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Review #1, by Frances The Proposition

10th October 2016:
I read this ages ago and totally forgot to review but I've decided to re-read and oh I'd forgotten how much I like this story. Edie is fab and I'm probably too excited to go on and read more of this if I'm honest.
On a side note, all the barkeeps and bar backers I know (and I live in England) recieve tips from where they work, so it made sense to me

Author's Response: That's so interesting! And actually I hate hearing that because when I was in England this past September we rarely tipped because we thought we weren't supposed to, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, I FEEL AWFUL NOW.

But I'm glad it makes sense for the story?

Oh man.

I love hearing that people are rereading. There are some huge (YUGE) edits in the works for this fic, so I appreciate you wading through the not-so-hot writing that is these first chapters. Thank you for sticking with Edie! ♥

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 Morning

21st August 2016:
Thank Merlin for annoying little sisters like Ada! If it weren't for Ada, then those two wouldn't have gotten back together. And I loved how Oliver came after her with Edie accidentally slamming his fingers into the compartment's sliding door, completely catching each other off their guards. Loved this ending so much! And they lived happily ever after! I'd read a sequel about them if you'd right it... that's how much I enjoyed reading Edie and Oliver and their whirlwind romance. Excellent writing and story telling!

Author's Response: Yes! Honestly I was really struggling with this last chapter, because I knew that they were *supposed* to be together, but it wasn't working. I tried writing endings where they didn't end up together and that also just felt wrong. Maybe I'm biased but I think these two are made for each other--at least for now. Maybe they'll try to have a normal relationship and it won't hold up, but like Oliver said, they were going to *try* it.

Anyway, it just didn't feel right until it struck me that duh, of course, Ada had to be there. She is Oliver's world, and the reason that he and Edie had their rift in the first place. She's also so blunt and logical that she needed to be his voice of reason. Ada would never sit him down and have a heart to heart and give him her blessing, and talk about love--but she totally would yell at him to stop being dramatic. And really, weren't these two being SO dramatic?

I know the train was cheesy, and I'll consider moving it to another location in the many, many edits this story is due for. But I really wanted Edie to break his fingers, haha, so wherever it may move to, that needs to stay ;)

Thank you so much for sticking with this story. I honestly am so amazed and humbled by all of you readers. You're the best ♥

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Review #3, by onestop_hpfan18 You Can Never Really Go Home

21st August 2016:
The tension between them in this chapter is unbearable... yet when she pulls that photo from the tabloid out of his pocket, well I actually felt a twinge of hope for them. But then it got real at the end of this chapter and I'm not sure how it'll all end. Whether they'll get back together or say goodbye. But I don't want them to say goodbye. So many mixed feelings and what-if scenarios dancing in my mind.

Author's Response: I haven't read this chapter in so long, reading your review made me glance over it again. The tabloid photo! Yes! Especially after Edie has gone on thinking that Oliver didn't even care about his press. Then suddenly it's there in his pocket. In my mind he tore it out ages ago and forgot about it. Maybe I should add in some dialogue about how it's an old cloak and he hasn't been staring at it every night. The photo wasn't supposed to be her realizing that he's still carrying a torch, so much as spurring the conversation that leads to their final breakup.

But that's for another day.

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Review #4, by onestop_hpfan18 Just Edie

21st August 2016:
The build up after six months of no communication in this chapter was torture. I have no idea what to expect once she's faced with Oliver. I hope he's forgiven her and hears her out this time. They so belong together.

Author's Response: This was one of my favorite chapters--I loved showing how everyone's lives had changed (or not changed) over six months. Especially Lisa and Justin being at their wit's end, that was certainly cathartic to Edie as they were always frustratingly perfect in her eyes.

Two chapters left and you're still shipping Ediver! What a writer's dream ♥

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Review #5, by onestop_hpfan18 Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

21st August 2016:
I didn't know it was possible for my heart to break more until I read this chapter. But good on Edie for realising that she doesn't want to be a journalist anymore after the realisation that there are no morals and ethics in the journalism field. I just wish Oliver hadn't been so cold to her. I mean, I don't blame him, but one look at Edie should have told him that she truly is sorry and loves him. I want the fluff back. All this angst is depressing.

