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Review #1, by BellaLestrange87 Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
I just realized how long it's been since I've left a review on this story. Probably something like 15 chapters... eep! Way too long, anyways. I remember reading this chapter - the first time - and thinking "If I review now, I can get first review" and then going to do something else and closing my browser. I suppose there's always next chapter to hope.

YES THEY FINALLY REALIZED THAT SCORPIUS WAS A MALFOY IT TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH. Although, considering that Draco and Astoria are dead and therefore not around to remind Ron of who his daughter's boyfriend's father is, I suppose I can sort of (but not fully) allow them their thickheadedness. (Now we know why all the jokes about why Harry's not in Ravenclaw exist. Have you seen them? They involve some quote of Harry's where he's being an idiot, and then a caption saying 'This is why he wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw' or something along those lines.)

Rose and Scorpius are so cute together now that she's expecting! (Not that they weren't cute before.) And I love how Scorpius finally stood up to Ron. (And how Ron was waiting for him to get the nerve to do so. That made me laugh.) The fact that he stood up to his future father-in-law over how he was going to respect his fiancee made me like him even more (not that I hate him or anything). Keep him, Rose. Keep him.

I loved Ron and Hermione's reactions to finding out about Rose's pregnancy. Hermione's reaction was a lot more subdued, considering that she's probably a lot more mature than her husband, and I bet she can also remember when she first found out she was pregnant with Rose herself. (I wonder if Mr. Granger had some line similar to Ron's here.) And Ron's reaction... *laughs* I love his line about how old they nee to be to have kids. Rose is how old? Twenty-one or so? I think she's well old enough. See, Ron, even Harry can see how immature you are.

Scorpius sounds like he's slightly in awe of his future mother-in-law here. (As he should be. I think sometimes her husband is in awe of her.) Yep, I think I can see a mixture of awe and admiration. He also sounds like he would rather not spend his days researching stuff.

But at least they realized it! (Also, considering Stannous hasn't reached Rose since the beginning of the book (what do I call this? Fic? Novel? Work? I don't know.), really early anyways (chapter, what? 6? 7?), he wouldn't have had time to become the one in the prophecy.

This made me happy (even though I'm just a tad late reviewing), and I didn't see any typos (which I suppose is what a beta is for).


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Review #2, by dracodarlingxx Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
Scor is being such a sweetheart. He's so excited about the baby (and pretty brave to stand up to Ron Weasley ;) ), and it's great to read :D, and I'm also really happy that Rose is so happy again :) AND THE FATHER IN THE PROPHECY IS SCOR! YES! I just hope Stannous knows it too.
I'm so excited for the next chapter!!

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Review #3, by mymischiefmanaged Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

26th January 2015:
Hi Beth! Back again for our long term swap :)

I really like the opening to this chapter. You settle us in to this new Grimmauld Place era really effectively and manage to get across a lot of information without sounding too explainy. I'm so glad Harry's their secret keeper, and I love the idea of Ron throwing a fit about his daughter moving in with Scorpius Malfoy.

Ruth seems like a really intriguing character. I'm not quite sure what to make of her right now. I really like her a lot as a support figure for Rose, and I think it's really good that you're showing the benefits of professional help in Rose's circumstances (stories too often suggest that you should be able to heal just through friendship and love etc, and it's good to show that there's no shame in seeking outside help as well), but then I can kind of imagine you using Ruth as part of the wider plot - my guess is that she'll either die or exploit the fact she understands Rose's weaknesses. Either way, or even if I'm completely wrong, I like what you've done with her so far.

Dominique, as usual, is wonderful. You've done a really good job of distinguishing your three girls (Dominique, Rose and Selenia) without wasting too many words explicitly explaining how they're different.

And then I'm SO GLAD that Rose just opened up to Scorpius about her insecurities in their relationship. It's quite brave for her to just come out and ask him about his feelings towards her and I think the fact she was even willing to bring it up as a conversation topic shows how much she trusts him. She's really depending on him but it's good that she's able to take an active role in their relationship.

