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Review #1, by Tonks1247 Breakdown: Rose POV

3rd July 2015:
Heya! So, I have to get up in a couple hours, but have decided that another review wouldn’t hurt. Because, you know, I may regret it in the morning, especially when I get distracted in other things and am still only three sentences into this review after a half an hour.

So. Ruth. I do not like her. She seems like a suspicious character. Which is actually kind of funny. Because Ruth comes in after the majority of the Stannous stuff occurs and seems unrelated to the Stannous situation but I still don’t want to trust her. Rose says a lot to her and she just…she’s suspicious. I can’t even explain why. I just get that feel about her…

As for that whole hospital, bus, apparating thing…wow. Rose being put in charge for a bit and then figuring out what seemed to be going on...it’s intense. I feel a bit bad about it being her first loss of a patient (I work in the medical field and have lost residents in like, a nursing home setting, but they never passed away in front of me or while I was in at work or anything and I can only imagine what it will be like after I become a nurse and go through that…). I think you do a great job getting Rose’s thoughts and feelings into line with everything else that is happening in that scene.

As for Rose and Scorpius after that? Dear lord. I hope they realize if they talk to each other, things tend to work out between them better. The whole ‘let’s not talk about it curse’ really just makes life suck for the both of them and creates more problems that wouldn’t exist if they could just speak to each other.

Going right with that, Rose’s inability to speak made me roll my eyes (in a not as irritated of a way as that sounds): “I was sure the hospital staff would know about it, but if I asked them, it might lead to a discussion that I didn’t want to have.”

And, rather than ending on a favourite quote, I’d rather end with the phrase that definitely sounds like an end all situation that isn’t a bright idea (You know, the part of the horror movie where everyone screams don’t open the door, but the main character goes ahead and opens it anyways and then something pops out and everyone jumps and screams even though they knew it was going to happen? Yeah, one of those!)

“I want to go out.”


Great chapter! Quite enjoyed and I’m sure the next is going to be action packed! Hopefully I’ll be back soon to get to it! :D


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Review #2, by Tonks1247 Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

3rd July 2015:
Hiya Beth!

So. Before I get too far into this review. I need to share an observation. Every chapter title starts with the letter B. And there are a series of Break and Bound starting a couple of them. And I /just/ now realized it.

Moving on.

WHY MUST THESE QUESTIONS ALWAYS RETURN?! I don’t understand how Stannous got past the wards for the party or in Rose’s flat. Like, they are famous kids who have always needed wards, and with maybe just a smidge of paranoia from their parents, are taught to put them up right…It has to be some sort of inside job, but honest to goodness, who? Who would have it out for Rose? And anti-apparition within the flat should stop Stannous but it doesn’t. Is there something about the Anti-apparition wards that gets placed by the ministry? I wouldn’t think so, but where would he have someone on the inside?! LIKE SERIOUSLY WHY DID KALI HAVE TO BRING ALL MY QUESTIONS BACK TO MIND?!

Also, the new question: Why did Stannous take Rose for 6 days and then return her?

And I feel bad for Scorpius. This is a lot of stress about his girlfriend to have to handle. It’s too much for Rose to have to handle. Like, no one should have to handle stuff like this.

SIDE NOTE (Since I’m good at them): Colleen Creevey takes me a lot of brain power to read correctly. Could be the current hour in the morning, but Colin keeps interfering with Colleen. And that would be the end of this side note… xD

And I think that’s it for this chapter. It was shorter, but still gave rise to a lot of important questions and points! Great job!


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Review #3, by Tonks1247 Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

3rd July 2015:
Hey Beth!

Had to laugh. Definitely can tell I’m mixing some chapter reviews here, as I’ve already talked about Harry being secret keeper and trying to keep it from Ron during my last review…but you know, I have to leave reviews for all these chapters because they are just too great not to and you deserve them! So much work goes into writing a novel and I just…I have to appreciate everyone who gives them a go and keeps them updating which leads to more reviews!

(Okay, need to get on topic. Should probably go to bed now that I’ve been off work for 3 hours, but not feeling it…bear with the random xD)

I love the little side mission Al, Dom and Scorpius have, working alongside the work they already do for Auror training. Also love the mentees getting in on it too. They add an interesting dynamic that I quite enjoy. Especially with how well they work with who they are paired with. I think it makes Al, Dom, and Scorpius character’s more understandable, in a way, because it gives them someone to interact with that isn’t quite as close in relations and just overall…I kinda like them.

