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Review #1, by CambAngst Chapter 2

9th January 2015:
Hi, Tammi!

Another fun chapter! My afternoon was greatly improved. :)

The situation with James and Adam was really familiar to me. I've been on James's side of the table, moving into a different phase of life while trying to stay connected with friends who are still happily in the prior one. James is married, expecting twins and has a job at the Ministry that he likes. Adam is still dating, childless and working a job at the apothecary that doesn't seem to have a lot of upside unless the manager of the Hogsmeade store leaves. You did a good job of capturing the situation.

I think I meant to ask this in the last review. Is Adam's girlfriend Lucy also James's cousin Lucy? Seems like Adam is almost ready to make a life-leap with her.

Speaking of people who need to make a life-leap, Fred needs to get off the dime and make a move. It seems obvious to his cousins what he needs to do. I like Hugo's reaction, or more to the point his unwillingness to put up with Fred's distracted moodiness. Lucy took a gentler approach, although her implied threat is probably no more comfortable for Fred than getting knocked off of a ladder.

I saw a couple of small typos -- at least I think they're typos -- as I was reading:

They were silent for a moment whilst Fred actually done some work, -- actually did some work?

Oh come on Fred; just ask her to one of your sisters Quidditch matches or something. -- sister's

Good job! Thanks for the entertaining read!

Author's Response: Hey again!!!

Awww yay! I'm glad that I could improve your afternoon.

Thank you, I'm glad that you could relate to it and saw familiar situations. I wanted to try and keep this story as real as possible.

Yes! Adam's girlfriend is James' cousin. :D

Awww Fred, bless him, he really does, but he's so scared. Hugo is very straight to the point, so it's a good thing that Lucy was the one to help him out. Hugo would probably make it worse.

Ooops! Thank you! I shall sort those out!

Thank you so much! You're awesome!

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Review #2, by alexaemd123 Chapter 28

8th January 2015:
Yay!! I loved it!!! :) now on to SSAEB!!

Author's Response: YAY! I'm so glad that you loved it and I hope that you love the sequel as well :D

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Review #3, by CambAngst Chapter 1

8th January 2015:
Hi, Tammi!

I saw that you'd marked this completed, so I figured it was a good time to read. No waiting! ;)

I really liked all of your characters, especially viewing them in this happy moment. The goofy, giddy sort of happiness that James and Amelia share on the way out of the hospital was instantly familiar to me. Been there, done that. Harry and Ginny's reaction also made perfect sense to me, especially after they learned that Amelia is expecting twins. I liked Adam and Lucy, even though I'm not completely familiar with the characters. Wanting to go shopping is definitely an "auntie" reaction.

All of the dialog and narrative felt very natural and it flowed nicely. I couldn't see a thing wrong with your writing. Great job on this.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention James's big head. That was a great running gag. Poor guy. Even I had a laugh at his expense.

Awesome job. I needed a good read this afternoon!

Author's Response: HEY! How are you?

Awww I'm so glad that you decided to take a look at my story! Definitely no waiting now it's complete :D

Thank you so much! And I'm glad that they seem believable. They're all very excited about the babies, especially when everyone thought that it would just be the one.

Awww thank you so much! That makes me very happy!

Haha he has got a big head, everyone comments on it... poor James. :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed!

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Review #4, by alexaemd123 Chapter 27

7th January 2015:
Awe! I love this story! I was very upset when you said there will only be 1 more chapter but now that you plan on writing a sequel, yayy!! I'm so excited!!! :)))

Author's Response: Awww thank you! I know! I'm upset that it's over, but I can't let it go just yet, sequels and spin offs are in the works! :D I could seriously write about this world forever!

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Review #5, by alexaemd123 Chapter 26

4th January 2015:
Nooo!! It can't seriously be close to over yet! :( that depresses me! :( I really love this story's brilliant! :)

Author's Response: I know!! I'm so devastated too, I wish that I could just continue it forever... I'll just have to settle for spin offs and sequels to sequels :P

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Review #6, by Xo1heather1xo Chapter 26

3rd January 2015:
More! I say update more!

