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Review #1, by Toni One Year Later

26th May 2016:
I have to say I really enjoyed your Tonks and Remus story. I liked that it was Tonks' tale as she is my favourite character. Lovely writing too. Thank you for sharing it.

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Review #2, by FoxStarE Morris Dancing, Moody and Mundungus

24th August 2014:
Really enjoying this look at OotP from Tonks perspective. Glad I chanced upon it.

Author's Response: Thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest of it too! :D

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Review #3, by nott theodore One Year Later

11th July 2014:

Seriously. I. Am. Sobbing.

Not fair.

This review isn't even going to be vaguely coherent. I'll apologise for that right now ♥ (Also you're just the sweetest for mentioning me in your author's note even though it's taken me a shamefully long time to get through all of this story.)

I knew this was going to happen. I knew that you were going to destroy my feels and make me cry but seriously, I had tears in my eyes from the first lines of this chapter. I just can't handle how sad it was to see Tonks heading into battle and trying to find Remus so desperately, and at the same time she had all these thoughts about Teddy and becoming a mother and all the things that she would do with her family in the future. It's just heartbreaking to know that she didn't have that future in front of her, that she's going to die so soon...

And then we get to the battle, and she finds Remus and then Bellatrix appears and I swear, my heart was racing so much when she came in. There was just so much love for Remus and Teddy in her and Tonks had developed and grown so much through this story and why did she have to die? So, so unfair :( But I loved the fact that she and Remus saw each other one last time and were aware of each other's presence before she died. You ended it in the middle of a sentence! How can you do that? I'm so upset right now, I'm still crying! But this was a beautiful story, Kiana, and I'm just going to have to leave now to try and recover...

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review



It's fine, you cheered me on a lot throughout this so you definitely did deserve a place within it!

I'm sorry but if it's any consolation I was crying so much after this it was so crazy and then I had to go back and try and edit this too. I'm sorry about that too, but it was just my attempt to fill everyone in on her life since we last saw her even if it was a heart-breaking thing to do!

I know, Bellatrix is just so ew and horrible and ew and had to appear just as Remus did, but at least they died together in a way which is sweet. I'm glad that you liked the fact that they saw one another again as I really wanted them to have one final moment where they really could express their love for one another and show what they meant to one another. I'm sorry about the middle of the sentence thing too, but Tonks was full of so much life it just had to be like that because if it was slow and stilted it wouldn't have been the same.

Thank you for this amazing review and all the other ones too, they really meant a ton to me! :D


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Review #4, by nott theodore The Penultimate Confession

11th July 2014:
Hello, lovely!

Yes yes yes a happy chapter! I'm smiling so much right now because this was such a great chapter to read and I really loved it. I kind of wanted to shout 'FINALLY' at the pair of them but I'm so glad that they both came to their senses and actually admitted their feelings and yes, such a cute moment at the end!

This chapter built up to the ending so well. I loved the way that Tonks seemed so well portrayed in this story and then she kind of returned to the person she was at the beginning, and so determined to get what she wanted, which was Remus. I love the fact that she turned round to him and made him actually listen to her, which was enough to get Remus to admit that he loved her and then he went and proposed! I squeed a lot at that bit, it was just so perfect! And Tonks's reaction was so funny too, the way that she agreed and then panicked internally afterwards, before deciding it might work out. Now I have one chapter left and I'm worried what it's going to do to me, but I have to click the next chapter button...

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Sian!

Yes, yes, yes you have one finally and they're FINALLY together so don't worry about wanting to shout that out because I'm with you right there and cuteness was definitely needed for it at the end.

I'm so glad that you liked the link back to the beginning with the way she has herself back as it's really been missed and we can all have one bit of happiness before it all happens. Bahaha, yes, I always wondered when he did actually propose as their whole relationship just sort of appeared in the books, so it felt natural to fit it in here. I think Tonks will always be a little unsure with things like this even if they are meant to be.

Thanks for another amazing review! :D


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Review #5, by nott theodore Reaction and Resolution

11th July 2014:
Hi again, Kiana! Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I've only got two chapters left of this story right now!

Aw, I felt so sorry for Tonks at the beginning of this chapter, but I loved the touches of humour that still managed to come through. Like the part when she realised she was fantasising about Remus instead of being 'all feminist and stuff' :P But I loved Fleur so much at the beginning of this chapter for setting up a meeting between the two of them - she's so much smarter and wiser than people expect her to be! And I loved the fact that Tonks went and told Remus to she'd hit him if he didn't listen to her. Go girl!

