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Review #1, by GinnyPotterForever Young Love

5th January 2017:
I had a lot of fun reading a James/Lily fic after a long time. I loved every bit of it. Keep writing awesome stuff!

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Review #2, by Kristina1990 A Bottle of Firewhiskey

29th December 2016:
I think if I'd run into a room with four half-drunk teenagers, I would've turned around and fled very, very far away. Before they come up with some crazy ideas on how to pass their time.

“A beautiful girlfriend willing to put up with my bad habits, the best friends in the world, and firewhiskey that is very much against the rules. Life is wonderful.”


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Review #3, by RavenclawFTW Quidditch

11th August 2015:
Ahhh Branwen I love this collection! Today I was feeling kinda down and Jily is my OTP so I thought this would be a great way to cheer me up, and it was! I love how you've made your James so cocky and funny while also being thoughtful-- it's clear he's grown up since the OWLs incident, but you can see how this character has developed from there. He's not perfect by any means, but Lily has grown to find him endearing rather than arrogant and obnoxious, which is a wonderfully realistic progression. And Lily is so independent and lovable-- I know it's in the first chapter, but I really loved how she was the one to ask him out in the end!

This chapter was a nice resolution on the Snape issue. I'm impressed that he found it within himself to actually do the mature thing, but it's a great testament to their former friendship. It's also rather sad because you can tell how much their friendship meant to him (well, duh, he's in love with her) while Lily continually realizes that she prefers James immensely.

James and Lily just seem to share such a wonderful and mature relationship that's founded on such mutual love and seriously made my day reading about them and I'm so glad you've posted this! I noticed you haven't updated in a while, so I hope that you'll find it within yourself to do so at some point! I'd love to hear more about their adventures. :)


(Also, this counts for BvB! Yay!)

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell Quidditch

8th August 2015:
That was an interesting thing for Severus to say. I wonder if he really meant it. Obviously it doesn't last, at least to the point that he's happy enough to let James and Harry die so long as he can have a second chance at Lily. Still, if he meant it now, it would give some complexity to his character. It makes me a little, *tiny* bit more sympathetic towards him. So tiny. So small. But it's there.

And yay for more Lily-Marauder interaction. Hanging out with Peter, making his eventual defection all the more painful. Whoo!

The lion cub that had been curled up sleeping on the edge of it did not appreciate the intrusion, but the last thing they needed was to wake up half the House.
--Is the lion cub knit into the rug? Or is there really a baby lion that is chilling in Gryffindor House. It seems less likely, but that's sort of what it sounds like, here.

I've really enjoyed this story, and if you ever end up adding a few more chapters to it, I would be DELIGHTED to read them. It really did lift me up when I was feeling a bit down, to read all the gooey sweet Jily loveliness. So thanks!


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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell Potions

8th August 2015:
Ugh. Snape. I totally argue that Snape never did love her properly, and I think that comes across quite readily here.

Though telling Severus that she was sleeping with James is a bit petty, I can't blame her much for it. They're young, and he's being such a jerk, and she knew it would have an effect on him--make him realize that she really is serious about James and he needs to back. off.

I like the idea of James taking Potions just to be around Lily. I could totally believe that. I also like the little bits when we get to see a bit of Lily and Sirius' friendship, since that grows so strong by the time Harry is orphaned. I like seeing her interact with the other Marauders. It's sweet.


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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell Petunia

8th August 2015:
I LOVE IT!!! I don't know what the plan exactly is here, but I just love the whole different spin on Lily's and Petunia's relationship. Do they fall out harder when James and Lily marry? Or is it just that Petunia continues to be negatively effected by her relationship with Vernon, and always loves her sister deeply if complicatedly, but resents Harry as the reason that Lily is dead?

Either way, I really am interested in this totally different take on how Lily and Petunia's relationship goes. I've never seen it portrayed this positively before, and I'm enjoying the change.


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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell Mrs. Potter

8th August 2015:
“You’re not one of those vegetins, are you?”
--That made me laugh, as did James' response to it later.