Author's Response: I've updated just for you! :P

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Review #7, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 25

11th December 2014:
super cool :)

write soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! More is up now!

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Review #8, by alexaemd123 Chapter 25

6th December 2014:
I just finished all the chapters and they are brilliant!! I love them! I'm excited for the sequel to the sequel...haha. I can't believe the babies are born! I love the names! Please continue soon! I seriously can't wait!!

Author's Response: Awww thank you! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed this story so much. The sequel to the sequel is up and waiting for you to hopefully enjoy! :D

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #9, by slytherin_serpent_socko Chapter 25

6th December 2014:
James and Amelia are cute. I love thier moments.

Albums is hilarious. Love to see Pedro meeting and interacting with his baby cousins. He will probably train them to be his minions.

Hugo and Scorpius, I still find weird. Scorpious reminds me of a gay nanny when he's correcting Hugo's manners. :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you love their moments, they're so fun to write those two and I'm going to miss them when I've finished with this story.

Oh yeah, Pedro would so train them to be his minions. He's going to be in the sequel to this as are the twins, so keep your eyes peeled.

haha he is kinda like a nanny isn't he? But he's the only one able to control Hugo. :P

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Review #10, by Moonyxluna Chapter 25

6th December 2014:
I am reviewing this out of order a little but can we just talk about THAT HAIR RUFFLE for a second!?♥ Bless my shipper heart, I am going to drown in HOW ADORABLE THAT WAS♥

I also thought the hug between Ron and Hugo was adorable. I love that Scorpius isn't changing him, just loving him for who he is.


Adam and James are hilarious. I love their friendship. And I loved the little joke about Amelia and Lucy 'eloping' - surely they learned something the first time that happened :p haha! And I loved seeing James and Amelia still kissing and adorably in love.

I am having feels over boys and mashed potatoes. *sobs*

WHY DIDN'T FRED BRING HIS GIRLFRIEND!? Ah, I loved the parts between Hugo and Fred, though. They're gonna be BEST FRIENDS forever♥

SUPER cute, the part where James can't figure out how to hand over the babies :D I loved it! I loved this whole thing. I love love this series. You cannot ever be done with it!

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: We can talk about the hair ruffle! So cute and adorable! :D It's love!

Noone could ever change little Hugo, he's just calming down a little because he has Scorpius in his life. Scorpius loves Hugo the way he is.

I'm so glad that you love their friendship :P Haha
James and Amelia will always be adorably in love.

Aw *hugs*

She was celebrating christmas with her family, that's the only reason why she wasn't there. And Hugo and Fred are totally BFFs

Oh James! he's so adorable!

Thank you so so much Julie! You're wonderful!

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Review #11, by Slytherin_serpent_socko Chapter 24

6th December 2014:
Pedro = Spanish and Pierre = French . Pedro can go all over Europe and fit into the country very easily. It's a very useful name.

Author's Response: Oh yes he can! This is what happens when he has a mother as crazy as Mariah! :P

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Review #12, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 25

6th December 2014:

Oh, James! He must be so tired! Go to sleep, James. Everything is good now!

I wanna see Brent with the twins! He'll be an awesome Godfather! :D

OMG, YES! I knew her parents would get here eventually! And they are so sweet, so adorably confused when it comes to this crazy family. (Totally shipping James/Adam... totally not shipping Harry/Ron... TOTAL HARRY/THEO MOMENT MISSED! Shame on you! :P). But it was hilarious, so I forgive you.

Haha! Uh oh, Hugo. It's not like him to slip up. Now he's doomed.

I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU, BILLY!!! *squishes*

I'm sorry, but Hugo/Scorpius have bested James/Amelia. They are the most adorably weird couple in the world and no one can take their place. *gives crowns and medals and everything*



Author's Response: Poor James is totally tired. Poor guy, he needs to sleep.

Awww Brent would be the best godfather ever! (aside from Adam of course)

Oh yes, James wanted to surprise Amelia. :D I would be confused if I were them and was forced to work out the Weasley/Potter family. AHHH! How could I miss a Theo/Harry moment?! Damn it!

