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Review #1, by Me Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

30th March 2014:
I needz the morez please I need to know what happens next and what happens to josh and what happens to games please for the sake of the readers write more

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Review #2, by MischiefManaged Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

23rd March 2014:
oh my effing god. WHEN IS THE NEXT UPDATE.
update soon or my life might just end. Yes, I'm dramatic, but frankly who cares.
I just love Gwen and James so so much :3

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Review #3, by maraudette Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

22nd March 2014:
you story is really addciting and I am really waiting for the next chapter. Please, do not abandon the story!

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Review #4, by JSp0884 Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

2nd March 2014:
You're leaving it THERE?! Seriously?! Nonono! Please update soon. PLEASE.

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Review #5, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

22nd February 2014:
please write another chapter..
wanna know what happens :)

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Review #6, by Can't wait for the next one Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

15th February 2014:
Finally! I've been waiting for this to happen! The story will turn so dramatic from this point foreword. Can't wait for the next chapter, do you know by any chance by when you'll be able to have it open?

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Review #7, by CONTINUE CO NT IN UE PLEASE Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

14th February 2014:

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Review #8, by sunshine&daisies Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

13th February 2014:
Please update soon! I can't wait to read the next chapter! This story is one of my favorites :)

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Review #9, by honey68 Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

24th January 2014:
I started reading this the other day and I end with this cliff-hanger! Ahhh please update!
Thanks X
ps I love the story!

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Review #10, by maraudertimes Chapter one - Best Friends Forever

14th January 2014:
Hi! So sorry it took so long to get back to you!

Okay, so I was really intrigued by the summary of this story and needless to say, I was not disappointed.

The only thing that I would consider CC is there are a few typos - or I think there are. Should it be 'in the team' or 'on the team?' 'On' sounds better to me, although it could just be a matter of preference.

Other than that, this was actually quite sad. I really felt bad for Gwenny. The only people I ever fancy never actually talk to me, so I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be so completely in love with your best friend.

And although he seems to be saying that he loves her 'like a sister,' James isn't being very fair. Even if he doesn't know that Gwen loves him, all his flirty behaviours really shouldn't be appropriate. Although that might just be me talking since I know what's really happening 'behind the scenes.' Although, it does make me wonder whether anything is forced. Hmmm.

Anyways, I really loved the dynamic between Gwen and James. Even though they're out of Hogwarts, it's nice to see that their friendship hasn't been lost. Oh, that reminds me, how long have they known each other? Because (and this might be my fault for messing things up) you said they had known each other for eight years, yet James got her a present when she was 12. Seems fair, until the coach says that it's her sixth year on the team... Just something to consider.

But, all in all, I really liked this. It's a bittersweet story, and I really hope it has a happy ending, but I can't be sure. It's quite sad now, but in an interesting way.

Oh and I just saw your author's note about English not being your first language, and other than the 'on' 'in' situation, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell!

So, to sum this up, this was excellent! I really like your style of writing!

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Review #11, by JamesPotterReborn Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

12th January 2014:
Did he seriously just song her? WHILE she has a boyfriend, might I add? ARGH! Why did you leave us on this cliffhanger? Whywhywhywhy? I'm dying to know what happens next! PLEASE UPDATE QUICKLY! I will love you forever if you do.

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Review #12, by xMsFiggx Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

5th January 2014:
Oh yay he kissed her! I am thrilled. I hope that next she will...kiss him back of course! Update soon :)

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Review #13, by kabab Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

3rd January 2014:
OH MY GOD! ep. Finally the moment I've been waiting for. Please let there not be a lot of conflict. Finally they are together like finally :)) :):)

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Review #14, by nott theodore Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

1st January 2014:

This is possibly my favourite chapter so far, and that's saying something because I really love this story! Okay, I'm going to attempt to review this in an actual order!

I really liked the return to the problem of Gwen's dad at the beginning of this chapter, even though I love Gwen and James time - it was kind of nice in a way to be reminded that there are lots of things in Gwen's life that are darker and more serious than others. James, while it's adorable that he's so protective of her, is probably not helping the matter - in fact, in this chapter his over-protective nature was definitely on display. But in a way I think that Gwen's going to have to face the issue of her dad at some point, before she can move on and past it - otherwise it'll constantly hang over her and there'll always be a niggle of doubt in her mind.