Poor Lily! Who wouldn't have been mortified?! And I understand her thought process--wizards are so old-fashioned, it's hard to imagine them being so chill about that sort of thing. But then it always seemed like the Potters were affectionate, but really let James do his own thing without much concern, so I can believe it.

Aw. James and Lily are both a little insecure, based on the way they had presented themselves before, I guess: James as Mr. Smooth, and Lily as the girl who would never say yes to him. But it's good that they're dealing with all that and working through it. Realistic.


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell The Muggle World, Part 2

8th August 2015:
Sneaky, sneaky. And oh no, the disastrous dinner is now coming up. It's gonna hurt worse now, because she and Petunia are still friends. But I still love that element. It's worth the pain.

And now she finally knows where he gets that nickname from!

“So is that what you were talking earlier?”
--I believe that this sentence is missing an "about"

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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell The Muggle World, Part 1

8th August 2015:
“He’s not like that other one, is he?”

Lily glanced over at Petunia. “Who, Severus?” Petunia nodded, and Lily snorted in amusement. “Definitely not. James hates Severus.”

Petunia seemed to brighten a little at that.

--I really liked this exchange. I don't read Marauder fics that often, but when I do I so rarely find Petunia and Lily on decent terms at this point. I love the way you've done it here. I can sense a bit of resentment from Petunia, but she's trying. Lily's trying. They're still sisters, and they still love each other. Even though they're bound to fall out, this is a nice change. I also like how you included a bit of Petunia's side, deciding not to comment on the "muggle world" comment. Muggle doesn't sound like too nice a word to begin with. Not bad exactly, but like "muddled"--sort of ignorant. If my sister had magic and I didn't, I certainly wouldn't appreciate being referred to as a "muggle".

James and Petunia bond over hating Severus! They get along, be it ever so briefly! I love it!

You know, now that I think of it, even though most of it stemmed from jealousy, I can't really fault Petunia for taste (or distaste, rather) when it comes to Snape. He certainly gave her no reason to like him (though that might have been mutual). Can't get past Vernon, though--ugh!

And Petunia helps them sneak away. I really do love your portrayal of them as sisters, here. And I do think it makes sense, even. Petunia might personally cling to normalcy, especially as she gets deeper in with Vernon, but she really did love Lily. And it seems pretty obvious to me that Snape intentionally tried to drive a wedge between them because he wanted Lily all to himself. I imagine that after Lily stopped being friends with Severus, she and Petunia might have grown closer for a while. I can certainly see Petunia trying to comfort her after she's broken up with her best friend. She'd have no end of negative things to say about him, and Lily would tire of venting before Petunia would tire of hearing of it.

“Why are you going out with me, again?”

“Your looks,” Lily said blithely. “You’re my trophy boyfriend.”

--Ack! It just SOUNDS like them. It's adorable!

CC: caught this one bit--
but it Mum saw me bringing you up here,
"it" should be "if"



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Review #10, by Penelope Inkwell The Riddle of the Sphinx

8th August 2015:
But money was just money, and he had more than enough of it. He only had one girlfriend, and he wanted to make her smile.
--That sounds so like I imagine James would have been!

I also love how you've given Lily distinct interests and hobbies. That's one of those things that, for some reason, a lot of people seem to neglect in fics that I've read--adding the tiny, every day details. A passion for sphinxes is really unique. And the idea of the griffin ornaments--I LOVE that!


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Review #11, by Penelope Inkwell Veritaserum

8th August 2015:
Ugh. Snape would pick that moment. Clever of him, though. I'm so glad he didn't make her say something that could have led to a fight. Seriously, this fic is slowly but surely helping me to return to my happy place. I needed this so much just now. Thanks! :D


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Review #12, by Penelope Inkwell Winter Wonderland

8th August 2015:
D'aw. My heart, calcified after an exhausting work week, is thawing like the snow in the face of their general adorableness. It's practically a healing experience.


