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Review #1, by teh tarik A Kaleidoscope

18th April 2014:
I have been wanting to get back to reviewing this story for AGES. And I've actually read this chapter already, just...somehow neglected to review eep sorry. :( Which is why I'm here now to squeeze in a last minute review for the whole easter eggrstavaganza thing. :D

So, I really love the surprising turn this story has taken. Going back in time to when Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered. It's so mysterious what happened to Rose and Lorcan; I still have no idea how they ended up here - I suppose it must be that building they'd discovered in the middle of the desert. Rose's reactions made me giggle a bit - haha, I know it's not a fun situation to be in, waking up among strangers in a different time, but I smiled a little at Rose's hysterics. Reminds me a bit of Hermione when she's under a lot of stress! And Rose is afraid of a dress? :P I somehow get this strange feeling that she'll be facing things a lot scarier than clothing! I love how Charlotte is babying her, telling her she'll look like a 'darling' once she's done with her! I think you captured Charlotte's 1920s way of speaking very well, by the way!

Such a fabulous and intriguing chapter, Kiana! It's great to be coming back to this story! ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: It's fine, and also if you can't review every chapter that's more than fine, just knowing you're reading it makes me more than happy!

I'm so glad you liked it as I did notice some readers left at this point so I was worried no one liked it :P Hahaha, yeah, admittedly I was still working how they ended up there until a few weeks ago but more is revealed throughout the chapters, especially in the latest few. Yes, Rose does have a few imprints of Hermione in there which were fun to throw in despite her claiming they weren't all that similar. Haha, most of my 1920s speech is based off of Downton Abbey which is literally only just in the 20s, so hopefully it's somewhat accurate :P

Thank you so much for a fab review, I always love knowing your thoughts!


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Review #2, by icingonmycake To Anywhere

28th March 2014:
Hello again. I'm awfully sorry I haven't been reviewing in a while but I had and still have my termbreak. My entire day was just waking up late, watching TV and then at 3 going down to play and not coming back until 8. But anyway, school will be back in a few days.
This was a very awesome chapter. It didn't exactly have as much ACTION, but it's made me curious about the next few. So I'm going to R&R those! :D

Author's Response: It's my term to apologise, I took ages to respond to this but anyway, I love the sound of your day, it's like my ideal one :P Yes, I had to have a calm chapter to explain more things but action will be on its way, don't fear! Thanks for a fab review :D


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Review #3, by Lululuna A Guise

21st March 2014:
I'm so close to being caught up! :D

Hmm, well I think Scorpius is probably wise to be suspicious, but at the same time sometimes being overparanoid might cause them to alienate the people of the 1920s even more. I'm also a little mad at Scorpius for refusing to talk about the potion as I want to know more about it as well! :P

Haha, Rose's comment about sneaking away with Lorcan to speak more casually made me laugh. That's definitely what I would do in this situation.

A quick thing - here is says that they found a hair pin of Rose's, but wasn't that a comb in the earlier chapter? Unless the comb was the kind which just gets stuck/pinned in someone's hair, then just ignore me. :)

The poor owl! :( Is is strange that I actually felt really sad for it? I also liked the explanation of religion among wizards, and it makes sense that they would have some religion, especially if the family had married into Muggle families at some point I think. That part also did well at showing how defensive Hasani is and how it takes a while for him to become comfortable and not suspicious with people.

Poor Rashidi as well! :( I still suspect him a little but it is very sad, although at least Hasani can be there with him for the end. As Dalila said, nobody should have to die alone and this way he gets two of his grandchildren to be there with him. It makes me sad as well how he never gets to see Acanthus, unless he has a miraculous recovery soon.

I have no idea what is going to happen next! :P Presumably Hermione and Ron will have some plan of action to deal with Frederic, if he's still alive. I'm excited to find out! :)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for taking a week to respond to this, I just didn't have the time until now! :(

Hahaha, Scorpius has his own agenda out there, so him being suspicious is probably a good thing given what happens in the next chapter and the ones following on from that. Yes, I imagined it would get tiring because when I can't speak casually it for a while it's rather exhausting.

Ooh, thanks for pointing out that! In an earlier draft it was a clip but then it was a comb, so I'll change that. Seeing all of these things just reminds me I need to do a thorough edit of the whole story soon :OP

I'm glad that you liked the inclusion of religion because even though I'm not religious it only felt right, given that it was set in Egypt where there's a strong religious history and it was fun to add in.

He's in the next chapter so don't worry, but there will be no Acanthus for him. I guess it's just one of those cases where you almost wish for something too much so you can never get it. Thanks for such a fab review, Jenna and sorry again for taking aeons to respond!


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Review #4, by Lululuna Reunions

21st March 2014:
Hello! :)

Ah, the section at the beginning was so exciting. I could really feel Scorpius' confusion which carried through to me as a reader, and I really had no idea what was going on. It's quite frightening, the effect that the time travel has on them, and really the middle of a desert is an especially troubling place to appear into when you're in a weakened state.

But yay, they're reunited! :D Poor David, looks like he's feeling a little left out, but I'm so glad to see Rose and Scorpius back together that it doesn't really matter. This showed how much they've been thinking about one another since being parted, and how being together again just feels like coming home.

