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Review #1, by roxyroxtheworld Fight

22nd August 2016:
Great chapter! Lol I liked reading about Scorpious playing games with the Weasley's and it'll be interesting to read about Scorpious sitting by Rose on the train if we get to read that part!

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Review #2, by roxyroxtheworld Grounded

16th August 2016:
Lol it's strangely weird the way Mr Malfoy is in this story but I really like it! And rose walking over to see Scorpious..She could have been killed... But it was funny reading about her trying to not get caught by the Malfoy's lol and I did so love the letters! Lol and especially the end where her dad is telling her to get dressed to play games and she doesn't want to and Scorpious is all a sudden there lol awesome!!! Great story!

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Review #3, by Loony_Scorpy Together

13th August 2016:
Wow so bizarre. I barely visit HPFF anymore (unfortunately) but I come back occasionally to read my fave stories. I'd been keeping up with this story somewhat regularly but apparently there's been quite a gap since I last read it!! I only had 3 chapters left but I can't believe you posted them in 2014!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'm so glad I managed to finish it off. I don't have a whole lot to say unfortunately, since your previous chapters are a little bit hazy in my memory! I love all of your writing though, you are a fantastic writer and I'm so glad to see you're still writing. The way you delve into your characterisation is awesome! It feels like I'm reading a proper published book (although still better than some really!) All in all I really need to read more of your stories!! (this review is probably slightly erratic sorry as I've had a little bit of vino oops...) Love your writing!

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Review #4, by HPPJOpercabethHG Journal

8th August 2016:
I had every intention of sleeping after this chapter. I'm supposed to wake up in five hours, but after that clIFFHANGER WHAT IS THE WORLD MADE OF. Love your writing style! It's not description heavy and it flows well with the dialogue :)

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Review #5, by anonymous Together

7th August 2016:

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Review #6, by roxyroxtheworld Silence

6th August 2016:
I do wonder what happened to Scorpious but rose lol not sure what Mr Malfoy is going to think about rose hanging outside his window. Anyway it's a great chapter and story!

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Review #7, by roxyroxtheworld Date

3rd August 2016:
That cliffie... You really seem to like those but it does keep readers interested and coming back for more! I loved reading about there romantic date!!! Lol and I really loved the part where Ron is questioning Scorpious about his intentions lol but dang I wonder what happened to Scorpious.. I hope he's ok...

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Review #8, by roxyroxtheworld Blunt

3rd August 2016:
Rose finally read the letter. She is seriously so very stubborn but I am so very glad that she ran to Scorpious house! And in the rain and thunder! She pretty much conquered her fears! Anyway I'm excited to finally read about rose officially meeting Scorpious parents!

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Review #9, by roxyroxtheworld Letter

2nd August 2016:
Wow rose is really stubborn. She should prolly read the letter first before she goes all judgy mad at Scorpious... But anyways great chapter! Was a bit sad when rose slapped Scorpious but oh well I'm excited to read more!

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Review #10, by roxyroxtheworld Journal

2nd August 2016:
Rose really shouldn't be snooping... I thought Scorpious was right behind her anyways... Rose reads really fast... Lol and they both are meeting the parents! And siblings! Lol it's funny how Hugo is more terrified of his parents snogging then his sister... Lol great story so far!!!

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Review #11, by roxyroxtheworld Insecure

1st August 2016:
Lol I love this chapter! And I seriously remember going shopping with my friends just to get ugly clothes to try on!!! Lol it was always hilarious!
Also Scorpious life seemed great! Up until his mom got sick then I almost cried and just thinking about it is making me cry. I don't know what I would do if my mom got sick like that.. I don't think I'd be able to handle it either.
And at the very end is Scorpious seriously telling rose to by the dress? Lol wonder what he's thinking...

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Review #12, by roxyroxtheworld Paint

1st August 2016:
I was wondering when they would finally kiss!!! And on a beach while painting each other!!! Not expecting that but I loved it! I am curious if we are going to find out why Scorpious ran off so soon after kissing rose tho...
Also I was seriously expecting ruin to go all crazy screaming when he found out the boy was Scorpious. That's how most other story's are. I like this new change in yours tho :) I'm glad he didn't go all crazy on Scorpious and then rose lol and Hugo lol I bet he just shouted that cuz someone did that to him... Jelly Hugo...

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Review #13, by roxyroxtheworld Distraction

1st August 2016:
Hugo has really bad timing. Also I'm not so sure it's a good idea for Scorpious to be in Roses bed.. Let alone her room... It really seems like her parents are going to walk in on her... Would be interesting to read :) lol jk but to bad rose didn't get to tell her parents about Scorpious herself...

