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Review #1, by emma28 What an Idiot

21st December 2016:
Great story! Loved it. You had me hooked from the start!

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Review #2, by Toni What an Idiot

6th December 2016:
I have just read you story. I thought it was really nice. Also thank you for ending it on a happy note, not like most Sirius stories. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) And I completely understand that feeling with reading Sirius stories. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the happy ending as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Review #3, by Abbie Asphodel, Powdered Root of

5th October 2016:
I have no idea if you're still reading reviews of this story but I just wanted to tell you that it is amazing! I've basically spent my entire afternoon power-reading all of the chapters up until now and I felt that it was probably overdue that I should actually write a review haha!

Love the story, love all the lovely fluffy goodness and I really hope Millie and Sirius work things out because he is literally the cutest!

Well I'll get back to reading now - see ya at the end!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes, I'm still reading reviews - I'm just terrible at replying.

Thank you so so much for reading! I'm very pleased that you've enjoyed the story. I think reading fanfic is the perfect way to spend the afternoon :P

I hope you got to the end - and liked it as much as I liked writing it :)

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Review #4, by looneylizzie What an Idiot

29th April 2016:

Alright! I actually made it here this time! WHOOT!

I read a few chapters of this story a while back, but I didnít review at the time (cause Iím horrible at reviewing, if you havenít noticed), so Iím kind of excited to start again and review! :D

Now, onto the first chapterÖ

Four hours laterÖ

ÖWell. I dunno if you noticed, but this certainly ISNíT the first chapter. In fact, itís the last.

Did I really just get carried away and read all 39 chapters of this story in one sitting? Why yes, it seems that I did! How silly of me.

All joking aside, I seriously intended to just leave a quick review on the first chapter, and now here I am four hours later, sitting here thinking: ďOH MY GODRIC IíM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!Ē

This is amazing. Your writing is amazing. The plot is amazing. Millie is amazing. Sirius is amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY IS FREAKINí AMAZING!!

I donít really like Marauders stories in general, but this one is an exception to that rule! You drew me in with Millie and Siriusí intriguing personalities and I couldnít stop reading because I just *had* to see what happened next between those two!

And boy, what a rollercoaster ride they experienced! Their personalities are SO similar, which is what really makes them a good couple, but both of their stubbornness, commitment phobias and general avoidance of talking about feelings is what got in the way of their relationship becoming a real thing for so long ó and the way that you wrote it was beautifully done! Sometimes things like that can get annoying after a while, but I never once felt that way about Millie and Sirius.

The whole pace and intensity of the story was really good the entire time as well, which I know can be a difficult thing to keep up in a story that youíve been writing for a long period of time!

All in all, Iím SO glad that I read this story, because it is absolutely incredible! Your plot and characters are just wonderful, but the best bit is your wonderful way of writing ó you dialogue is so on point, your descriptions never fail to make me jealous, and the little hints of nerdiness that manage to creep their way into your story make it so much more enjoyable!

GAH! I want to gush about this story more, but I really should be off to bed. It may or may not be after 4am now. *blushes* Oops.

AMAZING JOB my dear! Iíve definitely got a new favorite novel to add to my list! Keep writing!!

P.S. Sorry, I hope this review isnít too random - I blame your story for being SO amazing that I couldnít stop reading and thus kept me up late. :P

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Review #5, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon What an Idiot

1st April 2016:
Eep, just finished this, and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it! It was so sweet and fluffy and I just couldn't stop hitting the 'next' button, because I was so desperate for them to finally get together, or at least have some more steamy kisses! I really loved all those sweet late night homework sessions in the common room, it just sounds so cosy! Also, the trip to the Potter's house was adorable.

I think it was really sweet how you wrote Sirius as quite vulnerable around Millie, and how you gave Millie such a stubborn but sweet personality!

Also, this is worlds better than my first fanfiction (although I must have wrote mine at 12 or something haha). Well Done!


Author's Response: I am so impressed that you powered through all 39 chapters - and quite frankly, a lot of rambling - to reach the end so quickly!