I'm quite worried about what might happen... hmm, Scorpius seems very sure that he's going to die! What I'm predicting - and hoping - now is that Scorpius and Rose will get back safely - perhaps Hermione will work some magic? but that Lorcan will choose to stay in the past willingly as he seems to have settled in quite well. But I really have no idea! You're so good at keeping the readers guessing!

And they kissed! Rose is so cute and relatable with how she's worried about being sweaty and what Scorpius might think. The kiss was long-awaited and just lovely. ♥

Author's Response: Hi!

Whoo, the beginning was alright! I always hate writing scenes involving time travel because if it was me I would think seeing live history was the best thing ever but I guess it's not the same for the others so toning down excitement was a little boring :P

Yay, I was so excited writing this, and even though I've written a couple more since this one it's still strange to think that they're back together :P Be worried, and maybe Scorpius is right, maybe he isn't, it will all be revealed in the coming chapters! Hermione and Lorcan will definitely feature in what happens next, so don't worry about that!

Haha, I know! They finally get together and she can't stop worrying :P Thanks for another fab review!


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Review #5, by Lululuna Bones

21st March 2014:
Hi again! :)

Ooh, the bones are so creepy! My first thought was that there might be something about the people who tried to find Acanthus in the past, and that there's a curse associated with the city itself. The moment when she first saw the bone, and how it was personified as jaunting out of the temple, was so supernatural and creepy, though it made me laugh how Rose actually hoped it had been a ghost. If it was me and there was a ghost I would be Freaking. Out. but I guess she's used to seeing them around Hogwarts and knows better.

I liked the mention of the British Museum! That was a cool historical reference and it's quite interesting to think about how the wizards might be involved with the Muggles regarding the museum.

It's nice seeing Hasani warming up to Hermione, though it felt so typical of Ron to dislike him and to be all grumpy while traveling. He doesn't do very well with being uncomfortable or hot, I feel. :P Hugo and Ron being bitter and grumpy was quite funny, however, and I really liked the description of putting sunscreen on their burned skin.

Frederic Russell, hmm? I wonder if any of the people Rose is with are called Russell?! I'm so curious about what is going on, and Frederic is so creepy and ominous. Saying that he doesn't care that he dies as he's fulfilled his purpose.. definitely something is not quite right with him.

I think the paragraph from Rashidi beginning with "You will find a way back..." was repeated twice. And in the second use it said "person" instead of "past" (just letting you know in case that use is the proper placement). :)

Ahh, I'm so excited to find out what happens! Your AN made me all excited! I feel sad for Rashidi (though still perhaps a little suspicious of him...) and am really curious about how all the paths will intersect. This was another fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

Ooh, great guess with the bones they will be explored more throughout the story. Well, their reason will be, but don't worry they're not so bad! Haha, yeah I forgot about the Hogwarts connection as it must be pretty weird being used to ghosts as they're not the most normal of things, but that and being a journalist who's used to these things helped a lot!

Aw, I'm glad you liked it, I always had this headcanon of things like that being linked to the magical world so it was so much fun to make it happen here :P

Yes, Ron does get grumpy very easily! I don't think he'll ever lose that side to him so I feel proud of Hermione because I wouldn't want him around after what he was like in DH. They will cheer up...sort of though, just wait really!

Hmm, is a very good word to use here! There was a clue about him in the first few chapters but I can't say more than that. It's sort of all revealed in the last chapter posted so just wait and see.

Thanks so much for that, someone else pointed that out to me and I swore I had corrected but I guess not. Be suspicious, well, he has a tale to tell and then you can decide for yourself whether he deserves suspicion or not. :P Thanks for another fantastic review :D


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Review #6, by Lululuna Motes of History

21st March 2014:
Hello, Kiana! :)

There is some really wonderful descriptive writing here, with Hermione and her observations. I was just drinking up every word - how hot it is and how Hermione is fighting to ignore it for Rose's sake, how frustrated she feels as she kicks up the sand, how out of place she is. And then the descriptions of Hasani - I particularly liked the phrase about the tan lines on his face, and his broken English. You do such an amazing job of creating Cairo here.

It was a little frightening how Hasani was quite accusatory with Hermione, but he's upset and frightened. I liked how he seemed to hold a bit of a suspicion of grudge against foreigners, and considering how many tourists he might have to put up with and how he sees Rose leading his family away that feels very realistic. I cringed a little when he broke all the perfume bottles and the mess it made, and how it made him emotionally slip over the edge - his fear and his grief feel very real.

I like how Hermione kept her head in this situation, but following her emotions as well - that's just how she was in the HP books so I love what you've done to adapt her character into a mother here. That was a lovely ending to their encounter, and I'm so curious about what steps they are going to take and what might happen.

