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Review #1, by BellaLestrange87 Baleful: Rose POV

22nd November 2014:
I'm so far behind on NaNo that I've given up on catching up. Instead, I'm going to read this like I should've ages ago.

L'erge Stannous is actually Unos Lestrange. That's another play on words, and very clever. I remember after reading a review on one of the earlier chapters and finding out that the spell Scorpius used on Rose's scars was a play on words. Very clever. *rereads to find out what else she missed*

I was extremely frustrated with Ron here. Yes, his intentions may have been good, but as Rose said, she is an adult and deserves to know everything, especially since the prophecy is about her. The very nature of this scene reminded me of Harry's conversation with Dumbledore in his office after Sirius's death in the fifth book when Dumbledore explained everything, saying he regretted not telling Harry the information earlier. It seems to me like Harry remembered the pain of not knowing vital information and resolved to not let family feel that.

I think this has already been pointed out but you missed a punctuation mark here - "Harry! Dad's alarmed voice broke the deafening silence and I jumped.

NO SCORPIUS DON'T DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM ROSE NOT NOW. Although it does seem fitting that the entire Weasley-Potter family is sitting down and he's in the corner. It sets him apart from everyone else, during a chapter when he seems set apart from them. On another note, why don't they realize that his grandfather is Lucius Malfoy? He's descended from a Death Eater family too. Honestly, I would much rather have this child of Rose's (has that happened yet?) be Scorpius's instead of Stannous/Lestrange's. Scorpius would act as a proper father, while Stannous would probably use them as a way to get at Rose. I guess we'll find out.

I think the Ron in Rose is coming out here, and that was exremely well done. She definitely doesn't want to just sit tight and wait while others put themselves in danger for her, she wants to go out and fight herself. It reminds me of the scene during Malfoy Manor. Also, the flippant remarks - "Does it say 'Rose Weasley will be attacked' or something like that" - definitely something Ron would say.

There was just the right amount of tension in the atmosphere, both at the beginning and then later, at 12 Grimmauld Place. I think it shows a lot about Al's character that he refused to Obliviate Selenia's memories of him being a jerk towards her, and only performed the bare necessities.

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter a lot. It definitely ties in a few things, like Rose's (I believe it was Rose) explanation in an earlier chapter of the fact that Stannous had forged his resume and notes in order to get accepted to Hogwarts. If he had changed his name, presumably to avoid the anti-Death Eater mindset that was probably occurring after Voldemort's death, he would need new documents. Especially if he was applying to Hogwarts solely to get at Rose. I doubt "I want to stalk Ron Weasley's daughter" would look good on a resume.

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Review #2, by LightLeviosa5443 Baleful: Rose POV

17th November 2014:

Wow there was so much going on in this chapter and silly Sarah was so enthralled she didn't review as she went. Let's see how much I can remember!

I'm totally incredibly impressed with the way you handled so many people and all of their different reactions. You balanced everyone out well, and held true to characterization, and it was impressive that you managed to do so without it feeling like it was too much. It was just right!

Also, I really liked the way that you had Harry agree with Rose. I like that he has the ability to see so clearly and acknowledge when he can't fight the fight anymore. I wish that everyone had realized that Scorpius could also be from the death eater line, though. I mean, wouldn't Ron or Harry of all people remember how close Lucius was? Please tell me that's where you're going with this. (I really need to consult that outline you sent me)

What worries me about this chapter is how distant Scorpius got again. I really don't want the relationship that just started to blossom again to fall apart over this. Especially since Rose is going to need everyone. I'm also REALLY worried about this trip to Hogsmeade. I get the feeling it might not end well, and with Albus and Scorpius away they're just going to beat themselves up.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter! I hope there's update soon! I'm so in love with this story and this magnificently spot on chapter just reaffirmed my love for it all over again!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #3, by LightLeviosa5443 Bedlam: Scorpius and Rose POV

17th November 2014:
This chapter has so much emotion and it's so great. I love how I can feel it with every sentence I read and it's believable and well-done. I feel like I'm watching this in my head, not reading it!

I can't imagine what it's like for Scorpius to have to go to Ron and Hermione's not even sure if their daughter is there. Especially since part of why she left is that she was mad at him. Well, everyone, but he is part of everyone. I'm glad that nobody overreacted, though my heart dropped a little for Hermione. Poor thing. Poor Scorpius. I just want to hug everyone, right now.

HAH I CALLED IT IT WAS GINNY. I'm so glad that Ron knew. I like that he knew his daughter enough to know where she would go. You handled that scene really well and it was nice to see the sort of camaraderie between Ron and Scorpius. Even the fact that at the beginning Scorpius wanted to be delicate with the matter because of how he had begun a sort of neutrality with Ron.

I want to just hug Rose. I love how understanding Harry and Ginny are. I wish I had some Harry and Ginny's in my life. Well, you're kind of like Ginny for me ♥ so that works out! I love how Rose just sits on the couch and is mad. There's no shaking her mad. I think the whole thing works so well with the dynamic you have going. Scorpius is unsure and mad at himself, Albus is just mad. Ginny and Hermione and Selenia are protective. Rose is mad, others are confused. They all interact and build with each other and that bombshell you dropped at the end is just perfect.

Like you ended this chapter so marvelously.

I'm sorry that this review was so non-sensical.
It was an incredible chapter.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #4, by LightLeviosa5443 Boredom: Rose and Scorpius POV

17th November 2014:
Hi Honey! I'm here for our review swap!

I really liked this chapter. The first part of it was filled with a lot of frustration and I honestly could feel that as I read the story. I really liked the way Rose seemed to compartmentalize her thoughts. What she was doing, what she had to do, what she didn't like about her living situation, what she did, the current setting she was in. It was really nice to read and an interesting look into her head. It's definitely got me intrigued for how she's going to handle this oncoming situation. Also, Poor Selenia having to remake that potion again. :P

Oh. Well, that wasn't the solution I was expecting. I don't like the way that Albus is so... Rude. I do like that this part of the chapter is in Scorpius POV. It works really well, because he doesn't have a more logical view of the situation than Rose, but he does have more information than she does, so he's got a very different view on it because of that. And because of his feelings. As mad as I am at how rude Albus is being, I can see their point in not wanting to teach the others some defense tricks. I think there needs to be some middle ground. Rose does need to learn better defense, but she also needs some form of protection.

Um, she just left? Where did she go? Oh god, she's throwing up in some random place. Who is that? Who is the voice? Okay. I've been sitting here for like twenty minutes trying to figure out who the voice is. I can't think of anyone. My first guess is Ginny but then she would be found fast, and she doesn't want to be found, I don't think. But who would she go to?

This was a fantastic chapter, darling! I absolutely loved it! I'm going to have to keep reading because I can't walk away now!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #5, by Elyssia Broken: Rose POV

16th November 2014:
Review Swap!

I have to say, FANTASTIC idea for a story. It's not the usual next-gen story which is very appealing, in my opinion.

I'm not normally a fan of 1st person narrative, but I think it works well with Rose's PTSD from the abduction.

The description of the panic attacks I think are very well done, not many people get them right.

