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Review #1, by relishinme Burn

20th April 2015:
oh my freaking god
please answers
how has this only got 4 reviews
the best chapter written in human history?
was that actually hermoine in there
no way no way no way
please help me understand
agh so good

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Review #2, by JennerKy Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
An Abundance of things to say
1) Update - honestly just update i cannot go a moment longer without basking in your glory
2) this has been my most favourite chapter yet we had loads of al whom I'm pretty sure I'm in love with and we got to see a really intense look into his parents which has had me intrigued from the beginning because your portrayal is so unique and original
3)are harry ron hermoine alive?? your not going to tell me i know but please give me something
4) why are you not a published author ?? this is the best piece of writing I've read in a long time, better than a majority of the books on the shelves these days
5) will rose really die in the end ?
6) how did you get the idea for this whole story I'm very intrigued

hope you update soon!!!

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Review #3, by Regrammed Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
The Harry Albus interaction in this chapter jesus almighty
this is all i wanted ever
and you have given it to me i am so content
for me harry is without a doubt the most interesting character in this story followed closely by Rose! but i just loved learning more about his relationship with Al
my theory is he absolutely adored his son, loved him to bits really did, but some sort of impending doom or paranoia made him manipulate his son?

idk but i can't wait to find out i absolutely am beyond excited for the fall part 2
like it literally gets me through my physics lessons to think about what might happen next
so much conspiracy
so much theory
wow wow wow
you make me so happy to be part of this fan fiction world because this story is the work of geniuses and i cannot express to you how fortunate i feel to have been able to read something so amazing
just wow tbh
beyon excited for the moment i see a chapter 21
hope your well
a TON of love and kisses

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Review #4, by MacBookpro Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
How do you write so good?
Like did God give you this idea
Freaking awesome chapter
Can't wait for part 2 xxx

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Review #5, by anaphoras Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
You said a week Shez:( where is my next dose of this magic
Brilliant chapter left me with tons of questions!!
So much depth and mystery OMG u r literally a master mind!
With out a doubt my fav fanfiction to ever exist!!
Please update soon need my fix!

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Review #6, by RatheBe Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
I can't breathe
I'm crying
I'm sobbing
I'm shaking
This story is too damn good and it just keeps on getting better
Please give us peasants more
I need this
I need fall part 2
How do you write stuff so good!!! ??
Loads of love, hope you stay inspired to write this forever because it's such a master piece!!

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Review #7, by Radtour7 Fall (part 1)

20th April 2015:
Can I just say you are so super talented like how did you even think of this story omg?! I have so many questions!!!
I don't want this to end please please update I cannot go on without more clash
I don't understand why this story doesn't have thousands of reviews like it's honestly the best fanfic on this site
It's literally all me and my friends talk about we all have different ideas btw on what's going to happen lol
The one whose closest to it gets an unlimited amount of chocolate! Update soon xxx

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Review #8, by PeaGreenPeas Hold

20th April 2015:
This chapter image kills me
I love Albus so much
I think I'm in love with him
Why can't he be real
Why can't this all be real
You are an amazing human
Fab chapter! Roll on chapter 11!

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Review #9, by RaginG Hold

20th April 2015:
This was a really good humorous chapter lol? The first time I've seen a bit of lightness in your work, I loved the whole spanish incorporation really good chapter! This is honestly the most intricately constructed fanfiction ever I feel like everything has significance and means something! Honestly super well done!!!

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Review #10, by MErmaids Fall (part 1)

19th April 2015:
What a freaking amazing chapter
You legend
Half expecting rose and Albus to end up together is that weird? Is it even worse that I kind of want that? She wears his jacket it's weird I love it
I love it because its weird
Oh shez you gift to the world you break me
Tell me how did you get the idea for the Magic that is this story how did it come to you?! And if you say it was on the train I will not believe you;)
Lots of love, great job babe a really amazing chapter x

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Review #11, by Nargledandfat Things Fall (part 1)

19th April 2015:
Amazing job once again! Quick question how many chapters round about do you think yhe whole thing will be and do you know exactly how its going to end?
Absloutely loved this chapter my favourite yet
Can't wait for more!

