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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter A Magical Education

5th April 2014:

BOOM! I'm here in your face for a review-swap (Thanks for leaving one on The Dark Lord's Prince for me, much appreciated, lovely) and I remember that I had been reading this story quite a long time ago but hadn't finished. I can't recall where I left off but I was pretty far along but didn't bless you with my silly reviews.

ANYHOO! So, I really love the little conflicted moments that you had Albus and his friends going through as they tried to get the hang of their first full day of school. There are so many interesting things that you've done here, with giving little hints of what's changed in the wizarding world and how their life with their family is after the War. The mention of Fred made me so sad...D':
Anyway, I think you've gone into some great detail and really thought of what you were going to be writing before you typed this out. I can t really see how much you cared about the world that the children were living in and how things were still, even after twenty years were still trying to set themselve's right.
Also, I love your kids! They seem like real children around that age, I particularly can't wait to see how Albus, Derek and Rose's relationships blossom in the future.
Your classroom scenes were great too, I never spend much time with them myself but I think you did a very nice job here. I liked the teachers you introduced as well, I can't wait to see more of them in the future! :D
This was a great read, I enjoy reading other Next Gen stories, its always so nice to see how different everyone's writing styles are when it comes to the grandchildren.
Thanks for the read! :D
Much love,

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks for the review. I saw your request for a swap and was like, "hey, I never finished reading her story, so this is a good incentive to read on a little."

I'm glad you think the kids are convincing for their ages. I think 10-13 year olds are hard to write, because they aren't really little kids, but nor are they really teenagers and it's hard to avoid either making them too childish or else too mature.

Yeah, I'm trying to show that while things have improved, there are still problems. Some of the issues in the wizarding world seem to go back 1000 years, so they're not going to change in a generation, you know.

I enjoy writing the classroom scenes and one of my teachers in particular is going to become a significant character not just in this story, but throughout however much I write of the series. I've a subplot planned for them for Year Six, despite the fact, I have absolutely no main plot for Year Six.

And yeah, I like seeing the different ways in which people portray the characters and the future of the wizarding world. It's what I like about next gen. There are so many different ways you can go.

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Review #2, by HEG Farewell Slughorn

11th February 2014:
I have finished this story and I did not think the baddie would be Dora. She was such a background character that you don't really notice her. I suspected Blackburn a bit because you put quite a lot of suspicion on her. I can't wait to find out what Blackburn s secret is. I have to guesses.

One she is a werewolf

Two she is an ex death eater

Author's Response: *grins* The first chapter of The Rise of the A.W.L. is titled "Professor Blackburn's Secret", so you'll find out soon enough.

I like both your theories. Like I said, I think somebody else guessed she was a werewolf, but don't think anybody guessed that she was an ex-Death Eater.

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Review #3, by HEG The Destruction of the Universe.

11th February 2014:
I thought that the sound of the name of the chapter sounded very dramatic and I thought how is the destruction of the universe ever going to get solved. But I was wrong. It was a model solar system. Very good

Author's Response: I was a little doubtful about the title of this chapter, because I thought people might be disappointed when they found out all that happened was a solar system being destroyed, but it was so appropriate, I couldn't resist using it.

Glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by Anon Eleanor Lockhart.

11th February 2014:
I feel like this time just because albus doubts it, scorpius is gonna get some big important information

Author's Response: Hmm, it's possible.

You've only about another four chapters before you find out what's going on. Hope you like the resolution.

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Review #5, by Anon The Malfoy Dynasty.

10th February 2014:
I can just imagine it now:
Scorpius: hey dad I made some new friends.
Draco:Oh nice, who?
Scorpius:Rose Weaseley and Albus Potter
Draco:*sigh* *thinks"out of all the people"*Thats great *fake smile*

Author's Response: *laughs* I can totally imagine that happening.

Thanks for the review. I really enjoyed reading it.

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Review #6, by HEG Eleanor Lockhart.

10th February 2014:
Very good chapter. Very interesting. I wonder what will happen next. I have my suspicions that Blackburn is a werewolf!

Author's Response: Now THAT is an interesting suggestion. I think you may be the second person to suggest that. Love hearing people's theories.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by Anon Hallowe'en.

9th February 2014:
Oh no did volley have a horcrux we didn't know about? Has the chamber of secrets been open again? And finally that's a terrible plan, informing harry potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Grangers children that the dark lord is returning(ever heard of the element of surprise)!