Hahhaha Bill needs saving!

Aw they are weird aren't they? I think they'd love to have crowns and medals... Scorpius definitely :P

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Review #13, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 24

3rd December 2014:
OH MY GOD, THE BABIES ARE COMING! It's so sad that Amelia's mum can't be there, but hopefully they'll come. Yay for Ginny, though I totally would have wanted Harry in the room... :P

BRENT IS AWAKE! OH, THANK GOD FOR THAT! *lets go of fear and anguish*

I'm not surprised by Pedro's name. I'm just sat here, shaking my head at his parents.

Hugo is just so freaking adorable. Talking in his sleep. AND THE THINGS HE SAID. DAMN RIGHT, HE LOVES SCORPIUS.

I'm glad Fred enjoyed his birthday! I love him and Julie together so much.


This chapter was the delicious icing on top of my birthday cake. THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!


Author's Response: THEY'RE COMING! I'm sad too, but she'll see her soon, don't you worry! I would have totally wanted Harry in the room as well haha. :D He would have been awesome!


Hahaha he had to have a name like that with parents like his. Oh Mariah and Albus!

Oh Hugo, he has a totally sweet side and Scorpius brings it out of him :D I just want to hug them both so much!

Awww you're welcome!! :D

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Review #14, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 23

1st December 2014:
wow :D

please write soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I am writing the rest of the chapters as we speak, currently working on the last chapter (which isn't for a few more chapters)

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Review #15, by Moonyxluna Chapter 23

29th November 2014:

I love Amelia. Always demanding that she can do it herself even though I just want to follow behind her and demand that she SIT DOWN PREGNANT WOMAN. (I should just leave my caps lock key on for this whole thing...)

APPARENTLY I need it because BABIES. They're here! I am so excited! I have been waiting for YEARS. :P I don't know if I can do this.

*reads on*
Ahh, Albus sitting in between Scorpius and Hugo is PERFECT. I love that whole moment with Pedro FLYING out of Mariah's arms and towards Scorpius. And Hugo being all touchy and lovey with Scoripus just to annoy Albus :p

a;slkdjf give me all the daddy!Scorpius and daddy!Hugo stories!! I love the shy little smile Hugo gives Scorpius. SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIE. That little look they shared at: It'll be different when it's our own *heart eyes* ♥♥

They poke and rib at each other and Albus insisting that he's NOT adopted was SO funny. I can't stop laughing. I love this and I never want it to end!

He was nervous, sure he had been around a lot of births before, but those were all Dragons-- best comparison ever.

♥FRED FEELS - why are you doing this to me! *cries* Aww, and she's there for him, and everythings all happy and ADORABLE with Hugo's gift, and GAH. They're so cute. Everythings so happy and adorable.

Now I just have to pester you for more about the babies! :D

hearts and love!

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you! *hides from cry*

:D Amelia needs to calm herself down, she's been told time and time again but she won't listen. I want to follow her around too, but if she won't listen to James and Charlie she sadly won't listen to me or you.

Hahaha the babies are coming!! I'm excited too and I've been waiting for years! IT HAS BEEN YEARS! I need to write faster haha.

Albus is going to try and come between Hugo and Scorpius, he doesn't like to share and neither does Hugo. It's going to be fun!


Albus and Hugo hate each other and yet love each other at the same time, they're too alike to get along with each other for very long :D

Poor Freddie, he needs so many cuddles and hugs!

Haha pester away! :D I'm writing the next chapter as we speak, just keep poking me to finish it :P

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Review #16, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 23

29th November 2014:


See, lowercase. I'm making an effort. Hugo and Albus are so weird and horrible and immature. Why do I love that so much? Scorpius, definitely the voice of reason this one. It's why he's perfect for Hugo. Calms that boy down. OH, MY GOD, HUGO/SCORPIUS BABIES!!!

Ultimatum. Uh oh.


:( I know I tease Fred, too, but where is his family on his birthday? I love Hugo and Scorpius for showing up and getting him such an awesomely sweet present - damn, Scor, what did you do to him? - but still, HE HAS OTHER FAMILY!