These two also tick me off just a little bit. Dancing around each other…in a way, it’s expected with Rose/Scorpius, but it doesn’t change the fact that they should just /talk/ to each other so everyone is on the same page. It obviously turns out better for them both if they do xD (In which case, I thank Dom for calling Rose out on it because seriously…she’s a bit slow and Scorp isn’t much better)

I’m also fascinated by the healing spell Scorpius uses. I love the lead up to it and how Scorpius recognizes the limits and just talks Rose through her panic. And then he brings up trying something, and this spell…it’s fascinating. It adds such a dimension to the Malfoy family, with it being a spell that’s passed on…(I’m not quite sure if dimension is the word I want but ancient stuff like that getting passed on adds something to the Malfoy name, you know?) Also, the fact that he uses it more so to make Rose feel better than to make her look better…it just made me smile with how sweet he is!

(Did I also mention that the way I imagine Scorpius talking to Rose and calling her Ro kinda gets to me and makes me smile like an idiot? Like, it’s so freaking adorable and it’s really just great!)

The other thing I wanted to add, from my first read through: Ruth unsettles me. She seems to make things personal, with use of just her first name, and with Rose telling her things as her therapist…I don’t like it. I don’t know why, but I definitely don’t…

AND. My favourite parts of my reviews. My favourite line (though any of Scorpius’ commentary here makes me giggle):

“You smell good,” I commented when I could detect the scent of lavender wafting off her locks. Did that sound weird? I don’t want her to think I’m some sort of a creep.”

Haha, great job with this chapter! I’m thinking at least one more before I go to sleep…


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Review #4, by Magarie298 Bated Breath: Scorpius POV

2nd July 2015:
Beth! This chapter left me hungry for so much more! But it was a really sweet chapter. I think after the last few chapters being so intense this chapter seemed like a nice breath of fresh air. However, I'm still so curious as to how Rose ended up in this situation. While I have a few theories bouncing around in my head, nothing is solid without a little confirmation ;)

Healer Lawrence made me quite upset in this chapter. I mean I know it's his job to try and heal, but was calling security really necessary?

Al really has become one of my favorite characters. He is so protective of the people he cares about. It's really sweet.

I can't help but think that the reason Rose's heartbeat began to come down as Scorpius was talking to her is because of his "special magic" that we saw in chapters past. There seems to be a connection however, just a guess here.

As usual amazing chapter. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!


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Review #5, by Tonks1247 Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

29th June 2015:
Beth! I’m back! Took me a while, as I was going to read and review another chapter the other night, but then another event for the house cup started and then I left on vacation which, turns out, did not provide me with much wifi as I expected to have, and so bring us to now, where I’ve since found some time to get some reviews going again. YAY!

And, just before I go into this chapter, your review responses have been the greatest things ever! I have absolutely adored reading them as they make me smile and giggle a bit! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading them and hope I can continue to leave some fun reviews, maybe even catch up to how far I’ve actually read (I may have finished reading all of the chapters and am just jumping back through to drop reviews and thoughts on chapters but then again maybe not, but it’s a definite possibility…;) ).

So. This chapter. That was a good wind down from the previous intensity that had me all but leaping out of my seat in anticipation of what was to come. I like how you slowed it down but still had some anxiousness and stuff in this chapter. And by that I mean, you have Rose waking up and sort of freaking out on Scorpius as she hadn’t known it was him with her. She also has some of that anxiety as she then has to relive parts of her fears in order to go speak to Harry and fill him in on what has happened. I liked how it was present, but not overwhelming, because it continued to set up the fact that Rose is super anxious about everything that is going on and unfolding when she tried so hard to hide it in her past, but at the same time, there is time to settle down and be okay and see that things are trying to be worked out to be better.

I love that Scorp and her both took a day off to be with each other and just to unwind. I kind of sort of really adore Rose and Scorpius together in this and for them to have this time and to try to sort through their emotions and expectations and just being people for a day. Also love how Scorpius still has that calming effect and the description and approach you take to those instances are quite fantastic as their consistent with his character and hers and just…you do quite a lovely job of keeping Rose and Scorpius in this relationship that maintains itself, despite all the changes going on.

