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Review #1, by maraudertimes The Zombie Lord

19th March 2014:

So I've seen this story mentioned around the forums, but I never really went looking for it, so I'm really glad for the Blackout Battle because it led me to you and this crazy, out-of-this-world, totally AU, completely unpredictable, hilarious fic that probably shouldn't have been called Om Nom Nom Brains, but that would've made me laugh.

Writing canon characters, especially the golden trio or even the silver trio, can be really tricky and unfortunately I've seen quite a few fics where they just haven't brought the characters quite to the same level as dear J.K. Yours however was simply marvelous and I utterly loved Hermione and Ginny and how you portrayed them. So Kudos on nailing such a difficult task! :D

Then as an added bonus to the whole "canon characters are exceptionally well written" thing, your plot is so unique and so out there, but already it seems flushed out and it shows that you put a lot of thought into it! It's intriguing, exciting, adventurous, slightly humorous, and all around awesome in every single aspect.

But seriously. Why would Hermione risk something so scary as attempting to revive someone? Bad things happen when people try and do that! Example 1: well this. Harry turned into a zombie. A literally zombie. This is the best example ever as to why you shouldn't try and reanimate dead bodies. Either they won't come back to life and you'll look like a fool, or they will and try and kill/harm you. Neither seems like a good deal.

Anyways, back to the story! I liked the Next Gen characters you've got, especially how we still haven't really met them fully but I feel as if I know their personalities through your telling of their careers, how they handle grief, and small snippets of conversation. You write them and everyone else in the story excellently and it's simply wonderful!

Your description is simply awesome as well, especially the scene where Hermione is trying to revive Harry (again: BAD IDEA!). The small details about the liquids and the rest of the room really gave the scene extra dimension. I hope what the liquids were and what happened gets cleared up somewhere in the future of this fic, because I'm really curious to see what exactly happened and exactly what to avoid when attempting to reanimate a dead person. (Even though I still think it's a bad idea, can't hurt to know these things.)

Also, I really liked how you included the little facts about Harry's grandparents and how they died early, and how some speculate James might have died when Harry was young if Voldemort hadn't, you know, killed him. It's so cool to see canon information like that used in this way and I've never seen an explanation like this, so I really enjoyed it!

Okay, I haven't made much sense I don't think, or that's the sleep deprivation telling me I haven't made a lot of sense, but great job! Absolutely amazing job! Everything's so wonderfully written and just completely awesome and I adored every second of it!

Again, stunning job!

Gryffindor vs Slytherin Blackout Battle Review 6/6

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Review #2, by HollyStone73 Dynasty

15th March 2014:
I'm back. I'm really trying to spread these last chapters out to give me something to keep reading, but you make it really hard to stay away!

I really liked tough-girl Hermione in this chapter. Finally putting Davies in his place. Grrr! What's his deal anyway? This chapter was full of anticipation and the promise of exciting stuff to come. I have to admit that in a weird kind of way, I was kinda happy for Harry that he was finally with his parents. I mean sure they are creepy undead things bent on killing everyone and making a feast of their brains, but it's better than nothing right?! LOL! back tomorrow for chapter 12...

Author's Response: I enjoyed this little twist at the end tbh. I think one of my favorite parts is waking the dead haha. Isn't that awful? but it's fun. And yeah it is really super creepy ahha. But I am so glad that you like it!! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by HollyStone73 Preparations

15th March 2014:
Heh...Well that kind of addressed the whole "Hermione guilt thing". Although somehow I doubt that other wizard and witches would be as understanding as Teddy and Flitwick.

As the battle begins I cannot help but wonder who else you plan on killing off. I have some guesses, but do not want to give you any ideas if I am wrong. LOL! I am curious about Teddy's nearly emotionless demeanor though. Is that just him reacting to the severity of the situation of is he more upset with Hermione than he is willing to admit to her?