Oh wow, you wrote that battle scene so well! I could feel all of the chaos of it and felt so sorry for Tonks with the fact that she thought Bill had died and that she had that on her conscience as well. It was great that you included the fact the confusion over Snape and Malfoy too. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Yes you do and you certainly sped through it so go you!

Aw, I know how you feel but the old Tonks is slowly returning to us so it's all good. Bahahah I love Fleur for that too, in fact, it seems as if all the characters in this story have ganged up on them for the purpose of getting them together which is rather funny because I didn't realise they were all so keen on this pairing.

I know, I hated writing this bit though as it's so horrible and so raw and so real and everything is just bad from this point onwards :(

Thanks for a fab review though! :D


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Review #6, by nott theodore Girl Power

11th July 2014:
Hi, Kiana!

Ah, I loved the way that you wrote Tonks at Christmas with her parents. It's kind of sad that she's still alone at Christmas and going back to her parents' (although I guess part of that was her choice since she was invited to the Burrow) but at the same time, I think it was good for her. I really liked the relationship you wrote between Tonks and her father because I always pictured her and Ted being close, and I thought it was great that they could tell what was wrong even though she hadn't told them. Ted had some good advice!

Oh dear, I'm not sure that sending a drunk letter to Remus that started the way that one did was the best idea...

I'm definitely Team Tonks right now, probably because I'm reading it from her perspective, although I can understand Remus with his insecurities. But yes, girl power! And I'm so happy to see Tonks standing up to Remus and calling him out on his motives even though he's told her he loves her. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Sian!

Yay, I'm glad that you liked it! I had to include as a little nod towards canon and I really like Ted and Andromeda too as they're just so cute so this was another way to include them. I'm glad that it worked with your head canon too but it just makes Ted's eventual death even sadder.

Hahah, yes, it probably wasn't the best right now!

I definitely am Team Tonks too, but bless him, Remus does have a lot of issues to get over too so you can't help but feel bad for him too, but yes for Tonks for knocking him into shape too!

Thanks for an amazing review :D


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Review #7, by nott theodore Fact Rather Than Fiction

11th July 2014:
Hi Kiana!

Oh my goodness, what a chapter! Ah, I just love Tonks so much and I had so much hope for her to start being happier in this chapter but no, you had to go and end it like that! She's just in so much denial at the beginning about her feelings for Remus, with the letters and all of those bits, and even though everyone else can see it she doesn't realise it!

Good job writing Dumbledore and McGonagall - I always think that they're so hard to write and you did a really good job. I liked the fact that - of course - Dumbledore knows that Remus and Tonks are in love with each other. He always manages to work out things like that, even if nobody wants him to :P

The way that you wrote Remus's return was just brilliant. So much emotion and so many feels! They confessed that they loved each other FINALLY (the way that you wrote the revelation was great!) and then Remus has to go and be all anguished and noble and tell Tonks that even though he loves her, he can't be with her, because he's protecting her from himself. NO REMUS! Aw, I felt so sad about that even though I knew it would happen and I can't wait to see them finally getting together when it comes!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Sian!

Haha, yes that's probably a good way to describe all of the craziness which happened here! I'm so sorry about the crazy mix of emotions and the way it finally ended on a down note, but it had to be so sorry!

Yay for them, I'm glad that you liked it. :P I just couldn't help but include that little moment as I always imagined him to be like Cupid and flying around trying to pair people.

Yay for that and I'm so glad that you liked it! I know how you feel though as you just want to go and slap him or something gah he's just so annoying at times! Don't worry, I'm not too mean and they will get together... eventually...

Thanks for a great review! :D


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Review #8, by nott theodore Constant Questioning

11th July 2014:
Hello again, lovely!

Ah, I'm really glad to see Bill back again in this chapter - I feel like Tonks could really do with a friend right now because she's suffering quite a lot, and you did highlight the fact that it feels like everyone has left her behind. Plus Bill and Fleur are just so cute together, I think the way you write them is fantastic! Perhaps not the best two people for Tonks to be around right now though since she's so sad about Remus and so confused about him. I really like the way that you invent new places in the magical world as well, it's so imaginative!