And of course Scorpius's response was always going to be this. He just loves her so much and you get that across really clearly. He's really putting in the effort to learn how to make her feel safe and his actions in this chapter demonstrate just how much he cares. I really like the contrast between their interactions here and earlier in the story when Rose was the one to look out for him.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about Scorpius getting rid of Rose's scars. I can see that he's doing it out of love, and that it makes Rose happy, but I wonder whether it would have helped Rose more to reach acceptance of the marks and to come to terms with what happened to her. It feels a bit like covering up the problem rather than solving it, and I really really wanted Scorpius to help her deal with the scars herself rather than to superficially fix them. I'm just not sure about it as a coping mechanism. I would have liked to see him here helping her mentally rather than physically. But it's just a small thing really. In general I really love the way you've written the two of them here.

And the final two lines are just perfect. It feels quite quick but then when we think about how long they've known and cared about each other for it was inevitable that their relationship would reach this point, especially considering everything they've been through together.

Lovely lovely chapter Beth! I'll be back soon for the next one :)

Emma xx

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Review #4, by MargaretLane Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

25th January 2015:
Aw, poor Rose. She's bound to be nervous.

"She grinned," should have a capital "s" and there should be a full stop before it, because it's a separate sentence to what she said.

Same with "even her words were lighter." There should be a full stop before it and "even" should have a capital "e".

I'm glad she's not dreading telling her family. I think Harry at least will be pleased for her. Ron might take a bit longer to come around and Hermione might be worried about how it'll affect her studies.

Oh, I wonder what this meeting is about. Probably something to do with the prophecy or Stannous, as they've said Rose and Scorpius will have to know.

I'm actually laughing at Ron asking how this could have happened before he's even proposed. Ron is rather overprotective, isn't he? *laughs at his comment that they're too young to be doing...things*

I really LOVE Scorpius's comment that "as long as she'll let me." It shows real respect for her and an acknowledgement that her needs are her decision. His appreciation of Harry's asking Rose if she is OK with hearing it now supports that too.

And that is SO in character for Hermione - to want to research everything and be absolutely sure before she gave any indication of what was on her mind.

*laughs at the rumours of her running to be Minster for Magic* I've made reference to similar rumours in The Rise of the A.W.L. and again she isn't commenting, mainly because I can't decide whether she will or not.

Yeah, not at all surprised Scorpius is the father. Must be some relief to everybody to know that. Although of course, the advantage is only a slight one as Stannous doesn't know that, but as she is already pregnant, there is a chance he might figure it out when the child is born. I wonder how he will react then. Just leaving it doesn't really seem his style.

And I can't believe this story is already thirty chapters long. It doesn't seem like I've read that much.

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Review #5, by MargaretLane Bound by Hope: Rose POV

25th January 2015:
OK, I've got a little behind on this story. You've been updating rather quickly lately.

I like the detail on what is and is not OK to do when pregnant. It makes complete sense that avoiding Apparition would be advised, because of the danger of splinching.

And I've now started wondering if the child will be a boy or a girl.

Looking forward to seeing their conversation with Harry.

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Review #6, by whykay Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

25th January 2015:
Don't prophecies also come true by acting on them??

Author's Response: Heehee - yes! I think that Rose and Scorpius have already "acted" on it - without realizing it, though. Thanks for the review!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Anie Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

24th January 2015:
YES, girl! Yes!

I have been waiting for this moment! I am always so giddily excited when I see you've updated this story.

Please keep up the amazing work!

I hope you're well!

Oh, and Anie Weasley Malfoy has a nice ring to it. Don't you think? ;)

Author's Response: Anie!

You are too sweet! So glad you liked this one. ♥

I am well - how are you?

Haha - I'll keep that name in mind, but I might already have one picked out ;)

Thanks again for your sweet review!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by may_magnolia Bound by Hope: Rose POV

23rd January 2015:
I am loving the fluffy. I can wait to see how Harry will react to know that Rose is pregnant and how this is going to affect the prophecy. I love you story it is really well written.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for the kind words. Next chapter is up - and there are some reactions...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this review!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by ravenclaw_princess Bereft: Scorpius POV

23rd January 2015:
Hello, I'm back again.

Kitchen accident...we all know that's not the case. Scorpius was very robotic through this section showing his overwhelmed and disbelieving state of mind. I feel there were tiny hints of skepticism within Scorpius, but he's too dazed yet to notice them. His reaction and beahavious seems quiet realistic. HE's trying to hold it together, but when the flood gates open, boy do they open.