Author's Response: You're right, it does address it, and I also doubt that other people would be so forgiving, but unfortunately...or maybe fortunately for her, haha, everything is so crazy right now and they are trying to deal with the zombies that no one is really focused on how it happened you know? As for Teddy, he's very focused and just trying to get through things. But as for his thoughts on the situation, well, you'll just have to wait for those. :)

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Review #4, by HollyStone73 Escalation

15th March 2014:
Oh poor Hermione! I can only begin to imagine what she is feeling as she witnesses all of this!! I can only imagine that she must eventually face some kind of punishment for her actions. Although anyone who truly knows Hermione would probably think that her watching and dealing with all this would be more than enough of a punishment for her. Plus I really would hate to have the wizarding world find out that she is responsible for this and all turn on her. That would be the worst!!

I like that we get to be "introduced" to some of our other favorite characters and their children. But I must admit to being horribly worried about Molly & Arthur! I don't know how much more that family can take!!

Still loving it.Moving on!

Author's Response: I know, I felt so bad for her too, and that's why I am really trying to balance the action with the guilt and the feelings and all that stuff. It's really difficult I think, but I tried to make it as realistic as possible in the most unrealistic situation ever hahaha. As for the other characters, yeah. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with all of them yet but I do know that I had to make a character sheet outline so I could remember what I had done with all the current characters hahaha! Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #5, by HollyStone73 Apprehension

14th March 2014:
Aww.I didn't think this was a boring chapter! Honestly I think this chapter was almost overdue. It gave my anxiety a chance to take a break before any more craziness happens.

I really have to admit that I have not read any next-gen stories before this one, but I am REALLY liking how you are portraying the next-fen students. You really seem to have put a lot of thought into how their personalities would mirror that of their parents while still allowing them to have their own traits. I really liked Hugo in this. He really seemed to be just the stabilizing effect that Hermione needed. (Plus the extra important zombie knowledge he provided from his video games was a very nice touch.)

Poor Draco...I'm kinda nervous to see what happens with him. OH! And Davies really does seem like a bit of a booger huh? Boo to him. Ok...reading on!

Author's Response: Oh I'm so glad you didn't! It might seem a little lame after everything that's happened.

To be honest, I also had done the thing where I didn't do a lot of next gen when it first became a thing but now I really enjoy writing and reading them. It's important to me to get the little details correct because I am a such a canon writer. Hugo is my absolute favorite, he is such a sweetie and he is definitely more of a comic relief, but I hope in a good and believable way.

Draco, I have so much fun with him. I'm just getting ready to write a chapter with him in it! Excellent :P

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind reviews!!

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Review #6, by Lululuna The Zombie Queen

14th March 2014:
Hello again! :)

Haha, so at first when I saw the Ci I assumed the red on Ginny's head was... blood. But then I realized it was her hair and not so gruesome... anyway, the image was great. I especially liked the zombies' red and deranged eyes.

...lunged gracefully like a jungle cat. The beggar never had a chance.Ahh, first of all this is an awesome description and shows how he's a predator now. And I felt quite sorry for the young beggar, what a sad back story. It felt very JKR-ish though, since that's how she writes the beginning of each book. It was also terrifying seeing Harry from an outsider's perspective and how he might appear. And then the last line in that section, about the high-pitched screams, was so sublime and dark.

I was just biting my lip with nervousness the whole time because Ginny was being so stubborn! Argh. I mean, I see her point, and she did say some rather poignant things about just wanting to sleep and make it through the funeral, and how she helped Hermione when Ron died, but still.

So Harry got hold of a suit, hmm? I suppose that before he would have been naked, which weirdly isn't as terrifying as wearing a suit. And this fits his status as the zombie king. Also, the last line made me laugh, even though I felt a little sad for Ginny of course. :P It was just brilliant.

I'm really enjoying this story, and I'll try and be more vigilant about leaving reviews! :D

Blackout Round 3 - Staff Reviews 6/6

Author's Response: Hahahaha no that's just my horrible attempts at coloring hair hahaha.

Awww, I actually really loved writing the beggar scene and getting to see this different point of view. I should start doing that more often to be honest. I think the story would benefit from it, to see kind of what is going on. OMG that just gave me an idea! Oh you're brilliant.

Aaaanyway, yeah the whole thing with Ginny, I think she was just so confused and overwhelmed, and Hermione isn't making too much sense, so I get it. But...meh haha.