Also, this whole not telling Ron thing…I don’t know how well this will work out. I mean, the whole Rose/Scorp thing…well…it should be interesting. Especially with moving them to Grimmauld Place with the fidelius charm…Harry as secret keeper isn’t the most difficult, as Harry can just be like hey, they’re moving here so they don’t know it’s under the fidelius charm, but just…I don’t know. With Hermione’s history with Malfoy manner…well, I’m going under an assumption that Rose isn’t in on that whole situation that occurred…

Also. Love Rose and Harry. I really really do like how their relationship is so close and that Rose is comfortable to let him in on things and reassure him when she, herself, needs her own reassurances. It’s just nice to have that father/daughter thing going on, as I’ve previously mentioned…

And, to close out here, my favourite line from this chapter…

“I was playing a fool’s game, thinking that I could actually be normal.”

Okay, favourite may be a bad term as all it makes me want to do is smack Rose because we all know it’s not true, even though she’s in denial, and her and Scorpius would be perfect, will be when she finally gives in and just…well…yeah. Fool’s game is what they make it out to be xD

Great job with this chapter! :D


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Review #6, by CambAngst Bated Breath: Scorpius POV

26th June 2015:
Hi, Beth! I read this chapter a week ago and writing this review has been on my to-do list ever since. Let's see if I can fix that this morning!

So you've now compounded the mystery of who attacked Rose with the mystery of why the healers can't keep her heart rate under control. I'm looking all over for suspects here. Based on the blond hair from the last chapter, I didn't feel like I could completely rule out Scorpius. Whether he was possessed or under the influence of some curse or whatever the reason, the details would fit. But then we see the calming effect he has on Rose in this chapter and it makes me less suspicious. Then again, sometimes when you make me less suspicious, that makes me more suspicious. You see the complex relationship I have with this story. ;)

The next common thread that runs through everything bad that's happened to Rose (the attack on her flat, the attack on the pub and the attack at Grimmauld Place) is Selenia. In her case, the question would be motivation. She's obviously had plenty of opportunities to kill Rose along the way, without any interference from anyone, so why would she resort to such brazen tactics and then help to keep Rose alive. Unless, of course, her objective isn't to kill Rose but instead to draw Rose and Scorpius together. Perhaps more people than just Hermione understand that the prophecy likely refers to Scorpius and Rose, not Stannous and Rose. Perhaps there are forces conspiring to bring about the birth of Rose and Scorpius's child, but intending to kidnap and raise the baby for their own, nefarious purposes. So perhaps cursing Rose to raise her heart rate was a plan to try to force the healers to take the baby early? Or perhaps I'm overthinking this by a mile.

The last thread is the woman at St. Mungo's who also worked at the pub. She would be an untidy solution, since she wasn't around for the attack on Rose's flat. Unless... hmmnn... I can't remember which happened first, the incident where all of the splinched victims came to St. Mungo's or the attack on the flat. I might have to go back and check.

Anyway, along with this chapter. I really liked Scorpius's private little confession to Rose in the hospital room. It's pretty much everything that I think all of your readers have been thinking for several chapters now. It also reminds me a bit of a scene that you'll see near the very end of CoB, so we have some nice synergy working here. ;)

I'm a little conflicted about the way Scorpius's presence affects Rose's condition. Don't take this the wrong way, but it felt a little too easy to me. Throughout the story, you've done such a great job of detailing the struggles that these characters face and showing how they're able to overcome them. It's not that I wish difficulty on Rose and Scorpius, but it felt a little awkward in the context of the rest of the story.

Healer Lawrence seems like a great, thunderous jerk. By the time the big confrontation is filling the room, I was rooting for Albus to curse him.

Again, we see Selenia intervening at the perfect moment to prevent something from happening to Rose that might hurt the baby and to bring Rose and Scorpius closer together. Why does this character doing such a wonderful, selfless thing make me so suspicious??? This is what you do to me, Beth!!!

