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Review #1, by DracosGirl012 Instant Invisibility Powder.

21st April 2014:
Perhaps who ever it is does have instand invisibility powder of their own, as Albus suggested? It was a bit strange that none of the portraits saw anything, which certainly leads one to believe that the culprit was invisible. However I think it might not be Dora, though she's a likely suspect. It seems far too obvious that it WAS Dora, and she's one of those people that would brag about it. Certainly she's a suspect but that doesn't necessarily mean she actually did it. Maybe she just helped who ever it was. But I am curious to know what was in her trunk before. Perhaps it was something that would get her in trouble, but not anything actually relating to the incident with the memorial?
Anyhow, it was a wonderful chapter. I loved seeing Scorpius, and it made me laugh that he would be willing to practice Quidditch in a snowstorm. I can't wait to see what happens next!! :)
Hope you had a good Easter!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I had a good Easter. Hope you did too.

One thing I will point out here is that the story is being written from Rose's point of view, which isn't necessarily synonymous with objective reality. Her theories and even her basic assumptions can definitely be wrong.

You've noticed some significant things here. Can't say much more than that. It IS interesting none of the portraits noticed anything.

Glad you liked the chapter. It was a bit of an annoying one to write, because while there are some clues in it, there isn't really much happening.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by HogwartsAlum Letters.

7th April 2014:
Hello, I have just read The Writing on the Walls and this in 2 days,haha. And although I loved the last story, this one is making me not like Rose too much. Maybe it is just me I don't know. Angie has become one of my favorite characters though. Maybe if you make a story about third year you can have her go and stay at Rose's for the summer since she has a rough family life. cant wait for the next chapter to see what happens next oh and in my personal opinion I think it is Fairfax and he used the Weasley's invisibility powder to change Lupin's face. And why hasn't anyone used the secret parchment from George it could make things easier then hiding in empty classrooms.

Author's Response: Oh wow, you read both stories in two days. I LOVE hearing that.

I think Rose is irritating a lot of people. *laughs* I was afraid of her coming across as too perfect in The Writing on the Wall, because she sort of has Hermione's intelligence and resourcefulness, without her insecurity or the same degree of obsession with rules. So maybe I've pushed back a bit too far to the opposite extent. She does just seem determined to fight with everybody though. I hadn't planned for her to get into half the fights she does.

A lot of people also seem to like Angie, which I find strange, since I only meant her to be a background character and somebody to act a little suspiciously in The Writing on the Wall. *laughs* I'm glad people like her though.

I LOVE hearing who and what people suspect because it tells me whether I'm giving too much or too little information or just the right amount.

Fairfax, hmm. Well, he certainly has the easiest access to the potion, doesn't he? He wouldn't even have to sneak around or anything. They are going to ask a few questions of the portraits in the next chapter, so that could possibly give some indication as to whether or not anybody's been seen sneaking into his office. Though if they can become invisible...

You are good at keeping note of things that have been mentioned. The powder would DEFINITELY be possible for the hexing of the statue. It only lasts a few minutes, but they'd only have to go out as far as the door, then pretend they were coming in for some other reason, if it was Fairfax or another teacher or a prefect, anyway. If it was somebody like a 1st or 2nd year, it might be a BIT more difficult, but not much. At worst, the teachers and all would probably think they were just trying to sneak a glance at how the hall was being decorated or to see what entertainment was planned or something.

As regards the parchment, Rose wanted to persuade Albus to go out in the cold with her in the first instance and in the second, she wanted to actually show him the letter without anybody noticing and also convince him to go questioning the portraits. I think it'd be easier for him to say no if she just wrote to him. But yeah, it'd definitely make life easier.

Thank you so much for the review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #3, by Pheonix Potioneer Letters.

6th April 2014:
Yes, it does answer a few questions about the potion! I love it when I ask questions and they're answered a few chapters later.

Wow. One, it's nice for the seventh year class to collaborate and send Blackburn a letter in the first place, and two, it's nice for Blackburn to reply back. *smiles* It's moments like that when I love people. *hugs them all*

Sort of near-ish to the beginning of the chapter, Rose says, "... Did she say anything about what the letter is supposed to have said." One, there is two spaces between "supposed" and "to" and two, the line should end in a question mark, not a period.