And yeah, Harry Zombie in a suit, at least he had the decency to cover up! We can't have nekkid zombies running through the city!! haha!

Thank you so very much for your review!

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Review #7, by Lululuna Residue

14th March 2014:
Hi again! :)

Haha, the Ci is just beautiful. I really like Hermione's hairstyle.

I like how Neville is the calm, reassuring influence for Hermione. It seems like he's matured and become the kind of person people rely on since leaving Hogwarts, which I love. Also, I liked the descriptions of his office and his life - they felt very rich in a way, and provide a great contrast to how his life and everybody else's lives are about to become rather less lovely.

The whole chapter was so frustrating in how Hermione kept trying to explain to Neville and Davies, and they didn't believe her. Davies especially was quite difficult and irritating. But of course that was very realistic, because why would they want to believe her? The whole situation is so difficult and terrifying, and If definitely felt the tense fear throughout the chapter.

I'm quite curious about how the potions acted to turn Harry into a zombie, and what significance there might be. It was cool that ingredients in things like the Draught of Living Death were in the Potions, and how perhaps that might affect the mystery of why this happened. Another thing I like is how you mentioned Inferi and how they're quite different from this zombie phenomenon, as these mentions help the story make sense in the HP world.

And oh no, he escaped! :P Well, it's quite exciting yet terrifying seeing what will happen next and how the world will be affected.

I really enjoy reading this story, it's so creative and I like your writing style a lot! :)

Blackout Round 3 - Staff Reviews 5/6

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Review #8, by Lululuna The Zombie Lord

14th March 2014:
Hello! :) I actually started this story a while ago and have been meaning to return and review for ages! But life is so busy... :( So I'm glad to have the chance now! :)

First of all, I think this is such a cool idea, to bring zombies into the HP world. And I've read ahead a little so I know how things about to get very bad, very fast, as always seems the nature of zombie apocalypses. So you've captured that perfectly.

Though the story gets a little goofier and more intense as it goes on, I really like how this chapter did a good job portraying grief. You wrote Hermione, Ginny and Albus' grief so well, with how they can barely believe that Harry is dead, and going through the stages of anger and denial. Hermione was so lovely as well, with how she truly cared and was there for both her own sake and for Ginny's sake.

I actually found it quite realistic in the context of the story that Hermione would be driven by her grief and her empathetic pain for Ginny to bring Harry back to life. She's an emotional, caring person, and it fits with her character that she wants to make things better for her friends.

I like all the details in the writing here. How Harry smelt like death, how she kept the room cold to keep the body fresh... it was very vivid and well-written. :)

This is such a great first chapter, I really enjoy this story! :D Onto the next chapter now!

Blackout Round 3- Staff Reviews 4/6

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Review #9, by HollyStone73 Hot

14th March 2014:
Yeeowza!!! I have to admit. I was SUPER glad that Hermione's encounter with zombie Ron was just a dream. That was way too emotional for me. Ha Ha! I do LOVE that you managed to get Hermione to the library though. So typical of Hermione and good to see that she hasn't changed that much.

Do I see a Dramione in the works here?? Im intrigued!! Go Draco for trying to defend the castle! I guess he's gonna find out about his son and Rose soon here huh?! That'll be interesting!

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Review #10, by HollyStone73 Firearms

14th March 2014:
Aww...Poor Seamus! That part almost made me tear up. (Almost...) Rambo Scorpius?! Uh...YEA!! That's awesome! I love that he went to go check on Rose and rescued her from the zombies. I don't know if I could of kept reading if Rose became a zombie. Ok maybe I could, but I would be considerably sadder.

A zombie Dumbledore?! Yikes! I imagine that he would be especially terrifying considering how long he has been dead already. Now I can not help but wonder if zombie Dumbledore will be as powerful as living Dumbledore was. And what is Harry planning to do with the elder wand? Things are getting more worrisome! Wait till Hermione finds out about this!!

