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Review #1, by Secret Santa ;D The Death Eater's Daughter

21st December 2014:
Day five!

I love the House of Yaxley's history so much! We never really got much family history of non-major families in the books, but I'm sure there are some pretty awesome family lines to be explored all over the Wizarding world!

I like the way you phrased 'it took him several years to love her' it's just so matter-of-fact and to the point. And that there's a Hogwarts Debate club, that would get SO tense! It's amazing that Tor sees nothing wrong with her father and his friends using Unforgivable Courses on people at school, but that's the power of normalization. People can be convinced that a lot of horrible things are fine if it's all they've ever known.

I find it a little creepy that Voldemort thinks women are important only for breeding. It's kind of like they're racehorses to him or something. Creepy is to be expected of him though.

Yaxley was probably smart not to go down with the rest of the Death Eaters. For himself and for his family. I see now how no one associates the name Yaxley with anything too bad. Of course, they still use Greengrass just in case. You kind of make Yaxley seem awesome in a twisted way here--'master of manipulation, a dominator of men, skilled caster of the Imperius curse'

Okay, I love the way you handled Tor's affinity for Occlumency. I didn't feel like it was a 'Mary Sue' trait. I think it's more that she's inclined toward it, rather than magically (lol) just knowing how to do it! Kind of like Harry's talent for the Patronus.

Another amazing chapter! Love getting to know more about the backstory of all of this. This story is mind blowing. The Dobby win was so deserved. See you tomorrow!

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Review #2, by Secret Santa ;D The Association of Slytherin Students

20th December 2014:
Day four!

It's hilarious to me that Goyle Sr. would be the butt of the joke amongst her parents for some reason. It kind of makes the Death Eaters seem like a high school clique and he's that guy that kind of tags along, but no one *really* likes him. Death Eaters are so funny to think of in light contexts, which is why the Voldemort jokes from before worked so well!

I enjoyed the insistence that Tor could possibly belong in a house other than Slytherin. Of course, knowing that she eventually falls in love with someone she'd hate at this point of the story, she certainly does doubt her house or at least the seemingly popular ideology of it at the time. I like that Tor had a choice in her sorting as it gives the feeling of a parallel experience to Harry's which are always great to read about.

Another wonderful tie-in to canon here in which Tor suspects that Draco may be making fun of her, when we know that he's making fun of Harry.

Kitten cruelty is such an effective way of establishing that a character is Bad. That's got to be up there in terms of character defining things.

'because of dangerous students like Harry Potter' love this point of view, that boy gets into such hazardous situations.

Seeing all of the various uses of the Room of Requirement in fics is actually a large part of why I sought out harry potter fanfiction in the first place. This Slytherin meeting is an amazingly clever way to go about things. It's so cool that they had their own use for the RoR that sort of mirrored the DA, but for basically the exact opposite purpose. I've never seen this idea used anywhere else before!

Slimy is an awesome way of describing a smile. I'm curious about this small blond girl. The name of the group is PRICELESS. Goyle trying to flirt is actually quite pathetic.

Theodore Nott always seems to fascinate me, no matter which story he's in. The look into his mind here is great! I just so enjoy his relationship with Tor and I kind of wish they'd get together, although I'm sure that'll change once I meet this yet-unknown Mugglegborn. Great chapter!

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Review #3, by BellaLestrange87 Prologue

19th December 2014:
I really loved this first chapter, and I'm addicted already. I can see why you won a Dobby for that reason :)

There was a lot of tension in this chapter, and fear as well. I could feel Astoria's hope for this boy - whose name we don't even know, or her feelings for him. (Well, about the feelings, your summary sort of reveals that.)

I liked how you showed the two sides of the Death Eaters there. We see the caring side of them, fathering their children and helping out with their friends' children. It provides a nice contrast to the one-dimensional evil view that Harry sees in the books.

It seems to me that Astoria doesn't agree fully with the purebloods. One, she obviously likes this unnamed muggleborn boy, and fears for him. She wouldn't exchange a grief-stricken glance with him otherwise, and lie for him. Second, she is disgusted with Greyback, and the way this boy has been treated. I like her already.