I love Rose. She's beautifully characterised. She has a lovely spark, a very caring heart but also a lot of spunk. She's a girl who knows her mind. I loved this line of hers “Now, if you would excuse me, I have to use the loo - unless, of course, you want to follow me in there and accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet.”

The love between Scorpius and Rose came through in this chapter, although neither of them see it yet. It was so sad how Rose was crying and then she started Scorpius crying.

Lovely chapter. I'm looking forward to reading on :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - this review was such a nice surprise. Thanks so much.

You saw right through the kitchen accident - keep that tucked away for later :)

I'm a little in love with Rose too and I was glad that I had a chance to write the flashback so readers could see her true nature, because at this point in the story, she's not really up to being herself.

Haha - you found my favorite line!! I seriously laughed so hard when I wrote that (and I'm embarrassing myself by admitting it right now - haha).

Yes - neither of them see their feelings for each other yet, but most of the others do! They're so clueless!

Thanks again - this review was awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by UnluckyStar57 Breakdown: Rose POV

19th January 2015:
Whoa, holy cow this was such a LOADED chapter. Are you even allowed to do this to my sanity?!?!

(January BvB, btw.)

Ugh, hollly cooow. It's so insane how Rose just went from being in therapy patient mode to being in full force Healer in training mode. Insane, I tell you! And it was a completely believable transition, like, her fight-or-flight reflexes kicked in and she fought. Say what you like about her trauma and her inability to talk about her scars; she's still in recovery, but she's a fighter. Dang.

OH MY GOD HOW CRUEL ARE YOU?!?!? DO YOU READ THESE STORIES TO YOUR CHILDREN?!?! Because I would be so traumatized by seeing a person whose insides had been Splinched. Like, oh my god, no. That's the worst possible thing. Where in god's name did you come up with that from?!?!

Not to say that it wasn't BRILLIANT, but STILL. Dang. That's some twisted stuff right there.

And I'm so glad to see that Cormac McLaggen hasn't changed since Hogwarts. So full of it, really. People DIED and he was concerned with making the "greatest improvement to Wizarding transportation evaaar." Like, no, get over yourself, you slatternly crumpet. Ugh. So much hate for him, and I hope he rots in jail. WHY WEREN'T THERE REGULATIONS IN PLACE TO REQUIRE HIM TO TEST THIS STUFF OUT ON INANIMATE OBJECTS BEFORE HUMANS?!?!?! I could imagine that he used innocent puppies in the original prototypes, the sick rat. And what was he trying to accomplish, anyway? They've got the Knight Bus, they hardly need anything MORE traumatizing.

And it SUCKS for Rose that she lost her first patient. As much as I hate to think this about her, it seems like the pain of failure fueled some of her actions with Scorpius afterwards. I mean, the sexy times were inevitable at some point--they've got such a history, and it was about time they got down to it! But on such a sad time, and for Rose to go from "I wanna be close to you" to "I wanna go out and par-taayyy" is just a little too quick for me. She's got some serious issues, man. Seriously.

Sorry, sorry, I'm way too into your characters right now. Like, SO INVESTED. And I hate all the bad mistakes they're making, but I love you for writing them so realistically. You're so awesome. ♥

One complaint I have is that you mentioned the dead patients being "vanished" to the morgue... I felt that patients might be "Banished" instead, which is the opposite of the "Accio" charm and seems a little less gruesome... Unless you meant that the Healers do some tricky Transfig and make the patients vanish and turn up in the morgue. I pictured vanished patients all stacked up together in an invisible manner, and it gave me the creeps. But if that's what you meant, I'm sorry for digressing! :O

Anyway, marvelous marvelous, way-too-many-feels chapter. Excuse me while I go cry a little...

(P.S. I totally caught all of the periodic table names in this chapter. I'm sort of proud, hahaha.)


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Review #11, by missatron Broken: Rose POV

19th January 2015:
Hi Beth! I'm so glad to have the chance to read this - and a ScoRose! My favourite pairing!

It really sounds like Rose has gone through a traumatic experience. The beginning of this is very angsty, and I felt sorry for her. Poor Rose. I'm very intrigued to find out what actually happened to Rose, as, at the moment, it's unknown. At least I think it is. You may have given a hidden hint somewhere or the other - I don't know.