Author's Response: Those are really good theories. Another horcrux, hmm. That'd be scary.

And yes, I agree, if Voldemort IS still alive, announcing it to Harry's son, who would be bound to tell his father, would be really silly. But it may be just somebody trying to scare people. Or somebody who wants people to believe it's Voldemort when it's really somebody else.

Thanks for the review. Great to hear people's theories. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #8, by HEG Home for Christmas.

7th February 2014:
Hello again. I've just read this chapter and I really love the way you've described their Christmas holidays and shopping. I like the name you've given to the broom stick.


I was really thinking of a born stick name and I quite like my name too. The Bullet.

One of the other things I liked was the fact that James was the only one behaving and he STILL got told off. And I also liked the way when lily wanted to hug James he said 'not in public' you have definitely got the right character.

I still don't know who to suspect. Hm. I doubt it's Scorpious I mean I know he's on the bad side but he's not a Death Eater or anything. I think maybe Blackburn but I'm not very sure.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I love hearing people's opinion.

Yeah, I noticed you'd also created a new type of broom. I liked the name "the Bullet" too. It makes sense as they are made for speed and you associate bullets with speed.

And yeah, poor James, he can't do right, can he? He very much has the reputation of being the naughty one.

Hmm, a lot of people seem to suspect Blackburn. Not saying anything about whether or not it's correct though.

And don't be too quick to judge Scorpius. Albus and Rose haven't really got to know him yet. Their opinions might change as they do. *grins*

Thanks again for the review. I love hearing people's thoughts.

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Review #9, by HEG Suspecting Scorpius.

5th February 2014:
Very good. I've read a bit more today and it is getting more curious°! I hope you write some more books because I like these series. Suspecting Scorpious they think that it is Scorpious is the villain but it is different in my book because Scorpious and Albus are best friends!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I really hope you continue to enjoy the story.

At the moment, I am working on chapter 22 of Year 2, which is entitled "The Rise of the A.W.L.". I am actually interested to see what you will think of something that is revealed in the first chapter of "The Rise of the A.W.L." *grins*

I have seen your stories in the Recently Added list and when searching for next gen mysteries, but haven't got around to reading them yet. I recently saw your second story, but realised there was a prequel that I would need to read first. Maybe I'll take a look at them when I get a chance.

One thing I like about next gen, is the space for different interpretations, so in one story Albus and Scorpius can be best friends, in another worst enemies, in another dating, in another, Albus can believe Scorpius is his friend but be deceived and so on.

It is interesting to see how different people interpret each thing.

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Review #10, by HEG The Slug Club.

30th January 2014:
I really like this story so far. Its good because its not predictable so I like it because some stories are predictable but not this one. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Always nice to get an unexpected review.

Glad you like it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story. The major events start happening at the end of the next chapter.

Really glad you found the events unpredictable, as there are quite a lot of next generation stories out there and it can be hard to come up with something original.

Thanks again.

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Review #11, by water_lily43175 Farewell Slughorn

29th September 2013:
Seems a bit unfair that while Dora loses so many points (quite rightly, mind you), Albus and Rose gain so few! Come on, McG, be a bit more fair!

Oh, Nathan. He really is the Neville of Albus' year!

Only Slughorn would make a speech upon leaving the school. So pompous! But I love him regardless.

Albus having more stuff than would fit in his trunk is a peril I expect to face next summer. I had a carful of stuff when I moved in last summer, and I've bought so much stuff since that I think we'll need to use the trailer as well! The woes of living in two places at once *giggles*

Oh, Albus, wanting a peaceful life. Not going to happen! On to year 2...

Author's Response: Yeah, Nathan is a bit like Neville, although he's rather better at the strictly academic stuff. He's also the typical smart but awkward kid. *huggles him*

Yeah, going home from college at the end of a year means a lot of stuff to move from one place to another. I guess boarding school would be the same, especially since the Hogwarts students don't even go home for weekends or anything. Since the last couple of weeks are exams, I used bring home some of my stuff before the exams, as I was in and out then and didn't need as much.

And yeah, peaceful life at Hogwarts? Not likely. Actually year 2 won't be the worst for him. Year 3 on the other hand...

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Review #12, by water_lily43175 Questions and Answers.

29th September 2013:
"He paused, suddenly seeming to remember he was actually spending time with his uncool younger brother." Oh, James.

