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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter Better: Rose POV

20th November 2015:
Hi there here is another review for the BvB. Thumbing through your chapters, I have begun to realise that whilst I am running out of chapters for you to review, there are plenty left of your story for me to chew through (not meant nearly as pejoratively as it sounds).

It is an interesting thought to me to have Rose be closer to her uncle than her father. I suppose that it might give a vital clue as to the differences between each of our takes upon the same character. There are so many similarities, I see a mention of the love of reading popping up, but in the end having your Rose 'kindred spirits' with Harry will produce a remarkably different version than my own. It is not the reason that I love your story, but it is one of them, reading about the wonderfully drawn and fully realised character that is your Rose and it's so different to how I picture her. As to our Scorpii (I try to use the plural form because I know you love it), they are far more similar except for the tragedy that you inflicted upon the young lad.

This little bit of exposition is delivered to us on the way to Harry's office. It explains a lot of what happens in future chapters: how welcome she is made to feel and how much freedom she has to come and go from the Auror department. She is of course on her way to meet us where we left the boys at the end of the previous chapter.

It really made me smile how the quickly disappearing and smirking Albus that we left in the last chapter is halted so abruptly by the Rose we encounter in this chapter. She does have bravery and gumption and strength of will, she demonstrates it here, but it fails her when she needs it most. The way I think it is, please correct me if I'm wrong, is that if she is in a place of comfort or where she knows that her abilities are unquestioned, then she has all the determination in the world. But when she is ill at ease, in a place that she feels out of depth -whether that is really true or not, or her just thinking that it is so - then that is where her courage fails her.

She heals Albus showing her proficiency at the healing arts, even though she is still only a trainee like Scorpius and Albus are. Albus repeats his earlier statement and Rose feels like pinching him, good on her! No, wait a sec, bloody listen to him and talk to the boy already. That's once each in successive chapters (actually twice in each chapter) that Albus has said the same thing to each of them, and are they going to pay attention? Your average reader doesn't have to have read ahead, like I have, to know that it is not going to be the case.

Rose looks over to see if Scorpius has heard, but he is otherwise occupied: she goes 'phew'; we go 'arrgh!'

... but wait a sec, rose's hind brain has taken over control of her mouth in conjunction with her subconcious. She asks him to meet her later on! WOOT! Happy days.

You continue what you have shown in chapters before this, of having everyone except the two of them know that they fancy each other and tell them to get on with it. Even Harry, and the way you do it is so charmingly fatherly that it shows us how much they both love and respect each other.

Oh look, I have run out of chapter - you said it was a short one - and unlike usual, I have not run out of words. The total number of characters I've used has only been 3742, no 3753, no ... oh you know what I mean.

So I'd like to go over something that we conversed about in the pm format. I mentioned how it is that in a good romance the author should attempt to keep the two lovers apart for the majority of the work. You expressed a slight aversion to that sort of 'cruelty' inflicted upon the characters (ha! it is to laugh, with the torments that you inflict upon your characters, that it is in this one aspect you show them mercy). I maintain that, far from avoiding it, you have done it in this beautifully constructed romance.

You see, you don't have to keep them apart only physically. With this wonderful story, you have your romance cake and eat it too - they are together, but are also kept apart. So the two lovers are together, which we all love and that is where strictly 'romance' would normally stop, but what you have done is make the environment in which they inhabit so precarious that happiness could be snatched away from them at any time. To clarify what I mean, the two are apart in that they cannot relax in each others arms and not have to look over their shoulders - they are awaiting the advent of things beyond their control, that could occur at any moment, and result in their separation.

It is so well done. You might like all the stuff that I am doing with the concept of magic and the way the magical world works in my story, but I am equally impressed with what you are doing with the structure of what should be a simple romance. It is complex and layered and beautifully done.


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Review #2, by Musing Besieged: Rose POV

18th November 2015:
Hi Beth! I am here again. Reviewing for BvB.

Wow, a lot happened in this chapter. The beginning was so nice and fluffy. Rose and Scorpius are finally dating and although Rose isn't quite sure about it being a 'relationship', I hope it wouldn't take too long from here. Rose has no one but Scorpius over her mind and just when I thought that the only problem now is handling a certain 'red-headed temper'...

BOOM! Here comes Stannous! (Yeah, I know things can't get al right this early in the story. Plus, Rose has to fully recover from her PTSD.)

I couldn't help but deliberate the fact that Hogwarts got such a horrible man as a Transfiguration teacher after Dumbledore and McGonagall. Stannous used to be Rose's favourite teacher and gathering from the way you have described his way of teaching, he must have been good at his subject. Was that only a garb to fool everybody?

That man from the party is Stannous' accomplice?! Stannous may have returned after two years, but I think he has a plan up his sleeve.

I was reading the last part at such a speed, all the while hoping that Stannous doesn't get successful in taking away Rose again. I really drew out a breath of relief when I knew that he didn't! But, I think he did damage to Rose, again. Poor Rose! The way she was screaming and pushing away everyone nearly broke my heart.

Hey! It's not fair to end the chapter here. I have so many questions I want answers to. What does Stannous wants from Rose? How did he break through the wards of their flat? Will Rose return to her old withdrawn self? What will Scorpius do?

Yes, I know what you will say. I should read further. ;) I will do so at the first chance I get. :D This was such an AWESOME chapter. You surely know how to keep your readers interested.

-Emm ^_^

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Review #3, by oldershouldknowbetter Bitter: Scorpius POV

14th November 2015:
Hi there, I have finally snagged you for the BvB. I had thought to maybe review something else, but how could I resist coming back to one of my favourite stories on this site. I've told you that I had to not read your story for a while, that the stories that I liked with a really strongly drawn Rose I couldn't read because it interfered with the voice of my Rose in my head. Well recently I've finished writing some chapters with a lot of internalised Rose deliberation and having penned them, I've gotten it firmed in my mind and so could go back and resume reading these stories again. One of the first I came back to was this wonderful tale and I am happy to say that I'm up to date. I vaguely thought about reviewing the latest chapter, but I went to and realised that I wanted to comment on a lot that came before. So here I am, back at the first one that I haven't reviewed yet.

And it's a wonderful chapter (though most are). It's the one after all the horrible party and the drunkeness. After Rose had 'rescued' him from his drunken state and obviously hung around with him for the rest of the weekend on what anyone else would call a protracted date, but these two cannot; these two who have not yet mustered up the gumption to actually be honest with each other and talk.

We find both Albus and Scorpius together in the Auror department, with the new trainees, and being a disruptive influence.

