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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 Fred Gets a Girlfriend

29th July 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the new BvB challenge/review fest!

I really enjoyed this chapter. Like I mentioned in my last review, I think, I really love the way you've expanded the Hogwarts curriculum - with the new NEWT classes, more professors. It's very well thought out and makes sense with what I assume must have been a post-war baby boom. I'm very curious to know more about the content of these new classes!

Fred and Victoire were delightful in this chapter. I love how Louis and Lucy is so unlike Victoire, but Roxanne and James are like these two older Weasleys. It's good to have a nice mix in there.

I'm curious to know where the animagus thing with Victoire is going, as well as her relationship with Teddy! Based on Fred's comments, he's had a crush on her for a while.

Can't wait to read more!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne Meeting the Train

29th July 2015:
Okay, I had written a whole long review on the first chapter (I write it in word as I read), then scroll to the end and realise I had already left a review. So here I am with chapter 2!

Ted and Victoire are so cute and adorable!

I love the jokey banter between Fred and Vic, the way that they easily joke with each other really shows how close the two cousins are, and how comfortable they are around each other.

Haha I love that they had this big plan to get away with missing the train but as soon as they make it to Hogwarts, the teachers already know. Haha. I wonder how much trouble they'll get in to?

Once again another fabulously written chapter. I really enjoyed this and I couldn't stop laughing at Fred and Vic :D

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Review #3, by DracoFerret11 Fred Gets a Girlfriend

23rd July 2015:
Hi Branwen! It's DarkRose from the forums, here for the BvB, team Bronze! :) Let's go over things:

Plot & Characterization: Yay! A new chapter! Not too much happened, I suppose, just some updates on what's been going on behind the scenes, but I liked it nonetheless. I really adore the relationship between Vic and Fred. I think they're such great friends, and I love reading their conversations. I think their minor argument was very authentic. I can totally believe that a conversation like that would occur in that way. Really well done. You've also enticed me to want to know more about their quest to become animagi--and why they can't do it legally.

My only "constructive criticism" is that I have some trouble keeping the OCs straight since I can't picture them very well, and I can't seem to remember who's whose friend, etc. But that might be on me. Just something to mention!

Emotions: Again, that "argument" between Vic and Fred was really great. I think you captured them both so well. I loved reading it.

Descriptions: As I mentioned before, I do have some trouble picturing the different characters. It's hard to keep them all straight. :) So maybe some added details here or there might help.

Overall, I liked this chapter just as I've liked the previous ones! I'm excited to read on!

--Emily (DarkRose)

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Review #4, by Aphoride Arrival at Hogwarts

23rd July 2015:
Hey there, Branwen, dropping by again on this story because it's just too good to resist (and since I'm meant to be doing some work today, boo, I needed some kind of excuse unfortunately :P) :)

So, you know how much I love this story (though, admittedly I don't think this can be said too much :P), and really, that doesn't change a bit from chapter to chapter. There's something so original and wonderful about this, and yet at the same time there's this beautiful sensation that it could slot so easily and perfectly into JKR's world, which I just adore.

Victoire is such a brilliant character, as always. I love how she seems to find it difficult to tolerate a certain level of over-excitement, haha (which I totally get so much!), and how she struggles with appearing innocent and Goldstein knowing her so well (also, I love Anthony, haha - minor Claws ftw! :P). Her voice is so clear and so real, and has this wonderful little snippets of information, like knowing that Goldstein had been an Auror previously, and remembering Seamus but not well - all that kind of stuff is so true to life, and it really brings the entire story to life so so brilliantly.

Fred is great, too, and both of the Professors - I love how they know their students so well, and there was this great sense that they'd had to work together quite often dealing with Victoire and Fred :P I also loved how Goldstein made Victoire do her schedule then as punishment, haha, such a great little detail! :D

As I say every time in reviews for you, your writing in this was so so great. I loved how you included the little details about other people - Goldstein, Seamus, Juliet - and created people around them, so much so that even the smallest character in this still feels so real (which is a real gift, tbh). Your description is so good, too - I really loved the ending line about Juliet being thrilled at a lower decibel. All of your dialogue is flawless, too, which makes me impossibly jealous - and you manage so easily to give the different characters different voices, so much so that they're all distinguishable. It's so impressive, and I love it so much.

