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Review #1, by Brightest Witch Careers Advice

25th August 2014:
OMG, I just read your entire story today and I looove it!!!

Dani and Oliver are just so cute together!!!

And Dani still has one more wish left... I wonder what will happen...

Awesome chapter!!! I can't wait for the next update! :)

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Review #2, by marauderfan Careers Advice

24th August 2014:
Kat could probably get away with marrying some rich bloke, killing him and taking all his money. -- AAHAHAHAHA... I love this. Brilliant. Such snark, but it's even better because it's TRUE. :P

Why is Dani second guessing herself?! God, just when I thought she was done being oblivious to feelings. I think Angus needs to wear a sign around his neck that says "I fancy Kat!" Maybe then Dani will catch on.

Oliver and Dani's goofy banter is always amusing as well.

I love how you illustrated that feeling you get at the end of school when you realise you're about to go into the real world and you feel wildly unprepared for it. Especially the contrast between optimistic 15-year-old Dani wanting to be on the Holyhead Harpies, and then slightly less naive 17-year-old Dani realising that she might need to set more realistic goals, or at least stepping stones along the way to her rather loftier goals. So... working with the Chudley Cannons, I'm interested to see how that will work out or what her friends will say about it. It sounds fine for a job for a 17-year-old who's just out of school, but then where does she go from there? I suspect she hasn't thought that far ahead yet. Flitwick didn't seem to be that helpful either - perhaps Dani is brilliant enough for a Ministry job, but say she doesn't want to work in the Ministry? So many things to think about. I feel bad for these Hogwarts graduates who have to figure out what they're doing with their life at 17. I'm older than that and still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. :p Anyway, I could relate.

This was a great chapter, as always! Looking forward to more!

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Review #3, by marauderfan The Next Step

15th August 2014:
I liked Penny's POV. You really showed just how much her studies matter to her as it was the primary thing she thinks about for the duration of the chapter. Also... man, am I jealous of Penny for having an interview opportunity literally fall in to her lap like that. If only it was that way in real life. I've been waiting for an owl to drop by with a job offer too. :p

And ugh, Percy. Why exactly does Penny like him? As much as she defends him for being 'great once you get to know him' and all, she is noticeably irritated by some of his behaviours here. And I think it's such bad form for Percy to be so self centred that he can't be proud for his girlfriend, he feels like he has to outshine her. But also, it is very Percy-like to do that, especially at that point in his life, so well done writing him. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder how long Percy and Penny will last. Awesome chapter!

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Review #4, by Fonzzx The Next Step

29th July 2014:
You have Percy down to a T. Poor Penny for having to put up with him! Although she doesn't seem to mind too much.

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Review #5, by AlexFan The Next Step

29th July 2014:
I actually felt irritated along with Penny when Kat took away her practice paper. It's so irritating when people act like they know better than you and it's like, "How about you stop?" Sometimes I want to hug Kat and sometimes I want to slap her, it's a difficult relationship.

Percy was also insufferable (but then again, he is Percy after all so it's not like I could've expected anything different). Even from Penny's point of view I don't really understand why she's going out with him, I mean, Percy's constantly talking about himself and when he's not, he somehow MAKES it about himself. It's one thing to not like being outshone by someone but he could at least be happy for Penny and throw some praise her way about how she definitely deserves this opportunity.

The International Magical Office of Law makes it sound like the people working there are part lawyer and part Senate (or is it House of Commons? I always get the two of them mixed up). I think Penny made an awesome career choice, getting a say on magical law sounds really interesting, and the fact that she might get to travel is great as well, she'd get to see all of these brand new places and learn about different cultures.

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybe St Mungo's

27th July 2014:
I really don't know what Dani's last wish will be. But I can't wait to find out! Favorite character... Probably Oliver. And I quite like Angus, as well. Least favorite... Penny? I don't know. I like them all!

I love Dani and Oliver together!

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Review #7, by Gryffindor Chaser St Mungo's

21st July 2014:
Can't wait for the next chapter! I love this story so much, great job and please, please don't stop writing any time soon! Can't wait for a little more with Dani and Oliver. The library section was great with how Brandon reacted. I hope that Kat and Dani start appreciating each other a little more. Such a great story line, I feel as though I am a part of it. Great work and I look forward to the new chapter.