Good ploy, to leave the plants in Blackburn's room. I'd almost forgotten she was a suspect too! HMM.

DORA. Oh wow. Yeah, she was a bit of an obnoxious one, wasn't she. Related to the NOTTS. Oho. I like this, I like this a lot. Of course, the Malfoys got off because they seemed to have redeemed themselves, but that wouldn't mean a thing to Dora. Yeah, I like this! Dora Nottingham, Theodora Nott. So clever!

But Blackburn still has a secret. *ponders* I suspect that's Year 2's plot? ANYWAY, very satisfying reveal!

Author's Response: Oh yes, Blackburn still has a secret.

And now I can tell you what it was that made me think of your story about this. It was when it mentioned Blackburn's wand arm shaking. Made me think of a certain character in your stories and how something turned out to be more significant than it looked. I wondered if it would start you thinking here.

And Rose will yet regret leaving the plants in Blackburn's room. *grins*

Glad you liked the name change and the reveal in general.

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Review #13, by water_lily43175 Rose's Plan.

29th September 2013:
That Herbology assignment sounds really fun. Especially being able to pick your plant. No surprise at so few people wanting the Fanged Geranium! I think I'd have to go for a Honking Daffodil *giggles*

I really do LOVE how you write Slughorn. I'll miss him when he leaves! Which reminds me, I have a Slughorn scene to write soon *plots*

Sluggy thinking about "staying on for Lily" ... that's SO like him, a bit like his wanting the whole "set" of Blacks in Slytherin.

I wonder what Harry said to James? It's probably not important, but it's intriguing all the same...

Author's Response: I LOVED creating that assignment. Not sure what I'd do. Not one of the most difficult ones anyway. I can't even remember what all the options were. *goes to check* Maybe I'd do the Flutterby Bush, just 'cause I like the sound of it.

This is one of my favourite chapters actually, largely because of the assignment.

Yeah, I was half-tempted to keep him on, but I do need new teachers for The Rise of the A.W.L., plus it was kind of time for Slughorn to retire anyway. He might show up again. Hmm, I might have him turn up for the Halloween feast in a chapter or two actually.

No, it's not really important what Harry said to James, just that he made out he was just trying to speak to them both privately and not that he was giving Albus something special.

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Review #14, by water_lily43175 The Destruction of the Universe.

29th September 2013:
I remember you mentioning this chapter title being very dramatic. I'm intrigued to see how it fits!

How on earth did Angie not have a computer at home? Surely near enough everyone does already, let alone in the time period that this is set? HMM. Suggesting at something, I would say.

Oh NO, Albus' solar system! Oh, poor thing, that was AWESOME! And the chapter title is understood. I see why you couldn't resist using it, it's spot on. So. Who on earth broke it? *ponders* Still, at least his model's been fixed! And on that note ... seems a pointless thing to do, if it could be fixed so easily. Unless the person just wanted to make a point, because they obviously did that. But even so, why break something if it can be fixed so easily? It kind of suggests a First Year, or someone who can't do the spell, was behind it. Or maybe that's just me thinking too much. *ponders some more*

Teehee, I love the Quidditch permutations. :) Ah, that's sweet that Albus asked Scorpius to join them. Bless. And yay for Ravenclaw winning the Cup! Poor James ... but he's already too big for his boots, winning the Cup would just make him even worse!

Author's Response: Yeah, that was my dilemma. It fits so perfectly, but I didn't want people expecting like a Dark Wizard to try and blow up the world and then being disappointed when it's only a model that's broken.

And yes, the simplicity of much of the "crimes" is supposed to be suggestive. After all, the Swelling Solution was available for the person too.

Actually, that part about going in to Blackburn's office was partly just me being mischievous. A couple of people suspected her in reviews and stuff, so I wanted to make people wonder what'd happen when they were alone in her office.

Oh, those Quidditch permutations. I was writing scores out to try and figure out each house's odds of winning. It got confusing.

All the stuff about Angie - the lack of a computer, staying at Hogwarts over the holidays and something else that'll happen around chapter 3 of The Rise of the A.W.L. (nothing major, just another throwaway, doesn't-quite-fit thing like those) - all have one explanation.

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Review #15, by water_lily43175 Easter.

29th September 2013:
I remember being suspicious of Angie before, when she stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas. And I'm suspicious again. I'm sure there's a logical reason for her staying at school - after all, Harry did - but I'm suspicious of everyone right now.