I like what you've done regarding Harry and his reforms of the Auror department. We do not know much of it from the books, just the merest snapshot, but it fits with how the rest of the ministry was run. Harry reforming it rings true to me and is a wonderful example of his character. The mentoring system is also well done, not only from a practical point of view, but for what it allows you to do with your story.

Harry is so warm and welcoming and tolerant and ... but like any father, a young son can always make one see red by being inconsiderate. In trying to get a rise out of his mate, all Albus succeds in doing is raising his father's ire. This is such a good examination of intra-family dynamics. Actually it all is, a lot of what you've written in these first few chapters: from Ron's over protectiveness of his daughter in the flash back; to the last day of Scorpius' parents; and now this. The story proper is focused upon the Next Gen kids, but they are informed by the strong personalities who are their parents. So incidents like this one are like baton passing moments, where the leading man status is passed on by Harry to his son. His son now has the imperature to be the hero of his own story and not have to feel that he is just a secondary reflection of his famous father. It's so well done.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, I haven't even gotten to that bit in the story yet. Harry in a bit of a fit of pique, calls his son out and has him 'demonstrate' duelling for the new recruits. The exposition you provide from Scorpius is wonderfully done: informative without being too much. It also shows, again, Scorpius' Ravenclaw nature and that he is so connected to and in touch with everyone he loves - except for Rose. Argh! As to an angered Ginny Potter, everyone knows that's something to fear.

Scorpius looks around and realises that he is the only one who knows it's all about to go south. At this moment we know that he is already a good Auror and in time will become a great one.

You write the action so well. The mounting tension is palpable (ha! I've just read on and you have Scorpius use the same phrase too and he's right) and having the combatants marching in on each other is such a good device; it ramps up the tension each time you do it. Just as it comes to a head you have Scorpius be a peacemaker and step between them. And we all relax and it was all a demonstration - yeah, right. Any newbie who actually believes that needs some training in conflict recognition.

Scorpius takes them away so that the two of them can explode at each other in private (again, how much do I love your Scorpius). Things are said some that cannot be unsaid, but thankfully you use it as a goad to force a realisation upon Harry that has been a long time in coming. Scorpius is again the catalyst here - so good.

Almost effortlessly do you show us what maturity brings when you have Harry reconcile things with his son. 'Yes, I've been hard on you, but you deserve it because you're better than me and you will be great' to paraphrase. Such the elder statesman.

S.N.A.K.E.s - rises from my chair to give you a standing ovation, such a good catch of an acronym. And you haven't forced the words to fit either, bravo.

The tension is diffused and like a good father should, Harry gives his two boys a pat on the back; metaphorically and literally. One for the abilities that every Auror wants and aspires to and the other for the abilities that every Auror actually needs.

The end of this dramatic scene is interupted by a certain little, female, red-headed Weasley. Scorpius goes weak at the knees upon seeing her and Albus gets a poke-in-the-side into Scorpius before scampering away; the poke being only verbal thankfully after the recent physical exertions.

And that is when we are reminded of the very first line of this chapter. And it also jogs our memory about something else too. What was the initial disruption all over? That's right, Albus trying to get his mate to be honest with Rose about how he feels! Argh *pulls hair out* we know Albus, we know!

Another great chapter in such a great fic.


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Review #4, by BellaLestrange87 Brutal Agony: Rose POV

11th November 2015:
This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle!

Beth. How could you? *sobs* Not Selenia! *grabs box of Kleenex*

I really liked your writing here; you could really tell just how shocked and upset everyone was. A lot of Rose's narration in this chapter seemed really impersonal (at least to me) and I felt that it really showed the shock and grief that she was going through, and how she was trying to cope by focusing on her job, mechanically, and on tending after all the other patients.

I feel like this is the beginning of the end of the novel; Selenia's been murdered *sits in puddle of tears* and Rose's pregnancy is further along. If I might make a prediction, I think you'll end it with a cliffhanger, with Rose's/baby's fate unknown, and then make us wait for Book 2/sequel, with the prophecy to deal with.

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter - hopefully nobody else dies (well, nobody we like, anyways; Stannous could die and I'd be really happy) - and this was a wonderful chapter, as always!


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Review #5, by 9081985 Brutal Agony: Rose POV

3rd November 2015:
I completed the whole thing in 1 night!! Pls pls update soon..Pretty please. How much of the story do you think is left?

Author's Response: Oh. Wow.

That's amazing - in ONE night!?

I can't tell you how giddy I am that you like my story! I'm working on the next part right now. I've got the rest of it roughly sketched out - and I can't say exactly how much longer, but there are a few surprises thrown in there!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by AutumnRed Bound by Love: Rose and Scorpius POV

1st November 2015:
THIS! This is officially my favorite chapter!

I totally called her pregnancy, and I'm overjoyed with the proposal.



Author's Response: Hi there AutumnRed!

Yes! You came back!

Hee hee - I kinda like this chapter too. Truth be told, I'm a *hopeless* romantic. And yeah, I was worried that I dropped a few too many hints about the pregnancy - good catch!

Thanks for leaving a review (again)!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by 9081985 Brutal Agony: Rose POV

1st November 2015:
Such a captivating story. Pls update soon!!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks for leaving a review - I'm working on the next part of the story right now!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by AutumnRed Beautiful: Scorpius POV

1st November 2015:
I. Love. This. Chapter.

I mean, I love every chapter really. But I absolutely adore this one. Usually I like more conversation than description, as I'm impatient. These paragraphs, however, were so captivating that I couldn't look away or speed through.

The bathing scene is incredible. Like you described it: unhurried and magnificent.


Author's Response: Hi there AutumnRed! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. It was so lovely to log in today and see this. I really did enjoy writing this chapter - I thought it was high time and Rose and Scorpius to get together ;)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by lhod23 Brutal Agony: Rose POV

30th October 2015:
I just read this whole thing in two days and I absolutely love it. I can tell so much thought and planning went into everything! I'm crying after this last chapter but looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Author's Response: Eeep!

Thank you so much - I'm so glad to hear this (not glad that you're crying :( ). Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Penelope Inkwell Bombs and Bonds: Scorpius and Rose POV

18th October 2015:
Hey there! Here for review 3/3 of our swap! :D

First off, I didn't think that this chapter read as filler *at all* It allows us to finally have this conversation between Rose and Hermione, which just had to be coming, and it also gives us a hint about this Seer business, which I assume is planting a seed for later. It seems like these prophecies are important. Maybe one of them is motivating Stannous to target Rose?

The beginning is also nice and mysterious. It creates a sort of knowledge imbalance--the Auror trainees know something about this whole situation that we don't. So we're all eager to find that out. And planting those tidbits is an important part of any story--those are the hints that keep us dying to find out WHAT is going on.