I like how Rose wasn't sorted into Griffindor like the rest of the Weasley clan, and I love everyone's reaction to the sorting hat.

I can't wait to see what happens with her kidnapping, and what happens next in the story. I'm definitely adding this one to my list of stories to read :)

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Review #6, by BitterSweetFlames Broken: Rose POV

16th November 2014:
Hi Beth! Doing this for the Ravenclaw BvB battle for November.

I decided to do this chapter because I officially love this story and wanted to let you know. I promise that I will get to reviewing more but for now here I am.

I mentioned it in my review of a later chapter but I love "Get up, wash, get dressed, class, rounds, study." It just speaks to the psyche of someone who's been abused or been through a genuinely traumatic event that even just living day to day becomes such a chore.

Your fic is strong for getting that across. Rose is bruised, she is hurt but she is also doing what a lot of victims do -- she's keeping it to herself. You feel sorry for her and you want to help her and you know how hard it's going to be to help her.

And you find yourself rooting so heavily for Rose. She's a Ravenclaw and I'm so happy you did her that way. I mean, Hermione was almost a Claw (like us) so it's obvious why Rose was there.

I love that you wrote Severus and Albus as Claws (and no, I am not biased at all!). It puts a whole 'nother dimension to their characters. You instantly make them unique and likable (ok, I am obvs biased!) But, yes, I love the anecdotes during sorting. McGonagall falling over? PRECIOUS.

Anyway, this is a really well-written fic. I love the touches of humor laced with the heart-breaking. It lends a realism to the whole thing that makes it wonderful to just read.

That's it, love! Much loves.


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Review #7, by BitterSweetFlames Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

15th November 2014:
Hiya Beth! Carla (SkitsandBits from the forums) here for our review swap. Sorry it took so long... If I am honest (and I am), I got caught up in reading and kept clicking >> that I forgot to review. I promise I'll review more when NaNo isn't eating my time but I thought this was a good place to leave a review.

So.. "Skurmis hi yow narken?" -- That was my most favorite line. Because it sort of sums up the way the two feel about each other. Tongue-tied, tense, walking on egg shells. I love this story because you manage to perfectly characterize Scorpius and Rose (and just everybody!) that they feel closer to me; like they're my friends, my family and I know them and they know me too. (I sound creepy, don't mind me)

I also especially love this chapter because they're together finally! Poor doves, they deserve one another and I'm so glad they can finally get some peace and love and, well, you know.. -raised eyebrows-. lol

This story fascinates me because the plot is so interesting. A new dark wizard, really? That's horrifying. I mean, what happened to him? How is he going to end?

Also, what Rose went through was terrifying. The way you wrote her reactions to it was spot on. Her keeping it to herself, I think, is the perfect reaction because most victims tend to go inward rather than outward. Her mantra at the start, Get up, get dressed, rounds, study (I might be getting it wrong since I'm typing from memory) but it's the sort of thing anyone in a bad situation has done. Drag their feet in doing something and pray the day would just end. You made me totally empathize for the first line and that's the power of your words.

Anyway, I will continue reading (when I get the time!) and will definitely leave you more reviews soon.


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Review #8, by marauderfan Bent: Rose POV

14th November 2014:
I read the first chapter of this a while ago and am super glad this review swap reminded me to come back!

Hmm, this chapter gives no further indication than the previous one about what mysterious event happened in Rose's past. I had thought it was something that happened to Scorpius but seeing he is perfectly fine and apparently not suffering any panic attacks as Rose does, I'm stumped. And something tells me that there will be quite a few chapters of mystery before it's all revealed :p

I love the relationship between Scorpius and Rose and how they really seem to understand one another. They're cute. The conversation they were imagining between Molly II and Wolfram was quite funny, it really seemed that Rose was managing very well despite being in a loud, overstimulating place that makes her uncomfortable. When she left to get drinks I had a bad feeling about it and then that creep showed up! Who is he! How did he get in? ugghh. Poor Rose, it must have been so awful for her :(

the scene where she and Scorpius are both changing their shirts and then Albus comes in (also shirtless) was so hilarious because it just felt like such an out of place scene and so ridiculous, and I love how Rose thought the same (why don't we just invite Nana Molly and call it Christmas? - brilliant XD)

I am really curious about what happened and whether the man that attacked Rose at the party is in some way connected to the events of two years ago.

Your narrative voice is wonderful and I'm really enjoying this story! Thanks for the swap :)

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Review #9, by CambAngst Baleful: Rose POV

12th November 2014:
Hi, Beth! I read this chapter as soon as it was posted and, well, you know how the process of making time goes. Better late than never. :)

First off, I have a big picture reaction. I'm sure a lot of readers come to this story because of the genres and main pairing and they're expecting more of a traditional Rose-Scorpius love story. I absolutely love the fact that you've taken things in a different direction. I love that you're not afraid to put the love story on the back burner for a few chapters and allow this very deep, complicated plot surrounding Stannous and the prophecy to develop. Whatever ultimately happens between Scorpius and Rose -- I have my strong suspicions, but I shall remain open-minded ;) -- will be so much more meaningful because of the powerful elements of mystery and danger. Bravo!

The first time I read through this, something was bugging me about Hermione's reaction to the prophecy and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. On a second reading, I think what it's missing is a brief dose of skepticism. Hermione was never the sort to accept Divination at face value. But she also knows from first-hand experience that prophecies -- real ones -- are powerful things. I think Hermione's reaction was a great way to bring home the gravity of the prophecy if she had been a little more reluctant to accept it as genuine. Once Harry and Ron are able to convince her that it's real, I like the way that it leaves her shaken.

The prophecy itself was awesome. I was speculating that it had something to do with Rose and the Lestranges, but you made it so much deeper. For one thing, it is somewhat ambiguous. I could see this going different ways. It was definitely ambiguous enough to give Stannous a very different interpretation from what I'm thinking. For another, it's about Rose's child, so it's like you have a built-in sequel. Yay!

The scene where Rose finds her determination not to let Stannous win was really well done. It had a few bumps, a few near setbacks, but in the end those only made her stronger. It was great to see the family rally around a new cause. I enjoyed the role that each character played, including James with his little bits of comic relief. Rose was simply awesome at the end, when she picks him to duel with. Scorpius's reaction also made perfect sense to me. He's too close to the situation and too emotional to be able to get a grip so quickly. I hope he comes around soon enough, like the others seem convinced that he will. I wouldn't want to go too long without coming back to the love story. ;)

I thought the scene back at Grimmauld Place had a really good balance to it. It was too early to throw Rose and Scorpius back into each other's arms and you gave them one, brief moment just to show that they're still able to communicate a bit and left it at that. It will do for now. Everyone is obviously upset with everyone else. You added some real depth to Albus's character in this chapter. The blow-out with Selenia and the fact he had to take her memories really hurt him. Not that I want to see him hurt, mind you, it was just very well written.

Ooh, the cloak! I wonder what sort of trouble Rose is going to get into with that? Or out of? Actually, I'd prefer out of to into.