Okay, so I loved this chapter - really, really did - and I love this whole story and, really, this has spent enough time floating around without being on my favourites, so it's going there now :)

Aph xx

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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 Arrival at Hogwarts

22nd July 2015:
Hi Branwen! I'm here for BvB!

This chapter was really lovely! I really liked all the extra courses Victoire and Goldstein were talking about - like medical magic, and magizoology. That's really interesting that you've expanded the curriculum. I really like when Next-Gen stories show that magical society isn't stagnant. It's simply unlikely that after some twenty years or even longer that everything's the same.

I also really liked learning more about Victoire's character here. She's obviously very intelligent, and her career choice seems really exciting! It's cool that Seamus runs the department. He seems really well suited to it. Did Victoire try to become an animagus last year? She definitely seems smart enough to accomplish that. Maybe by the end of the year? Though becoming an animagus is TREMENDOUSLY difficult. She'd have to really cut back on messing around time.

The bit at the end of Juliet was really funny too. I still love reading about silly teenage stuff. It's so fun, you know?

This was another lovely chapter!


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Review #6, by cherry_pop94 Meeting the Train

20th July 2015:
Hi Branwen! Here for the BvB battle!

I loved the first chapter of this, and the second chapter was just as good! I love the banter between Victoire and Fred. They have such an easygoing relationship with each other. And the other characters here! I love Roxanne so much! She seems adorable, but I get the feeling that she won't be Gryffindor...

I hope that Teddy still makes appearances now that Fred and Victoire are at Hogwarts. He's such a great character, and I'm so excited about the romance between him and Vic. Fred is just so lovable too! He's not written much about, so I love that he's a main character here.

I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Fred and Victoire are going to get into this year!


Author's Response: Hey, Stefanie! Thank you so much for your review! ♥

Yes, Teddy will definitely still make appearances. He'll pop up in person during Hogsmeade visits/school breaks, letters, and in conversation - because as I'm sure everyone but Victoire has gathered, Fred is completely right about Teddy (who, FWIW, is a little uncomfortable with the fact that he's crushing so hard on a 16 year old who's still in school).

Roxanne *does* actually end up being in Gryffindor - I'm not sure if you've read CINAS, but this is the same Roxanne that's a fairly prominent character in that, just younger and more innocent. That said, I think there's a bit of a snake in her, though she'd be horrified at the concept and never admit it. :P

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #7, by RavenclawFTW Arrival at Hogwarts

18th July 2015:
Heya Branwen! Here for the BvB Review Battle!

One thing I love about your Victoire is how mischievous she is, which is obviously a big part of the premise of this story, but a great departure from how so many people write her as super prissy and uptight. In this chapter I feel like her persistence and stubbornness really shines through, as well as how cheeky she can be, even away from the influence of Fred.

I loved her reply of “I try, I really do. It’s just so difficult.” to Goldstein- it's so perfectly childish and funny for her to say to a professor.

Towards the end of the chapter, I was randomly impressed by your use of the word "besieged"-- it was just a perfect choice and it stuck out to me as a great word. Sorry, that's a really odd compliment, but it really amused me for whatever reason haha!

Then the concluding sentence ("She was happy that her friend was so thrilled, but she did wish that the blond girl was capable of being thrilled at a slightly lower decibel.") is again so perfectly sassy but caring-- your Victoire is such a joy to read. :)

Author's Response: Hey, J! I'm so glad you enjoy Victoire in this - I've noticed that people tend to write her that way, too, and I feel like it a lot of it stems from Fleur prejudice. I actually love Fleur and think that she's a lot more hardcore than anyone gives her credit for - she was a triwizard champion, she moved to England when it was on the cusp of war *and* married into a family that had a huge target on their backs, and her idea of a bachelorette party seems to have been "go risk my life against death eaters for this guy I'm loyal to because of something that happened two and a half years ago, because I said so." Like, Fleur is really, really cool. It seems like her greatest crimes are having a French accent and being pretty. I mean, really?