I feel so bad for Scorpius, having this big information that he's supposed to keep from Rose. I wonder if she will figure out he's keeping something from her (probably) and whether that will prove problematic to their relationship.

And I was just SO happy to see this moment of vulnerability and honesty with Rose and Hermione. It's been clear that Rose's relationship with her immediate family has been a little bit distant, in part because of these secrets they were all trying to keep. I'm so glad to see her and Hermione getting closer and bonding over this shared experience, terrible though it is.

CC (or, Nitpickiness, thy name is Penny:)

Caesar nodded in agreement with the current levels of protection.
--Since the word "protection" was in the sentence right up above, it might flow better if you used a synonym, rather than using the same word again. Also, I think "agreement" kind of implies that he's like, "Yes, indeed, that's what we've put in place," which is odd since he's the one who asked the question, and also becaise it implies he's rather high up. Maybe I'm forgetting, but I thought Caesar was a trainee or a mentee? My suggestion would be to switch it to, "Caesar nodded in approval of the current levels of security."

so he may choose to lay low and let his lackeyís do the dirty work.Ē
--"lackey's" = "lackeys"

He was sending me a message with his piercing emerald orbs.
--so, this is just a personal thing, but I just think that there are no good synonyms for eyes. Whenever "orbs" is used, it always seems pretty comical to me? Like I can't stop imagining those giant decorative garden orbs they have in fancy botanical gardens. Giant round things in one's face. Which to me might not fit the intensity of the moment? I looked it up, though, just to check, and my thesaurus actually has a little side article on the use of the word "orb", and part of what it says is that it's best to avoid using "orbs" for eyes unless one is aiming for a humorously poetic vibe. Obviously that's also just the dictionary article person's opinion, too, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

My blue eyes bore into her warm brown ones and I rubbed her chilled hands again.
--I think the past tense of "bore" as in "to drill" is "bored".

eighteen-year old war heroes.
--I think there should also be a dash after "year"

Albus' contradiction--about how Stannous likes it--was so emotionally palpable. That line just resonated. It was so true, and so horrifying, and you could just feel his turmoil. It was really well written.

ďI thought we could, you knowÖ visit.Ē Visit? I raised an eyebrow. We were not a pair of pure blood witches from the nineteenth century.
--Hahaha! Glad to see Rose inviting a small bit of humor into the moment. And I loved how awkward and totally Hermione and mom-ish that was.

My initial confusion was leading me to a new emotion - aggravation. So my parents had thought it prudent to reveal all of this information to the general public, but never to their own children?
--BUT REALLY! I totally get Rose's frustration here. I get that their parents wanted to protect them, and that maybe it was easier to talk about early on, before it really hit them and they had to deal with the implications of it. By the time their children were old enough to explain it to, I imagine they'd have locked those corners of their brains so firmly, they'd be afraid to let it out, especially to their kids. I mean, they want them to be safe, to not know the kind of fear their parents went through. They wanted to give them stability. I get it. But I also can say that, in Rose's shoes, I'd have been totally frustrated. Good on her for realizing her mother's fragile emotional state and reigning that in to listen, though. Rose seems to be a pretty understanding person.

I love, though, that you included a bit of that frustration. Because it can be implied from the epilogue that the kids grow up without knowing they are from a famous family, or anything about their parents' pasts. And I think that that *could* be quite troubling, and might even lead to cracks in the relationships in the long term.

But Ron Weasley came through - even if it was with his stomach more than with his heart.
--BAHAHA! YES! Not only am I delighted to see Ron making a bit of an effort, but this just brought me such joy.

I'm so glad that you ended it with a bit of an attempt, on Ron's part, at accepting Scorpius. And Scorpius was making food for them! It's so sweet! It's like he's part of the family! Oh, I bet he loves that, or that he *could* really love it, given time. And I really want to reiterate how important it felt to me that Rose and Hermione have this conversation. I am so glad that it's in here.

And the mysteries you've set up in this chapter are SO intriguing. You know I love a good unanswered question. And you do it so well!! Just one of the many reasons that you won Most Addicting Story, no doubt :D

Thank you for the swap. It's been delightful! And I'll be back for more soon!


Author's Response: Hey there Penny!

This is bittersweet. The last review from you :( Eep! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. After I posted it, I realized how much it was really needed for this story. And as a happy side-effect, I also wrote a bunch of Hermione's backstory from this chapter and I've got another WIP from it - hee hee.

I'm so happy you noticed the relationship between Rose and her immediate family. That is intentional and it comes up in the story from time to time. There's also a bit of an exploration there that is (hopefully) resolved by the end of the story.

Thanks again for the CC! I've fixed the typos you found. I definitely have an issue of repeating words. Most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief that you understand Rose's frustration. That's something I've worried about. She's clearly in a type of danger that is unknown and very serious. I figured that readers might side with the Aurors on this - keeping Rose safe is the utmost priority. Anyway, I'm glad it played off.

And YES! I truly think the trio was trying to protect their kids - even if it was misguided and that they would've found discussion their roles in the war uncomfortable and unnecessary (although I don't agree with this, I just think it would be what they did - hee hee).

Ron has a LONG way to go to accept Scorpius - but he definitely sees similarities between Hermione and Rose - and that is what he is focusing on for right now.

Eep! Thanks so much for your kind words!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by Penelope Inkwell Beautiful: Scorpius POV

17th October 2015:
Hey Beth! Here for review #2 of our swap! :)

So, this didn't go the direction I was expecting, and I'm quite happy with that. I like how, even though the last section showed us that Scorpius still wasn't a perfect communicator, this chapter showed how good a fit he and Rose are despite that. They may not always know what the other is thinking, but they get each other. Rose understood that what Scorpius needed was the reassurance that she accepted him totally, just as he was, and she gives him that. They aren't always good with words, but they can sometimes communicate without them.

This chapter was just like this huge exhalation of relief. Here I was expecting more confusion and arguments and words, and this was just...calm. Soothing. It was a "we're gonna be okay" chapter, and I think that it was very well placed. I also like your idea to keep this chapter short and separate from what else to come. I think it reiterates that, in the midst of all the craziness, this is a sweet, even sacred, moment between them. A little bubble of calm and love. I think this whole chapter was just super important, both to their development and to the pacing of the story.

CC: Well, it's gonna be nitpicky, obviously, because you write so well. So, fair warning ;)

ďDonít think heíll be back tonight,Ē Al said, referring to James as his head twisted to claim Seleniaís mouth.
--You've already written "referring to James" here to clarify Al's meaning, which is good. However, I think changing "said" to "added" might help with that endeavor, because it helps show that Al's comment is not a new statement, but an add on to his previous words before Scorpius interrupted with his internal monologue.