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Review #14, by roxyroxtheworld Storm

1st August 2016:
Rose and Scorpious had a moment awe :) lol jk they were just trying to stay warm ;)
I wonder who that girl was tho and what's up with Scorpious mom? Interesting chapter and great story so far!

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Review #15, by roxyroxtheworld Berries

1st August 2016:
So Hugo knows there's a guy... It is kinda obvious... I wonder why roses parents aren't cornering her about where she's at all day long every day...
She was there for game day tho.. To Too bad it ended up in the worst day for Rosie lol with her being out late the night before... I bet they knew and they did that on purpose lol jk Jk
Anyways tho I do wonder what will happen when the parents find out..It's bound to happen...
But for know I'm excited to read about Rosie facing her fears!!! Yippy!

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Review #16, by roxyroxtheworld Town

31st July 2016:
Lol wow Scorpious must be pretty comfortable with rose to be falling asleep on her lol and they got to jump off a waterfall!!! I'm so jelly!! Love all the adventures they are going on!

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Review #17, by roxyroxtheworld Fish

31st July 2016:
Lol I love reading about rose and Scorpious in the middle of no where!!! And I love how you right so many funny and awkward parts lol rose and Scorpious are pretty awkward especially when they are playing in the water!

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Review #18, by roxyroxtheworld Lake

31st July 2016:
Lol wow seriously Scorpious ran off with her clothes. Should have expected it lol how else would Scorpious her his pay back? The pancake bit of this chapter was pretty amusing! Lol Hugo and the ceiling pancake... Anyway I'm excited to read more!

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Review #19, by roxyroxtheworld Trust

31st July 2016:
Lol wow rose. Already stealing a boys clothes... I'm excited to see where this story goes!

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Review #20, by Isha Together

17th April 2016:
This was a super cute story. I really appreciated how although the story was mainly told through Rose's POV, we got a few glimpses into Scorpius as well! It made for a more fulfilling experience! And I'm also really glad you didn't have this story end with them skipping school and travelling! This ending was super sweet! Great job writing it! :)

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Review #21, by amortentia Together

22nd September 2015:
okay. this is THE greatest scorose fic i have ever read. thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing it!! i absolutely adored both rose and scorp, and the mountains, and ron, and hugo, and the paintings, everything was perfect. much love

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Review #22, by A concerns reader Trust

15th July 2015:
This story seems similar to yours. Just something to keep an eye on. summer Nights by Maddie Moody. (It won't let me paste the link but it is here on this site. )

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Review #23, by katethemuggle Together

27th June 2015:
Okay as I clicked on this last chapter I truly had to brave myself because it finally hit me that this was the final chapter and I would no longer get to have any more of this amazing story and that makes me very very sad. But, alas, itís been so good. I canít help but enjoy this story chapter after chapter after chapter.

Well, now for the review of the chapter image: beautiful and I loved the hand holding and the sunset. It truly summed up their romance and what they stood for.

I loved when they were on the porch talking about the first time she started to teach him to paint and about what happened and then Ron coming out...ah, priceless and I loved it.

The lingerie shopping was quite enjoyable and very hilarious.

He laughed. ďIt doesnít matter if you have any of this on,Ē he said, examining a pair of stockings. ďIíll still kiss you inappropriately in the hallway to the point of detention.Ē
^ Iíll take you up on that off, dear Scorpius. *wink wink*

YAY for him getting a commercial! Ah, I wanted to just jump up and down with him I was so excited! I have no more story and I am very sad about it, itís very bittersweet! But okay, let me give my final thoughts on everything (and then you will be rid of my lengthy reviews for a bit)

The plot: Just the original plot of the two of them finding romance and adventure together in the woods was enough for me to enjoy. It really was. But it became so much more and I fell in love with it even more. It was amazing. I loved all the twists and turns and even though it tore at my heartstrings at several times and had me rolling with laughter at others, I loved this roller coaster ride from start to finish.

The characters:

Well, I feel itís only fitting to start with Rose so here goes: I loved her. It was great having her POV tell the story and even though I am extremely picky about first person narrative I loved it as told by her. She grew so much as a person and character development I feel is one of the most important aspects of a book. She truly found romance in the woods, but she found more than that. She found herself. She found love and realized her passion and realized some things are worth breaking the rules for and are worth fighting for.

Scorpius: Can he just like date me already? Being a Malfoy, there was initially a red flag there, but I had no problem giving him an open mind. And I am so glad that I did. He was a great guy for more reasons than his attractiveness. He was brave, funny, caring, and just enough cocky confidence to make it more attractive and enjoyable rather than just obnoxious. So that was great. He experienced a lot on this trip. He learned to open up, he decided to go after his dream and even learned that when everything in the world seems like itís turned against you - it hasnít. He still fought for his life.