This definitely isn't the usual next gen story that you get. It's a lot less light hearted, and a lot more angsty. I do love a good angst story. I like how you have portrayed Rose so far though. I'm interested to see how Scorpius will be involved in this. You mentioned that he was in the picture on their graduation day, but, as far as I am aware, that was all.

I also liked how you included the routine of "get up, wash, get dressed, class, rounds, study". The chapter was so focused around this fairly simple routine, which exaggerated how sad Rose was. It was almost like that was her whole life in summary. Maybe that's what she's so sad about. If it is, she would probably be over reacting, but that's just my guess. (Most likely wrong :P)

I like how Rose has kept her fears beneath a mask of fake happiness. It just makes you feel even more sorry for her, the poor thing. I hope things get better for her soon.

I'm glad that you put Rose as a Ravenclaw too. I don't know, but if you made her a Gryffindor, it'd be a bit clichéd. Plus, Rose takes after Hermione (who had many traits of a Ravenclaw) which makes it more likely for her to become a Ravenclaw.

I sense that Rose is a quite girl who doesn't step outside of her social group much. One of her roommates, we already know, is her cousin Dominique Weasley, which gives us a clue that she doesn't paticularly enjoy mixing with people she doesn't know well. They are just my observations.

Hmm . I'm still very confused over what the panic attack was about. She says that she hasn't had one in a while ... Is that a hint?

Anyway, I hope to do another review swap with you soon, Beth. This was brilliant!


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Review #12, by UnluckyStar57 Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

19th January 2015:
Hi! I'm here for the January BvB. :)

Wow, this investigation really does hit close to home for Dom, Scorpius, and Al. I feel like they would act with the same objectivity that Kali, Colleen, and Caesar have, if only it weren't a case about Rose. But the three non-relatives/significant other(s) brought up some really good points, and even though it'll be stressful, I hope that Rose's family/boyfriend can listen to them.

One thing that I would like to point out is that you sometimes switch tenses in the middle of paragraphs. It isn't so bad, but it made me a little uncertain about which tense I was supposed to be reading in sometimes.

Ooh, but that's far overshadowed by the things that you do REALLY well, namely: adding to the sense of mystery about Stannous and asking the relevant questions that keep me guessing about his motives. I never thought about it before, but yes--why DID he gravitate towards Rose, only to return her with inflicting any major physical damage? What's he playing at? This villain is super intimidating and scary, and he hits people where it hurts. I want to know more about him, and at the same time, I don't.

Really brilliant chapter! Maybe one day I'll be caught up with reading and reviewing this story. :)


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Review #13, by Anie Bound by Hope: Rose POV

18th January 2015:
Deep down I always hope that your chapters will be 500,000 words or more. I think that's all that I can get disappointed about! Which is really a compliment to your writing!

I can't wait to read what's next! I hope you're well!

Author's Response: Anie!

How did I miss responding to this one! You tug at my ♥ with your sweet words.

I hope you're well too!

Love ya!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Anie Bound by Hope: Rose POV

18th January 2015:
Deep down I always hope that your chapters will be 500,000 words or more. I think that's all that I can get disappointed about! Which is really a compliment to your writing!

I can't wait to read what's next! I hope you're well!

Author's Response: Hiya Anie!

That really *is* a compliment!

Thank you so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by CambAngst Bound by Hope: Rose POV

18th January 2015:
Hi, Beth! Here for our swap. I was very excited to see your new chapter go up!

Cho Chang is one of those characters who intrigues me. I'm always curious to see how different authors imagine her post-Hogwarts life and career. Yours is definitely one of the kinder portrayals I've read, inasmuch as she doesn't seem to be hopelessly pining away after Harry. She seems calm, kind and professional, at least for Rose's appointment. I suppose it's possible she keeps a shelf full of Ginny voodoo dolls at home with her collection of Kneazles. ;)

Anyway, back to the substance of your chapter. The scene with Scorpius trying -- and mostly failing -- to comfort Rose as she pukes sure brought back memories. If there's one failing of the male half of the species -- there are many, but let's just focus on this one ;) -- it's that we feel like we need to try to fix everything. Rose also doesn't seem to be great at accepting sympathy. So she snaps at him. And then she immediately feels terrible about doing it, and poor Scorpius is just kind of confused. All very familiar.

He was so completely understanding and compassionate; it was aggravating me all the more. -- Yep, that right there.