Author's Response: I may have been a little unforgiving towards the field of journalism. Surely there are morals and ethics, but not where Edie had placed all of her faith: the Oracle Underground. In a way it represents how she viewed herself, as a steadfast and vigilant source of activism and truth. But CLEARLY that is not how she was as a person--I mean this whole fic is her trying to ruin someone's career because of a petty grudge. When she realizes that the OU and Conor are just the same, it was a real blow to her, but it was also freeing.

I totally don't blame Oliver either, but it was really hard to write him being so cold. He's been an extremely understanding character throughout this fic, in ways that Edie never could have been, but she finally dug her own grave too deep. "All this angst is depressing," haha, you're right, it has certainly taken a turn in the last few chapters.

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Review #6, by onestop_hpfan18 Happy New Year?

21st August 2016:
I so did not see this plot twist coming. I'm beyond shocked. My heart is breaking for Ediver. Just when Edie had chosen Oliver over her job and this happens. I loath Mr Ward and Blakeslee even more than before. There are no ethics and morals at WW. I'm glad that Rose came around and is on Edie's side. Maybe she can play a part in getting Oliver to listen to Edie's side of the story.

Author's Response: Hahaha I love reading these last few reviews, because clearly you have arrived at the portion of this fic where all of the twists come out all at once, very aggressively. Here was another one! And this time (in my opinion) it's actually not Edie's fault! Maybe her naivety is to blame, and she might have done well to remember that magic exists and Ward could have extracted her third article from the typewriter, but still. She had no malicious intentions for once, and it still turned around and bit her you-know-where.

I don't know why but I still want to defend Blakeslee. She definitely had a hand in the retrieval and publishing of the third article, but I think she would have completely lost her mind if she knew that Ward was pointing his wand--a weapon--at their former employee. Too bad she might never know!

Rose came around! Yes! I loved her role in this chapter. Initially it was going to be Lisa and Edie rekindling their friendship, but this story is about change, and it felt like a cop out or a revisit of the past. Edie and Lisa will always be best friends, but it can't just be the two of them drinking champagne on New Year's like it would have been when they were younger. Lisa has a whole new life now, with a husband and a baby on the way. Rose is now in a similar situation, with uncertainty of their lives and careers. It just felt right that these two try to work things out.

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Review #7, by onestop_hpfan18 A King on Her Throne

21st August 2016:
This chapter was a long time coming and I thought you redeemed Edie quite well, as well as showing how she redeemed Oliver in her eyes and that was enough before she set the parchment on fire and vanished the ashes, leaving no trace that there had ever been another story. I'm also glad that she quit WW because she's a better writer than that. Hopefully she can find a real journalist job that hold their writers to a higher moral standard than WW. Like OU, perhaps? Still a few more chapters for things to fall into her favor in that respect.

Author's Response: Edie is very big into setting parchment on fire, isn't she? What a drama queen. This was another chapter I was excited to get to. Blakeslee, Ward and Witch Weekly in general were painted the villain in a lot of ways, so I was excited to have Blakeslee bring the issue of Wrong/Right to Edie's attention. It was important to show that there *isn't* a single wrong and right answer. If Edie hadn't happened to fall for Oliver, she would have just been doing her job. The only variable was that her feelings got in the way.

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Review #8, by onestop_hpfan18 The Unfortunate Truth

21st August 2016:
So much drama in this chapter, and Theo! Gah, I really didn't see that one coming. I'm completely blindsided. I thought Theo was nice and truly friends with Edie. Then again, it's not really a big shock considering Theo was a Slytherin at Hogwarts. Very fitting that he's only thinking of himself.

I'm sad that Rose had to find out about Oliver and Edie in such a public way, but glad that it's all out there in the open. Nothing standing between them anymore. Though the question still stands... will Mr Ward like Edie's nice article, or will he give her an ultimatum of producing an article similar to the ones she wrote or fire her if she doesn't write it? The suspense is weighing down so heavy.