I find it amusing that Rose is freaking out about talking to a Quidditch captain. I remember those days when if I had to talk to a high school student, I would suddenly get really nervous.

I'm surprised Hermione's letter actually held some useful information, and wasn't completely useless like all the other adults.

Poor Rose, going through the "It's my fault" phase. That's never fun. It's not her fault.

When Rose got the letter, I was thinking "I hope nobody else finds this" but then Rose burned the letter! I was so proud of her.

Even though she's about to s=investigate again, I didn't scold Rose at all this chapter! Yay!

Can't wait to find out what goes on next!

Author's Response: When you asked those questions, I was thinking "oh, you'll find out soon", because I've been planning Hermione's letter since like last June or something.

And yeah, sending that letter to Blackburn was nice, wasn't it? I wanted to give her a nice 7th year class, because they are almost adults (well, they ARE legally adults by the standards of the wizarding world) and are old enough to be sympathetic and have some idea what she's going through. And also probably old enough to make things pretty tough on her if they WEREN'T nice.

One of the reasons I want to write the spin-off from Blackburn's point of view is to actually write those letters and show her reaction when she gets the letter and stuff.

I've sorted out those issues with that sentence and also done some other editing, as there are a few oddly-phrased sentences. Nothing that changes the meaning of what's happened though.

And yeah, a few years is a long time when you're 13. Actually, when I was in 5th year (I don't know if I mentioned that 4th year is optional here, so there were girls in my class who'd turned 17 before I turned 16), I was actually kind of shy around the girls just one year (or in some cases as little as about 3 months) older than me. *laughs*

The adults aren't really useless. Harry gave them some pretty useful information in 1st year and they are rather more up on things than Rose and Albus know. Like Hermione said to Rose at the beginning of this story, "whatever you might think, I haven't exactly been sitting around, doing nothing". Rose just kind of tends to assume if she doesn't know about something, it's not happening.

And yeah, it's not Rose's fault.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by DracosGirl012 Letters.

6th April 2014:
This is one of my favorite next gen fics by far! I love your writing. It's brilliant. It's almost exactly like reading JK Rowlings! And I love the storyline. It's what I imagine Jk would write if she did decide to write a next generation story. It's certainly one of the more "believable" ones. I really look forward to the new chapters. I apologize if I have not reviewed before. I read HPFF on my phone and I don't usually leave a review unless I really like the chapter/story. I try to though. Your fic is really good. You are a brilliant writer. I can't wait to see what happens next!
By the way, i really lol Rose's POV, but I was wondering you do a third book, would it be from Al or Rose's POV? And when are we going to see more of Scorpius?
Amazing chapter!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, and for the recommendation I saw on the forums. I really didn't expect to wake up to a review from a new reviewer, so I was delighted. And as for a comparison with J.K. Thanks again.

Don't worry about not reviewing previously. I'm just glad you're enjoying it.

The third story will be from Albus's point of view. My plan is to do them interchangeably, although I'm not certain about that, because there are some parts of my plan for Year 4 that might work better from Albus's. I have a vague plan for year 3, a more detailed one for year 4 and then, apart from a subplot for year 6, I don't know what is going to happen for the last three years.

Thanks again for your review and hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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Review #5, by Pheonix Potioneer Professor Merrickson

28th March 2014:
Here's my opinion about Blackburn: She went back to her house in shame once the news about her scratches started getting out. Remember when Rita Skeeter wrote an article about Hagrid, he holed up in his hut? Hagrid and Blackburn are kind of similar. He's a half-giant and she's a werewolf. They should sit down and have some deep one-on-one talk.

Rose has a very short temper this chapter. Rose, don't get snappy at Angie! I love Angie! Keep your cool Rose! She seems more like a Gryffindor to me. Most Ravenclaws are wise enough to know that your mouth does not get things accomplished. But everyone does have qualities of other houses in them, so I think it's okay.

I can understand Rose's desire to tell people what she overheard, but Lucy does have a point. When you tell more people, the secret is less secretive.