Excellent opening chapter! I love this story already!

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Review #4, by Secret Santa ;D The Slytherin Boys

19th December 2014:
Back with more!

I have a thing for hpff that incorporates Muggle drugs. I think it's just a realism thing because I've been a teenager before and if they were available, I know some of these kids would get their hands on them.

I love the interactions Tor has with the boys, they play off of each other incredibly well. Just enamored with all of these characters.

These peeks at her parents are some of the most telling parts. It makes sense that he'd warn them about staying away from Draco, knowing that his assignment was dangerous. It is a bit of dramatic irony there, wherein we know why and Tor does not. That creates a certain kind of tension and winks toward canon all at once.

The Nott family treats their house elf a whole lot better than the Malfoy family does. Interesting, considering the way Pyxis feels about them. Shows a bit more humanity,m maybe.

Laughing at Voldemort jokes is the best thing about this chapter so far because it paints this picture of them not taking things quite as seriously as we usually see with people on that side of the war. Also, quite funny.

A young Death Eaters association is a really awesome idea. I'm actually kicking myself for not coming up with it myself.

Haha, "forgetting" clothes you would never wear all the time is totally my thing.

Of course Slughorn is not impressed with a Nott, but has no issues with Greengrass. We know he does not typically go for known Death Eater families, which I sometimes think is mostly guilt leftover with feeling responsible for introducing Voldemort to Horcruxes.

I sure do hope that the Brew of Rectophobe is a Chekhov's gun because for some reason it seems like it'd be really cool and useful.. maybe that's just me. I tend to suspect that everything will come back eventually because that's how I write my stories, even though I know not everyone does that. I'm probably just weird :P

See you tomorrow!

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Review #5, by Secret Santa ;D The Beginning

18th December 2014:
Aaand we're back for day two!

I'm excited to find out more about what Tor was like at Hogwarts. I'm interested in reading about a protagonist that is on the side of the Death Eaters, but not necessarily one. People usually stray away from writing this sort of story. And knowing that she's going to go from believing in the pureblood mania to falling in love with a muggleborn makes this a ride I am definitely willing to go on.

I find it interesting that she has a particular talent for Occlumency and Legilimency. The prologue already showed that you know how to use that in really inventive ways.

I found it hilarious how she mused that the Minister should have just asked her if Sirius was a Death Eater. Because of course they'd know if he was or not. I wonder if they were actually a little offended or questioned if he was and they just weren't in on the secret or not.

The flashback really was horrifying. I can't imagine seeing the real meaning of what it meant to serve Voldemort for the first time. It puts a lot into perspective that they've seen that sort of thing and still hold firm in their beliefs.


Your OCs are so strongly characterized. Pyxis especially sticks out to me. Intriguing that he blames the Malfoys for the failure at the Ministry. They all believe in the same ideology, but they're not just stock Slytherins which is the most important thing in a story that focuses on this house. You can almost get away with it if it's in the background, but in a story centered around Snakes, having disagreements and generally not making them one big bigoted mass always helps the story along. (Although in this time, most probably ARE bigoted)

The blood on Malfoy's robes are an excellent tie in to canon that I almost missed, by the way. I love these stories told on the fringes of canon for that exact reason; finding the references is SUPER fun.

Still really enjoying this story :) Can't wait to come back tomorrow!

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Review #6, by Secret Santa ;D Prologue

17th December 2014:
Hi there!

As it's the first day of Secret Santa, I'm stopping by to leave a review. Which actually works out really well for me, considering that I've been meaning to read this story for quite some time. I'm thinking that a review every day this week will be fun :)

Can I just say that this works superbly as a prologue. It does every single thing it is supposed to. I imagine that this is all taking place after a good portion of the events of the story. I don't know how anyone could possibly NOT read on. This is the most enthralling thing I've read in a long time. You really just want to find out what lead to all of this.