Sirius in this story is one of my favourite characters to write of all time (don't tell my other characters that, though). I'm very pleased that you loved him as much as I loved writing him. And of course, Millie is very dear to my heart, being my first OC.

Haha, thank you so much! I've grown so much since writing this story, but the praise still means a lot to me.

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Review #6, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon A First Time for Everything

28th March 2016:
ďWell, if you want her to fawn over you and worship your shadow or something..." This made me giggle.

I really enjoyed this opening chapter, I think I'll have to add it to my reading list! Millie seems like an interesting character - I like her already, and I'm wondering what she 'had to go through this summer'.

Your dialogue is also really on point and fun to read, I'm excited to see what happens next. :)


Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reading! Fair warning, this was my first fanfic, so it can be a little trying at times. Thanks for the review, Kate :)

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Review #7, by PaulaTheProkaryote Early Mornings, Breakfasts, Dresses and Hometowns

28th March 2016:
I'm almost ashamed of the fact that I'm already on chapter 26 and I've been in lab today for twelve hours and only started reading this last night.

I guess that goes to show you how great of a story it is! I had every intention (again) of reviewing every chapter but...well...I got sucked into the story.

Author's Response: Aren't labs the best places to read fanfic? When I was in the lab, that's what I found myself doing whilst I waited for science to happen... AWKS.

Reviewing every chapter is crazy! I'd expect it of maybe three people in my life, but not on this story. There's just too many chapters. Thanks for dropping in again and saying hello!

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Review #8, by PaulaTheProkaryote A First Time for Everything

27th March 2016:
HI! I've already read this, but it was when I was a baby on the forum and never actually left reviews. I'm rereading this story because it was one of my favorites and now I can't remember half of what happened.

Nothing really does make sense until you have breakfast. Millie is so right.

Punk Town...Gotham City...HAHA! I see what you did there!

I'm honestly surprised that this was your first story only because it is so well written. Don't get me wrong, I love your later stuff too, but you really should have gone through the blue eyeshadow phase. It's only fair.

Overall, it's a good introduction to the story and a strong first chapter. I can't wait to read the second one (right this very second).

Author's Response: That is okay! Thank you for simply reading this! I am very very happy that you liked it enough to want to REREAD IT OMG. Sometimes I think about rereading this and I'm like... nope! Too long!

They have ice cream for breakfast which is even better bless you Millie.

Teehee! I seeded Millie's obsession about Batman - which I then wrote about five years later - all the way in chapter one. That is some excellent foreshadowing on my part! Go me!

Aww! Thank you so much! This chapter isn't TOO bad but there are some further on which I flick through sometimes and I'm like... WHY DID I WRITE THIS GARBAGE ARGH. I still don't have the heart to edit this though. It's a testament to how far I've come, I think.

Haha! Thanks for dropping by with this lovely review!


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Review #9, by Madness What an Idiot

27th February 2016:
Just as beautiful as the first time I read it

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so so happy that you reread it AND STILL ENJOYED IT.

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Review #10, by Ninja in Training What an Idiot

31st December 2015:
loved it :) whole story was adorable

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad that you enjoyed it :)

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Review #11, by Maelody It's a Date

27th January 2015:
D'aaaw! So she's going to go? :D Awesome! I bet she secretly really wants to go, anyway. Silly Millie, trying to be all tough and stuff. You know you love Sirius. Everyone does. ;)

Yay! Lily has admitted that she loves James! It was only a matter of time, dear. We all knew it was coming, even before you did. :3

Bahaha! I love the bit where's he's using 'Mrs P' taking him in as a guilt trip to make Millie come. "Not if she doesn't find out about the fake part, yeah." So logical. C'mon, Millie! How does this plan NOT make sense to you?

So far, I'm really in love with this story. It's been so long since I've read a good Sirius/OC fic and this definitely does not disappoint. I was hoping to get the whole story read by the week's end, but I started work and wasn't able to do that. :( But I promise, I will continue to read this and review it! :D It's simply amazing and just so much fun. For a first fic, it's really impressive! Thank you for sharing this with us! I love it very much! :3 I will slow down just a little on the reviewing now since I have a job in the way, but I will finish. ;)


Author's Response: Of course she's going to go! How else is Sirius going to show her what a great guy he is?

