have to admit, I burst out laughing when I realized that Molly was hiding underneath the table and at the fact that poor Vee became drenched in milk! I don't think that hiding under the table is the best option, but it certainly made for a terrific scene.

Fred's teasing made me laugh as well. You need her, do you? Baha! Fred is spunky; I like him.

Don't you hate getting caught? Poor Allie; it seems as if she is always getting caught. She was caught spying, caught when she was trying to avoid the boys, caught saying things about James' abs :D. Poor Allie.

*Cough* A favor? This can not be good!

I love your character interactions! Not to mention, your sense of humor. It falls somewhere close to my own (at least, part of my sense of humor). Allie's reactions and thoughts to the boys is just all too a fantastic way! I can't help but laugh!

This was an awesome chapter, Curry!


Author's Response: Rumpel!

Thank u!!

Haha, I'm glad you liked that scene! One of my favourites that Ive written!

Fred! I quite like him too! So innocently funny and cute!

Ah, Allie, yeah, she does get caught quite a lot!

Nah, its not too bad!

Thank you so much! Character interactions are my favourite to write! Haha, thanks so so much! I'm glad u found it funny! :D

Thanks for the super awesome reviews!


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Review #19, by Rumpelstiltskin And Yet Again, Not His Eyes

28th December 2013:
Don't you hate boring conversations? Staring into nothing is the obvious solution to that.

Peters better be careful of whom he's getting 'flustered' for, just saying.

Did Dominique seriously just rat out Allie and Molly? That...(insert 12+ words of rage)!! Well, that was just not very nice of her.

Oh :(...I feel bad for Molly!! That was, again, not very nice of Dom.

This made me laugh, "Obviously, why would he practice cannibalism?" I thought that conversation was perfect!


Author's Response: Definitely... Especially when the people who start boring conversations are your friends... Staring into nothing is my life!

Haha, I know right! He gets what he deserves... ;)

Haha, not nice is a softer word than I use... ;)

Thank you so much! I love writing their conversations! :)


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Review #20, by Rumpelstiltskin Really Quite Splendid

28th December 2013:

I'm having serious issues writing I'm here reading your fluff for inspiration! :D

Ahaha...I really liked that you made a reference to half the school being Molly's relatives :p. There are just so many Weasleys! But, at least I know who they all are now.

Maybe it is the inappropriate intake of caffeine speaking for me, but I love your sense of humor. You made me laugh a bunch. *Cough* I wouldn't recommend eating off someone else's abs though...that just doesn't seem sanitary.

Furthermore, the interactions between the characters are awesome. (Queue the cause of additional laughter.) When I was in high school, my friends and I used to act similarly around each other, and speak to each other in a similar manner. What I'm trying to say is that I found the dialogue realistic for friendships :).

Good job!

Dear Godric I should not be reviewing while I'm so hyper. Sorry -_-.


Author's Response: Thank u so much, Rumpel! I'm so honoured that you read mine! :)

Thank you so much! Yay! Rumpel knows Weasleys!! :D

Haha, I'm glad you found it funny! I'd hate to write try-hard humour! I'm so happy! :D Haha, definitely agree with the sanitation issues...

Thank you so much! That's the relationship I have with my friends! So, I'm glad you found it realistic! :D

Thank you so much! And I always love your reviews! :D Whether hyper or normal!


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Review #21, by Secret Santa A Deal and Switched Ties

26th December 2013:
The scene where Molly grabs Allie and pulls her under the table was really funny. I can just imagine poor Vee getting sprayed with milk. :)

Speaking of Vee though, I’m having a bit of a hard time getting a grasp on who Vee is as a character. On one hand, she seems really sweet, easy going, and probably a bit innocent and trusting, but she also has quite the mouth on her. The profanity from that character just seems kind of out of place to me.

Again, I just love the relationship between Molly and Allie, and the way Allie stands up for her, and tells off Dominique when it’s clear that no one else is going to.

I liked how James seemed genuinely confused by Allie’s chatter about how she wouldn’t date him. You wrote it in such a way that it didn’t come off as arrogance (as in, ‘every girl wants to date me, why not you?’) but it seemed more like he was almost hurt by the idea that someone he doesn’t really know might dislike him. And moreso, that his cousin would be against her friend dating him.