You did a great job showing the way that the recent events are still having an effect on Tonks and there's not much she can do about it. There was still some humour in which I liked, because she's not completely changed beyond recognition, but she has changed. And I loved Molly's appearance at the end of this chapter and the way the friendship between them is growing closer, because I think Molly was such a big help for her at this point. I'm reading on!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey again Sian!

Yay for Bill! Bill and Fleur are definitely trying to be friends for her which is why they're so cute and lovely but as you said their cuteness and loveliness might not be the best thing but it's working for them now. I'm so glad that you liked the new places though as it was so much fun to make them rather for them to go the Leaky all the tie.

I think I always tried to include humor (ranks brain as this was written a year ago :P) as it would have just felt too strange and alien if Tonks lost it completely so I'm glad you liked that. Yay for Molly!! She really is a babe when it comes to Tonks :D


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Review #9, by nott theodore Wonders and Wishing.

11th July 2014:
Hi again, Kiana! Ah, I knew that after Sirius had died we'd get to the most serious parts of the story and everything would start slowly changing. And we see it here more than ever in Tonks's transformation, the way that the war takes hold of people as well as the wizarding world. I think you wrote that really well.

From the beginning of the chapter there was a change in tone from earlier ones, and there wasn't so much humour there. Tonks has grown a lot more serious, partly because she's had to, to be able to face the circumstances. I found her grief and thoughts about Sirius really believable, and I felt so sorry for both her and Remus as they were walking along the beach together. (Although hints about their relationship and feels at that point!)

I feel so sorry for Tonks. I loved the mention of Molly and the way that she's been helping her, as well as the fact that her Patronus has now changed to a wolf - and she isn't prepared to think about what that actually means, yet. It seems very in character :P And now she feels all alone, and I'm so sorry for her because I know there's still almost a year before she and Remus can get together, although I'm assuming there'll be some more moments before thenÖ

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi again Sian! I know and everything changes from this point onwards like it did in the books too I guess, so sorry about that but at least you're prepared for the lack of happiness which will follow on from now.

I know, I know, Tonks and Remus really are being drawn into one another in this all consuming grief and while it's so sad and so lonely, as you said there are hints here ;) And the hints make up for the sadness a little I guess.

Aw, Molly! I really loved including her here as she continues to play a part with Remus and Tonks later on too so just watch and wait for her really. Bahaha, there will be moments, trust me, I couldn't be that cruel to long it out for so long!

Thanks for another amazing review :D


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Review #10, by nott theodore The Department of Mysteries

11th July 2014:
Hey Kiana! Ah, it's been such a ridiculously long time since I read and reviewed this story and I've been missing it, because I know it meant so much to you and I can't wait to see how you ended it (although from what you've told me, I think I might cry...). Then I come expecting humour to read this absolutely heartbreaking chapter!

I know I say this pretty much every time I review this story but I still love your characterisation of Tonks. I'm always impressed by how well you capture her personality, taking what we know of her from the books but at the same time making her your own, and fleshing her out a lot with past experiences and relationships that people have never really thought about.

I liked the way that this chapter started off quite lightly, with Tonks going about her everyday life, and how the Order has now become a part of that, and then got gradually darker. I loved Remus and Sirius laughing and joking like they used to, and I'm so glad that you wrote that considering what comes later - I couldn't bear to think his last day was miserable!

Then the Patronus arrives and there's chaos and confusion, and I think you got that across really well. I had this awful sense of apprehension as they were approaching the Department of Mysteries because I knew what was going to happen...

You described the whole duelling scene really well, fitting in with canon. But I think what got me most was when Tonks wakes up, and her father's so happy she's alive and then all she can feel is the crushing guilt that Sirius is dead, and thinks it's her fault - of course it's not, Tonks! *hugs*

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Sian and sorry for taking aeons to reply to this as you know, so we're quits and yay you finished it too so go you!

I'm so glad that you liked her because reading all your reviews has made me realise how much I miss her right now and I really wish I can write her sometime again as it was just so much fun.

I know, it was so horrible starting it off with all that banter because I just knew what was coming and I had to ruin it all with death and I really hated writing this chapter because of that. So don't worry, I couldn't bear it either!

Ah, the horrible use of foreshadowing I can't even say much in response to it because it's just so sad and so horrible I don't want to think about Sirius's death. I know what you mean about Ted though because his happiness for her almost makes the situation even worse and it's just like no, no, no no one can be happy with Sirius now gone!