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Review #12, by Dana679 Fall (part 1)

19th April 2015:
Okay there is so much genuine love for this story in my heart that I cannot express it because I'm not gifted in words like you
How on earth did you think of a plot a string of fiction so mesmerising so charismatic so dark and interesting and wonderful this truly is my most favourite fanfiction without a doubt I have ever read and I don't believe that a million good reviews would be enough for this story
I can't even deal with the amount of conspiracy and darkness and mystery in this chapter and wow the characters are all so interesting
I would love tho to hear more about al's relationship with lily I know we got some interaction with Her in like chapter 7 or 8 but I really want to see how his relationship with other members of his family were
But wow no praise is enough for you
You might thing I'm over doing to but seriously I sweat on my mothers life this is the most amazing thing I have ever read and I cannot even imagine how I could ever read something better this is genuine perfection
There is so much intensity and rawness and God Harry's characterisation in this is so brutally raw and interesting
Honest to God you have given us all a gift by putting these words to pAper
The next chapter can't come soon enough!

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Review #13, by SiriuslyNotMexk67/ Fall (part 1)

19th April 2015:
I absloutely adore the harry albus moments I don't know why but they just intrigue me so much I can't get enough I have NEVER felt this way about a story before
You are so talented like why is this not a published book
Wow I would be so proud of myself if I had written this truly awesome chapter
Please involve more Harry Albus I need to know what happened between them! I for some strange reason love this dark side to harry that is being hinted here?! And I kind of just want Albus to let himself love him ahhjskeosjxuwkals the feels omg! You have turned me into a beast I love it!
Cannot wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #14, by AstoriaMalfoy Fall (part 1)

19th April 2015:
I loved all the background we go on Ginny in this chapter, even though my heart breaks for Al and I feel the most sympathy for him in this story, more so even than rose I felt myself drawn to her, is it just you flawless writing my dear shez or the natural charm of the weasleys I wonder!
Another brilliantly exceptional chapter that had left me itching and hungry for more'! Simply cannot wait for another chapter please make it soon!!! I NEED answers !!

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Review #15, by SavingGrace Fall (part 1)

18th April 2015:
I loved Scorpious' letter, my favourite part of the chapter. It made me laugh and just made me realise that Scorpious is the love of Draco's life there's so much power in that and just wow your writing is flawless
Please please please update I cannot bear to go on without knowing MORE

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Review #16, by StawberryDreams7 Fall (part 1)

18th April 2015:
This chapter was a joy to read, it's my favourite yet!
U have such a gift for dialogue and without a doubt you are the best writer I have come across in fanfiction because not only do you wrote professionally but you also deliver a mesmerising plot, one that I will not be forgetting in a hurry! So excited for an update!!!
By the way I think im in love with Albus your characterisation of him is just perfect and I can't help but want to save him blah blah blah I feel sympathy for him he's an enigma he's lost just wow - basically youre amazing!!

Update soon!!

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Review #17, by CuriouslyJane Fall (part 1)

18th April 2015:
Wow just wow really
Read all 20 chapters in 24 hours haven't slept but it's definitely worth it
I have an abundance of questions but I'm not going to ask them because you'll answer them in the beauty that is your writing
You are incredibly talented and if I had written this (one can dream) I would be immensely proud of myself
This is without a doubt better than any fanfiction I have ever read and it deserves so much recognition
There so much pure plot, like there is an actual story which for some reason is rare on this fan fiction site
I ABLSOUTLEY love this story I genuinely can't get enough and I know now I'm going to have to re read it until you uodate because God I can't stop thinking about the answers to all my questions and just wow
This is something I want J.K Rowling to read and be flattered that someone could turn her thoughts into such a mesmerising twist
Truly and utterly well done
I cannot wait till chapter 21!

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Review #18, by Reader Fall (part 1)

10th April 2015:
I just finished reading the entire story and it's SO good. I love finally getting some character out of Albus, and it's totally different from everything I expected. Your Rose is great, too. I can't wait for the next chapters!!! Sorry for not commenting on every chapter, but I wanted to keep reading until I got to the end.

