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Review #1, by ECEL Chocolate Is Always the Solution

17th April 2014:
Love the story girl. Please continue!! It's exciting to see the relationship grow and mature. Let's have them make up already!!

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Review #2, by Pixileanin Chocolate Is Always the Solution

13th April 2014:
Yay! New chapter!

Remus is an excellent advice-giver. Absolutely! But that doesn't mean that Sirius is an excellent advice-taker. I bet Sirius isn't even listening enough to what Remus has to say to even consider maybe doing something smart about it. Too bad. It sounds like Millie might be ready to listen to him now too. Poor, confused teenagers!

And of course chocolate is always the solution, Sirius! No wonder he wasn't a very good boyfriend. For shame!

I didn't quite think that Remus was gossiping. I just thought he said what needed to be said, and got Sirius to hear what he needed to hear. Except Sirius didn't actually hear it... ahhh!!

It is funny how Millie gets along with the dog better than she thinks she gets along with Sirius, and he's thinking the same thing! I can imagine him being her pet for all that time, just so he can see her smile at him. Aw! But hopefully, they'll get to a better place soon. You can't keep them like this forever, you know. They've got to GROW and, you know, mature at least a little bit, right?


I can't wait for Millie to be fully recovered physically, and to see how she will treat Sirius the next time she sees him. I wonder what will happen...

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Review #3, by lindslo2012 Have You Even Talked to Her?

10th April 2014:
Hey there here from the review tag. :D
So I am glad I got to come back and read another awesome chapter from your story because it was just that... AWESOME!
I really like the Remus, Millie, Sirius triangle idea because it will probably be very fun to read and will be funny. At the same time it will be something you will have to be careful with :) but I am sure you will do amazing with it and I can't wait to find out what happens!
I enjoy Lily's friendship with Millie and both of them would be the type of people I would probably enjoy being my friends! Lol.
I am excited to see some more action with the realtionships in your story and I can tell that it will be a good one for sure!
My favorite part of the story was this..
(So you do have a crush on Millie? asked Moony.

No! I replied again. Didnt I say that before?

But you certainly have a he paused for a second trying to think of the word, a certain interest in her?

I guess you could call it that, I mumbled.

I can tell you now youre not her favourite person.

I know that. She hardly knows me. I could eventually become her favourite person though. I mean, its not like thats difficult, wooing the opposite sex.
Moony looked sceptical. If you say so.)
I can sense some jealousy in there and it makes me very eager to know what happens. Excellent plot still! I think you should come request a review on my review thread sometime :D
p.s. I don't know why those weird letter symbol things appeared but I don't know how to fix them.. lol :) thanks for the good read!

Author's Response: Ahahaha! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! I'm always a little worried when I get reviews on this story because it was my first, and thus very special to me.

The triangle... it's not exactly a triangle, really, but I love the idea of a strong Millie/Remus friendship. Sirius and Lily have one in canon, and I can imagine Sirius getting a little jealous despite this little fact!

I'm glad you feel like they could be your friends! I want my characters to be people you'd want to spend time with :)

Ah! Boys can be ridiculous about their feelings, can't they? They feel so scared about just owning up to them.

A request for this story? Perhaps I shall! I haven't actually requested a review on this one for AGES but I need more feedback on the later chapters. I'll definitely take a look when a spot opens up in your queue! Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #4, by HEG A First Time for Everything

28th March 2014:

Questions are alredy looming in my mind about this story. Was the bit about blood a dream? Who was killed? Who killed them? Who is Millie? Where is she? And that is what I love about the begining. You don't know what is going to happen next. The speech is very realistc and I love the switch of POV. It's nice to hear what diffrent people are thinking normally it's just one person. This was a good start to your story :)


Author's Response: I'm so happy that you have so many questions from the first paragraph alone, but that might be because of my sloppy writing... forgive me? This is my first fic so there's A LOT of room for improvement in this story. I hope you continue enjoying it, though! Thanks for reading :)

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Review #5, by AlexFan No Love Lost

26th March 2014:
It's been so long since I read this story but now I've finally gotten back to it since I've read everything else that's on your author's page.

Okay, so first of all, Rex. Rex needs to learn that no means no. Every time he kept forcing himself on Millie even though she'd made it very clear that she was not into him, I was just kind of like, "Let me tell you about a thing buddy." Did his parents not teach him consent or something?

I can understand Millie's hatred of the theory part of the work. I feel the same way towards physics. It's a lot more fun to do the application of physics and to do the calculations than it is to sit there and read a textbook and learn the history among other things.

And of course, Sirius. What would a Marauders story be if we didn't have a stuck up Sirius to go with it?

Author's Response: I'm always so surprised to get reviews on this story, especially the earlier chapters. And seriously? You've read EVERYTHING ELSE? I'm so flattered right now...