Oh, poor Nathan! I'm sorry I ever suspected him of anything. Professor Merrickson doesn't sound great. I can understand if teachers don't like kids who aren't trying, but those who are genuinely trying their best... *Hugs Nathan*

I do hope Blackburn is back soon. I think Professor Merickson is making the students realize, especially the first years, what Transfiguration would be like without Blackburn. Almost everyone takes things for granted, and if something bad happens they never stop and think, "Hey, it could be worse".

Blackburn, please return!

Author's Response: Yeah, there are definitely similarities between Hagrid's situation and Blackburn's. I don't know if you remember, but there was a scene in The Writing on the Wall when Rose and Albus were asking Hagrid about what happened to Blackburn when she was a teenager and he basically told them to mind their own business because she'd had a tough time already without people prying into her personal business.

Hmm, that's interesting about Rose having Gryffindor traits. I never thought about it that way, but I guess she does. She kind of has a bit of the protective heroine thing going on.

Well, to be fair, Merrickson doesn't know Nathan, so she's not in as good a position as the usual teachers to evaluate whether or not he's trying. She is definitely a lot stricter than Blackburn, but then that wouldn't be particularly hard. I think they have been spoilt a bit in Transfiguration class so far. Having a strict teacher for a few classes might make them realise how well they were doing all right.

There'll be a little bit more about Blackburn and what is going on with her in the next chapter.

Thanks for the review. It was awesome to find one when I got up this morning, especially when the chapter was only just up.

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Review #6, by HEG A Barbecue at the Burrow.

23rd March 2014:

Another chapter I see. Well, I really like this chapter. I am beginning to see the relationship between Rose and Hugo. You can tell that Rose gets easily irritated by Him and Hugo likes to annoy. Aww, I feel sorry for Hugo, he can't go to Hogwarts for another year because he is two weeks too young. I'd hate that if my cousin was only one or two months older than me but I had to be in the year below them. Especially if you were good friends and you got along with them well (it seems like Hugo and Lily do) then it wouldn't be nice.

I like the way Rose 's personality is so mature, sensible and clever but all Hugo wants to do is have fun. I can really imagine that happening. I reckon the house Hugo will be sorted into (I know it's quite early) will be Gryffindor. I can't imagine him an any of the other houses. Though maybe as Rose said, he could be a Hufflepuff but I'm further towards Gryffindor.

*laughs* the conversation about Muggles playing on the Wii. If I was a witch or a wizard I would probably think that the Wii was on of the weirdest most strange inventions in the world. You did a good job on that scene. I wonder how they could make a Qudditch one on the Wii. That would be interesting - you might just be hovering in your living room staring at a Snitch on the tv. *laughs.*

Hehe, Mr. Weasley is attempting at a Muggle barbecue. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out! Maybe he'll ask Harry or something for helps. After all, Harry lived with Muggles for eleven years - I'm sure he'll know how to do a barbecue.

I like the bit where you've said Percy pursed his lips. You've DEFINETLY got him into character there. I know he would disapprove of any kind of sport job or a job in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes which I think he detestes. Percy was very studious and show offy. He sort of got a little better at the end but his personality is still there.

*grins* Hermione is still like she used to be - stopping Ron from breaking the rules. I can't believe Ron still wants to fly that car which he got in so much trouble for in second year. He really is the opposite to Hermione.

The barbecue seemed to go well. I was expecting disaster. Though I bet Derek gave him a LOT of help!

The only thing I would say is to put a little more detail into the bit on plat form 9 and 3/4 I think it lacked in that. Maybe you could have all of them chatting about a new professor or a new subject or arguing about their Quidditch team. But they are just suggestions :).

This was very well written and you've done a good job. I can't wait fir the sorting. I do love a sorting chapter. I wonder what house Lily will be in. Also, I wonder what A.W.L is. I actually have no idea!

HEG :)

Author's Response: Yeah, that is tough on Hugo. Over here, there isn't a date at which you have to start school a particular year: you just have to start before you turn six and can't start before four. In practice most people start about four and a half, but Lily and Hugo could definitely start when she was five and he was a couple of weeks before his fifth birthday.

