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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter Bereft: Scorpius POV

2nd March 2015:
OK, here for the review swap, but going into this I feel like I might be cheating you with my review. I don't know whether I'll have much to say about what you've written because you have done such a superb job - your words speak for themselves and there is not much more I can add. The way you handled Scorpius' grief was so real, his emotions are so starkly laid for us that there is not that much more to add.

I will try and do a review of a standard that this chapter warrants.

The way you had Daphne marry a muggle was a nice touch. It sets the tone for Scorpius' estrangement from what's left of his family and their past. Not in a nasty way, not at all, but as his Aunt said - she has chosen to live her life her way and it is obvious to her and to Scorpius that that is not the way in which he wants to live his. I know I'm skipping ahead of myself in this review, but it's hard not to.

He is numb from his grief and the matter-of-fact way you present the events at the start of the chapter (a chapter seen very much from his perspective) speaks to his mental fatigue. His survivors guilt you outline well, as I mentioned in the last chapter he would feel so guilty not only in the way he left them but also because 'if he'd only been there...'; he might have smelt the gas, his presence might have meant his father might not have been there and thus ensured his father's survival. Yes hindsight. And in his deepest, darkest moments he might also think that if he'd been there then it would have only meant that there would have been three bodies lying on the floor and he is secretly glad he wasn't there.

Ugh, such a mess, such a burden for a young man. At least his aunt is leaving him alone, but then she knocks on his door to ask him to greet visitors? But it's not - it's Rose and Albus.

I very much like your characterisation of Rose. The words you put into her mouth, the almost verbal diarrhea that comes out to say anything, anything other than what is upper-most on all their minds, is so well done. In just a few words you also fill us in on a lot of relevant details of their parent's character. And the comfort that both of them give him and the breaking down of the 'Malfoy reserve' that he was possibly erecting around himself was magnificently done.

Then good old Ron barges in in just the wrong way. The way a father should, given what his paranoia tells him may be going on, moreover, what his eyes tell him is going on. You have a good grasp of storytelling technique - the pathos of this scene, almost ludicrous in it's nature, manages to pull us all back from the despair and the loss. Daphne's muggle husband is a great comedic touch.

All the characterisation is just so spot on. Ron is belligerent and over-protective just as I imagine a father of his type to be. Harry is the peacemaker and a generous soul. Aunt Daphne has some wisdom about her and genuinely wants what is best for her nephew.

And then there is Albus. There is a very subtle flaw in his character that you explore here and in a previous chapter. He is a good kid and someone who makes his dad proud, but he does muddle through somewhat; he has a tragic sense of bad timing - barging in on the half-dressed Rose in a previous chapter and being out of the room when Ron barges in in this one. It speaks of his emotional immaturity, yes I know he is younger here, but in the previous chapters (set in the future) he remains largely unchanged. He is under the shadow of his father, not in an overt way, not trapped and certainly not from his father doing, but it is unconscious - his life is a little bit rudderless. I know it is a lot to draw from him not being in the room in one scene, but as I said it is subtle and it builds in chapters to come.

And finally there is Rose. Right in the story description, up front for all to see, you state that bravery is not the defining characteristic of Rose Weasley. It is why she wasn't in Gryffindor, like her mum was. But she does have enough spine to stand up to her father, enough intelligence to make him see the truth of the matter. She might not be particularly brave, but how much of that in the Rose to come derives from her basic personality and how much from a horrific incident that has left far more than just emotional scars. The caring that these two have for each other is deep and is only furthered by the continuation of it in the months and then the years to come. Rose's almost instinctual knowledge of when Scorpius needs her comfort the most shows us how deeply they are connected and also her eventual abilities as a healer.

We snap back into the present, to find a Scorpius who is going to try to 'forget about Rose' even though he knows he cannot. So at least we know that he knows just how much Rose means to him.

This is a very good chapter and something you should be proud of - it is no wonder to me that you won best new writer, if this is the caliber of the first story you wrote.

I can offer you no higher praise than that your Scorpius influenced my own version. I had seen so many 'pureblood Malfoy' versions of Scorpius before, but when I came to this one I realised that what I was thinking should be the character of Scorpius was not only possible but was in fact desirable. I like to think that my Scorpius basically differs from yours in that in mine his father has been brutally honest with him - told him everything, all his bad deeds (even some of Lucius' too) and the shame he feels for them and the shame that this brought on an otherwise noble name. So thank you, thank you for showing me what was possible in the character of Scorpius Malfoy.


PS. I obviously cannot help myself and could write about a chapter that 'needed nothing more to be said' about it. ;)

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Review #2, by pottered  Broken: Rose POV

22nd February 2015:
Hi! Pottered1 from the forums here (:
This was a good chapter, and definitely intrigues the readers to anticipate for the next chapter because of the question: what happened to rose which made her like this; broken, and on verge of panic attacks and to keep herself distracted by continuously repeating a mantra in her mind. Not sure why the reviewers count dropped, honestly because this seems like a good story and no, you didn't stuff up everything in the first chapter, it was a good and simple one with introductions and the beginning of the plot. I also really liked Rose, and also how Albus and Selenia had been in a relationship since their forth year; it's cute. And lol, also the way James thought the hat was somehow drunk, seems very James Potter like and ooo, the fact that Scorpius was in Ravenclaw; I liked it as not many fics have Scorpius in Ravenclaw so that was a change; a good one aha.
All together, a good chapter. The award for this story seems well deserved.
-m (: x

Author's Response: Hello hello!