I was wondering, is there a reason why they can't just Apparate back to Cairo? I'm not sure if I missed an explanation or something, like maybe it's too far, or Apparating across the desert is very difficult or something. :)

Scorpius is worrying me a little bit here. His logic doesn't seem quite reasonable, especially the him being killed part. And the comment about the capture being too easy makes me quite worried as well - time travel is just so confusing so I hope these guys know what they're meddling with! Scorpius eating bone seemed quite ominous so I'm very curious to learn more about it. :)

The descriptions of Acanthus were amazing! I can't believe they're finally there, though it looks like the adventure is nowhere close to being relaxed or safe. I could really feel and see the temple and the streets in my mind. And I like Lorcan's enthusiasm about selling the story, and how it wouldn't be so bad to be trapped in the past. He's so positive, but I'm glad Rose is there to reign him in a little bit. Although not quick enough! Eep, I'm quit excited to read on and see what happens next! :D

Author's Response: Hi Jenna, can I just say this mim review bombing made my weekend, I know I'm replying to them at the end of it, but thank you so, so much for this! :D

I'm so glad that you liked the description because I was really worried it was too similar to the earlier chapters as Hermione is sort of following Rose's steps again here with going to the perfume shop again, so I did my best to try and vary it :P

Yes, I thought it would be interesting to explore the side of someone not liking tourists and seeing the more negative aspects of them unlike with Dalila and Rashidi who were friends straight away with them, but then to Hasani's credit he has been going through a lot with his family disappearing into thin air, so maybe it was ok.

Erm, yes, the apparaition thing is something purposefully under developed in this story because I'm not sure how well my ideas coincide with canon. If you mean in reference to Rashidi, as he's so ill I didn't think it would be advisable. Then I always imagine the Sahara desert having ancient sort of powers which mess up things like Apparating so that's my head canon for it :P

I know, Scorpius is definitely not rational here. I think he just wants Rose back he's like ah screw it I'll go along with my sort of theory and hope for the best :P Hehe, yes, his eating bones and what happens from there sort of creates a downward spiral which they don't really recover from ;)

I think you were the first one to note how even though they've got here their adventure is only really starting. *evil cackle* ah mysteries are so much fun to write because things can mean so many different things :P

Thanks for such an amazing review, I hope to respond to the others asap too!


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Review #7, by marauderfan A Sign of Treachery

15th March 2014:
Hello! Another great chapter!

haha, Lorcan saying he's nothing like those people who run across the world chasing imaginary things, while he runs across the world (and time) chasing a mythical city's treasure..

Ah... George must be that ancestor of the mystery man. Or just that he's interested in the mysteries/glory of Acanthus for himself. Or is it Charlotte? Eep I can't decide.

Wow, loved Rashidi's story. It's so sad, and yet I can see how he didn't even think of the old tale about betrayal in Acanthus when he took Rose, Scorpius, and Lorcan there, because he was distracted by seeing his dream come to life. Aaah! How can they ever get out if that happened in history - can they rewrite history? Jdnfjhgjbdfjhg

this is such a good story, Kiana! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi Kristin, sorry for this response taking an age, I hope you forgive me!

Haha, yeah, Lorcan always is a special one, we'll just nod our head when it comes to him :P Ooh, you're definitely along the right lines, any more than that and it would be saying so much!

I'm so glad you liked it as I got really into it while writing it so I was worried I had forgotten about the reader a little too much :P As for rewriting history, the issue will be addressed in the coming chapters!

Thanks for such a fab review, I hope the next chapter will be up within a few weeks!


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Review #8, by vanityfair A Sign of Treachery

13th March 2014:
Omg, I almost don't want to believe that happened. Charlotte's the person? I never saw that coming, I don't know what to say. Poor Rose and Scorpius just as they were happy again and Rose got attacked and Scorpius is going to die. Poor Hermione too as she really wanted to save her and now she can't. I think Rashidi is mean, he knew this was happening and didn't do anything but he is old too so it might be ok. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hi Maia! Hahaha, it did happen so sorry about that! Don't worry too much about Rose, she might be ok in the next chapter as she is a Weasley after all ;) Yeah, poor old, Rashidi, I think deep down he was trying to do the right thing it just got a little twisted with his deepest desire making it hard to be rational. Thanks for the review, lovely!


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Review #9, by AlexFan Souks and Surprises

11th March 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Ravenclaw Review Battle! I decided to read the second chapter of Acanthus because I've been meaning to read it for a while now and the review battle gave me the perfect reason to read chapter 2.

Can I just say that your writing has come really far since your Sirius/OC story (I think it's called Escaping the Storm). It's ridiculous how good your writing has gotten, seriously. I bow down to you right now.

What I really loved about this chapter was all of the descriptions. I could picture the heat in Cairo so well that for a second I was almost certain that I could actually feel it. I could hear the earth crunching under Rose's shoes and feel her frustration. This entire chapter played out in my head so vividly it was like watching a movie, honestly.

It's so great that you're writing about Egypt because it's not often written about and it adds something new to the forums and I look forward to everything else that Rose experiences because I'll be experiencing it along with her and it'll be great!

But the point is, I loved this chapter, the description was great and you definitely left me wanting more Kiana!