I actually don't know what house Hugo will be in. He's the only one I'm undecided on, except Roxanne and she won't start Hogwarts in the series anyway, so that isn't something I'll have to decide.

Everybody seems to have expected disaster from Mr. Weasley barbecuing. I wonder why!

I'll take a look at that bit on the platform again. There is a new Potions master, so I suppose I could include a mention of him.

What the A.W.L. is is sort of implied in chapter 2. There will be more about it later, though.

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Review #7, by HEG Diagon Alley.

22nd March 2014:
Hello again!

I do love a Diagon Alley chapter, I don't know why - usually because the author comes up with lots of ideas for jokes and tricks to be in the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. I find it hard to think of lots of new and exciting ideas so you've done a good job on that. :).

*grins* the opening paragraph is so realistic. I am actually I.gaining the scene of Hermione checking over each and every one book on the book list and approving them for Rose. I like the fact that the only thing Ron cares about is the price and the only thing that Hermione cares about is what the books actually are about. I think that the one thing you cod have done is put a little more description in for the character Angie.

All in all, I loved this chapter,


Author's Response: Hiya.

I like Diagon Alley chapters too and was particularly anxious to write this one, since year one had to start after my characters had visited Diagon Alley, as the epilogue took place after that. Glad you liked it too.

Thanks for the constructive criticism also. Like I said, description isn't exactly my strong point. *grins*

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Review #8, by HEG Professor Blackburn's Secret.

22nd March 2014:
Hi there! I've decided to start reading this as it has been on my read list for quite a while.

Good start, you've got Roses character absolutely perfect. I can imagine Hermione and Rose having a discussion somewhere along those lines. I like the way you've had Hermione still complaining about S.P.E.W. and Rose saying that you've mentioned it numerous times before. That made me laugh!

Ooh so you've introduced Rose 's brother. I am guessing that is Hugo. Rose seems to get quite irritated by him. I can tell that Hugo and Rose don't share similar personalities. Hugo is certainly less studious like his father while Rose is more like her mother.

*laughs* Hugo is wanting to know about the Qudditch final but I guess he is just bored and wants an excuse to talk to Rose and annoy her a little on purpose. I am really interested in this chapter as there is a secret to be revealed. I wonder how it will come about and weather my theory will be right (or close).

The Daily Prophet has just arrived! I have a feeling the secret will be hidden in there. And I also have a feeling that Rita Skeeter has been spreading rumours. Ooh! Blackburn is a werewolf! I was right. Maybe she has some sort of connection with Remus Lupin? I don't know, that was just an idea. Anyway this is really interesting. It seems like Dora has spilled the beans.

I like the way you have shown Rose 's anger when reading the second article. It was really realistic. You really have a talent for making things seem realistic. Sometimes it even seems like I am watching a (awesome) film inside my head!

Keep it up!

HEG :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for such a long and detailed review. I wasn't expecting to find a review today at all, let alone such an awesome one, so thank you.

I'm glad you like Rose and wow, I can't believe you feel like you are watching a film. Description isn't exactly my strong point.

And yeah, younger siblings have to annoy older ones, don't they?

And yes, your theory was correct. *grins* Things are about to get nasty.

Thanks again for the review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #9, by Anon Things Fall Apart.

24th February 2014:
I want more y isn't there more!

Author's Response: There will be. I'm rather busy at the moment and the next chapter isn't working out too well for me (*pokes it*), but I have started work on it. It might be a couple of weeks before it's up, but it will go up.

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Review #10, by Anon Their Greatest Fears.

24th February 2014:
I read this ""Yeah, but none of that stuff's true, is it? They're trying to discredit your mum because everybody looks up to her and they want to make out she's not as great as everybody thinks. That's different from everybody looking down on your family and not being able to argue with any of it, because most of it's true."" And just thought "you need to go have a little chat with our friend scorpius malfoy, son of one of the most hated family's in the wizarding world" but anyways I wasn't to far off in my assumption of her just being ashamed of her family.

Author's Response: No, you weren't too far off. *grins* There is a bit more to it as well though.

And that's funny; that you immediately thought of Scorpius too. I love hearing people's theories and seeing how closely they correspond to what is actually going on.