I do love all these references to Percy and Hermione encouraging their kids to work hard. Although as ever, it would do them some good to remember that there's more to life than books!

One minute you're flooring me with Eleanor Lockhart, and the next you're doing it with Derek's surname! *DIES* I swear that's not come up before, I'd have remembered noticing it!

I'm immensely jealous of all Albus and family's Easter chocolate. I think I feel fat just READING about it all!

I'd forgotten that you'd asked about what we did for Easter. Whoops! You definitely got it right, it's exactly how we'd celebrate it here, right down to Fred and Roxanne gorging out on chocolate before lunch. *giggles*

Author's Response: *laughs* Don't think ye're Easters are too different to ours. I just wanted to check, because sometimes there's a difference, like ye saying Boxing day for the day after Christmas, instead of St. Stephen's day that would probably jump out at an English person as being clearly wrong if the Irish version were included. *laughs*

Thanks for confirming that it's believable as is.

Actually, the part with the stuff inside the Easter egg is because I'm still displeased they don't usually do that any more. *pokes whoever makes Easter eggs* Now, they just have say two bars of Yorkie with a Yorkie Easter egg instead of those little individually wrapped Yorkie squares inside in the egg, which was SO MUCH COOLER. Yes, I am still annoyed about this after all those years. *cracks up*

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Review #16, by water_lily43175 Eleanor Lockhart.

29th September 2013:
Hello. I am FINALLY here. Apologies for the delay, but catching up on a fic is always one of those things you want to actually set aside time for, rather than try to squeeze into about five minutes, especially when you have, you know, EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS to catch up on. I am a bad person. :(

I guess it must be a real shock for Albus to come across his parents' history written down so brazenly in textbooks. I mean for a start it must be so surreal to think that your dad's whole life is documented in such a way!

Poor Albus really does need a dose or two of self-confidence, doesn't he? Bless him. I'm sure he's just as brave as James and Rose, but in his own way! Besides, fighting against Voldemort wasn't so much about bravery as it was determination and loyalty to the cause, I guess. Bravery would almost come second, if you really believed that what you were fighting for was right. So I think Albus would have been able to face it. :)

Eleanor preens a lot. Aha, she's definitely related to Gilderoy! Niece. Right. That makes sense. I love that quote from the book, incidentally. So very much like Lockhart! Anyway, I'm gonna say Eleanor's not the culprit. I think it MUST be a Ravenclaw though - either that or a teacher at any rate, and that one seems unlikely. I'm not sure. Hmm *ponders*

Author's Response: Ha, ha, don't worry about the delay. I still haven't finished SL's story about Remus among the werewolves, because it was so intense I wanted to wait until I had time to read it properly - it's not really just the sort of thing one can skim read - and then I got so many chapters behind, I kept putting it off. Must read it properly sometime, actually. So I know EXACTLY how you feel.

*laughs* You're not the only reviewer to mention Albus needing self-confidence. Like I mentioned on the Nuthouse, Pheonix_Potioneer wants to give him and another character fake Felix Felicis to boost their confidence. I seem to have a tendency to write insecure characters actually. Either that or ones that act really controlled, but are struggling underneath.

And yeah, that's a good point about Albus. He's very caring and loyal. I could see him being like Arthur Weasley actually, in a war situation. Or even Molly, with her "not my daughter". I could see him reacting like that if Lily or somebody was threatened or one of the little ones - Fred or Roxanne.

Weird how both our characters were talking about the same book, wasn't it? With all the ones Lockhart wrote.

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Review #17, by Daniel Farewell Slughorn

11th July 2013:
Here Daniel again,
Sorry, I've first seen that yo had started your second book after my review here and that this will be from Rose POV.

Author's Response: No problem. Hope you enjoy it.

I actually prefer the second story. I think it's more original. But I'm probably not the best person to judge, because you feel differently about your own writing than a reader might.

Thanks again for your reviews.