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Review #13, by Penelope Inkwell Hogsmeade

8th August 2015:
It's so sweet! Ahh, this is exactly what I need right now. Some lovely Jily fluff. And well written, too :)


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Review #14, by Penelope Inkwell A Light That Never Goes Out

8th August 2015:
This is so CUTE!!! I don't often read Marauders era, but I must have seen this recommended somewhere and thought to give it a try. It really is adorable! I like that Lily takes charge, and that she secretly likes Madame Puddifoot's.

And she turned him down out of habit! Bahahah!

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Review #15, by Tessa Alice Quidditch

3rd August 2015:

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Review #16, by mariane Quidditch

23rd July 2014:
this is so so so great!!! please update? I love how you're making the characters realistic and your dialogues are amazing :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm planning on updating soon. :)

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Review #17, by marauderfan Hogsmeade

10th July 2014:
Once again, this is just all kinds of cute. There is something so endearing about nervous James! He has certainly come far since fifth year - and so has Lily. I loved the mentions of how arrogant and obnoxious he was then and how Lily took every opportunity to call him a toerag - it shows how much they've grown up since then, as their dialogue is kind of a mix of banter and respectful - something which neither of them really was before.

Their date was really sweet too. Seriously, I was just grinning through the whole chapter, I love some good James/Lily fluff. :D

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I agree that they both must have come a long way since their fifth year, and I tried to capture the tension without going overboard. I'm glad that it worked for you. :)

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Review #18, by marauderfan A Light That Never Goes Out

10th July 2014:
Hello there! I am so glad you posted a link to this story because I love what I've read so far - James and Lily are adorable. It's absolutely perfect that she asked him out, too! :D

I think my favourite part is the dialogue - they have this natural, easy way of talking to each other and teasing each other that feels very friendly and sweet. Lily's nervousness was cute too. As if he'd actually say no to her, after asking her out approximately 283798 times in the previous years. Awww. Loved it!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :) I'm really glad you liked it, and that you liked the twist on Lily asking James out - I haven't really seen it elsewhere, so I was a little afraid people would kind of hate it. :P

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Review #19, by love_is_magic_ Quidditch

20th February 2014:
I just discovered this story and I absolutely love it. Like, really really love it. You do a really great job of showing their relationship and making it interesting to read. I really hope you start writing this story again soon! It's going straight into my favourites!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter now - life has been really crazy, but I'm trying to get back on top of my fanfics, because they're fun and relaxing. :P

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Review #20, by Owlpost68 Quidditch

27th December 2013:
"What, you don't think I'm trustworthy?"
Who does?" Chorused Peter and Jane together, and Sirius threw his head back and laughed.

This is so entirely ironic and well done I just can't get over it. I wonder if you did it on purpose? Sirius saying that and Peter replying how he did? When that's exactly what happens, Sirius gets blamed for James and Lily's death, and no one thinks Peter could have possibly been behind it. Plus how Sirius was laughing in his prison photo, and here. That's just incredible.

I also think they were all in character, I wasn't sure about Snape, but thinking about it I do think he would love her enough to not make her more miserable. I have to say the quidditch scene seemed rushed though, but all in all, great job!

Author's Response: Hmm, I totally get what you mean about the Quidditch scene - thanks for the input! I'll see about expanding it.

I'm really glad you picked that up about Peter, too - I wasn't sure whether anyone would, but yeah, I was definitely thinking about the irony there. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by AlexFan Quidditch

11th November 2013:
Some redemption for Snape at last! Praise The Lord Halleljuah! He's actually being mature about the matter for once instead of acting like a little kid who didn't get what he wanted.

I was actually surprised and impressed that Snape was being so mature about what Lily did to be perfectly honest. I was expecting just like Lily for some nasty rumor to be circulating. Brownie points for Snape being a little bit decent.

And wowie, James and Lily had their first fight as a couple. I can see how school would cause stress and tension and someone would snap. I can totally relate to how James feels about Potions.