I liked the contrast you were able to create between the amusing chaos going on outside of Scorpius's silencing spell and the very touching moment happening inside of it. It's as though there were two separate worlds coexisting in the same room, divided by this semi-transparent barrier.

That's mostly all I have. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I am filled with suspicion. Whodunnit? Who? WHO?

I hope we find out soon. Can't take much more. :p

Great job!

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Review #7, by tangledconstellations Broken: Rose POV

23rd June 2015:
Hey there!

I'm swinging by for the BvB review battle but also to leave your 500th review on this fic!

Congratulations!! That's such an achievement! 500! :D you deserve it - it's obvious you've put so much time into this fic :) I've always wanted to read this but have never quite got round to it, so this seemed like a very good opportunity to.

This was such a fab first chapter. I think you've done an awesome job on establishing Rose's character and sort of familiarising us with her thought processes. I like that this chapter has a darker undertone. It's really interesting, and has me intrigued for what is to come. There are already questions that I want answering - what is it that has frightened her so much? What is she remembering that is making her suffer? - although it's even more enticing because I feel like it's the kind of question that can't be answered in one chapter. It's obvious the effects of whatever happened are really sticking with Rose, and so right now I'm curious but I know whatever is to come is gonna be something big.

I really really like your writing style - you adopt the way Rose is thinking and pushing herself on really well. Even when you told us about the Sorting Ceremony, it didn't feel like a deviation - it was still a part of Rose's thoughts, told through her eyes. You have a real knack to remaining in the present, with Rose, but also giving us just enough information and backstory to get us all the more invested in your fic. I like the setting too - Healer training! That's just awesome. And I also really like that Rose isn't 100% capable. She comes across to me as a really realistic character - someone that is struggling with something, someone that sometimes finds it hard to live her life. I think we can all relate to that in some degree. I think that's why I already like her so much.

This was such a fab chapter and reading it, I can't believe I haven't started it before! I'll definitely be reading on soon :)

(also, again - 500!! Yay!! *hugs* ♥)

Laura xxx

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Review #8, by merlins beard Bated Breath: Scorpius POV

22nd June 2015:
Hey Beth!
Your updates make me super excited! This was so awesome to read! I love that Scorpiua realizes what he and Rose both need is for him to be there with her and the baby. He won't be the kind of bad influence he fears he'll be.
It's so sweet that he can calm Rose's heartbeat when the healers can't. Selenia did really well, recognizing what was going on and fighting for what she believed was right.
Albus... I love Albus for defending Selenia, but there might have been a better way to solve the problem...
That healer is terrible. I don't like him at all. Now that she's awake, Rose should request a different healer.
I can't wait for the next chapter


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Review #9, by k1187700 Bated Breath: Scorpius POV

20th June 2015:
YAY! You updated to fast! For saying how dramatic this chapter was, you made it really funny! I think it was so perfect to make it funny too because things have been to tense and depressing for the last few chapters it made me laugh even more, if that makes sense? Sometimes with comedies they try to be funny all the time and it unbelievable, and with dramas, the constant drama gets you down so yes. Really enjoyed it :)

So I've been thinking about this conundrum with her heart rate coming up after she was admitted. So something while she was in the hospital must have done this and I can't help but notice that the time they were attacked in the pub the cockney healthcare assistant was also there, and obviously she was there in the hospital when she started to decline. . . Just spit balling here. I do like a mystery.

Despite loving mysteries, I also like answers. I know you updated this one so quickly but I am greedy and would love love LOVE another chapter asap! ;P

Author's Response: Hi hi!

I feel kinda bad because I don't think I updated very fast (it was over a month :( ). But I'm so, so excited to see you back! Eep! Haha - I don't wanna say too much, but I think you're VERY observant :)

I've got about another week of sheer insanity in my real life, so after that updates should be a bit more regular!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Tonks1247 Bombarda Maxima: Scorpius POV

20th June 2015:
Wow. Well, that was just. Wow. Emotion wise, I think you nailed it. I don't know if it's because I'm already so attached to Rose and Scorpius and htem being together or what, but I could feel Scorpius' feelings and his anger. I couldn't exactly keep up with it as soon as the forest game, but it was evident in your writing that his pain was there, that there was anger and everything else. It was really really well written.