Thanks for the reviews.

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Review #11, by Anon Victoire's Woes.

24th February 2014:
Oooo lots of Victoire drama with teddy and Blackburn, i mean c'mon the only reason I think he is interested in her is because she's a werewolf. I know exactly what Victoire is going through, wanting to hate somebody but their to sweet and kind to hate and it's very aggravating. OMG I hate you, I mean I love you and your writing but how could you be so cruel as to mention Fred. Upon seeing his name mentioned I burst into tears.

Author's Response: OK, I don't know whether I should be pleased or sorry that I made you burst into tears. On the one hand, it's good to feel I'm getting such an emotional response, but on the other, I don't particularly want to upset people.

There'll be more about the whole Victoire/Teddy/Blackburn thing later on. And yeah, Victoire is in a difficult position in that you can understand why she'd object to her boyfriend getting close to another girl, but under the circumstances she can't really object because they aren't, as far as she knows, at least, doing anything wrong and Blackburn does have a lot to deal with.

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Review #12, by Anon The End of Term.

24th February 2014:
I am really curios what's up with Angie. I want to jump on her being a werewolf but that's silly we already have one of those. I am also thinking she has some relation to blavkburn, It would make sense to why she spends Christmas at Hogwarts. My original theory was that her family is poor and that she is ashamed of it so she doesn't talk about it but while reading "the writing on the walls" I thought she may be an orphan. She is a rather curios character and possibly my favorite for that same reason ~keep writing~ love, Angie Lupin

Author's Response: Have you read "No Room at the Inn"? I was sure somebody who'd read that would come to the conclusion Blackburn and Angie were sisters.

I know you've found out her secret now and I'm amazed at how many people like the character so much. You're about the third person to say you really liked her. She was only meant to be a background character, but she seems determined to carve out a greater part for herself.

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Review #13, by Anon The Locked Trunk.

23rd February 2014:
Rose: expert ravenclaw and mini hermione

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose is definitely Hermione's daughter, all right. I think Hermione would have a bit more tact than Rose does sometimes, though.

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Review #14, by kbear Things Fall Apart.

23rd February 2014:
It read fine to me. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I've been planning this chapter almost since I started The Writing on the Wall and already had a version of McGonagall and Blackburn's conversation written out in my notes. So then I kind of had to make what I'd already planned fit with what I was writing now and that doesn't always work.

Plus it's a pretty emotional chapter and I wanted it to be right. *laughs*

So thanks for the affirmation. And for reading and reviewing, of course.

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Review #15, by Anon Celebrations.

23rd February 2014:
No not my remus, these children (cough cough slytherines/Dora) are cruel

Author's Response: *laughs* Don't judge too quickly as to who did that. That's still open to question.

But yeah, there are some cruel people in the wizarding world. They've decided werewolves don't deserve the same rights as the rest of humanity and therefore anything you do to them is OK.

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Review #16, by water_lily43175 Things Fall Apart.

20th February 2014:
Oh no, poor Blackburn! I hope there's nothing dodgy behind the potion not working.

Rose needs to be careful in terms of asking Blackburn how she is all the time. I know Rose only means to be concerned and caring, but it's hardly going to help Blackburn if she has all her students - especially the younger ones - coming up and asking her if she's okay all the time.

Yay, I'm caught up! *collapses* Now, let's see if I can manage to read the chapters as they're posted from now on *giggles*

Author's Response: *stares at you reading the entire about 75,000 words in about two days* I have NO idea how you did that. I was expecting it to take you at least a week!

And yeah, you're right about Rose. That's actually what that scene I mentioned in another response is pretty much about. It's hard to explain without explaining the whole scene, which obviously would take a while, but basically Rose wants to see how Blackburn is and Albus basically points out that maybe she doesn't want to be bothered and Rose just ignores him and goes and does it anyway and he goes along with her because he's Albus. Arghh! I was going to leave that scene out because there are a whole load of other things I've planned around the same time, but now you've made me want to include it again because of what it shows about Rose and Albus and their relationship. I think he already said something similar about Angie when Rose wanted to go and look for her.