Rex is quite the mysogynist, isn't he? He does have to pay for it... sort of. He doesn't really appear again in the story for this reason. I always got really angry writing him!

Ah! I know how you feel about physics! It's about the physical world! Let me go do and touch the things! I'll definitely appreciate the awesomeness of Sir Isaac Newton a whole lot more if I can recreate his white light experiment for myself!

... Please excuse my completely unnecessary rant about physics.

Sirius is... yeah. He grows on you, I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by Pixileanin Of Hearts and Bludgers

28th February 2014:
Christmas morning with all the fluff, and then Sirius getting to snog Millie whenever he felt like it. Oh my!

I wonder if she ever got the connection to her furry friend. She seemed to take the necklace at face value and didn't even flinch at the association to "the grim". Hmm...

"Because I'm a ninja like that."

Yes. Sure you are. It's adorably stupid. You give Sirius the best stupid lines ever! And you gave him stress, which is even better. Seriously, they've been doing this for how long now, and they're still not sure they're together?? *beats head against desk* Wow. I guess they haven't moved on to the "meaningful conversation" stage of their relationship yet.

Quidditch is a fantastically dangerous game. I love how you captured that in this chapter without even having to do a Quidditch scene. Millie, waking up slightly disoriented was a great way to get this across to the reader.

I have to tell you that I'm in the hate group with the end to this chapter. Things were going so WELL for these two, and you just had to mess it up with some inexplicable misunderstanding, didn't you??! I really hope that Millie doesn't go running off and doing something stupid, because that would be so teenaged of her! Oh, wait. Err...

DOn't do it!!!


Author's Response: Those chapters from Christmas to Valentine's are basically Sirius' dream come true. In a completely exaggerated way, of course.

She hasn't made the connection yet, but there's still a little of the story to tell, so there's still a chance - is that a spoiler? I don't know...

I love writing Sirius this way. Everyone thinks they're the wittiest, coolest person ever to exist on the face of this planet at seventeen (or eighteen, in the case of Sirius) and the truth is... you're just not. And obviously these two are going to take the long road to the "meaningful conversation" stage. They'll get there. I hope.

I'm glad you liked how I wrote the Quidditch scene. I didn't want to write another one - they'd end up sounding the same. Also, I chickened out on writing an action scene *hangs head in shame*

I think everyone is in the hate group with the end of this chapter. Things were going well... but then they weren't at the same time. They never TALK. Maybe this will kick them in the right direction now...

As always, your reviews are a treat to read. Thank you :)

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Review #7, by lindslo2012 A First Time for Everything

25th February 2014:
Hey here for the review tag! I hope you don't mind me reviewing this story!
So let me just say I LOVED this!
From the very beginning you had me laughing at the conversations of James and Sirius and Lily and Millie.
What awesome friends they all are!
It made me laugh out loud that Sirius was after Lily because we all know what happens with Lily and James and I know that there is probably going to be conflict with that. I really liked also that James used the 'don't distract the seeker' line lol.
I really enjoyed your writing and it is hilarious that Lily forgot her best friend's birthday! How could she?
I really am starting to enjoy fics like your's these days, the marauder's era and all the other different eras along with the original Hogwarts or post-Hogwarts eras!:D

Your story really was attracting, and you did very well with plot and ect.
The only thing is I was a bit confused about who was talking where but then I figured it out and it's all good! :D
I love your writing as usual and great job!!!

Author's Response: Aww! I don't mind you reviewing this story at all! This is my first fanfic, so I do get a little anxious when I get a review on it, but it's always lovely to hear people's opinions on it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! When I started this, dialogue was about the only thing I could write with any sort of competency (which is still sort of the case...). I do a lot of character development through the conversations in this story. James is just a treat to write here.

I forget my friends' birthdays all the time, so I couldn't help give Lily the same trait. She's always shown as so perfect in fics, and I didn't want her to be that way.

Get into all the Marauders' fics! They'll break your heart, but you'll love them for doing it :P

Thanks so much for this very lovely review! It means a lot to me that you said such wonderful things about my story :)

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Review #8, by Pixileanin The Time of Your Life

11th February 2014:
Yes. I think the word to describe this part of the story IS "pineapple". I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sweet, juicy, prickly on the outside until you cut into it and get rid of all the inedible bits...


"I think I'd just been checked out."

It seems like Sirius is diffusing Millie's anger without even trying. Which is cute. And irritating. And confusing. I bet Millie's loving it anyway. At least he sticks around long enough for Millie to get it all out. I bet that was an important step for her, and an intuitive move on his part. He was there with her when she went through all those memories, and he seems to have picked up a clue as to what she was going through.

I loved Sirius trying to fight the urge to kiss her when she finally came down the stairs. I mean, she's in a dress and all, and she's vulnerable, and they just had a Moment, so.. umm. Good luck with that.