I think I saw one lonely little typo in this chapter:

"Harry! Dad's alarmed voice broke the deafening silence and I jumped. -- You missed your closing quotation marks after "Harry!".

Great job!

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Review #10, by UnluckyStar57 Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

9th November 2014:
Ahah! You've responded to all my reviews, so here's another one. :D

This is also for the November BvB Review Battle, and because I'm procrastinating on homework (as usual). So here we go!

Whoohoo! Okay, so I was glad to read about Albus and Harry's conversation, especially since Albus is taking some more responsibility for his actions and Harry isn't being quite as hard on him. Great development there!

The five of them living at Grimmauld Place is pretty interesting. It's super stupid of Ron to resist Scorpius and Rose living together, because Scorpius is good for Rose and vice versa, but what can you do about silly parents? It is very honorable of Scorpius to sleep in the same room as Rose without trying to wrangle the situation to his advantage--even though the tension between them is ever-increasing and oh-so-wonderful. Even though you didn't give a whole lot of background on their developing relationship in previous chapters, this chapter totally made up for it--you were right! I really loved this one. :)

Having two different PoVs in one chapter was pretty cool, too. This way, I got to see both Rose and Scorpius in their most volatile moments. And man, were there EVER some misconceptions! They better make good on that promise to "never not talk," because all that ridiculous "He doesn't love me anymore" stuff is just NOT OKAY! D:

Ooooh, I see what you did there! I see it! I'm fond of reading things backwards, after all. So that was quite a clever spell, and I'm glad that Scorpius would do something like that for Rose. :)

Another great chapter! Sorry the review isn't quite up-to-snuff, but I should seriously stop procrastinating... (Haha, that probably won't happen.)


Author's Response: Hi, hi, hi!

I didn't want so much time to go by to respond to this - like before :( - so here I am!

Al and Harry are working through it. I think it is *really* hard to be Harry's son and an auror - even if he doesn't call you out or have a different set of expectations. They'll get there, they just have to keep working on it.

Ron can *not* get past his prejudices of the Malfoys. A lot of it stems from the fact that Hermione was brutally tortured with Draco as a witness. The aftermath that ensued from that was too much for Ron to bear.

Actually, there are six living at Grimmauld Place - sorry if that was confusing: James, Scorpius, Albus, Rose, Dom and Selenia. But I think it's going to be fun - I know *I* would love to live with that lot!

At this point, Scorpius is still unsure of how to deal with Rose. He wants to be there for her, and he is doing that the only way he knows how - by standing idly by and waiting for her to let him know she is ready to resume their relationship. Unfortunately, Rose sees that as him not being interested anymore - and then we have a giant misunderstanding that snowballs.

So happy you liked this chapter!! :)

At first, I really didn't want to do the two POV thing. I felt like I was breaking from my one POV per chapter, but it really worked here, especially since we needed to see how they were *both* misinterpreting the other's actions!

The "never not talking again" thing is a great concept - unfortunately, it's not something they are going to get past right away - you'll see ;)

OMG! I'm running around the room and sqeeing and yay, yay, YAY! You are the first person to notice what I did with the spell! Woot! GOLD STAR FOR MALLORY!!! Seriously, this chapter first posted nearly six months ago and has eight reviews and you are the first! The fact that the spell worked at all reveals a lot about the connection between Rose and Scorpius. ♥

What are you saying? This review is awesome! Thanks so much! I really look forward to each one that you leave, because I want to know what you think about the story!

Thanks again,

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by MargaretLane Baleful: Rose POV

6th November 2014:
Yikes, this is one long chapter. But hopefully we'll get some answers. This whole thing is intriguing.

I can DEFINITELY see why Rose is freaked out by Hermione's response. It's not like Hermione to show her concern so visibly and with her being Rose's MOTHER, she's bound to find it even weirder, as we tend to see our parents as invincible.

I'm with Harry on this one. Rose can't really fully protect herself if she doesn't know what it is she needs protection from. Besides which, I feel she has a moral right to know.

I think that moment when Rose is relived to know she is the one in danger and not Lily says a lot about her. It kind of amuses me actually, because it is EXACTLY the way my Rose would be likely to react.

I think it's fairly clear SCORPIUS will be the father of the child. Lucius Malfoy was at Voldemort's right hand and Scorpius is Rose's boyfriend. I'm sort of surprised none of the characters have considered this possibility. Or maybe they have and just don't want to say it to Rose, in case it puts too much pressure on her and Scorpius. Like "we are destined to be together, so we can't break up even if things don't work out" or "the only way to make Stannous lose interest is for us to have a child RIGHT NOW, even if we're not ready to be parents yet."

What I don't understand is if Stannous wants to ensure he and Rose have a child together, why use a spell that should have killed her?

And I agree with Rose that they were wrong to keep this from her. And Harry in particular should have known better. I think Dumbledore was justified in keeping the prophecy from Harry until he was 15, because I think telling an 11 year old about a prophecy like that would give them little choice about walking away. But there is a difference between keeping something from somebody until they are 15 and keeping it from a young adult. And even keeping it from Harry that long contributed to Sirius's death.

I really like the way you show Rose again having a mini-panic attack. Even though she has greatly recovered from where she was at the beginning of the story, she's not going to recover overnight and the kind of pressure she's under now - between the fight with Scorpius, finding out about the prophecy and the constant threat from Stannous - is bound to add to her problems.

She is a very strong person though. She has an awful lot to deal with and she's coping pretty well all in all.

Oh, one thing I noticed is that you've written none of Dominique's "boyfriend's had ever last long." There shouldn't be an apostrophe before the "s" in "boyfriends".

And *laughs at her casually mentioning she has to obliviate her boyfriend* Poor Dom.

I'm glad Al only obliviated the part about the prophecy. I think obliviating the fact she was annoyed with him would be kind of creepy. Especially if it made her change her mind about sleeping in her own room. Actually, obliviate could be used in some really creepy ways, like somebody obliviating their boyfriend or girlfriend's knowledge that they cheated on them.

OH, I'd forgotten the Invisibility Cloak. YES, that is PERFECT.

OK, I REALLY didn't expect the revelations that came out here. I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought it would relate more to something Rose herself was destined to do, that Stannous wanted to STOP her from doing.

This is really surprising and really original. I've never read anything like it.

Author's Response: Hello!

I love, love, love getting you reviews because you always find all the little things that I put into the story. Plus, you always notice the characters' motivations and where they are coming from. I always read through what you've written and I breathe a heavy sigh and say - okay - I did alright. I know that sounds weird, but I really like getting feedback to know how I'm doing. I don't have any formal training with writing - except the required courses in high school, so I really rely on any sort of comment or recommendation. I guess, I'm really just saying "THANK YOU!!"

Yes - we do see our parents as invincible and Rose is no exception. Added to the fact that until very recently, Hermione didn't ever reveal anything about her own experiences to Rose.

I also agree about keeping it from Rose. She has every right to be demanding about this - and also a right to know about it. That was a serious error in judgement on the part of the Aurors - Harry included. At least he is willing to do the right thing now.