Okay. /empassioned Fleur defence.

But I think that's part of why my Vic/Domi aren't the prissy boring types. I'm really happy that people seem to like that about her, because I really wanted someone who goes counter to a lot of the tropes and stereotypes surrounding her.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #8, by RavenclawFTW Fred Gets a Girlfriend

18th July 2015:
Hiya Branwen! What a wonderful fic!

This story is a great mixture of family/friends and mischief. The characters seem really well developed, especially the friendship between Victoire and Fred. I also enjoy how much you've obviously thought about Hogwarts and worked out your own head canons! It feels super realistic. I'm going through and reading your other Victoire/Teddy fics and they're all so wonderful-- I love how you've developed the relationship!

Anyway, I loved this update and hope you post another chapter soon! :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I've spent way too much time forming headcanon about Hogwarts, haha - all my fics are in the same universe, so at least I get to use them a lot! :P

I'm working on the next chapter now - hopefully I'll have it up by the weekend. Thank you again for the review! ♥

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Review #9, by Aphoride Meeting the Train

17th July 2015:
Hey Branwen! :D Dropping by for the BvB - I really just had to come back to this after the first chapter, because it was just so good, so here I am :)

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I love love love your Victoire and Fred, so much. I love how they're the troublemakers - it's such a nice change from it being James II and Fred - and, of course, they're just so real, such great characters. Everything about them - the way they talk, the way they act, even down to the details, is just so perfectly realistic for a pair of teenagers. It's really, really amazing.

That whole conversation with Fred - I've just got to mention it - about Teddy was just brilliant. I laughed out loud. It's so typical - people never knowing when other people like them, her having to be told by Fred, Fred half-teasing half-serious about it, and Vic not quite knowing what to say about Teddy afterwards. It's just so exactly spot-on, you know?

You do such a great job with all the characters, too - I love their friends, Lex and Micah, and the way they're annoyed their friends essentially skipped out on them - how Roxanne isn't happy Fred abandoned her (though being an older sister myself I'm more on Fred's side :P). They all feel so incredibly complex and real, even after so little screen time, so to speak, and I love it.

I'm so so curious as well, to see what happens next. I loved how Goldstein and Longbottom could corner them, knowing they weren't on the train (though I am wondering how? It's not like the students have tickets which get checked or something...), and clearly blatantly disapproving. Mahaha, such a teacher thing to do :P I'm really looking forward to seeing the fall-out from this, how Fred's little romance develops, if Teddy gets in trouble because he helped them (well, sort of), and what they get into next time...

This is just such a great, light-hearted, genuinely funny story and I love it so much - it's exactly the kind of thing I wish I could write, but can't :P It's amazing, you're amazing (but you know that already :P).

Aph xx

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Review #10, by bittersweetflames Arrival at Hogwarts

14th July 2015:
Hiya Branwen! Back for BvB!:D First off, I am very sad that this is the last chapter posted for Shenanigans but OH WELL... I know you update frequently anyway so I'm calm about that. :)

Okay, moving on...They charmed lake water to come out of the knights on the first floor? Wow, that was hilarious. These two are just brilliant jokesters, aren't they? Like, seriously... I'd love to be their friend but it would be a scary ordeal to bear the brunt of their ire.

Ooohh. I love Goldstein, btw.. He's strict but he's so COOL. I mean, I'd love to have him as my professor but I'd be terrified of it as well. Get what I mean? I mean, how cool is he to tell her off one moment and then talk career options and the future with her the next. It's all one ball of concern and strictness and just amazingness.

Btw, I love that Vic is curious about being an animagus. I... just LOVE it. A jokester who just happens to be intelligent is the most dangerous thing ever. So, I really love your characterization of Vic in that.

Micah is also very interesting to me. I think I mentioned this in an earlier review but I am looking forward to learning more about him and how he handles being friends with a couple of tricksters (or is he a trickster himself, hmm?)