His left arm was bare and still bore the marks from battle.
I knew that I was approximately thirty seconds away from seeing more of Al than just his naked arm.
--like, how is his arm naked? Is his sleeve rolled up? Cut away? I was just trying to figure out what was going on here and how to picture it, since it's mentioned several times.

Her hands found the fastening to my robes and she deftly undid the clasp. She glided it off my shoulders and let it fall to the ground.
--I think maybe "glided" would be better as "guided" (though honestly I didn't notice that the first time I looked at the sentence). And also, I think maybe it should be "She guided them off my shoulders," because it seems like he'd be referring to her gliding/guiding the robes (plural), rather than the clasp (singular)

Roseís lifted a cloth dampened with soap and warm water.
--It seemed like this should be "Rose" instead of "Rose's"

I am a nitpicky monster! Please do not pitchfork me!

Al and I had been effectively living together for ten years, which means that Selenia and I had been effectively living together for seven years.
--I loved this little bit of humor right there in the beginning. It made me smile.

My fingers reached toward her face to trace the side of her cheek, but the contrast between my filth covered hands and her porcelain skin caused me to recoil and pull away from her.
--oooh, symbolism. Poor Scorpius. It's not your fault. Well, I mean, the actual dirt kind of is? But not the emotional dirt of your family legacy. Not your fault. Poor baby. At least Rose understands. I really loved how understanding she was. I love them.

You did a great job in imbuing this scene with emotion and tenderness and understanding, all without any dialogue! Again, I think that was a great choice. Nice work, as always!


Author's Response: Hi there Penny,

I'm working through my unanswered reviews and I still have two left from our swap! Sheesh - I'm sorry about this. I'm so glad you liked this chapter and found it a welcome reprieve to the angst and action that's been going on. I felt it was necessary to give the couple some time to comfort each other. They both are in the process of recovery and Scorpius really needed to know that Rose wasn't about to blame him for his family's past.

Thanks for all the cc. I made those changes you suggested. As far as Albus's bare arm goes, Rose had to remove the entire sleeve the night before. It was mentioned in the chapter before. But I guess if you aren't reading the story all at once, it would be easy to forget that.

Thanks again, Penny - your reviews are so helpful and awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by Musing Better: Rose POV

17th October 2015:
Hi Beth!

Here again, reviewing for BvB review fest.

The relationship between Harry and Rose is just.. just beautiful. Harry named Rose after Ron and Hermione declined to name her Lily. Now I know how the flower tradition passed on in the Weasley family. ;) Glimpses of Rose's childhood and Harry's reactions to her are just so endearing.

Rose is finally leaving her past behind and trying to move on. Albus, and Harry to some extent, are playing Cupid for Rose and Scorpius. I hope they don't take long to actually get together.

I wish I could read the next chapter right away but I think I will not be able to keep my eyes open for even five minutes anymore. I will definitely come back for more. :D

- Emm ^_^

Author's Response: Hi there Emm,

Gah! I'm so happy you love the Harry/Rose dynamic. And I'm also glad you've picked up on Rose's slow recovery from her PTSD. I don't want to give anything away about them getting together... Hopefully you can stop by again sometime!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by Musing Bitter: Scorpius POV

17th October 2015:
Hi Beth!

I am finally back here. Congratulations for the Dobbys. *hugs*
While I am here, I thought I might as well do it as a part of the BvB Review Fest.

This chapter touched upon so many lovely relationships.

Rose and Scorpius have finally made a sort of start towards their impending relationship, great! They visited Madame Tussauds' among other places. I wish to visit it someday myself. ;)

I liked the bond of friendship between Albus and Scorpius. Scorpius understands not only Albus, but Harry as well. While reading, a thought just randomly struck me. What if fifteen year old Draco had known that his own son would refer to Harry Potter as his 'surrogate father' and Harry's son as his 'brother'. Draco would have probably vowed never to have children. :P

I could relate to the tension between Harry and Albus. Harry wants his son to be the best but Albus is tired of proving himself. I have seen this sort of a thing happen quite a few times in real life. It's good that they finally talked and got everything cleared up. Albus is more like Harry than he may probably realise. He has definitely inherited his father's hot-headedness among other things. :P

The description of the duelling scene is just flawless. I could actually imagine it happening in front of my eyes. Not many people can write such impressive action scenes.

After OWLs and NEWTs, there are S.N.A.K.E.S. How did you come up with that? This is just ingenious. :D

Why did this chapter had to have a cliffhanger? I had planned on reading and reviewing just one chapter tonight, but now I have to go and read the next one right away. Here I go!

- Emm ^_^

Author's Response: Emm,

Gah! This review! I'm so sorry that I've taken so long to respond to it - and I just read through it again and Eeep! I'm hoping I can do it some justice...

I wanted to gloss over Rose and Scorpius a little bit here - they are in the beginning part of their relationship where "everything is awesome..." but Rose is still hiding her past and that's going to get in the way of them moving forward.

Scorpius is a pretty amazing guy, when he can get out of his own way ;) He is a bit more removed from the father/son relationship of Al and Harry and he can see both sides.

Oh - thanks so much for your comment about the dueling scene. I'm never sure if what's in my head completely makes it into the words on the screen - so I really appreciate that!

Haha - yeah I really liked the idea of S.N.A.K.E.s too! I should've tried to come up with something for the Healer exams as well, but in my head, their program was structured a bit differently.

Hee hee - thanks for doing two chapters - it made my night!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Penelope Inkwell Beloved: Scorpius POV

14th October 2015:
Hey Beth! Here for our review swap and so excited to be back! Here's review 1/3.

"Donít worry, you didnít screw up.". Haha. Friend telepathy is the best. I love how Albus is portrayed here as a true, good friend who really knows Scorpius and Rose. Their relationships don't seem surface. The friendships are believable.

The curse had passed directly over my heart, but for some reason, didnít affect the vital organ.
--Could that have to do with the healing love spell thing from the Greengrass side of the family? Like a protection spell thing?

I love that you made Scorpius a good cook! My first (unposted) fanfic had Scorpius as one of the main characters, and it was part of my headcanon that he was a surprisingly good cook, so seeing that detail just makes me happy.

Something about Samara definitely seems off to me. I wonder if she's working for Rose's kidnappers, maybe? Or being blackmailed by them somehow--like if pressure were being put on her? Or maybe she's just had a traumatic experience, herself, and is having difficulty. Maybe she knows something. I just feel like something is going on there, something bad.

ďI canít help it,Ē I said not looking away from her, ďShe does it to me every time.Ē
--Ugh, now you can communicate? With James?! These two! *smacks forehead*. But it's so, so sweet. I like how Scorpius has facets. Like, there's the side of him that is super angsty and gets really angry and annihilates clearings of trees, and there's the side of him that is so sweet and thoughtful and puts others first. I love how there's a side of him that can see exactly where things are going and knows just what to say to break the tension, and another side that has no idea how to communicate with someone he knows very well and loves most. He's got a well-rounded personality.