I agree about how Rose reacts to hearing that it isn't Lily. She really *is* brave and shows it here. She would rather take on the burden herself than see another person hurt.

Ok. So Stannous kidnapped her to confirm that Rose was indeed the mother in the prophecy. He let her go because he needed time to build up his "empire." He's been working on that since Hogwarts. Since he is Bellatix's son, he is certain that he is the father and now needs to get to Rose - for obvious reasons.

Haha - hold on to your thoughts on Scorpius ;)

Thanks for finding that - I'll fix the error.

I've always though obliviating would be misused by many, many witches and wizards. I also think that even if you were using it for the right reasons (like Al and Dom), it would be really tempting to take advantage.

Yay! I'm so glad you like the invisibility cloak idea - she's gonna need it!

Thanks so much! I really wanted to write a story that was different from the other's I'd read - so thanks again! ♥


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Review #12, by UnluckyStar57 Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

5th November 2014:
Hi Beth! I'm here for the November BvB Review Battle, as usual! :D

Wow, this WAS a long chapter, but that's okay! It was totally worth reading, and I think that it ended exactly where it needed to end. :)

Okay, so the million-dollar question here is: WHY was Stannous able to break the security spells on Rose's flat?! Does he have some sort of residual connection with her from his kidnapping of her? Ugh, I hope not...

This chapter was really loaded as far as the horror and angst goes, and there was some TOTALLY OBVIOUS tension between Harry and Al (which is always interesting to read--usually it's James who has daddy issues). I hate it for Rose that she had to listen to the recapitulation of the events AND show Harry her scars on top of that. She obviously just wants things to go "back to normal," as evidenced by the repetition of her little mantra from chapter one (I totally recognized that, by the way, and I think the chapter title is completely perfect!). Still, I'm glad that Scorpius was able to convince her to tell Harry about it.

Speaking of Scorpius and Rose... D'aw! They had some really great moments in this chapter, angst notwithstanding. It just goes to show that they are a couple that is meant to last, even though they have some serious problems to work through first (namely, Stannous). It's going to be really interesting to see how their relationship develops as they live in 12 Grimmauld Place together.

As always, I love your writing! This story keeps getting more intense as the chapters go on, and I am in awe of your ability to write about a complicated matter without sacrificing the sweet moments of everyday life (speaking of, I forgot to mention how awesome Harry and Rose's embrace was. Pure amazingnes). Thanks for being awesome! :D


Author's Response: Hiya!

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside from this review - thank you so much!

That *is* the million-dollar question, isn't it. Ooo - I like your idea that they have a connection because of the kidnapping (sorry, that isn't it - I'm not nearly that clever).

Harry and Al are sorting through their stuff. That can't be fixed over night, but I don't think Harry could overlook Al being downright irresponsible when the most wanted wizard shows up and attempts another kidnapping. And Al does think he knows best - even when he doesn't.

Yes - Rose and Scorp are meant to last ♥

And Rose did the right thing - telling Harry. She's in obvious danger at this point. I look forward to all your reviews and I can NOT wait to hear what you think of the next chapter.

Thank you so, so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by lindslo2012 Breakout: Rose POV

28th October 2014:
Hey Beth,

I am back for more!!! :)

So, I am glad that Rose is 'back'. It is so cool how the two of them were just really good friends and then suddenly they realized, holy crap, they really like and might even love each other.
Sometimes I forget about what happened to Scorpius, of course he isn't very happy, his parents died!

The two of them are so perfect for each other. I like also how you don't always make it all about them though, too. Like how you mention Albus and his girlfriend, and then James and his, and also how you mention what else is going on with the family and not always just talking about the two of them. If I'm writing a love story I am pretty bad at just talking about the two people it revolves around. But I am trying to get better at talking about others.

Well dang, the death eaters are back... and they are after... Rose?
I didn't see this coming! What a twist! They were all just having a good time and all of a sudden they barge in. Well darn, I bet Rose feels this is why she doesn't go out, lol.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi there Lindsey!

Gah - thanks so much for this review! I completely agree about Rose and Scorpius. They didn't totally see what everyone else did - that they are made for each other. Geez, it took them long enough to figure it out - haha!

I have all of the relationships worked out in my head. Not just the romantic ones, but the friend and family ones as well. I'm glad to see that it all plays out because sometimes I'm not sure if I'm getting the right balance in my words as it is in my head.

Yeah - bad news is coming. Rose appears to be a target. I can't wait to hear what you think about the next few chapters!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Paddlewaddle Bedlam: Scorpius and Rose POV

27th October 2014:
I feel a little embarrassed to be thanked - I should be thanking you for giving us such a wonderful story. Exam period is soon so the distraction is very welcome and I'm sorry for reviewing so late!

So Rose actually floo-ed to Harry's house. I totally did not think of that either considering how close she and Harry are as well - Rose must feel a it betrayed and hurt that things are being kept from her and Harry is in such a difficult position trying to treat this case as any other while sticking to protocol. I feel for the boys, I really do because they are torn between duty/loyalty to their job and keeping Rose safe, and their families. I'm saddened to see Albus and Selenia's relationship brought to a grinding halt and I hope there are no lasting repercussions for them cause they are the cutest couple here even though we only hear from them in a third person view. And a new prophecy? double bombshell oh my gawd D:

I can't wait to see the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hey there!

Sorry for the late response. Aww, you're too cute, but I wanted you to know that I look forward to each of your reviews - it is so exciting to hear that someone is enjoying my story!

Yeah - Rose went to Harry's. She feels a bit closer to him than Ron and I think doesn't feel like she is running to "Mummy and Daddy" but can still get away. Besides, Harry is a bit more understanding than Ron.

It really is a sticky situation, but Rose should be treated like an adult - she has the right to make her own decisions. As for Al and Selenia - well... they have a little bit to work through (and I agree, they are TOTALLY adorable :))

More about the prophecy in the next chapter.

Thanks again for ALL your reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by diversrock Bedlam: Scorpius and Rose POV

26th October 2014:
Looking forward to the rest! Loving it so far...

Author's Response: Thanks!

It was awesome to log in and see this review! The next chapter is going into the queue this week! Let me know what you think!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by BellaLestrange87 Besotted: Rose POV

25th October 2014:
Beth, this isn't so much a review as an analysis of this chapter. Be warned.

This Stannous guy sounds like a monster that would be right at home alongside Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort himself. It's not like the normal Cruciatus Curse is bad enough, he has to use the updated version. Just imagine the fun Bellatrix would've had with that. I'm also wondering what he wanted with Rose. Either Stannous hurt her like that to get back at her parents for something or she made a very determined enemy during her time at Hogwarts or shortly after she left it. I could be wrong, but he sounds like he's older, around Harry and Ron's age.

It saddens me to see Rose letting those scars rule her life. I think that if Stannous wanted to kill her, he would've, but he didn't. It sounds lik he was trying to send a message, or deliver one right to her. Rose doesn't mention if she did anything to make anyone mad at her, so it probably wasn't revenge for something she did. Also, if Stannous was trying to let her die from the effects of the curse, he wouldn't have left those healing herbs and potions in the room when he was done.