Your description of the way they danced together was so feely and goosebumpy, and that was from Sirius' point of view. Wow. Great job with that, and also great job with the conflicting thoughts bouncing around in his head, because it wouldn't be this kind of story without that. :)

Millie finally allows herself to enjoy things for once! Good on her! I loved the teasing dialog that enabled them to get this far. *holds on to rocking boat* But how long will it last this time??

Author's Response: Hahaha! Yeah, pineapple is a pretty good description of this part of the story!

I just loved writing Sirius in these last few chapters. His emotional maturity is actually fantastic and the way he's always so tuned to what Millie is feeling - sometimes better than her - is adorable. And you're right in saying that it's good for Millie to get out all these feelings. She gets a little better at expressing them after this.

Sirius wants to kiss her all the time. Dresses and Moments don't help the situation :P

Aww! I'm so glad you liked the description in the dance. I think it was the first time I'd tried to actually describe something properly so if you thought that it worked, I'm really happy!

Oh, you might be surprised by how long it lasts this time ;)

Thanks so much for this lovely review!

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Review #9, by Pixileanin Bleak House

10th February 2014:
Hey you! It hasn't been months and months, and I got you in Review Tag! How awesome is that???

Mrs. Potter is just too kind. Lots of people write her as a big-hearted, loving mother-figure, and I can really buy into that characterization. I mean, it's James Potter with his "I'm the best thing since sliced bread and I know it". He's got to have received all that self-confidence and bravado from somewhere. ;)

So now you have them falling all over each other. Literally. But the lure of lemon tart is strong. I can feel it pulling me through my computer monitor even. What evil magic is this?? You're setting us up for something dastardly, like a BALL... I knew it! That lemon tart was just a front for your nefarious plans! Cath Millie off balance, give her a false sense of security with all the Quidditch talk and then BAM!

Poor girl! You're just about killing her with the looks and the almost-kisses with the too-close-to-her-personal-space encounters here. She's never going to hold her breakfast down. And what about morning breath? Did Sirius even take that into consideration??

No wonder she stuck with tea in the morning. I can completely understand her eating habits. There was a long time when I was in my teens, (actually, the whole time I was in my teens) when my stomach just couldn't take food when I woke up. I wasn't hungry until at least several hours after I woke up. It used to drive my mom insane. Nice bit of realism you threw in there. :)

I loved Millie's reaction to Lily and Mrs. Potter's gasps. She actually thought there was something wrong with the dress. Hehe! I also love Sirius' bursts of swearing every time he doesn't get to see Millie in some state of undress. It's clear that he doesn't have to act very hard to be interested in her anymore, which is cute and keeps up the charade. Oh, wait. He IS interested in her. Ahh... hey, Millie!

Sirius was awesomely supportive when he went with Millie to her old home. She needed someone, and the fact that he was able to stand by her was an extra bonus. She should be getting a clue right about now. Shouldn't she?

Still entertained! I decided to stop here, since this chapter doesn't have too many reviews. It's a shame. You're still writing this story, right? It's not abandoned or anything sneaky like that... is it?

Author's Response: Hello! So lovely to hear from you again :)

James is an only child, and you're right - that confidence has to come from somewhere. Also, the Potters take Sirius in and that requires a pretty big heart. Mrs Potter just has to be a nice person.

Something dastardly cliche like a BALL is right. How could you not see this coming? The lemon tart was just a delicious cover... Food tends to be delicious cover for everything in this story. No one consumes food just for sustenence.

Sirius is laying on the charm really thick, isn't he? It's so blindingly obvious what he's doing, but poor Millie is just a little daft when it comes to Sirius Black. And Sirius' adoration transcends morning breath, obviously. The boy is just too far gone.

OMG! I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS DIDN'T ONLY HAPPEN TO ME. My mother was so confused when I stopped eating breakfast. She just went, "What is wrong with you?"

Sirius is just a teenage guy - his disappointment in not seeing Millie in some state of undress is quite natural, if a little creepy. Now if only Millie clued into his obvious feelings for her... we'd have no story :P

It's weird writing Sirius as the more emotionally mature person. He has an excellent understanding of other people's feelings and almost reflexively knows what they need. It's what makes him a good friend, even if his ideas are a little zany.

And yes, I'm still writing it. Slowly, but still writing! :)

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Review #10, by toomanycurls The Deeper Things in Life

6th February 2014:
so... I feel like a turd because I read half of this over the weekend (hey, in bed, HPFF on my phone, I got a groove going)... and I didn't leave a single review! so, as time and review tags and life permits, I'm going to leave a review on each chapter. I love the story so far. Even with the 'first fic' issues you talked about, the story is interesting to me even with the first fic-isms.