Regulusís room was clearly decorated by some sick, twisted, dark witch who seemed to want to evoke every depressing thought within a young wizard.
--Scorpius is so insightful! You'd have almost thought he'd met Walburga personally

This was such an interesting insight into Scorpius' home life and what a post-war Draco might have been like. I am a bit sad for the Malfoys when Scorpius asks how his father could have let Hermione's torture happen. Because we know that, at least at that moment, there was so little Draco could have done. I'm not saying he couldn't have tried, but at the end of the day? He was in so far over his head. Draco was responsible for several awful things, but I hate to see that weight on Scorpius' shoulders, and to see him wonder if it was his dad.

Oh my gosh I am SO SAD! Another TERRIBLE miscommunication! I understand that Scorpius was just so horrified and overwhelmed that communication skills were out the door--he was in zombie mode. But the fact that all he does, from Rose's perspective, is tell her she's a liar, vomit, and walk away as she cries without saying a word? Poor Rose. Poor Scorpius. Poor everyone!

Why would it matter? We could never be together. Not now. Now that I know what my family was, what they did.
--Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you snap out of your angst mode right now! Don't you DARE even try to throw away a beautiful relationship based on something that happened before you were even born! Snap out of it! BOYS!

I really love how you ended up having Ron being the voice of wisdom, telling Scorpius to let Rose decide what she can forgive. It gives Ron a lot more depth than just someone who blows up senselessly. I also like how you connect his anger to Hermione's torture, rather than to a generic anti-Malfoy prejudice. And how he calms down significantly once he knows that Scorpius really does love her and is truly disturbed by his family's past, once he sees that Scorpius is different.

I'm just so happy that you gave them this scene together, to kind of hash things out. Not in depth, but in this way where it feels like a very man-to-man conversation. They're both so emotional, but guarded. There aren't a lot of words, but there's an unspoken understanding. And at the end, things are a little bit better.

Okay Scorpius. Now you can even communicate with Ronald Weasley. I know--I know that you and Rose can up your communication game. I have faith.


In his panic at not finding Rose, Scorpius never actually worries for Rose. He talks a lot about how he's totally losing his job, but nothing about fear that his girlfriend is missing. This seems odd, given that Scorpius clearly loves Rose and is very concerned about her well-being, and given that there was just an attack last night staged by a group involved in her kidnapping. So it might be more in character for him to worry about Rose herself first, and then his job.

When Ron Weasley is pissed off, it usually means trouble for me.
--Here the tense changed from past to present, which seemed a little inconsistent? It might be better to say "meant"

ďI love you, ScorpiusĒ she said simply,
--There should be a comma after Scorpius.

in all the times I spent at the Potterís over the years.
--Potter's = Potters'

to your Grandfatherís house
--in this case, I think "grandfather's" should be lower-case

As always, you've done a lovely job with this chapter. Detail, characterization--excellent. There's a setback for Rose and Scorpius, but I'm glad to see them address this, as it had to come up sometime and now they have the opportunity to address it and move forward. And I'm glad that they didn't just magically become a couple and all their communication issues were solved. They finally admitted their love for each other, but they also had a big miscommunication right after. It's obviously something they'll still have to work on, but I think that's good.

Still loving this story! Congratulations on your DOBBY! And should get to the other 2 reviews today!


Author's Response: Hi there Penny!

I'm finally sitting down to respond to all your wonderful reviews. I wanted to have time to properly fix all they typos and look at your cc. I've added a few sentences at the beginning that I hope will show Scorpius's worry for Rose a bit more and I patched up all those grammatical errors - thanks so much for finding them!

But this review! Eeep! I feel like you really *get* my Scorpius character. He's got quite a lot going on in his pretty little head and sometimes the emotions bubble over. However, his feelings for Rose don't ever waiver, even if the two of them are not the best at communication.

You're a very insightful reader, and I love how you've picked up on little details. There is definitely something to the fact that Scorpius didn't sustain too major an injury by the violenti curse. It isn't exactly what you think, but you're right to question it.

And again, you're spot on with the scene with Ron and Scorpius. Ron doesn't necessarily blame him because he's a Malfoy - it's very much tied into the fact that Hermione was tortured at Malfoy manor during the war. I might've mentioned this before, but I actually went and wrote the story of her dealing with and recovering from PTSD from that. It's currently a WIP, but I have it all planned out.

And thanks for the congrats! I'm so, so, SO excited about the Dobby award!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by Rumpelstiltskin Bitter: Scorpius POV

13th October 2015:
Hey Beth :)!

Oooh I love the warm, fuzzies happening between Rose and Scorp, though (as he said) they haven't come right out with any sort of "term" for their hanging out. It's clear that Scorpius absolutely adores her, I mean, he's said that he wants to see her again (and again, and again), even after being dragged to a wax museum ;). She's carrying a ton of baggage right now, though, so I'm sure this ship will be sailing on some rocky seas.

I really like how intricate you've made the auror-training program. I hadn't thought much about it, but I would expect that they would have to go through some highly extensive training before dedicating their lives to fighting evil and the dark arts. Also, Harry's dispersion of the idea glory-seeking among aurors was definitely a good thing. I'd hate to have to rely on someone to protect *me*, when they'd only be seeking fame.

Al is quite the trouble-maker. I laughed when Harry called him out on it, too ;). That should have set him straight, having to duel his father. That's true, though, it must have been tough having Harry Potter as his father, *especially* when he's trying to become an auror and Harry is in charge. Woah, boy.

That was a fantastic action scene, with the duel. The tension was thick; it had me worried for a moment. I am glad that Scorpius stepped in though, it probably saved some trouble on Al's end, it looked like he needed a bit of assistance.

The confrontation between Harry and Al was also really tense. I can't help but feel that Harry really is trying to help Al out by being extra hard on him. Al's not going to have to go through everything Harry had to deal with in order to become a great auror, so some extra pushing probably doens't hurt. Of course, I can see why Al feels like this is an injustice.

I'm totally glad that things were resolved :). Oh, yeah, and I'm also totally glad that Al said this while running out of the room, " ďScorpius has something urgent he must tell you!""

:D Oh poor Scorpius!

Another wonderful chapter!


Author's Response: Hi there Rumpel!

Oh - thanks SO much for leaving this review - I'm so happy you made your review goal. It was so kind of you to offer.


Yeah - Harry and Al have their own issues. It isn't unsurmountable, but the two of them need to see each other's POV a bit more. I'm happy you thought the duel scene played off well. I always get nervous that the images in my head aren't translating in the words.

