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Review #1, by coleridgeandco The Force That Drives Us

20th February 2014:
So... It is currently 4:33am, I have read this whole masterpiece in one day and I must admit this is the first time I cry over a fictional character's death. Even with Fred... And I kind of expected it with Belle, so... I simply bow to your ineffable skills

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Review #2, by emily The Force That Drives Us

10th February 2014:
first of all, wow! you really deserved to win most addicting is 5am, i have to be up in an hour, I tried going to sleep like 10 times but couldnt until I finished and now im just a blubbering mess. I didn't even realize how much i loved belle until the end. you are an amazing writer.

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Review #3, by Europa27 Constant Vigilance

3rd February 2014:
I like your story very much. It is very good although, although the though keeps popping into my head, God all of them die long before they have a chance to live. And to see peter, it turns my heart. Just noticed a couple of things :
Remus was a prefect, but he says here in the story that we will leave if you are not sure before the Prefects meeting.
Mad-eye has both his eyes, during the trial of Bellatrix and others, as seen in the Goblet of Fire, which is long after this story takes place.
If you could just make sure of these two, yours would be the best James/Lily story.

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Review #4, by Akussa Sirius Black

28th January 2014:
One year ago, almost to the day, we were set for a review exchange in the common house. You held your part of the deal and, well, I kind of lost tr ack of my Internet life due to the arrival of my daughter and getting adjusted to being a mom and then a working mom... All this to say that I feel horrible but I eventually came around and held my part as well, I am, however, very sorry to have made you wait over a year for it...

Onto my review then! What an amazingly powerful opening chapter this is. The descriptions is really nicely done. The scenery came to life and I really felt like I could picture the place and the characters that lived through it.

The characters are so well written; their dialogues are true and heartfelt, nothing seems rigid. I like how you managed to describe them all a little with so few well chosen words. They all have their different personalities and already, it feels like I already know them.

You have really managed to create a sense of dread with this opening chapter. I want to know more about what happened to Lily's parents, how Sirius' situation went and how things are going to develop.

I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors; it was nicely written and flowed nicely. I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I apologise again about the delay but I got there in the end!

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Review #5, by AviatorKing The Force That Drives Us

11th January 2014:
Oops. I forgot to say that that was one of the best written anythings I have ever read. You should consider writing your own original books and try to get them published. Try to break more hearts. Thank you so much for this emotional journey. Truly a wonderful masterpiece.

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Review #6, by AviatorKing The Force That Drives Us

11th January 2014:
That was more heart breaking than the actual Harry Potter series... Tears.

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Review #7, by always. The Force That Drives Us

19th December 2013:
I hate you, you brought me to tears with how incredible this story is. You wrote such wonderfully well rounded characters that you absolutely can't help but fall in love with. This is without a doubt one of the best fanfics i have ever read (and i have read quite a far few). Please continue writing because you have an incredible way with words and telling their stories. Thank you for giving life to the beautiful characters.

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Review #8, by GalleonScarlet The Force That Drives Us

2nd December 2013:
That was amazing! Great imagery! You portrayed all of their thoughts and feelings so well! You are an amazing writer

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Review #9, by Lexi Black Not Just Friends

28th November 2013:
Eep I loved this chapter! I've been waiting for the Lily/James feels for so long. It was perfect!

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Review #10, by Kelsey The Force That Drives Us

5th November 2013:
I just recently discovered this site, but I've read quite a few HPFF stories in the last month and I can honestly say yours has been my favorite. You had wonderful character development, exciting plot turns, and a wide range of emotions throughout the story. I have read a whole lot of fluff (which can be fun), but yours has so much more. The idea of Voldemort trying to recruit James, Bellatrix seeking revenge on Belle, and Belle's death spurring the rest into action was wonderful. It felt like a genuine prequel to the HP series. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by Rusty Constant Vigilance

22nd October 2013:
I just wanted to say I love this story! Your characterisations are really believable and the plot is fascinating :)
Just one tiny, little thing: though I thought you portrayed Moody brilliantly, I don't think he would have actually lost his eye yet... In GoF when Harry goes in the pensieve he sees Karkaroff's trial and Moody still has two normal eyes then. And since Karkaroff isn't convicted until after Voldemort disappears after trying to kill Harry, Moody must have lost his eye after the first Wizarding war, not during it like I first thought!
Just thought I'd point that out because I'm not sure how canon you want to make this story :) everything else seems to fit in really well with JKR's version of things!
Hope you don't mine my little bit of what I hope is constructive criticism, your writing really is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of this story turns out :)