Millie's humor and bickering with Sirius in potions is extremely well done. Her trade off of handwriting for potions his awesome. it had to be a bit humbling for Sirius that his only value-add was nice handwriting. I laughed out loud (and woke my husband up) with the line "Dad was pretty weird - even for an Unspeakable." All dads are weird (sometimes unspeakably weird).

I love the perfunctory friend interrogation. Really, what are friends for?!?! I like the assumption (that someone, maybe Lily) that Sirius was making Millie do the work for him. I think their lecture on relationships and partnership is quite well done (though not as well received).

Ah, poor Sirius. Stuck writing an essay instead of brooding. :D I really love how Remus is trying to direct him towards academics rather than girls. I'm guessing he had to do that quite a bit.

Great chapter - I'll be back!


ps - reposting without my HTML goof :)

Author's Response: YAYAYAYAYAY! Now I can finally respond to what was an unexpected and lovely review. Also, you win the award for being my longest unanswered review ;)

First of all, well done for reading a good chunk in one go! Solid effort! And I'm completely blushing from all your lovely compliments concerning this being my first fic (and all the other ones as well, of course) - and yes I'm still blushing all these months later.

I loved writing Sirius in that Potions scene. Since you've read a significant chunk of this, I can say this wihout fear of spoilers. Millie never expresses her thoughts on Sirius unless they involve his looks (or his idiocy). For her, especially at this stage in their relationship, he functions as no more than a pretty boy - even his handwriting is pretty. Credit to Sirius for being perceptinve enough to figure out that Millie might think more of him.

I swear Remus spent more time telling thr others to do their work rather than doing his own. Being the Responsible Marauder is a full-time job. But what are friends for? Other than perfunctory interrogations of course ;)

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Review #11, by Pixileanin I Wanna Hold Your Hand

3rd February 2014:
Yeah, I thought this would happen. Sirius Black has to be insanely jealous before he decides to make a move on his fake girlfriend. And, oh dear, they don't talk about it for days. Awkward.

"Hey, Moony. Do you think Millie likes me?"

Bwahahaha! Does he have to even ask anymore? Of course he does, because he's an angst-filled, insecure teenaged boy. I am really enjoying the way you play on the doubts of these characters and that you're not at all making things easy for them. Things HAVE to be hard, I think it's a rule. And if they're too easy, the characters need to make things hard on themselves. Wait. I think you did that too. That is why I keep coming back to this story.

I loved how you fabricated an excuse for Millie to meet Sirius' animagus form. Everyone warms up to a wet dog... okay, I don't, but lots of people would, I imagine, including Millie. I also love how she carries on a one-sided conversation with him, and he's powerless to respond. Take that, Black!

So here you go again, surprising me. I thought that talk in the kitchen was going to be about RELATIONSHIPs, but it's not. It's about CHRISTMAS, which is even better, because it leaves things UNRESOLVED for many chapters to go. The tension is great here, the awkward meter is running so high, and these two are again wound up.

I think you completely broke the cute meter too. I mean, it couldn't have been any cuter for Millie to fall asleep on her crush, and then have Sirius all grins in front of Mrs. Potter. What's a poor girl to think about that?

As always, you have completely adorable characters and a plot that keeps moving along with the ups and downs of teen angst and shenanigans. I'm still enjoying this story, and I hope it won't be eons before I come back for another visit.

Happy Writing!

Author's Response: Sirius is a bit weird that way. But a catalyst was needed, and who better than his own estranged brother? I love a little bit of family drama!

Both of them are so insecure! I love writing them this way though because they're quite alike in all the worst ways, which makes for a relationship filled with doubt and awkwardness! So. Much. Fun. And I don't need to make things hard for them at all - they quite happily do it for themselves. It's like writing a soap opera!

I love my dog, but I definitely don't want to be near him when he's wet. He smells terribly! Obviously, Millie's sense of smell is not functioning properly! And I loved writing that conversation. She might actually talk to Sirius more as a dog than she does when he's human :P

Can you imagine these two EVER talking about their relationship? Definitely better to talk about Christmas! And unresolved is like the catchphrase for these two!

The reason why I love writing these two is because they're just so... adorkable. They have all the best things about being awkward as well as being adorable.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It's always so lovely to hear from you again :)

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Review #12, by ladyrae Not Now, Not Ever

19th January 2014:
Commenting on this chapter (even though I read it 2 months ago and reviewed ch. 35) just to say please update!! Really want to know what happens!

Author's Response: An update shall come soon, I promise! I know that what I always say, but I mean it :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by toomanycurls Together

19th January 2014:
Operation get Lily and James back together!!

It's kind of hilarious that everyone still thinks of them as the cutesy couple when they've been faking it for a while. Especially Sarah thinking it's romantic that they planned this together. I mean, they did but Millie couldn't be more right when she said it wasn't romantic.