Haha - I love to end the chapter with a little bit of humor.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by cocopops Brutal Agony: Rose POV

13th October 2015:
I don't even know what to say.
This story has completely captivated me, the emotions of each character you've written about, the new prophecy, the sudden death of a character you never thought would get killed. It's amazing and so real. This story is golden!
This chapter broke my heart though. I can't see Albus being able to cope without her. :(

On a different note! I hope Rose remembers that unfinished case she was working on soon... I have a feeling that it will somehow have something to do with the death of Scorpious parents. Oh, and I love the name suggestions! Phoenix for a girl and Lynx for a boy!

Author's Response: Hi there cocopops!

I'm *so* sorry! I thought I'd already responded to this. And you left me such a lovely review, too.

Eeep! I'm at t loss to reply to such kind words. I'm so, so happy that you found this to be a good read. And you have such a keen eye for detail - don't worry, the unfinished case will come up again soon.

Glad you like the name choices - but I have more up my sleeve ;)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by Felpata Lupin Broken: Rose POV

13th October 2015:
Hey, Beth!
Here for our swap ( hope it wasnít too long of a wait...)
The last thing I wanted was to add another novel to my looong reading list... But this won a Dobby, so I just had to!

And wow! What a start! So addicting and full of emotions!!!
Poor Rose... What happened to her? Who is this Stannous man? Why did he kidnap her? What did he do to her? So many questions... but I suppose I'll find out if I keep reading.

Panic attacks must be something really hard to deal with. It must require a lot of strenght to get out of it. I think Rose is much braver and strong than she gives herself credit for.

I loved the characterization in here. It already feels like we know Dom, Al, Selenia, James and everyone else from a lifetime, even if you really give us little ssnippets of them all! It's just brilliant!

And the way you write Rose's thought process is so accurate and so easy to rely to.

Your writing is just beautiful, smooth and flawless. But I already knew, all your sstories are like that (as far as I can tell, at least!)

Brilliant job! I'll be back (just not sure when...)

Thank you so much for swapping and much, much love!

Author's Response: Hi there Chiara,

First off, I need to apologize for taking such a ridiculously long time to respond to this - I'm so sorry. And secondly, pardon me while I do a backflip...


You picked this story to review - and you like it, too! I've worked so hard on this novel and I get so, SO excited when someone new comes along and can get into it. I'd love to hear what you think about the rest of it (but I completely understand about having so many stories on your reading list...)

You're spot on in your evaluation of Rose. She is indeed much stronger than she things she is. She has a long way to go to start feeling normal again, but there's something inside her that she must tap into.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by manno_malfoy Better: Rose POV

12th October 2015:
Awh. This is such a short chapter, but itís also great! Youíve already told us a bit about what Scorpiusís relationship with his parents was like, but we knew very little in that regard about Rose. I think that the relationship between Rose and Harry is adorable. Itís evident by the end of the chapter how well he knows her, and I suppose, how well he knows Scorpius as well. And really, as Iíve said in my previous review, if Albus is nudging Scorpius to go for it, then it must be glaringly obvious that thereís a spark or some sort of chemistry between Scorpius and Rose. And this only reinforces that.

And now that I know your Rose to some extent, I can see that itís just like her (very wise and calculated) to have faith in someone whoís an adult and who can advise her but who would also manage to be relatively objective and not just jet off based on emotion and fury the way Ron would. And speaking of Roseís parents, Rose dragging Al and healing him right then there reminded me a lot of Hermione for some reason. Just the way she commands Albus around and looks out for him. Itís just adorable. A whole lot of adorable in this small chapter.

Thanks to my current hectic schedule, I'm slowly but surely making my way through this addictive story (Congrats on that well-deserved Dobby, by the way). But I really am loving it so far!


Author's Response: Hi there Manno!

Thanks again for all the amazing reviews you've left me on this story. I really like writing the scenes were everything slows down a bit for the characters. I think it's necessary to have some balance between the emotionally-charged scenes so that we know that they get to take a breather every now and then.

You totally get Rose and Harry's relationship. He is removed enough from the situation to see her side of things a bit more than Ron.

And yes! Rose does have some of her mother's characteristics. She isn't about to let anyone's foolishness get in the way of their health - haha!

Thanks again for the lovely reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by CambAngst Brutal Agony: Rose POV

9th October 2015:
Hi, Beth!

OK, so I guess my theory on Selenia being part of Stannous's conspiracy didn't really pan out, did it? I'm sad to see her gone now. Poor Albus is... well, I guess we see exactly how he is. I feel like there's going to be a lot of emotional reckoning and the events of this chapter have only scratched the surface.

You did a really good job of capturing the shock that Rose is suffering at the start of the chapter. Gradually -- with more than a couple of setbacks -- she regains control of herself and manages to get some semblance of professional detachment back. The whole section is very stark and bumpy, which felt right to me. I liked how you picked out small, random details and kept the bigger picture hazy.

Then there was this:

As we approached, I recognized the two Aurors standing around the broken couple. Dom and Teddy. She was holding onto him as if sheíd seen death.

She had.
-- This is the sort of writing that keeps me coming back. :)

One of the things I liked most about this was the job you did with Rose's dialog. Everyone's dialog, actually, but Rose's in particular. With little pauses and half-broken words, bits of punctuation here and there, you loaded a lot of emotion into the words.

Ugh, so Selenia was killed by the same curse Stannous used on Rose. Two possibilities occur to me. Either Stannous saw the blue cloak and assumed that it was Rose or he's trying to send Rose a message. I'd say that they're equally morbid possibilities. Either way, it would seem that Stannous is trying to reinforce the truth of the prophecy. I doubt he's much fun at parties, either.

We held each other and Al as if we were holding on to our last bit of sanity, to express our own grief and to just grasp onto anything solid. -- It's a gut-wrenching yet beautiful sentiment.

I've been really impressed by the way you've built up your catalog of nasty curses that Stannous's followers use in your story. In my mind, they're starting to make an impact similar to what I feel when I read the words Crucio or Avadra Kedavra. That sort of creeping, cold, empty feeling.

"She's gone Rosie. It'll never feel better." -- Sigh. I guess you had to go there. Poor guy.

I saw a couple of small typos as I was reading:

I peered around his head, still confused by the scene and . Uncle Harry hadnít moved from kneeling next to Albus -- There's an extra period in the middle of this sentence.

The cloak? Iíd given the periwinkle cloak Selenia. -- to Selenia?

Excellent job and congratulations on your well-deserved Dobby for this awesome story!