Only a matter of time, indeed! Wait until she finds out that her son's "the Chosen One"!

Sirius very skilfully manipulates poor Millie here. But that's kind of what he does best - that's how Millie ends up in all these crazy situations.

Ah! Thank you so much! I'm very pleased that you're still enjoying it. And don't apologise for not reading it all! It's so long! Your lovely words have been a pleasure to read. Thanks again :)

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Review #12, by Rumpelstiltskin What an Idiot

26th January 2015:
Oh my gosh! The end is nigh! *Deep breath*

Sirius in the sunlight. My inner fangirl may or may not be drooling slightly. *Cough* Anyway, his peculiarity (you know, poking Millie to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating, and then trying to explain himself after) makes him even more fantastic, as Millie said. Well, she didn't call him fantastic, that would've just gone to his head anyway.

" ďWhy didnít you ever tell me you were an Animagus?Ē" --Yeah, Sirius. Explain yourself. Or play dumb *sigh*. Silly boy.

Aha, Padfoot the dog is still an idiot ;), but a lovable idiot, of course. And Sirius does have a point, when Millie didn't want him around, she was typically okay with Padfoot being there.

...and then with the I love you and the kisses and the strange thermal underwear analogy! I love the two of them! And I can't believe that it's over!

How do you feel now?

I'm feeling a bit bittersweet, haha! It was a great ending, though!

Now, where's the sequel? Haha ;)



He probably glowed or something. I can imagine Sirius doing that without meaning to. He's just that good-looking. Millie loves him for all his weirdness. As do we.

Sirius was coming from a good place here. He didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to give up Remus' secret. Goodness. His loyalty is going to be the death of him someday. Oh, wait... I think I just made myself sad :(

It is my opinion that all dogs are loveable idiots. It's just the way dogs are. And the reason Sirius did this in the first place is to be closer to her, and to get her to open up in ways that she wouldn't to anyone, not specifically him.

And the ship has finally, for real, sailed! And it only took thirty-nine chapters. Woohoo!

I think that's what I'm feeling too. I'm very relieved to have finally completed this, but also I'm sad to see it done. This was my first fanfic. It holds a special place in my heart. The things that I've learnt over the course of writing this... Sigh. It's been fun.

And concerning the sequel... there might be one, but it'll be a little different to what sequels traditionally are. I think I may rewrite this as an AU of some sort and then continue the story on from there. But who knows?

Thanks so much for all your love and support, Rumpel! It means a lot ^.^ *hugs*

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Review #13, by Rumpelstiltskin Home

26th January 2015:
I'm terrible with reading the end of stories, and I tend to procrastinate, which is one of the reasons I've been avoiding it. If I don't read the end, then it doesn't end :D. However, it's time to take my big girl pill and *gulp* accept that one of the first stories I started reading when I joined is now ending.

Nostalgia at its finest. I don't blame her, it's sort of heartbreaking looking back at the beginning, knowing it all will end. Also, I find Remus' statement (Hogwarts is home) very true. It can feel even more true with the weight of Voldemort's uprising looming over you upon graduation, knowing that you'll never be quite as safe as you have been at Hogwarts (home).

Heh. Everybody knows she was thinking about snogging Sirius ;). I love his trepidation when he feels like he can't talk to her without the chocolate frogs. Those two are impossible. I want to shake them sometimes, but at least they're talking.

Oh feelings... Hey, at least he's not beating-around-the-bush with this feelings now! Perhaps there will be some progress! *Crosses fingers*

Hooray! Well, sort of. Starting over seems like a few steps backwards, but, in the very least, it can provide a clean state with which to NOT GO KISSING OTHER GIRLS (*grumble* Sirius *grumble*). Logically, I can understand Millie's hesitation. Sirius broke her heart; how is she supposed to trust him? On the other hand, I've been rooting for this ship to sail!

And yes, Sirius is absolutely endearing in this chapter. How could she not love him (you know, besides the being an idiotic idiot thing).