"Those 4 idiots" - so affectionate Lily. It's quite brilliant the way Millie feeds Lily the info about James being sick and how Lily's indifference slowly melts away. Oh Madame Pomfrey - perfectly timed information for Lily to hear about James.

Oh James is just so cute in his ailing state. So cute. I had squee overload when Lily said she doesn't hate him. SO MUCH CUTE!

Now Sirius and Millie need to have some couple development!! YES LIKE HIS LIPS DARNIT! Your writing gets me in a state - a shout-y state.

I need them to snog. *need!*

Awesome chapter!! I'm so happy James and Lily are doing better

Author's Response: I have no idea how everyone thinks Millie and Sirius are cutesy, because all the scenes I think are cute are when they're both alone. But close friends have a way of picking up on that energy I suppose.

We all know that deep down Lily loves those four idiots, even when she's angry with her favourite one! And Madame Pomfrey takes all the awards for perfect time!

James is adorable all the time, but especially when he's "dying". I loved writing him like this because he's quite comfortable being openly vulnerable which neither Lily, Millie nor Sirius are comfortable with AT ALL.

I'm sort of pleased that my writing gets you all shouty - that caps lock key is severely underloved.

Thanks for reading! It's always so lovely hearing from you :)

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Review #14, by toomanycurls Perfect for each Other

12th January 2014:
Review tag!!

I love their dialogue throughout this chapter. I also like (love but I need more words to use) how Millie notices Sirius in ways that make it quite clear she's having the likes for him.

Sirius getting kicked out of the library - somehow I'm surprised he doesn't have a lifetime ban by now.

I do like seeing their problem solving together in action. But they could problem solve while snogging, am I right?!?!

Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Millie's beginning to develop a little crush on Sirius finally, because Sirius has had one on her since practically the first chapter, even if he didn't realise it. They're a little weird in that way, because I always think that of the two of them, Millie is more mature, but it's almost always Sirius who takes the initiative in their relationship.

Sirius doesn't have a lifetime ban, because he doesn't often go in there in the first place. Also, Millie's very good at silencing spells by this point :P

If problem-solving is a left-brain activity and snogging is a right-brain activity, then... simultaneously problem-solving and snogging are not mutually exclusive. They just really need to get their act together!

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Review #15, by toomanycurls It has to be Soon

12th January 2014:

I really like how you use Severus and Lily's relationship as a burden for her and James. I mean, I guess it's arguable if she's mad about James being a jerk or if she's upset because it was towards Severus. I can't blame Millie for being a bit weirded out by Lily's friendship with Severus - but, wait, did she love him? For real love or just like she loves potions love? Also, I cracked up at the interpretations of Lily's answer to "what did you do."

Comfortable silence is a good thing. Making progress?!?!

I guess I could see James as having the manic "must train harder" mentality. I feel bad that Millie has to put up with it.

Wait - that's it? they're just making a plan? no hints about what it is?!?! fine. I'll read on.


Author's Response: Lily would probably carry around her baggage concerning Snape, at least until she left Hogwarts. Their relationship is so new as well, so it was bound to cause some strain sooner or later.

I thought Lily loved Snape, perhaps in just a platonic way, but sometimes, that bond is deeper than that of romantic love. The wounds take time to heal, and they leave scars that twinge on occasion.

Comfortable silence is definitely progress! Maybe they'll soon be comfortably silent whilst snogging (just in case you get your hopes up, this does not actually happen in the next few chapters)!

And their plan is ridiculous. I have no idea how they come up with it.

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Review #16, by greenbirds A First Time for Everything

11th January 2014:
hey! so i really enjoyed this- sirius/oc stories are my weakness so this automatically intrigued me. i like how only four characters were introduced this chapter; it defined who were the key players and what they were like. it was also a lot easier to follow! millie sounds great and james sounds like a babe. it's quite short, granted, but what needs to be said has been said. the opening description was really intense and i'm really interested to see how you develop that!
the only critism i have is the lack of scenery. to slow down the chapter and to pace it out- because at times it was a bit snappy from dialogue to dialogue- maybe introduce descriptions of her surroundings, scents, what lily/sirius/james look like, background stories, etc. i'm more than happy to help you with that on the archives! bea x

Author's Response: Hello! I have a bit of a soft spot for Sirius/OC as well, so I couldn't help but write this.

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of praise as well as your criticisms. I know this isn't really an excuse, but this was the first fanfiction I'd ever written, so much of this makes me cringe. I still struggle with description, and I really like your suggestions about where I might be able to add things - especially the scents! What a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for your help! Once I finally finish this, major editing shall occur!

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Review #17, by Lululuna Claustrophobia and Confusion

10th January 2014:
Hello! :D Guess what... it's me, your Secret Santa!!! (now revealed). I had a lot of fun being semi-mysterious this holiday season and reading your awesome stories. So what better way than to announce myself than with another review?!