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Review #18, by Daniel Farewell Slughorn

11th July 2013:
this is my first review of your story. First sorry for my English but its definitely not the best. I'm german.
I've read a lot of Albus storys. He's my favourite character for next gen storys.
I really like your story. Your main plot was very good. Dora really was a surprise. I also like the part of Scorpius in this story. They are not best friends from the first part in this story. They come along and it will be interesting to see if they will become friends, or enemys or something else.
But I have a few suggestions what I didn't like about your story. It is my personal opinion, so if you don't like thm it will be okay :D It is your story and not mine.
Nearly the hole story was about the main plot. We haven't seen a lot other stuff. What did they do in other classes then herbology or potions. I think there was no jinx, charm or curse in this whole story. And this story is about magic.
Also I like to see more everyday life.
Then about Albus: From your story I don't know lot about him. His special abilites, his strength, his weaknings.
Rose. While reading I often thought that this Story is more about her then Al. I know it's more from Al's POV but Rose nearly solves all problems and riddles. For me she is a Mary Sue. I haven't seen weaknesses. Al is dependent on Rose. I would like to see that Al does more of his own. More about his thoughts, more about his feelings.
I hope you can understand and it will perhaps help you.
I hope your second story will come soon. Will there be a mainplot which all storys will follow. Like Voldemort in the Harry Potter books? I haven't seen anything like this in your story. But I'm curios.
Thanks for your story and keep on writing ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. And your English is excellent. I studied German in secondary school, but no way could I write a review that detailed in it.

You're probably right about the mystery dominating the story a little too much. I always feel my readers will get bored if I go on about ordinary things too much, but maybe I should try and get in a bit more in Year 2.

Hmm, I hadn't thought of the story being more about Rose than Albus, but yeah, Albus does look up to her quite a bit (and to James too). That's more about Albus than her. He tends to doubt himself and just trust other people, which doesn't always work out for him, since Rose doesn't always make the best decisions - her accusations of James and Scorpius for a start.

You're right actually. I could focus a little more on her weaknesses and let her belief in herself and her lack of tact come back to bite her more often.

There is a sort of loose "main plot". I've only planned as far as Year 4, so what's going to happen after that, I've no idea, but Year 2 will reveal Blackburn's secret and Dora will continue to play a part. Then, well, I can't really talk about Years 3 and 4 without giving away some stuff about the ending of Year 2, but basically there will be some similar people involved. The Notts will be significant for all four stories. There won't be any Dark Lords or anything though.

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Review #19, by me The First Night.

10th July 2013:
So good please write more!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it. Hope you enjoy the rest.

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Review #20, by Bronykatnisshermionie Farewell Slughorn

30th May 2013:
Yay!! I. Love. This. Story. No mistakes (as far as I can see!!) nothing wrong with this. The perfect fan fic. Worthy of JK herself:D:D
10/10 for the entire thing

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Really good to know people enjoy what I write.

And wow, a comparison with JK Rowling. That's an amazing compliment. Thank you so much.

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Review #21, by Bronykatnisshermionie Questions and Answers.

30th May 2013:
I must admit, there were times when I suspected Dora. But it was still a surprise. A big one.
Is Blackburn a werewolf? I don't know, that just seems about right??
Great chapter:D:D

Author's Response: *grins* Not going to respond about Blackburn. Her secret will be revealed in the first chapter of the sequel, The Rise of the A.W.L. so it won't remain secret much longer.

Good guess though.

I like to hear who people suspected. Let's me know if things are too obvious or too obscure.

Thanks again for the reviews. Glad you're enjoying this.

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Review #22, by Bronykatnisshermionie Hagrid's Memories.

30th May 2013:
The accent is perfect!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I've been writing fanfiction for almost a decade and this is the first time I attempted Hagrid's accent, so I was a little worried about it. Good to get some reassurance.

Thanks again and thanks for the reviews.

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Review #23, by Bronykatnisshermionie Caught Red-Handed.

30th May 2013:
This is one of the best fan fics I've read in a long
time. :D:D

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like it. Hope you enjoy the rest as well.

I've started work on the sequel. There are two chapters of that up so far.

Thanks again for the review. Means a lot to me to hear people like it.

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Review #24, by SpoonyLupin Home for Christmas.