On a side note here, Forest of Dean? Brilliant. Perfect place to go destroy some trees and such...

On topic. Dom, Al, Selenia characters were great as well. I love how defined thier characters are, and how they have mannerisms they stick to. I find writing and involving so many characters difficult but you do such a fantastic job. I feel almost as if I could read a situation involving two characters and be able to name which says what or does what. It's really kinda awesome.

There were two small things I noticed in this chapter:

"I did’t know who Albus was asking." -didn't is spelled incorrectly (missed a letter)

"He continued attacking every tree in his path, using nonverbal -spells at this point." -the dash in this sentence really isn't necessary, I don't think...

Overall, fantastic chapter! I'm trying to decide how important sleep is, because if I hold off for just a little while longer, I could get another one or two in...hmm.


Author's Response: Hi Mikaela!

I'm sorta working backwards through my unanswered reviews, here - and I don't have a rhyme or reason to it, so I might continue in this manner, and I might switch it up ;)

Anyway, I REALLY appreciate all your feed back. I've already updated the chapter with your suggestions - thanks for finding those typos.

This chapter was actually the very first thing I wrote for this novel. I started here and wrote forward for 5 months from this point in the story, THEN I decided to post the story on this site and had to write the beginning chapters. I know it sounds really weird, but I had never written anything before this - and I just kinda did it how it came to me.

Glad you like the Forest of Dean - it comes back later.

Ooo! Thanks for your comment on characterization - I don't have much to say, they are so ingrained in my head, it's almost like I already know how they're going to react to each situation. And I have no explanation for that, other than this story started to form in my head and I couldn't stop it - hee hee!

Thanks again - it was such a treat to wake up this morning to these reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by Tonks1247 Besieged: Rose POV

20th June 2015:

So. Casual Thursday night. Hang out with a ton of friends, chat because course work is cooperative to allow an off night, snog the boyfriend (whether Rose and Scoprius have defined it or not...) forever just because you can. And then BAM! Stannous.

Not cool, just not cool...

I think what makes this chapter even better is that Rose's confusion, inability to go for her wand, to turn out of the room sooner, and her anxiety...I could feel it all. I found myself on the edge of my seat, anxious for her safety. I think the only relief I had was getting caught up in questions because I just knew, as soon as Dom showed up, that she woudln't get taken again. Though those questions do NOT make me feel any better.

How did Stannous get in? How is he keeping track of her? Who are these accomplices? Is there someone he knows that also knows Rose and Rose doesn't know about the connection which is how Stannous knows things? Or is Stannous some super creepy guy who knows some creepy magic that allows him to be a creep? Like, seriously. How did he find her and get in?! Or get out? Is he getting out? Okay, well, maybe not so much is he getting out...with this story still continueing, obviously they don't have him, but like...seriously. What?

Okay. Now that the ranting is outta my system. My favorite line from this chapter...

"We could talk about everything and nothing at the same time and, next moment, couldn’t keep our hands off each other."

May know something about talking about everything and nothing...have no idea how it works...

Great chapter! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi Mikaela!

Haha - I wish you could see my face right now because I'm all giddy and smiley while I'm reading your review. Part of me want to answer your questions for you - but I'm NOT gonna do that! And the other part of me is so excited because you HAVE questions.

Ha! I love that line too. It's the mark of a good, budding relationship. One point that I wanted to hammer home here is that Rose isn't being completely honest with Scorpius at this point. I know she's been through an ordeal, but in order to move forward, she's gonna have to come clean about her demons.

And yeah, Stannous has some serious magic - or connections - or both...

Still not gonna tell ;)

Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by CrimsonCharmRose Beating Heart: Scorpius POV

15th June 2015:
gah... please write more. It's so good!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much for leaving a review! I'm so happy you like the story. I'm editing the next chapter now!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by Tonks1247 Better: Rose POV

13th June 2015:
I love this relationship between Rose and Harry. I don't know why, but the fact that Harry is so fascinating with her and that he loves her dearly, just like her father, is just...it's so perfect. I like htat she visits with him too. Really shows how tight knit some members of the family are.

Also adore Rose's way of being. I love that she stopped Al and insisted on healing him up. Same as Harry. Also, how casual her and Scorpius set up a time to meet? In front of Harry and Al? With Al's reaction as they headed back to training, love it!