Thanks for this fab review :D


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Review #11, by Veritaserum27 Muggles and Magic

8th July 2014:

I really like this chapter - you've developed Tonk's character nicely. I can see how she gets frustration with the other aurors (Dawlish especially) not taking her seriously. I think it is funny that she doesn't realize that her actions are what cause others to see her has irresponsible and rude... I really did chuckle at her a few times while reading this. I was worried that we wouldn't see Remus in this chapter, but yay! he makes an appearance at the end. I loved the part where his smile makes it to his eyes - only for her. Plus the fact that she notices that. Remus seemed really interested in the fact that she was a metamoragus. I can't wait to see what happened next!

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I'm so glad that you liked her development but she could do with some self-awareness development because that would probably mean people like Dawlish would be a lot nicer to her as a result of that. No, I could never be that cruel of course Remus has to appear! I'm glad you liked that early interest of Remus, because I think he sort of thinks as Tonks as a kindred spirit as they are both quite odd compared to most people so maybe that's why they got on so well.

Thanks for another great review! :D


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Review #12, by Veritaserum27 The First Meeting

8th July 2014:
Hi Kiana,

So, I'm sort of upset with you, because the last thing I need right now is ANOTHER story to add to my must-read list. What am I gonna do? You did a super fantastic job characterizing Tonks here. I love that she embraces her clumsiness and her penchant for pranks! She just seems to go with the flow and doesn't worry too much about anything. I think that her laid-back attitude makes her a good balance for some of the higher-strung aurors. Of course their first meeting involved Tonks tripping over Remus - so cute. I also really liked how you wrote the first meeting of the order. In the books, we don't get to see any meetings (except for part of one) and I always felt a little left out (like Harry did). Good first chapter!

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Hahaha, sorry for that :P Hopefully the reviewing task meant that you could get through quite a few! Yay for loving Tonks, she's always been very dear to my heart especially so after this story so I'm so glad that you liked her here. Haha, of course she would have to trip over him, she couldn't meet him any other way. I know what you mean about the books, which is partly why I wrote this as I just wanted to have more and more of them really.

Thanks for great review! :D


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Review #13, by Moi :) The First Meeting

11th June 2014:
This is so funny and well written! Thank you for updating whenever you did! I started reading this ages ago and loved it,before it was completed. It has been ages since I read a fanfic and I just thought of this Remus/Tonks one. However it took me ages to find it but when I did it was so worth it! And I was so happy to see that it was completed. Thank you so much!!! I will be looking at any others you have written because you are a genuis writer. So funny - you really capture all the characters! So, thx again. I'm gonna go back to reading this amazing fanfic! :)

Author's Response: Wow, I feel so honoured that you came back to this story as it means so much to me that you like this story as it's always had a soft spot in my heart. Aw, don't worry, as I loved this story so I had to finish it and honour Remus and Tonks. Just thank you so, so, so much as this review was a lovely surprise! :D

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Review #14, by amanda One Year Later

20th May 2014:
Hello, first thing I must say is that I have been a big fan of your story and your writing for months. I have been chomping at the bit for new chapters because I loved this story so much. You have beautifully filled a void that the Harry Potter series left. I always related so well to the Tonks and Remus love story and wanted more. THANK YOU for your story. I really loved this last chapter and how it ended. However, I have one major complaint if you will have it. I don't think you should have skipped ahead a year. There is so much story in between the proposal and the Battle and to be honest you tell the story so well that j would ask you to think of filling in that year with at least another chapter or two.just my thought, I hope you take them as a compliment.

Author's Response: Hi, Amanda, thank you so much, it means a lot that you're fan of my stuff! Aw, thank you, that's what I wanted to do because we never got enough of them in the books and films so this was my chance to show maybe how they got together. Sorry, but this story was only ever intended to show up to that point. I have been thinking of doing some short stories about that time inbetween as you are right, a lot did happen, so we'll have to see what happens. I'm taking it as a compliment as it's always great hear that someone wants more! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #15, by toomanycurls One Year Later

3rd March 2014:

I love how you've fast forwarded a year into their marriage and to the battle. I know it's all heartache and feels but I had to laugh at Tonks putting a cushioning charm on the floor. She totally would have been a cool mom!!