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Review #8, by marauderfan St Mungo's

17th July 2014:
I loved this chapter and all the fluffy scenes with Dani and Oliver. And Bran haha, what with him walking in and being all "ugghhh" but I think he handled it well, like he just teased them a bit like any best friend/brother will do, and left it at that.

I loved the "reunion" between Kat and Dani. I was glad to see Kat's sarcasm again and the two of them joking and being happy for once. I figured Oliver being there would make Kat happy, only because she'd been dropping hints basically throughout the whole story that she thought Dani and Oliver would get together, so yeah I bet that cheered her up! :P

Aw, the end though, Kat can see what's going on with other people a lot more than she can see what's going on with her own relationships/friendships as it's obvious she's never noticed a thing with Angus. And she thinks she's too good for him. Uh... hm. I wonder what will happen when she gets back, if Angus will seize the moment and ask her out, or if Kat will (possibly) notice some change in his behaviour. Also "that's why Angus can't possibly love me - at least, not anymore." -- Anymore? I wonder if she DOES know something. Hmm...

Awesome chapter! :D

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Review #9, by Fonzzx St Mungo's

16th July 2014:

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Review #10, by AlexFan St Mungo's

16th July 2014:
EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I'm so happy that you updated! I thought I was going to end up staying up into the wee hours of the morning wondering about Dani and Oliver but I'm so happy that I didn't have to!

Yes, they've finally made it official! I look forward to more cutesy Dani/Oliver moments and I'm also super excited to see what her last wish is going to be! Hopefully once she gets her last wish over with the last horrible thing will happen and she can move on with her life. But, I highly doubt that it's going to be that clean cut, something dramatic is bound to happen.

Of course Kat thinks that she would know if Angus would have a crush on her. It's always easy to see when people like your friends or someone else you know but we're completely blind to the affections directed at us by people that we know. I feel a little bit bad for Kat because not only does it sound like Angus wouldn't have a chance with her, but it also sounds like she doesn't think that she's good enough for him or something. I mean, she's a difficult person to get along with, that much I can see quite clearly, and she seems to have issues with staying faithful but Kat's a good person at heart.

I absolutely loved how no one was surprised, well, except for Bran, that Dani and Oliver were dating. And I really loved how Bran didn't get all caveman on Oliver about staying away from his little sister and ordering Dani around and telling her who she could and could not date. I like how he's letting her live her life and make her mistakes and he isn't being overbearing. Although I have no doubt that if Oliver were to ever hurt Dani (which he wouldn't) Bran would probably kick his butt.

So anyway, brilliant chapter and I look forward to the next one and Kat's recovery.

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Review #11, by StarryKnights Holding On

13th July 2014:
IM SO GLAD THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER! wonderful chapter cant wait for the next one

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Review #12, by AlexFan Holding On

10th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Okay so I'm writing this as I go. I feel like someone is going to be dead by the end of this story with the way that this is going. I hope that Kat gets better as soon as possible because everyone is really suffering without her around.

Okay, so I noticed that you said that Bob would pay Kat's hospital bills but see the thing is that in the UK (and in Canada), unless it's a private hospital or something like that, they don't actually give you a bill that you have to pay since you're paying for it through your taxes. And it was never mentioned in Order of the Phoenix that Mrs. Weasley had to pay any kind of bill after Mr. Weasley was let go from St. Mungo's. With the amount of treatments that Mr. Weasley went through in the book, if Molly had to pay St. Mungo's then it would've probably cost her a lot more than she could afford.

If Dani wanted to know how to deal with Acromantula, I think Harry and Ron would be able to give her some really good advice in that department since they have quite a bit of experience with it lol.

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle dressing up like Dementors to try and distract Harry! That was interesting to see from someone else's point of view.


I have just become a thousand times happier having read this now! Brilliant job on it and I'm so excited for the next chapter!

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Review #13, by marauderfan Holding On

10th July 2014:
Oh, Harry Potter Ė my brotherís best friend, you know, who has incidentally visited my house on one occasion -- Haha, this is Percy to a T. I love the way you write him, he's so delightfully obnoxious and self-important. It is absolutely no surprise that the twins take every opportunity to make fun of Percy if he says things like that. Ha.