I liked how Harry said something about Scorpius fancying her too. Especially the bit about she woudln't normally discuss things like that with Harry, but couldn't help but admit it to him. Really sweet. Really good build on thier relationship!

Short chapter, but I think it was quite effectively used and I loved the short read.


Author's Response: Hi there, Mikaela!

I've taken some heat over the Rose/Harry relationship, but I stand by it. I feel like Ron never really became very good with women. At some point he was able to figure out what made Hermione tick, but (especially) when it came to his daughter, he was at a bit of a loss. Harry on the other hand, has the benefit of being a bit removed from Rose - he doesn't have to be the one to tell her 'no' on most occasions (growing up) and was really, really enamored with her as a small child.

Harry also has a soft spot for Scorpius. He sees a lot of himself in the younger Malfoy - losing his parents so young and having to deal with infamy at Hogwarts. He wants both of them to be happy - EVERYONE is rooting for them, but they seem to be a bit daft and need a little push in the right direction.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Tonks1247 Bitter: Scorpius POV

13th June 2015:
Did I previously say I love the switch ups in POV? I like that it changes and I get to see both sides of the story. I mean, at times frusterating, because these two are borderline ridiculous sometimes, but really, really effective with telling the story and characterization and such! Really great!

Haha. I love Albus' teasing. Even better that it is in a meeting where they aren't supposed to be talking. The only thing I woulda suggested to Scorpius was to be like, dude, you're talking about your cousin. Just to see if that woulda made things played out different...

Anyways. This whole issue between Harry and Albus? Oh my gosh. Intense and I think I can actually understand where it's coming from. Although, why Teddy wasn't more concerned about the dueling idea as quickly as Scorpius is sorta concerning. Or even Ron. I mean, yeah, great, fine, it's how it works, but like...that could have gotten so much worse. I do love how Scorpius got in the way before it went over the top.

And the truth coming out about the big issue between father and son? Well played out. I love how you have it described. Seems like it could actually be happening and it was good to see Harry and Albus getting on the same page with things.

Also. Albus at the end? Scorpius had the right idea in mind. So totally unnecessary. Makes me laugh though. Especially because this isn't exactly how Scorp wanted things to turn out...should know better with Albus though, shouldn't he?

Haha, another great chapter! Think I'm in for one more tonight...

Author's Response: Mikaela!

Gah - I don't know if I can tell you how much I love all these reviews. You bring a fresh perspective and I really enjoy the back-and-forth conversation we're having!

Glad you like the camaraderie between Al and Scorp. Good point about Rose being Al's cousin. I think at this point, he's just tired of them dancing around each other - enough is enough - haha!

I wanted to explore the Al/Harry issue a bit more, but since the story is centered around Rose and Scorpius, I didn't want to digress too much...

Haha - yes, Albus is a bit cheeky at the end, but he felt it was needed to get these two love birds pointed in the right direction.

Thank you so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by Tonks1247 Besotted: Rose POV

13th June 2015:
So. Some questions answered. Crucio flagrate. Being kidnapped and tortured for 6 days. So many emotions and, again, more questions. Why was she kidnapped and tortured? What was the point in letting her go? Like, so totally lost and feel so terrible for her and her PTSD type stuff going on. It's good that Scorpius helps (Well...good and bad. Dependence sucks a lot at times...) but still. The fact that they both have sad backstories and underwent huge changes...and the fact that no one knows about her scars. Like, what?

ALSO. Some big red flag? "All I remember is a shock of white flyaway hair walking out of the room." I have this huge feeling that this line is significant.I don't know why...just super, super suspicious...not sure I am quite to the point of having theories, but I'll have to keep this in mind...

Scorpius thinking Rose was his mother and him apologizing broke my heart, also. I just want to cry for him. Like, just...so cruel. Especially when he goes on to drunk talk about his father and how his mother was amazing...just, heartbreaking.

Also, Scorpius apologizing for the past an his admission? These two kill me. They need to just get together already. I have a feeling they had one of those friendships that was borderline more than a friendship and both denied it. Well, that and Rose playing her whole 'I wasn't who I was' and he couldn't get what he deserved. Like, just...they're both going to play that game. I can just feel it.

