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Review #1, by LetterGirl Trouble

6th July 2014:
Good Chapter, I first thought Rose was going to think Violet has an eating disorder, would've fit!

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Review #2, by dracodarlingxx Kiss Me

5th July 2014:
wo update :D
they're actually so adorable the way they were sitting together and then kissing like they're meant for each other, but then she's trying to distance herself from him so it doesn't hurt later and i feel like slapping her.
well no, not really. cos i do understand, but james so obviously really likes her and i want to punch him for not just telling her.
well no, not really...cos I understand his point of view too but i'm feeling exceptionally violent today.
they're bloody gryffindors, for god's sake, can't they just pluck up some courage and tell each other they like each other? there's so many hints! i can see why they're not ravenclaws!
but other than my frustration, great chapter, really well-written, please update soon :D xxx

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Review #3, by potterfan310 Kiss Me

29th June 2014:
Ahh new chapter, so exciting!!

Aww I feel so bad for Violet, especially all the rumours. But good on her for yelling back at them, lol.

Oh my got, her middle name. Cringe!!

James is a cutie and I want him ♥ He and Violet are so good together, I wish they would date for real and not 'fake' it. But I'm hoping that now that James has suggested kissing in the mix to their 'fake' dating that they're real feelings will come through at one point. They both deserve happiness, with each other! ♥

So short, but so much fluff!! and James/Violet action, LOVE IT ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one.


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Review #4, by ladymontgomery Kiss Me

23rd June 2014:
So short! :((

In any case they need to have a convo about their feelings because nobody kisses like that when they have absolutely no feelings for someone. *Cough* James *Cough*

I can see TOTAL drama ensuing just because they're not being honest.and I'm excited for it. Keep writing on!

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Review #5, by LetterGirl The Forgotton

22nd June 2014:
Honestly, James is a real prat. I mean he is in this just like violet, it was really stupid how he treated her, like it was all her fault. I really don't like James in this chapter, he should apologize.

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Review #6, by Lottie Kiss Me

21st June 2014:
Meh plz update more! I know, everyone's busy and stuff, but your writing is amazing and I would love to read more. You may even be able to get it published when you've completely finished. Oh and could you please introduce a character called Ishika Bose because it's my best friends name and she's turning 18 so I wanted to kind of surprise her with this because I know she loves this story. Thanks, love you, keep up the amazing work.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm glad you and your friend like the story. Unfortunately life does get very busy from time to time, but I'm trying to update more regularly than I was before. I'll keep Ishika in mind if I'm adding a new character, but even if not, I wish her a happy birthday anyway! Thanks for reviewing :) x

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Review #7, by I_trusted_Snape13 Kiss Me

18th June 2014:
Oh god. Oh no. This is bad. This is very, very bad. I am out of chapter. Oh no. I need more. I just found this so I don't know how quickly you update, but I need more.
But anyway
Holy fluffballs this was cute. They totally wanted to make out ;)
Great chapter
But can they please get together already omg

Author's Response: Oh no, haha, I hate that feeling when you run out of chapter in a WIP! Not to worry, hopefully won't be long until I get the next one out. Thanks so much for all of your reviews, I had lots of fun reading them in order of chapter! I'm glad you found this story :) Thanks for reviewing! xx

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Review #8, by I_trusted_Snape13 Settle Down

18th June 2014:
Holy sweetness cuteballs agh they are precious
Chastity is terrible
But James and vi are adorable
She's already 4 months. It seems like she just found out and also like she's been pregnant forever. Haha
Ugh. I love this so much. Thank you for wiring it!!!

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Review #9, by I_trusted_Snape13 Animal

18th June 2014:
Ugh. I was perfectly enjoying how cute James and vi are and the chastity had to show up. -_-
Ugh. She makes me so angry.
I want James and vi together Foreal. They obviously both like each other so this is very FRUSTURATING

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Review #10, by I_trusted_Snape13 But It's Better If You Do

18th June 2014:
Everyone finally knows!
I'm Super excited about that tbh.
I want to see more Rose/Scorp in the future as well! And where has lily been?
Gah, I can't wait to keep reading!
I'm totally neglecting everything I need to be doing because of this brilliant story lol
Great job!

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Review #11, by I_trusted_Snape13 Only Love

18th June 2014:
This was yet another lovely chapter of your brilliant story.
When will we know if it's a boy or a girl? I don't know terribly much about pregnancy I am afraid. I'm thinking girl, but alas that is just me.
I just like the idea of James getting all extra protective when he finds out it's a little girl. But boys a great too, I was just saying.
This was an adorable chapter. I think funny is right about them acting like a couple.

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Review #12, by I_trusted_Snape13 The Forgotton

18th June 2014:
This chapter has left me utterly and completely heartbroken for Violet. Her could a mother say those sort of things to their child? That's awful.
I'm so happy James is a man and is willing to step up. I expected him to and I'm happy he is.
I'm also happy that his parents are like they are- I know they'll be disappointed; but supportive, which is what they need.
Gosh; there was so much emotion in this chapter.
It was utterly beautiful.
She's close to being halfway through, she needs to tell!
James just seemed downright sexy in this chapter to me. Haha
Gosh, i would date him. Lol
Brilliant job. Brilliant.