Bravo on writing the Quidditch match, btw - you write Quidditch very well. For a moment I was really wondering which team was going to win. (Then I remembered that I already knew, since it's a pretty important point in PoA haha.)

Dani finally figured out that Oliver likes her! Hooray! She's been so oblivious up until this point that this is a big step. Oliver's nervousness and stuttering was kind of adorable, haha. And yay they kissed!

I'm glad Dani is starting to feel better- though I expect she'll be pretty nervous until Kat comes out of hospital, which will hopefully be soon. And I hope they find a way to destroy the mirror soon!

Awesome chapter!

House Cup Review 2014

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Review #14, by marauderfan The Third Wish

9th July 2014:
Hi Courtney! I've been gone for a while so luckily I got to catch up on TWO chapters :D

Oh my goodness, that Venomous Tentacula really got out of control! I'm amazed that Professor Sprout allows students to work with those plants in class - though I suppose if you have a group that works together, maybe this doesn't happen. Either way, despite the fact that I study plants in real life, I would totally not do it in the wizarding world :p

So Dani regrets using the mirror, and admits that it's stupid. Did this not occur to her after Harry fell off his broom and was injured, or after Radley wandered around like a lost puppy and stalked Dani for months? Oy vey. I wonder how Dani is in Ravenclaw too! :p

omg, Angus standing at Kat's bedside is adorable. Please tell me he admits his feelings for her, after she wakes up?!?! Also, LOL that Dani still doesn't realise what's going on there. PS, I totally predicted that Kat would be in a coma. I think the only person who didn't see that wish backfiring like that was Dani.

So the Mirror of Dreams refuses to be destroyed. Didn't it say it gives four wishes? She should use it again only that her fourth wish should be that the mirror destroys itself! Oh, never mind, they tried it. Well, I keep saying this, but ice cream. You can't go wrong with ice cream. And after that, maybe that fourth wish would deactivate the mirror.

It's back!!! *cue Twilight Zone music* Now what? I'm off to read the next chapter!

House Cup Review 2014

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Review #15, by Fonzzx Holding On

9th July 2014:
I think you've got Oliver's character spot on here. He's quite awkward and of course, a Quidditch nut. I love this story and although Kat's irritating, I do hope she'll be ok.

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Review #16, by AlexFan The Third Wish

28th June 2014:
If this were a normal school, Hohwarts would've probably been shut down after one year of being open because it is absolutely ridiculous the amount of dangerous things that students have to do in order to pass a class. Honestly, a fully grown Venomous Tentacula? I get that they need to know how to work with it but wouldn't handling it be something that they would teach those that chose to go farther with Herbology and actually chose a job requiring extreme care of dangerous plants. Like in a different school that focused only on dangerous plants and their properties and how to handle them and such. This is overkill even for Hogwarts.

But I mean, it is a magic school and even the basilisk wasn't enough to close it so anything can be expected.

Maybe after this chapter Kat and Dani will actually make up and get along, I mean Kat is going to see how worried Dani was about her and realize that her sister wasn't trying to ruin her life.

Author's Response: It really would, wouldn't it? Giant spiders and basilisks, students working with mandrakes and Venomous Tentaculas, not to mention all the dangerous spells. Honestly, it's a miracle there aren't more serious injuries!

It would be an absolute miracle if Kat and Dani managed to get along, but we'll have to see!

Thanks for reading! I love getting your reviews!


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Review #17, by StarryKnights The Third Wish

26th June 2014:
also dani needs to realize her affections for oliver theyre so cute/awkward it has to happen

Author's Response: Hahaha, you have no idea how happy that makes me, hearing that! I'm super glad you're still liking the story and, never fear, another chapter is on it's way! And I absolutely love writing all the Dani/Oliver scenes!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #18, by StarryKnights Sirius Black

26th June 2014:
I really like the story so far! its really accurate and matches what actually happened in this year at Hogwarts. im also hecka curious as to what will happen with the mirror!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm super glad you're enjoying it, and I hope you continue to enjoy it as the story progresses!


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Review #19, by MuggleMaybe The Third Wish

23rd June 2014:
Great chapter, as always!