Gosh - I didn't intend to take so long to reply to this. Sorry! Thank you so much for reviewing this and giving your honest opinion. I'm so glad you liked the first chapter. I'm wondering if maybe the review and read count dropping is a trend for most fics - not sure.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by crestwood Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

15th February 2015:
Beth! I always miss this story whenever I go a while without reading it, but really, it's been way too long.

I feel so bad for Rose at this point in the story. I can't imagine that I'd ever feel safe again after he got inside of their flat. Everything she'd been suppressing must just be coming back to her and that simply can't be easy. It was both sad and funny that she almost stunned Scorpius.

Scorpius and Rose are so sweet right now as usual. Of course Rose isn't going into training after the night she just had! I'm almost glad that everyone knows about what happened now. It might do her some good to accept help from her friends while she's going through all of this. I can't believe you write these two so well. This is possibly my favorite Scorpius/Rose ever and they're my OTP, so that's a pretty huge deal.

I'm still unsure of how Stannous got into their flat. He must be even more powerful than I realized he was.

So this is when they moved into Grimmauld Place! I totally know where this is going, but it's still awesome to see you pull it off. This chapter was amazing as always. Your writing is so good that you almost get too used to it. It's like you forget how well written it all is because you're so invested in the storyline. Great, great work Beth ♥

Author's Response: Hi there Joey,

I love, love, love when you review any of my stories, but I especially love when you review this one. OMG! I can't. Possibly your FAVORITE Scorpius/Rose?! Gah - you've reduced me to mush and now i cnt tpe fdkada... ... ...


I agree that it's better now that everyone knows the truth about Rose. She can't spend all her time and energy trying to hide it and although it might be a little unpleasant, she can begin her journey toward healing.

Thanks so much for this!

Love ya Joey.

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Review #4, by oldershouldknowbetter Blown Away: Scorpius POV

13th February 2015:
This is where we realise that you aren't going to spare either of your major protagonists.

Hi there, here for a bit of BvB action.

I have meant to come back and review this series since you changed and edited it. I first started to review your story when I had the idea to review every chapter of every story as I read it. Since I read a lot on my phone, it meant answering on my phone too - hence their brevity. I cannot look back on those tiny reviews without a massive sense of shame. This is why I didn't come back to reviewing your story, I wanted to give you the sort of detailed review that your story deserves.

So, on with it.

Poor Scorpius, he obviously has it so bad for Rose and she is so obviously oblivious. I bet everyone else knows. I don't exactly blame her, her head is full of whatever it takes to just get her through the day - and to keep it full enough so that there is no room for old hurts to gain access.

The shirt he gave her, we knew, meant little to her than it was just some old Ravenclaw T-shirt. It does mean more than that to Scorpius though and triggers some old memories that he has tried to suppress.

I like your basic set up of his parents: his mother, kind and caring (exactly like I imagine her to be) who will allow Scorpius much but must stand beside her husband when push comes to shove; his father is not bad as such, but is cold, distant and cannot express his feelings properly (again, just how I imagine him).

He angrily leaves his father and mother; fifteen and hormones and angst.

Was his mother about to say it wasn’t safe?! With the little I know of the past events that I have read in chapters to come, this would be interesting indeed if information had come to Draco that foul deeds were afoot. Or, maybe I am making something that isn't there out of a mother's general warning to her only son.

And this must be one of the things that haunts Scorpius the most, in the end his defiance against his father's wishes was done for naught beyond the casual defiance itself. He didn’t really like the neighbourhood boy, Albus is his true friend. He befriended the muggle mostly for the annoyance factor that it would cause to his father.

The horror of the scene that he faces when he finally arrives home is conveyed well. That it occurred this room, the kitchen, that was 'home' to him moerso than anything else, makes it even more poignant. I cannot, need not, say anything further about the rest as the words speak for themselves. His confusion, his stunned incomprehension is superbly, wonderfuly portrayed.

The next chapter must speak to the aftermath and how deeply such a tragedy has affected him.

I would say wonderful, beautiful work, but it isn't - it's so harrowing and sad and the skill with which you write only serves to leave a deeper impression upon your readers.


Author's Response: Hiya Andrew!

Wow. You really know how to make me blush! You are too kind, but I'm so glad you're here to review the story and I love learning your thoughts as it develops.

Nope. I really didn't spare anyone in this fic. All the major characters are pretty much in for it - mwah mwah mwah (uh... that's my evil laugh).

Obviously oblivious - I love it! Yup, that is the perfect way to describe Scorp right now. EVERYONE else knows those two are into each other - except Rose and Scorpius - sheesh!

More on this shirt in the next chappie :)

Some readers have not been too happy that I killed of Draco and (especially) Astoria, but there is a way that she can live on in her son - you'll see that down the line.

Hmmm - what *was* she about to say? I'll never tell ;)

You're right about the next chapter. It's a little emotional - I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Gah - thanks so much - this review really made my day and I apologize for taking so long to respond, but I wanted to give it its due.

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by toomanycurls Blown Away: Scorpius POV

9th February 2015:
Beth -

this chapter = amazeballs. I was leaning over, on the edge of my seat, trying to jump into the words. how do you do it!??!

Right-O: I could tell last chapter that Scorpius was quite tender and caring towards Rose. Now I know for sure that there's so much there between them (that at least one of them feels). When he had his flashback I never expected it to go like it did. I was thinking there would be a break up and we'd learn why he had her shirt but no - it was so much more than that.

