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Review #1, by Hagrid1987 Brooding

7th December 2016:
Loved it. I love seeing all the Aurors in action and that there's hope for Albus. I can't wait to see how James matures, as well.

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Review #2, by Hagrid1987 Brewing: Rose POV

7th December 2016:
Love love love. This story just keeps getting better. Thank you so much for continuing to write these. Truly feels like a story that belongs as new Canon for Harry Potter. And that's VERY hard to do. Love your characters, and love the plots you've given them. Can't wait to read the next!

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Review #3, by HPFantasticks Brooding

1st December 2016:
I am so glad that you are back!! I love your story, it has everything! Great plot and great characters!!

My money is on James´girlfriend, I do not remember her name now, being the one:D

Please, do update and keep on writing, you have a gift!!

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Review #4, by AbraxanUnicorn Brooding

1st December 2016:
Yay, an update!
For a while, I was suspicious of James' girlfriend having a hand in the whole affair at Grimmauld Place, but I wonder whether it's someone else. Hmm. Might have a re-read and refresh my memory..
Great chapter, by the way :) X

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Review #5, by BabyHuey1502 Brooding

30th November 2016:
I've been looking forward to seeing you take up this story again, and I'm not disappointed. You have a real feel for your characters. I'll be looking forward to more.

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Review #6, by Ankita Bumps: Scorpius AND Rose POV

20th November 2016:
I'm totally heartbroken :( . Selenia was such a nice and gentle soul. It's really upsetting to see Albus devastated.

Author's Response: You're too sweet. Thanks you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Ankita Bumps: Scorpius AND Rose POV

20th November 2016:
I'm totally heartbroken :( . Selenia was such a nice and gentle soul. It's really upsetting to see Albus devastated.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so sorry to have broken your heart. This was a very hard chapter for me to write. But, I really needed this anguish for the next part of the story. :D


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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn Brewing: Rose POV

13th November 2016:
Please update this; it's brilliant!


Author's Response: Hi there! Yay - I was feeling pretty down and this review brightened my day! I've just finished editing the next chapter and it's with my beta reader, so it shouldn't be long! Thanks again for stopping by to leave a review!

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Review #9, by PL2016 Brewing: Rose POV

9th November 2016:
Great story..too bad it isn't completed.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much for leaving a review. I'm working on finishing the story right now! Check back writhin the next 2 weeks for a new chapter!

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Review #10, by ImaRavenclaw Broken: Rose POV

10th October 2016:
Hey Beth, Lily here with BvB!

Oh my Godrick, I love the fact that you open with Rose having a panic attack. It makes me need to know how she gets through them. I like how you have those actions: Get up, wash, get dressed, class, rounds, study. She's so obviously a Ravenclaw. I always do that, I just list down things I need to do mentally, and make sure that I do them all.

That is interesting. I kind of agree with that. It does sometimes take more time to understand things, and start noticing them.

This is all so descriptive and bone chilling, I love it! No wonder you got the Dobby for most addicting story!

That's where Rose goes wrong. You should always have supportive figures there for you. I'm sure her brother would love to help her, or her friends, maybe her cousins.

STILL SO BONE CHILLING. I love how she's asking herself why she keeps that picture close to her. I'm wondering what she means by "the old Rose" now. What do you mean by 'it'? Are you talking about a panic attack?

Drug her? What?! I need to know what happens!!!

Rose was kidnapped and held hostage? Oh my Godrick this is good.

*laughs for about five minutes when Lily finds out that McGonagall fell off her chair* But really Ravenclaw isn't that bad when you're a Malfoy. I would have only fallen off my chair had Scorpius been put in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

I can literally just picture a Ravenclaw prefect hoisting Albus onto his shoulders and dragging him to the table, while his facial expression doesn't change and stays completely stunned.

If I were Ginny I'd smack James over the head too.

Now wondering why considering these things is so dangerous. I guess I'll have to keep reading to find out!

Beth, this was phenomenal (like I said, I can see why you got the Dobbys!), oh my Godrick it was really awesome!

Thank you so much for writing such an amazing story. I hope that you have a lovely day!

Yours sincerely,

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Review #11, by k1187700 Brewing: Rose POV

29th September 2016:
What? His parents? WHAT? Do not see this coming! WHAT?

Also Astinine moving with Rose into the ministry . . . dangerous stuff! Shiftiest lady in the story! Keeping tabs on Rose and now all the aurors . . .