The mood you set here is just unspeakably eerie. You really captured the spirit of what we saw in canon as far as being held captive by Death Eaters goes. Greyback is a particularly terrifying person to be interrogated by, I can imagine.

I am itching to find out how it is that Tor knows this person. And whether they're from canon or an OC, too. I'm just curious about everything here.

You really humanized the Death Eaters there in that paragraph. It's strange to think of them as regular people with friends and families. They always seem so homogeneous and singularly dedicated to their (horrible) cause that you forget these people have other facets to their lives.

The end is so powerful and heart-wrenching. Silently begging him to close his mind for his and her sake. The thought that even she, the daughter of a Death Eater can fall victim to their wrath is terrifying, if not surprising. Excellent all around. I cannot wait to see what direction you bring this in going forward. See you tomorrow!

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Review #7, by ThegriffindorFairchild Prologue

10th December 2014:
Hey, i just finished reading ur story, it is great, i really hope u
keep writing, but i wanted to know if u plan on keeping with jk s
storyline, making astoria marry draco. I really hope u wont :/

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Review #8, by Hazel The End

6th December 2014:
Wow. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this novel. I'll jump right to it: it is a beautifully written, thoughtful and well- developed. I especially love the premise that, despite our obvious adoration of the original characters, there are lives in that world beyond those of Harry and those around him. You skillfully wove Astoria's story, and the characters within it, into the facts and names that we recognise from the original series. I love that you added a bit of Hogwarts under Snape and the Carrows, something that we've only read about indirectly, as the trio were off searching for Horcruxes. Finally, writing this from the perspective of the daughter of a Death Eater was a brilliant choice as it allowed us to think of shifting ideologies and perspectives during war, how it feels to grow up believing something so entirely and gradually realising how wrong it is. Plus, you showed that not all Slytherins are dark wizards and witches, stubbornly superior to all others, rather that each individual within the houses is precisely that- an individual, with complex personalities and opinions.
The only thing that bugged me slightly every now and then were a few grammatical errors; that truly was the only aspect that reminded me that this is not a bona fide published novel, because in terms of articulation and writing, it certainly can be.

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Review #9, by Liana The Headmaster

2nd December 2014:
Ok, I've been speed reading your story, with blurry eyes and a cup of coffee, but I just have to pause here to say how lovely and heartbreaking the introductory section about Amelia and Yaxley was. Some things just hit you right in the gut, and now I'm literally wiping away some tears. This is why I love reading. And as for the rest of your story, it's positively brilliant. I tend to avoid Slytherin fics like the plague, but I decided to break tradition a little, and boy was I rewarded. Tor is a strong heroine and I can't wait to see how her story unfolds alongside Terry's.

Author's Response: Hi Liana! :)

Wow, thank you! I'm so honoured that you liked that section. I remember getting emotional while writing it because it wasn't something I originally planned to be in the story but became such an important part of Yaxley's story.

It means so much to me that you think Tor is a strong heroine. Thank you for the beautiful review, I truly appreciate it so much! ♥

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Review #10, by elen The End

1st December 2014:
This book has been so incredible and so intense. I finished the entire thing in one day. I've recently become a huge fan of Astoria, and I'm really lucky to have found this story, despite how Astoria is not included as a character in the search engine. I'm desperate for more, so please please let The Devil's Blood begin soon! (I checked your profile and it doesn't seem to be online yet.) I really desperately want to know what happens next, and I wish for Tor & Terry to survive and thrive and I have so many questions!!! What's happening with Ginny and everyone back at Hogwarts? Are Tor & Terry going to sneak back in after Harry breaks in? And how the hell does Tor end up with Draco after all of this? (I'm assuming you aren't changing the ending, but are you?) Please please please update soon so I can hopefully get some answers!!! (P.S. Congratulations on this epic finale.)

Author's Response: Hi elen! :)

Wow, thank you! I'm so honoured that you liked the story and Astoria. I'm a big fan of her too. :)

I'm putting the first chapter of the sequel into the queue as soon as my other story gets validated! :D So it should be up in the next week. I've also changed the title to "Fire in the Sky" but will label the story as Book II in the Astoria Trilogy as well.