I love the idea of Scorpius escaping to the Potter's for a bit of normality. Draco seems quite upset by that but I didn't catch if Harry was as well. I really like how you've written about Draco - it's quite believable. I'm glad that Scorpius is (rather was *glare*) closer to Astoria. I'm so sad that Scorpius left his father with such an ugly argument between them. Not that it happened but that it was their last interaction.

The idea that Scorpius is befriending the annoying Mason just to spite his father cracked me up. I am surprised that Scorpius didn't do more slip ups playing soccer with Mason. I suppose Mason being dull helped a bit with any that happeend.

Never in a hundred years did I expect Scorpius to walk ino that. Him not being able to refer to Astoria's body as being her really struck me. It's a very powerful feeling to see one's parent dead and not wanting to associate that form with their living self.

I've always thought you were more of a nice, kind author because I've been so involved with Hurricane Luna and your one-shots but this chapter alerted me to the fact that you're just as mean as the rest of us on here. :P I'm so scared you're going to rip my heart out in this story. o.O

-rose (bvb)

Author's Response: Rose!

This review is amazeballs! Scorpius had a pretty sad back story here - and now we can see why he's been so troubled. It's not just that he harbors feelings for Rose, he needs her just as much as she needs him.

He's carried the guilt from how he stormed out of his parents' house forever.

Haha - I guess I'm not so nice? That comment made me laugh out loud. I just *might* have some more mean things planned for this story...

Thanks so much for this super, fantastic, awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by may_magnolia Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

9th February 2015:
I totally knew that the prophecy was taking about Rose and Scorpius. I love that Scorpius stood up to Ron. I can't wait until you post your next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for the review! When I first wrote the story, I wasn't sure how obvious it would be that Scorpius is the father... but I'm glad you're enjoying it! ♥

I'm working on the next section now!


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Review #7, by Jeannette Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

9th February 2015:
So I read this a while ago but just got so busy and am just now getting around to review. But I loved this chapter.
Your description of Ron's reaction was spot on! Exactly how I expected it. However, I did not expect Ron to want Scorpius to stand up to him. That was probably my favorite part of this chapter. I laughed really hard.
I really liked how you showed the relationship between Rose and Hermione. I also think it's prefect that Hermione was the one who figured out the prophecy and the description of all her research was amazing! Such a Hermione thing :)
Anyway, I can't wait to see what's next!

Author's Response: Hi Jeannette!

Thanks so much for the note on Ron. I actually switched the part up after someone mentioned that his reaction was off. I'm much happier with it now.

I'm really enjoying exploring Rose and Hermione's relationship.

And yup, Hermione is a consummate nerd. Loves her research!

Thanks so much for this!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Ginny:3 Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

7th February 2015:
I live this fanfic, one of the best I've read! I wish Lily was a bit more in the story though and Hugo hasn't even appeared there... But please keep posting I can't wait to see what will happen next!!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Ooo - thanks so much for leaving a review. I'm working on the next section now and the mystery is definitely heating up! Gah - this review just completely made my day!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by toomanycurls Bent: Rose POV

7th February 2015:
Hi Beth!!

I always have plenty of chapters of this to R&R so I'm good for a long time.

After the first chapter, I'm not surprised that Rose is uneasy about being at a party. We haven't seen much of Albus and Selenia but their fondness for each other is cute (which really isn't connected to the rest of this paragraph). I think I said this previously, but Rose's coping techniques are really well done. Distraction and refocusing is something I can relate to.

Scorpius and Rose are interesting together. I get the feeling that neither really care to be at the party. He almost makes James seem a bit, uh, unethical with how he recruits for his party. Calling the girls a supply for the quidditch players was kind of sketch but I'm torn as to if that is James' perspective or Scorpius'.

Rose's observation of Dom paints an interesting picture. I love that Dom is outgoing and flirtatious and not just looking to settle down with the first cute guy she meets. It's also funny that Rose makes fun of her to Scorpius. Then they turn to Fred - it does seem like he's gotten around (a lot). Them making fun of Dom and Wolfie had me giggling too. I can have a kind of mean sense of humor (well, I have the sense of humor they were using) so I got a good laugh from them.

I don't know who the guy is harrassing Rose but he's getting the evil eye from me. With Rose's anxiety being out around people and this guy being all hands. This is all so dramatic and unexpected! I love that Dom was so aggressive with the intruder guy.

I get the feeling that Scorpius rather likes Rose based on the way he treats her after the attack. They're quite sweet together. I kind of groaned when everyone barged in. They have such tenderness and shyness between them. This chapter really reminded me why I should read this more!


Author's Response: Hey there Rose!

Eeep! I'm so glad you came back to this story. It is the one that I've worked the hardest on.

James is a *tiny* bit of a misogynist, but his heart is in the right place when it comes to his family. In fact, ALL the Weasleys and Potters aren't about to put up with this dude at the party. But, you've got James's number. He's a playa.

Haha - it's my own weird sense of humor too!

Yes - Scorpius *does* rather like Rose. Oof - I just realized how creepy that sounded. It isn't creepy at all. They are both really into each other, but they just haven't been able to get out of their own way to see it yet. Yeah. It wouldn't be a Weasley gathering if there wasn't some barging in - haha!

OMG! I would love to know what you think about this story! It's my baby.

Thanks for the review swap!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Lostmyheart Besotted: Rose POV

2nd February 2015:
Beth, this chapter was just amazing. It was so sweet! I can't believe how adorable they are together.
You made me laugh when Scorpius talked in his sleep, and then seconds later I almost cried. Literally. It's all your fault, Beth. You and your incredible talent for writing.