She was happy that her friend was so thrilled, but she did wish that the blond girl was capable of being thrilled at a slightly lower decibel. -- Juliet was so cute and Victoire was just the sweetest thing ever for tolerating her but this sentence just made me laugh out loud so bad. :)

As always, lovely work! :) Really enjoyed it and can't wait for more. ^_^


P.S. btw, any story that uses the word behoove so convincingly has my votes and a million thumbs up!

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Review #11, by Tonks1247 Meeting the Train

13th July 2015:
Heya! Back for another chapter for the BvB review battle!

So. I really, really enjoyed this chapter. Fred’s teasing of Victoire about Teddy made me laugh quite a bit. Especially as he picked out all the things that Teddy was doing that Victoire didn’t see or notice. I like her trying to defend herself and say it totally was not happening. It really makes me want to go read some of the other stuff you have written about them…

As for them sneaking back onto the students to catch the train? I don’t know why they thought they could manage it so easily…I knew they would get caught, but I do like how Roxanne’s character was introduced and how their friends didn’t play up them missing the train until they could talk about it in private. That was really telling of their friendships and told a lot about Roxanne’s character as well.

This was also a really well written chapter. I didn’t see any problems and spent much of my time giggling at what was going on. Cannot wait to see what other trouble these two get into!

And, before I go, favourite lines:

“Kind of a creepy gentleman…”

“We weren’t notified of your absence, and neither, it seems, were your parents.”

Great chapter! Hopefully be back soon! :D

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Review #12, by Tonks1247 Missing the Train

9th July 2015:
Heya! Here from the BvB review battle!

I absolutely love what you have going here. I love the voices you give to Fred and Victoire and their dynamic as cousins. You write in a fashion that makes it obvious that they have been the best of friends for a long time and like to tease and/or drive each other crazy at times. It's easy to read their dynamic and question what sort of trouble will come next with them, especially after them missing the train.

I do enjoy how they dodged around their parents and decided Teddy was the one they would go to. Seems like the 3 of them are pretty close and I like the dynamic with the three of them as well.

I cannot wait to see the outcome of this missing the train business and what else they get into! I may also have to take a peek at some of the other stories with these three in them because I apparently haven't read much of your writing, and if it's anything like this, I definitely need to read more! :D

Great chapter!

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Review #13, by AngelEyez3954 Missing the Train

8th July 2015:

I'm here from the BvB Review Battle!

I haven't read a whole lot of Next Gen stories, but this one is definitely different than any I've seen before. I like your characterization of Victoire. It's nice to see her as something other than a mini-Fleur. She and Fred make a funny pair, and I find this to be a great opening chapter.

My favorite line is when Victoire says "Fred, you idiot, who sets their watch slow?” - it really made me chuckle.

Teddy's reaction to Victoire and Fred made me smile as well, and I really liked the familiarity you showed between Victoire and Teddy. With your characterizations of both of them, I can see the chemistry between them.

Great job! I can't wait to read more!


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Review #14, by DracoFerret11 Arrival at Hogwarts

8th July 2015:
Hello there! Me again (DarkRose), here to review for you for the BvB, team Bronze! So, let's go over things:

Great Lines: I don't always include this part since I don't frequently have lines that totally jump out at me, but this chapter had a couple! First, "while I generally don't like to accuse my students of lying to me, your track record doesn't inspire confidence" -- made me laugh probably harder than it should have. Also, "she did wish that the blond girl was capable of being thrilled at a slightly lower decibel" -- I feel like this CONSTANTLY with my little sister! She exists at a volume previously unknown to man. It is...unfortunate.

Plot: This was a great chapter! I think the conversation with the professors was well-structured and believable. I was a bit confused as to why Vic had to make her schedule with her HoH at that particular time, though. It threw me off a bit, but I was really intrigued to hear more about that Creatures Department and the mysterious second-in-command. And Fred's latest crush is cute too. We'll see how that progresses! Also, did I catch some LGBTQA people here? :D Yay!