Dani just loves to make trouble doesn't she? At least this time she feels so bad, I'm sure she will learn her lesson. Penny and Angus are the most loyal friends I've ever heard of - I am pretty calm and I would be FURIOUS at Dani if I were them. Especially Angus. She is very lucky to have them!
Hmm... come to think of it, maybe they are the most DISloyal friends, if you think of it from Kat's POV. Though, in Dani's defense, Kat was rather unbearable.

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings. Just had to tell you to keep up the good work! :) The plot to this story is so engaging. I look forward to some more Oliver/Dani romance soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

She really, really does. And she gets herself into all kinds of completely unnecessary problems because of it! And your definitely right about Penny and Angus being loyal. Between Dami and Kat they have to put up with a lot!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #20, by AlexFan The Descent

9th June 2014:
Kat makes it so difficult to like her in any way possible at all. As far as I can see she gives you a very long list of reasons for why you should hate her and almost nothing for why you should not. Even though I know that Dani's wish is going to go horribly wrong because there's no way it could go right, I'm not at all sorry for it.

Kat is a long list of adjectives, none of which are flattering. How dare she blame Dani for trying to spare one of her close friends feelings. I'm sure Dani would have taken Kat's side if her sister wasn't the one that was in the wrong and hurting people. If she'd just been honest with Jack in the first place none of this would have happened. Why does anyone even want to date Kat at this point, it doesn't sound like she cares about the people that she's with at all. People usually have reasons for doing the things that they do so there's got to be something going on with Kat here that the readers don't know about.

I try not to be an aggressive person but you have no idea how hard I was cheering for Dani to just knock Kat out because I knew that I sure as heck wanted to.

This story makes me feel so many emotions that I literally just cannot even every time I read the newest chapter. Some more Oliver and Dani action would be lovely (and it'd be even nicer if Dani stopped running away but that's not a must have at the moment).

Author's Response: She does, doesn't she? If I were Kat's twin sister, I know I would be absolutely furious with her constantly!

This constant battle between Dani and Kat was even aggravating for me to write! As Dani is the narrator, I think we definitely see her side a bit more clearly, but both of the girls constantly act so stupid that I kind of want to give both of them a good knock around the head!

Thanks again for a great review!


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Review #21, by marauderfan The Descent

6th June 2014:
Nooo Dani, that is definitely not the right thing to do in this situation. Like I'm worried Kat is going to end up in a coma or something, because that way she's not being infuriating. Who knows how the mirror will interpret Dani's wish. In the wise words of Arthur Weasley, never trust anything if you don't know where it keeps its brain.

Also I would have thought that after the whole debacle that was her dating Radley, she would have figured out to not make more huge wishes like that. Seriously could the girl not just wish for a tub of ice cream and that's it? There's no way for the mirror to misconstrue that.

As awful as it was to do, I'm glad she told Jack. Dani kept the secret for a long time while Jack was her friend, and Kat still kept going behind Jack's back, so I can't really blame Dani for finally telling. But ugh I think this is going to be a long time before Kat speaks to Dani again, because either a) she's still (understandably) furious at Dani, and b) she's probably in a coma.

This story just keeps getting more intense! Things are really not looking well for poor Dani, she's dug herself into a pretty big hole. Also, poor Oliver. Rejection sucks. I feel like he could calm down Dani's explosive temper though - they'd be good together, if Dani could only stop thinking about just herself ;)

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Dani so often doesn't do the right thing that it kind of worries me. Well, it would worry me if she was a real person. You know what I mean! And Arthur Weasley's words are certainly right in this case!

The whole mess between Jack and Kat and Dani is just that: a mess. Dani was being kind of irritating, sticking her nose where it didn't belong, but I definitely see that she had a confusing dilemma - should she take Kat's side or Jack's side?

Thanks for the review!


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Review #22, by AlexFan Stargazing

22nd May 2014:
I've said it before and I'll say it again, why does Kat have to pick one of the boys anyway? It's almost like the idea of not dating someone has never occurred to her before. She doesn't need to pick Liam or Jack. Liam sounds like a guy who seems to want a lot from Kat and would probably pressure her into doing something that she didn't want to do and that's not a happy relationship. There isn't really much wrong with Jack except for the fact that, no offense to Jack or anything, but he seems almost boring. He's good looking and a good Quidditch player and he's always nice and happy and he's rarely anything but that. I feel like if Kat had to end up with someone it would have to be someone that she could probably argue with and Jack doesn't seem like that sort of person.