Rose is so sweet, and I really hope she'll get Scorpius one day, and that it's him that makes the move. He seems like a really nice guy, and as the saying tells us - drunk people are the most honest ones. Now, I don't know if that's true, but I've been told so many times I start to believe it myself.

Anyway, I really want to know WHO the white-haired wizard was. This plot of yours is thickening, and it makes me want to read more!
I'm going to add this to my favorites, which I just found out that I hadn't. Shame on me!

Thank you so much for wanting to review swap with me! As usual, I enjoyed reading your story.

- Avi

Author's Response: Avi!

You are too sweet! Haha - I'm so glad you really want the two of them get together, but it's not going to be that easy. Rose hasn't been entirely open with him about her past. She needs to get through some things first - but I don't think you'll be disappointed with the next chapter :)

The white-hair! Haha - nice pick up. That doesn't come back for a while.

Yay! Thanks for adding it to your favorites. I'd love to hear what you think about how the story is going!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by CambAngst Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

1st February 2015:
Hi, Beth! I confess I read this the day that you posted it, but time has slipped away. It's Super Bowl Sunday Review Morning!

I convinced Rose to stop for a bite before we met with Harry. I knew she had not kept her breakfast down due to nerves and I wanted to make sure that she got some food into her. -- That's a good lad. Sometimes you have to make sure the pregnant lady takes care of herself.

I loved the way that he couldn't stop fiddling with the ultrasound picture. Little tokens of what's to come mean a lot in the early stages of pregnancy when there aren't a lot of visible signs.

And then things get a bit grim. Hmnn... maybe "grim" isn't quite the right word, but there's definitely a sort of tension when they arrive at the meeting that's already going on in Harry's office. Hermione's reaction seemed about right, considering the circumstances. She's that rare sort of person whose emotions sometimes take some time to catch up to her rational mind. Ron's reaction was exactly what I would have expected. "How dare somebody do that to my little girl! Especially Malfoy!" Good thing Harry was there to step in between them.

I struggled a bit with Ron doing the sudden about-face and calling Scorpius "mate". It's not that I didn't think he'd ever get there, it just seemed to happen really abruptly. Especially while Ron was still struggling to come to terms with Rose being pregnant, engaged, and with Hermione's realization about the prophecy. I get that he's impressed by Scorpius standing up to him and demanding that everyone do what's best for Rose, but to me Ron is too stubborn to give in that quickly, even when he agrees.

"Hermione," Harry began, "Why don't you start?" -- Words that Harry would soon come to regret. ;)

I loved the way that Hermione couldn't just come out and say what she's concluded without taking everyone through the full process that led to the conclusion. She tried to do a regression on the wording of past prophecies versus the outcome. She tried to triangulate with the contents of other prophecies. When all else failed, she consulted the Department of Mysteries, the Aurors and the Centaurs. She is meticulous to a fault. Perfect!

And I was right! Yes! You're happy you didn't see that. I'm an awful dancer.

Anyway, I've felt pretty sure since you revealed the content of the prophecy that it could just as easily refer to Scorpius as to Stannous. In fact, it probably fits Scorpius better. That was my only other struggle with this chapter. I didn't quite feel the same powerful epiphany as Scorpius. Maybe that's just me.

Your biggest reveal (so far) is out there now! It's going to be really interesting to see how everyone comes to terms with this. I'm also really curious as to whether Rose's pregnancy will make her more cautious about leaving the protection of Grimmauld Place or more determined to take back her own life. I know how everyone else -- except possibly Harry -- will vote. Interesting times ahead. Great job!

Author's Response: Yay!

Superbowl Sunday Review Morning!

Haha - Scorpius is still in the mode of "not exactly sure of the best way to support his pregnant fiance" here. He is fixating on the fact that she needs to gain weight - because that is a focus he can act on, unlike the prophecy.

Yeah, I struggled with the Ron thing as well. I've got some more Ron/Scorpius interaction coming up in future chapters and I think if I re-structure this one to be a little less "mate-y", it will strengthen that story moment a bit. Thanks for the cc :)

Haha - I'm channeling a bit of myself here with Hermione. It is one of my hang-ups that I over explain things - although I don't think I would have the patience to do the amount of research that she did.

Hehe - no one wants to see me dance either.

So when I wrote this - I think I wrote the part from the actual words of the prophecy to the "big reveal" in about two days - yeah I was just flying through this. At the time, it didn't seem like a long arc for a reader to suspect Scorpius and then find out they were right. But I also think that he has a clueless factor, here. Even the Aurors thought the default was Stannous and it took Hermione to bring a new idea to light.

Yeah, this will change a bit for everyone. Thanks again for this review (and ALL your reviews :) ).

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm Broken: Rose POV

1st February 2015:
Beth! Seriously?? This was your first fanfic?? Holy moley! This first chapter was amazing!! :D

I'm totally invested in this story already. I simply must read on and find out why Rose was abducted, what happened when she was and who the man was who took her. I can't not know! You've sucked me in once again with your fantastically brilliant writing skills!

First off, that whole panic attack was just - just... I honestly don't have words. I've dealt with them before (thankfully haven't had one in a while now *knocks on wood*) and I can't even tell you how many times I've tried something like that. Concentrating on something completely non related, to try and get my mind back to normal. They're a horrible experience and you got it completely right. I felt horrible for her, because I could totally relate.

I love that the Sorting Hat yelled out Ravenclaw more loudly for Rose than anyone else. I thought that was cute, plus gave a lot of information about her in such a short amount of words. And it totally does seem natural that she and Albus would have gravitated towards a Muggle-Born that first day. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy with everyone staring and probably whispering about them. The first time going to Hogwarts must be stressful and frightening enough without all of that going on.