I think the Hermione in Rose is coming out here as well. Rose doesn't mention what Bellatrix did to Hermione in Malfoy Manor, so I'm going to guess she doesn't know, but it sounds eerily similar, and I think they both pulled through. Admittedly, we didn't find out if Bellatrix left any marks from her curses on Hermione (we know about the word "Mudblood" that she carved into Hermione's arm, but that's it). Also, having to clean up after parties hosted by James and all his friends/relatives sounds a lot like Hermione pushing Harry and Ron to do their homework and basically making sure they passed.

Rose shouldn't be blaming herself for forgetting about the anniversary of the death of Scorpius's parents. As she herself points out, she had a lot of other things on her mind from the guy (Stannous? Although she probably would've recognised him) who tried to kidnap her the night before to her scars. I wonder if that's how Scorpius deals with his parents' deaths: drinking to excess or if it's just remains from the party from last night. Either way, he should definitely not have so much next time. Anyways, he's definitely channelling a lot of residual hatred against his dad. What did Draco possibly do to make Scorpius that mad at him, five years after he died?

I'd say that the way Rose realized she actually like Scorpius is cute, but it's not. Admittedly, I think that Albus shouldn't have been as mad as he was, since Rose and Scorpius weren't dating at that time (although, since Rose has admitted she likes Scorpius and Scorpius basically just admitted he likes Rose, they're probably going to at some point in this novel).


Author's Response: Hi there Olivia!

Haha - thanks for the warning :)

Stannous is a monster. Yup. Pretty bad dude. I really like your thoughts on him - and you're right. He didn't kill Rose for a reason. He could've.

Keep reading for more about Hermione and Rose. I doesn't happen for a while and, at this point in the story, Rose does NOT know about what her mother went through. I though about this a bit when I was writing this story and, while I don't think the trio would intentionally hide large parts about the war from their kids, I don't think they would be discussing it regularly, either.

The guy from the part wasn't Stannous - but, I like your thinking. He is definitely suspicious.

Yeah, I think deep down, Scorpius blames his dad for a lot of things. Draco was distant with Scorpius, and Scorp never knew why. Then he died and there is some residual grief and hatred and just disappointment and it all becomes too much for the poor guy.

Yeah, Albus needs to keep his temper in check. He is best friends with Scorpius, but SUPER protective of Rose - above everything else.

Keep reading to find out more about Rose and Scorp. And thank you so, so much for this (and all) review!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by BellaLestrange87 Bereft: Scorpius POV

25th October 2014:
Review tag!

I was going to review this chapter anyway since I felt kind of guilty after not reviewing Chapter 3, so I was really excited to see you'd been the last to post in the Review Tag thread.

I find it really hard to believe that Draco and Astoria were killed from a kitchen accident, and the way you wrote it makes it seem like Scorpius doesn't believe it either. Personally, I think they were murdered, maybe or maybe not by the same person that tried to grab Rose in Chapter 2, who may or may not be the same person who caused her PTSD.

You wrote Scorpius's reaction to his parents death really well. The fact that he's blaming himself for something that wasn't his fault and punishing himself for having his last words to him parents being argumentative are entirely realistic. He sounds dulled and shocked, and since he's just lost both of his parents (rather suddenly too) he no doubt would be.

I like how Rose and Albus are the first ones outside the Greengrass family to visit Scorpius after the "accident" (because I still don't believe it was one). If they were as close to him as the first and second chapters imply, then they would be. From the previous chapter, we know Scorpius likes Rose, and we know that Rose likes Scorpius, although she might not want to admit it. If Rose been feeling really bad for Scorpius then she would rush him like that and let everything pour out.

Since I've lost a few people I've been close to (thankfully only a few), I know how it feels to try and hold yourself together and go through daily life. Then someone caring (Rose) comes along and breaks the wall you (Scorpius) have built by showing concern. This is amazingly written.

It definitely does look like something is going on between Rose and Scorpius, or at least that's how an overprotective father would see it. At least they're wearing clothes. (Or half-wearing, in Rose's case.)

That line, about the toilet, sounds like something that Harry or Ron would say. *laughs* I also can't think of any CC to come up with.


Author's Response: Hi there Olivia!

Thanks so much for all of these reviews. I love them and I love hearing your predictions and thoughts on the story.

I don't want to give too much away, but I like your thinking on Scorpius's parents. It does seem a little too convenient to be a kitchen accident - doesn't it :) Although, I will say that Scorpius kind of just accepts this - he is too busy dealing with his grief to think about much else.

SO EXCITED YOU LIKE THE LINE ABOUT THE TOILET!!! I laughed SO hard when I wrote that and you are the first one to mention it! I thought that it would be just the perfect amount of snippiness from Rose to her father after his accusations. Although, you are correct, Ron should be a little concerned. It didn't look like a very innocent scene - haha!

Thanks for the comment about writing Scorpius's grief realistically. I've also lost some loved ones and I was pretty much writing from experience, so it felt good to hear that was conveyed in this story.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by UnluckyStar57 Bombarda Maxima: Scorpius POV

21st October 2014:
Holy... wow. More loaded chapter-ness!

Good gosh, this is review 250 for this story. I'd better make this a good one!

So... There was so much aggression, so much anger from Al and Scorpius, and through their awful rage, I could really see how their own pasts were impacting the feelings of guilt that they were having about Rose and Stannous. Scorpius has had a pretty messed up life, and Albus has a few daddy issues to worry about. They love Rose, but they were too wrapped up in themselves to really question the damage that Stannous did to her in the past. This chapter is the unveiling, the revelation of that particular mystery, and now that their eyes are opened, they feel terrible. I loved how united they were in those moments, vowing to protect Rose and seek out Stannous and his gang in order to exact revenge for Rose's suffering.

Ugh, the encounter with Stannous had a bigger impact on Rose than you let on in the previous chapter! Convulsions, vomiting, blacking out, et cetera--that's something that sounds truly terrible to experience, and even though she didn't feel any pain after she blacked out, it must have been scary. I don't blame Dom for telling Scorpius and Al to back off! After all, they have no idea what to do to help Rose. Destroying the Forest of Dean is pretty much their only way to release their frustrations!

Over all, this was a really awesome chapter. There were so many raw emotions there, especially with Al and Scorpius in the forest. One thing that I would recommend to you is that you maybe put a little more description into Rose's whole convulsion/fainting scene. It feels a little bit sparse compared to the massive picture that you paint during the boys' scene. Playing up the drama is never a bad thing (usually)! Also, just be sure to check your verb tenses and spelling whenever you edit. There was nothing major, but as always, it's nice to go back and catch the little things that you miss when first posting a chapter. :)

Brilliant work! I will continue reviewing this story whenever I find the time and/or get a chance to catch you in the Review Battle! :D


Author's Response: Yay!

250 reviews - thank you so much! *dances around the room*

Yeah - this chapter is a giant ball of emotion. It was actually the first thing I wrote for the story and most of it stayed intact.

Good point about their pasts affecting their reactions. They are feeling so much guilt and rage that it just had to come out. They both love Rose so much - and the fact that they didn't know the whole truth about her kidnapping is haunting them.