The James and Gwen time immediately after that was really cute, and I was smiling all the way through it. I'm not sure if he was trying to flirt with her or just take her mind off things, but he is quite adorable when he wants to be. But Gwen is finally noticing that he's changing towards her and not just in general since he came back from Freddy's, and that can only be a good thing. Please tell me that's a good thing...

I loved the return to Hogwarts in this chapter, because it made me almost nostalgic of the way I felt reading the books (it's been a while since I re-read them). You paid a lot of attention to detail as well, which I really appreciated - like the fact that Gwen would be able to see the Thestrals, and because of that she notices other people's behaviour. The tour round Hogwarts was great too, and the line about the hospital wing made me laugh, because it definitely would be true! Another aspect I really liked was the way that you described them all going off to look at their old common rooms, and most of them headed off to Hufflepuff - it's only something really small, but it's nice not to see the Hufflepuffs all assumed to be rubbish at things like Quidditch. The way the Fat Lady treated them made me smile as well.

I really loved the idea of the different Quidditch players going to Hogwarts and offering a flying workshop for the students there. It's definitely a good thing for Gwen, I think, when she's starting to realise that the fans are actually people who she can interact with, not just distant strangers. The little girl that she coached was so cute, and it was lovely that she reminded her of Gwen when she first met Ginny. I wonder if the little girl will appear again in the story? I hope she makes it onto the house team!

And of course... the ending! I had such a big grin on my face when I first read it, and I had to go and read it again to make sure it had actually happened, and it wasn't just something I'd imagined! I loved the contrast between the start of the chapter and this ending, and I loved the way that you built up towards the kiss at the end! As James was leading Gwen through the halls of Hogwarts to escape the girls, I could sense that something was going to happen, but I didn't know what. Then when they were in the broom cupboard, I could see that James was building up his courage as he was talking to Gwen, and I'm so glad he finally did something! I'm fangirling a bit now, but I'm so happy that they finally kissed!

Unfortunately, though, I think that you might torture us a bit more and this won't end in the happy way I'm hoping - at least, not at the moment. Is someone going to open the broom cupboard and see them kissing - a reporter, maybe? Or maybe Gwen will panic about Joshua and ruin things... I'm not sure I can trust that everything's going to work out alright!

Another great chapter, and I hope that the next update is soon!

Sian :)

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Review #15, by nott theodore Chapter twenty-two - Flying Again

1st January 2014:
Hello! I haven't read much on the archives in a while and I was really excited when I saw that there were two new chapters of this story for me to read! (I'm not sure, but I think you may have accidentally swapped round chapter 17 and 18, because they were in the wrong order when I was looking just before. I thought I'd let you know just in case!)

I am so excited about the fact that James is back in this story, and I was so happy seeing all the James and Gwen time in this chapter. Especially because I think that James has finally realised how he feels about her and is kind of testing the waters, in his own way, even though she has a boyfriend and remains completely ignorant of the way he's behaving. I wonder how long it'll take her to realise? All of the things that he was saying to 'try and get her to blush' were really cute - and I know they're both using that as an excuse for him saying those things, but I'm sure that he really means them. I want him to mean them, anyway! I'm shipping these two so much and I really want them to admit their feelings for each other at some point, but I have a feeling things won't be quite that simple and there's some more twists and turns on the way in this story!

Back to trying to review this chapter in some kind of order... I wanted to say that I'm really impressed with the way that you manage to handle so many different storylines at once without putting too much emphasis on a particular one, to the point that the reader forgets the others (if that makes sense). I liked seeing some of the way that Gwen's developed in this chapter, the way that she was calmer with the reporters and more willing to accept the instructions she's been given, so she gets back in the air.

This break-in... I have a bad feeling about it. I can't work out the reasons behind it but I'm sure it must be connected in some way with some other part of this story - perhaps people trying to find information on James and the fake pregnancy, or maybe Gwen and her father? I'm not sure, but it can't have been a standard theft if they left the brooms and other things like that, and it also seems like they've gone to a lot of effort to actually break in. I'd say it must be quite powerful magic, too, which must limit the people who could have achieved it...

James... (I couldn't not come back to him, could I?) I can't work out what he's doing. Your writing somehow makes me doubt what I'm sure of, that he has feelings for Gwen just like she has feelings for him! Here - is he trying to flirt, to test the waters, or just being truthful? There's a definite change in him since before the debacle with the fake pregnancy, and he was even cooking in this chapter! To try and impress Gwen? To pay her back for all the things she does for him? What he said about watching her fall and the accident was so cute, too - I think it's a good thing for Gwen to hear, in a way, because maybe she needs to realise that what happened to her was extremely serious.