Author's Response: I'm the same! I haven't finished reading books for similar reasons. And I did procrastinate writing the end... because it's finally over :(

I was feeling nostalgic about the end, and that translated into my writing. My characters and I are all growing up, and we're all letting go of something that's been part of our lives for a very long time. Remus' line about Hogwarts always being home is a big nod to that feeling, too. It'll always be here - for all of us.

Hahaha! As long as Sirius doesn't know, right? That's all that matters, because that's very awkward. So much of their wariness of each other arises from the complete lack of open communication between them for most of their relationship. But yes. These two. So oblivious sometimes.

It's the second-last chapter - if there's going to be progress at any point in this story, it should be now.

I don't think they can start over. It's a lovely sentiment on Sirius' part but Millie's reluctance to start over completely comes from that. And Sirius' "slip-up" is an excellent example of this. They've been through too much together. You can't just forget all of that, because along with all the bad stuff, there's a lot of good stuff too.

And Sirius has that effect, doesn't he? One can't help but love him...

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Review #14, by Maelody Half-Bear Half-Wolf

24th January 2015:
D'aaawww! I love Sirius as a dog! It's so darn adorable! :3

So she didn't get all cooey and sweet with him like he had hoped, but I think it was all very Millie. She shouldn't have gone to Potions, though. ;) I'd love to see her play with puppy Sirius, the bear-wolf dog. So being that big, how tall does that make Sirius? I'd imagine he's a pretty tall boy. Somehow I never thought about this before. :)

Bahaha! Mrs Potter has invited Millie to come over! How amazing is this going to be!? And James and Millie had play dates!? :3 I bet Lily will be jealous. ;)

I can't wait until Christmas, now! I mean, neither can James. He apparently is always looking forward to Christmas. ;)

Reading on!


Author's Response: Dogs are adorable. Sirius is adorable. Therefore Sirius as a dog is going to be double the adorable.

I'm happy that you think Millie stayed in character. I wanted to illustrate that she deeply cares about her friends (and dogs) but it's just a quirk of her personality that she doesn't show that in an overtly affectionate way. And I think Sirius would agree with you there. I've always imagined Sirius to be about six feet tall, but I don't think it's necessary that one's Animagus form match up with one's physical size as a human? Maybe, I don't know.

I had so much fun writing the Christmas holidays. There's a lot of fluff but there's a lot of emotional stuff too in the next few chapters. I think Millie really gets in touch with her feelings.

James has the right of it, I think ;) Thanks for reading :)

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Review #15, by Maelody Awkwardness and Adorable Puppies

24th January 2015:
Oh my goodness I'm dying from that last conversation they had. "Maybe her cat died?"
"She doesn't have a cat. She has an owl."
"Maybe her owl died then!"
"Her owl's fine."

I don't know why (other than it was extremely funny) but that bit about killed me. It woke my doggy up. :3 (See Sirius! I like dogs! ;))

Hmm, I wonder what he's up to now? If she likes dogs...

I love how she doesn't even have to pay attention to the class and she still gets the answer right! Aren't those moments amazing? I love those moments! :D They mostly happen when I have handsome boys on the brain, too. ;)


Author's Response: James and Sirius' conversations are some of my favourite conversations to write. They're so much fun. They like to think that they're these super cool dudes, but the truth is that they're complete dorks. And haha, I have a dog too! Dog lovers unite!

Millie's really useful superpower to the rescue once again! I really want to be able to do that.

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Review #16, by Maelody Brothers

24th January 2015:
I was gonna be all coherent and stuff about the whole Sirius/Regulus thing and how silly it is of Sirius to be arguing and sulking about it but...

AKDALKSJFASDF! They kiss! Sirius and Millie finally kiss! And what a steamy kiss it was! So I take it Sirius' answer was 'Our attraction to one another?' ;)

Now excuse me while I go talk some sense into Millie.