SHE NEEDS TO FOCUS! she can't run around distracted in the middle of a battle!

It was stupid for me to try to read this at work. KIANA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?! Tonks and Remus were just perfectly happy together and they should have survivied the battle and grown old with several more children. REMUS HAD SURVIVED SO MANY BATTLES!! why did he have to die here?

The way you ended it - mid sentence just hit me like a punch straight to the feels. Tonks was full of hope and excitement and then just died. Tonks' determination to live just made her death that much harder for me.

Now I'm trying to hide that I'm crying at my desk. I do love that you gave them the ending JKR should have put in the books.

I know this is all over the map but I just loved this chapter and the whole story.


Author's Response: ROSE!

I know, it was the only way to do it, but then it's making me want to write a sequel to fill in the years I missed out. I know what you mean about Tonks, it's just like for once in your life do not be a headless chicken, ok?

SORRY. NOT REALLY SORRY. SORT OF SORRY MAYBE. CRUSHING PEOPLE'S HEARTS IS INEVITABLE WITH THE TWO OF THEM. Gah, it's so sad, we can set up a support group for those who can't deal with their deaths.

I know, I feel bad about it but I just wanted to show the real Tonks, the one who lived in the moment without really thinking and then it obviously had to end that way.

I'm so glad that you liked it, and I really hope you succeeded in hiding, I really wish JKR had given them the ending too!

Thank you for this amazing review and all the other ones on the story too, it was great fun to follow your thoughts throughout it! ♥


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Review #16, by toomanycurls The Penultimate Confession

28th February 2014:
Hello Kiana!! I'm so worried you're going to make me cry this chapter (I know you'll do it next chapter anyway).

You did such a good job with the scene from HBP. It's impossible to avoid retelling that scene and I really liked Tonks' view on it. I loved her snapping point where she just has to do one more crazy thing that night. I especially liked (and cheered at) the fact that her resolution grew stronger after his rather meager rebuff.

I laughed at how funny Tonks can be - even after going through Dumbledore's death. I loved that she joked about making her exercise for him.

You write kisses very well. ;) I wanted to make a little outburst when he pulled back so I'm glad she did! (Team Tonks!) I'm suddenly quite interested in what Remus has to say... haha, I'm not sure how lovey i'd feel if someone called me a clumsy, idiotic, foregetful strange lady. Though, I like that he acknowledges her shortcomings and still loves her.

I get Tonks' apprehension at this point - this is usually where he cuts her off and says they can't see each other. DON'T LEAVE HER (ME) HANGING!

This is the best idea Remus has ever had!! Though, I am a bit curious when Tonks realized he was proposing because she seems to be expecting it by the end. I really love her line of thought regarding what she sonce did to fairy cake and how that turned out alright. :D

Incredible chapter! But the next one o.o will be so full of FEELS.


Author's Response: Rose, hehe, that's the point of Ronks stories - happiness does not exist in them :p

I know, that was the bad thing about writing them because I knew I would have to do at some point but there's the 3 line rule and of course you don't want it copied straight out, so I had have her zoned out for quite a bit instead!

I know, Tonks will always make jokes no matter what. I sort of wish the next chapter included more of them, but you know, other things were sort of going on too :p

Phew, I hate writing them it's so awkward and always feel like I underwrite them if that makes sense. Yeah, I think Remus realised that with someone like Tonks it doesn't matter what you say her too (within limits, mind!), because accepting those things makes them love each other more. ok, that didn't really make sense but hopefully you get the gist!


I know, only Tonks would compare a proposal to a fairy cake, though I guess it is a valid analogy in a roundabout way :P

I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, because, well, the next one isn't going to be so cheery... :'(


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Review #17, by toomanycurls Reaction and Resolution

16th February 2014:
I can't believe I'm almost at the end. o.o I'm scared of the feels.

I've never really loved Fleur until this chapter. I mean, she's tolerable in the books and is usually treated okay in FF, but you've made her someone I wish I were friends with (which is saying a lot). This reminds me of a comedy of errors but with a fantastic ending. Part of me wants to tease Tonks about being so easy to lure into this trap but I'm just to happy she and Remus finally got a heart to heart.

Tonks' conflict at Remus being there and being the good guy is fantastic! I wanted to scream (out of excitement and or frustration) when Remus said he still likes, er loves, her. I'm so glad she threatened him with violence for saying his little speech again. ^_^ I really love how you write Tonks. I love her taunt about being the brave one. That had to grate Remus as a Gryffindor.