She does mean for the best, but it's a bit like Hermione and the house elves in a way; she doesn't seem to be able to accept that maybe sometimes people don't want her help. And in a way, it could be seen as a bit selfish sometimes. I mean part of it is that SHE wants reassurance Blackburn is OK, which is only because she cares and she genuinely does want to be sympathetic, but still.

I have had students Rose's age ask if I was OK a couple of times - not when anything was actually wrong, just when another student gave me cheek or something and they were afraid it had upset me. And while it's really sweet of them, it does make me feel I've got to reassure them, which is fine when it's something that really hasn't bothered me, but if you were really upset about something, it would be extra pressure.

*grins* There'll be more discussion about exactly WHY the potion might not have worked in the next chapter or the one after that. I never know how much I'll get through in a chapter.

And yeah, Blackburn would probably be pretty freaked out if she thought somebody'd deliberately tampered with the potion. Not that she's not freaked out already, but you know, MORE freaked out.

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Review #17, by water_lily43175 Their Greatest Fears.

20th February 2014:
Right. Interesting warning. I sense something is going to be Found Out here.

HA! I love that Abric's scared of the law. That's such a typical Fletcher thing *snickers* He was the Fletcher, wasn't he? :P

Oh, Albus' boggart is JAMES. Poor, poor Albus. :( I like the contrast; Rose's boggart is also her brother, but in her case she's protective of him and so it's him being hurt. In Albus' case he's just intimidated by his bro.

Angie. Oh, ANGIE. The poor, poor girl. This does indeed explain a lot. I guess this must both be the best and the worst thing for her; she can escape her home environment, but having to return to it every summer is a sad thought. It's nice to see Rose so concerned about her, although I do wonder if maybe she should have shown a bit more concern earlier. She thought of Angie over Christmas, but clearly not enough to invite her to stay. :P

And this certainly explains why Angie feels such an affinity towards Blackburn. I LOVE this. I really, really do. *huggles Angie*

And I'm guessing this is why you asked the question about whether 'Mum' would be the appropriate noun usage? :)

Author's Response: Yep, he's Mundungus's son, so hardly surprising, is it?

And I noticed after planning this chapter how many of my characters had the boggart take the form of their sibling, but for different reasons - their sibling being hurt, their sibling bringing them bad news from home or just their sibling judging them as not being adequate.

*laughs at the amount of sympathy Angie is getting from my reviewers here. She does have a tough time though.

And yeah, Rose probably should have asked her to stay.

There are issues in Blackburn's family too. Not that Angie'd know anything about those, but I kind of enjoy the obvious sympathy between them.

And yes, this is why I was asking about the use of "Mum" in London dialects.

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Review #18, by water_lily43175 Clean Slates.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. I'm not sure if I should be suspicious about there being so little in Dora's trunk. Obviously she's not hiding anything in there right now, so if she was she's removed it, but I'm wondering if there should be more in there than just one set of robes. Did Harry ever completely empty his trunk when he was at Hogwarts? HMM. I think I've unnecessarily confused myself. :P

Author's Response: Yeah, I think you might be thinking too much about this. *laughs* There may well have been something she was hiding in there, though.

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Review #19, by water_lily43175 Victoire's Woes.

20th February 2014:
If Ravenclaw aren't bottom of the Quidditch table (I remember Albus mentioning so the other chapter) then Gryffindor must be top, because Ravenclaw being third makes Slytherin second. Nifty bit of maths there. *nods*

For a moment I was wondering why Hugo supports the Harpies of all teams, but I guess it's because of Ginny, isn't it? *giggles* I'm so used to my characters backing the Falcons. Though they obviously support the Harpies and the Cannons as secondary teams. :)

HA. Percy makes me laugh every time.

I do feel sorry for Victoire. Okay, Teddy's clearly friendly with Blackburn and trying to help her out, but it maybe wasn't the best idea to invite her along to a plan he already had with his girlfriend. Little bit tactless from him, isn't it? Poor Victoire! I hope for Victoire's sake that whatever it is ISN'T romantic. Because she's obviously cut up about the mere THOUGHT of it being so. But I have a feeling Teddy's going to end up with Blackburn, I know you're not the biggest fan of Teddy/Victoire and pairing him with a werewolf would be very interesting. And given you're not the type of writer to just throw love triangles into stories for no real reason... HMM.