I'm so excited that you have these questions and that you're excited to find out what happens! I promise that there will be many answers and lots of excitement. :) Thank you SO much for the beautiful review! ♥

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Review #11, by Alida The Prank

30th November 2014:
I loved the prank, and Tor is so clever:)

Author's Response: Hey again! :) Hehe, I'm glad you liked the prank. It was so much fun to write. Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #12, by Alida The Visitor

30th November 2014:
This story is so creative and well-written! I'm enjoying it so much:)

Author's Response: Hi Alida! :) Thanks so much for the lovely review, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! :D

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Review #13, by Kiersten1218 The End

20th November 2014:
So I'm definitely one of those reviewers who reviews after I've read the whole story. I absolutely loved your story!!! I cannot wait for Book 2! I'm a huge Dramione fan but reading this made me fall in love with another genre! I can't wait to see what happens with Terry and Astoria and see how she ends up with Draco (if that's how you decide to end it!).I will be following faithfully from now on! Thank you so much for the fantastic read!

Author's Response: Hello!! :) Wow, thank you!! This review is just so lovely. I'm so excited that the story drew you in and that it helped you get interested in a different genre and pairing. That means so much to hear!

The first chapter of Book 2 should be up in the next week. :) Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #14, by Chris P The End

18th November 2014:
Hi, I don't normally do reviews but I felt like I should here because I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this and look forward immensely to the second and third books in your trilogy, I love the way you engaged with the original text, making Astoria the other student in the gruff indie sword heist and a few other occasions as well and bringing to life a relatively unknown character in terry boot, I love the engagement with the slithering storyline and feel you really got to the heart of the house and opened up a human side to them with friends and families and engaged with the demonisation of the house and how this may have played itself out in that final year and the year of the war, how shape acted out of loyalty to dumbledore and how Malloy changed

Basically I loved every word of this book and would encourage you to use another prologue like chapter in the other books,

Ps please don't kill off either of them, try and stay true to the original text and Terry fighting in the battle of Hogwarts, be gracious to Malfoy and Daphne, but kill dementia the evil cow :)

Thankyou again and happy writing

Author's Response: Hi Chris! :)

Wow, thank you! I'm so honoured to get this lovely review from you. I loved writing this novel and it means so much to me to know that people are actually reading it and enjoying it. I'm especially excited that you like when Astoria intersects with the original HP books as those are some of my favourite parts.

One of the things that I really wanted to explore when writing this was how Slytherins could be good too, and how so many of them are victims of their own upbringings and have the chance to change. There will definitely be a lot more development as well in the next two books.

That's a great idea and something I've been toying with. Knowing you liked having the prologue is really helpful about whether I should include one or not for the next book, which I've been slowly but surely working on.

I will try and stay as close to canon as possible! :) But there will definitely be lots of twists and turns in that journey, hehe.

Thank you so much for the great review, I'm so excited that you liked the story! :D

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Review #15, by Raven The Visitor

15th November 2014:
You are amazing! I love this story so much and i love terry and astoria's relationship

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you!!! ♥ That really means a lot.

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Review #16, by Raven The Lesson

15th November 2014:
Oh, what's going to happen if Terry sees Tor's dad?!

Author's Response: Definitely some bad things coming from that tension. :P Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #17, by Raven The Headmaster

15th November 2014:
I love how you are making Ginny and Tor's friendship, it adds a lot to the story :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like their growing friendship, it's a lot of fun to write - I just love Ginny. :) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by Raven The Horror

15th November 2014:
This is one of the best fanfictions i have ever read. Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Hello! :) Wow, thank you!! That is so sweet of you to say. Thank YOU for all the lovely reviews! :)

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Review #19, by Raven The Quidditch Trials

13th November 2014:
I love the story, and i think i have an idea of the stranger's first name and yea, the chapter was rough but it was also amazing and you are a really good writer

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That really means the world to hear ♥

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Review #20, by summer blaise The Hospital Wing

11th November 2014:
Im trying to sleep but i cant its to damb good 😢 keep writing 😃

Author's Response: Hey!! :) Aw, I hope you got some sleep, but I'm so happy you like the story. Thank you! :D

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Review #21, by Jazminandie The End

7th November 2014:
I genuinely cannot wait for book 2, Harry Potter gave me a way to escape what was going on in reality and I've been missing that for a while, this story gave me a way to escape into that world again because it was simply amazing! I honestly could not stop reading it!
I can't thank you enough for giving me another top notch story to read!
I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any updates on Tor and Terry!