Next one please... (After Louis... ;))



Yep! the waters have broken! It's all action stations in the Potter household. minus one of the important ones.

Haha but I love uppercase! It makes me more excited!!

He is so perfect for Hugo, he's going to keep him from attacking everyone haha and he definitely calms him down. :D AND THEY NEED TO BE DADS!!!


I feel sorry for Fred, but at least he has Hugo and Scorpius (Scorpius totally helped Hugo with the present), his other family get distracted very easily.

The next one will be after Louis :D Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #17, by Slytherin_Serpent_Socko Chapter 22

17th November 2014:
Amazing so far, sooo funny, read this and the prequels to this story in two days!! Keep up the amazingness

Author's Response: Oh wow! That's a lot in two days! That makes me really happy! You keep up the awesomeness! :D Thank you for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #18, by Evie Chapter 22

17th November 2014:
Awe, I can't wait for the babies. Cuteness ensue
And Hugo (and scorpius now with his 'experiment') ooze sleazy creeps. In all honesty I would cross the road and walk fast if I was walking home in the dark and saw Hugo approaching

Author's Response: They're on their way!

Haha oh Hugo and Scorpius, I didn't see that coming, it just happened and is beyond my control :P hahah I would as well! I wouldn't want to be alone with Hugo... or around other people with Hugo.

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Review #19, by Evie Chapter 8

17th November 2014:
Hugo is really rather creepy, and bad weird.

Author's Response: He is creepy, I agree. That's the intention, I love creepy Hugo :D

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Review #20, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 22

15th November 2014:

They're all just so amazing. I want to hug every last one of them and never let go. The room is brilliant and I can't wait to meet the babies.

Charlie is freaking awesome!

Haha, oh Hugo. Getting so defensive about a simple question. Love the look, though.

Uh oh. Fred is such an idiot. I said it before and I'll say it again; if he's killed by the end I really would not be surprised. :P



Author's Response: SO MANY HAPPY FEELS!!

I shall join you in all of the hugs, I can't wait to meet the babies either!

HE IS! I AGREE! Best Uncle ever!

Awww Hugo really is, he's a weirdo. I love him!

He really is! hahaha I wouldn't be surprised either if he was. :P


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Review #21, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 22

15th November 2014:
sooo cool :)

Hope you write soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! More will be soon! :D

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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 21

9th October 2014:
It must really suck for her to not be able to do anything. But she must stay in bed; I've already been upset by Brent, you can't hurt the twins, too. I'd cry.

Poor James, to be so busy worrying and so tired. I want everyone to be fine and happy.

Haha! Oh, Hugo! It's so odd to see him as scared and uncomfortable. Of course, Scorpius likes him. He'll brave the crazy and the shrine and the homicidal teddy bears. :D

If you kill of Fred by the end of this, I honestly won't be surprised. :P

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Yep! It sucks for her, she's not used to being told to sit down and relax, she's used to being up and on her feet. She must stay in bed, you're right. If only she'll pay attention.

*hugs* You and James need so many hugs right now! I want everyone to be fine and happy too!

Hahaha oh Hugo and his shrine! I need to write a one shot about Scorpius first going into Hugo's flat hahaa

Oh Fred! Your life hangs in the balance daily around your crazy family! Especially when he chooses to willingly annoy Hugo.

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #23, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 21

9th October 2014:
i still cant belive about hugo and scorp.

but great story, write soon again :)

Author's Response: Haha I don't think anyone was expecting Hugo and Scorpius :P
Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 20

29th September 2014:
wow woman, you write so often but I like it :)

can I ask how many chapers left ???

Author's Response: Haha I want to get this story finished, so trying to update as often as I can and I would say that there are about 8 chapters left?

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Review #25, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 20

28th September 2014:
I officially can't cope. I'm on autopilot. Seriously. First Louis and Horatio, now Brent. If he dies, I'll... I'll... I'm too sad to come up with something, but it will be big. And there will be more tears than there already are.

And I need more and more and more. I'm too scared to read anything else.


Author's Response: *hugs* I'm sorry for breaking you, all I can do is hug you.

More is coming!! :D

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