Ron: Phenomenal. Canon. Excellent. I donít need to say much else I donít feel like. I expressed my strong like for his character in the majority of my reviews, so Iíll leave it at that.

Hermione: She was great as well and also very canon. She is an excellent mother and a great woman. Enough said.

Hugo: Ah, Hugo. Yes, he was a pain, but he is 15 afterall so he deserves some slack. I liked the boy even though he made me angry at times.

Draco: ...I actually liked him and I didnít think I would! And he is a great father and an even better husband. His love for Astoria is just plain beautiful and I want someone to love me like that.

Astoria: I loved her, she was a sweetheart and definitely did not deserve the disease, but with all those Healers on the case, my fingers are crossed. And kudos to her for staying so strong, that takes courage.

Overall, wonderful story.

So thank you, to you, for giving us this story. It was a joy to read. I wish you all the luck in life. I wish you luck with your husband, your new life in Colorado and with the original novel. I hope I can buy it someday.

Thank you.

I loved this so much.

And I prefer it ending the way it did, I leaves something to the imagination about the future, which I feel like will be positive.


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Review #24, by katethemuggle Hope

27th June 2015:
Okay so after this chapter I only have one more left.



How am I already at the end?! (Although I guess binge reading for now three days gives me that answer but ah well.)

I canít believe Iím nearly at the end of the journey, but Iíve loved it through all the ups and downs and Iím very glad I accidentally stumbled across it. It has definitely made being sick better. It certainly gets my mind elsewhere so yay. I loved it. Itís phenomenal and although itís going to be bittersweet to finish it, Iíve loved it and I have to know what happens. I have to know how it ends. So, thatís enough of my rambling. Hereís my review:

This chapter image...ohemgee. Whoever that guy is, if you would please notify him to marry me, that would be excellent. Superb. Perfection. Geez, he is attractive. But enough fangirling.

Okay so when Rose was debating eavesdropping - even though she and us readers knew that she was going to because, quite frankly, itís in her blood - that was funny. But what she heard broke my heart. Scorpius is so strong and putting up such a tough front, but not even he can stop from breaking.

And that broke my heart.

Okay, I love Scorpius. I am very attached to him. BUT, Rose is right about him leaving. Since they donít have a solution or a way to heal him, leaving and getting away isnít a bad thing - the bad thing is that he is planning on just disappearing, not telling anyone but Rose (who will then have a huge burden and lots of guilt on her shoulders in turn, as well as feeling like there was some possible way she could have stopped him). I understand that heís scared. I understand he wants to run away, and I know he genuinely thinks that heís helping people, heís trying to be selfless, but he is being really selfish. With everything everyone is doing for him, they at least deserve a goodbye. Heís 17. Heís legal. He can leave, but he should do it in a mature manner. Disappearing is not the right way to handle things.

Also, ten points to Ronald Weasley for hearing his daughter argue with a boy in the middle of the night and not get hot headed.

But YAY for Rose going to find Scorpius (successfully I might add!) and DOUBLE YAY - no, scratch that - FIVE THOUSAND TIMES YAY BECAUSE HE SAID HE LOVED HER AND BROWNIE POINTS BECAUSE IT WAS SO VERY ROMANTIC

Gosh, I loved this chapter.

Excellent, excellent


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Review #25, by katethemuggle Positive

27th June 2015:
So, it has officially hit me that I am just about done with this story. After this chapter I only have two more and ugh I can not believe itís happening that way already. I am not ready to see it end, although I am completely ready to know what happens with Scorpius. (And his mother and Rose and really everybody, but hey, he is my number one priority at the moment.)

The tree in the chapter image was very pretty. I would love to climb all over it.

Scorpius and Rose are just...agh, they are so so adorable. I canít get enough. I ship them. Maybe not in every story, but certainly in this one.

Okay, I loved that her family (that was still around town) came over and I love Albus! Goodness, from moment one I knew he was pretty awesome.

ďCan you tell me why Scorpius Malfoy is in your living room?Ē
^ I knew from moment one that this was going to be an interesting chapter. OH, I got extremely excited.

Okay, I know itís to be used as an escape and given his health they should not travel the world. But, if he were healthy, I would say Rose would be a fool for not having the pair of them tour the world. I would go, hands down. School will still be there. I would go and wouldnít think a thing of it. My mom wouldnít stop me. If I suggested it and told her I turned it down she would say I was being dumb and to go with the cute boy. (Although, I donít have the funds Rose does so that would complicate things)

But hey, he finally admitted to being nervous. Finally, Scorpius. Finally.

Okay pretty sure my heart was racing as he got the results...and then it was broken when he read them.


Iím too sad to say much else. Ugh. :(

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