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Review #1, by newgenerationlover mistakes were made

24th April 2014:
Ekk! An update!

Dren, dren, dren. I was getting so angry when she was about to sleep with Malfoy again. Thank god she stopped it when she did! And James, goodness gracious boy. Yes, they kept the truth from you, but its not like Sirius is just doing it for a quick... kiss (sorry, have to keep it 12+ haha). And Sirius, do not punch your best friend! Pull it together boy!

Sorry, I just released all my pent up emotions at the characters in what is supposed to be a review... oops. But anyway, really enjoyed the chapter. Just a request, seeing more Dren and Sirius together to allow us to form more of a bond with their relationship. It doesn't even have to be them hooking up or anything like that, maybe just them talking and joking around together. We have seen the sexual attraction side to their relationship, but not much of their actual friends side of the relationship. Just a suggestion :)

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks yup the point was to be frustrated with them :) oh i plan to put more of their friendship i just wanted to get across that they have both have reputations for instant gratification and that there are years of pent up desire for one another neither of them had acknowledged until now now that the i love you has been said things are going to take a turn ;) havent figured out what im going to do about james and sirius yet but yeah sirius punching him probably isnt helping the situtation but you know he had to defend his lady lol its probably weird how im just as shocked as you but the charachters tend to take on a life of their own and i was like OMG while i was writing it so who knows what shall happen next..not even me we'll both just have to see

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Review #2, by newgenerationlover discovery

13th April 2014:
Yay! Quick updates! Love the chapter, can't wait to keep reading!!

Author's Response: yup im doing the stay at home mom thing til i finish my classes which im doing online so ill be updating much more frequently thanks for continuing with me :)

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Review #3, by newgenerationlover seen

6th April 2014:
So glad you updated!! Really do love your story and congrats on your new son! Can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: oh thank you so much im glad you like it i was worried about it being out of rythm with the other chapter

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Review #4, by newgenerationlover A little intimacy.

19th December 2013:
AHH! So happy you have been updating so quickly. Absolutely love Sirius and Dren together, and I think that it might take a little bit for James to find out (aka my prediction is that it is just a close call.) Well I can't wait to keep reading so keep these quick updates up (well, you know, after the cue comes back after Christmas.)
Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas!)

Author's Response: why thank you
lol of course its just a close call i wouldnt end the suspense so quickly lol im working on the chapter in my noote books ill update as soon as the que is open

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Review #5, by newgenerationlover the waiting game

17th December 2013:
Love this chapter! Can't wait to keep reading! And good luck with your pregnancy!! ^_^

Author's Response: im glad you liked it thanks so much for being so patient with me
me and my litle bundle of joy are ding very well one more month and hell be sitting here writing with me

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Review #6, by Neha Discussions.

27th November 2013:
update plz.its been too long waiting for chapters.BTW GREAT STORY !!!

Author's Response: oh i know im sooo sorry unfortunaetly ny laptop crashed and i have to wat to get a new one in so sorrry i pronise to update as soon as i can and thank you so much for reading

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Review #7, by newgenerationlover Discussions.

1st September 2013:
I'm so happy you finally updated! Love this chapter. The scene where Dren is telling Sirius everything was so realistic, I felt like I was standing in the scene with them. Please update soon :)

Author's Response: im so happy you liked it! im sorry i took so long to update but with dr appointments school work and my sisters wedding time has been a little hard to make i finally found time when i couldnt sleep lol ill update as soon as i can

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Review #8, by WumpsQuill Confrontation.

28th August 2013: chapter please :) I've been enjoying your story and was hoping that perhaps a new chapter could be coming soon? I hope so!

Author's Response: yes im just waiting for it to be validated sorry about the wait :)

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Review #9, by newgenerationlover Confrontation.

31st July 2013:
I can't wait to know what happens!! Please update soon, this story is just so good!

Author's Response: (^_^) working on it already

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Review #10, by newgenerationlover The Round Tale-part two.

30th July 2013:
This story is sooo good. Just found it today and now I am adding it to my list of favorites. :)

P.S. A little bit of constructive criticism, work on the editing and sometimes it is hard to follow conversations when you don't have who's saying what, maybe just add names the first time they say something so the reader's can get the rhythm of the conversation more easily. :)

Author's Response: thanks!! oh i know sometimes i type way to fast and i miss spelling errors when i do a quick read through lol
also i know i do that sometimes its kind of hard to remember to do that when im writing as if its happening in that moment i always end up writing it how i imagine it in my head like im really there but thank you so much ill definately try to work on it

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Review #11, by ginny7forlife The Round Tale-part two.

28th July 2013:
gnklgjrhlkjrngr I LOVED IT.write more was BRILLIANT.

Author's Response: Already working on the next ch rhank you so much ^_^

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Review #12, by Potter_is_life The Round Table: part one

25th July 2013:
I LOVE THIS! Dren is such a perfect character especially for Sirius I need to know how their night ends and of course what that will cause. I have so many questions! What's gonna happen with Emma? What about James and Lily are they gonna be together? How about Malfoy what's he going to do since she didn't show up?

I'm actually so hooked on your story so you need to update soon!

Author's Response: omg thank you after coming from a horrible day at work this just absolutely made my day! my chapters already waiting for validation and its a three day waiting period. so far its been two hope it gets approved soon so i can start working on the next
thanks so much for your amazing review

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Review #13, by Emma Surprises

15th May 2013:
Hey, there are younger kids that read this so even though i know it says 17 an older you should really keep the drug use to a minimum. Im not saying dont have them in there by all means it will he funny... But seriously i dont want to see james get super ridicously high. Hes a prankster and an arrogant bloke, also can see him being pissed a couple( try a lot) of times but not muggle high

Author's Response: oh no dont worry the substance i plan on describing is perfectlly fictional and and its just this one time that i want this in here because its important for them to lose their inhibitions completely. there will be more drinking and the occasional stoner sesh but other then that nothing major. so no worries :) i havent finished writing it yet cause while i do want to porteay a loss of inhibitions i also want to display confusion and a bit of loss so that it deters from drug use even though its important in the coming chapter but thank you for your concerns i really appreciate it ^_^

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Review #14, by ron_hermione_fan to close

6th May 2013:
I really like this so far! Keep updating please :)

Author's Response: thank you :) im very glad youre enjoying the story. i always try to update as soon as possible so hopefully ill have chapter 6 ready for you soon

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Review #15, by Hannah Return

5th April 2013:
AW *cries* this is the most romantic sirius/oc chapter ive read so far!!

Author's Response: im so glad you like it :) im working on ch 3 already hopefully i have it finishes for you soon

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Review #16, by WoodenFences would you rather

24th March 2013:
This is amazing!!! You have to keep this up... if only just for

Author's Response: thank you that means alot to me :)

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