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Review #1, by papilio Chapter 8: Owls

30th June 2014:
Omg I have never laughed so much at something that isn't mean to be funny but the ps:harry say hi just got to me lol.

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm glad I got you to laugh nevertheless! :)
I hope you're enjoying the story anyhow. :D

Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a review, it's appreciated!

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Review #2, by hpfflover1 Chapter 47: 18 Years Later

3rd June 2014:
This was really sweet and a cute ending! I really enjoyed the obliviate twist too. :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! :) It's lovely to hear from the readers! I really appreciate it! :D

I had so much fun writing this story, I really love looking back on it as having written it over the span of nearly three years, I can see my personal improvement and development as a writer, which is pretty neat! :P

Another benefit would be the amount of thinking time to come up with twists too! I initially considered having her test the spell on Lockhart but... I decided he didn't deserve it. :)

Once again, thanks for reviewing and reading!


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Review #3, by Winnie Chapter 40: Suspicion

29th May 2014:
God bless! I would've died if this didn't happen.

Author's Response: Haha things were all starting to fall into place! Thank you so much for your reviews and I'm guessing you finished the story? :)

I hope you enjoyed it and once again, thanks for reading 'Drowning Down Under'!!!


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Review #4, by Winnie Chapter 39: A Night Out

29th May 2014:
Draco needs to tell Ginny about this! I'm having one of those moments where I just want to scream at the TV, or in this case, fan fiction.

Author's Response: I get those moments a lot from fanfiction. Especially when I find something funny! I always laugh aloud and get asked what it is. xD


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Review #5, by Winnie Chapter 38: Irreversible

29th May 2014:
Hopefully Draco and Hermione will fall in love all over again. With hope, anything can happen, right?

Author's Response: Oh yes... :)
That was part of the fun of this plot twist, they were able to start afresh. Unfortunately Draco didn't have that ease...


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Review #6, by Winnie Chapter 37: Obliviate

29th May 2014:
Hermione knows how to undo Obliviate!

Author's Response: Oh yes she does! :D


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Review #7, by Winnie Chapter 30: Home

28th May 2014:
I feel like something bad will happen when Hermione meets Draco's parents. It's a gut feeling.

Author's Response: I think you should trust your instincts... :)
But maybe hold off on that gut instinct for a few chapters!


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Review #8, by Winnie Chapter 23: Used?

27th May 2014:
I hate Ron sometimes.

Author's Response: Me too Winnie... Me too... :)


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Review #9, by Winnie Chapter 15: Doris

27th May 2014:
God bless! Doris was starting to annoy me!

Author's Response: I actually love Doris! She was one of the funniest characters to write! :)


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Review #10, by Winnie Chapter 8: Owls

27th May 2014:
Ah, Draco. Just charm her with your good looks. It'll work, believe me.

Author's Response: Well... It would have if she was any other girl, and they didn't have such a complicated history...


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Review #11, by Winnie Chapter 4: Draco bloody Malfoy

27th May 2014:
Well, well, well, young Draco here has gotten himself a little. . . . what do you call it? Crush.. . .

Author's Response: Hahaha indeed he has! Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by Canadiangrl Chapter 47: 18 Years Later

15th April 2014:
So so so cute
Ginny would have spilled the beans way before :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much :)
Ginny can always keep things to herself when she needs to... She did come from a family of 6 brothers!
Thanks for reading!!

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Review #13, by LizMalfoy Chapter 47: 18 Years Later

5th April 2014:
I loved this. It was great.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! That means a lot!!! :)


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Review #14, by Padfoot91198 Chapter 47: 18 Years Later

17th February 2014:
I can't believe I finished this in a day. I refused to stop until I finished. I thought it was amazing! It has taken me a long time to find a good HP fanfic, but now, I finally found one! so thank you for that! Keep writing and I can't wait for other stories if you do!
P.s, I f* loved that ending. Nox. ugh! brilliant!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! Your review is so sweet. :-)

I know what you mean about finding a good fanfic! I'm honoured my one fits the criteria of a goof fanfic now :)

I'm feeling a little compelled to put a new story I've been working on's first chapter up... So watch out for that!

I'm honoured you finished this story in a day! And thank you for enjoying my story and ending!