She was born under the awkward star - it happens to so many of us. Bill's teasing is just fantastic; I wanted to hug him. Partly because he's poking fun at Tonks and partly because Remus can likely hear what he's saying and should feel bad.

You wrote the battle in such an amazing way! The action popped and moved with fantastic precision. My heart broke when Tonks leaves Bill thinking he's dead. It's such a devastating moment and yet she's able to go on iwth the battle. When she is hoping for someone special, like Dumbledore, it's just too many feels, Kiana. Just too many.

This was a fantastic chapter and I'm a bit scared to read on.


Author's Response: Hi Rose, I know I almost wanted to stop here so I didn't have to write it but I knew I had to go on. (sorry for the late response too, I was away for a while!)

Hahaha, yeah, I know the feeling about Fleur which is sort of way I wanted to make her likeable here because she must have had some nice qualities if Bill ended up marrying her. I would opt for teasing because it was a little too easy but I'm definitely joining you in the yaying too!

Same, gah, I want to write this all over again so I could write all of these cute fluffy moments which are just pefect and yeah I love them. It definitely did grate Remus, but I think he's just so pleased they're friends again it doesn't bother them too much.

I'm so glad you liked the battle because I detest writing action scenes mainly because I've lived a boring life and not experienced any so writing this I was just like whut I have no idea. :P FEELS ♥

Thanks so much for this great review, Rose, and I hope you like the remaining chapters too!


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Review #18, by toomanycurls Girl Power

9th February 2014:

I'm finally back!

I really love how Ted and Andromeda tackle talking to Tonks - especially that Ted and not Andromeda is able to ask about more private issues such as her relationship with Remus. I've always seen her quite close with him. Ah!! I love the parallels with Ted and Andromeda's relationship. Just so many feels there.

Tonks is hilarious! I got a good giggle out of her saying Remus could suck on that. Such a quirky Tonks thing to say. Oh she did need a girl talk with Amina - I *LOVE* the letter she sent Remus. It's just like drunk texting - with owls.

That awkward moment when you see the person you sent a drunk message to. Staring at the ground is so subtle (said Rose in a rather sarastically). This line is just brilliant:
No, we donít need to talk, you need to listen.

I'm so glad she stood up to him and laid out her feelings and called his melarky! GO TONKS!


Author's Response: Hi Rose and yay for seeing you again!

Haha, yeah I thought it would be fun to mix it up by making Ted do it as the dad never gets that job :P I know, this story really made me love Ted and Andromeda so I couldn't resist including their backstory here :P

Yay for drunk texting! Tonks, just has such a way with words it really enhances it so much :P

I know Tonks is such a genius (said Kiana rather sarcastically too). I did feel rather proud of the way she managed to be all like what you talking about and then I imagine her belting out Listen all Dreamgirls style (yeah rather elaborate headcanon right here :P).

Thanks for the fab review, Rose!


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Review #19, by KRYSTAL_MUGGLE One Year Later

21st January 2014:
I wanted to review every chapter but instead I decided to read the WHOLE story and then write! Well done, you did fantastically. I love this story; Remus and Tonks should have had a lot more credit in the books and films! I would like to say how at the beginning I was a bit sheepish on how Tonks was a bit too childish however you completely evolved her throughout and saw her become into a rounded woman! Well done. Loved the story x

Author's Response: Hi there! Aw, hearing that just means so much to me and I want to sqiush you for saying it! I'm so glad that you loved it, because part of the reason I wrote it was because they just weren't in the films and this was my way of making it happen so yay for that! I'm glad that you liked the evolution, and I do plan on editing the earlier chapters so it should be better soon! Thanks for such a great review :D


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Review #20, by nott theodore Many Meetings

10th January 2014:
Kiana! ♥ Aren't you proud of me, back after just one day? Oh, and this is the 500th review I'm leaving!

I was really excited to read about the blind date, because just the thought of Tonks on one of those was enough to make me laugh. That was before you introduced the lovely character of Joseph Humphrey. He seems like the sort of character I love to hate. Pretentious, ridiculous, and far too posh and particular to ever end up with Tonks. What on earth was Amina thinking when she set them up together? I mean, I know that she wanted Tonks to just go on a date, but she could have put a little bit of effort into it! I was glad that she got away from him and his stories to meet Remus - he reminded me a bit of Lockhart when he was talking about the Dementors and things!