Author's Response: Hey there Dan,

I'm sorry your theory didn't pan out, but I really like that you keep making guesses as to how the story is going to go ;)

I'm so happy the initial scene played out for how Rose was experiencing the emotions and processing everything all at once. It was a bit tricky to write - and I never know if what's in my head actually came out in the words until I get some feedback, so thanks so much for that!

Gah! I'm smiling so much at your kind words (even though this chapter doesn't warrant smiles) - I always worry if I go *too* far with the dramatics of a particular part of the story - but I kept that part about Dom seeing death in there and I think it was a good time to be dramatic...

Aw, thanks so much about the dialogue comment. I was trying to be *in Rose's head* for this entire chapter and her words weren't coming to her so easily. I didn't want to say that outright, but I'm thrilled it still came across.

So, I like it when authors discuss different scenarios of their story, but I sometimes feel weird doing it - but here goes: My original plan for this part of the story was to have Albus be the victim. (way, WAY back in the outline stage of things) But (and I KNOW this sounds like I'm off my rocker), I just *couldn't* do that to Harry. Family was everything to him and I don't know if he would be able to come out on the other side of things from losing his son. Plus, then I'd be down an Auror who needed to help solve this case and a whole bunch of other issues that would arise from that plot point. Once I'd decided on Selenia, it just seemed to make so much more sense for this particular story.

Okay - we can now exit the warped recesses of my mind that thinks about this stuff *far* too much ;)

Gah! I can't get over your kind words. It make me feel so happy to hear that things I've put into this story bring about certain emotions in the readers. And I had that last line written for ages. Albus is going to be tortured by this for a long, long time.

And I fixed up all the typos - thanks for catching them!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by merlins beard Brutal Agony: Rose POV

7th October 2015:
Hey Beth!
I always get so excited when you post a new chapter! I don't have much time right now, but I just had to read this when I saw the new chapter!

Poor Albus!! I feel so sorry for him!
Poor Rosie, she deals with everything so well. She's so strong!

So stannous was there himself? I assume as much since Selenia was killed by Crucio Flagrare...
I just want all that to be over and Rose and Scorpius to be happy together.

I recognize the "fingerprint" idea with the curses. Was it you I talked to about exactly that a while ago?

I can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi there Anja!

I was so excited to see this review. I was also really worried that people would be so mad at me for this chapter. I didn't want to kill off Selenia - but sometimes the story takes over and I don't have control over what the characters are doing - haha!

Stannous was there. And he had is posse with him. I don't know if we talked about the fingerprint idea or not - I think that it just made sense to me that everyone would have a slightly different "flick" to their wands when doing the magic (and that's why some wizards are better than others).

I'm working on the whole next section right now (the story is outlined until the end and the next few chapters are written, but I need to play around with some things so that everything is revealed in the right place :) )

Thanks again - I love reading your reactions!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by Tonks1247 Brutal Agony: Rose POV

6th October 2015:
BethÖ.I donít what youíve just done to me but I am a total and complete mess. Like, need a Kleenex, crying so hard Iím curled up and the couch and likely to get a weird look from my father when he walks in the house. Iím so heartbroken about what just happened in this chapter and that Rose just had to do that, in this situation, and that Albus knows that nothing is going to get better, that it canít be better, and that a lot of his family is there and is trying to comfort him when comfort is not even a part of his vocabulary anymore. Like, heartbroken is not even a good enough word for it anymore. Especially when thereís five other victims who died from the same curse and thereís at least three different people using it and Iím just so tornÖ

Okay, moving on to other things so I can stop feeling like thisÖ.things I feel you did well in this chapter (besides put me into a state of broken hearted denial of course) is showing Rose trying her hardest to compartmentalize herself. Itís one of the hardest things to accomplish in any position in which youíre caring for people, to be able to go on and keep doing your job despite feeling so torn apart about what youíre doing and seeing. Itís not an easy thing to do and I feel you described that feeling quite well, actually. I get the feel of Rose on the edge of losing it, but trying to keep herself together simply because she has to. Itís really good to see, though I worry about how things will go from here because she is going to be really upset, but so is Al and Scorp has to figure out how to handle this, as well as Rose, and Rose is going to blame herself and AlÖwell, I donít know what heís going to be thinking coming out on the other side of this. Like, itís a complicated mess, where this is headed, and Iím actually particularly excited to see what you do with itÖ

I also need to just say that Ron, taking Rose back and trying to protect her as I assume the all clear was given long before it was supposed to be (And I almost feel like it was maybe Al when he realized it was Selenia who was injured, but itís super hard to tell) was a something that really stuck with me. Iím not sure why, but the fact that heís the one to notice her and to take her back and tell her itís not safe and for Scorp them to step forwardÖlike, for as much emotional distress as everyoneís in, they are still thinking over the situation and keeping guard and doing their jobs. Itís a bit of a mess, but at the same time, itís super realistic as to how things are broken down and handled.

Anddd I do like this spacing. With the extra space. It made it a bit easier to read and I honestly hadnít even realized you did it until I saw the comment in your authorís note, but I do really like it.

AlsoÖCONGRATULATIONS ON THE DOBBY! Itís super exciting that youíve won the dobby for Most Addicting Story and I cannot even express how much this story deserves it and how excited I was when I saw that! Iím really happy about it, Beth! Youíve put a lot of hard work into this story and it is really, really lovely and you really deserve the recognition!

Great job Beth! Iím crushed, but looking forward to how you take this moving forwards!


Author's Response: Mikaela,

Gah! This review - it had *everything* and just... thanks so much!!!

Prepare for onslaught of gushing...

I know it's kinda mean of me, but I was *hoping* for that sort of reaction to this chapter. I don't want to make it seem like I'm getting a lot of pleasure from causing you pain, but I'm excited that the story and characters that I feel so strongly about are conveyed well enough for you to feel the same way. I also teared up when I was writing and editing this.

And I'm SO relieved that you found the scene believable. I know you work in the medical field (and I don't) so I was holding my breath, waiting for your reaction. I really, really wanted to properly portray Rose's emotions mixed with her obligations. And the fact that you characterized her as "strong" has me doing backflips! She doesn't see it as much as everyone else does, but she is incredibly brave and solid. She's gotten so much better since the beginning of the story.

Yay - thanks for the comment about the line spacing. At some point, I'll go back tot he other chapters and fix it, because I think you're right about how much easier it is to read.

Eeep! Thanks! I was so, SO excited for the Dobby award. I'm still smiling from it. Gah! You've just hit me in the feels - AGAIN!

Thanks again - for all your amazing reviews and wonderful feedback!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by kaeliebear Brutal Agony: Rose POV

5th October 2015:
Ugh! Beth... Really? This chapter made me cry. Poor babies. I just want to cuddle them all. Next chapter soon?