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Review #12, by MissesWeasley123 Revelations

11th October 2013:
Jami! *hides* I've taken ages to get back to this.. But I haven't forgotten about it dear! I've just been super busy and stuff. I will try to finish this before there are massive amounts of chapters updated for ADD though.. *sigh* I know, I'm so slow.. but on the bright side,I'm a third done of this (if I did my math correctly.. no school today so not in the mood for calculations lol)

Can I please hug Belle? Please? She deserves it, so much. I just feel so bad for her. To have your own family not support you through that is painful, but she was forcefully fed that potion and that's just cruel and not fair at all. She should've gotten a choice. That was not fair. You made it so believable and didn't really glorify the whole concept of pregnancy. My heart is aching because I feel so bad and just disgusted at her family and that idiot Christophe.

I knew it. Alrek. UGH. The thing is, now that I know Alrek is a Death Eater, Lily and the Marauders don't. If he does something to them... I will forever hate him. Just.. stay away. It'll hurt even more as a reader, seeing him do mean stuff in the future, because I'd just be screaming at the characters, "Don't listen to him!" but..

They won't be able to hear me :(

Going back up a bit earlier in this chapter, the way you do Bella is scary. So scary. Because it's perfection the way you pull her off. Regulus' bit was very interesting also. I'm a bit proud of him, that even though he's a Death Eater, and Sirius hates his guts, Regulus doesn't want to hurt him. It makes me think of what they could have had... And that's just very sad :(

Anyways, a flawless chapter Jami. This has been my favourite so far.

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Review #13, by WeasleyTwins Revelations

6th October 2013:
I could have sworn that I posted a review for this chapter! I might be senile well before my years! But anyway, hello my dear. I hope you're enjoying your time off - but come back soon, we all miss you!

I'm supposed to be planning lessons, so I can't leave a long review (maybe I should do my work when I'm supposed to :P). Okay, Alrek. I hate him. Can't stand him - if I could get my hands through the screen and around his proverbial neck, I'd strangle him and then beat the evil right out of his stupid skull. Good set-up, however. He's so sneaky. And Bellatrix, good gracious, you portray her perfectly. I love her. I mean, of course I don't because she's a terrible human being, but I love that you've got her spot-on and that she's so canon. She's sick and twisted.

And Belle's revelation! I knew it, I knew it! I just had this feeling it had to be something along the lines of love-pregnancy-loss of said pregnancy-leaving home, etc. You set it up so wonderfully. It's incredibly realistic. Things like this happen all the time in the real world and I think the connection from fanfiction to RL binds us tighter to the story. You're a genius, you know that?

But anyway, another fabulous chapter! I will finish this story in the next century, I swear! WUB YOU! ♥


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Review #14, by Kay_Black The Force That Drives Us

5th October 2013:
I've seen posts of "what if JKR was somewhere in the fan fiction world, secretly writing her stories" here and there on the Internet, and I can honestly say that only after coming to your story did I wonder "what if". Yes, I am saying you can be JKR herself. Your story is flawless. It's perfect beyond words. Every single detail carefully planned out and thought about. I see no flaws in any sentence. You made me love the characters more than I already did. And Belle, oh Belle. Zat perfect French accent, the story behind her, that fire. Oh how horrible you are to have killed her! But, I guess horrible decisions must be made to carry the story forward, to fuel their determination.
I can't wait to read the continuation of this wonderful story, and even more from you. I've absolutely loved this journey you've taken me on as a ready. Thank you and a tremendous well done to you.

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Review #15, by Kay_Black Surviving the First Defy

3rd October 2013:
"Tomorrow was Christmas Eve after all, and he had his heart set on a new racing broom."
That broke my heart. In such a simple way you've reminded everyone that Regulus is just a child. I've alwys felt sad about Regulus but now I'm heart broken for him.
Your story is amazing. I'm completely obsessed! It's the perfect pace, perfect plot, perfect writing. It's just perfect, you're wonderful at this.

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Review #16, by nott theodore When Past Collides With Present

2nd October 2013:
*Sneaks in guiltily because it's been so long since she left the last review*

I've missed this story so much, I really have. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get caught up (I know I keep saying that but I really do mean it. I'm back at uni which means I'll have plenty of time to procrastinate :P). I loved this chapter so much!