Author's Response: Hi Grace! I'm glad that I could tempt you back as that's always a good sign :P Haha, yeah, Escaping the Storm is sort of my dark days when it comes to FF, and I'm glad that I have improved because I think if I was still at that level I might cry :P

I'm so glad that you liked the descriptions, when I wrote this chapter it was the first time that I really started to take care of them and think about how they could impact the chapter so they're very dear to me!

Yeah, I think that's why I decided to base it in Egypt as we don't tend to get stories in other countries but it's a ton more fun in my opinion so here's to changing it! Plus, armchair travelling is a lot of fun!

Thanks for this fab review, Grace :D


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Review #10, by icingonmycake Wicker Lines

10th March 2014:
Epic chapter! BUT I want to know what all this business about Scorpius harming the man's family is!!! Can't wait to see what happens next with the search for Acanthus in the past now! This is something I definitely did not see coming. And now I'm wondering why the man wanted to send Rose and Lorcan back to that time. This chapter was very exciting!

Author's Response: Hi again, and sorry for this awfully late response! Haha, I can't tell you that but it's revealed more and more as we go throughout the story, the Rose and Lorcan bit too, though I have to admit some of it is only revealed in the last chapter! Thanks for a fab review :D


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Review #11, by Lululuna Discoveries

9th March 2014:
Hi Kiana! :)

Ahh, why am I so behind?!! I swear I started to review this chapter before but something came up and then it happened again. Anyway, I'm here now! :)

Panting heavily and covered in copious amounts of sweat wasnít the arrival to the ancient city Rose had planned... Ahh, they're finally there! I loved this sentence too, and Rose's unladylike entrance. Things are never quite as glamourous as people imagine them to be! :P But Acanthus sounds amazing, and I'm really excited to find out what sorts of adventures will await them there and to learn more about the city itself.

Yay, parents to the rescue! I love how you wrote Hermione here, how she's driven by love and organization combined together, and how Ron is able to calm her down. Ron was great here too, I loved his matter-of-fact announcement that they were going with Hermione, it felt very canon. The moment between them was so sweet, and I giggled at Hugo's intervention. :P I loved the little exchange with Hugo as well: how he signed a no-hug contract as a kid but of course Hermione outwitted him, and how determined she was to hug her son. It was just so adorable!

It was great to see Scorpius using his Curse Breaking skills, I was quite curious about his job! Also, I'm still a little suspicious of Rashidi, hmm. And ahh, the picture!! I can't wait to see what Scorpius does next and what he's going to do about Rose being in the past. It's so crazy to think that while their timelines are happening at the same time, all the events of Rose's adventure have already happened... gah, time travel is so confusing. But awesome.

Great chapter, it was so eventful and I loved it! :D

Author's Response: Hi Jenna! You really spoiled me with reviews, so thank you so much :D Haha, I always do that too, so don't worry about it at all!

They are! I know what you mean about the glamorous entrance because you always build it up to be something amazing and then it sort of falls flat with her sweating and everything, but I suppose it's more her that way :P We definitely explore the city a lot more, though whether that's a good thing or not is questionable ;)

Yay, it's just like old times! I'm glad that you liked them because I never really know how to write them as a couple because we never really saw it too much in the books, so I was just sort of guessing here :P There should be a lot more cutesy Weasley moments with Rose too, so that's something to look forward to :D

Poor Rashidi! Well, he's sort of innocent but he may have a secret which isn't so great either, so you know, he does deserve a fair amount of suspicion I suppose. I know, I get confused too because it's like who's in which era? There's going to be even more confusion with that in the next few chapters, so prepare yourself!

Thanks for another fantastic review :D


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Review #12, by icingonmycake A Kaleidoscope

8th March 2014:
WOW WOW WOW! okay, now I sound like a dog. Sorry. Anyway, hear I am again, blowing off studying for the science exam for your awesome story! I liked the way Rose realized that they had gone back in time, and I can't wait to see what's happening on Scorpius' end, and where the rest of the party are!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Hehe, you don't sound like a dog, more like a wonderful person (and make sure you do some revision so I don't feel too bad :P). I'm so glad that you liked that, as it was quite a fun plot twist to do. We catch up with Scorpius in the next chapter so there isn't long to wait :D

Thanks for an amazing review :D


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Review #13, by icingonmycake Before the Storm

4th March 2014:
(O_O) loved the cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Great! I hope you love the next few chapters too c:

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Review #14, by icingonmycake The Tale of Acanthus

3rd March 2014:
The obsession makes this story all the more interesting! :D
Great chapter, this one. I seem to be saying that every chapter! I think it's a very intriguing picture you've painted of the city and I love the way you told the story.
Amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad that you still like it :D Don't worry at all about saying that in every chapter, it just makes me so much I wish I could hug you but I can't so have a virtual one instead! Gah, I just love you for all these fab reviews, thanks so much :D


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Review #15, by icingonmycake Souks and Surprises

3rd March 2014:
Hey, it's me again. I'm really really loving this story and loved the scene with Scorpius, and liked the way you revealed that Albus' fear of being Sorted into Slytherin were not confirmed, but neither was he sorted into Gryffindor! The perfume shop scene is great too! Speaking of that, as I said in my review of chapter one, I'm writing a chapter or two set in Egypt, and I read the scene including the perfume shop in this chapter and I would really really appreciate if you'd let me use the idea of the mystical perfume shop in my story. It will be a very different scene and have a totally different impact on my plot, but since I got the idea from here I thought I'd ask you. Anyway, lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Sorry I'm answering this review first (and thank you so much for all of them!), but I wanted to answer your question which is that of course it's fine to use the same idea, I'm glad that you liked it and if it's different I don't see why not. I'm glad that you liked the introduction of Albus and Scorpius, it was a lot of fun to write even if Albus only appeared in this chapter!