Millie, dear. What you just did is something you've been waiting for for an extremely long time, now. Whether you know it or not. So don't question it. Just take in the hot kisses. You know you want them. If you don't stop worrying about it, then I'll just take Sirius away from you and take all the steamy kisses for myself. :p

OK, back now. :)

So back to that Regulus/Sirius thing. Regulus seems pretty nice. I like that! :D Though, if Millie weren't a pure blood herself, I doubt he'd be exactly that nice. Which would solve Sirius' case entirely. Except they dated forever ago, so I think he coulda saved himself some sulking. He's more of a drama queen than a girl is. ;) But who would Sirius be if he weren't a drama queen? Ah well. ;)


Ok, moving on to see what it is that Millie freaks out about now!



And thank you for thinking it steamy! This is my first kissing scene (possibly my ONLY kissing scene? Not sure). And it was a lot more awkward to write than I thought it would be. I'm not happy with it, but I think it works because the tension's been building for so long now.

Millie wouldn't be Millie if she didn't question things, especially when it comes to Sirius. Also, it's not nice to kiss someone out of anger. Not cool, Sirius. Not cool.

I don't know what Regulus' reaction to Millie would be if she weren't pureblood. I've never really thought about it, although I didn't really develop their relationship either. Things to fix if I ever rewrite this! And Sirius is the queen of drama queens.

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Review #17, by Maelody Snogging in the Middle of the Corridor

23rd January 2015:
Wasn't he sick in November? And it's December now? Not so many months ago. ;P

That little spat between Millie and Sirius was just too cute. Of course he heard her, but it's not what she meant. Duh! ;) Great!

Wow. So little Black and Millie dated? Not only dated, but dated dated? For six months? Secretly? So secretly, that eve we just now get to find out!? I think she's been holding out on us! It's time we have a talk with this girl. (I've no idea why I've been talking like there are two of me as of late...)

There is no impressing Millie! The girl could actually kiss him and she'd love it, but she wouldn't be impressed! xD Poor Sirius. He tries so hard! I was expecting him to pull the arm of the armor and then there'd be a secret passageway or something haha. Though I love how he brags that he's the best marauder there is, and then he sounds so unsure whether there is an actual secret passageway down the hall. Gotta love him. :3


Author's Response: Goodness. What are realistic timelines? Who knows?

They're adorable. That's all I can say about them from this point on in the story. Stupid and adorable.

Yes! Regulus and Millie dated. This is another plot point that kind of fell into obscurity. If I'd developed it more, it would've (hopefully) shown that objectively Regulus and Millie were probably more compatible than Sirius and Millie. I kind of wanted it to be like she was part of the reason Regulus does what he does in that cave.

Millie is a tough one to impress! And yeah, Sirius is trying hard, but because Millie is just so oblivious, it's kind of all going to waste. But good things come to those who wait, Sirius!

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Review #18, by Maelody New Immaturity Heights

23rd January 2015:
I loved the constant POV change in this one! Seriously! It really added to the effect of a date. We get to see both sides of the story, and it's just so awesome to see how they're both on the same page as the other! :3

How could you do that to me!? They almost kissed! Finally, when they both admit to themselves for absolute sure that they like one another, they're about to kiss! Then Lily freaking Evans, who thinks they must be snogging on all their free time, has to go and interrupt them? Lily, no one interrupts you when you snog James! :p

Sorry I'm only just getting this one done when I said I'd read up to twenty the other day, but I didn't know the size of this one the other day when it was already two in the morning and I was so sleepy. :p But it was so lovely, and now I wish I would have read it sooner! I would have never have gone to bed! :D

Seriously though! They almost kissed! You're an evil, evil little woman. :p


Author's Response: Haha, you're one of the few people who do like the POV switches in this chapter. Most people think there's too many. There might be, but I liked writing the scene changes. It added a little something to the pace, otherwise I feel as if the chapter would have been a bit boring to read.

What? That's like three almost-kisses now? That's a sign right? An actual kiss is sure to be round the corner... Lily probably assumes that Millie and Sirius snog in all their free time because that's what she and James do :P

OMG. Always prioritise sleep. Always. And there's no rush to read this story. It's not going anywhere :)

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Review #19, by Maelody SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

21st January 2015:
I am excited! I am! *squee!*

Ok, so so much happened here and I could not stop smiling! They were just TOO cute! Everyone was. I mean, even Sarah is finally getting Remus to notice her. And Sirius running around screaming about the snow was just hilarious. It's just very, him-like, you know?