I loved the end of this chapter. It's so true! You can't anticipate or think about having a panic attack, or that would surely send you back into another one. And there's nothing worse than having one in public.

This was amazing, Beth! I still cannot believe that this was your first. I'm completely in awe of you. Excellent job!! I will absolutely, with out a doubt, be back to read on! :D ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hiya Meg!

Thanks for this review! I'm so glad you picked this story. It is definitely the one I've worked the hardest on - and yup, it was my first fanfic. Actually it is the first thing that I've written, ever.

I really, really appreciate your comments about how realistic the panic attack was. It's very important to me that I treat Rose's trauma as realistic, even considering this is fiction.

Thanks so much for this review. It was so, incredibly kind and I let out a squee every time someone whose opinion I *really* respect stumbles on this story. I'd love to know what you think of the rest! Let's do more swaps!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by ravenclaw_princess Besotted: Rose POV

30th January 2015:
This was one full on chapter and there was so much revealed.

Let's start with poor Rose. I don't even want to try and imagine what she went through. It sounds absolutely horrible. She seems to be doing remarkably ok considering the torture she endured. I'm really curious to find out the reasons why she was kidnapped and more about this Stannous. He sounds highly intelligent and there seemed to be an objective behind him kidnapping her, especially with him leaving healing materials behind for her. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story arc goes.

Scorpius sure was a mess in this chapter. I think the time he spent with Rose the night before must have flicked a switch in him which made him wan to drink himself into oblivion to make him forget his past. Unfortunately, it all came tumbling out. The previous chapters made it seem like their love was unrealised, but here, it was quite clear that they have both known they liked each other, but for various reasons, the relationship was never pursued. I can understand Scorpius' grief, anger and frustrations at his father. I imagine there was a lot unsaid between the two of them, and that Draco never really told Scorpius much about the war from his perspective.

I love how the back story between Rose and Scorpius came out in this chapter...it wasn't told, it was shown through the interactions and dialogue between the two. I also like how seeing the scar segued into Rose's memories. It all flowed really smoothly.

Awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

This review was such a nice, awesome surprise! Thank you so much.

I'm so happy that you're intrigued enough to continue this story. Rose isn't doing as well as she'd like everyone to think. And you're right - Stannous does have an ulterior motive for the kidnapping - and he is very clever and devious.

This is a low point for Scorpius. He's really lost and angry a lot of the time. I think you described it perfectly when you mentioned their "unrealized love." And yep, this is the first time the two of them notice that the feelings are mutual.

Gah - thanks so much - you really picked up on each nuance that I was trying to put into this chapter.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by BellaLestrange87 Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
I just realized how long it's been since I've left a review on this story. Probably something like 15 chapters... eep! Way too long, anyways. I remember reading this chapter - the first time - and thinking "If I review now, I can get first review" and then going to do something else and closing my browser. I suppose there's always next chapter to hope.

YES THEY FINALLY REALIZED THAT SCORPIUS WAS A MALFOY IT TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH. Although, considering that Draco and Astoria are dead and therefore not around to remind Ron of who his daughter's boyfriend's father is, I suppose I can sort of (but not fully) allow them their thickheadedness. (Now we know why all the jokes about why Harry's not in Ravenclaw exist. Have you seen them? They involve some quote of Harry's where he's being an idiot, and then a caption saying 'This is why he wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw' or something along those lines.)

Rose and Scorpius are so cute together now that she's expecting! (Not that they weren't cute before.) And I love how Scorpius finally stood up to Ron. (And how Ron was waiting for him to get the nerve to do so. That made me laugh.) The fact that he stood up to his future father-in-law over how he was going to respect his fiancee made me like him even more (not that I hate him or anything). Keep him, Rose. Keep him.

I loved Ron and Hermione's reactions to finding out about Rose's pregnancy. Hermione's reaction was a lot more subdued, considering that she's probably a lot more mature than her husband, and I bet she can also remember when she first found out she was pregnant with Rose herself. (I wonder if Mr. Granger had some line similar to Ron's here.) And Ron's reaction... *laughs* I love his line about how old they nee to be to have kids. Rose is how old? Twenty-one or so? I think she's well old enough. See, Ron, even Harry can see how immature you are.

Scorpius sounds like he's slightly in awe of his future mother-in-law here. (As he should be. I think sometimes her husband is in awe of her.) Yep, I think I can see a mixture of awe and admiration. He also sounds like he would rather not spend his days researching stuff.

But at least they realized it! (Also, considering Stannous hasn't reached Rose since the beginning of the book (what do I call this? Fic? Novel? Work? I don't know.), really early anyways (chapter, what? 6? 7?), he wouldn't have had time to become the one in the prophecy.

This made me happy (even though I'm just a tad late reviewing), and I didn't see any typos (which I suppose is what a beta is for).


Author's Response: Hey there Olivia!

Haha - It did take them long enough - although I think Hermione suspected WAY before she said anything, but she needed to be sure.

I know! They really are cute together, aren't they? I was worried how the scene with Ron played out, so I'm relieved to see that it came off alright.

I think Rose will always seem like a little girl to Ron, but he's got to accept that she's all grown up now.

Stannous won't stay away forever... duh, duh, duhn... but Scorpius is definitely the father.

Yay! No typos.