Author's Response: YES I was so eager to get to this reveal, where Edie realizes that not everyone is going to like her. And even if Theo does like her in general, this is what the professional world is like: cutthroat. He's really not in the wrong. If they'd been close friends, it would be more upsetting, but as he said, they were just coworkers. Casual acquaintances.

And even Rose is weaseling her way back into everyone's hearts. I really like her transition in this story. It's partially her becoming a bigger person, and partially Edie realizing that she doesn't need to make Rose her enemy. But like you said, one obstacle is out of the way, and there are a dozen more. Edie and Oliver still have to deal with the article.


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Review #9, by onestop_hpfan18 And What a Mess It's Been

21st August 2016:
This chapter was very steamy. It was a long time coming, and it showed in both of their eagerness. I loved the morning after with her brothers, Mum, and stepfather all piling into her bedroom as though it was nothing that she had brought a man home the previous night. Already adopting him into their crazy family. And Oliver playing right along, the trooper. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes, I couldn't just let them have a nice night. Although it was indeed pretty steamy. I figured it was a long time coming, so might as well make the most of it ;) And of course Oliver just sees the endgame (FOOD) and is totally oblivious to how awkward it might make Edie feel to have him meet her ENTIRE FAMILY literally the first morning after their little tryst begins. I guess he just really wanted waffles...

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Review #10, by onestop_hpfan18 Good Decisions

21st August 2016:
Finally Dean's behaviour makes sense. Unrequited love stinks. But it's a simple matter of learning that everyone you have feelings for aren't always going to return them, and vice versa. You can't force yourself to have feelings for someone you just are feeling it with. I hope Edie and Dean can get past this rocky part in their friendship. But the simple truth is that friendships usually end when one has been friend zoned, or a lot of time has to pass before they were to be friends again.

So, Edie is going home with Oliver tonight. That'll be quite an interesting conversation with Ada in the morning. Awkward, I'm thinking. Unless Edie leaves before Ada wakes. Awesome chapter.


You're absolutely right--you don't owe anybody anything just because you don't return their feelings. Edie can be chastised and even made the villain for a lot of her behavior, but not this.

Thank you again so much for all of your reviews ♥

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Review #11, by onestop_hpfan18 Makeshift

20th August 2016:

Side note, I suspected that Oliver's intentions with Rose were to keep Edie from getting in trouble if it was found out that the girl in the picture was her, but I wasn't sure, especially with how much Rose was rubbing it in Edie's face. I still want to know if Rose knew of the reason Oliver was seeing her from the start, or if she had been as in the dark as Edie. But what Oliver did is redeemable because his heart had been in the right place, and he had wrote her a letter. It wasn't his fault that Edie had went all pyromanic on him, bursting his letter into flames. Anyway, awesome chapter and I'm looking forward to reading on.

Author's Response: Yes I literally made you wait 24 chapters for this moment. The slowest of the slow burns.

But I'm glad that it was worth the wait!

A-ha! You even called the reason why Oliver started dating Rose. (Well, that and, he and Edie weren't like in love or anything and you can date whoever you want and maybe it was a stupid choice to date Rose before Edie but anyway who can blame him, he's super adorable.) And yes, now you finally know what was written in the letter that she stupidly burned!

Thank you again! ♥

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Review #12, by onestop_hpfan18 The Opposite of Dreadful

20th August 2016:
This was a very fluffy chapter, but it was a long time coming. Things are finally starting to come to a head for Ediver.

Author's Response: THE FLUFFIEST. Seriously. Edie meeting Ada and seeing how Oliver chooses to live a quiet life, and isn't the person she thought he was, was a pretty important scene. So I figured "Good job Sarah, you got to one of the Big Reveals, now you can fill the entire chapter with fluff as a reward."

Like sometimes I come back just to read/squee at this chapter.


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Review #13, by onestop_hpfan18 Vanity, Not Love

20th August 2016:
Finally someone to knock some sense into Edie, and what better person to do it than her Mum. Loved this chapter. And that cliffhanger! Also, sad that the position at the Oracle has been filled... I was holding out hope that Edie would land it.

Author's Response: Hypatia to the rescue!