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Review #15, by Stunned Chapter 47: 18 Years Later

16th February 2014:
I actually have tears in my eyes, I cannot believe this story is finished, I have enjoyed every second of reading it. I have laughed, smiled and now apparently I have cried as well!
As a last chapter, this was sublime. A lovely focus on the younger generation (I'm very excited for you to write a next generation story, and also I think the idea of the one-shot is brilliant, definitely do both of those!)
The characterisation of this chapter was really good, you could easily see the traits of Draco and Hermione within Rose, Charlotte and Scorpius, that was brilliantly done.
The ending of the chapter and the story was SO GOOD. 'Nox' was just a really unique and perfect way to finish it off, it hadn't even occurred to me that that was a possible way to end the story, but an amazing idea.
I just like to say how much I have enjoyed reading this story, your writing is now officially wonderful, I feel so privileged to have been able to read the story and I'm very proud as a reader now the story is over.
I literally do not want to end this review, because it means my link with this story will be over :( I will no doubt come back and re-read this story at a later date but in the mean time please keep writing, your one-shot and next generation ideas sound like a super read.
So, here goes, my last review of this story- THANK YOU! 1000/10!
Love, Stunned x
P.S. Nox.

Author's Response: I have been putting off replying to this review for nearly two months... but it's time for me to grow up and attempt to write a reply worthy of this wonderful review.

Firstly, you have been such a wonderful reader! You were always supportive and have replied (almost) all of my chapters! I'm honoured to have made you cry... to be honest I sobbed a bit writing the end of this story, it's always hard to finish something you've been a part of for so long and this fanfic was no exception.

I've actually written about four chapters of the next generation fanfic... but I'm not sure whether it's up to par. I'll look at it critically and try to have it up within the next week (s). I'm so glad you liked 'Nox'! I just thought of it at the end and realised it fit so perfectly and powerfully. So there you go! :P

Thank you again Stunned, It's been an honour.

For the last time,

Drowning Down Under

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Review #16, by Stunned Chapter 46: A New Chapter

13th February 2014:
AHH AUSSIELOTTIE!! I am SO tempted to stand on my chair and do some weird sort of happy dance but I MUST REFRAIN MYSELF!
That was a favourite chapter of mine definitely! So good how you started it all off and just made it seem like any other normal chapter and then BOOM! - Draco proposes. I loved Ginny by the way, she was perfect in the moments leading up to the proposal.
And the proposal... WOW. What to say? Well:
a) I loved how you did it, kind of unexpected and in an unexpected way but I thought that worked really well.
b) I am also really happy with the turn out of the proposal, the whole 'not yet' thing is super exciting and definitely the best thing to do.
c) I think the idea of Draco asking everyday until she says yes is SO ADORABLE and I really hope you actually do this! That would be amazing.
The ending to the chapter was very apt as well, how everybody turned out to welcome them home.
Also, on the note of what to do about a sequel. I think its a brilliant idea, I really want to read your take on their children's lives'.
Well, I'm finally at the end of a very long review, I'd be surprised if you're still reading it haha (congratulations if you are!) If you hadn't already guessed, I LOVED THE CHAPTER IT WAS SO AMAZING!!
Love, Stunned x

Author's Response: Stunned,
I'm honoured you almost did a happy dance! :)
To be fair I've been in the same boat more than once when I come across a fantastic fanfiction! I'm delighted to have written another favourite chapter of yours! Yes... I promised to end the story after the proposal and I have stuck to my word. :D

I'm delighted that you liked my impromptu proposal! Although Draco has been planning it for a while... And Ginny's known for a couple of chapters! Hermione might be in love... But she is also 19 years old and not ready to be engaged yet, she knows she wants to marry him someday, but that someday is far away in the future!

As for the asking everyday... I might just write a one-shot dedicated to you!

I've tried my best to reply to your long reply with a long reply of my own... Thanks for WRITING AWESOMELY AMAZING FEELGOOD REVIEWS!


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Review #17, by Stunned Chapter 45:Graduation

9th February 2014:
AH!!! Such a satisfying chapter!
All we really need now is for Draco to propose and BOOM happily ever after! (finally-you've certainly kept us waiting long enough!)
An amazing chapter like usual, very simple but great fun to read at the same time! I liked the Luna and Rolf bit especially, that worked really well.
I'm so excited for the next few chapters of this story and I can't believe it's drawing to a close!
Until the next chapter!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Aww :)
Thank you so much!
I'm getting really sad about ending this story now but I've practically done everything I set out to do with this story! I'm thinking of changing "All About Time" into a one shot and then writing a second generation story as a sequel to this... What do you think? :P

So yes... The proposal is coming up and I've been trying to bring some canon back to the story :D

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Marta Kalen Chapter 4: Draco bloody Malfoy

5th February 2014:
Lovely story; great character perspective change and plot twists! Bravo :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It's lovely to get reviews like yours! They put a huge smile on my face! :D
I hope you enjoy my further chapters!

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Review #19, by theWICKEDone Chapter 44: Quidditch

5th February 2014:
I completely love this story through and through! Its On my favorites list. Your writing is amazing! Please write an epilogue I want to know what happens afterwords! If you don't thats okay too I just don't want this story to end! Anyways until next chapter!