Anyways. Fantastic chapter!

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Review #16, by Tonks1247 Bereft: Scorpius POV

13th June 2015:

So. The second half of Scorpius losing his parents. Like, more than enough emotion and I just feel terrible for Scorpius. I can't even imagine...but it does, from what I've seen so far, make sense with his character. Can't wait to see what further comes...

Though, again on my issue with his parents death... "My parents were killed from the results of a magic-induced explosion in the oven." Why does this entire situation sound so iffy? I don't understand how it is a simple explosion...like, just.no. Maybe I've become attached to Scorpius already and don't feel it rightful he lose his parents like this but just...a kitchen explosion? I don't like it, not one bit. (Also, results should be results in that sentence, just now noticing...)

As for what followed? I just want to cry for Scorpius. The fact that he was in such a dark place and that he didn't think his aunt noticed how he wasn't eating or doing much else...it's so heartbreaking! Made me super happy when Rose and Albus showed up and stayed with him and let him cry with them. It was such a necessary scene.

Also, had to laugh with Ron and Harry showing up and Rose being in bed with Scorpius. Just too perfect. Kinda had a feeling it was coming, but like, c'mon, the kid just lost both his parents and he needs to be in the company of those who keep him sane!

Though, the fact that Rose disregaurded her father's explosion, stayed nonchalant about it and then continued to come find him to lay with him and keep him grounded when he needed her was sweet. Good build on thier relationship and made me smile quite a bit.

As for the alcohol here at the end? Well, not a good fix all, but all to ones own. Rough time thinking sometimes.

Another great chapter! Great work!

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Review #17, by Tonks1247 Blown Away: Scorpius POV

13th June 2015:

So. I started reading this during the House Cup review challenge and then I couldn't sleep last night (I'm nocturnal, apparently) so I kept reading and I've read through quite a few chapters, and have a few notes on said chapters I've read, so I figured I'd go through, leave some reviews, read some more, leave more reviews...do all kinds of crazy things because I may really want to read more of this story...

So. That's the plan. I'm starting where I left. I'll try not be rambling in all my reviews, but I'm kind of loving what I'm seeing, so no gaurantees.

ANYWAYS. Onto bussiness.

What. Even. Is. This. I started reading this chapter and was like, okay, so he's standing up to his parents, he and his father don't get along, he wants to go play.I'm not sure why this is a big deal. And then BAM. Both of his parents dead. And he walks into this horrific scene AFTER HE WAS SO MAD AS HIS PARENTS AND HIS MUM AND JUST.

Seriously, some pretty awesome description here and just, Scorpius freezing and just taking it all in as he's going numb and not able to process...brilliantly written. This whole flashback makes so much sense for his character and it's just heartbreaking. It's not fair that Scorpius had to come home to that.

Initial shock out of the way, I now have TONS of questions. Why were his parents dead? It seems bizarre that both of them died in a cooking incident. Why was his father not in the study, as he normally was [this was mentioned? Or was this is the next half? Can't remember...]? This is just...totally bizarre. I don't understand.

Also, one nitpicky thing I noticed, which may just be the variation in writing styles, is the use of commas. There are some areas where I feel they are over used (the first paragraph had a few I thought may be unnecessary, along with a couple other areas) so it may be something to look at, or may be just fine.

Anyways, this chapter was quite interesting. Gave a lot to think about, ended in a place that pushed me onwards to the next chapter, and gave a good look at Scorpius and his life. Really heartbreaking, and really great!


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Review #18, by crestwood Beating Heart: Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
Falling down the stairs while pregnant has got to be one of the scariest possible things. Although I'm not convinced that's all that happened. Seeing as no one heard her fall or call out or anything. I'm majorly annoyed by this hospital employee. You're really good at writing a character that I immediately dislike because I am strangely upset at her.

I'm certain that this isn't just about her falling down the stairs now. Although I have no clue what's actually going on. I'm going to cry about Ron telling Scorpius that he and Rose are meant to be together and even just the mention of catching Rose and Scorpius together at Daphne's is pulling on my heart strings. This is just too much! So good. So, so good.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #19, by crestwood Blackout: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
It's truly sad that Scorpius is taking the news so hard, especially because it's supposed to be a good thing. I am glad that Rose understands though. It seems like they can never just be happy for too long. You put them through so much! But there can be no story without conflict, I suppose.