The way that you structured this chapter made it really effective, as switching between Belle and Sirius and Lily and James helped to build up to the end of the chapter and give us more of an overall perspective about what's happening. I could imagine them both happening at the same time and I think the way you wrote it was just right. The length is never a killer with your lovely writing, dear! You always manage to keep me interested and engaged!

The first part of this chapter just gave me so many feels with all the Lily and James fluffiness. None of it was overdone and I loved the way that Lily was reflecting on her relationship with James and wondering how it had become so serious, but at the same time it doesn't scare her. It's such a difference to the way she felt at the start of the story and it's great to see them growing closer, even if they're not saying the 'l' word yet. And I loved seeing James being a gentleman as well, trying to pay for two rooms rather than sharing.

At the same time, you communicated Lily's worry really well. You manage to add so much depth to the relationship between Petunia and Lily (to everything, actually) and it doesn't seem unrealistic, as if Petunia just hates Lily for being a 'freak'. I can see that that point - when Lily's magic couldn't bring their parents back - seems to be the real breaking point in their relationship, and I can actually understand Petunia's reasoning a bit, which is incredible!

I really liked the way that you switched from the sweet section about James and Lily to a really tense and nervous situation for Sirius and Belle. I was so pleased when Sirius said that he was going with her and I really felt for her when she was getting nervous about going in and confronting her parents. It definitely isn't an easy thing to do and she's so brave for even attempting it! I loved Sirius's anecdote about what Olivia had said to him about having opinions - it fits in so well with her character and it's great that Sirius got to experience love like that and have a few years at least when he was free and relatively happy.

James's thoughts about someone with a name like Vernon really made me laugh. It sounds like he's a good judge of character (even before he's met the person). I really like the way that you're incorporating this dinner which has only been briefly mentioned by Jo and letting it play out in front of us. Poor James, thinking that maybe this dinner won't be so bad after all!

I really don't know what to think about all the photos and everything being back in Belle's room. It's almost like her parents have set up some sort of shrine to her, and I think maybe deep down they do love her - or at least love the idea of her as a perfect daughter to fit their mould. I'm not sure whether they were trying to hurt her or remind her how much she was missing with the way they'd put all those things in her room. And the fact about her favourite dessert - it was a nice gesture, but I can't believe that they don't even know her love of chocolate! And then when Christophe turns up! I really didn't expect that to happen, and I'm not sure why they did it either. It was nice to see that Belle does have some happy memories of her childhood though, because it would be far too easy (and unbelievable) to make them all unpleasant. I liked the fact that Belle was obviously a stronger person as well, being able to make them speak English because of Sirius being there - I think his presence definitely helped.

I really don't blame Sirius for punching Christophe, because he definitely deserved to be punched and I kind of wanted to do it myself! I can't believe that her parents would swallow all of his lies over believing their daughter, but I know that there are people like that in the world.

You wrote the dinner so well! I can definitely see Vernon being so obstinate and arrogant, trying to show off in front of James and one-up him when he's talking about cars and stuff. I was quite glad that the Patronus arrived in time to stop James from getting too angry, because he was doing such a good job and trying hard to be a good boyfriend for Lily.

I know I seem to say this in almost every review, but I love the way that you write the friendship between all of these characters. You can really tell that they'd do almost anything for each other, like the way Alice has given up some of her holidays with Frank so that Belle can stay with her. I'm hoping that Sirius and Belle will make it to Lily and James in time to help them with whatever attack is coming for them, because I don't think it'll be good!

The ending with the kiss was so perfect! I didn't see that part coming either but it just seemed to fit really well and I'm happy that Sirius and Belle are finally at the point they might start a relationship!

Sian :)

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Review #17, by Navya The Force That Drives Us

28th September 2013:
hey! you are an amazing,amazing writer.. absolutely bloody brilliant :D
though I would have liked more Lily-James moments, the story is just so well written :)

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Review #18, by siriuslycharmed No Turning Back

14th September 2013:
I've been so engrossed with this story that I almost forgot to leave a review, and here I am already on chapter 20! Your writing style is fantastic. You are so good at giving us all of the background information we need, and I think you hit the characters spot on! James and Sirius are so adorable. I love them to death, and you are doing a great job at keeping them in character. I cannot wait to read on.

