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Review #1, by HPFantasticks Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

6th November 2016:
not sure where you are, but many thanks for getting the story this far, I loved both this one and Curiosity is not a sin. I hope you will keep on writing, this story in particular, but also for yourself, you have a talent!

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Review #2, by Anie Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

4th November 2016:
Alright, I just discovered this story and the one that proceeded it. I absolutely love the way you write such dynamic characters. Even your OC characters which I usually find tedious and poorly managed are so well put together. I couldn't help but notice that you hadn't updated this story for a long time. I hope hope hope that you come back to it because I truly love it. Not to mention I would love a subsequent story of them trying to have children in the future given all that's happened. I hope that your absence isn't because anything horrible is going on in your life. If it is, I hope it all resolves itself soon. I really do hope you choose to continue with this story. It is one of my favorites I've ever read.

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Review #3, by Ronald8472 Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

25th September 2016:
I am not sure what to say. I'm liking this story a lot. But seriously Scorp sure stepped on his own crank with how he distracted the in-laws.

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Review #4, by tucke004 Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

9th August 2016:
Pls add a new chapter I am in love with this story I just really want to read more of it

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Review #5, by Redlover Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

5th August 2016:
Please please please please update this story. I love it so much and need to know what happens next!!

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Review #6, by Liana Scorpius. --- The First Floor Clique.

1st August 2016:
I think Scorpius can use all the praise he can get from the Weasley/Potters who show up at Mungo's.

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Review #7, by Liana Scorpius. --- An Inauspicious Start.

20th July 2016:
It seems that people are just not listening to Scorpius. That's a common problem. Everyone would get along a lot better if they just learned to listen.

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Review #8, by Liana Rose. --- The Letter.

20th July 2016:
I think Rose was being a little overly dramatic but I suppose she wanted the lunch to go perfectly. It's just difficult to get along with your partner's family sometimes.

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Review #9, by PippaBKnox Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

17th July 2016:
You haven't updated in ages, but even if you never do, this chapter was a still great place to end the story. It is hard for parents to realize that their children will not need them forever, and I think Ron and Hermione are holding on too tightly. Great job on a great story! I liked this one even better than CINAS.

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Review #10, by Liana Scorpius. --- An Unexpected Friendship.

9th July 2016:
Actually with the way the story has been progressing I think it was the logical next step for Scorpius to be friends with James. I think it was great for them to have a drink together.

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Review #11, by Liana Rose. --- A Visit With Albus.

5th July 2016:
Poor Rose. She might need some alone thinking time. I think maybe she expected the lunch with Narcissa to go badly and when it didn't she became confused. Now she's trying to reconcile her feelings.

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Review #12, by Liana Rose. --- Lunch With Narcissa.

4th July 2016:
I wanted and expected a little more of lunch with Narcissa unless you have more in the next chapter. I would've worried about who would pay too. I can see myself ordering water.

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Review #13, by Liana Rose. --- Squad Assignments.

4th July 2016:
This was a great chapter! I wish there were dates attached to some of these things. I was trying to figure out when you were nominated for a Dobby.

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Review #14, by Liana Scorpius. --- Colliding Callings.

4th July 2016:
I don't know if this means anything but when I was reading this chapter I was thinking that it's too bad that we can't have a post-Hogwarts movie or book by JKR that shows everyone after about 20-25 years. I've read a lot of versions of Draco as he was years later and this was as good as I've read. I think it would've been weird if he didn't do a tiny bit of Gryffindor bashing.

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Review #15, by Liana Rose. --- Out On a Limb.

3rd July 2016:
I'd probably meet Lucius but make Scorpius pay for it later. He'd better get a really nice gift for me.

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Review #16, by Liana Scorpius. --- Plans for the Future.

3rd July 2016:
I'm a new reader so everything in this story is new to me. I'm really liking this story so far. I'm glad I read the one before this. I wonder if Rose will meet Lucius. It will be interesting to see how you write the senior Malfoys.

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Review #17, by Scarletwriter138 Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

20th June 2016:
hi! this is great! I have a quick question that is kinda random if you do not mind. I can not upload a banner in my summary! How do you get the link for the picture? thank you

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Review #18, by Liana Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

18th June 2016:
Just started this new story. Looks good so far.

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Review #19, by New Reader Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

14th June 2016:
Just stumbled into this and read the whole thing straight through. So immersed in your universe now, hope to see more soon! Thanks for sharing:)

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Review #20, by Ron Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

1st June 2016:
I love this story. Rose and Scorpius are awesome. I read Curiosity is Not a Sin first, and then came across this one. I loved this better than the first one. The way you express the feelings of Rose and especially Scorpius is simply amazing. I am waiting for your next chapter. You mentioned it should be up in 2 weeks but its been a long time. I hope you have not abandoned it. Please update soon!!

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Review #21, by Alice Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

19th May 2016:
I love this story so so so much! I found it from your tumblr. I love the growing relationship between James and Scorpius particularly, and look forward to seeing more with Al. I can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you so much for writing; I appreciate that it takes a lot of time.

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Review #22, by Luna Lovegood Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

1st May 2016:
Argh!! I need another chapter of this story!! Ps- xoxo

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Review #23, by thecla Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

29th March 2016:
i love this story!i cant wait for the next chapter to see what will happen!

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Review #24, by Jutta Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

20th February 2016:
I really like it! I am very curious about where this is going. Can't wait for the new chapter! X

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Review #25, by Cupid Buffy Scorpius. --- Colliding Callings.

15th February 2016:

It is I, Cupid Buffy, here for the next chapter of this amazing story!

I think my favorite scenes of this story are when Rose and Scorpius are together. They really do have a solid chemistry, despite their distinct personalities. Iím actually craving more Rose/Scorpius scenes because although they definitely donít agree on some important issues, but at the same time, they find a common ground. And even though I know they have a long way to go, I feel as if they respect each other enough to find their way together. I feel like I can relate better to Scorpius than to Rose - and I know thatís just my own personality. However, I think she has a point about Scorpius choosing his specialty based on something other than what he was truly interested in. I feel like he is limiting himself and deciding based on the safety of his loved ones, rather than what he might truly be interested in. I also think that Draco was supplying a bit of lip service to his son in the last scene. Scorpius was truly looking for some sort of affirmation that he is on the right path. And I saw your authorís note, and I thought you did a fabulous job with his character. Iíve no doubt that Draco would adore his son and at least attempt to steer him on the right path.

❤ Cupid ➶ Buffy

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