Great chapter! So happy you updated! I was so worried you'd forgotten aboutthis story! I need an ending! I'm too invested!

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Review #12, by Bluewolf80 Brewing: Rose POV

29th September 2016:
Yikes!!! That's got to suck to see your parents like that. Although, Harry might not mind seeing his Dad's pic! ;)

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Review #13, by Ronald8472 Brewing: Rose POV

25th September 2016:
Damn... what a cliffhanger. I feel like I'm waiting for a new season. Please continue the story. Oh and please hurry before my brain implodes.

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Review #14, by Matilda Broken: Rose POV

23rd September 2016:
Hi! I was just wondering, what is this "review tag" thing that you mentioned when you reviewed Lostmyheart's story? Thanks so much in advance!

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Review #15, by BabyHuey116 Brewing: Rose POV

31st August 2016:
I've been enjoying this story very much, and I'm looking forward to seeing you finish it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on the last part now!

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Review #16, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Brewing: Rose POV

20th July 2016:

I just stopped by to leave a few reviews for your week on the Hot Seat, and I see that there's a new chapter of this that I haven't reviewed yet!! What is this madness?!? Oh well, whatever madness it is, there's no time like the present! We'll kill two birds with one stone - your first hot seat review from me and my insane need for more of your story! And, by the way, before I jump into my review, I just wanted to thank you for donating to keep HPFF around!!

And now, the review...

I KNEW IT! I KNEW THOSE WERE SCORPIUS' PARENTS EVER SINCE ROSE GOT ASSIGNED THE CASE FILE AND SHE KNEW SOMETHING WAS OFF! Call it intuition or what have you, but I knew it! And while I'm kind of bouncing around in my seat with excitement, I'm also heartbroken for Scorpius and really wary of his reaction, as well as curious and wary about what's going to come of all this. Clearly his parents were murdered, so WHY? And what kind of affect is this going to have on him? And who in the Ministry was in on this cover-up? And why? GAH, so many questions!!

As for Al, I'm SO happy that he's starting to heal, even though I know the process will be slow, at least he's able to smile a little and get enveloped in work again. And it was great seeing Rose being able to enjoy his recovering as well, because to me that's kind of an indication that she's healing, also.

The moment in the hall with Scorpius was so cute and sweet, if a bit heartbreaking. Scorpius has been through SO much with his parents, then Sels, and now he's just constantly afraid of losing Ro and the baby.. poor thing! I really hope this latest development doesn't push him over the edge.

And OH my goodness, only SIX WEEKS until the baby's born!? This is SO exciting, but also really nerve-wracking. Because I just KNOW Stannous is going to do something, either before the baby's born, or as it's being born.. something's going to happen and I'm terrified!

And, I really REALLY need another chapter now, but I'm also really afraid to read it. :P

Well done and MORE PLEASEEE!

And now I'm off to find another story of yours to get hooked on. :D

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Review #17, by marauderfan Better: Rose POV

19th July 2016:
One more for review hot seat! Also, this is my 1500th review which is exciting and I'm glad to be able to celebrate it with this story :)

I can find it kind of believable that Rose can't relate to Ron as well as she can relate to her uncle Harry. I mean, I totally see Harry as being super close with all of his family because he never had a family growing up, whereas Ron had a lot of brothers and is just better at relating to boys.

geez I can't believe Harry and Al were just chilling in his office while Al HAD BROKEN RIBS. I mean, seriously. Priorities. Thank goodness Rose stopped by.

YAY ROSE. That's a step in the right direction to talking about her feelings! It could easily be that she and Scorpius will just cuddle and hold hands and not talk about it (this is actually quite likely) but... she has to catch on by now that Scorpius likes her. That goofy grin was enough to give it away to even the most oblivious people.

And of course Harry has noticed :P

Aw, this chapter was really cute. Great work on it - I'm really loving the story so far!