Author's Response: I'll take your word for the Quidditch results. I do have them worked out in my notes, but off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you who is coming where.

And yes, he supports the Harpies because of Ginny. It must actually be sort of weird for Ginny when her son's team is playing against her old team. G.A.A., being all-amateur, obviously doesn't have all the buying and transferring of players. Players play for their county, or if they don't reach that level, for their parish (yep, parish rather than town, because Ireland has a lot of rural areas and obviously the cities have to have a number of teams, because you couldn't have Dublin playing some little village somewhere).

And, *sighs* I actually don't think I'll be bringing in love triangles or anything else to do with romance again. It had me seriously second-guessing myself, mostly for the reason you mentioned - that Teddy does come across as rather tactless. I'm trying to keep all three characters sympathetic, which gets complicated. *sighs again* I have come to the conclusion I can't write romance and I didn't even have any ACTUAL romance here, just references to it.

I actually had a bit of a debate as to who Teddy should end up with. I do know now, but it took me a while to decide. I like both options - his being with Victoire means he gets to have Harry as an uncle-in-law as well as a sort of honorary uncle, so that works well, but I also liked the idea of him getting together with a werewolf, because he kind of does understand in a way most other people, even those who are sympathetic, don't.

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Review #20, by water_lily43175 The End of Term.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. Angie. ANGIE. She definitely has something to hide in terms of family life, because she gets like this every holiday season. I'm watching you...

I don't necessarily suspect Dora of vandalising the memorial, but she's certainly got SOMETHING dodgy in that trunk; she's acting very suspiciously. Or maybe I just think she is because Rose thinks she is? HMM.

Author's Response: *grins* Well, you know what Angie is hiding now. *huggles her*

As regards Dora, I'm saying nothing there.

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Review #21, by water_lily43175 Searching for a Key.

20th February 2014:
Oh, Trelawney is such a fraud *giggles*

I don't get why the teachers didn't think to ask the portraits if they saw anything. I mean, if Neville thinks what Rose learned might be important, you'd think he'd have thought to ask for himself. :P

Oh, James, don't be such a rotter to your bro on his birthday of all days. :(

Author's Response: Well, the teachers may have asked something, but the whole jet of light thing only occurred to the portraits when they were talking to Rose and Albus. I mean the table shaking doesn't NECESSARILY mean anything.

And yeah, Trelawney is a fraud. *laughs* I loved having her predict that Blackburn would be absent and Angie's "yeah, she looked out the window and saw the full moon, more like." After her predicting what would come up on the test she made out, I thought it a plausible thing for her to do.

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Review #22, by water_lily43175 Investigating Again.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. Rose's investigation is very biased. The mere notion that it could have been someone older than fourth-year disappoints her, and then the thought that actually, it COULD have been a verbal spell, cheers her up again. In other words, she's DETERMINED it's either Dora or Flint, and she's just trying to prove it. Which isn't quite the same as simply trying to find out whodunnit. It implies she might disregard clues that could be helpful if she thinks it disproves her suspects. :P

Interesting that it's someone invisible, though. I wonder if it was someone using George's Invisibility Powder?

Author's Response: *laughs* Yeah, Rose wants it to be something she can solve and more so, she wants it to be Dora, just because she wants a legitimate excuse to get her in trouble again. And she is rather stubborn. Once she gets an idea in her head, she refuses to admit she could possibly be wrong.

She would DEFINITELY disregard clues that went against whatever her pet theory was at the moment.

I absolutely LOVE your idea about somebody using George's Invisibility Powder. That puts everybody back in the frame, doesn't it? Since anybody could have bought that, even a first year. They'd have to be quick, as it doesn't last long, but how long would it take? Very interesting theory.

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Review #23, by water_lily43175 The Hallowe'en Feast.

20th February 2014:
I can't believe I managed to leave that last review without mentioning the memorial. *facepalms* What a horrible thing to do! I wonder who did it *ponders*

You'd think whoever made the memorial would have put some sort of protection on it to stop people tampering with it though...