I have a little Brit-pick for you towards the end - we call the bachelor/bachelorette parties stag/hen-dos in Britain :) I'm really intrigued to see how they end up playing out, and whether or not the couples games make things awkward or spur things along between Gwen and James!

This was a great chapter, and I'm on to the next one now!

Sian :)

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Review #16, by becky Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

29th December 2013:
PLEASE update soon! Sorry I haven't reviewed every chapter but I just read them all in one go: couldn't help myself! I'm dying here: please don't leave it too long! I've never read such a cliffhanger in my life!
1 million/10


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Review #17, by Ashley Lovegood Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

26th December 2013:

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Review #18, by Ashley Lovegood Chapter twenty - A Warm Welcome

26th December 2013:
Gwen needs to pull her head out of her butt and realize how crazy about her James is!

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Review #19, by LilyLou Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

23rd December 2013:
No! Please update soon! Please oh please! I can't wait to find out what happens! I'm about to spontaneously combust over here! Great chapter, I can't wait for more!


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Review #20, by ihate coming up with usernames Chapter eighteen - Euphoria

23rd December 2013:
heres your thank you review.

'oh, thank you, for getting rid of kat,
she was really nothing but a prat,
who wasn't really pregnet,
so thank you, my dear"

(sung to the tune of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas')

Thank You!

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Review #21, by ihate coming up with usernames Chapter seven - New Year's Resolution

22nd December 2013:
I want her to get over James, get a new boyfriend, her dad to get out of Azkaban, her to confront her, James relies her feelings for Gwen, her to move on, he annonces his feelings, and then her saying "You had your chance", James and Gwen get in a fight, she still has boyfriend, her career sky-rockets, James and Gwen are still in a fight, and the rest of the story is from James point of view while he fights to get her back, while Gwen is now crumbling with the loss of James and by extension his family, as things are now awkward, the pressure of the papperatsi, and her strained relationship with her father leaving her with about no family at all. I'd love if that happened. That's how I want the story to go

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Review #22, by marissa lily potter Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

22nd December 2013:
Holy Merlin, did that actually just happen right at the end? I've been waiting for this moment for ages and I didn't think it was going to come haha. Poor Gwenny! I can't even begin to imagine all the mixed up feelings she's going to have to deal with after this. And what is James really thinking? I cannot wait to see what happens between them after this, as awkward as it might be. This story just never fails to amuse me. It's well written and fun to read! I am so stoked for the next chapter!

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Review #23, by AIP Alexander Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

21st December 2013:
Wow! I read your whole story in a day! I know there are thousands of great stories at HPFF, but I never thought anyone would top Mistress's story "Breaking the Quidditch Code," until I read your story! I felt so bad for Gwen when James didn't return her affections (or so she thought!), and I felt like hitting her for adding the "bro" part to James 'confession' in the chapter "Euphoria," and for not realizing the change in his behavior stemmed for his desire to be with her. The way you portray Gwen makes me love her as much as JKR's Harry, Ron, and Hermione, something I had only ever attributed to Mistress for her character Avery Flint and her relationship to James! I am so glad James used his Gryffie courage to kiss her, but I'm dreading Gwen's confrontation with Joshua, although I can't wait her to tell the Wotter's if they actually end up together! Anyways. Congrats on such a great story, and I hope you won't torture us with a long wait until the next chapter comes out!
Ps. Please write it soon!

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Review #24, by Owlpost68 Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

21st December 2013:
Thank you for that great christmas present!! I've been dying a little with the semester ending this weekend, so this was a perfect treat as a break :) I still have one essay to do, but then I'm done and can work on my own story :P
I may have to go back and read the last chapter because I don't know if I really remember it or read it. I really didn't think he'd do it! These things have come so close to happening before and they didn't, so it was still a great surprise. I think the grammar was almost perfect, and of course the imagery was great too, I could really see her anguish about that paper, and almost smell it burning. I didn't even think that they kissed in a broom closet cliche 'cause he has foiled any attempts she's made, and they aren't even students lol. Anyway, great job, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday! Thanks for such a great chapter,

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Review #25, by Gina Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

18th December 2013:
Yay! I was sure this story was abandoned, then as I was going through the recently updated on the homepage, I was sooo happy to see it there! Thanks for continuing!

I love it of course! :)

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