22nd May 2013:
Hm. I wonder what's going on with Angie's family. First she doesn't want to talk about her Christmas traditions, and now she's staying at Hogwarts. I wonder if it's something like her just not being close with her parents or something, or if it's something more. Or maybe her parents are dead or something *watches her closely* I love how Rose tells Albus that jumping up to look out the window every five minutes won't get them there any faster. It kind of reminds me of me. Whenever I'm behind someone at a traffic signal, a lot of the time, they'll keep creeping forward until the light changes. I always say, "Creeping forward into the intersection won't make the light change any faster." *cracks up* A lot of the time, people end up in the middle of the intersection before the light changes, so not exactly very safe! *pokes them*

OMG! I absolutely love the idea of a healer's set with dolls you have to diagnose! Could I use something like that for Rianna? She'd love that *cracks up, because I'm talking about her like she's real*

*pokes James for making fun of Albus for doing a "girl's job"* The gender thing aside, decorating cookies is fun, especially for little kids. I'm sure James decorated his fair share when he was little. Oh, gee, James doesn't even want to decorate the tree now? Honestly, what is wrong with this boy? *laughs* But yeah, they'll never know who's performing the magic in a houseful of wizards *snickers*

Percy and Hermione may have filled the quota for geniuses, but they were hardly in Ravenclaw, were they? You need some of those in the family too *nods* Those notes that only the recipient can read are ingenius. *cracks up at Albus getting a book on Muggle sports for Arthur* He'll love that. Again, here I am, talking about them like they're real people *laughs* Aw, I love the idea of the little model of Hogwarts for Harry. You're really good at coming up with presents for the characters, Margaret! I always really struggle with that, so I tend not to talk that much about what my characters are buying for each other. Well, after so many stories, it does get harder and harder anyway! *giggles*

Author's Response: Can't say much about Angie.

Yeah, I remember being really impatient going home for Christmas my first year at college, even though I was home every weekend anyway. And there was this little kid opposite me with his mum who kept asking how much longer it'd be and if my town was the next stop. I eventually told him I was going there too and I'd tell him when we were getting close. He made it feel even longer than it should've. *laughs*

And of course you can use the Healer's set.

I think I'd have liked one myself when I was a kid and it does seem perfect for Rianna. *huggles her* She's about my favourite of your next generation characters.

What's wrong with James is he's basically the Hogwarts equivalent of a 2nd year. *dies laughing* I know he's in 3rd year, but the British start secondary a year earlier than we do so Hogwarts 3rd year is our 2nd year. I've joked about being tempted to ask "would I have any second year classes?" when they ask if I've any questions at the end of job interviews. A lot of kids seem to go through a difficult stage at that age. I remember at the end of 1st year, one of our teachers told us "now don't change next year." I didn't know what she meant then, but I sure do now.

He'll grow out of it eventually.

I find presents really difficult too. Took me ages to come up with all of those. The Healer's set just kind of came to me, but Albus's confusion over what to get his dad was me putting it off 'cause I couldn't think of anything either. *laughs*

Don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the years because I've pretty much run out of ideas. *laughs*

I made up those notes YEARS ago for another fanfiction and just adopted them in here.

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Review #25, by SpoonyLupin The Empty Inkwell.

22nd May 2013:
I am so into this story at the moment. I couldn't wait until I got home today so I could read more! I like the title of this chapter - the Empty Inkwell. I don't know, it just sounds interesting. Ooh, a Slug Club party *claps* And I wonder what surprise Albus has when he's packing for the holidays *reads*

Well, Rose is Hermione's daughter! She sounds so much like her sometimes *giggles* *rolls* That sounds like my family - someone's always late to Christmas dinner (or whatever holiday it is), and we can't eat until they get there. My dad and I like to be punctual, so when they say they're having dinner at 4:00, we get there by 4:00. Oftentimes though, we don't end up eating till an hour later or something, because we're waiting for everyone else *shakes head* They always have appetizers out though to tide you over *giggles* Yeah, more often than not, we end up waiting for my cousin and his wife, who have seven-year-old twin boys, and they usually end up being late, because the twins apparently got up to something. I wonder if that's entirely true though. Reminds me of my sister. She's ALWAYS late. When her boys were younger, she blamed it on them, saying they got up to something or other. They're teenagers now though, so she can't exactly keep blaming them for it. They were always late anyway before they had the kids, so it doesn't make sense anyway *cracks up*

*cracks up at Rose not understanding why the pictures on television move, but photographs don't* Yeah, I can imagine how hard it must be for Muggleborns to go to Wizarding school, and not have access to television or video games any longer. I would have absolutely DIED without my shows and games *giggles* Nathan sounds like my sister - she's too afraid of breaking computers to even learn how to use one. A bit strange that Dora and Angie aren't joining in on the conversation *wonders why and watches them suspiciously* Aha! Perfect time to ask Slughorn some things - when he's had a few drinks *giggles*