Dom and Selenia were pretty much the same, although they chose to deal with it differently. They needed Rose to feel safe and calm. Knowing the temper that Al has and the way Scorp feels so connected to Rose, they just wanted to let them deal with it first before they could be effective at helping her. You'll see in the next chapter that the boys are still a little lost as to how best to do that...

Thanks for the tips - I'll give it a look over with the edits you suggested. And I can't wait to see what you think as the story unfolds!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by UnluckyStar57 Besieged: Rose POV

21st October 2014:
Oh my... Loaded chapter alert! D:

I'm finally coming back to give you two more reviews--that 250 mark is looming closer for this story! :D And I'm so glad that I helped you catch that chapter mix-up last night--it was just a bit confusing for me when I read it the first time. :P

Okay, so things are starting to happen to Rose, and I'm really starting to see the reason for her various neuroses throughout the first few chapters. Stannous was obviously a creep and a pedophile of some sort, and that is NOT okay. Of course, he was probably more than just a pedophile--I can picture him having the goal of world domination in mind--but for some reason, he zeroed in on Rose as a target for his sadistic fantasies. Like, ew. That is some twisted stuff, but it adds so much intrigue to the storyline! How did you come up with this sinister baddie, and how do you write him torturing Rose with a clear conscience?! (Just kidding--every good story needs an antagonist. Yours just happens to be SUPER creepy.) :)

Well, at least Rose and Scorpius's relationship is going swimmingly. :) I'm so glad that they finally admitted their long-lasting feelings for each other and that they're able to establish some sort of closeness, despite all of the emotional/mental baggage that they both have. The description of Rose's happiness at seeing Scorpius is really cute, and I'm so glad that they get to have a few moments of fun and lurve before Stannous steps in to complicate matters...

However, I found myself wanting more Rose/Scorpius interaction after the last chapter. Because of Scorpius's arranged meeting with Rose, I expected to see that arranged meeting and the exact situation that came from it. By starting this chapter several days later, I feel like I missed a little bit of the story. But that's just kind of a personal preference for me, I think. I mean, I get the idea that they would've been like, "I lurve you so much," but I kind of wanted to see it happen. Ah well, what you've written is enough--romance sort of has to take a backseat to action, anyway.

A few notes on semantics:

Parts of this chapter are in present tense, which doesn't seem to make sense within the context of the past tense narration that encompasses the majority of the story. Perhaps that's something to look over when you get a chance to edit. :)

Also, a few of the spells were not spelled (lol, a pun) correctly, and that's not a huge deal, but I thought I should point it out. (I'm a big fan of spelling, sorry.) Maybe check out the Lexicon when you edit, just to make sure you get the spelling right.

Other than that, I have no complaints about this chapter. It really furthered the action along, and it made me want to read more! (Which is what I will be doing as soon as I finish typing this review.) I can't wait to see what will be done about the whole Stannous situation, especially if he's been stalking Rose like a total weirdo.


Author's Response: Hiya!

I'm so excited that you wanted to give be the 250th review and thank you so much for catching the error - I think I did that by accident one day on the ipad - it's so easy to accidentally click the up or down arrow. Anyway, I'm eternally grateful for the catch!

Haha - I think I came up with him because I wanted the next gen to have their own version of Voldemort. In my mind, the story doesn't end with Harry and Voldy. I like your thoughts on world domination - keep that in the back of your mind :)

Haha - I know how you feel about wanting the Scorose interaction - and I totally agree. But, as I mentioned in my last response I was trying to show that their relationship at this point is still superficial because Rose hasn't been as open with Scorpius as she should be. Not really her fault, but she needs to give him a bit more credit.

Also (as I mentioned before) I hope that I don't disappoint with the Scorose interactions that happen later on in the story. I seriously can't wait until you get to those parts! Eeep!

I'm going to look at editing it right now. I love all your suggestions and I know that sometimes I get messed up with the tenses. Thanks so much, because I really want the story to be the best it can be :)

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by UnluckyStar57 Better: Rose POV

20th October 2014:
Hi Beth! I noticed that ASLTW is only 3 reviews away from 250, so I'm pretty set on giving you that 250th review. And I'm just procrastinating again, so here we go! :D

Okay, so the first part of this chapter involved so much "D'aw"-ing from me. My roommate is sitting in the living room with me, and she was really confused. But I had to "D'aww" because THE ROSE AND HARRY DYNAMIC IS SO CUTE!!! It absolutely never occurred to me to think about what sort of relationship they might have, and this is totally headcanon for me now. Like, in most Next Gen fanfic, you don't see a lot of the Next Gen gang relating to their elders in a way that isn't bad/sad/angsty, so I'm incredibly surprised and pleased to see such an adorable relationship between Rose and Harry. Sad to say, though, it seems as though Harry gets along better with her than he gets along with Albus. :P Ah well...

And I must admit, I was a little bit disappointed that you didn't write about the weekend that Rose and Scorpius spent together, but maybe they're going to talk about it in the next chapter? I don't know... But when you started this chapter out with Rose and then connected it to the action from the last chapter, I was like, "DANG, THAT SEGWAY THOUGH!" (Yes, it is necessary to use shouty capitals.) I was just incredibly impressed with how you connected Rose's PoV to Scorpius's PoV. So tell me, how do you do that? Do you write several chapters from Rose's PoV and then go back and fill in Scorpius's part (or vice versa)? Do you just write in alternating PoVs? Impart knowledge unto me, o wise one! :D

...Maybe it's too late for me to be writing reviews... Oh well.

Anyways, super cute and marvelously fab chapter. I can't wait to read about Rose and Scorpius's meeting!


Author's Response: Hi there!

*I'm* the one totally "D'aw"-ing over all these reviews! Thank you so much! I'm just so excited that you like my story and I really, really appreciate all of your notes!

I thought a lot about the relationship between the parents and next gen kids when writing this story. I intentionally set it after they graduated from Hogwarts, because I wanted them to have some interactions.

I also thought that Ron would be really awkward with his daughter - especially as she got older. He would probably just not know how to deal with her. Harry, on the other hand, is a little more removed from being Rose's parent and can have a different relationship with her.

Sorry about the lack of the cute weekend - I *promise* there is some serious Scorose scenes coming up - haha! first of all, I really wanted to move the story along and secondly - I wanted it to seem like their relationship was going a little *too* easily. Rose hasn't been forthcoming with Scorpius about her past and you can't really commit wholly to someone without being honest - especially about something this big. At least that's the message I wanted to send - haha!

Umm... I'm not sure how I do it... I think that I just sort of put myself in their place when I'm writing. And I've been really, really worried that Scorpius's voice sounds too much like Rose's. So I really, really *really* appreciate the vote of confidence on that. I actually tried to write the story form her POV only, but it just wouldn't work. So - I guess the story sort of demanded the two POVs.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by BellaLestrange87 Bent: Rose POV

19th October 2014:
Review tag!

I don't know why I didn't come back to this sooner. I read, reviewed, and enjoyed the first chapter for last month's Blue vs. Bronze review battle. Bear in mind I'm writing this review as I read the chapter.