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Review #18, by marauderfan Bitter: Scorpius POV

18th July 2016:
Finally, we had dinner with Harry and Ginny, who never forgot the anniversary. -- This is so believable. Of course Harry would feel a lot of connection with a kid who's also lost his parents and has nowhere else to go - he was the same. I love this... especially because it shows how much Harry cares for Draco Malfoy's son, regardless of his history with Draco himself. That says so much about Harry. What a good person :)

eep Scorpius' thoughts about Rose are so cute. how he just wants to see her every day all the time. So yeah, he may not technically be a teenager anymore but based on the way he's acting... Aw. Young love :P

Oh I love that you described exactly what sort of corruption was going on in the Auror department (I mean, we knew the rest of the Ministry had problems, but it's nice to see the specifics for that department) and how Harry was able to restructure it.

haha that's like the classic teacher move, calling the person who's disrupting the class up to the front to 'volunteer' for whatever thing. Even worse when it's your dad noticing you not paying attention... Sorry, Albus! :P

Thank goodness for Scorpius intervening and saving the day. I think everyone else was too scared to..

“Albus Severus!” -- oh boy

Poor Al, though. He is under a lot of pressure. And I honestly loved the way they sorted all of that out. Harry has grown up a lot since Hogwarts, and seeing the way he handled that situation was really great. I think Al is very similar to how Harry was at that age, so Harry understands what his son needs. They can't both be hot-headed in this situation, and he recognized Al's achievements, and Scorpius's as well and it all turned out fine with no hard feelings. Good job Harry. And Scorpius of course.

I love that you had the Auror dept using the animal acronyms for their exams as well haha, the SNAKEs

Haha, Al at the end. What a sneaky devil :P

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Review #19, by marauderfan Besotted: Rose POV

18th July 2016:
Another one for the hot seat!

Aah, seriously, who thinks the cruciatus curse isn't enough and actually invents a spell that intensifies it?!? Poor Rose, I can't believe she suffered six days of that. I did appreciate learning more about Rose's back story here though, and I'm glad she is starting to come face to face with her trauma rather than hiding from it. Of course that will be difficult, but she has good friends who love her and maybe soon she'll be able to open up to people about her captivity.

I, myself, had been brought up by Ron Weasley, so a little burp here and there didn’t even register on my radar. -- haha. For some reason I really loved this. I can just see like, 6-year-old Rose burping at breakfast and Ron saying "good one" and Hermione being exasperated. :P

Drunk Scorpius. Aw. Gah, these two SO obviously like one another and it's obvious, but I also feel like they have a lot of personal issues to get through before they can be together (at least that's probably how they see it?) Nothing like jealousy to make you realize your feelings for someone :-/ but I also can't really blame Scorpius for behaving like that. He was going through a lot and had no idea how to cope. I love that Rose is still so supportive of him and not bitter about her past with him.

Another wonderful chapter :)

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Review #20, by marauderfan Bereft: Scorpius POV

18th July 2016:
Hi Beth! I'm here for the review hot seat!

A kitchen accident. -- Nnnoooppe. I don't believe a word of it, not for a second. Wasn't Astoria saying to Scorpius just in the last chapter something about "it's not safe"? She knew, or at least suspected something was up. I hope Scorpius doesn't believe the Official Ministry Report either, because it's a cover-up.

I would’ve seen the leak in the stove – or smelled it -- but he does believe it! I guess I can understand him not being suspicious yet though. He's still kind of in shock and hasn't fully processed what happened. He's more caught up in the fact that it happened and not in why. I wonder if he'll start to think about that, especially given the last things his parents said to him, once he's had more time to adjust. Either that or I'm seeing things that aren't there...

Aw. I love that Rose and Albus came to visit him, that scene was so emotional and such a wonderful thing. like, it's impossible to process grief totally on your own, and they were exactly what he needed, just being there for support. Aw ♥

Oh no, poor Scorpius. Angry visiting Weasley family members who don't know the whole story - that's the last thing he needs when "it's not what it looks like" isn't going to get him anywhere. This scene was really well written though, with Ron overreacting and Rose shutting him down, and Harry being so used to Ron's outbursts that he's quick to react and hold Ron back without batting an eye. I laughed at Rose's departing line about "something untoward with the toilet", hahaha!

I love your interpretation of Daphne's story, as well. Makes a lot of sense, as the Greengrasses weren't known to be staunch supporters of Voldemort, and while their loyalties during the war are uncertain, the effects of the war are bound to have had an impact on her and Astoria.

All you need to know, Scorpius, is that you are much more like your mother than me.” -- Aww. This honestly says so much and I really liked this line. Although Draco hasn't appeared in this story much (and based on what happened last chapter, he won't be appearing much) I feel like I already have a pretty clear idea of who he is. He's definitely not proud of what he did during the war, regrets it, but still holds it against himself, hence why he never talks about it. I think he's happy Scorpius is a lot more like Astoria.