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Review #11, by HollyStone73 Blame

14th March 2014:
So much tension and drama! I don't think my heart can handle it all! (At least it isn't nighttime here as I read this so I don't think I am as freaked out as I would be at night!) It's taking a lot of restraint for me to pause to write this review instead of just rushing ahead to read on. :)

I am jealous of how well your dialogue flows. I have to say that is one of my biggest obstacles when writing is to get the dialogue to flow naturally and not be all awkward. As I read through yours I barely even took notice that it was dialogue (if that makes sense) until I went back and realized how well it was written. Super awesome job!

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Review #12, by HollyStone73 Inferno

14th March 2014:
Greyback?! Really? Hermione just can't get a break can she?! How in the world is she going to get out of this one?

I do like that you make huge efforts to make sure things stay as cannon as possible! It makes the story so much more believable. (Well as believable as it can be with an evil zombie Harry and a Hermione who messes up BIG TIME!)

On a side note...My son just asked me what I was doing on my computer. When I told him I was reading a story about Harry becoming a Zombie he tells me that I'm too embarrassing! LOL! Glad to know that I am doing the mom thing the right way! Tee Hee! Next Chapter!!

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Review #13, by HollyStone73 The Zombie Queen

13th March 2014:
ACK!!! Silly stubborn Ginny! Now her kids are alone! Boo! I guess I have to put a lot of the blame on Hermione though. She probably should have just been honest with Ginny from the beginning instead of trying to save face.

I absolutely LOVE the details that you put into the beggar at the beginning of the chapter. For such a relatively insignificant character you brought him to live by giving him a back story and feelings. (Heh...Only to have Harry kill him, but still...)

Author's Response: Hahahha thanks for the review :) I love that poor little beggar, I wasn't very nice to him, was I? Ah well, he served his purpose. (I don't sound like Voldemort or anything) I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #14, by HollyStone73 Residue

13th March 2014:
Again I am blown away by the details and descriptions you are able to conjure up. I can honestly say that I am feeling a bit anxious about what is going to happen next!

Davies...Pft...thinking he is too important to be bothered. What a bum. LOL! I do like tough Hermione here though even if it is brought of by overwhelming desperation. And YEA Neville. Oops.Sorry...Professor Longbottom.

ACK!! Zombie Harry on the loose in London. I cannot see this ending up good in any way! How in the world is Hermione planning on explaining this to Ginny?! Yikes! Reading on...

Author's Response: Awww thanks for your thoughts on my writing! I am not a big fan of Davies, which you will most likely find out if you read on :P But I do love Neville, he's been so fun to write! Thanks again!

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Review #15, by HollyStone73 The Zombie Lord

13th March 2014:
How deliciously creepy this is!! I have to admit I am not one for creepy things (movies, books...anything), but I am ridiculously intrigued.

I absolutely LOVE your ability to paint such amazingly vivid pictures with your words. I felt as though I could truly see the events as they were happening. (Which is probably why I shouldn't be reading this so late at night, but...I'm officially hooked! LOL!)

Poor Ginny and boo to Albus for making things worse for his mother. (Although I must admit it is a very good interpretation of how one his age might react to such a tragedy...) Ok...I'm off to chapter 2 now...

Author's Response: I don't like creepy things either, tbh. So that's a rule of thumb for me - if it's too scary for me, then I'm not gonna write it haha. No horror films for me!

You are truly too kind, thank you so much for your kind words, I do really appreciate them!

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Review #16, by plainj117 Dynasty

10th March 2014:
Absolutely AMAZING!!! Great writing! Kinda sad, but an enjoyable read. Incredible! Looking forward to an update!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, I do really appreciate it!!

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Review #17, by marinahill Suit Up

23rd February 2014:
I know I haven't read all of BA yet, but obviously I will do soon. This was an excellent reminder of why I need to catch up!

Things I loved:

1. Fire
2. Flamethrowers
3. Mystery suit man
4. Hermione - I know zombies was never really something we saw in HP in relation to Hermione, but she's still herself despite the fact she's in unfamiliar territory. It works when it shouldn't and until I read this I never believed it possible. It's one of those concepts that's like "that's cool" then it's written and it's lame but this is so COOL and I think that's because it's written by you, Queen of Cool. Also Queen of Hot because of all the fire.
5. Hugo - swooping in despite being a broom novice, saving the day. Loved it!