Thanks for such a fantastic review, and all the others too!


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Review #16, by icingonmycake Spectrum

3rd March 2014:
Wow, I'm hooked, this seems to be a VERY interesting story. I'm not actually supposed to even be close to my computer or IPod (exams. Sad,I know.), but I had to read this after I had read the summary.
This is only the first chapter and already there's so much I love about this story! I love the way you show a completely different dynamic of the Weasley family. Usually people are to busy focusing on how loving a family it is and the joys of having more cousins than you can count; That they don't even acknowledge the other side, about how it can be very hard to stand out in the family, especially with the famous red hair that marks you as a Weasley from a mile away!
I love the way you add little details, it adds substance and weight to the writing. And EGYPT! Definitely an awesome and versatile place to set your story in! Actually a few chapters of my story are there too. So yeah, in short, LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Haha, hi again IoMC and I'm sorry I dragged you away from revising (well, not too sorry :P)! I'm so glad that you liked the first chapter given how much emphasis they carry. I know, I preferred focusing on the not so nice side because it's only natural given how much me and my own siblings argue so it was fun to show this side of it here.

Yes, EGYPT! I've already read your other reviews, so I'm glad it lived up to your expectations, and I'm so glad that you loved it as it means so much to me!


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Review #17, by ReeBee Plans and Preparations

24th February 2014:
Omg, Kiana, I'm a terrible person! I read this agesss agooo! EUGH. Anyway, since I was horrible and didnt leave a review, I'm back to obviously, review :) I'm so glad to get time to read and review again! So much to catch up on!

I loved this chapter! The jumping between settings and time zones and even eras (sounds so oddly cool!) IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! LOVED IT!

Omg. The man at the end. What even was that?!?! Gah! So so thrilling! Sent shivers down my spine so kudos to you! :D He's so scary! Omg, I really don't deal with scariness well (just go with the word, cant think of anything else! :P) Anyway, he was awesome! :D And then the confrontation! Ah! They're all magic! Whoo!

Ooh, also, on a completely different track, you write cliffies so so well! And obviously have to go on to the next chapter! So see you soon then!

Author's Response: It's fine Curie, I've been so bad at responding to this but all I can say is graphics, I'm sure you know my problem well :P

I'm so glad that you liked the whole jumble of things because I have a feeling a few were a little put off by it :P Hehe, yes, the man is very strange and scary and you will find out more! They are, though that might not be such a good thing as you'll find out later on ;) I'm so glad you liked the cliff-hanger and I can't wait to read your thoughts again!

Thanks for this fab review, it was the perfect cure for a terrible day!


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Review #18, by marauderfan A Guise

9th February 2014:
Yay, I finally have some time to review! I am sorryyou haven't been getting as much feedback lately becausr this is a great story and deserves heaps of reviews so I'll make this review as long as I can manage typing on a tablet haha. Loved the last chapter btw.

its nice to see this whole group together although there are definitely a lot more tensions in the group now! Especially since Scorpius seems to know something, but it could endanger the lives of everyone who came from the future. And the others don't know they're from the future. Oh this won't be good will it...

Omg, I love the idea of Rose and Lorcan running off to swear when speaking in proper 1920s form gets tiresome hahaha.

I really liked the section with Hermione and Hasani, and I think it's great that you included the bit on religion and magic - it makes sense as most people in that area of the world are religious, and I could easily see a connection with magic and religion. Its cool when real life stuff is brought into fic, anyway I liked that section. I'm glad Hermione and Hasani are starting to trust one anoher too.

Oh no, Rashidi :( It sounds as if he is still alive at the moment so it's good that he'll be able to see Hasani once more, at least.

this was a really great chapter! Love this story ♥

Author's Response: Hehe, it's fine Kristin and I have to make some of my own apologies as this is a rather late response written on my phone so typos will be abound in this no doubt!

You're definitely right about the tension and it will only continue to get worse really which is cool for me because it mean a lot more awkward situations which is what I'm use to :P Hmm, I guess the best thing to say is wait for the next chapter.

I'm glad you liked that section as it was a lot of fun to write. I was really worried everyone would be like an religion and magic no way Jose, but I'm glad you liked it and you're right as it does play a major influence in that area.

Yeah, Rashidi isn't too good but we'll catch up with him next time.

Thanks for the fab review, and I'm glad that you liked the last chapter too!