Thanks so much for this review - I love all your reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by dracodarlingxx Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
Scor is being such a sweetheart. He's so excited about the baby (and pretty brave to stand up to Ron Weasley ;) ), and it's great to read :D, and I'm also really happy that Rose is so happy again :) AND THE FATHER IN THE PROPHECY IS SCOR! YES! I just hope Stannous knows it too.
I'm so excited for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Glad you like the fluff! I was worried it was a bit much.

Yes! Scorpius is the father. I think it might've been a bit obvious, but it is official now!

Thanks - I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by mymischiefmanaged Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
Hi Beth! Back again for our long term swap :)

I really like the opening to this chapter. You settle us in to this new Grimmauld Place era really effectively and manage to get across a lot of information without sounding too explainy. I'm so glad Harry's their secret keeper, and I love the idea of Ron throwing a fit about his daughter moving in with Scorpius Malfoy.

Ruth seems like a really intriguing character. I'm not quite sure what to make of her right now. I really like her a lot as a support figure for Rose, and I think it's really good that you're showing the benefits of professional help in Rose's circumstances (stories too often suggest that you should be able to heal just through friendship and love etc, and it's good to show that there's no shame in seeking outside help as well), but then I can kind of imagine you using Ruth as part of the wider plot - my guess is that she'll either die or exploit the fact she understands Rose's weaknesses. Either way, or even if I'm completely wrong, I like what you've done with her so far.

Dominique, as usual, is wonderful. You've done a really good job of distinguishing your three girls (Dominique, Rose and Selenia) without wasting too many words explicitly explaining how they're different.

And then I'm SO GLAD that Rose just opened up to Scorpius about her insecurities in their relationship. It's quite brave for her to just come out and ask him about his feelings towards her and I think the fact she was even willing to bring it up as a conversation topic shows how much she trusts him. She's really depending on him but it's good that she's able to take an active role in their relationship.

And of course Scorpius's response was always going to be this. He just loves her so much and you get that across really clearly. He's really putting in the effort to learn how to make her feel safe and his actions in this chapter demonstrate just how much he cares. I really like the contrast between their interactions here and earlier in the story when Rose was the one to look out for him.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about Scorpius getting rid of Rose's scars. I can see that he's doing it out of love, and that it makes Rose happy, but I wonder whether it would have helped Rose more to reach acceptance of the marks and to come to terms with what happened to her. It feels a bit like covering up the problem rather than solving it, and I really really wanted Scorpius to help her deal with the scars herself rather than to superficially fix them. I'm just not sure about it as a coping mechanism. I would have liked to see him here helping her mentally rather than physically. But it's just a small thing really. In general I really love the way you've written the two of them here.

And the final two lines are just perfect. It feels quite quick but then when we think about how long they've known and cared about each other for it was inevitable that their relationship would reach this point, especially considering everything they've been through together.

Lovely lovely chapter Beth! I'll be back soon for the next one :)

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hi there Emma!

Thanks for the review!

Yes! You've picked up on exactly the point I was trying to make with Ruth. I really wanted to send a message that trying to work through serious issues on your own isn't always the best idea. And... perhaps I did find a way to use the Ruth character in future chapters...

Haha - it took a lot for Rose to bring it up to Scorpius - and his reaction was... um.. less than refined.

Scorpius was even tentative about getting rid of Rose's scars. I think his motivation came from wanting her to see past them and knowing he had a special power to fix it. This power also comes up later on in the story. They aren't gone - but just diminished so that she doesn't need to fixate on them as much, but you bring up a good point.

Thanks again for this awesome review - I love getting your input because you always find the things that are important and different.

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by MargaretLane Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

25th January 2015:
Aw, poor Rose. She's bound to be nervous.

"She grinned," should have a capital "s" and there should be a full stop before it, because it's a separate sentence to what she said.

Same with "even her words were lighter." There should be a full stop before it and "even" should have a capital "e".

I'm glad she's not dreading telling her family. I think Harry at least will be pleased for her. Ron might take a bit longer to come around and Hermione might be worried about how it'll affect her studies.

Oh, I wonder what this meeting is about. Probably something to do with the prophecy or Stannous, as they've said Rose and Scorpius will have to know.

I'm actually laughing at Ron asking how this could have happened before he's even proposed. Ron is rather overprotective, isn't he? *laughs at his comment that they're too young to be doing...things*

I really LOVE Scorpius's comment that "as long as she'll let me." It shows real respect for her and an acknowledgement that her needs are her decision. His appreciation of Harry's asking Rose if she is OK with hearing it now supports that too.

And that is SO in character for Hermione - to want to research everything and be absolutely sure before she gave any indication of what was on her mind.

*laughs at the rumours of her running to be Minster for Magic* I've made reference to similar rumours in The Rise of the A.W.L. and again she isn't commenting, mainly because I can't decide whether she will or not.

Yeah, not at all surprised Scorpius is the father. Must be some relief to everybody to know that. Although of course, the advantage is only a slight one as Stannous doesn't know that, but as she is already pregnant, there is a chance he might figure it out when the child is born. I wonder how he will react then. Just leaving it doesn't really seem his style.

And I can't believe this story is already thirty chapters long. It doesn't seem like I've read that much.

Author's Response: Hiya!

I've fixed both of those errors - thanks for pointing them out!

Haha - great thought about Harry and Ron - and the meeting - you're figuring out my story!

Ron is completely clueless when it comes to women - and really doesn't know how to respond to his daughter growing up. Now he's faced with it head on!

I'm glad you noticed that little part about Scorpius. He's got the utmost respect for Rose and his first priority is making sure she's safe and comfortable.