Things I am excited for:
1. More fire
2. More flamethrowers
3. Zombie Harry.

How on earth are you going to wrap this up, I wonder? I feel like it's so completely too epic to finish at all. I think it needs to end in fire though, that much is obvious.

KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK. This story is so fabulously unique I don't know what to do with myself other than nag you to write more. WRITE MORE.


First of all, thank YOU for reviewing it because it made me so happy!! I'm glad you like the flames and the flame thrower and the guy in a suit, and don't you worry, there will always be more fire. Because I am uncreative so, you know, fire. and lots of it.

And I'm glad you like hermione! It's SO IMPORTANT for me to keep her in character despite all the things that are going on around her, so I really strive to do that. Anything out of character would make me a sad panda. so sad.

As for my ending um. Well you know that's still a work in progress but don't you worry. I'll figure something out. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE A STAR AND I LOVE YOU

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Review #18, by Hogwarts27 Suit Up

23rd February 2014:
This was great. You've got things really heating up - no pun intended. I had no idea how Hermione was going to get herself out of the fire with no wand. I'm also noticing how the teenagers are just taking this in stride. Maybe out of lack of experience or maybe because teenagers often think they're bulletproof, and sometimes they really are just by virtue of their boundless energy. The person with the flame thrower - at first I thought this might be Scorpius, but the dialogue seemed to negate that. He calls Hermione girl, so I'm wondering if it's possible for Aberforth to still be alive. My other wild suspicion was Fenrir. I look forward to more of this fantastic story whenever the next chapter comes.

Author's Response: Hahahaha I loved your pun! It was perfect :P I know, for me it was important to kind of show the teenage males, with the exception of Callum really, who seems to show more of a maturity when it comes to these things, but that they kind of are a bit reckless and feel invincible, when they really aren't. And that was sort of the point of Lysander's injury because, it wasn't even caused by Zombies, but things can change like that. So it was important to show that.

The flame thrower thing was so fun. I actually started writing the fire scene before I had figured out how exactly that much fire got in one place at one time. So the inclusion of the man and the flame thrower was kind of last minute. I'll give you a hint about the man - he's a canon character, but he's very minor one :)

I've already started work on the next chapter, I've found my muse again and I'm hoping to churn these out at least once a week now. That's my goal. One chapter a week. We'll see how it goes, but fingers crossed.

Thank you SO Much for reviewing every chapter of this story. IT means so incredibly much to me, and I am so very glad you are enjoying the story!!!

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Review #19, by Hogwarts27 Dynasty

23rd February 2014:
I'm really impressed at how well-written this chapter is. I really felt thoroughly immersed in everything that happened. I had a feeling something was getting to go wrong when Hermione's got assigned where she asked not to be. You really captured Hermione's uneasiness on a broom, in contrast to James. The graveyard in Godric's Hollow wasn't even in my thoughts until the story mentioned it, and then I suddenly realized what was coming. That was great!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you feel that you could get lost in this chapter! It really means a lot! This one was a bit of a bear to write because it was very detail intensive and the organization of everything was difficult. I'm having to keep a separate spread sheet of people who are alive and accounted for or missing or zombies or what have you. This story is getting huge! haha

Hahaha, I loved the bit in Godric's Hollow because I was like, if Harry is waking people who meant something to him, then of course he's going to wake his parents. hahhaa, I really am so bad. But I'll tell you this much - writing this story has been such a blast so far! :) Thank you again for your review!

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Review #20, by Hogwarts27 Preparations

22nd February 2014:
Fantastic chapter. The rich descriptions and touching sentiment made these characters feel so real. Every scene was well done. The scene with Flitwick was lovely, and it was nice to put some references to Minerva and Albus in it. The zombie information from Teddy grabbed my attention, and Hugo always makes me laugh. I hope his video games will provide some crucial part of the defense or solution. And even though Draco's not fully conscious, he managed to reveal a caring side of of himself that he might otherwise guard against showing. Every scene tied together well to create a very touching chapter.