That moment, tho! I wanted them to kiss so badly! Stupid friends coming and stupidly interrupting and the wrong stupid time! They were almost there! *sigh*

But tomorrow is their date! I'm so excited! Though I feel like it can't go perfectly. Millie is just too darn stubborn. She has to, though! The rest of this story is going to be filled with beautiful, fluffiness of Sirius and Millie after the date. Right? Right? There's no disagreeing with me. My mind is made up. :p


Author's Response: This scene was just SO. MUCH. FUN. I think this is one of the earliest scenes I conceived for this story. Snow fights are great. And Sirius is actually five when it comes to snow.

I WANTED THEM TO KISS TOO. But alas, I have something else in store for them. Nothing is ever easy for these two with an author like me around...

And woohoo! Date time! I really loved writing their date. It's really cute and somehow fits them perfectly.

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Review #20, by Maelody Recognising Forks

21st January 2015:
I love how Lily just jumps to a pregnancy conclusion! And then Sirius is just all like "WHAT?!" haha. Also: Word. Sirius, you make my day a little better with every word you say. *squish*

The boat house, huh? Odd place. Sirius is right, though. The perfect place to go if you don't want anyone to find you. I'm surprised she never even asked how he managed to find her. Now I want to know what was going on in her mind around that time!

I love that he wants to try. My heart broke a little when she asked when they could stop it all. Though I feel like it's been so much longer than a month. I mean, there was one point where it was said the first game of the season was going to be played well after six weeks into school, and then they had the game, and it's only November, and they've been dating for a month. I feel like it should be Christmas by now! I can't imagine how she must feel with it only being an actual month.

Poor Sirius, though. I wish I could have protected him from hearing her say it that way. Poor bloke. But he'll show her! I know he will. Next Hogsmeade trip has to go perfect! (Well, as perfect as it can get for these two. :))

I'm in love. I'm hooked. I can see why this won our House story of the month! ;)


Author's Response: You can see how this novel is a little "experimental" for me. I tried giving Sirius cool lingo. It never happened again. Although I do like just dropping "word" at opportune moments. I feel like it's like the verbal equivalent to a mike drop.

An odd place for an odd girl. Also, there's something about bodies of water that is just so romantic. So of course it was going to be the boathouse. And I guess Millie's mind was occupied with other things.

Millie at this point in the story is just really tired. Now that I think about it, I wish I'd added one of her POVs here to explain that. They've become friends now and her growing feelings make her feel uncomfortable with the lie. And of course Sirius just wants to actually try. Their lack of communication complicates things, because I feel if Sirius said that he'd like to try a real relationship things would most definitely have gone very differently from this point on. And my timeline is totally whacked. There's no consistency here. I think it's somewhere near the end of November here though. But Christmas is approaching!

Ah, yes... the next Hogsmeade trip. Lots of things to look forward to!

And thank you so much (I don't think I've said that yet). I was very surprised with the win!

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Review #21, by Maelody Claustrophobia and Confusion

21st January 2015:
Why do I have a feeling that ending up in the broom closet was actually a very badly set plan made by Sirius to actually find a time to snog our dear Millie? I mean, how was he to know that she hated small places? If she carries 'Boil-B-Gone' in her bag at all times, surely it was planned out, yeah? Ok. ;)

He was so cute comforting her though! :3 Seriously, Sirius (yes, I'm lame. Shut it) made me want to hug him really tightly and never let go. I'll make it easy for Millie and just take him off her hands. ;) Though it's nice to see she's not fighting her feelings anymore. She knows something is there, but she simply doesn't know how to act on it now.

So I have this theory. I remember way back in the day (their day, not mine. I've been reading this nonstop for a few hours now) that Sirius said he would devise a plan to win Millie over. It was when he was being picked on by the marauders and being told she would never give in to his ways. I think this whole thing is his ruse. I think he set up the Marissa thing (since it happened LITERALLY the chapter after his said plan was thought of) and now he's working (very successfully) on getting the girl. I mean, how awesome is that? :D So it might just be a theory for now, but I still think it'd be pretty cool. I wonder how Millie would react to that, though. And if the others actually know by now? Or will find out before she does. Hmm.