My own mother is very very blunt and will (usually) give me good advice. Even if sometimes she is telling me I'm wrong just to play the devil's advocate or for the sake of arguing... anyway. Hypatia is definitely quick to knock some sense into Edie. And, somehow, Edie listened.

This is definitely the gateway chapter into the other, slightly more angsty, less-fluffy chapters. Luckily the next chapter is pure fluff to accommodate for all the impending sadness ;)

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Review #14, by onestop_hpfan18 Apology Not Accepted

20th August 2016:
Dang it all. I just want things to be fixed between Oliver and Edie. They need to get together. I'm so tired of Rose rubbing it in Edie's face that she's seeing Oliver. I'm looking at their relationship as purely a hook-up friends with benefits affair. It doesn't sound like a real relationship to me.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Rose talking about their relationship is a defense mechanism for sure. I mentioned in my last response that she was based off of an old coworker, and there's a moment in this chapter that was lifted from one of our interactions.

I forget where we were or what we were doing, but the moment when Rose kind of flips her hair and murmurs nervously just to fill the silence--this girl did that. And she always seemed so cool and put-together and everyone liked her and she was like this person I could never be, but then in that moment I weirdly realized that every single thing she did was for the sake of maintaining an image of how she wanted to be perceived. I don't know, it was just really weird. Edie definitely want to be a certain person but she isn't as meticulous about keeping up her identity as Rose, so in that moment she felt sorry for her.


On to your next lovely review.

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Review #15, by onestop_hpfan18 The Match

18th August 2016:
Oh my goodness, Edie sure did let her big mouth get her into trouble this time. I loved everything about this chapter except for the fact that Rose is dating Oliver. Ediver forever.

Author's Response: lololol EDIVER FOREVER *said in a Friday Night Lights "Texas forever" voice*

I just love humiliating Edie, what can I say? Plus the angst! of Oliver losing a match. It was too easy.

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Review #16, by onestop_hpfan18 Nothin' but a Number

15th August 2016:
I loved this chapter, especially Leo telling Edie how much Oliver was talking about Edie and how much he liked her. I wonder if Oliver will take her back. I wonder if he's really seeing Rose, or if Edie has misconstrued all of the Rose-Oliver interactions that she's witnessed. Gah. Can't wait to continue reading. So good.

Author's Response: I loved that conversation between Leo and Edie too! Especially when Leo was like "yeah seriously I tried to tell him that you're the worst so idgi"

It's so funny, at first when I started writing this fic, I was kind of childishly writing the character of Rose to get back at a coworker in a weird way? She was based off of this girl, and our confusing relationship where she was nice one moment and then catty another and always very flirtatious with everyone--EVERYONE. She was voted "Most Likely to Flirt with an Inanimate Object" at work. So I didn't really like the character of Rose when I first started writing this, and then she became one of my favorites. The dynamic between her and Edie, and her and Oliver, is one of my favorites!

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Review #17, by onestop_hpfan18 You've Got Moxie, Kid

15th August 2016:
Loved this so much. I'm glad she got busted. Yet Blakeslee ended up offering her a position as a journalist out of it. Things are finally turning around for Edie. And I bet Oliver picks her out of the crowd at Sunday's match, easy. Great chapter!

Author's Response: This chapter was so fun to write! Usually I think ragtag heist scenes are so cheesy but it seemed like something the fic needed, so I actually struggled with it at first, haha. It's funny because this chapter has one of the highest read counts in the fic, by hundreds. So I guess it went over well?

Oh yes, the match! That was also a fun scene to write.

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Review #18, by Edie A. Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

15th August 2016:
Oh my goodness, I swear within the last few days I have seen the name Edie pop up in fan fictions more than I have in the last 17 years in my life and I cannot be happier!

Author's Response: Haha! I bet Gina/justonemorefic sent you over this way after you read Game? She told me that she'd had two Edies reading that fic in the same week. You must be telepathically connected.

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Review #19, by onestop_hpfan18 Incendio!