This is probably just me, but I really want to know more about Dominique. Why is she so horrible to Molly? I just feel like there has to be more to her than a professional life ruiner…at least I hope so. And I really want to get the story behind why Molly’s cousins seem so indifferent towards her. I still really hope that changes. She seems like she’s pretty great.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad it was funny! :D

Hm, ok :) I'll fix that on the next edit :) I guess my way of trying to make a character more realist (with more than one side) didn't work! Thanks for that! :)

Thank you so much! I really enjoy writing their relationship!

Thanks so much! James, to me, can be super arrogant, but also innocent in a way or genuine and not a fake personality.

Hm, okay :) I'll add in a scene :) Thanks for your thoughts! :D

Thanks again SS!


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Review #22, by Secret Santa And Yet Again, Not His Eyes

26th December 2013:
I enjoyed reading the scene where Allie gets caught spying. Her reactions to the situation is pretty great. I also really liked he reflections on ‘reading people’s eyes’. What a great little personality quirk. I’m not very good at writing original characters (I tend to stick to canon in my stories) so I’m extra impressed when other people write OCs who really seem like real people. Good job :)

The scene between Molly and Allie when everyone else was sleeping was really well done, too. I like their relationship. It just seems very comfortable and sweet. Like they are both completely free to be themselves. It’s like the female equivalent of bromance and I thought you wrote it really well. Molly may not be close with her actual relatives, but it seems she has a sister in Allie.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hate it when the OCs aren't believable! So annoying! And the reading eyes thing is from me, urgh, so annoying.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked that! It was easy to write and I loved writing it! :D

Thanks again for another great review!!

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Review #23, by Secret Santa Really Quite Splendid

26th December 2013:
Once again, a great introduction to the characters. I really feel like I have a sense of who Allie and Molly both are.

I like that you're putting a twist on the typical next-gen story by writing about one of the less popular Weasleys, and by making her a bit of an outsider in her family. That would be such a terrible position to be in, especially since the Weasleys are such an awesome, close-knit family. It would really stink to be a part of that, but feel like you don't fit in. I'm hoping that changes for her as the story goes on.

I was also really impressed by the bit of quidditch-talk you added in. Are those real plays and such or did you make them up? (I'm quite a canon stickler, but it's been a while since I've read Quidditch through the Ages so I'm not sure :P)

Good first chapter. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for Molly. Yeah, it does :)

Yes, if I remember correctly, they are real plays :) I'm not sure about the stuff Molly rambles about is correct... But, the names of the plays are from canon :)

Thanks so much!

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Review #24, by A Friend ~ Not Just A Normal Day

14th December 2013:
Another amazing chapter! The punishment is so exciting!! ~ and I really want to find out what happens next with their friendship and everything~ poor Allie ~ it's been a hard day for her D: lol "Leesh" ~ I really liked the dialogue XD as you can really see the characters through them ~ though I'm no expert at analysis :P I can't wait for the next chapter!!! So exciting !

Author's Response: You're too nice! I can't believe u reviewed from Indonesia! I only expected it when u came back home!! :D Haha! The amount of perky vibes in that review! Ah! ~ to u too!

Haha, you are an expert at analysis! You have to be to write the way u do! Amazing! I honestly wanted to thank u! U aren't even a fan of HP, but u read my stories! Thanks so much! :D

Love u heaps! ;)

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Review #25, by UnluckyStar57 Really Quite Splendid

9th December 2013:
Hi! I'm here from the BvB review battle! :)

This looks like a pretty interesting story so far! I find it very interesting that Molly is so alienated from her cousins. Why is that? Did something happen to make her stay away from them, or were things always this way?

Allie seems like a cool OC! I think that she'll get on Molly's nerves a lot throughout the story, especially if she keeps on about the "hotness" of Molly's cousins. :)

I hope that writing is going well for you!


Author's Response: Well, thats mainly due to the fact that she's in Ravenclaw- the only one from the Wotter clan there and because her parents don't visit her cousins often. I'm sorry, I['m going to go back and make that clear :)

Haha, she eventually gets on Molly's nerves for more than that ;) Something more serious :)

Thank u so much! I really enjoy writing!

Thanks for the review! :)

-ReeBee :)

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