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Review #19, by vanityfair A Guise

9th February 2014:
This was a really good chapter. I enjoyed seeing Scorpius back with Rose, it was nice to see them being normal with one another again. I have bad feelings about this expedition into Acanthus though. I don't think it will go very well. The bit about religion was interesting, I've never really seen it in a story before. I do hope Rashidi doesn't die straight away though. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hey Maia! I'm glad that you liked how this chapter was moving, hahah, and you are definitely right about the expedition though in what way I won't say :P Rashidi will most probably feature in the next chapter so just wait and see! Thanks for the fab review! Kiana

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Review #20, by teh tarik Before the Storm

4th February 2014:
Ooh, ooh, ooh so much action and mystery and drama in this chapter! Your story's really picked up its pace and wow, everyone's well on their way to Acanthus and then there's a sandstorm and that last scene with Rose and Lorcan about to drink something and the explosion...I'm just so intrigued and puzzled and clueless, I'm going to have to read more to find out. CLIFFHANGER.

I love how you developed Lorcan's character! He's such a direct person and I think Scorpius feels a little uncomfortable with him, especially when he bursts into the tent and proceeds to interrogate Scorpius about what happened between him and Rose the last time. Seems that Lorcan doesn't care that much for personal boundaries, and I really like this aspect of his characterisation! But I'd also say that Scorpius feels mildly uncomfortable with almost everyone, except perhaps Rose. He's so aware and self-conscious; I'd say it's definitely because he overthinks things. :P And it's so interesting to hear that Ravenclaw!Rose doesn't think that she has very particularly distinct Ravenclaw traits compared to Scorpius and her brother. She's definitely a very practical person, though.

As usual, I really loved how you brought the whole setting to life here! Loved your descriptions of the desert and the monotony of the journey on camel and gah, your descriptions of the sandstorm! ♥ So terrifying and vivid. Great visual imagery, but that's not all; I also could imagine the scratchiness of the sand lodging in throats, and beneath eyelids, the wheezing etc.

And ah, that final scene! There's something so wrong about it, about the whole place (WHAT is that building and why is it in the middle of nowhere and why do Rose and Lorcan look like they're in some kind of trance?) and I can't wait to read on and find out.

And when the room exploded, I swear my heart stopped a bit.

His body shook violently, and everything swirled around in his eyes. He could feel blood seep from his head. His legs felt as if it had been crushed on impact.

Such a terrifying and very vivid part. Scorpius' pain and bewilderment and disorientation felt so startlingly real.


Fabulous chapter, Kiana! ♥ ON I GO.


Author's Response: Hahaha, yeah this is the chapter when everything's like bam, bam, bam and even I was just like woah is this all really happening when I was writing this chapter. It was so much fun though because this made me realise how cool mystery/action stories could be and now I'm hooked on writing them!

Bahaha, direct was the best way for it because even though he isn't like his family too much I suppose this is Luna's habit of saying the uncomfortable truth coming up here. Plus, it was so much fun making poor old Scorpius all awkward and squirm around because you're right and he does overthink things, and him not saying this willingly is just woah back off! Yeah, Rose is probably more like Ron in this story than Hermione as she's much more a doer than a thinker.

Yay, you could imagine it, though I'm sure those sensations weren't particularly pleasant ones :P Hehe, that just means so much to me because before I had no description and you're just like a god of it so yay!

I can answer the building one as it doesn't actually feature in the story but it's more my head canon here, as it's an old little thing for travellers who could stay there and then it was taken over by the voice! Hehe, everything is very wrong with that place too!

I know, poor old Scorpius, this really wasn't a great chapter for him but he will sort everything out. Sort of. You will sort of find out more in the next chapter if that helps!

Thanks for such a fab review, teh, it really made me smile! ♥


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Review #21, by vanityfair Reunions

29th January 2014:
I loved this chapter with seeing Rose and Scorpius back together again it made me so happy because I've been waiting for this to happen for ages. Their kiss was perfect with it being in Acanthus, though I really hope Scorpius doesn't die now because that would be terrible for Rose. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hey Maia, I'm so glad that you liked this chapter because it has certainly been a long wait for this moment so actually having it is rather exciting! Thank you for such a fab review and I hope you continue to like them being back together! Kiana

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Review #22, by BookDinosaur Reunions

26th January 2014:
Ah so many things happened in this chapter! (Well, not really, but too much for my brain to handle.)

I was so scared at first in this chapter because I honestly thought that what Dalila said about dying alone was foreshadowing, and I thought, well that's it. Scorpius will die here and then Rose and Lorcan will be whizzed back to present time. Thankfully, that sad scenario never took place, so all is well. I can breathe again.

So Scorpius just Apparated to the middle of a desert? No rhyme or reason to it? Or knowing Frederic Russell, he probably had this all planned out.

AHH SCORPIUS AND ROSE REUNITED! I love how she was wearing completely different clothes and it stuck out to him, that really emphasised how uch Rose had changed to fit in with the 1920s crew. :) And then how they kind of admitted how they liked each other with the whole 'I missed you'/'you were good company' thing, I was basically squeeing all the way through that, hahaha!

Aw no, poor David. :( I mean obviously I ship Scorpius/Rose, but it can't be nice for him to have Rose find Scorp in the middle of the desert and then forget about him. Although she never did encourage him, so he shouldn't have expected anything. I do think that David likes Rose and it jealous of Scorp, that would explain his behaviour in the tent.