Even when you are trying to be snippy, you are cute and sweet. -- Oops. Wrong move, loverboy. Don't even try telling her she looks sexy in pants with big elastic waistbands...

Scorpius is adorable at the Healer appointment. I want to give him a big manly hug around the shoulders and also shake him a little. In the heat of a moment like this, it's easy to forget that our species has been procreating for tens of thousands of years, the vast majority of that without the aid of professionals. Rose seems to get it, which makes sense considering her profession.

Not to mention the fact that I could've possibly been doing my rounds with this woman when the internship part of my training began, and I didn’t want to be known as the patient with the completely insane boyfr- I guess fiancé - who went off the handle because of a few pounds. -- I liked this paragraph in a lot of ways. Not least is the fact that it shows that Scorpius isn't the only one struggling a bit with how the change in their relationship has changed the ground rules and even the phrasing of things.

Aww, the first ultrasound. Very cute! The description of the magic was a little rough, I thought. I'm not sure you can "cite" spells. Everyone imagines these things differently, I guess. The meat of the scene was beautifully done. I loved the way that both of them are awestruck by what they're seeing. When you see the little bean move for the first time, it's always a life-changing moment.

Question: Was Cho unable to tell the sex of the baby or was she just preserving the mystery? You didn't think you were going to slip that one by without anyone asking, did you? :p

Due on Halloween. Due on Halloween... So the HP books don't have the best history with Halloween. Harry's parents died on Halloween. Rose's mum nearly died on Halloween. The Chamber of Secrets was re-opened on Halloween. Harry's name emerged from the Goblet of Fire on Halloween. Just sayin...

OK, so they're off to see Uncle Harry. This is a chapter I've been waiting for. It will be very interesting to see what Harry makes of all of the news.

I didn't see any typos in this chapter! Yay!

Awesome job and thanks for the swap!

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Review #16, by MargaretLane Bound by Honor: Rose and Scorpius POV

15th January 2015:
Hmm, I'm wondering about this part about Rose fainting. I assumed it was just the shock of the whole thing, combined with the not eating properly, but perhaps there's more to it.

And it really makes sense that Scorpius would react with nothing but happiness, despite the unexpectedness and the possible difficulties of raising a child while you're still studying (although I've no doubt the Weasleys would all pitch in and babysit or help pay for a childminder or whatever), as he's lacked a family for so long.

Yeah, between his parents' gold and the huge family she has, there shouldn't be too much problem either with one of them putting off their study for a year or two or getting somebody to care for the child while they studied. It's not like they'll lack for support.

Aw, I guess it makes sense, growing up in a family of war heroes, that she would see not being a fighter as a bad thing. The wizarding world seems to place a lot of value on fighting and physical courage anyway, or maybe that's just because we see the books from a Gryffindor point of view.

It's bound to be tough for Scorpius not having his family there at his wedding or the birth of his baby.

And hey, you know, by the next gen, the family isn't all THAT big. On her dad's side, there are 12 cousins and on her Mum's, only her and Hugo. So 12 in all. There are eight of us on my mum's side and I've eight more cousins on my dad's, so 16 in all, and both of my parents are from average sized families. One brother and ten cousins is pretty average, I'd think. Draco's comment about all the Weasleys having big families is kind of odd, actually, as Molly and Arthur are the only couple who seem to do so.

Rose does seem more involved with her cousins than a lot of people would be, though, probably because a lot of them are close in age and they all went to the same school.

I've a feeling there's more to come with Stannous, but exactly where you are going, I'm not sure.

One of the things I'm wondering about is if he'll be defeated (and presumably jailed or killed) before the child is born or if they might have to deal with him doing something like attempting to abduct the child. And I'm also wondering about how this child is going to grow up and what his or her destiny is. Or if they are just going to have powerful magic. Even that'd be a big deal though, as it's something they'll need to learn to control.

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Review #17, by Anie Bound by Honor: Rose and Scorpius POV

13th January 2015:
The fluff is real.

Brilliant writing as always! I particularly enjoyed their conversations in bed.

I'm loving all this fluff but I'm fearful of what's to come. Eek!

I hope you have a nice week!

Author's Response: Anie!

I can't believe I let this review sit for so long. I'm going to work to get better at answering them.