Author's Response: First of all, thank you for the comment on my descriptions, I feel like that's one of the things I have really struggled with in this story. I'm a very dialogue heavy writer, and often use it to paint my scenes, and I've been trying to scale that back and really describe what is going on in the surroundings and i'ts been a bit difficult, I won't lie :P

I thought the conversation with Flitwick was important because it helped to root Hermione again. I can't imagine what it would actually feel like to know that you sort of caused all this even if it totally isn't your fault. But still. I think Flitwick kind of helped to bring her back to reality and move past the guilt that she feels, which is nice for me 'cause now I can get back to writing normal Hermione, who can get on with herself and really shine again against the zombies! :) Thank you!!!

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Review #21, by Hogwarts27 Escalation

22nd February 2014:
This was a great read. There were so many interesting scenes, some uneasy, some very touching. I enjoyed them all. The suggestion of Draco regrowing a leg and walking with a cane reminded me of Lucius with his cane. Zombie Dumbledore sounded terrifyingly foreboding even just from his description. And Harry with the Elder Wand, well, who knows what you'll think up to happen with that, but I trust it'll be fantastic.

Author's Response: Draco's scenes I've always loved writing. I haven't decided what to do with him yet. *evil laughter* Zombie dumbledore, he's in this story because i was basically dared to do it and I was like...why not. I loved writing that scene hahaha. You are just too kind with these reviews I just don't know what to say!! hahaha :) Thank you!

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Review #22, by Hogwarts27 Apprehension

22nd February 2014:
Seems like the calm before the next storm breaks out. Hugo had me laughing. On the other hand, the feeling of how awful and widespread this is really came across. And the reader really does get a feeling of dread about the horrible things outside Hogwarts that might find a way in. I loved the scene with Neville and Hermione devising a plan.

Author's Response: That's a very good assessment of this chapter :P Mostly it was to introduce Hugo, who is my FAVORITE. I could just cuddle him, I like using him for comic relief, but I also like him because he hasn't seen the danger, and he's able to keep a cool head during things. He's just amazing. Thank you again!!! :)

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Review #23, by Hogwarts27 Hot

21st February 2014:
A nice change of pace with this chapter. After the thrill ride of the last chapter, this was a welcome little breather. I enjoyed the quiet opening of this chapter with Hermione in the library. Her fond memories of school are the readers' fond memories too. And when Ron came in, of course it got twisted. But for a moment, I have to admit my heart fluttered with a little hope, even though I knew this was a zombie story and the scene would inevitably turn. When the moment came, I shared Hermione's uneasy emotions. And you gave the scene with Hermione, Rose, Scorpius equally nice treatment, before ramping up the tension again at the end. Very well done.

Author's Response: You're right, I had like chapter after chapter of crazy action and I was like ok, they need some down time, Hermione has got to be a bit frazzled right now! The whole thing in the library oh it HURT when I wrote it because I am a big Ronmione shipper and I just wanted it to be TRUE I wanted it to be...but it can't :( I think I'm just glad I made it a dream and not the truth. Because that would have sucked hahaha. I'm glad you're still enjoying this story, It means a lot!

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Review #24, by DoctorUnderwood Suit Up

21st February 2014:
Oh my god. A zombie HP fic. My life is now complete.

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm glad you liked it :D Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #25, by Hogwarts27 Firearms

21st February 2014:
What a great chapter. The scene with Hermione defending Rose reminded me so much of Mrs. Weasley vs Bellatrix 'not my daughter - ". And Scorpius coming to the rescue was a brilliant solution. I really liked his bold attitude.
And then the rest of the chapter was an absolute shocker with a double whammy. Oh my gosh, wake up the dead - that was a stroke of genius. How much better can this story get? And Hermione goes off to the library - well LOL - but put Hermione with a book and we're likely to get an answer. And what a shocking ending. Wow! A real adrenalin rush. Outstanding!

Author's Response: hi again! This is one of my favorite chapters :) Rambo!Scorpius is always so fun to write. Again, I wanted to have that sort of...this is getting a bit out of hand...kind of feeling about things, and the thought of Scorpius with a gun just made me laugh. And of course Hermione would run off to the library, she just has to do her thing :P Thank you again! Ahhh I could thank you a million times and it still wouldn't be enough! hahaha

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