Bahaha, I love how Rose has been in Acanthus long ebough that she's pretty much a tour guide for the place now! The way she just showed Scorpius around Acanthus was so sweet, although I think that if I were Rose I'd be looking over my shoulder every other second remembering that sceam. :(

AH AND THEY THEY KISSED! *flails* Hehe, I love how she was just overthinking every single little thing like how her fingers were going to shrivel but that's quite normal, it did show how nervous Scorpius made her. Bahaha, 'a haphazard first at Hogwarts'? I think that might just be my favourite line from this chapter. ;)

Oh no, Rose is being so determined to keep Scorpus with her! But then Rashidi said Scorpius was going to have to die, remember? (Of course you remember *smacks self* You're the author here.) Oh no, when the time comes and if Scorpius dies, Rose will be shattered. :( Don't die, Scorpius!

All in all, Kiana, this was a lovely chapter, I relly enjoyed reading Scorpius and Rose back together again. :D Update soon!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm sorry your brain couldn't handle it all :P

I'm so sorry I made you scared but this was about the only trouble free and fluffy chapter that there's been so far which was a pleasant change for you lot I guess :P I guess it was my way of making up for all the horrible things I made Rose and Scorpius suffer through. :P

THEY ARE! I'm so glad that you liked the changes because it was so much fun to write because even though they've both changed considerably in these weeks apart they still like each other and miss one another. Haha I was squeeing throughout writing it because I was just like after all this time, always and doing a load of other HP quotes :P

I know, I feel bad for David and you were right about him liking her. I think she was just a different person to the ones he tended to come across (coming from a different century helped a lot), so he got sort of entranced by her, and yeah, sort of ended up liking her. It's not too bad for him now!

I know, I would do the same if I was with Rose but I think having the guy she's liked since Hogwarts come back to the past to rescue her sort of makes want to thing about, erm, other things :P

I KNOW. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE. Hahaha, lol, that was so much fun to write because I could make them happy and yeah, like I said before, repay them for all that crap and it jsut made me feel good with them being nice.

I do remember, that's part of the reason for throwing it because yay for angst and situations which can never really occur. You'll have to wait and see for that bit!

Thanks for such a fantastic review, Emily, and updates should be quicker with a deadline to work to on this!


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Review #23, by BookDinosaur Bones

26th January 2014:

Oh goodness, do you know, the first section of this chapter was the creepiest thing ever. The way that the scream affected both Rose and Lorcan was so realistic, and just the mention of the scream was creepy. And then the way Rose just started to notice all the bones everywhere, that was just wow. You have a way with creepy. :P

Oh no. They didn't hear the scream?! And they're content to say it was a cat or something? I think the fact that only Rose and Lorcan heard it makes it much more sinister.

And what's this about the other group? Suddenly they're becoming a lot more sinister to me, although I'm probably just paranoid after this incredibly creepy chapter.

Oh look, I can see that Hasani and Hermione are forming a nice bond over their missing family mambers, that's so nice to read about. :) I love how businesslike Hermione is and how she bosses the two boys around with no trouble at all, it's definitely something that she would do, haha! But then how she 'wittered away', in her own words, about Rose showed a softer side to her. Hasani is opening up as well, I hope the boys don't continue to be cold to him. ;)

Ooh, we get more Scorpius! :D I love how much he obviously cares for Rose, how he's willing to possibly sacrifice himself to get to where she is. So sweet. *sniffles* AND WE GOT A NAME! YAY! Frederic Russell suits the evil guy perfectly. Although I'm very worried now. What if this is all some manipulation and he really has set this big plan to kill the world or something awful like that in motion? :O Oh noes.

Ah no, don't die Rashidi! I like him too much. Dalila is right, to die alone is a terrible fate. WHAT IF THAT'S FORESHADOWING AND SCORPIUS IS GOING TO DIE ALONE AH. And Rashidi is saying that Scorpius has to die for the others to get back? Whyyy?

I think that you did have a lot of sections here, with Rose and the 1920s crew, and Hermione, and Frederic Russell, and then Dalila and Rashidi. Overall the flow of this chapter was really nice though, and the pacing was absolutely perfect, I don't think those multiple sections affected either of those very much at all, so kudos to you there!

Anyway. *deep breaths* This was a really good chapter Kiana, I really enjoyed reading it. :D

Author's Response: EMILY! :D

Haha, yay for creepiness I couldn't resist though I made up for it in the next chapter as that was considerably cheerier than this one :P Hehe, I'm glad I made curious about what the scream actually was but you'll have to wait a while for the actual source of it because it won't be revealed for a couple more chapters *insert evil cackle at withholding facts*.

Lol, I'm sorry about that, but they aren't all sinister I can tell you that!

I'm so glad that you liked their bond because I had a little too much fun writing this new group. Haha, Hermione does have her very special points such as going about it her own way and wittering about, I think that's why I love her because she's just so cute about it too! We get more Hasani and the boys in chapter 14 so just watch and wait there!

