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Review #1, by lovethepotters The Scent of His Scarf

19th June 2013:
This is such a lovely one-shot! I'd never really given much thought to how deep Cho and Cedric's relationship could be but I guess you've changed my perspective of that now! It's a shame that it was all cut so tragically short with Cedric's death :(

I think it's quite obvious how much thought you've put behind their relationship. You're right in some respects - I didn't understand why JKR made Cho such a bad person in HP5 either. She seemed like such a lovely girl in HP4, you couldn't blame Harry for liking her. Charming, popular, talented, what else could most people want? And then in HP5 she becomes this sad, depressed moping mess.

I have to say, I don't think that Cho is as really as bad as Harry depicts her in HP5. We know that Harry is generally not in the right frame of mind in this book either since he's constantly angry all the time. I think he might have overexaggerated some of Cho's reactions to things.

Enough of my rambling, congrats again on this lovely one-shot! Keep writing, you're great at it :D

Author's Response: lovethepotters,

First of all, thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review. I love it when I get feedback from readers on my works, so thank you!

I feel happy that I was able to somewhat change your perspective on the couple. I like to write about characters that aren't exactly shoved aside, but just don't get as much attention as the usual characters.

But it was a tragic relationship wasn't it?

And I understand your opinions on terms about Harry's mindset. He did have a rather short fuse throughout the book. His exaggeration of things does makes sense.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by ohmymerlin The Scent of His Scarf

9th June 2013:




This was beautiful, Pearl. You've written this so well, your dialogue is excellent and your descriptions, as always, are absolutely wonderful.

I don't know what you meant about your romance scenes are childish because this was just beautiful! You've captured the emotion so well, and I love the way you've portrayed Cho's and Cedric's relationship.

In your author's note, you've said that Rowling made Cho a horrible person in Order of the Phoenix. What you must remember is that it's in Harry's POV, and Harry was an angsty, 15 year old boy who had a tantrum that whole book. :p I don't think she intended to make her horrible, it's just that Harry was frustrated that Cho was still hung-up on Cedric - he's a boy, he doesn't understand. :p

I'll be on the lookout for Superheroes! ;D

Anyway, I absolutely loved this one-shot, I love seeing how much you improve! I feel like a proud mother haha. :'D

10/10. ♥

Author's Response: Oh, keyboard smashes. Kayla, don't be sad! :(

I'm glad I've managed to do well with the dialogue on this one. Dialogue has always been, if not, my biggest weakness in writing. And descriptions...thank you for the compliments dearie!

And I dunno, I just always feel a bit insecure when writing romance and fluffy scenes, like they're not good enough. They're not exactly my biggest strong point, as opposed to my dark and angst fics. I feel like I'm at home when I write those. Happy fics I suppose are just not familiar territory for me. Of course, this wasn't exactly a happy fic, but the fluffiness in the beginning, I admit, I felt uncomfortable writing it. It took me forever to come up with something that felt somewhat right. And of course I killed the fluffiness with that ominous line..

And I'm glad that you found the way I captured their relationship rather well. I adore them as a couple. I like to think of a happy, smiling Cho, versus the a sniffling one.

And yes, Harry's POV. I do have to consider that, don't I? I have to admit, his frequent tantrums throughout book five annoyed me from time to time, but it's understandable. You're right. Rowling didn't intend to make Cho so horrible, she did it in the eyes of Harry, which after you explained it, makes sense. Boys do tend to be a little dense with the way a girl thinks.

And Superheroes. As for right now, it's only edits, but the construction of chapter 13 is a slow one. Juggling so many stories right now, of course, my fault for not being able to control my flooding ideas. -_-

But yes! Superheroes! I'm excited to be working on it again. It's been waay to long, and I only got my motivation after watching Iron Man three and seeing the preview for Thor 2. (Loki's hair is so laughable!)

And I'm happy that you're happy. :) I try my best to improve, and I'm glad to hear that you're seeing the progress!

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Review #3, by MagykNargle The Scent of His Scarf

27th May 2013:
You told me in your reply to my last review that you're a 'simple' writer. That was so inaccurate that I just HAD to bring it up. This writing is AMAZING, and so incredibly deep. I didn't think much about Cho besides that I don't like the actress that plays her. This gave me a new perspective.
I did see a few typos, but nothing major. ^^
You are TOO awesome at writing one-shots, just saying.
Great job,

Author's Response: MagykNargle,

I'm honestly flattered by your comment, and I'm not sure how to quite respond to something so kind. So in the simplest of terms, let me just say thank you for your support--for reading and reviewing my works.

As for Cho, I wasn't very pleased with her casting either. Don't get me wrong, Katie Leung is pretty, but she didn't capture the image of Cho that I've always envisioned.
On the plus side, I'm pleased that I've managed to grant you a new perspective of her character.

Typos! I'll edit them one day eventually. It's rather hard to catch grammar/spelling mistakes without Word Processor. I'm using Note Pad as of right now, and it's a pain frustrating from time to time. I'm no beta, so a lot of things usually find their way under my radar.

Overall, I just want to say thank you! You have no clue how much I appreciate this. Thank you for your support! :D


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