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Review #19, by Remus Not Just Friends

10th September 2013:
I figured another review wouldn't hurt! Just making it more difficult for you to catch up on your review responses! :P Although, it'll be a short review cus I'm editing PoP and moaning about the lack of chocolate around here. Haha! XD

The line "You listen to me," James snarled with a burst of frustration, standing from his chair and pointing a steady finger at his friend. was very powerful to me. You have no idea how close I've become to my Remus and as soon as I read that line, I felt Wolf recoiling, ready to bring James back to his rightful place. Hahahah! Crazy, I know! But I absolutely loved that about that line.

I'm very intrigued as to who tried to get that letter from Beowulf! Was it Alrek? Bellatrix? Regulus? Another Death Eater? Gah! I must know! Haha!

Another thing, I like how you tie all the knots well together. You're very good at not leaving anything behind, like Alice's detention. I had totally forgotten about that!

That Petunia letter was fantastic! I mean it in a way that you've managed to capture her character so well that I just got so irritated at the contents. I could seriously picture a young Fiona Shaw (Petunia from the movies) penning that letter. Pure greatness!

OMG! FINALLY THOSE TWO KISS!! GAH! I've been waiting AGES to read that!

I think I spotted something. The line that says:

those restaurants that serves tiny potions of food that couldn't feed a Pixie--I think you meant Portions rather than potions.

Other than that, it was a fantastic chapter! You got me squeeing over here with those two and I wish you weren't taking this to that horrible doom! Waahh!!! :(

Ugh! Maybe you should A/U it! :P It'll make us feel better! Hahaha!

Until next time, dearie!


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Review #20, by Remus Build Up

8th September 2013:
Jami! My darlin'! I'm finally here!! Ugh, I feel horrible for taking forever to review this. I'll eventually finish the story and dive into the sequel! I PROMISE!!!

Can I just say that I love, love, LOOVE the fact that you walk us through a whole class? I mean, that for me is a very brave thing to do. Some of us (and I definitely add myself to this) just sort of skim over that part of the student's life but you made this very realistic in a sense. Very canon. And I just love that about this story. From the lecture we saw to the potions class...that's just brilliant.

To be honest, I do see Alice wearing the trousers in the relationship. But only in a way that he loves her so much that he hates to disappoint her and wishes to do everything in his power to make her happy. Its cute...and...sad at the same time because we know what happens to them. Oh so heartbreaking!

WHAT! Is James just THICK?! Here is Lily, asking the guy out on a date and he says NO?! NO?!?!?! HE'S KILLING ME!!! I mean, what else does Lily need? A signage that blinks?! I mean, I get why he said no, and its pretty noble of him to stick with his friend in need than to go out with the girl of his dreams but even when he's told that it'll be ok, basically getting permission, he still sort of refuses! And then the big moment when she tells him that she's going with Alrek.


I'm reading this on my tablet before going to bed and just screamed in frustration. My hubby didn't appreciate. Hahaha! But GAAAH!!! Those two are just killing me. They need to get together already!!! :S

Anyway!! Hahaha! I love the end though! I wonder what Petunia is going to say in that letter. In fact, my quite shocked that she wrote back... :S Knowing her, she just wrote a nasty letter. Ugh.

Alright so I just probably go to bed now...its past 2am. Hahaha.

Until next time, my dear!!


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Review #21, by nott theodore No Turning Back

6th September 2013:
Jami! I hope you didn't think I'd forgotten this story (and I'm now over halfway through - not caught up as much as I'd hoped to be, but it's something)!

Okay, so I think that's the first time I've ever read about a character having a bath in fanfiction! It was a bit weird and creepy, but at the same time it seemed to fit so perfectly with Bellatrix's character, because she is weird and creepy. It was great that you got across her need to be in complete control, and the way that she was testing herself to try and improve and become the best servant she can possibly be for the Dark Lord. The sort of obsession with blood purity (which is obviously her motive for joining the Death Eaters) reminded me of The Steps to Insanity (hint writesomemoreplease hint :P). I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that section!

Sirius coming to Lily with his worries about going to France with Belle was really sweet. It shows that all the friends in the group are getting closer, and it made me smile to see him confiding in her. Lily and Remus have always seemed alike to me as well, so it was nice to see Sirius picking up on that similarity as well.