Haha - yeah - a bunch of fluff usually does mean there's something else looming...



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Review #18, by Jeannette Bound by Honor: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th January 2015:
Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy and awesome! I really liked how Rose and Scorpius are really becoming closer and more in tune with each other with each chapter.
There was a lot of fluff in the chapter which is well deserved of the two main characters, however, there was also a lot of clarifying information in the conversations. Such as Rose's feelings about the child and the prophecy. I think in this chapter Rose is really starting to realize her self worth. With the help of Scorpius of course.
And as for Scorpius, well he just makes me melt.
Again GREAT chapter, keep it up! I can't wait to see what you have in store next. Things are going almost perfect I feel like you have something up your sleeve that will take us all on a loop. :)

Author's Response: Hey there Jeannette!

Eep! So glad you like the fluff. You're right - it can't stay like this forever, but I *did* enjoy writing this part of the story :)

Yes! Rose is moving along nicely in her healing - she is handling this major life challenge incredibly well!

Thanks again - I love getting your reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by CambAngst Bound by Honor: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th January 2015:
Hi, Beth!

Wow. A small personal aside: after the doctor's appointment where we learned we were having twins, my wife and I went to the IHOP near the hospital and we both ordered breakfast even though it was early afternoon. So yeah, I could relate to that first scene.

I really loved the way you wrote Scorpius in the first scene, even though it wasn't from his point of view. That goofy smile that he couldn't get rid of sounded perfect to me. Combining that with Rose's overwhelming mix of emotions, I'd say that this scene was just about perfect.

"Scorpius," I commented, "you look like someone has hooked both sides of your mouth and tied it to your ears!" -- Yeah, that look.

"When I woke up this morning, there was only one Malfoy in the world – just me. And now, there are going to be two more..." he caught himself and cleared his throat. -- I promise I'll stop just quoting you now, but that line hit me right in the feels. Your story makes me miss Draco and Astoria.

I agree with Scorpius. I'd been waiting for Rose to break down, too. It's a heck of a lot to try to absorb in a short amount of time. Because you've kept this story so realistic for a pair of young twenty-somethings, they both have incredibly busy lives. I could feel Rose's anxiety creeping into me as she tries to make sense of it all.

"We can’t raise a baby here – not in this house." -- Why not? All the Black family members turned out so well... OK, I tried. Couldn't get that out with a straight face.

I adored Scorpius's heartfelt explanation of what the prophecy means to him and how Rose will turn it into a good thing. The boy is quite a poet. And his "one condition" was the crowning touch. If being an Auror doesn't work out, he should seriously consider writing self-help books for guys who want to be better boyfriends/husbands.

The conversations that Scorpius and Rose have with their little bean was one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time. So much heartfelt emotion! Gah!

I don't think I can quote it in a review, but I loved Scorpius's "Bill and Ted" moment of contemplating his impending fatherhood.

Then Selenia and Scorpius play "musical rambling". It's really hard to know exactly what to say from either side of that conversation. There are so many things to try to say, but the right words are so hard to find. So you just end up babbling. You have a good grasp on the dynamic.

Scorpius is going to need some time to figure out all of the random pregnancy-induced emotions. He seemed like he was on the verge of panic.

So I read this last night which means I wasn't at my sharpest, but I only saw one typo:

We could gage his reaction and then move on to Albus. -- gauge his reaction

Beautiful chapter! You nailed the moments, you nailed the feels, you just nailed the whole thing! Thanks for the swap! Until next time...

Author's Response: Hi there Dan!

I always get nervous with the really lovey-dovey chapters that either it's just too much or Scorpius comes off as a wimp - so this review was a big sigh of relief for me - thanks!

Haha - I haven't had the experience of finding out it was twins - but erm... we did have a couple of surprises - you would think an accountant and a biochemist would be able to uh, *account* for stuff a bit better.

Haha - quote me all you want! You found the ones that I was most proud of - so :)

Any way you look at it - becoming a parent is a BIG deal - and although Rose is well on her way to healing, she's got a lot on her plate at the moment.

Haha - Scorpius is really in tune with Rose - I don't know how well he'd be able to dish out advice to others - he's got all he can handle right now!

Yeah, I couldn't pass up the parents' chats with the little one. It was too cute - thanks.