I'm trying to make it to at least chapter 20 tonight since that's practically half way through the story. Then I promise I'll give your poor Unanswered Review link a break for, like, a day. ;)


Author's Response: Amazingly, this was just a happy coincidence for Sirius. Although things that usually happen in broom closets didn't happen. That's a little sad. But they're not ready to kiss just yet.

Sirius is surprisingly good in a tight spot. I think this moment more than any other so far shows that he really cares about her - in at least a friend capacity. He sees her as someone he values and thus doesn't like to see her be so scared. And thus, being a good friend, he gives it his best shot to make her feel better.

Oh, definitely. I don't think he'll ever admit it, but picking Millie wasn't just because she was conveniently there to witness his shame. I'm sure that had SOMETHING to do with it, but Sirius is far more devious than even he realises. The Marissa thing does happen though. He did get dumped. Marissa was a meanie-poo about it. His feelings really were hurt. It just always works out for him.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful reviews! I'm so sorry that it's taken me such a long time to reply :(

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Review #22, by Maelody Together

21st January 2015:
Again: dangerous dangerous dangerous! Oh my goodness. I hope she thinks back one day and realizes just how dumb she was for ever coming up with that idea! She'll probably wake up tomorrow morning and realize there was a much safer way to go about everything! XD

Even dying in his bed, she still argues with him! Gah, Lily! He could have said what he wanted so much faster if you two didn't argue about drinking the cup! Then you would have known that he loves you, and you could have saved his life! How adorable would that have been? But no, Lily. You had to go and argue some more. Just be happy Millie had that antidote in time!

Phew! Sorry, I had to rant at that girl for a little bit. I must say though, I agree with Millie. Even dying James can still manage to hit on Lily pretty well. ;)

Awww! Millie and Sirius hold hands! I wish she'd stop denying her inner compliments. She knows she means them. ;) But they've finally admitted being together! Maybe not in a relationship sense, but together in a type of friendship! D'aw! They're growing up so fast!

This was a great chapter (even though Millie and Sirius make me mad for coming up with this ridiculous plan in the first place and Lily still has to argue at all times). I was actually beginning to worry they wouldn't get him the antidote in a timely manner, or they'd get caught. I was mostly scared the antidote wouldn't work and they'd have to tell everyone what they did. But at least it all worked out for the best. Right? Right!


Author's Response: HOW DOES THIS PLAN WORK? I have no idea and I wrote it. Must be sheer blind luck. I have no other explanation for this.

Lily is very stubborn. She doesn't like people not listening to her even when they're terribly sick. Although I agree with her in this case - James needs to focus on getting better. Also arguing adds tension. And we all love tension, right? ;)

James is very smooth. I want to take pointers from him. Maybe its his genuine enthusiasm. I don't know.

Yes! They hold hands! Briefly, but still. PHYSICAL CONTACT AWW YISS. And yes! They've finally moved into the friendship stage. Woohoo!

Thank goodness that everything just works out right? Thanks for still reading :)

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Review #23, by Maelody Perfect for each Other

21st January 2015:
Okay, so this plan is extremely dangerous! Wowie! (Though can I add that one of those kids saying 'Uncle Sirius' is being pictured as Harry and it's just absolutely adorable!)

So they can't just say he has a sickness? They have to make the poor guy go through the actual thing? Will they at least tell him of the idea? I mean, no need to poison him, he already knows he loves the girl! haha

Poo colored potion? I wonder what they're making? At least it didn't smell, right? I mean, then that couldn't be normal could it? I guess Millie is the potions expert next to Lily though. If she says poo color is good, then poo color is good! :D

Maybe they should slip the potion to Sirius so that way Millie will realize her undying love for him. Eh? Eh?

OK, I'll stop now. Moving onward. :)


Author's Response: This plan is terrible. I feel like I should put some sort of warning at the bottom to tell people not to do this. This is not a great way to handle the situation AT ALL. But it makes for great comedy. (And that Uncle Sirius image just kills me. Ugh. My feels.)