Also, I'm just mad at him in general for calling Merope an insult just because she didn't feel the same way about Orion. I could write you an essay on why that made me mad but I'm not going to and I'll just leave it at that. I can tell you one thing though, Kat had a much calmer response than I would've.

I'm hoping that by the end of this story Kat won't be with any boy because she'll have realized that she doesn't need to have a boyfriend and that she's fine just the way that she is.

Author's Response: I really think you're right about that! I think that Kat has no idea what it is like to be single, and so I think that she has confused love with like. She definitely likes Jack but I don't think she loves him. And Liam...well, I don't even know what she was doing there! She doesn't always make the best decisions, does she?

Thank you for the great review, as usual! I always enjoy hearing your interesting thoughts!


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Review #23, by marauderfan Stargazing

22nd May 2014:
Hi Courtney! First I must apologise I'm writing this on a tablet in an airport so sorry for the inevitable typos. I feel like you always end up getting these unfortunate rdviews from me lol. Anyway -I love Kat's POV, its quite funny to read about Dani from her perspective. And Angus, omg so obvious he likes her and Kat has no idea! AND HE WAS ABOUT TO TELL HER. Stupid classes getting in the way haha. Actually I kind of love that she's into Astronomy. Good for her!

loved the metaphorical bit about the constellations too. Aw, Jack said he loves her! He is so sweet with the picnic too. I really like Jack, I feel bad for him though because I know he'll get hurt in the end. He's Orion and Kat is Merope who didn't love him.. sad :(

This was a lovely chapter though and I love the insight into Kat's life. Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm really glad you like Kat's point of view! I feel like both Dani and Kat can be, well, not very nice people at times, so I thought it would be interesting to see Dani from Kat's point of view, as you said.

I feel sorry for all Kat's men. Jack, Angud, even Liam. Well, not really Liam. Although maybe if we knew him better he might be a really good guy!

Thanks for the review.


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Review #24, by AlexFan Victory and Defeat

5th May 2014:
The chapter was off to such a positive start and then everything just sort of crashed and burned near the end. Everything looked so hopeful what with Dani finally getting rid of Radley and making room for Oliver to move in smoothly. I got so excited when he asked to talk to her because I was convinced that he was going to ask her out. Next time!

I most definitely had not expected that outburst from Dani of all people. I mean, she's a Ravenclaw, she of all people should know that logically it wasn't anyone's fault that they lost the game. At least she recognized that she was being irrational. I predict that this magic mirror may have something to do with what's going on right now. Dani doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would act this way so there's got to be something influencing her.

So excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Well, even though Dani completely lost her head and acted completely ridiculously (proving that she is certainly not the perfect heroine) at least she managed to get rid of Radley! And that's good, right?

I love your prediction about the mirror influencing her! Actually, all the predictions you make are amazing!

Thank you for being such a great reader and reviewer!


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Review #25, by marauderfan Victory and Defeat

4th May 2014:
Yess!!! That was a long time coming and I'm so glad she dumped him.

Oh no, poor Jack. I hope he and Kat are honest with each other at some point. Um, and I thought Dani was a little hypocritical to criticise them on not being honest in their relationship because, well, who was the one just in a relationship based on wishing mirrors and secret anti-love-potions? Ahem. Silly Dani. :p

Aw, Oliver came to wish her good luck! Maybe not intended as a diversionary tactic but it definitely was one. :p

Omg, what?! she completely flew off the handle there, what on earth is wrong with her? O_O I didn't see that coming. Well, after a bad day, I guess it's time for her to use that mirror again to wish for a huge cake, and just eat the whole thing. Seriously that will solve everything. And it's a lot better to wish for cake than for stalkery boyfriends anyway.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Radley and Dani were certainly not the ideal couple, that's for sure!

I'm so glad you pointed out the hypocriticalness of Dani! I'm going to start rambling a little bit here and I'm sorry for that, but I think too many authors make their characters so perfect! And in this chapter in particular I think we really see the extent of how not perfect she is! She's super hypocritical, without realizing it, has huge jealousy issues and, as we saw when she flew off the handle at her team, as a bit of a temper when things don't work out here way!

Thanks so much for all your reviews, they mean so much to me!


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