I almost edited out the Scorpius/Selenia conversation, but I realized that I hadn't had those two characters interact one-on-one yet in the story. I wanted to show that they have a strong relationship as well, and that they weren't just friends because they were dating close cousins. Also, there's a *tiny* bit of story line in their conversation.

Thanks again for this awesome review. The next chapter has a bit more plot to it.

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by marauderfan Blown Away: Scorpius POV

11th January 2015:
Wow, this was such an intense chapter!

I had a suspicion in one of the earlier chapters that something had happened to Scorpius, but I wasn't expecting anything quite this bad. I feel like this must be part of the reason why Scorpius and Rose can relate to each other so much, having both gone through a really horrible ordeal. As much as Scorpius is a comfort to Rose after all she's been through, the fact that he's been holding on to her shirt for this long implies a lot about how she helps him cope as well.

I have a feeling Astoria was about to say "It's not safe", which makes me think she knew something, possibly was expecting to be attacked? Or was expecting someone to attack Scorpius and when that person couldn't find him they went after Draco and Astoria instead? Either way, omg. intense. and so sad.

It makes me especially sad because the last interaction he had with them was a fight, and trying specifically to irritate them. :(

The way you wrote Scorpius' discovery of their deaths was just so chilling. The way you wrote it is phenomenal too - it's just a lot of details that he sees, smells, hears, but it takes him a while to really process the scene and realise that his parents are dead - it's just too much of a shock for him to comprehend all at once. It gave me chills. Gah, this section is just so sad. I particularly liked this line My head hit the mantle hard and I turned around in surprise that there were actually solid objects still existing in the universe. -- as it shows how disconnected Scorpius feels, like what he's seeing can't possibly be real, and then hitting the fireplace reminds him where he is, kind of brings him back to earth.

This was so sad. But a really powerfully written chapter -great writing.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Yeah, this chapter is a heavy one. And you're spot on with the characterization of Rose and Scorpius's relationship. *They* just don't realize it yet...

Good thinking about Astoria - I don't want to give away too much, but you're on the right track. Scorp is going to carry the guilt of his teenage tantrum for a long, long while.

Thanks! I've had a few moments in my life where you're so completely wrapped in your own head that you forget that there is even air to breathe, so I'm glad that came off as realistic!

Thanks again for the swap!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by Moo moo Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

4th January 2015:
I'm going to send you a bill for the sleep you owe me because I was so utterly addicted to your story I couldn't bear sleeping.

Author's Response: Hi there! So sorry you missed out on sleep - but this review TOTALLY made my day! Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by Jeannette Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

3rd January 2015:
Fantastic! As always :) Scorpius is taking this way better than I thought he would. He seems even more excited than Rose! Which is kind of adorable.
As for Rose.. It doesn't seem like she understands that the prophecy is most likely (and I'm guessing here) about that child that she is carry! Ahh! It's killing me.
I love Selenia's reaction! She is just the perfect best friend. And Albus seemed to be a type of comic relief which went really well with the dramatic situation.
My favorite bit was the mention of Ron and Hermione already knowing about the proposal. It made me smile! Of course Scorp asked for permission :)
Also I completely agree that Scorpius and Rose deserve some fluff. It's not everyday that a prophecy is made about you and some crazy psycho-maniac is trying to kidnap you. Needless to say, they have been through a lot.
I'm super excited for the next chapter. They just keep getting better and better! :) keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi there Jeannette!

So sorry I haven't responded until now. Thanks again for the awesome review!

You're right - Scorpius *is* taking this better than Rose. More of that to come.

Selenia is awesome! And if Al's reaction at seeing Rose unconscious is any indication, she was wise to keep this bit of information from him.

Haha - yeah Scorp asked permission.

Yay! Fluff - I'm so glad you like the fluff!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by MargaretLane Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

3rd January 2015:
Poor, poor Rose. While I suspect this will end up being a good thing, it's still one more stress on top of everything else. Even a planned pregnancy is bound to create some worries - a new person, completely dependent on you - and this is pretty out of the blue for Rose. And then there's the prophecy on top of that. While this might lessen Stannous's interest in her, the idea of raising such a powerful witch or wizard is an additional responsibility.

Yikes, the thought of him doing something to the baby is possible. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get rid of it to ensure he could have a child with Rose that can fulfill the prophecy.