Small thing, but in that last section about Scorpius going to stay with the Potters, often you say "the Potter's house" when that should be a plural possessive, i.e. "Potters' house". Otherwise, the chapter is perfect. I'm really glad to have come back to read more of this story - can't believe how much I missed it. Onto the next chapter!

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Review #21, by Shinicha Brewing: Rose POV

11th July 2016:
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter! I just knew it was his parents, but I'm not sure what it means, ie why they were killed. (I admit I was much more cautious about all the details when I read all the chapters in one go). Also, why is Astatine in Rose's office? I'm convinced she's evil and she was there at crucial moments (in the bar, the hospital..) :(

I'm glad to see Al better again. And the description of Rose's discomfort makes me never want to have children haha...

So happy to see this story continued!

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Review #22, by Summer_Raven Blown Away: Scorpius POV

6th July 2016:
I really like the backstory you gave Scorpius!!! It's very different than anything I've heard before (in a good way). However, I didn't feel like I needed to know all that information. It's only the third chapter, so I'm not that emotionally invested in Scorpius' character. This backstory would be very interesting to me if it was revealed later in the story, playing on a bit of suspense and having me liking Scorpius already. It's not terrible where it is, if you want his character to be pretty straightforward at the beginning, but I would consider shortening the flashback. A chapter dedicated entirely to exposition is really hard to pull off anytime, and especially since this is the beginning of the story, having the plot moved further in this chapter would be a good idea.
I like your voice and description. You're a great writer and this is a pretty good fanfic so far. Keep it up!
- Summer_Raven

Author's Response: Hi there!

I just logged in to see this review. Thanks so much for the feedback. I've always been worried about that flashback - (worried that it was too long). You bring up a good point. I think I put it in because I wanted the story to be about *both* Rose and Scorpius - so I could show that they both have had rough patches to get through.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by qui_fli13 Brewing: Rose POV

5th July 2016:
So glad this was updated!! It's amazing!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. It's my goal to finish the rest of the story (rough finish - then edits) by the end of this month!

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Review #24, by Fan Brewing: Rose POV

2nd July 2016:
I'm doing bookbinding/publishing/Illustration/graphic design in uni atm and I'm going to send you a hand made binded version of this story when it finishes if you want to :D

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Review #25, by CambAngst Brewing: Rose POV

29th June 2016:
Hi, Beth! Tagging you from the new review tag!

Astatine again. I think we've covered this ground, but I'll reiterate: Do. Not. Trust her. As an added bonus, Uncle Harry and Healer Lawrence agreed that Astatine could work with me part time. Bonus for who?

Awesome! We're finally back to that Healer School assignment. I've been waiting and waiting for that to come back to the forefront of the story. You are so devious! You were probably hoping I'd forget all about that.

“Where’s the glass?” -- Go, Albus! I knew your dad recruited you into law enforcement for a reason. I love the way you wrote him in this chapter. He's recovering from such a horrible loss, and I felt like that came through in his need to be helpful. It also seemed like the interest Selenia took in the crime scene photos motivated him even a little more to get to the bottom of the case.

He placed a hand on my enormous belly and, as if on cue, the baby started kicking against him. -- Aww! Such a precious moment for the two of them. Sad that it couldn't come without the unfortunate baggage of the prophecy and Stannous and his bunch of wannabe Death Eaters.

I'm glad that Scorpius is helping Rose to realize just how strong she's been throughout this ordeal. She's been through so much and she's survived an awful lot of it just by keeping her nose to the grindstone and refusing to give in to the misery.

Hmmnnn... So the Healers were still running tests on the victims two days after they were declared dead? Very suspicious. My brain, she's a racing! Of all the cases that Healer Lawrence -- with his vast expertise and seeming adoration for dark curses -- could have assigned to Rose, why this one? It seems almost inconceivable that he wouldn't have known that the victims were Scorpius's parents. And Healer Lawrence is the same one who's assigned creepy Astatine to help organize Rose's workspace. Lots of unpleasant signs are starting to pile up here. I'm really curious what else Albus has found in the photographs. I guess I'll have to wait until next time to find out...

I'm so very pleased that school is out! Hoping that life grants you many hours of quiet, uninterrupted writing time. Or failing that, hoping that you can distract your family for a couple of hours a day and hide out with your computer. :p

Until next time,

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