Haha - yes! Hermione loves to look things up in books. I think most people agree that she would consider running for minister of magic at some point :)

I know the reveal that Scorpius is the father isn't a surprise for most readers - but Scorpius (and Rose) were both a bit surprised.

Thanks again! I know! I can't believe it is 30 chapters either!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by MargaretLane Bound by Hope: Rose POV

25th January 2015:
OK, I've got a little behind on this story. You've been updating rather quickly lately.

I like the detail on what is and is not OK to do when pregnant. It makes complete sense that avoiding Apparition would be advised, because of the danger of splinching.

And I've now started wondering if the child will be a boy or a girl.

Looking forward to seeing their conversation with Harry.

Author's Response: Haha - I had this whole set of chapters ready to go for a while. It only took a few run throughs of editing to get them fine tuned. I have to fix a few things in the next round of chapters, but I do plan to update fairly regularly.

Thanks so much for leaving a review!

&hearts' Beth

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Review #19, by whykay Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

25th January 2015:
Don't prophecies also come true by acting on them??

Author's Response: Heehee - yes! I think that Rose and Scorpius have already "acted" on it - without realizing it, though. Thanks for the review!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by Anie Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

24th January 2015:
YES, girl! Yes!

I have been waiting for this moment! I am always so giddily excited when I see you've updated this story.

Please keep up the amazing work!

I hope you're well!

Oh, and Anie Weasley Malfoy has a nice ring to it. Don't you think? ;)

Author's Response: Anie!

You are too sweet! So glad you liked this one. ♥

I am well - how are you?

Haha - I'll keep that name in mind, but I might already have one picked out ;)

Thanks again for your sweet review!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by may_magnolia Bound by Hope: Rose POV

23rd January 2015:
I am loving the fluffy. I can wait to see how Harry will react to know that Rose is pregnant and how this is going to affect the prophecy. I love you story it is really well written.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for the kind words. Next chapter is up - and there are some reactions...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this review!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by ravenclaw_princess Bereft: Scorpius POV

23rd January 2015:
Hello, I'm back again.

Kitchen accident...we all know that's not the case. Scorpius was very robotic through this section showing his overwhelmed and disbelieving state of mind. I feel there were tiny hints of skepticism within Scorpius, but he's too dazed yet to notice them. His reaction and beahavious seems quiet realistic. HE's trying to hold it together, but when the flood gates open, boy do they open.

I love Rose. She's beautifully characterised. She has a lovely spark, a very caring heart but also a lot of spunk. She's a girl who knows her mind. I loved this line of hers “Now, if you would excuse me, I have to use the loo - unless, of course, you want to follow me in there and accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet.”

The love between Scorpius and Rose came through in this chapter, although neither of them see it yet. It was so sad how Rose was crying and then she started Scorpius crying.

Lovely chapter. I'm looking forward to reading on :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - this review was such a nice surprise. Thanks so much.

You saw right through the kitchen accident - keep that tucked away for later :)

I'm a little in love with Rose too and I was glad that I had a chance to write the flashback so readers could see her true nature, because at this point in the story, she's not really up to being herself.

Haha - you found my favorite line!! I seriously laughed so hard when I wrote that (and I'm embarrassing myself by admitting it right now - haha).

Yes - neither of them see their feelings for each other yet, but most of the others do! They're so clueless!

Thanks again - this review was awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by UnluckyStar57 Breakdown: Rose POV

19th January 2015:
Whoa, holy cow this was such a LOADED chapter. Are you even allowed to do this to my sanity?!?!

(January BvB, btw.)

Ugh, hollly cooow. It's so insane how Rose just went from being in therapy patient mode to being in full force Healer in training mode. Insane, I tell you! And it was a completely believable transition, like, her fight-or-flight reflexes kicked in and she fought. Say what you like about her trauma and her inability to talk about her scars; she's still in recovery, but she's a fighter. Dang.

OH MY GOD HOW CRUEL ARE YOU?!?!? DO YOU READ THESE STORIES TO YOUR CHILDREN?!?! Because I would be so traumatized by seeing a person whose insides had been Splinched. Like, oh my god, no. That's the worst possible thing. Where in god's name did you come up with that from?!?!

Not to say that it wasn't BRILLIANT, but STILL. Dang. That's some twisted stuff right there.

And I'm so glad to see that Cormac McLaggen hasn't changed since Hogwarts. So full of it, really. People DIED and he was concerned with making the "greatest improvement to Wizarding transportation evaaar." Like, no, get over yourself, you slatternly crumpet. Ugh. So much hate for him, and I hope he rots in jail. WHY WEREN'T THERE REGULATIONS IN PLACE TO REQUIRE HIM TO TEST THIS STUFF OUT ON INANIMATE OBJECTS BEFORE HUMANS?!?!?! I could imagine that he used innocent puppies in the original prototypes, the sick rat. And what was he trying to accomplish, anyway? They've got the Knight Bus, they hardly need anything MORE traumatizing.

And it SUCKS for Rose that she lost her first patient. As much as I hate to think this about her, it seems like the pain of failure fueled some of her actions with Scorpius afterwards. I mean, the sexy times were inevitable at some point--they've got such a history, and it was about time they got down to it! But on such a sad time, and for Rose to go from "I wanna be close to you" to "I wanna go out and par-taayyy" is just a little too quick for me. She's got some serious issues, man. Seriously.