- theWICKEDone

Author's Response: theWICKEDone,
Thank you so much, your review was too sweet! I'm honoured to be on your favourites list! I'll write an epilogue... Just for you!


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Review #20, by Booklover Chapter 44: Quidditch

4th February 2014:
Best hermoine draco story I've ever read. also one of the best in general I've found on this site. thank you

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm smiling so much right now! It's so lovely to get reviews like this! I think you're being TOO kind but thanks all the same! :D

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Review #21, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 44: Quidditch

3rd February 2014:
Sounds to me that everyone is pleased in the way their lives are turning, that's a good thing. Loved the chapter.
What's a little up & down without a little cheese in between?

Author's Response: Everyone needs a slice of cheese now and then... :D
I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed the chapter, things are changing for the better I think, they're all growing up!!

Thanks for reading and reviewing, it means a lot!

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Review #22, by Stunned Chapter 44: Quidditch

3rd February 2014:
You updated!! Yay I appreciate it so much as I know how hectic and hard it can be to update when you have a busy week, but I must say I can always rely on you for an amazing chapter regularly (I honestly need regular doses of this story otherwise I think I may cry) ;)
Well thank you for the mention at the end of the A/N I feel super privileged!
Another super chapter, I loved how the focus was on Ginny and Draco mostly, it's good to switch that around sometimes. I'm super happy for them both as well so I'm very glad you included that in the chapter, as well as Hermione's potential position in the Ministry I liked how you worked that in, it's definitely a Hermione-ish job!
I also really like how you vary your speech, sometimes it's 'said' or 'snorted' or 'laughed' and that variation definitely makes for a more interesting chapter!
Really good content again, I'm so glad I found this story!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Awww :3
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I think the thing I'm going to miss most about finishing this story will be the reviews. Having loyal readers really is the best feeling! :D

I thought that it was important to give a little bit more of a broader view to the future of Ginny, Draco and Hermione... I don't like loose ends! :D

I make it a point to vary my speech, using 'said' all the time drives me insane! As does 'yea'... xD

Thanks for reading!

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Review #23, by Stunned Chapter 43: A Good One

25th January 2014:
Firstly, I absolutely definitely want an epilogue because I literally don't want this story to end!
I loved the ending, especially Ginny's last line, I thought that had real impact.
And I'm glad that Hermione was there when they told Lucius I thought that sort of rounded off the whole memory loss thing very well.
Again, I really liked McGonagall in this chapter, I think you write her with real style!
I am so glad everything is sorted between Draco and Hermione and I really liked their relationship in this chapter, comfortable but loving, I thought that suited the situation perfectly.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
Stunned x

Author's Response: It's intimidating for me to finish my story... I'm kind of sad it is coming to an end. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending! It was a happy ending at last... Things are falling into place!

I'm very glad that you liked McGonagall again! She's such a special character and it's so nice to hear that I was able to represent her convincingly!

Next chapter is coming soon...
Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by Stunned Chapter 42: Memoria Reverto

18th January 2014:
I think this is one of my favourite chapters, everything went at a good pace and just yeah, perfect really!
Definitely liked how you started later on in time and then went back to explain it all, very effective.
I'm excited for what the next chapter brings, oh tense with Lucius!
Anyway, I loved the Dramione action in the chapter (as always) and the whole spell moment where everything came rushing back to Hermione, expertly done. I thought that the idea of it all coming back in a jumbled order was especially cool as well!
Until the next chapter (hopefully not too long as you've been updating amazingly quickly recently THANK YOU for that!)
Stunned x
P.S. forgot to mention that I also liked the interaction between Harry and McGonagall, I think that portrayed really well how much of a soft spot she has for him!

Author's Response: Naww! Thanks so much for your lovely review Stunned! You're much too sweet!

I'm glad that this was one of your favourite chapters! I was very happy as I wrote it, writing the memories returning was probably my favourite part! I'm glad you liked the speed of the chapter, I was a little worried it might have been too fast moving but you've put me at ease!

Minerva is especially difficult to write for me, so I have been challenging myself to make it as realistic as possible, but yeah, I imagine she would have a huge soft spot for him! :)

Next chapter... Yes, I intend to put it up for validation later today or tomorrow... Depending when I write the next chapter!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by Booklover Chapter 41: Accusations

17th January 2014:
Love the story. Read up until this chapter in one sitting. Can't wait for the next part.

Author's Response: Booklover,

Thank you very much! I can't believe you read it all in one sitting! Although actually I can... I tend to stay up far too late reading fanfics... I hope you enjoyed it!! Out of curiosity... How long did it take for you to get through all 41 chapters? :P

The next chapter should be up soon as I have just put it up for validation!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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