Jasmine x

Author's Response: Hi Jasmine! :)

Wow, thank you! I'm so glad this could bring back some of those Harry Potter emotions and escape from reality, that really is the best part about reading and writing for me. I'm so thrilled that you liked the story, and I'm slowly but surely working on the new book and hope to have the first chapter up by mid-December. :)

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #22, by Becky Johnson The Lesson

5th November 2014:
The color on this chapter is so dark I am having trouble reading it. I think I'll just have to skip it. The background is very green and the letters are like a light gray. Can't differntiate too well. I may try to copy and paste to a Word Doc . maybe. We'll see. The story is still good.

Author's Response: Hi again! :)

You're right, that is so strange! I'm resubmitting it for editing and hopefully that will deal with the weird colour issue, thanks for pointing it out. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! :D

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Review #23, by Becky Johnson The Bat Bogey Hex

5th November 2014:
Hi Lululuna, No wonder this story is a staff pick. Amazing. I have avoided reading anything about other characters before but this one caught my eye. And I have started scores but usually can't get past the bad grammar or other syntax problems. But not only is your story well put together, it is exciting and very good. A great read! I know this take tons of work and I certainly admire you for all this effort.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ahh, thanks so much! :) I'm so glad that you like this and that it's one of your first reads into other characters - there's so many amazing stories on this site. I'm so glad you think it's well put together - thank you so much for all these wonderful words, it really makes all the effort and time I've put in worth every second to get such a wonderful comment! :)

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Review #24, by coleridgeandco The End

26th October 2014:
What can I say?
I just loved this story. Tor's character development, the splendid view you've given the readers of 'the other side of the medal', being Death Eaters with their family and friends... This is gold. The way Astoria went from bring the typical pureblood-mentality-filled Slytherin to a woman thinking for herself, to the point she can help Terry escape Malfoy Manor and abandoning her own family... Wow. Just wow. And I also loved all the scenes with Ginny; I really appreciated the fact that Tor's 'transformation' happened not only because of a boy, but also because of friendship and because she started actually seeing the bad in what her loved ones are doing. *bows*
The detention scene... perfect. Just perfect. I'm wordless (and impatient - how is the writing-10-chapters-before-uploading-the-sequel thing going?) admiring this lovely and truly addicting story - perfect Dobby.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Wow, thank you! This review is just amazing, seriously, I appreciate you taking the time to leave it so much. I'm so pleased you like the different sideof the conflict and the way that Tor has changed. It's surprised me in a lot of ways while writing it and is so special to me, so it means a lot that you liked it.

I'm pleased that you like Tor's transition into the strong young woman she is now and how brave she is with sacrificing so much to follow her beliefs. I'm glad too that you liked how it wasn't because of Terry that she changed, but he and Ginny and other factors helped her to figure it out for herself. That makes her change more permanent and part of her identity, which it really needs to be considering what she's going to do.

Gah, thank you! ♥ I'm doing OF for NaNo this month, but I promise that once November is over Book II is going to be my top priority. :) Thanks again (I feel like I'm just a broken record here) for such a wonderful review, you've made me ever so happy! :) ♥

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Review #25, by coleridgeandco The Horror

26th October 2014:
I've wanted to post reviews of this fic forever and I don't know why I'm only doing it now...
The name 'Hyperion' screams TRAGEDY!
Love this

Author's Response: Hi again! :)

It really does scream tragedy, doesn't it? I'm so glad you like this story and are invested in it, it really is so lovely to hear. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! :D

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