Aha, so this is Slughorn's appearance! I can't blame you, he's priceless *giggles* "I don't want to be accused of ignoring anybody" - no, we couldn't have that, could we? *snickers*

BAHAHA the One Direction reference, love it.

You know, I think Rose should just start treating Dora NICELY. That would really throw her. *snickers* I'm not sure I think Dora DID vandalise the memorial. It seems too obvious. I'm not sure. *ponders*

Author's Response: Oh, there are protections on it, but somebody managed to get past those. Which raises the question of how? Is it somebody powerful or somebody with some kind of inside knowledge or somebody who has been briefed and trained by somebody else?

And yeah, Slughorn just came in here for my mental enjoyment and because I missed him.

*pokes One Direction reference* If my characters MUST go off on tangents, could they at least be more interesting ones? But I guess they are 13 year old girls and since this is only five years in the future, they'd be 8 today and at an age to follow them in this day and age.

That would be Rose's best plan, all right. And now I'm reminded of a de Valera quote, when he thanked somebody for not invading Ireland; yes, he seriously did. But I'm not sure Rose has the maturity or the subtlety to do that.

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Review #24, by water_lily43175 Celebrations.

20th February 2014:
Rose's globe sounds AWESOME. I want one!

Poor Hagrid. Rose is a bit mean in her assessment of his classes, especially her remark to Albus when he says he wants to take it. The frustrating thing with Hagrid is that he knows his stuff, and so long as he sticks to sensible creatures he's more than capable of teaching a very good class. He just ... doesn't. :P I don't think Rose has much to worry about though, in terms of "wasting" an elective spot - if she can take up to three, and has five to choose from, she has more than enough room to take Hagrid's class. I can't see Divination or Muggle Studies appealing all that much to her.

HA, Dora took some sweets. Can't work out if that's her deciding to be a bit more peaceful, or just her wanting some sweets.

And that Felicity is doing my nut in. I can't blame Rose for biting this time round, that was a really imbecilic comment. I guess that's the trouble though - there's still so little PROPER education on werewolves, that it's not a surprise people get carried away.

Author's Response: *laughs* I enjoyed bringing in that stuff about Blackburn's nails, because I think it indicates how paranoid she is about hurting people.

With Felicity...well, even Ron freaked out when he heard Remus was a werewolf. And I mean, come ON, why would he try to hurt him just after he's heard he's a werewolf, when he's been teaching them all year without doing anything? And Ron is from a fairly accepting family, so how much worse must it be for people brought up to believe werewolves are fearsome, evil creatures? I now almost want to write something from Felicity's point of view, showing how she feels about hearing a werewolf will be teaching her, just before she goes away to school for the first time. *laughs* I guess it might give a bit too much away writing that before I finish this story though.

And I think Dora just wants some sweets.

I thought you'd like Rose's globe. Not sure why. I just had a feeling you would.

And yeah, that's absolutely true about her having a limited number of subjects she'd be interested in.

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Review #25, by water_lily43175 Tensions Remain.

20th February 2014:
Bleurgh, ROSE, stop biting! I have to give her credit for not using her wand on Dora in the end, but she needs to stop getting stuck in silly little verbals with her. She should have just said she had better things to do with her time or something. But I know, she's a 12 year old girl with very clear ideas on right and wrong and who hates to see Blackburn targeted. I can't fault that. But she needs to learn to keep her cool. There's a reason Dora aims her spats at Rose (and Albus, because she knows that's another way to get to Rose). SIGH.

I do really like Angie, I'm glad that she's appearing more and more. It makes me excited to find out what we don't know about her, because there's definitely SOMETHING there.

Naw Scorpius. I like that he's not a prejudiced idiot. And good on Draco too, for having a bit of common sense!

Author's Response: *laughs at how people keep giving out about Rose and her inability to ignore Dora* Ye're right though; it would be her best bet, but yeah, she's 12 and obsessed with being right, so it's unlikely to happen.

I had to think for a long time how to characterise Scorpius. I didn't want him to be just a repeat of Draco, but I didn't want a Rose-Albus-Scorpius trio either.

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