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Review #1, by Harveyboy Winter Wonderland

15th March 2013:
I'd forgot about Krum...of course he's the baddy in your story..wonder who will save rose...

Author's Response: wow thank you so much for your reviews! Kinda makes me feel bad for abandoning this story now. I have half of the next chapter, but I'm not sure how to finish it.

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Review #2, by Harveyboy Hearts

15th March 2013:
Ahh! Alex is on his own and I wonder if Scorpius is doing the right thing giving up on rosť.

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Review #3, by Harveyboy Isabella

15th March 2013:
Mystery and intrigue too...can't think who would want to poison her...must read on...

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Review #4, by Harveyboy Goodnight Kiss

15th March 2013:
Still loving it...onto the next chapter...oh n I will try that story you recommend after I'm up to date on yours...

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Review #5, by Harveyboy Wait what?

15th March 2013:
This rose is a bit of a man eater I think...

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Review #6, by Harveyboy Eye Opener

15th March 2013:
Such a lot of upset in this chapter..fingers crossed everything turns out fine..

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Review #7, by Harveyboy Halloween

15th March 2013:
Nasty nasty Krum...I knew he was bad..

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Review #8, by Harveyboy How It Starts

15th March 2013:
Such a lot going on..I don't like Antony Krum at all..I'm sure he will be found out , he is a bully

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Review #9, by Harveyboy Some Things Don't Change

15th March 2013:
Really time to review onto next chapter

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Review #10, by Harveyboy The Krum Family

15th March 2013:
And now you have thrown a Krum into the brill just brill

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Review #11, by Harveyboy Untitled

14th March 2013:
This story is very good. You have put a lot of thought into each charector and I'm loving it

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Review #12, by Harveyboy New Beginnings

14th March 2013:
Ahh rose is just like her mother..good chapter

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Review #13, by Harveyboy Meet the four

14th March 2013:
Really good start. Like your idea of putting dudleys son in the mix of it..original idea

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Review #14, by AriesGirl40 Winter Wonderland

21st January 2013:
wow, Al and Rose knocked out cold. There is no one to stop Scorpius or Blase from kicking Anthony's tushie out of the school.
Awesome job on the chapter !

Author's Response: Yeah poor Al and Rose :(
Will this be the last of Anthony? ;)
Thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by Emily Weasley Meet the four

20th January 2013:
I like the first chaper of you story. It was different than most next generation stories because of Dudley's son. Normally it's only Rose, Al, and Scoupius, but I think adding Alex is a nice change from normal. You did a good job setting up the base of your story. Also, you used good grammer and there were little spelling errors.

Author's Response: Thanks I hope you like the rest too!

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Review #16, by AriesGirl40 Hearts

8th January 2013:
Still everyone has their mix all talked up. Hermione seems to be the only one making any sense in this weird love mix. :)
Enjoyed the read

Author's Response: Thanks! Wait till you read the next one ;)

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Review #17, by jay The Krum Family

7th January 2013:
i am enjoying your story

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #18, by AriesGirl40 Isabella

23rd November 2012:
That was an awesome chapter! I enjoyed every moment :)
Never expected that to happen in a million years.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Review #19, by Courtney Isabella

22nd November 2012:
That was really sad for Isabelle and Alex. I think losing a child would be one of the hardest things to go through. But I have to say it's hard to take his devotion to her very seriously when he not only slept with Rose but likes to joke about it as if it wasn't a big deal and a total betrayal of the woman he is supposed to be crazy about. He and Rose are extremely selfish to do that to Isabelle and I don't particularly respect either one of them. Isabelle deserves better than him. I like Blaise a lot and hope that Rose treats him right as so far in the story she has made incredibly bad decisions over and over, so hopefully she can get her head on straight. I wonder how and if you will get her and Scorpius together as they both seem to be with really nice people they like. Please don't have them cheat on Vanessa or Blaise or I won't have any more respect for Rose left. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Review #20, by AriesGirl40 Goodnight Kiss

20th November 2012:
Everything Happens for a Reason by feltonlewis , I have begun to read it and am already on chapter eight. It started out slow, but as things began to get more complicated, the plot thickened and now I have a hard time putting it down! lol

Now I have to give you a story that you will find hard to pull away from, and I think I got just the one. Love and Forgiveness by HarryGinny4eva, it is an after Hogwarts tale, a Dramione and the author is extremely gifted. I do hope she listened to me and went on to become a talented writer. You will Love it.