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Review #19, by Shadowkat Her

9th April 2015:
I like this...I can already tell it's going to be interesting. XD

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Review #20, by fatamorgana Fall (part 1)

9th April 2015:
I was reading this on the tube (to Kings Cross, coincidence?) and I was so observed by the story that all surroundings seemed to fade away and I could feel that magic, that impending doom in the air. That's how good your writing is! Oh and listening to Oomph! - Supernova was the right choice somehow. Anyhow I cannot wait for the second part. And thank you for this wonderful immersion you create. X

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Review #21, by Microwaved Marshmallow Peep Her

5th April 2015:
peep peep

I'm a pink, sugary marshmallow Peep, looking for a story to read while sitting in a cold microwave.

This is certainly an intriguing beginning! I've never read a Next Gen story in which the Next Gen kids are old, and I've certainly never read a story where Rose gets in trouble with the law at such an early age! The Ministry definitely must have reformed since the War, but is it for the better? Since they're contemplating sending a young girl to prison, I'm not so sure. Still, I love that Rose's motivation behind the magic was to save her brother. I hope that he's properly alive...

Oooh, Vincent makes me so mad. I think my marshmallowy heart might explode from indignation! Oh... Someone turned the microwave on, so my heart will explode eventually...

But seriously, Vincent is awful. How dare he "adopt" Rose and then tell her that he doesn't care about her? What is his deal?! And where are Ron and Hermione?!?! Ugh, I can't believe him. He seems like he's going to be the next Tommy if he doesn't watch out...


Uh oh, my time is running out. Before I go, I just wanted to say that you've really created a wonderfully suspenseful and dark beginning to this story. If I were able to live past the timer on the microwave, I would read on, but alas... Life is fleeting.

♥Microwaved Marshmallow Peep

*muffled explosions*

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Review #22, by Holzer Fall (part 1)

2nd April 2015:
It is so thrilling to see another chapter out! I donít know what it is about this story but itís seriuosly the best piece of fanfiction I have ever read. I think itís because it is so edgy but very believable at the same time, I mean life rarely provides a happy ending, and Voldemortís death shouldnít mean that all evil disappers, like it is in most post-war fanfics. I loved the part about Harry, I think he is one of the most interesting characters in this story and I do hope we will read more from his perspective, it is great to have some insight into his mind. I also loved the angry Scorpius and I hope they will work it out eventually with Rose, but I also totally understand Albus being jealous and I cant imagine how would the Rose/Albus relationship remain this intense if she dated Scorp and it would be a shame if the cousins grew distant because their love and hate exchanges are just so heartbreakingly beautiful. Thank you for the update, it made my day!:)

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Review #23, by StarFeather Him

30th March 2015:
Hi, I'll try my review in tanka, Japanese traditional poem.

The death of the Savior
Not the end of your Vengence
The abyss you sunk in

Rose has thorns unexpected
You've never known you're only his Hope


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Review #24, by TreacleTart Him

30th March 2015:
Hi there shez!

Wow! There was so much information to take in in this chapter. I just don't even know where to start with this review! The first chapter was such an unusual start that I couldn't wait to see what happened next. This chapter sure didn't disappoint either.

I'll start with Rose, since that's where this picks up. I just absolutely love this version of Rose. Usually, everyone writes her as a young woman, happy and full of life. On occasion, I've seen more angsty portrayals, but nothing at all like what you've done here. She's lost control of pretty much everything except the ability to withhold information. It really is intriguing.

Then there's the characterization of Albus. Geez. You present him like a complete sociopath. It's brilliant and yet terrifying. The way he manipulates Rose and Scorpius is so sadistic and cruel. I just have to wonder why no one ever stands up to him.

And the part about what Harry did to him...How horrific! I could imagine that would really mess some people up, except I'm not sure there was anything in Albus to mess up. I think he might've been messed up from the get go.

But then I almost wonder if the penseive memories have been messed with. Are they reliable or is this to purposely mislead the reader?

Oh and Scorpius. The idea of a Malfoy at the beck and call of a Potter is quite interesting. They benefit each other, but it's pretty pathetic to see Scorpius acting like a whipped dog.

Another fantastic chapter! I can't wait to read the rest! I just can't wait to see where you take it. I'm trying not to make any guesses because I imagine that there's going to be a lot of twists and turns.


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Review #25, by Nia Fall (part 1)

27th March 2015:
Wow. Just... wow. I have tons of homework, so I only intended to read a chapter or two... but after that I was hooked and I couldn't stop reading.

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