I love the way Rose's mind works when she's focused on Healer training. She's really clever and you find a way to convey that better than anyone. You clearly put so much time and effort into this story and it shows.

The couple that died in a 'car accident' remind me of when Harry thought his parents did. Especially because in both cases it was really a curse that did them in. The last line was absolutely heartbreaking. Such a good way to end the chapter. Although really, really scary!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #20, by crestwood Betrothed: Rose POV

12th June 2015:
I'm having the same reaction as Rose. Although I do understand Scorpius' reaction. Being told that you are the evil half of the prophecy wouldn't be all that great. But then again, at least Stannous isn't fated to have a child with Rose. So, there is serious upside to all of this. I think he's just confused--and rightfully so.

You've done such a good job at making everyone's reactions a little different and making their motivations clear and understandable regardless of how they took the news. You always do such an amazing job with characterization. And also, I had no idea you'd been shouting me out so much! Thank you, wow!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #21, by crestwood Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
I'm very interested to see what you changed in this chapter. I'll probably remember what it was previously. I love how giggly and happy these two are. For a lot of the story they're both in such bad places that seeing them happy together is just so gratifying.

Ron is being ridiculous. They are not too young to be doing things to be having babies. They're twenty one. Which is certainly old enough. But, of course, that's just how he is. I'm so glad to see Scorpius stand up to him. I think that he'll respect that more than anything.

I had already come to the conclusion that Scorpius was the dad in the prophecy before you sent me this chapter and I was so happy to see that they did too. I definitely didn't want it to be Stannous.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #22, by crestwood Bound by Hope: Rose POV

12th June 2015:
Blurs of classes and anxiety are very real. As is the resulting snappiness. I know that a lot of people do make it to 13 weeks pregnant without knowing, but it's pretty funny that Rose, a healer in training did. You're really good with coming up with how wizards handle pregancy. We got pretty much nothing about that from canon, so I treat this story as canon for that. Sometimes things from this story just enter my head as fact. And as always, Scorpius and Rose are incredibly cute and I could read about them forever. I was really happy to see that you decided to write about Cho as well! You do such a good job with the little details!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #23, by crestwood Bound by Honor: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
It's so sad to think that Scorpius doesn't have any real family. But also happy because he's finally able to have that. I get all of Rose's fears though because they really do make perfect sense. It's extremely frightening, everything surrounding this child.

As good as you are at writing sad or intense situations, you're just as good at fluff. Honestly, I can't name a single thing you aren't good at writing. Such excellent back and forth between Scorpius and Rose in this chapter. It seems like everything is just being said. They're finally communicating and I'm so happy.

I agree that telling everyone can wait. I just want them to be happy for now.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #24, by crestwood Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
It's amazing that you teased Rose being pregnant for all this time with so many symptoms showing up and I still had no clue until I read it. And then it all became obvious. A prophecy having been given about her child probably does not do much to calm the normal nerves that come along with parenthood.

I'm so impressed with Selenia's ability to keep Al in the dark about the pregnancy without even breaking a sweat. She is always just so poised and awesome. She is quickly becoming my favorite character. I'm so excited about the chapters of fluff to come!

Also, thank you so much for the Author's Note pushing your readers in the direction of my stories! Especially on a story as popular as this. You're awesome!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #25, by crestwood Bound by Love: Rose and Scorpius POV

12th June 2015:
Scorpius - four thirty in the morning is TOTALLY dead of the night! I only like to be up at that time if it's because I just haven't slept yet. I just realized what chapter this is and I am SO excited. You always write flying so well. I can't be bothered with it, but you make it look so easy. I can't even explain how incredibly perfect the proposal is. Having her catch the ring and turn back to him on one knee.. It's the greatest that this scene could have possibly been.

As Rose was thinking to herself about the symptoms I was shaking my head at how obvious it was. I knew that she'd realized a second later. Your comedic timing is always there.

It's said that such a great thing as being pregnant and engaged with the man she loves has to be made worse by the threat of the prophecy and everything. I wish they could just be happy, but alas, that seems difficult.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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