On this story: I think someone is getting jellouse :) I also think that things are about to get alot more difficult to conceal. Scorpius seems about to explode in feeling.

See you next chapter, and I hope you check out the story, it is worth the 27/39 chapters. (She rolled two chapters together if the chapter seemed too short)

Author's Response: That's how I felt when I first read it lol I love it and now I'm just waiting for the next chapter on the sequal "Their Reason to Live"

I think it sounds familiar I'll go check it out once I'm done reading "The Art of Seduction" it's also a dramione.

Well lol wouldn't you feel the same as Scrop? I know I would! We'll see what happens ;)

See you next chapter!

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Review #21, by AriesGirl40 Wait what?

12th November 2012:
The story you describe is awefully familliar to me. I am positive that if you sift through my favorites you will find what you are looking for. If not a few other very well written Dramione's also.

Back to your story, wow, all rose had to say was leave her, but she didn't. That was really awesome of her. I really do aprove.

Rose shacking up with her best friend, I can see it happening. Word is that boys that have girls for best friends tend to be in reality attracted to them on some higher plane of reality that they ignore because they enjoy their company way to much to even think to cross the line. I have a couple friends like that that have agreed that if they dont find mr or mz right by age thirty, they would marry each other so they wont have to die alone. lol. What an excuse! Though in this case, Alex and Rose both know who they want. For Rose it seemed, either do what they did, or spend a month in her room crying. I liked her attitude in the Hall. She has their attention, now she can take her time and date the castle, though I don't think it would be in her best interest to go beyond a good snog in a broom cupbord. Wouldn't want her gathering herself a bad reputation now. That is... unless she has now gone nutso and developed an alternate personality that likes to dress fleshy and wear tons of eyeliner. you know, the self destructive type.

Loved the chapter :)

see you next one, and good luck in your search. I really think I have what you want in my Fav's. Another good one is called All the pretty little horses. Hermione gets adopted by the Malfoys and Draco keeps her sane. The parents treat her like crap unless their in public, and mrs. Malfoy treats her like a barbie doll. Always a new gown for an event. Its still being written.

Author's Response: Ahh I didn't find it but I did find some other good ones! My search goes on lol

Yeah at first my plan was to make her ask him to leave Vanessa, but that wouldn't have been like Rose. Well will see what happens to Rose ;)

Thanks once again

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Review #22, by AriesGirl40 Eye Opener

10th November 2012:
Oh my goodness! I wonder what Scorpius is going to think once he hears the news about Rose? Funny how boys always take things at face value and end up making their biggest mistakes.
Wonderful chapter, loved the new tats :)

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review ^__^
Just wait till the next chap (hint hint) Krum may not be out of the picture just yet!

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Review #23, by AriesGirl40 Halloween

8th November 2012:
Krum needs to leave and go back where he came from. Pretty powerful images going on here.
awesome job getting what your trying to point out across.

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Review #24, by Rosy How It Starts

31st October 2012:
Basically Anthony needs to just leave. He's totally rude and just needs to back off. Scorp needs to grow a pair and tell Rose, and Rose needs to stop being oblivious. There you have it. My opinion on the ScoRose aspect of your story.

Alright. Admit it, you think I'm weird...haha! Anyway I love this story! I love Alex and Al. I ship ScoRose more than I ship me and life so...yeah. GREAT JOB!

Author's Response: lol thank you!

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Review #25, by AriesGirl40 Some Things Don't Change

30th October 2012:
Oh boy, ... wont the parents be surprised. This might be the longest secret kept from Hermione, Ever! :)

Good chapter, see you next one :)

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