Characterization: Still love Vic and Fred. I think I'm starting to like Vic more and more each chapter. I love strong female characters. And her parents would definitely set her up to be a strong person. I'm interested, though, in why she would become an animagus illegally? Is there a reason she can't just follow whatever process there is to do so LEGALLY? Hmm.

Emotions: Another exciting chapter. The pacing of this story is really good. It keeps me wanting to read on, and it doesn't bog me down (which I feel I always do to readers). Good job!

Descriptions: I admit that I'm having a bit of trouble picturing the different characters. You captured the settings pretty well, but maybe that's because I already had an idea of what they looked like. But there are just SO many characters, and I can't figure out what any of them look like. Maybe adding some details there would help. :)

Overall, another good chapter! Please let me know when you update, and I'll come back to read more! :D

Emily (Team Bronze)

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Review #15, by DracoFerret11 Meeting the Train

8th July 2015:
Hello there! I read the first chapter to this story quite a while ago, but I skimmed it for a refresher and then moved on to this one. :) Now that I've read it, let's go over things:

Plot & Characterization: I'm actually pretty interested to see where this story goes! I don't read much Next-Gen, but this grabbed my attention in the original chapter and continued to do so in this one. I really like Fred as one of the Next-Gen characters, and I like reading your version of him! And I really like that your Victoire is so pleasant! I feel like I've read her as being pretty stuck-up before now. So this is a great change with her being funny and friendly and strong-willed. I also liked that the two of them are such good friends (and it's refreshing to see a Next-Gen story about someone OTHER than Albus/James/Scorpius/Rose). Fred and Vic's adventures are sure to be fun to read! So far, I'm interested! Yay!

Emotions: I like the adventurous mood of this story! Already I'm excited to read on and see what happens after they talk to their Heads of House. The emotions/excitement have kept me reading, and I'm interested to see how things go as this story continues!

Style: I think you've done a great job writing these characters and the world they live in. Even though I consciously know that this Hogwarts, these characters, etc., are different from the canon characters & setting, you make them seem coherent with what I know of JK Rowling's world. If that makes sense. I guess what I'm saying is that your style meshes with hers, and I like that a lot. Great job!

Overall, great chapter! I hope to read the next soon!

--Emily (DarkRose, Bronze Team)

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Review #16, by bittersweetflames Meeting the Train

8th July 2015:
BvB! :) Branwen, I really really enjoyed this chapter! Again, I must say that I love the friendship between Fred and Victoire! I think it's ADORABLE the way that Victoire wouldn't know that Teddy is totally into her (because he TOTALLY is) but Fred would because he's a guy and he can sniff it out. It's so true though. It was the primary reason I hated having brothers growing up. Anyway, moving on...

I love the way you introduced the other characters in this chapter! Like, for example, Roxanne was just a very small mention but you can already see quite clearly that she's built up a real arsenal of weapons to handle a large family in order to manipulate them and wrap them around her little finger. Well done.

Then, of course, you introduce more of the people they're in school with and I absolutely LOVE the little snippets. You get to see what sort of persons they are and I, in particular, cannot wait to see more of Micah!

At the end, I really started laughing out loud because I can just imagine how satisfied the two of them probably were that they'd managed to get away with not riding their express when, suddenly, UH-UH. BUSTED.

Can't wait to see what happens next. ;)


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Review #17, by eunoia Meeting the Train

8th July 2015:
Hi! Here for the BvB battle! :)

This is another awesome chapter Branwen! I love the little insights we're getting into the romantic lives of Vic and Fred. It's kinda sweet in a way that Fred is protective of Vic too, kinda reminds me of how the twins used to be with Ginny.

I really want to know what will happen with Vic and Teddy! Will they get together and if so, how? I mean we know they've been up to mischief since the Quidditch World Cup and all the hints are there but maybe something more complicated is going on? Other people in their lives perhaps? I'm just speculating here! Also looking forward to reading about all tricks and mayhem you promised!