Anyway, onto actually reviewing!

Gah, Sirius and Millie are so adorable! I'm actually really glad they became friends and have this flirty banter going before anything real happens, it makes their connection seem more genuine in my opinion. They have this awesome silly relationship and I feel like both can tell that the other one does like them. It's great to see how... stable, they are, in a way, in comparison to Lily and James' more tumultuous relationship at the moment.

I'm really dying to find out about Millie's family and who in the name of Merlin they are/were and what has happened to them. I thought at the beginning they were sort of pureblood elitists but then Lily stayed at Millie's for a month learning to raise an eyebrow, so they must have some toleration of muggleborns?! Or else they didn't know she was one? Anyway, I'm excited to find out more!

I love how suspicious Lily is about Millie asking her questions - and rightly so! I'm looking forward to when the secrets come out and they discover the dating was a hoax, and possibly about the poisoning James scheme. I'm sure Lily will have plenty to say about it...

"Well, it's not what they've done to me personally, but it's more like their mere existence is a malignant growth on the otherwise wonderful wider school population." Snorted at this in a very ladylike and graceful manner. Oh, Sirius. I feel so sorry for the first year victim too- first years always seem to end up with the short end of the stick no matter what happens.

Oh goodness, Sirius, you get a girl into a broom cupboard and don't make a move other than making comments about her eyes that are just dripping with cheese? How silly. But I love Millie's fluttery confusion at the end, it's just adorable. :)

Great chapter, as always! :D And you have to let me know if you guessed I was your SS or whether I need to work on my secrecy tactics! :P Thanks for being an awesome SS recipient!


I haven't scared you off with my enthusiasm, have I?

I don't even think they realise that they're friends. They're always so ready to fight with each other that they haven't quite figured out that they actually enjoy spending time in each other's company. Their silliness is just so inherently part of them. They'd be a little boring without it! And it's great that you picked up on that! I think James and Lily's relationship is almost always the opposite of Sirius and Millie's at any given point...

I do explain a little bit more about Millie's family in one of the later chapters! It's like this huge information dump! And they were purebloods... but they were always really weird about it. I think it makes sense later on... maybe. There's no guarantee that ANYTHING makes sense with this story!

I have no idea how no one's figured out the truth about their relationship! I think everyone is just really wrapped up in their own lives to really pay attention to them. They probably think they act more like an old married couple rather than two people who aren't actually together!

I congratulate you on your graceful and ladylike snorting ;) And first years are always collateral damage, the poor dears!

Sirius Black is losing his touch, I think! I've always wanted to write a broom cupboard scene, but there are so many ways that they can go wrong! I used it as a chance for some emotional bonding instead!

And obviously I am terrible at guessing or you're an absolute ninja at hiding - probably both! Thanks so much for all the loveliness!

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Review #18, by Pixileanin Snogging in the Middle of the Corridor

10th January 2014:
Hi there. It's almost criminal, how long I've been away from this story. Sorry for that! On the other hand, it means that I can read a bunch of chapters at a time, and I love that I don't have to wait for what's next!

I had to go back and re-read a few chapters, just to get back into the story, but believe me, it was all pleasurable. This story flows so well. You make it an easy read. :) Not sure where I started with this review, but I ended here, so here's where I'm posting. Hope that's okay with you.

You know, I think my favorite part of a ship is when the two people realize that there might be an "us" in the foreseeable future. I think you got your characters to that point, even though there's probably still a bit of drama in store for them in the immediate future. The fact that they're warming up to each other is enough. They should figure it out from there, and if they don't, well, it wasn't meant to be, right?

Millie's questions to Lily about Sirius really cracked me up.

"these were the kind of things you asked before you decided to date a guy, not after it."

Oh goodness, she's definitely fallen at this point.

Here's where I really get into your story. Millie and Sirius are in a broom cupboard, trying to heal a pranked student. Very nice use of a broom cupboard, and not what I expected.

Can I tell you that I really loved the title to chapter 16? "Recognizing Forks" was a great tie-in to that whole chapter. I didn't really read the chapter title until I was done with the last scene, and then I was like, "Woah! That's a GREAT title!"

There has to be trouble before they get together, there just has to. I think that's a literary rule or something in romance. The struggle makes the eventual ship all the more rewarding, or something like that. That said, I like where you placed the revelation of Millie's prior relationship to Sirius. And I doubly liked that you put it in his POV. It gives him the right amount of doubt, I think. But you're winding up these characters pretty tightly that they're bound to pop sooner or later.

Very enjoyable, as always!

Author's Response: Ahh! You're back! I'm so impressed that you've read this far already!

I'm surprised that you think it flows well! When I read over it, I always find so many things wrong with it!

My favourite part of a ship is the "I think there might be an us" part. I think Sirius is there ready to break down that door but Millie is still a little clueless as to her own feelings, and more importantly, Sirius' feelings for her.