Obviously they're just getting caught up in the moment. This is a terrible plan. I have no idea how it worked. It's amazing.

For some strange reason I've got this in my head that at some point in the process of every single potion being made, it is the colour of poo. I have no idea why this is a headcanon that I have. But I do.

Haha! Maybe they should! She'd probably just pat him on the head awkwardly and say "there there" at this point though. And then Sirius would actually get really sick because she wasn't there to administer the antidote.

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Review #24, by Maelody It has to be Soon

20th January 2015:
Locking them in a broom closet? Would that have any relation to your speed dating piece? That'd be cool if it did! :D

Poor Lily and James. :( I don't know what it was exactly that happened between both boys, but I know it's gotta be hard on Lily. She may not talk to Severus any more, but a need to protect an old friend never really goes away.

James needs to stop taking it out on his team! Maybe Millie should ask for a prescribed potion (better than the one she usually gets) from Pomfrey so she can get rid of the ache?

I love the little side comments they always make in their minds in between conversations. "Yeah, we're dysfunctional, get over it." Love it. :)

So I wonder what they will come up with in place of getting the other two together again? I think if they told James, he'd be all for it. Lily on the other hand is the one they really need to convince.

Guess I'll find out once I read some more! :D


Author's Response: Oh, goodness! I've never even thought of that! Unfortunately, Just a Little doesn't happen in the same universe as this story. It was written so long after this chapter, too! Wow! Talk about a weird coincidence...

It was time for the first bump in the road for Lily and James. Their relationship is just so great for generating drama. And it's a great way to get Millie and Sirius to collaborate because they love their friends and they want them to be happy. Especially for Millie, because she most probably knows how Lily feels about Snape.

James is confused and feeling the loss of true love. His actions can sort of be excused - but only sort of.

I'm far more witty and sarcastic inside my brain than outside, I think :P Is that the case with most people?

Hahaha! Their plan is crazy. Completely crazy. What else could it be with these two though?

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Review #25, by Maelody Love the Smell of Blueberries

20th January 2015:
There were many favorite lines this time, but I think my ultimate favorite was: Would it be weird if I slept with it under my pillow?

OK, so I think this is my favorite chapter, yet! We get to see some actual feelings develop from both ends! Sirius being awful at Arithmancy is super cute! I actually used to be really good at that subject (when I went to those online Hogwarts schooling things for fun). I'd help him if he asked. ;)

I like the detail that you add to this chapter, too. Though I have to say, this story seems sort of familiar. Is there, by any chance, you have this story published anywhere else? Because there are bits and pieces I've remembered along the way. Though it's very possible I read it here a while ago and just never reviewed. Just curious! (And no, in no way am I insinuating plagiarism, if it was anywhere else, I believe you'd be the one who published it. :))

D'aw! He covered her up! See, Millie? Sirius really is a sweetie! Even if he does tickle you mercilessly. You can get over that, right? I mean, he's cute. You know he's cute. He knows he's cute. You two just have to get over this 'arrangement' and make it the real deal. I mean, if you're going to play along after Marissa's plan has backfired anyway, aren't you semi admitting that you're in a relationship for real now? ;)

Seriously, this story excites me so much and I love reading it! Sorry if my last few reviews have been a bit vague, but I'm really into catching up on here. I've been wanting to read it for ages (now that I think about it, maybe I started it once and never got the chance to finish reading). Now I'm glad I finally have the time and get to read on! It's great so far. Just so you know. :)


Author's Response: Yes, Sirius. Yes it would. But yes, Sirius gets some great lines.

I really liked this chapter too! I just enjoy writing fluff, but these earlier chapters of fluff are more special because their relationship is still being established. They're not as comfortable with each other yet, but they're getting there. And Sirius is just adorable, of course.

I haven't published this story anywhere else. Maybe you HAVE read it before? I don't know. Maybe it's all the cliches?

Sirius has his moments even this early. He just gets better and better (or worse and worse depending on your tolerance for adorable Sirius). And goodness. I can just imagine that Sirius would be a great friend to have. He seems like a lot of fun.

Ah! No! Don't feel bad for your reviews! I love reading and replying to them :)

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