The background that you've created for Peter was really interesting. I don't think I've ever read a story that really delves into his history before, so it is one of the things I love about your writing (I know I've already said this so I hope you're not getting bored!). The story about his parents actually makes me feel really sorry for him, but it also gives me a bit of an understanding about why he might have done what he did. The way his dad treated him must have made him really insecure and so it's more natural that he'd seek protection, especially when Voldemort threatens him. I'm not any closer to forgiving him for what he did, but I think I can understand a little better.

I loved Alice in this chapter. Her family is quite a realistic middle ground, and her parents fit my image of them because we know that they never had anything to do with Neville as he grew up. They're not like the Blacks but they're not as open as the Potters. Seeing Alice being cheeky with them and deliberately annoying them was great, and it's another glimpse of why she'll make such a brilliant Auror. She's not afraid to even stand up to her parents when she knows they're in the wrong, and that's hard to do.

There were just a few little bits that didn't feel quite right as I was reading this:
"You'll get to know her a bit more at the Christmas feast" - It might just be me, but feast seems to imply something much grander than the warm family dinner I imagine at the Potters
"came the booming voice of Mr. Black himself" - Mr. Black seems so formal that it doesn't really fit with Sirius. Again that's just an opinion, though!
And one typo I spotted:
"her father's pretensions voice" - I think you mean pretentious

Can I just say that I really appreciate the fact that you've mentioned Manchester Piccadilly? It makes me so happy when people put that sort of effort into their stories - just like you always do!

The section with Belle confessing to Alice was great as well. Her nerves were written in a very believable and touching way, and I hope that she'll manage to stay strong and not give in to her parents if they try and manipulate her again. At least she's got Sirius with her - and she's finally admitting her feelings for him, which is so exciting!

I'm so excited to know what's going to happen next when James and Lily meet Petunia and Vernon, and Sirius and Belle go off to France!

Sian :)

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Review #22, by The most music genre-ly confused teenage girl ever Secrets Surrounding Us

28th August 2013:
You did Dumbles fine gurrl don't you worry. And WHAT HAPPENED AT LILY'S HOUSE BETWEEN SIRI AND LILS?!?!?! TELL MEH!

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Review #23, by nott theodore Train Rides and Memory Lane

27th August 2013:
Haha of course James and Sirius would shorten little Butterscotch's name to Scotch! It seems like a thing they'd do, and I like Lily's indignation over it as well. It all seems very in character, and although they're only little parts of the story they help to flesh it out a lot, and really make me smile. Aw, and Lily referred to James as her boyfriend! *Squeals in excitement*

Another thing I liked was the learning about the mechanics of how the students all make it onto the train for Christmas. It's never touched on in the books (from what I can remember, anyway) but I like reading about the details like that because I feel like it means I get to delve deeper into the magical world and learn how everything works. I think it's great that you manage to make everything so interesting!

Aw, the snowball fight was really funny to read! It reminded me of the sort of thing that would happen with my friends - I can definitely imagine myself falling over like Lily and managing to start a snowball fight, although my aim probably wouldn't be as good! All the friendship-y bit was really cute, and you have the dynamics between them just right. It's so nice to read!

I found the section with McGonagall and Dumbledore interesting to read. It was great to see Minerva's emotions as she thought about her pupils, and her concern for them is really touching and consistent with her canon character. I can definitely imagine her loving teaching more than spending time alone during the holidays. And there was some subtle foreshadowing in that section as well, and the suspense of it contrasted well against the happier, lighter tone of the previous section.

Haha reading about Christmas at the Potters has made me excited for Christmas myself, even though it's still months away! It sounds like a great way to celebrate, and it's no wonder that they're all excited for it. I'm excited to see them then but I think there's some important chapters to come before that point!

The flashback was another interesting addition. Somehow you always know just the right time to include them in the story without disrupting the flow. It was a sad memory to read about but I like the fact that you showed both of them as having done something wrong which contributed to the breakdown in their relationship. I think out of all the memories we've seen so far, this was one which seemed to show a real break in the relationship. It seemed like it could just be a normal sibling fight - because they're really the worst kind - but the fact that Matti, who seemed so nice, was there as well is what made everything so much worse. If they'd been able to fight it out between them without witnesses then maybe things would have been resolved, at least a little bit, but then Petunia lost her friend because of it and there's one more thing for her to resent Lily for. Gah, it makes me so sad and I'm going to stop with my rambles about sibling relationships now before I really bore you!