Haha, yeah, I was just going to say that it sounds like some popular Quidditch players might be there. Gosh, Slughorn really isn't that great with keeping things secret, is he? *laughs* It would be funny if Slughorn invited Ginny to his party. I could just imagine how Albus and James would react to their mother showing up! I wonder if you're foreshadowing a bit by having Albus thinking about becoming a professional Quidditch player *grins*

Oh, Margaret, a leprechaun band? *laughs at the image* AHA! *cracks up because I keep saying that* But Slughorn says "such a pity" about Blackburn. Yep, I knew it. She's got to be a vampire or something *watches her closely* What else could there be? Like I said, I don't think you'd do the werewolf thing again, although it would be fun *grins* Slughorn's words imply that something happened to her, and that it's not something she was born with, like her being half merperson or something *wonders if that's even possible* Very interesting. *rolls around dying* I love how Slughorn always tries to rationalize talking about these things by saying, "This is just casual conversation" or "This is purely academic." Oh, Slughorn *pets him* I almost spit out my coffee when Slughorn says, "Nothing to worry about then." Like he always realizes too late after he's said too much, and he needs to reassure himself *snickers* Like anyone would tell him that they're going to use his information to make themselves immortal or what have you.

*laughs at Slughorn implying that Trelawney's an alcoholic and not seeming to notice or even care* Yeah, Slughorn would get suspicious if they started asking more questions again this soon after. Even he isn't that thick. I imagine that if it's something like I'm thinking, then Neville would know, but he's not exactly going to go carelessly talking shit about the teachers. He's probably sworn to secrecy anyway.

*GASP* Someone's trying to frame Albus! I'd hide it for now though until he talked to Rose about it. I mean, they probably planted it a while ago anyway, right after this happened. Whoever it was probably wouldn't even know what Albus found it or not. I do think he should tell McGonagall or something though *nods* Not necessarily a Ravenclaw though. It could be a teacher or something. Oh, yeah, that's true - anybody could enter if they get the riddle correct. Kind of a bit unsafe then, isn't it? At least the portraits could tell if someone's a Ravenclaw or not and whether they should enter. Then again, it didn't stop Sir Cadogen from letting Sirius in, so... *laughs* He was a bit daft though. Then again, JK said on Pottermore that Hufflepuff is the only common room to have never been seen by outsiders, and it's arguably the easiest one to get into. There's also a little something called the Polyjuice potion anyway, so nothing is really foolproof, and it would stop people from asking questions if a non-Ravenclaw was hanging around the eagle. I imagine, though, that the teachers are perhaps given free access to the common rooms. I mean, can you imagine a teacher needing to urgently get into Ravenclaw tower for something, and standing there for ages, because they can't get the riddle? *laughs* *cheers for them going to Flitwick* We never see him that much, even in my stories, and Shandurai's a Ravenclaw and all. I should include him more *makes mental note to do that* Flitwick is fair, I think. I rather doubt he's going to go jumping to conclusions like that. Anyway, if Albus was guilty, why would he go turning the evidence in? *laughs*

Author's Response: I was really looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this chapter, because there's quite a lot in it, between Slughorn's party and the inkwell being found. *laughs* And all the Christmas traditions and stuff.

*laughs at your sister being like George and blaming her kids when she's late* There'll be a bit more about them in the "Gifts and Games" chapter. I like that one too, even if nothing very important happens.

I love how indiscreet Slughorn is. It allows me to have him let stuff slip, like he did to Tom Riddle, although at least here he's doing less harm.

And I actually did laugh out loud at the though of Tom Riddle replying to why he wants to know by saying "oh, I just want to make myself immortal and have no problem killing people to do that." *wonders how Slughorn would have reacted if he did*

Actually, Riddle should have said that as a joke, like "what do you think, Sir? That I'm going to kill a load of people and create Horcruxes *laughs*".

And I really like your theories about Blackburn.

I'm now thinking I should have slipped in a description of her, but I never got around to it.

Yeah, the teachers could probably just ask for the passwords to any of the other common rooms, if they didn't have them already and could just guess the Ravenclaw password like anybody else. Not sure how teachers would get into Ravenclaw tower in a hurry though, if it was urgent. Unless it's possible to get in without answering the question. McGonagall seemed to have to in Deathly Hallows though. *ponders*

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