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Review #13, by I_trusted_Snape13 Secret's Out

18th June 2014:
Oh wow.
I literally read this is like 5 minutes, I couldn't stop.
Best chapter yet.
You need a DOBBY award
You need every award
Be an author
I will read your book
I'll buy it at midnight at it's release
This is perfect
James knows! Yes!
It went differently than I expected, but in a brilliant way
Loved the pov switch
Gah I love it
(By the way, I apologize for all my long reviews)

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Review #14, by I_trusted_Snape13 Little Talks

18th June 2014:
A million thoughts are running through my mind right now!
Chastity is a schizophrenic monster/raging b-word.
She's so awful! I have read a ton of fanfics and I don't think I have encountered someone as awful as her before! She's terrible!! So glad James dumped her crazy self.
I am so scared for vi and the baby!!! Ugh!
I think lily is going to tell James. I think they're gonna take her to madam Pomfrey and them it'll be revealed that she's pregnant and James will figure it out and lily will confirm it. Just a guess though
Gah I love this story!!!

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Review #15, by I_trusted_Snape13 Heroes or Ghosts

18th June 2014:
Oh. My. God.
The best chapter yet of this brilliant story. I really feel like I'm there, like I know them. Well, so I can't and make sense, I'll just talk about each character because my mind is going a million directions and I need some way to organize my thoughts.
Chastity: I. HATE. HER. Why the heck would James pick her? She may be pretty on the outside, but that's all. And from the way I interpreted the last chapter, she just kinda decided they were a thing, she needs to lose the attitude. I understand not wanting another girl after your man-but she's taking it way too far.
James: VI IS GREAT AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND YOU BOTH OBVIOUSLY LIKE EACH OTHER WHY ARE YOU NOT TOGETHER? They're perf. And the kitchen scene was adorable until his girl walked in.
Rose: I FELT SO BAD FOR HER THAT I COULD CRY. I would be hurt too if my best friend not only did not tell me, but told my younger cousin. I would be insanely hurt.
Vi: she needs to come completely clean to everyone, or there is going to be a lot more hurt feelings
Scorp: he is Precious, I love him!
Okay, I will stop writing now. Lol

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Review #16, by I_trusted_Snape13 Hope

18th June 2014:
UGH. I just knew James or Rose would find out this chapter. Ahhh! Stupid girl ruined it aka chasity. Bleh.
This was a great chapter.
I was happy about the Rose/Scorp thing
Lily and Lorcan are cute
This Chapter was great
I don't think the story is moving too slowly either

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Review #17, by I_trusted_Snape13 Jump then Fall

18th June 2014:

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Review #18, by I_trusted_Snape13 Umbrella

18th June 2014:
Okay. Back to reality. They are the absolute cutest.
I can NOT wait for him to find out about the baby, and for Rose to find out. And for everyone to find out really.
She can't hide it that long, babies grow quickly. Haha
I'm mega excited

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Review #19, by I_trusted_Snape13 Lean On Me

18th June 2014:
James and Vi make the cutest friends! CAN THEY PLEASE BE TOGETHER??? Gosh. I love it. So so so much. This is my new addiction.
I'm still not sure how Rose is so blind - being Hermione's daughter I figured she would have figured it out by now! But, she is also Ron's daughter and he isn't the malt observant man. lol.
Lily and vi's friendship is great
This story is great
Gosh, I can see this being a very popular story!

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Review #20, by I_trusted_Snape13 Trouble

18th June 2014:
YES. I had an idea it would be Lily. She seems smart and observant and just overall much like her parents. I think Rose may have an idea, I think James is clueless. I don't think Vi will be able to lie well enough to convince her she isn't. Gah,I would write more but I need to know what happens!

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Review #21, by I_trusted_Snape13 This is a Call

18th June 2014:
Vi is so awkward. Lol.
I don't know how she is going to get through the holiday without it coming out.
I can't wait to see how this goes!
Great job!

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Review #22, by I_trusted_Snape13 Trust me, I'm a Doctor

18th June 2014:
This was the best chapter yet! Finally someone knows! Granted, it is just Madam Pomfrey, but that is still someone! I liked how nice she was, and how she agreed to not tell just yet, but I also like how she will let the headmistress know and everything, it's all logical and great.
This chapter was so good, I felt like I had just started reading and then it was over!
I think at least someone will find out during the holidays - I'm thinking rose will. If she has her mothers brain she will. Or maybe she will tell lily. I don't think it will be James - at least if he finds out, I don't think it would be from vi at this point.
On to the next chapter!!

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Review #23, by I_trusted_Snape13 Ready or Not

18th June 2014:
Wow. This is just great, honestly. I like it a lot.
Rose is so sweet, I am extremely curious to her reaction!
Vi needs to tell someone. Ugh.
I bet the Christmas trip is going to be interesting and very awkward.
Her hormones are so funny omg. I totally think you got pregnancy hormones spot on!

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Review #24, by I_trusted_Snape13 Wide Awake

18th June 2014:
GAHH, I seriously am enjoying this story quite a bit! I am greatly looking forward to her telling someone!

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Review #25, by I_trusted_Snape13 Tragedy

18th June 2014:
Hi doll! :)
So, first off, fantastic start to a story! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It reminds me of Delicate - and that is a big compliment because that story will forever hold a very special place in my heart.
Violet is cool, I like her so far.
You're going to have to keep it 'new', if that makes sense. Meaning, there are a ton of fics on here with the pregnancy plot line, so you need to make yours stand out. But, you're off to a great start. Violet seems funny and isn't doing this whining, pity me I'm pregnant thing, which I greatly dislike, so props.
Rose reminds me of her parents.
Overall, good job.
I'm curious to know about the father. I know it must be either James (my number 1 guess), Or al. I guess I'll find out!
Keep it up, I really liked this!
Well, on to chapter 2!
By the way, I try to review every chapter I read, but I apologize in advance if I miss one. I know how important they are.

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