Millie really has fallen, hasn't she? She just hasn't realised it yet, and it's so frustrating, even as the writer!

I've always wanted to write a broom cupboard scene, but there's only one way you can write a cliche well, and I just couldn't do it with these two - they weren't ready for it yet. So I gave them a little more bonding time instead! And first years are ALWAYS collateral damage, the poor things!

That title... was weird for me to pick. I have no idea why I picked it, but it just somehow works.

Well, there's 35 published chapters and the story isn't finished yet, so yes, there's trouble in paradise ahead! And all relationships are hard. I think the romance genre is a little more accepting of that... if only they branched out into more places where relationships can be difficult...

And the pop is soon - like next chapter soon, I think!

Thanks so much for this fantabulous review!

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Review #19, by Courtney Dark Together

5th January 2014:

Wow, I am very impressed with Millie and Sirius' plan! So many things could have gone wrong, but somehow everything ended up going completely right. And I was even more impressed with Millie's awesome ninja skills, sticking the antidote in that goblet - go Millie!

And oh my god, there were so many great Sirius/Millie and James/Lily moments! James was pretty adorable when he was sick and Lily was just so stubborn. And Millie! Can't you see that you have feelings for Sirius? Sigh.

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Somehow they pull it off! As I was writing this I was thinking of all the ways it could go wrong... so obviously, it HAS to go right for them! And this is the one and only time Millie has ninja skills, like ever. It's quite the achievement. If I ever managed something like that, I'd get a plaque made.

James and Lily are always adorable. I love writing them together. They have this great thing going because they're so obviously in love, and their best friends are just on the sidelines like "what are emotions? I don't have any"

Thanks so much for this wonderful review! It's always so nice to hear from you!

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Review #20, by Courtney Dark Perfect for each Other

4th January 2014:

I actually really enjoyed this chapter! It was so fun, light and entertaining to read, and I loved the way you wrote it, with Sirius and Millie plotting in several different locations.

Can I just say, I love the way Sirius and Millie plot together - they are so alike and they don't even realize it! My favourite scene was probably the first one, in potions, where the just kept watching their two best friends in silence, completely ignoring their own work.

Uh-oh, I'm not sure Millie's plan sounds like a good one. It sounds like about a hundred things could go wrong! Let's just hope the plan actually works, and doesn't turn into a disaster!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I really wanted to highlight just how alike they can be if they don't really think about it with the whole plotting thing. They could work so well together if they just got over themselves! I'm getting frustrated with them and I WROTE them!

Millie's plan is a disaster just waiting to happen, isn't it? Things are bound to be interesting...

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Review #21, by Courtney Dark It has to be Soon

30th December 2013:

Yay, I am so glad you touched on James and Lily's relationship in this chapter, because it such an essential part of the marauders (especially James') life! And I always enjoy Millie's inner commentary when it comes to her best friend!

I wonder what James and Severus were arguing about? And I wonder if we'll ever find out? Whatever it was, it must have been pretty serious to get James so mad - mad enough that he'd risk causing a fight with Lily.

These tough training sessions Millie is complaining about are exactly the reason I don't play sport anymore! James definitely is taking out his frustration on the Quidditch pitch!

Oh Remus, always the mediator. I'm looking forward to seeing what plan they come up with, to make Lily and James see that they are perfect for each other.


Author's Response: Initially, James and Lily were going to be a bigger part of this, but as a first-time writer, I just didn't plan this through, so they just sort of cameo every now and again. They are so adorable together - you really can't mess with perfection!

James and Snape were almost definitely arguing about Lily, even if they didn't think they were arguing about Lily. What else do the two really have in common? I can't imagine them arguing over the top team in the British Quidditch League!

Sport is hard. There are no two ways about it. And I just feel really sorry for the entire team! It's not their fault that their captain's girlfriend is angry with him!

Remus' true calling is like as a school counsellor, I swear. He's just so good at mediation ALL THE TIME. And their plan is ridiculous, I can tell you that right now!

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Review #22, by Secret Santa Together

27th December 2013:
Hi again! :) Happy two-days-after-Christmas!

As adorable as Lily and James were here, I think I liked Millie's scepticism and disgust about the cuteness even better. I giggled a little whenever she made these little snide comments about James being lovesick, like when she said James looked as if Lily had just declared every day to be Christmas, and when he wanted to stay sick so that Lily would keep liking him- it was so funny.

Lily is just such a goody-two-shoes in comparison, it's quite amusing. I could really feel Millie's desperation when she was too busy with picking up James' slack to be concerned about him at first and then afterwards she was so ready to leave the hospital when Pomfrey said so. And then in comparison Millie and Sirius are so devious.

I still almost can't believe Millie and Sirius got away with the plan of essentially poisoning their friend and it worked! It's quite impressive, and I loved the ending where they were so gleeful and then had this little moment of lurve and denial.