"Oh my Merlin" sounds a bit off to me. After all, there aren't many Merlins that different people believe in, the way there are gods, so there wouldn't be a need to clarify it's yours you're referring to. If they were to use Merlin in that way at all, and I don't think they ever do in the books, I'd imagine they'd just say "oh Merlin."

*laughs* YES. I think sending Al to get Rose something to eat could be a good way of getting rid of him all right.

Sorry for the short review. Nothing too dramatic happened in this chapter, so I don't have much to say. And yeah, Rose and Scorpius definitely deserve a break for a while. They've a fair amount of stress ahead of them, I'd say between finishing their courses, raising a child and the continued threat of Stannous. And of course, the trauma in their pasts.

Author's Response: Hey there!

The pregnancy was a bit of a shock, but I think Rose is up for it. As for how Stannous is going to take this, that remains to be seen.

Hmmm - I've never thought about it. I feel like I've used "Oh my Merlin" before. But "Oh Merlin" does seem a bit more natural.

Selenia is a master of management. She really knows how to navigate a tricky situation - and Albus!

You're right - not too much going on here. I apologize for the next few fluffy chapters, but thanks so much for taking the time to review!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by WhiteFeather Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

3rd January 2015:
Oh this is so exciting! I know there is probably a tonne of trouble to come, but right now this is just so perfect! I'm glad to here the next chapters will be fluffy, because who doesn't love a bit of fluff? Thank you & keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks for leaving a review! I'm relieved that the news of a bit of fluffiness is going to be well received.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by Paddlewaddle Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

3rd January 2015:
Oh dear, I realised I haven't reviewed a chapter since 23 after I read them. So I'm going to go ahead and make up for it now HAHAHA

I knew Hermione being the Smartest witch of her Age was not for nought. Use that brain my dear heroine!! :D I can just imagine the atmosphere in the room while the prophecy was being revealed for a second time. It makes everything seem so real and I never imagined it would come true so fast either.

I always thought that the prophecy wouldn't actually come true until after they've confronted and (hopefully) overthrown Stannous and it would have been the perfect little happy ending wrapped in a bowtie - but Of course you'd throw us a plot twist and the prophecy appears to be in full force.

I love how sweet the last two chapters are, its just Rose and Scorpius in their own world and not letting this negativity get to them too much. However, I do hope Rose will cope well with this added stress - I have to admit everything is coming on and happening so fast I'm almost afraid its going to come crashing down sometime soon in the future. And not to mention the whole point of Rose being a target was because Stannous thought HIS kid would be the one spoken about in the prophecy... not Scorpius' so this is a total game changer - Not only is Rose a the target, but so is the unborn child. Realistically, Rose is already in a state of immense stress and the added psychopath after your baby could possibly just put Rose AND the baby in danger of miscarrying- in fact I'm surprised that nothing major has happened so far with the baby given how stressful the last 3 months has been for Rose but I believe this baby is a fighter so fingers crossed that our heroes make it through this story alive, well and happy. In any case, this story deals with grief and love so wonderfully, that in the event that something does happen, I feel you'd handle it in this story with such finesse and care.

In addition, I just love how Albus is like a bumbbling idiot. Absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see Hermione's "I KNEW IT" face when news of the baby comes out... at least before the serious concerns set in as Harry especially would know what a game changer this will be for everyone, being the subject of a prophecy himself. I simply love your Rose and Scorpius - John Legend's All Of Me is on in the background of my head everytime I read these fluffy moments because the song is exactly how I'd envision your characterisation. My feels are currently on overdrive as you can tell.

Can't wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Hi Paddlewaddle! So good to see you!

Wow - this is one humdinger of a review. Thanks so much!

Yes - plot twists abound! I'm so glad to keep you on your toes!

There is going to be a bit of added stress now, but I think Rose is up for it. As long as she has Scorp, she's equipped to handle just about anything.

Good thinking about Stannous. He's probably going to have something to say about this new... er... development.

Haha! Bumbling Al was a BLAST! Everyone's waiting for the reactions of the Wotters. I hope that I don't disappoint.

Okay - in the interest of full disclosure All of Me is on the playlist of songs I listen to when I write! So it's quite possible that I was listening to this when I wrote this chapter (it's been written for quite some time, so I can't say exactly).

Thanks again! Love this review!

♥ Beth

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