Ah, and the Lily and James cuteness at the end! You've made me feel all warm and fuzzy with this chapter and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!

Sian :)

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Review #24, by nott theodore Baby Steps

27th August 2013:
Jami! You've nearly caught up on responding to my reviews, so I thought that I had to leave you some more to read! :P

I felt like the title for this chapter fitted perfectly with what happened, and I really like the fact you chose it. It mirrored so many of the things that happened here and it made me smile a lot.

Haha of course Lily would enjoy her detentions, especially if they're with Madam Pomfrey and she gets to learn more about the healing processes. I almost have a feeling the Professor McGonagall chose to put her in detentions in the Hospital Wing because she knew it wouldn't be a real punishment for her! It was interesting to see that Lily's thoughts about her future are becoming firmer and she's decided what she wants to do for a career; I think her personality suits being a Healer. I wonder how her application to the school will go? It makes me really sad to think that she doesn't even have that much of a future left.

Aw, poor Remus! It must be really difficult for him to come up with different excuses each month to cover for his 'furry little problem', as well as having the pain and injuries to deal with. I liked the way that Lily gradually realised that something was wrong with Remus' story and gently prodded him till she could work out the truth, although without pushing him too far. She dealt with it all so sensitively - just like I'd expect her too, really. She's a really compassionate person and that came across well here.

The way that you write friendship is so great to read! I was really happy that Lily waited till she had left Remus to recover before actually crying. And the reasons that she was crying for made sense as well, since I can't imagine her being prejudiced against werewolves, especially when it's Remus who is the werewolf. She faces so much prejudice as a muggle-born already that I think she'd try to avoid judging other people unfairly.

Belle and Sirius are just so cute! I'm excited now for the two of them to go to France together, even though it's going to be hard for the two of them and Belle in particular. Her reasoning made perfect sense to me - in situations like that, you either want to forget that something's happened and remove yourself from the situation entirely, or face your family and get some closure. I have a feeling that she wouldn't have done it so soon if Sirius hadn't pushed her to, and I think the dynamic and relationship between the two of them works well. They're similar but not the same, and I don't think that someone who had had an easy life would be able to have that same understanding with Sirius. The fact that he's pushed Belle into going to France seems to be consistent with what we know of his character from canon - the way that at times he tries to live through others. I think that he'd probably have liked to confront his family in the same way, which is one of the reasons he's pushing Belle into it.

Still, it's really sweet that he's going with her to France. I'm really excited to see what happens there, and if either of them will manage to keep their tempers and not hex her family or Christophe!

Sian :)

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Review #25, by MissesWeasley123 Hogsmeade

27th August 2013:

Holy, this chapter!

Belle LeClair... she is so amazing. I love her. I repeat what I said in my review a couple of chapters ago: her being sarcastic and french makes her all the more of a lovable character. I am so excited, though kind of hesitant(because I don't want to become sad) at her story. I wonder why she's so composed on the outside but carefully dying on the inside. :(

The beginning was fabulous, and seemed very "Lily like". Going through the forms and stuff, very in character and clever.

Aha, "the talk" Madam Pomfrey gave them ;) It was hilarious, and a great touch. I basically loved everything in that section. Sirius' reaction... priceless.

I also loved in that bit the jealousy Lily felt. How you showed her confusion.. That she's not necessarily jealous of Alice, but more jealous of what she has with Frank - and that she, Lily, doesn't have that with James.

I always very much enjoyed the meeting with the Heads and the population before the trip to Hogsmeade. I love how you show how they are slowly tightening protection and aren't dismissing the fact that the entire wizarding population is at war. You make it seem so realistic, anything you write in this story is now my head canon.

Are you sure you aren't Jo Rowling...? Joanne. Jami. Both begin with "J"s... hmm... I'm on to you O_O

Fast forwarding to Hogsmeade: PETS! I loved the inclusion of the toad! What a subtle nod to canon! Knowing that Frank himself had a thing for the amphibian... It makes my heart ache :( It reminds me of what they could have had.

KITTY! That was perfect and again, another nod to canon since we all know they have a cat in the near future.

Your detail to canon is so admirable... I love the little things in this. Just, so beautiful.

A work of art really.

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