Anyway, great chapter and I'll be sure to check out that one-shot!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm definitely not Snape's biggest fan, but I do think that he sometimes gets more crit than he really deserves - he had a terrible, terrible home life, and he was sorted into the last house he needed if he was going to dig himself out of it. In some ways, I feel like Harry was probably buffered from that by his ignorance about the wizarding world - Snape knew just enough to be sucked into some very poor choices.

That said, I still don't like him… but I'm really glad you liked my take here!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #22, by AlexFan Potions

11th November 2013:
You go Lily! You tell Severus where to shove it and you tell him to keep his nose out! But maybe she shouldn't have included so much of her private life while she was at it. I dislike Snape as much as the next person but even I don't think that he needed to know what Lily and James did during their private time.

But Snape needs to give it up with the sass, it's not working for him and it just makes me want to throw a brick at him. James cannot do anything at all otherwise Snape is going to comment on it and find something wrong with it. He can't even fail Potions without Snape making a comment about he's a loser.

We should introduce Snape to the game "Lets all guess why Lily won't be your friend!" So that he can realise that he's not exactly being friend material. Considering how he's treating Lily, he really shouldn't be surprised that she doesn't want to be his friend.

Author's Response: Yeah, she definitely should have kept that part to herself... but I tend to think of Lily as having a bit of a temper, so I can totally see her saying more than she should have in the heat of the moment. And, in her defense, she's not totally aware of how Severus feels about her, so she doesn't necessarily put all of that together, you know?

I really, really like the idea of that game. I kind of want to write a parody about it. :P

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Review #23, by AlexFan Petunia

11th November 2013:
I was so glad that you included the little incident between Vernon and James because I don't see it a lot in fanfiction. My favourite thing about this was how sorry James was about messing up the evening. He knew that what he did was wrong and he apologised for it.

It's one of the great and many things that makes me love James. He knows when he's wrong and he's willing to swallow his pride to admit it.

And I've been mentioning Petunia a lot but seriously, she's so much more mature in this fanfiction than in most fanfiction. She isn't really holding a grudge all that much and even though she clearly doesn't like Lily, she still treats her like a sister and I think that's great.

Author's Response: Yeah, Petunia's a character that I find really, really interesting, and I think that she often gets a very cursory treatment that isn't really warranted. There's a lot of history and hurt feelings and inferiority mixed up in her relationship with her sister, but I think that it wasn't anything remotely approaching simple, and I definitely think that she cared about Lily a lot, even if she didn't necessarily like her.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #24, by AlexFan Mrs. Potter

11th November 2013:
Mrs Potter and I, we're best friends. For someone who is really old, she's got a great sense of humor and she sounds really young. I especially enjoyed how uncomfortable and embarrassed she was making James.

Speaking of James, he has clearly gotten his priorities straightened judging by the incident in which his mother barged into his room and found Lily in his bed.

And for the first time ever, Lily is insecure. It's good to see another part of her, it makes her seem more human and her insecurity is totally understandable considering James' reputation at Hogwarts. I like how we're seeing more sides to Lily.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm really glad you liked seeing Lily's insecurity - I personally love (love, love) Lily, but I do think that she, like all of us, must have been prone to moments of insecurity, especially considering what James was often like at Hogwarts, and I'm so happy it came across as genuine.

I'm also very glad you liked Mrs. Potter, because I had a lot of fun with her. :P

Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by AlexFan The Muggle World, Part 2

10th November 2013:
I feel so incredibly proud of Petunia for making that offer of dinner with her and Vernon and Lily and James. Your Petunia is one of my favourite versions of her. You have that part of her that everyone has come to know and hate, but you've also added in things that leave your mark on Petunia's character. I applaud you on her characterisation.

I love Lily's parents, I just find them funny and how they're so protective of their daughter. I wouldn't expect them to be any other way.

Also, Lily's reaction to finding out that James is a stag was perfect as well. It wasn't overdone but it was the correct dose of shocked so that it was believable.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you like my Petunia - I know I have a bit of a different take on her than most people, in some ways, but I just feel like her relationship with her sister was much more complicated than it's often made out to be. They were sisters, after all.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I'm so sorry it took so long for me to respond.

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