Anyways, on to the actual chapter. I like Rose - even though she has what looks like a combination of post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety (although I'm not 100% sure) she doesn't let it rule her life. I can definitely see the determination and resemblance to Hermione there. She definitely doesn't want anyone to know about her panic attacks, which is completely understandable. Anybody who doesn't have them themselves wouldn't understand what it's like.

Scorpius definitely likes Rose. He's acting nervous while around her, trying to make casual conversation. At least he's comfortable with Rose and doesn't turn into a moron whenever he tries to talk to her.

Wolfram Longbottom sounds like exactly the kind of child that would be born from Neville and Hannah Abbott. They're both gentle at heart, and the mocking that Rose and Scorpius do suggests that Wolfram is as nervous about himself as Neville was in his first few years at Hogwarts.

You missed one punctuation mark - when Scorpius mentions Samara Tinsman the paragraph says: “That is Samara Tinsman,” Scorpius nodded toward her. She is American and working with the ministry as some sort of ambassador for international relations. Harry asked Al and Dom to introduce her to a few of the younger crowd. Although, I don’t think this is what he had in mind,” he gestured toward James and Samara..." After the first sentence there she be a punctuation mark before She is. It's a very minor thing, though, and it doesn't affect the flow of the story, since the sentence before was past tense while this is present tense.

Wow. Attacking Rose during a party hosted by all of her cousins, especially when there are a large group of Auror trainees there (plus friends and family that would undoubtedly come to her aid) is a very rash thing to do. I'm not convinced that it's a one-time thing, like Rose tries to tell herself. Since that was the event that sparked her PTSD/anxiety, I'm starting to wonder if it was the same person that attacked her before.

I wonder if there's something subconscious about Scorpius being the only one that can calm Rose down; if she secretly likes him, and yet they're comfortable enough around him to stand topless with him while he's also topless. Albus walking in (conveniently also topless) makes it sound as ridiculous as Rose thinks it must look. The conclusion that he jumps to is entirely reasonable.

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I'm curious to see if the person that tried to abduct/kidnap/assault Rose will try again, and what his motive is.


Author's Response: Wow. Olivia - this review. It's just. Thanks so much.

Yes. Rose is suffering from debilitating panic attacks as a result of not properly dealing with the trauma from her kidnapping. While she is trying to convince herself that it doesn't rule her life (you're right - she goes on like nothing's wrong), she really has been living in a dark place for the past two years.

Aaah! - so glad the Hermione came through! It is tough to write a character who *doesn't* think she is like her parents, but has a lot more of them inside of her than she thinks. You made me smile! :)

Haha - Wolfram is awesome. He and Molly are suited for each other.

Ooo - thanks for catching that - I'll fix it right up!

Yeah - that dude was pretty bold to think he could get away with grabbing Rose right in front of basically the entire Wotters and Auror trainee class - huh?

There is a bit to the whole Rose/Scorp dynamic - there will be more on that later, but they do have a deep connection. I can't wait for you to read it and let me know what you think. Yeah, it is a reasonable conclusion for Albus to make - but he isn't always reasonable where Rose is concerned.

I won't say any more about someone trying to get to Rose again... you'll just have to see!

Thanks Olivia!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by UnluckyStar57 Bitter: Scorpius POV

19th October 2014:
Ahah! October BvB again! This review is brought to you in part by my awesome procrastination skills and my wish to learn more of Rose and Scorpius's story. :)

Oh. Wow. Albus and Harry were really going at it for a minute there. I was pretty shocked that Harry would choose to call Al out on his misbehavior and engage him in a duel in front of the entire Auror program. That sort of goes against Harry's whole "Mr. Nice Guy Peaceful Auror" persona with which he runs the department, but then again, parent-child relationships are always tough to balance, especially in the workplace. Thank Merlin for Scorpius hopping in with his peacemaking skills!

Oh yeah, and Al seems like he's just a little bit of a nuisance sometimes, what with all of his teasing and carrying on. But deep down, he just wants to prove himself to Harry, so maybe he purposefully acts out sometimes, to get some sort of reaction out of Harry? I don't know... But I love how complex your characters are! I haven't seen Al much in this, but he definitely has his own demons, just like Rose and Scorpius do.

A few typo-esque things that I caught:

"...although mildly irritated at Al for distracting me during the morning session, I just can't bring myself to be..."~Because this story is written in past tense, I think that the "can't" in this sentence should be "couldn't."

"Impedimentia!"~I think the spell is actually "Impedimenta."

Both are very minor things, so you don't have to worry about editing them if you don't want to. :)

One thing with the plot that concerned me a little was the speed of Harry and Al's reconciliation. There have been bad feelings under the surface for so many years, and they're just going to kiss and make up?! I refuse to think that this is the case. I think that it might be a reconciliation, but only on the surface--after all, this is from Scorpius's PoV, and he isn't exactly a mind reader. I'm thinking that tensions between the two green-eyed Potters will explode in a later chapter. The only reason that I bring this up is because the reconciliation was just. So. Quick! But now that I think about it, I'm sure that there will be more arguments to come. Ignore my waffling. :)

Uh oh, is Scorpius going to tell Rose the truth, or is he just going to beat around the bush some more? I'm betting that it's the later option. ;)

'Til next time!


Author's Response: Hi again!

Haha - I love procrastination - but I'll get to that later :)

You're not the first person to comment on Harry's quick temper. I think that it had been a long time coming between him and Al - and since they are both not the main characters in the story, so I wasn't sure how much time to put into their back stories. Harry, at this point is just really disappointed that HIS son is the one setting a bad example. He wants Al to be the best - that Harry *knows* he can be, but he seems to fall short and get a bit sloppy. I am thinking about how to handle this differently, but I really wanted the two to face off so Harry could tell Al that he's really a better version of himself.

They did make up pretty quickly, huh? Again, I wasn't sure how to pace this because I didn't want to spend too much time on a side story - hmmm, I'll have to think about that. You're not waffling - I really don't have another argument between the green-eyes, but I do mention that Harry takes some steps to show trust in his son, if that helps :)

Thanks for finding those - I'll definitely fix them. The validators are gonna hate me - haha!

Scorpius and Rose well... you'll just have to read to find out!

Thanks again - so, so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by UnluckyStar57 Besotted: Rose POV

19th October 2014:
I'm back for the October BvB Review Battle! :D

Whoa. There is a LOT of stuff going on in this chapter. A LOT. Rose revealing secrets? Check. Delving into their past Hogwarts selves? Check. Evil guy who got mentioned a few times but is now one of the nastiest characters I've read recently? Check, check, and check.

Stannous. I mean, I don't want to say he's stupid because he invented his own variant of the Cruciatus curse. He's obviously a bad guy with brains, and that is really terrifying. From the little bit of information that Rose gives us at the beginning of the chapter, I can tell that he is a force of evil that may rival Voldemort in terms of nastiness. He's had a lasting impact on Rose, too, which is awful. I can't stand to see her hating the scars that he gave her, because that just makes her think more about what he did to her. I wish that there was some way she could see them as her own battle scars of survival and bravery--but maybe there isn't any good way to see them, since she's been through such an ordeal because of them.