Sorry, sorry, I'm way too into your characters right now. Like, SO INVESTED. And I hate all the bad mistakes they're making, but I love you for writing them so realistically. You're so awesome. ♥

One complaint I have is that you mentioned the dead patients being "vanished" to the morgue... I felt that patients might be "Banished" instead, which is the opposite of the "Accio" charm and seems a little less gruesome... Unless you meant that the Healers do some tricky Transfig and make the patients vanish and turn up in the morgue. I pictured vanished patients all stacked up together in an invisible manner, and it gave me the creeps. But if that's what you meant, I'm sorry for digressing! :O

Anyway, marvelous marvelous, way-too-many-feels chapter. Excuse me while I go cry a little...

(P.S. I totally caught all of the periodic table names in this chapter. I'm sort of proud, hahaha.)


Author's Response: Mallory!


I'm so glad that you noticed how Rose really comes into her own when she is being a Healer. SHE doesn't even notice it. But she is in serious "I'm gonna fix all this" mode.

Haha - No, I don't read these to my kids. I haven't even considered the consequences if they found out the type of stuff that I write :)

Cormac is in it for the glory - typical.

Haha - Yeah, Rose did have a big change of heart - but I think it was more that she wanted to go and be with people who meant something to her (like her friends and family). She was feeling ALIVE for the first time in years - and wanted to celebrate that with those that she's close with.

Haha - I'm LOVING that you are into my characters. Thanks :)

I didn't mean for the patients to seem like they were vanished completely - just vanished from the triage ward to the morgue. I'm not sure I agree with you on the word "banished." It sounds like a punishment more than a replacement.

Eeep - glad you found the element names! I've been really sneaky with them - a lot of the ones I use are the Latin names :)

Thanks again Mallory - your reviews are always so amazing!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by missatron Broken: Rose POV

19th January 2015:
Hi Beth! I'm so glad to have the chance to read this - and a ScoRose! My favourite pairing!

It really sounds like Rose has gone through a traumatic experience. The beginning of this is very angsty, and I felt sorry for her. Poor Rose. I'm very intrigued to find out what actually happened to Rose, as, at the moment, it's unknown. At least I think it is. You may have given a hidden hint somewhere or the other - I don't know.

This definitely isn't the usual next gen story that you get. It's a lot less light hearted, and a lot more angsty. I do love a good angst story. I like how you have portrayed Rose so far though. I'm interested to see how Scorpius will be involved in this. You mentioned that he was in the picture on their graduation day, but, as far as I am aware, that was all.

I also liked how you included the routine of "get up, wash, get dressed, class, rounds, study". The chapter was so focused around this fairly simple routine, which exaggerated how sad Rose was. It was almost like that was her whole life in summary. Maybe that's what she's so sad about. If it is, she would probably be over reacting, but that's just my guess. (Most likely wrong :P)

I like how Rose has kept her fears beneath a mask of fake happiness. It just makes you feel even more sorry for her, the poor thing. I hope things get better for her soon.

I'm glad that you put Rose as a Ravenclaw too. I don't know, but if you made her a Gryffindor, it'd be a bit clichéd. Plus, Rose takes after Hermione (who had many traits of a Ravenclaw) which makes it more likely for her to become a Ravenclaw.

I sense that Rose is a quite girl who doesn't step outside of her social group much. One of her roommates, we already know, is her cousin Dominique Weasley, which gives us a clue that she doesn't paticularly enjoy mixing with people she doesn't know well. They are just my observations.

Hmm . I'm still very confused over what the panic attack was about. She says that she hasn't had one in a while ... Is that a hint?

Anyway, I hope to do another review swap with you soon, Beth. This was brilliant!


Author's Response: Hi there Missy!

Thanks so much for reviewing this story. This review was awesome! I'm glad you thought it wasn't the typical next gen story. I really wanted to write something different.

Ooo - that's a good guess about her whole life being summed up! But a lot more is revealed in the next few chapters.

My head canon is that Rose was always going to be in Ravenclaw. I just had fun putting Albus and Scorpius in Ravenclaw too :)

Sorry if I confused you! I didn't want the first chapter to have TOO much info - and I'm glad you're guessing about the panic attacks.

I would love to do another swap! Just say the word!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by UnluckyStar57 Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

19th January 2015:
Hi! I'm here for the January BvB. :)

Wow, this investigation really does hit close to home for Dom, Scorpius, and Al. I feel like they would act with the same objectivity that Kali, Colleen, and Caesar have, if only it weren't a case about Rose. But the three non-relatives/significant other(s) brought up some really good points, and even though it'll be stressful, I hope that Rose's family/boyfriend can listen to them.

One thing that I would like to point out is that you sometimes switch tenses in the middle of paragraphs. It isn't so bad, but it made me a little uncertain about which tense I was supposed to be reading in sometimes.

Ooh, but that's far overshadowed by the things that you do REALLY well, namely: adding to the sense of mystery about Stannous and asking the relevant questions that keep me guessing about his motives. I never thought about it before, but yes--why DID he gravitate towards Rose, only to return her with inflicting any major physical damage? What's he playing at? This villain is super intimidating and scary, and he hits people where it hurts. I want to know more about him, and at the same time, I don't.

Really brilliant chapter! Maybe one day I'll be caught up with reading and reviewing this story. :)


Author's Response: Hiya Mallory!

Thanks so much for this awesome review!

The investigation was a little *too* close for those three. Harry was right to add some "fresh eyes" to the case.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your cc. I went back through the chapter and woah! I can't believe how awful it was in terms of switching tenses. I'm still a little unsure if I've done it right, but I made some MAJOR changes and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you pointing that out!

Keep reading - it is all revealed soon!

Thanks again! ♥ Beth

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