Ah, of course Tonks had to make the most ridiculous entrance possible into the Leaky Cauldron! I was laughing so much at that, when she's contemplating sneaking out and running away from the conversation with Remus and then she causes enough of a commotion that the whole bar look at her. What I loved the most was that Tom seemed perfectly fine with it - she's obviously well known for knocking things over and breaking them!

Aw, Remus and Tonks! I'm so glad that they've decided to be friends again, although they're clearly going to end up a lot more than friends. I felt so sorry for Remus when Tonks was wondering about what life would be like as Mrs Joseph Humphrey - he seemed so sad and disappointed, I just wanted to give him a hug! Then Tonks had me in stitches, the way she was trying to look cool like models and has no chance of pulling it off.

I loved reading about the reunion between Andromeda and Sirius! It makes me really happy to think that Sirius was able to reconcile with one of his family members before he died, and it clearly meant a lot to both of them as Black family outcasts together. I'm glad that Molly was there, though, because otherwise I can imagine Tonks just blurting out a lot of useless information to try and stop awkward silences and emotions taking over, and just making things more awkward as a result. I think writing them getting teary and then hugging and leaving the rest to our imagination was really effective because it kind of keeps up the privacy they'd want around their reunion.

Ooh, so Tonks has told Molly about Remus? I can't wait to see what happens now then. I know we see her confiding in Molly in the sixth book, but I have the feeling Molly might try playing matchmaker a bit when she gets the chance!

Another lovely chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! Yes, that's very impressive and thanks for choosing me to be your 500th, it means a lot :D

Haha, I know I can just imagine her on the TV version of it and knowing exactly how not to sell herself :P I'm so glad that you liked Joseph Humphrey because the only posh people we've seen are evil ones, so it was rather fun to make an annoying version of them all. I think Amina probably set them up together because she wanted Tonks to have higher aspirations and be a bit more classy but it didn't really work, which is such a shame of course! ;)

Of course she made an entrance :P These Hollywood stars really need to get lessons from her on how to do it because she does it effortlessly. I think she's sort of used to doing stuff like that now, hence her being fine and everything :P

I know, I was awing throughout writing that scene because it was just so nice to see them being friends again after all of that. Gah, Remus does deserve a lot of hugs because he's been through so much and that was definitely the case here :P

I'm so glad that you liked that as it isn't strictly canon I was a little worried what everyone would make of it. I'm just so glad that they could have one happy moment before his death. I know Molly is rather good in these situations with being a mother and all so she ushered Tonks along who probably would have stayed there gawking knowing her :P

Yes she did! I knew it had to come along soon so now felt like the best moment given that all the secrets were being outsed and stuff :P

Thanks for such a great review Sian, it really made me smile :D


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Review #21, by nott theodore January

9th January 2014:
Hi Kiana! I'm majorly behind with this story since you've now finished posting it, but I couldn't resist coming back to it in review tag - I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be better for me to finish this story before reading one of your newer ones!

Ah, I've really missed reading about Tonks - she's such a fun character to read about, especially seeing the world from her perspective because in a weird way she makes me feel a bit better about my life. I would definitely be friends with her if she was real, because we'd have a lot of things to bond over. Her approach to awkward situations - avoid them completely - is something we definitely have in common! I loved her paranoid thoughts about Remus and trying to convince herself that it was just a kiss, but even though she tried to convince herself it didn't matter she still wasn't able to go back to Remus and try and be friends again. It's really sweet, actually, and I felt sorry for her. She seemed so confused and worried in this chapter, and I think this is where we're really starting to see Tonks changing from the carefree character we first meet in the books to the character she becomes later on, especially when she's so upset about Remus. I really liked that you've managed her character development subtly but effectively, and in a way that seems realistic.

I genuinely couldn't stop laughing all the way through reading about Tonks' conversation with Dung! I didn't expect to see him make an appearance here, but he was genuinely comedy gold - I never expected him to be a ladies man from what I've read in the books! Their bickering over that was hilarious, especially when he tried to offer Tonks advice and it was just awful! Although I'd never imagined him like that before, I can see it making sense since his moral compass isn't exactly pointing due north!