Yay, I'm making you sort of ship Scorose I call this a success :P YES WE DID. IT'S SO EXCITING! I posted in the name help thread thing back in April last year for it so now to actually use it is a ton of fun! Haha, as for your last points I can't say but wait and see!

GAH, I CAN'T SAY. I WANT TO BUT I CAN'T BUT CHAPTER 14 = BIG EVENTS. WATCH AND WAIT IS ALL I SAY. Yay the whole chapter section things majigy worked too! So woop woop! Thank you for such an amazing review, Emily, you really are awesome :D


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Review #24, by BLONDEbehaviour Wicker Lines

22nd January 2014:
Let's just turn a blind eye to my horrible timing, life has been a whirlwhind lately. So, I'm sorry!

This was an interesting chapter indeed! Many, many open ended questions are left in this chapter, and it took a bit of understanding to fully figure out what was going on. Not a bad thing at all! Just picks up on a few of the areas of concern you asked about, but we'll get to those after the squee :)

This mysterious guy has me al up in arms! I love/hate his character already! I think you have done well with introducing him. I can understand that you would feel a bit 'woash' about bringing in yet another character, but I believe in the way that you have incorporated him as more of a 'being' right now more than an actual person we can associate with (in my head, anyway) makes it a lot easier for us to take in, and realize that this is a new character, and it seems he's here to stay.

I looove the little interlude part in the middle with Hermione. Even though there is tension and fear in it, it really helped to separate up the story and put us in perspective. It also helped to break up between Scorpius and Rose, with the time difference. Not sure if that was the reason for it, but it works! :)

Rose's part I found rather captive. I think you have done a great job with incorporating her trip in with this group's trip, and I am sure it will have further plot twists later on that I am looking forward to reading about! I am finding your portrayal of Rose an interesting one, she really is trying her best to show everyone that she can do something worthwhile, and I am interested to see if that pans out further later on.

Now, in regards to your AOC..

In the Scorpius part, I feel like it has been a tad rushed, purely because of the bam! bam! bam! action, which works well, but could use a bit of spacing in between. You mentioned description, and I think there is opportunity to describe Scorpius when he first wakes, and maybe even the place he is in a bit more, between little action parts? Now I don't think this is a necessary change, the action in the scene works well, just my opinion on what may work.

I think also that some description could work in the Rose section as well. We all know that Lorcan is passed out, but what are the others doing? Whats going on around them? etc. I don't feel like this scene needs to be slowed down per se, maybe just to see a bit more setting involved would help draw the reader in :)

I hope this review was helpful, and I am so so sorry yet again for being a horrible reviewer and taking over a month to get to this review. Someone should slap me haha.

Hope your doing well Kiana!

Grace :)

Author's Response: Hey Grace! It's fine, I know what life can get like :D

Haha, I'm glad you liked it and squeeing is always a necessary thing to do first otherwise it just sort of brings the party down before it started :P

I'm so glad that you liked him! I almost wish I had more evil characters to through into the story because getting into their brain is way more fun due to the complexity than with a good person who can be a bit of a bore at times :P He definitely is here to stay which isn't so good for the others but oh well :P

I'm glad that you liked as Hermione does become more of an integral part of the story as it progresses which is great because it means I got to write some Romione fluff which is always so cool.

Haha, you are definitely right with the future plot twists because there can't be a plot which just runs the smooth course because blergh to that is all I can really say. I'm so glad that you like Rose in the story, because if I'm being honest I'm still a little unsure about her which is weird as I wrote her but yeah :P

I know what you mean about the Scorpius and I have tried to add in a few more bits and pieces. Hopefully it should be ok because it was rather hectic before and we sort of needed Scorpius to act as a anchor to the whole story. I totally get what you mean about Rose/Lorcan because as I read it back it is a little strange but it should be fixed now :D

This review was really helpful as it pointed out things others hadn't. Again, don't worry about being late, it's fine!

I am doing well and I hope you are too, Grace!


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Review #25, by KiwiOliver Souks and Surprises

21st January 2014:
I can't believe I didn't click when reading the first chapter, but when you were describing what it's like in Cairo I was reminded of when I was a British kid living in the middle east. Sunburn every day. (:

You describe the whole place really well from the deserted daytimes to the crowded markets. One would think you'd been there yourself, or at least done a lot of research!

I definitely smiled at the Weasley complexion bit, and I also liked the bit with the pushy salesman. I know that al too well from my time abroad.

I really like the way this story is written and I'm looking forward to reading on and finding out what will happen to Rose and Scorpius!
(Oh and I like how Scorp's mother is super protective and made him get a phone, it's adorable.)

Anyway I'm adding this to my reading list so I don't forget to come back to it this time! I really like the story so far and can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response: Aw, poor you! It must have been fun living there but surburn is just blergh. As for the descriptions of Egypt, it's a mixture of both as I've been to Morocco which is similar so I just did a bit of research and adapted it a little. :)

Haha, you've got to love the pushy salesman, they're just a ton of fun of course :P Aw, I'm so glad that you're excited for Rose and Scorpius as they are very dear to me :P

Thanks for such great comments and a review, and I do hope you continue reading! :D


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