14th August 2016:
Edie is being stupid and acting too much like a hothead. If only she hadn't burned Oliver's letter. I would have liked to have known what he wrote her. :(

I hope this doesn't ruin Edie's chance at becoming a reporter. She applied to Oracle Underground so I don't even know why she's letting it get to her that Rose let her off the hook for the second and third articles. I wonder if Oliver is only going along with Rose taking the lead of writing the last two articles so that things can progress with him and Edie... we may never know. Because I still don't think he kissed Rose back... I think he was too caught off guard to react. Gah. This is crazy.

Author's Response: Ah yes, this is really the culmination of her pigheadedness. Or one of the culminations. If she hadn't been such an idiot and just read the letter, she would have saved the next (how many? 20?) chapters and probably added a couple years back to her life.

She needs a life coach.

I think Edie is upset about being let off because she is genuinely loving the chance to write what she considers to be very edgy, informative work (it's not). Also, she already did the work of writing a second article. And, to her anger, she really needs the money. (I think in this chapter she even shouts "I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY" and is secretly like "no wait plz I'm broke can I have your money?")

Also she is wildly unqualified for the Oracle Underground and knows in the back of her mind that she probably won't get it. Writing for Witch Weekly, even if it's under the table, and not the kind of work she wants to be doing, is her only chance to be a journalist.

Not defending her stupid, letter-burning, Oliver-shunning behavior, but there's a glimpse into the way her brain works ;)

Thank you again!

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Review #20, by onestop_hpfan18 Lisa Turpin-Finch-Fletchley Unravels

14th August 2016:
I had a suspicion that Lisa was pregnant when they were out dress shopping and she ate all those fish and chips. I just wasn't sure because over-eating due to nerves and stress is also a thing. Justin isn't a bad guy, he's just set in his own ways and high standards. I like that we saw a softer side to him in this chapter. Great writing!

Author's Response: Ahh you totally called it! I love hearing which readers did see it coming and which were floored by the news. And Justin has such a soft spot in my heart. It was funny because usually I shared the same opinions of characters as Edie (loved Seamus and Dean, loved Lisa, felt alienated and unsettled by Rose, disliked Ward, etc.) but with Justin I absolutely loved him while she was seething. But before this chapter she really hadn't thought of him as anything but the man who "stole her best friend away," and left her single and out of step with Lisa.

I love Justin so much! And Rafe Spall, who I fancasted as him, is absolutely perfect.

Another edit I'd like to place here: rather than Lisa wanting children "a ways down the road," I think she doesn't want to have children at all. And that's why she was so upset. I like the idea of Justin wanting them and being respectful of her opinion not to have them, but when this happens, that he would be the one to calm her down and be with her 100% of the way. Like he would be the one making them go to swaddling classes and doing breathing exercises and making her eat well, etc.

One day these edits will happen!

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Review #21, by onestop_hpfan18 Motion Sickness

14th August 2016:
This chapter broke my heart. I suppose it had to happen... more conflict to delay these two finally getting together. But I still don't have to like any of it. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, I love that rationalization: "It had to happen so that Ediver's slow burn could continue for the next 483290 chapters."

And you don't have to like it, you're right. I'm right there with you ;)

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Review #22, by onestop_hpfan18 A Funny Thing Happened

14th August 2016:
At first I thought Oliver wanted to meet up with Edie to tell her about the photo in the Crystal Ball, but now I'm not so sure. I think there's another reason for his contacting her. The suspense has me on the edge of my seat. I have to know what he has to tell Edie face-to-face, in person, instead of through two-way mirror. Also, I was wondering when Edie would be evicted. She really is down on her luck right now. She should at least try to apply for that open spot at the Oracle Underground even if she doesn't have the experience needed for it. It wouldn't hurt to submit her portfolio.

Author's Response: Hmmm, yes, what could he possibly have wanted to meet up with her for?

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the chapter where either my writing randomly improved or I finally wrangled the very wily plot line I had word-vomited out until this point. So, again, bless you--thank you for reading this fic in a time past its heyday and before it's received much needed edits.

You have a point! It never hurts to try for a job. She will get her life together eventually; right now she's in the spot of being rejected so many times that she can't bring herself to be rejected by her absolute favorite publication, too.