I loved seeing Tonks visit her parents too, and taking advantage of them just like any respectable child who's left home would :P Going there for food and those sorts of home comforts is definitely a good reason to visit! This line:

"I would never be going upstairs to get a jumper. I would be tripping up them due to forgetting to put on underwear that day or something else strange."

Oh my goodness! I got a weird look for how loud I was laughing at that one. Sometimes I genuinely don't know how you come up with these lines, Kiana, but they're so funny!

Aw, I'm glad that Andromeda's decided that she'll meet Sirius! I'm really intrigued to see how that works out for them, and I can imagine Tonks being quite awkward during the meeting because there could be lots of emotion and difficult topics coming up, which I don't imagine she'll handle brilliantly. It'll be great for Sirius to see a member of his family who actually remembers him from when he was younger though, and who knows that he's innocent.

Tonks is going on a blind date? I really can't wait to read about that, because it's going to be hilarious! I don't like this guy on principle already, because he's not Remus, and it'll be really funny to see her on a date with someone, given how awkward she is round people she knows and likes.

Remus! ♥ It's so cute that he made the first move and came to see her and try and sort things out between them, even though Tonks was being Tonks and trying to avoid the conversation! I can imagine Remus has been worrying since the kiss about her feeling disgusted with him and all sorts of things like that, so hopefully he realises that's not the case soon.

Another great chapter, Kiana, and hopefully it won't be so long till I get to read the next one!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian! I don't mind at all, it's always great to hear your thoughts on this story :D

Yay, I'm glad that you still like Tonks because I think she will always remain very dear to me even if this story is now over. I'm glad that you liked the approach to how she treated the kiss and Remus in general because I think this was posted around the same time as the Pottermore stuff, so even though this isn't canon because JK told how they ended up together now, I still really like the alternative as it was so much fun. From what I remember, you're actually the first to pick up on her changing character and I'm really glad that you did, because I think it was her realisation of her feelings for Remus followed by Sirius' which caused her to end up a lot more serious and less carefree.

Haha, I never expected him to be like that either but then I was like while she should do some Order stuff but I want her to talk about Remus too, and the person who seemed blunt enough to make her talk was Dung :P Haha, as for his love life he was always a little sleazy so I thought his dating style might be a little like that too. I think your point about his moral compass was exactly how I think of him :P

It's like me going to my grandparents because they always spoil me like that which is a lot of fun when I go round there then :P I'm so glad that you liked like all the banter between her and her parents as it was so much fun to write!

I think writing Sirius and Andromeda's relationship here is what made me want to write Broken Crown, because they so desperately need someone nice but a relative who understands too, so it was so lovely to make them friends again. I think you've already read the reconciliation so I hoped you liked it!

Tonks' love life is definitely on the up in some respects, and I didn't like him either a. because he's not Remus, and b. because he was really annoying and I wanted to punch him quite a lot of the time! I know, Remus and Tonks are pretty terrible when it comes to romantic things like this and the way they keep on dithering around. I'm surprised they got together in the end!

Thanks for a great review, Sian, it made my day!


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Review #22, by Bibby One Year Later

22nd December 2013:
Great story, made me cry and a sad ending. Wish it could have been different.

Author's Response: Me too, but we can cry together! Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #23, by Katie Reaction and Resolution

6th December 2013:
"I jabbed my wand into his wands, hoping to seal the wands." You mean seal the WOUNDS, right?

"There were even more of Death Eaters now." This sesntence doesn't make sense.

Author's Response: Yes, I did mean wounds! Thanks for pointing those errors, I'll fix them right away :D

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Review #24, by Katie Morris Dancing, Moody and Mundungus

5th December 2013:
Why did you mention that Dumbledore doesn't know what the weapon is? The prophecy was told to him, so he knows exactly what it is and the significance.

Author's Response: What I meant by that was that though he knew he didn't want to reveal the others straight away. He probably said later on it was a prophecy in regards to him, but I think because it was focused on Harry he might not have wanted to have told the others without his permission. I hope it makes sense :)

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Review #25, by celestial battlefield One Year Later

5th December 2013:
aaah im happy you finally finished this story!!
it was really good ..
this is an amazing tribute to tonks
im sad its finally reached its end

Author's Response: I did, and thank you so much! I'm glad you thought it was fitting tribute! *hugs* I'm sad, but those who die never really leave us so it#s ok. ♥ Thanks for an amazing review!


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