Author's Response: Hi there kaelibear!

Thanks for coming back and leaving a review... and I'm so sorry for the sad chapter. I kinda want to cuddle them, too! It might be a little bit before the next chapter, but I'm working on it!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Brutal Agony: Rose POV

4th October 2015:
FIRST TO REVIEW, I HOPE! I saw this was updated and was like "CLICK!"

Aww, thank you for the mention in the Author's note! It was really nothing, this story is incredible! ♥

BUT NOW MY HEART IS BROKEN. No, not Selenia! She was so sweet, so kind, she was always helping everyone... no! *Sobs* And Poor Al! He loved her so much, I don't know if he'll ever recover!! :(

This chapter, more than any of the others before it, has made me SO ANGRY with Stannous and his companions! I'm just like "THAT'S IT!", and I think all of the characters will probably feel the same way, once they've had a little time to process things.

I'm a little worried for Rose and the baby, also - it's really not good for her to get upset right now, and I hope this doesn't cause any complications.

Also, ANOTHER attack, so soon? I think now that they know Rose is pregnant, Stannous and his crew are getting desperate - Are they trying to get her before the baby's born, or does Stannous still think he can somehow make the prophecy baby his? Either way, I hope they get caught or otherwise stopped very soon!

I am still SO addicted to this story - I hope to see an update soon! (And I also selfishly hope that Selenia somehow makes a miraculous comeback..) :(

Author's Response: Haha - yay! I was checking and checking to see what people thought of this chapter.

I'm grinning my head off as I write this response because I'm so thrilled that you felt so much emotion!

And I gotta admit - my heart's broken a little bit as well. I teared up when I wrote this and edited it. I honestly don't know if Al will recover, either (actually, I do know, but I'm not gonna say...)

Stannous is getting a bit desperate at the point - it's obvious in the way that he's not being to discriminate in his victims.

I'm working on the next section and there are a few things I need to sort out before I can update - but I'll have it up as soon as I can.

As always - thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by manno_malfoy Bitter: Scorpius POV

29th September 2015:
Alright, so this chapter is different because instead of focusing on Rose and Scorpius and their issues, we focus on Albus and his. Heís been a bit on the sidelines the past few chapters and basically all we knew about him was that he cares about Rose a lot. So it was amazing to get to explore this intense, competitive side of him, and to see the effect of being the Chosen Oneís son on him. What I particularly like about Albus right now is that even though Harry is pushing him and has high expectations for him, he didnít quit on being an auror. He couldíve just made a switch if it really bothered him THAT much. But this goes to show how good he is at it, and how much he appreciates his job.

Itís interesting how Albus is encouraging Scorpius to go for this relationship, as opposed to most of the ScoRose fics where he gets really defensive and protective. And that really does prove how obvious Scorpiusís and Roseís feelings are for each other. And the bottom line is, theyíre good for each other as well, so I just wanna hit them both on the head and tell them to get together and make things better for both of them. Which is why I support Albusís childish behaviour towards this at the end of the chapter. I applaud him.

I also loved seeing how Scorpius respects Harry and how grateful he is to him. After all, Harry pretty much adopted him. I thought that was a fantastic touch! And itís realistic as well that he noticed when it was getting out of hand between Harry and Albus. Just great characterisation, overall so far. And I just wanna sit here and gobble up the story all day! :D


Author's Response: Hey there Manno,

I'm so glad you liked my Albus character. I really made an effort with this fic to write a Rose/Scorpius story where the characters were a little different than they are normally portrayed. I'm not saying I don't love to read the stories where Albus wants to pound Scorpius into the ground for kissing his cousin, but I just thought there was another way the story could go.

Haha - I kinda want to hit them over the head too. They really are made for each other and they need each other for so many parts of their lives.

Scorpius does feel connected to Harry - and Harry was very cautious in his treatment of Scorpius - so he didn't feel like he was trying to take the place of his father, but wanted him to know that there would always be someone there for him, if he needed it.

Eeep! Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by manno_malfoy Besotted: Rose POV

29th September 2015:
Youíve made a twist on the Cruciatus! How cool is that! Itís like tampering with a Patronus to use it for delivering messages! I found the descriptions of the effects of the curse excellent and detailed enough. And Iím thrilled that we finally know enough about what happened to Rose two years ago. Iím curious what the circumstances were and what led to it, but there are enough answers to many of the questions Iíve had since starting the story, so Iím satisfied. The way youíre gradually feeding us information about the past really does help keep the suspense and has kept me thoroughly entertained.

I think itís a step forward that Rose is facing the traces of her trauma --the scars, the memories. And it makes sense that sheís doing that the morning after she feels something. Itís heartbreaking how she views herself, but I canít imagine anyone not thinking that having to live with the scars of something that haunts them isn't terrible. Or as if living through it to begin with wasn't terrible enough.

I must say that I loved your drunk Scorpius; he was retrospective, self-lamenting, and honest. Of course, his view of himself may be slightly distorted. But I must admit that I hated him a little when Rose mentioned what sheíd seen one of those nights sheíd gone to him in the dorm, mostly because Iím a bit partial to Rose and Scorp being together forever with no obstacles (or other silly girls) getting in the way of that. But I suppose thatís too much to ask for?

Once again, I canít help but admire Rose for her support and dedication to Scorpius. It shows how the bond between them is strong, and it gives me hope. Because if it has survived the hormones and the other girls and the death of Scorpiusís parents during school, it should survive what comes next. If thereís something that comes next.

I have all my fingers crossed for romance because I just love those two!

Oh, and this is for the BvB fest.


Author's Response: Hi there Manno!

Gosh - this review was so detailed and amazing and just... thank you so much! I'm all giddy right now at how you found all the little details that I put into my story!

I wanted to take my villain to the next level - using the same ol' cruciatus wasn't going to be bad enough for this guy - he had to show everyone that he was evil enough to be *worse*

And Yes!! I'm so glad you noticed that Rose is finally taking some steps toward recovery. That's something that I wanted to bring about s-l-o-w-l-y in this story. I was very deliberate about that, but I did want her to get better... so I always worry if I paced it well or not. Thanks for the awesome comments, because it really helped me to feel like I did that. :)

Scorpius was in a really, REALLY bad place after his parents died. He was an orphan, and basically had no extended family to support him. Harry offered up his home - for a few reasons, not the least of which was because Scorpius reminded him a lot of himself. Nonetheless, he had to go through some pretty awful periods in his grief and unfortunately, he ended up hurting Rose in the process.

Rose feels different when she's helping others. It's the one place she can finally start to feel like her old self. And she's taking that and running with it for now.

Thanks again for these amazing reviews! Gah! I loved reading them!

♥ Beth

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