And Scorpius is just letting ALL of his problems out. The bitterness that he felt toward Draco in previous chapters is unparalleled by the hatred that he projects to Rose. If Draco was really that bad, I pity Astoria. :( The revelation that Scorpius slept around at Hogwarts was a surprising one--I really didn't think he would, but it does make sense. It's just gross and awful that Rose had to catch him in the act. :/

One thing I was a bit confused about (and this is probably just my own silliness): Was that Scorpius's way of confessing his love for Rose, and vice versa? It seemed like it, but they didn't really continue that whole conversation. Maybe they set it aside for later so that they could concentrate on forgetting about Scorpius's past for the time being... Love was never going to be easy for those two, anyway.

Another marvelous chapter! If I keep reviewing them for the BvB every month, I might finish in about... two years. :P I'll have to stop by again sometime, just for funsies. :D


Author's Response: Hi there!

Wow. Thanks so much for this awesome review. I'm just floored by how thorough you are.

So - YES, Stannous is pretty much pure evil. There will be much, much more on that later on in the story. I'm glad that you picked up on the fact that he could rival Voldemort, because I wanted a character of that magnitude to be around to terrorize the next gen kids. (I just realized that made ME sound pretty evil - haha or should I say mwah-ha-ha!).

Yes! I want Rose to see the scars as a reason as her ability to survive and give her strength and power! She's just not in that place quite yet. She might need some help to get there... enter completely hunky yet slightly damaged tall, blond, Scorpius!

Draco wasn't bad, per se... he was just fighting his own demons from the war. Essentially cut off from wizarding society and ostracized by both the purebloods and Harry's crew had a rough effect on him. He loved his son, but was too caught up in his own depression to show it. The result was a barren wasteland of a home for Scorpius. He was much closer to his Mum, but still felt a need for friends. Aand all of this is from Scorpius's POV, so were seeing his take on things - from his 15-year old perspective.

I really struggled with having Scorpius sleep around at Hogwarts. On one hand, I think it makes the love he had for Rose less pure - he couldn't wait for the right girl to come to her senses. But, in the end, I decided that having that wedge between them would hold them off from getting together at Hogwarts - so that they were a bit older and more mature when they finally decide they want to be together. I hope that makes sense :)

My intent was to not have them confess any REAL feelings just yet, but to maybe open the door to the possibility that they were still interested in each other. I'm sorry if it came off as confusing, but I really appreciate the honest feedback. I'm slowly editing this story and all of this cc is really helpful :)

Ooo - please stop by anytime. I ♥ your reviews!


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Review #24, by Lostmyheart Bereft: Scorpius POV

19th October 2014:

I sat here, crying, because of the scene with Rose and Albus comming in, hugging him. I absolutely LOVE Rose, YOUR Rose. She is so loving, caring and incredibly sincere. I can't believe she did all that for Scorp, and to cry because of his loss. She truly loves him, and to feel someone's pain that much, it only means that you're a good person.

Then, just seconds after you made me cry, you made me laugh. I love that uncle of his. I laughed out loud, I mean come on! "magic blokes" and then Ron and Harry coming in, Ron being all furious and a complete idiot. I literally raised my arms saying "SERIOUSLY RON?!" and then I was like, "oh god I'm glad I'm alone right now".

This chapter was seriously a roller coaster to me. I cried, I laughed, I almost cried again, then I laughed. It reminds me of that scene in Friends where Joey says "smile, frown, smile, frown." That exactly how I would look like if anyone saw me reading this chapter :b

Apparate cadabra stuff. I lost it.

Beth, you're brilliant. I Love your humor! And your talent to break hearts.

I will continue this story. I WILL.

- Avi

Author's Response: Oh no! I'm sorry to make you cry!

I'm so happy that you love my version of Rose. I know that it's a bit different from what others view her to be. She's mostly portrayed as sarcastic and rough like Ron, but brilliant and brave like Hermione. I actually started the idea for this story by asking - what if Rose weren't a combination of her parents?

I had a lot of fun writing Uncle Phil and Ron in this chapter.

OMG - I LOVE Friends! I totally know the episode you're talking about - haha!

Aww - now you're making ME cry!

Thanks so much Avi!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by Lostmyheart Blown Away: Scorpius POV

19th October 2014:

Seriously Beth. That chapter title, you meant it! They were literally blown away.
I'm just... Poor Scorpius, and I can't figure out whether or not this was an accident or a murder. Because,if it's a murder, then you have an incredibly twisted plot! With all of Rose's problems and now Scorpius'.

Honestly, I can't believe I haven't read more than two chapters, and now this, the third. Because I remember reading more, but apparently not. This story is actually on my reading list :)

Scorpius seems like a really nice, young man. He was so sweet when he thought of Rose, how he was in awe of the fact that they were, well, under dressed in a room together. To me it showed that he cared more about her, than her just being someone he can score. He actually fancies her, and I've always liked that whenever I read stories where Albus and Scorpius are best friends.

What struck me the most about Draco, is that Scorpius thought of the rumors back at Hogwarts, the rumors about his father calling people without magical bloodlines for mudbloods. I'm not sure if you intended it that way, but that meant that Draco never used that word within the walls of their home, when Scorpius grew up. So Draco never continued his father's way of raising his child, and I really like that. I've always imagined that the war had a good impact on Draco, where he learned how wrong they had been and then tried to avoid becoming like his father.

That kid, Mason, I like him! So sweet, with the M&M. Poor child, but then again, it surprises me that the Malfoy's have muggle neighbors. A trait Scorpius without a doubt inherited from his father - using people to get what he wants. He used Mason to get back at his father. You did this brilliantly, despite Scorpius being to different from his father, he is still having some of the Malfoy traits.

I really enjoyed reading this chapter! And I can't wait to read the next. Poor Scorpius...

- Avi

Author's Response: Hey Avi,

So glad you're enjoying this story - and I'm SO glad we did a review swap, your reviews are awesome. So - you are a very intuitive reader and I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just leave it at that.

Scorpius is a really good guy - and he is completely in love with Rose - the two of them just don't see it yet. I didn't want to just throw them together at the beginning of the story - because I didn't want to write a story where they are on-again, off-again, but I also wanted their relationship to mean a bit more, so they're taking it slow for now...

Scorp, Al, Rose and Selenia are best friends - mostly banded by the fact that they were all sorted into Ravenclaw. As far as Scorpius and Draco's relationship... well, that was sort of rocky. Mostly because Draco didn't want his past to rub off on his son, but also because he was so damaged by the effects of the war that he had his own issues to deal with. I wish there was a happier ending for him and Astoria, but they can live on a bit in Scorpius.

Mason is the annoying kid in the neighborhood, and yep Scorpius is totally using him - although I didn't originally intend it to be because Scorpius has a bit of Draco in him - but I'll take the compliment - haha ;) And Scorpius does have a few other Malfoy traits.

Thanks again Avi!

♥ Beth

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