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Review #1, by Ronald8472 Just A Feeling

7th September 2016:
I read this one what there was of it in a day. It's good and I'm hoping you will pick it up again. I read madness just before it and was quite impressed with it too infact I'll post a review for it next.

Author's Response: I'm hoping to pick it up again soon! Thank you for your kind words!

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Review #2, by Sophie Grace Just A Feeling

20th June 2016:
love this story. want more!

Author's Response: Hopefully I'll get inspired to write more again!! I'm glad you love it!

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Review #3, by Aizlyn Eri Just A Feeling

18th June 2014:
Please write a new chapter soon! I've been following this for ages!

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Review #4, by MadIce Just A Feeling

18th May 2014:
Hay I just wanted to say that this story is grate and hope that there is an update some time even though I know how hectic collage can be. Just holding for more because I do not think Rose wants to be pregnant for all eternity.

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Review #5, by Shelby Pagan Just A Feeling

11th March 2014:
Your story is just absolutely fabulous! I can't wait for the next update!

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Review #6, by noneofyourbeeswax Just A Feeling

21st February 2014:
If you make them give up the baby I will figuratively cut off your head.

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Review #7, by roseandscorpiusforever Just A Feeling

1st January 2014:
just saying.

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Review #8, by emma Just A Feeling

30th December 2013:


No but seriously I would love an update.
Please hurry.

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Review #9, by Emma Just A Feeling

13th December 2013:
why are your stories so good and addicting? ugh. & yeah otp. I still want rose and scorpious to keep the baby.
great job tho.

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Review #10, by LouiseNargles Just A Feeling

30th November 2013:
Yay another chapter:) I was so excited to see it today, love your story so much, it's fantastic, well done!! I really hope that Rose will respect Scorpius' wish though, he was so passionate about it, he's so sweet so i really hope that they do raise the kid together! Thank you so much and i hope that you are able to keep writing, well done!

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Review #11, by Ella Feldman! Scouts

20th October 2013:
Wow,I read Madness and I loved your style of writing,so I took a chance and I'm glad I did.I love this book.Please update!

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Review #12, by looneylizzie Scouts

11th October 2013:
Scorpius is a genius. Seriously, I definitely wouldn't have been able to stop myself from beating the crap out of Aaron, but he's really smart to tell everyone to leave him alone. In the end Aaron will get what he deserves. Right? RIGHT?? He better, or I might end up screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night (when I usually read) and scaring the crap out of my roommates. They already think I'm nuttier than Professor Trelawney.

Keep writing! We're all going nuts here waiting! :D

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Review #13, by alexaemd123 Scouts

15th September 2013:
Love it!!! Keep writing!

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Review #14, by Marauder_Weasley Scouts

7th September 2013:

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Review #15, by lala1997 Scouts

7th September 2013:
upload soon love this story :)

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Review #16, by always_slytherin Scouts

6th September 2013:
Next chapter there has to be a fight a huge one well not really but there has to be a fight and update soon, I look everyday to see if you updated set up a deadline that will most likely give you time to write and edit and hopefully doesn't get in your way of your college homework and I hope your having fun wherever school you're at.

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Review #17, by fangirlll Stubborn Stupid

3rd September 2013:
omg i loved it. i think rose and scorp should definitley keep the baby! and OMG ALEX AND EMILY! i cant even, they are so cuteee

Author's Response: Thank you! And we shall see but I'm glad I have your input! AND I KNOW RIGHT?! OTP status for sure, if they ever get their act together.

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Review #18, by Ayele Stubborn Stupid

16th August 2013:
I so totally see them keeping it! And Alex can be god-father yay! But no kidding I like this story so much!!I just wanna read more!!!

Author's Response: We'll see where the story goes but I'm glad you think they're capable of it! Thank you so much and hopefully more will be out soon!

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Review #19, by a person Stubborn Stupid

31st July 2013:
First off I love this story every chapter kept me wanting more. Second update soon please like really soon. Third I think they should keep the baby and hopefully its a boy hint hint. And lastly I want more of Alex and Emily I absolutely love them, if you can make a new story of them I would totaly love it.

Author's Response: Yay that's good! I'm trying my best to update soon! And I haven't decided what they're doing much less what gender the baby would be! I love Alex and Emily however, this isn't the Alex Emily story, which I sometimes forget, because they're story is so wonderful. I'll see if I can come up with something for them though!

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Review #20, by Tia Stubborn Stupid

30th July 2013:
Pls get al n chloe bak them...

Author's Response: I'll see what I can do! i'm glad that you love it!

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Review #21, by Person Stubborn Stupid

25th July 2013:
They are going to keep the baby if its the last thing they do. I don't care if just Scorpius keeps the baby because it would be really cute to see him and a baby and then maybe 2 years later the baby gets hurt goes to St. Mungos is treated by Rose and then Rose and Scorpius get back together.

Author's Response: Okay, I'll let them know! I have an idea of what I want to happen but I'm glad that you have your own idea as well :) shows that you love this story so thank you for that!

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Review #22, by LillyRoseanne Stubborn Stupid

24th July 2013:
Of course they should keep the baby, but in a way it would be nice to see a fic where they didn't... Scorp would be an amazing dad and like everyone keeps saying, their kid wouldn't get away with anything... keep up the awesomeness :D

Author's Response: Yes, I have an idea of what I want, but I keep jumping back and forth between the two! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by LillyRoseanne Fixing the Problem

24th July 2013:
LillyRoseanne likes this.
Finally a chapter that wasn't depressing... also I knew Nathanson was a git...

Author's Response: Cat is glad LilyRoseanne likes this!
And I know right? Seriously when I make a story sad it gets sad for like 50 chapters, it's crazy. And yeah, Nathanson is annoying.

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Review #24, by LillyRoseanne A New Family

24th July 2013:
Go Emily! And Go Lily! Awww Nick's so sweet... :D (Crappy reviews I know, but it's 3am...)

Author's Response: Yeah! Glad you love it! no worries about the crappiness of reviews, because I love hearing your thoughts, regardless of their quality! Thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by LillyRoseanne There Through It All

24th July 2013:
Hugo made me cry... Rose's cousins are complete douchebags... Scorpius is a dream... Poor Chloe... That is all.

Author's Response: Haha thank you for reading! I hope I change your opinion on the cousin thing though!

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