Great chapter as usual, and I'm glad Lily and James are on the road to recovery in their relationship (and literal recovery in James' case). :D

Author's Response: Happy I'm-so-late-with-this-response-please-forgive-me?

I thought James and Lily were adorable - maybe Millie was subconsciously jealous? I don't know! I'm glad you thought it was funny, though!

I never thought about it that way, but yeah, I guess Lily really is a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Your boyfriend is dying, and you're worried about the increased work load? Like, seriously?

I just loved writing Millie and Sirius being devious together. There was no way that this plan was going to work, so obviously, it does because nothing brings people closer to each other than deviousness!

Thanks so much for the review! It's been such a pleasure receiving these!

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Review #23, by Secret Santa!! Perfect for each Other

25th December 2013:
Oh hey, it's just me again! :) Ah I'm so curious to find out how they'll execute this trick (no pun intended...) and kill/injure James to gain Lily's sympathy. Like I said last chapter it seems like she likes to take care of the underdog so this just might be the way to regain her forgiveness for him. :P

I'm so proud of Sirius and Millie working well together and discovering how they have things in common. This bit: I looked around to notice that our cauldron was merrily bubbling away, turning a hideous shade of poo. Nah. Give it another minute or two, I said, then went back to my musings. made me giggle so much, not only because Millie identifies colour with poo (sorry, it's been a long day :P) and secondly because she is so laid back about class and Sirius just accepts it. Too silly. :)

The ending made me happy about how they're going through with it but broke my heart a little since we know what happens to Sirius and how James and Lily won't have loads of kids and how Sirius will never really be called Uncle Sirius. Also this is making me curious about what will happen to Millie since in some Marauders stories the love interests of Sirius/best friends of Lily seem to die. :( Please promise me that fate won't await my darling Millie?! Time for a Christmas miracle?!

I'm quite curious to see how they will pull this scheme off and something tells me it won't go as smoothly as hoped. :P Lily is a little sharper than that! :) Great chapter as usual which makes me excited to find out more! :D

Author's Response: I have no idea how they come up with ideas like this. They've literally just poisoned their friend for the "greater good".

Millie's identification of colour with poo gets even more giggle-worthy since she specified that it was a disgusting shade - there must be grades such as "mildly gross" and "death on sight".

I was almost in tears writing those lines about Uncle Sirius. My heart just broke. I haven't decided what will exactly happen with Millie, but killing her off would not only be really painful, but also way out of the league of this story. Character death is not something to be trifled with.

Thanks so much for your lovely review!

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Review #24, by Secret Santa!! It has to be Soon

25th December 2013:
Hello my dear 800 words of heaven, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :) I've been super busy all day but wanted to leave you something on the actual date!

(PS I glanced at the other reviews and laughing now at your super sassy response to a certain rather unnecessary one, hehe).

Ooh, so Lily was first of all once in love with Snape and may still have feelings for him?! That actually fits well with my Lily head canon, I see her as someone who wants to take care of the weaker types and protect them, and in comparison to James, Snape would be weaker. That's an interesting dynamic, I love little mentions of Snily. Lily is such a firecracker in this story too, I feel a little sorry for James! Clearly Harry in his OoP moody teenager phase secretly takes after his mum. :P

Ah I wonder what their plan is?! These guys are so devious, it's really funny. While I think the Millie and Sirius development is my favourite part of the story so far I love hearing about the other characters and their troubles and dramas. :)

This: there was many a rumour flying around the Changing Rooms that his ability to father children may now be grievously diminished really made me laugh. It's these little witty lines which just make me so giggly when I read this story and well, all of your stories pretty much. :)

Great job as usual! :D

Author's Response: Hello oh wonderful Secret Santa! I am sorry for this rather late reply. I have been in a place with rather limited internet access, so I haven't been able to reply to your lovely reviews or MTA questions!

That review... was my first mean-spirited review and I just didn't know how to answer it. I thought about leaving it, but I didn't want to keep looking at it. I doubt that person came back to read what I wrote, but it's amazing they got to the end of all the published chapters at the time to leave such a review!

I don't think Lily has feeling for Snape anymore, but she's just a nice person. I think she wanted to believe that James had changed and wasn't the type to go around hexing people anymore. I wrote Lily really differently to my headcanon of her in this story. She's just so much fun to write this way!

Their plan is as ridiculous as them, to be honest. Somehow, everything seems to always work in their favour despite the odds.

You have seriously been the best Secret Santa ever!

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Review #25, by WumpsQuill Gone, Gone, Gone

23rd December 2013:
Gah, please continue! Love this story and how Sirius has changed over the course of it.

Author's Response: I'm still continuing this story! I've invested too much into Sirius' character growth not to see how it ends for myself!

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