Overall great chapter and I'll definitely be coming back to see what happens next. :)

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Review #18, by eunoia Missing the Train

7th July 2015:
Hi! I'm here from the BvB thread! :)

Firstly, I was intrigued by your story summary. In most Next-Gen's I've come across, Fred and James are best friends and perfect copies of their namesakes whereas Victoire is usually perfect in every way or a snobby version of her mother. But I love how you've mixed things up here, it's really refreshing and Fred and Vic have a really interesting dynamic that completely draws the reader into the story.

And oh my gosh Teddy! I love how you introduced him, how he's the one Fred and Victoire go to for help. And it's so adorable how he has pictures of Victoire and how he calls her V and he's able to tell her he loves her in such an easy going way. I really liked that because it felt really easy and natural. I'm really interested to see how you expand on their relationship and how it develops in the future chapters.

Overall, great first chapter and I'm sure I'll be back to read more in the future! :)

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Review #19, by bittersweetflames Missing the Train

5th July 2015:
YES, FINALLY! I get Branwen during the BvB. Okay, well, I'm here and, first off, you know that I love you and secondly... I love the way you write..

Fred and Victoire are just PERFECT, aren't they? And not perfect in that they don't have any faults but in that they are wonderfully thought of, fleshed out characters that I don't mind reading more of.

I think it is just HILARIOUS that they would miss the train. And how is it that the rest of their family didn't notice? That just speaks to how BIG their family isn't it? That they'd miss two whole people getting on a train.

Second, I'd love that they seem so contrasting, Fred and Victoire but they're obviously closer than close. I mean, they practically read as close as siblings so it's beautiful. (and hilarious. Let's not forget hilarious.)

Then you introduce Teddy! Ooooh, you made me so excited for Teddy. The fact that he has THREE pictures of Victoire and how he casually says he loves her? WELL, I am a Ted/Vic fan so I'm a little biased but I loved that little snippet there..

Ok, what else to say? I'm just gushing at this point because I really did enjoy this chapter. I'm definitely going to be back for more.


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Review #20, by CassiePotter Missing the Train

2nd July 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I really loved this. As soon as I read your summary I got really excited because I've never read a story that focused on Fred and Victoire being really close. I feel like people always write Fred and James as best friends, so this was really new and refreshing.
I loved the banter between the two of them. They had such a fun, easy relationship that I felt like I knew them as soon as I started reading. I really enjoyed their argument about who made them late for the train. It's such a sibling/best friend argument to have!
I loved how you set up Teddy and Victoire's relationship. They already seem really close, but adding in the little detail of Teddy have three pictures of Victoire showed that there could be something more there. It felt really natural, and you didn't go overboard talking about Teddy or Victoire having feelings for the other. It was just a nice introduction to what might happen later on in the story.
I thought this was a really great opening chapter! I loved the chemistry between Fred, Victoire, and Teddy.
Thanks for the review swap!
Cassie :)

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Review #21, by cherry_pop94 Missing the Train

21st June 2015:
Hi there! Here for the BvB challenge!

I love seeing Fred and Victoire together! She's such a good girl often, so it's great to see her as this troublemaker! Also, Fred - he's just the greatest ever. I love how they've missed the train and are blaming each other and too afraid to face their families! It's perfect and just such a funny situation!

And Teddy! And Victoire! I love Tedoire so, so, so much. I think they make the best couple. I like how they aren't already together (as we know from lovely Rita Skeeter that they were snogging as early as when Teddy was 16), so there's room for a lot of romantic adventures between them to come here! They've got a great dynamic already and I can feel the tension!

Anyway, this was a lovely story and I'll be back to read more!


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Review #22, by just.a.willow.tree Meeting the Train

19th June 2015:

Victoire is wonderful, and I love the oddness of Teddy (which I haven't really seen before in HP fanfic), and seeing James and Roxanne as children (I'm assuming they're the same James and Roxanne as with your ScoRose novel) is really fascinating and quite adorable. The only character a little bit off is Fred, who, so far, seems a little generic, especially for a member of the Weasley family. He's everything that Weasleys usually are in fanfiction, and I just want to see something different. (Though, he's still charming! Hehe.)