Time will tell!

(I've had a whole lot of coffee so I'm sorry if these responses are disjointed and not making sense. I really do appreciate that you took the time to leave so many reviews!)

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Review #23, by onestop_hpfan18 In a Puff of Smoke

14th August 2016:
Stupid paparazzi appeared right when things were getting heated. I hope Oliver didn't react too rashly. Also, she just apparated away without thought of waiting for Oliver to return. I wonder what was going through his mind when he realised she had left him; I actually feel sorry for Oliver. Also, I'm supporting Ediver even more after this chapter. So good. Loved it.

Author's Response: Haha oh no! Oliver wasn't going to go, like, beat them up or anything. He was just trying to catch them so that he could stop them from publishing the image--because he lives a very private life and also for reasons that you now know, as you've long since finished the fic.

Yep, classic, selfish Edie. Just leaves him there to deal with it, and doesn't come to face her worries like a real adult. Avoid the problem! It will go away eventually!

I do love that you expressed concern for Oliver's feelings and STILL are shipping Edie even more after this chapter. Eee! That makes me so happy.

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Review #24, by onestop_hpfan18 Clink

14th August 2016:
The way Edie is going to sneakily record the interview reminded me so much of Rita Skeeter. And it made me cringe at the thought. Something about all this just leaves a knot in my stomach, like it's all going to blow up when (a big 'IF') Oliver actually reads all the articles in the end. He's a private person and I don't think he'll take kindly to his personal life being aired out to the public so freely. I'm so nervous with where all this is leading.

Author's Response: URRGHH yes the secretly-recorded interview! Another aspect that really just needs to go. Like, of course Oliver knows she's going to be recording him, it's an *interview*. If he genuinely presented this to her as a date and she went against him, this would make sense. Or even better: if he was terrible at communicating as per Oliver's usual self, and he was trying to ask her out, but she is oblivious as per Edie's usual self, and just *thought* it was an interview...

That would be better.

Honestly, bless you for making it past the first like 10 chapters of this fic, sometimes the writing quality is really embarrassing.

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Review #25, by onestop_hpfan18 The Magic Touch

14th August 2016:
I'm not mad that you had Edie back out of telling Blakeslee because this chapter still was written brilliantly. I'm just mad at the whole situation and how Rose is dragging it out, milking it for all its worth despite Edie being the writer. I loved the interaction and humour between Edie and her younger brothers. Also, there's something up with Oliver and his excessive drinking... I think it has more to do with a personal issue than just being an alcoholic. Also, interesting that he used the past tense when he mentioned his Dad... I wonder if things are taking a turn for him because his Dad passed away and he still hasn't come to terms with it. After all, he's a private person and really doesn't seem like the out-of-control alcoholic type. There's got to be something deeper. I'm not done wanting to think the best of Oliver. There's still hope for Ediver, even after this spat.

Author's Response: AHH yes it was so difficult when writing this--I really REALLY wanted Edie to just out Rose right then and there, because 1) she does not typically think before she acts, 2) I wanted the charade of Edie moonlighting as writer to last for only so long, because they would probably have been discovered eventually. But there were still a few more plot points that needed to happen--and for them to happen, she still had to be living her little lie.

This chapter definitely needs a re-write. I had originally intended alcoholism to be more of a problem with Oliver's character, but I decided not to go that route because it added a layer of angst that this story just didn't really need. So now it's pretty incongruous with the rest of the story and just makes Oliver look kind of pathetic. I'd really like their argument in this chapter to be *about* feminism and women in the sex industry, and that Oliver points out maybe these women are just more clever than the idiot men who come and throw money at them because they're so obsessed with seeing a female body, and isn't that liberating, and maybe it's their choice to do what they are doing, etc etc etc.

Also it really pains me that Edie slaps him (VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER KIDS) and I really want to remove it, but also it's not my job to make her seem more perfect and politically correct--she's supposed to be flawed and the fact that she slaps someone really makes me cringe.

So we will see.

Glad to hear you're still on the Ediver ship at this point! ♥

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