Update soon, though! I'd love to see more of this.


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Review #23, by Ravenclaw333 Missing the Train

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #6

This is such a fantastic little story! I love everything about this - the friendship between Fred and Victoire, and the exchange of blame between them about who was responsible for making them late - I don't know why that bit stuck out to me, but it does and it's fantastic - and trying to figure out how to get to school, and the idea of getting Teddy to help them. Your characterisation is lovely, and I definitely want to read more of these two, so I'll be checking out your other stories! And was that a bit of Teddy/Victoire there? That was so sweet and awkward and perfect!

I'm really curious about how they spent their day now. This was a wonderful story, and I'm so keen to read more stories that fit into this universe!

Author's Response: That was definitely a bit of Teddy/Victoire! They're one of my favorite couples - I have a lot of Teddy/Victoire fics, and I think they were the first couple I tackled after my initial Rose/Scorpius story, so I'm quite fond of them.

I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you so much for the review! :)

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Review #24, by Veritaserum27 Missing the Train

9th July 2014:

I think this story is really promising. I liked the fact that Victoire and Fred are best buddies. I've never seen that pairing as a friendship before. They seem to be like best friends on minute and siblings the nexts. It was a great dynamic. I also liked that there is some Teddy/Victoire tension going on. It seems like Teddy has a small crush on Victoire, but she has never really thought of him that way before. Floo to WWW in Hogsmeade and just hope that no one notices. Oh dear, this plan does not seem very well thought out at all. I feel like there are more hijinks and shenanigans to come. This is a great fist chapter and promises to be a funny, light story!

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #6

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my Fred/Victoire dynamic! I know a lot of people make Fred more James's age, but I always saw George and Angelina as getting together and having kids much sooner than that, so I actually put Roxanne at James's age instead. :) Teddy definitely has a small crush on Victoire that she's not really aware of, but Fred obviously is. :P

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by DracoFerret11 Missing the Train

9th July 2014:
Hello! It's me again. :)

Plot: How interesting! I'm not huge on Next-Gen, but this looked cute and funny, so I decided to give it a look, and I wasn't disappointed. The idea of Weasleys missing the train is funny and compelling, and I liked it a lot. They made some odd choices, though, in my opinion. First of all, not trying to contact the school? Or their parents? In that situation, I would be concerned I wasn't going to be able to get to Hogwarts at all! And the fact that they didn't panic or anything, just decided to go to Teddy's and hang out. Hmm. Odd.

Characterization & Interaction: I had a hard time at first picturing Victoire and Fred as close enough in age to be spending time together. That seemed a bit random to me, but you did pull off characterizing both of them. Victoire was more naive than I normally see her, but I actually liked that. And I loved how the two of them bickered. I can imagine cousins doing that. I also think you wrote well for Teddy. I LOVED the subtle hints about his fondness for Victoire. Super cute.

Descriptions: Good job showing the scene in King's Cross, but some of the other settings were a bit nondescript. I could see the characters because I already have head-canon about how they look, but it was a bit hard to really get into the experience of the story. The one part that I really did feel like I was present for, though, was when Teddy was making breakfast. I could almost smell it. :) (Though, that might be because it's nearly two AM and I'm ridiculously hungry.)

Emotions: I oddly didn't get a lot of panic from the cousins. I don't know why they WOULDN'T panic, though, so I was pretty confused. They were quite casual and level-headed about the whole thing. I also would have thought that Teddy would be a bit more mature and express concern or at least exasperation at the two of them for missing the train.

Overall, though, I think this was pretty cute and funny. The way they acted didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I just might be more uptight than they are. Good job with this!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Oooh, I can see what you mean.

In my head canon, it wasn't a big deal because they knew that they could Floo to Hogsmeade - Victoire and Fred are not really people who follow the rules very well, so they know all kinds of ways of skirting around them. However, I can definitely see how that could come off as odd, and I'll go back and tweak the story a bit so it works better.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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