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Review #1, by merlins beard Full Circle

19th November 2014:
Sooo... i loved it. Can't wait for the sequel

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you did. I aim to start posting the sequel in the beginning of December, but that will depend on if I can finish the stories I need to finish in November and if I can get to writing the sequel.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by merlins beard Let Me Go

19th November 2014:
I kind of hate you right now...
Still, very well written

Author's Response: Yeah, I hated me, too. It's okay. :)

Thank you!


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Review #3, by merlins beard Care to Make a Wager

19th November 2014:
This amazing masterpiece is one of the best stories i've read in a while. I wonder if james and oliver will be together before the holidays are over...

Author's Response: That's so nice of you to say. Seriously, thank you! :D


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Review #4, by merlins beard Thankful For You

19th November 2014:
Naw this is sooo cute... i love the whole story so far. Can't wait till oliver figures it out :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking it and I hope you continue to. :)

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by Shinicha Full Circle

13th September 2014:
I'm sorry I only stopped now for a review, I kinda rushed through this story (I should be studying...)

First of all I'm really happy that you wrote a same-sex-love story so convincingly. I really liked Oliver, he's the perfect mix of awkward and cool :*
I thought you described great how James grows into his feelings. Ollies family is wonderful! Who would move all the way to another country for their son.. Also I really liked your Potter-siblings. Lily is awsome!! And Albus is Slytherin-y in a perfect way. In general you questioned some standard-assumptions about next-gen in a good way- Nicky being a good example. Also the mention of Harry not simply having overcome a war without any problems. "Molly Senior" made me laugh - sounds way cooler that Nana Molly haha..

I think your story got better with each chapter and I liked how it developed, it was very realistic. I admit I have a certain personal fluff-limit so at some points it almost got too cute! *laughs*

But thanks a lot for this story and I think I'll love the sequel!!

Author's Response: Ah, it's okay. I'm glad you liked it enough to read it.

I'm so happy you liked Oliver. He is among my favorite characters to write. He's just so... awkwardly cool. :P

James was fun to write. He was my first ever character to not fully know or understand his feelings and developed them until he knew he could have more. It just wouldn't have worked if it went too fast in the beginning.

Oliver is very lucky to have his family. His dad was looking for a new job anyway, but to do what he did with his wife... they're awesome.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and for reading and for leaving such an awesome review! I do hope you'll love the sequel.


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Review #6, by Lily's Sidekick Full Circle

13th August 2014:
I finished reading this story while i was on holiday, but had a really bad internet connection -so I'm coming back to review now. Pretty much only to tell you again that I looove your characters (James and Oliver are so wonderful) and your writing and that the pace of their developing relationship from dormmates to friends to lovers was just right and wow, what a wonderful story. The end happened kinda quickly -I'd have liked to read on. But -sequel, so yay.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you loved them so much that you stuck by this story for so long. Thank you so much! The sequel is coming as soon as I've completed a couple of other stories I hope you'll like it as much as you liked this one.

Thank you so much for leaving such lovely reviews!


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Overcoming Demons

12th August 2014:
I love that Harry is terrible at cooking, bless him, he gave save the world but he can't cook.

Poor James missing Oliver, I bet Oliver misses him too.

Ah Skander! *calms down*

Ah Harry knows!! Of course he knows!

Hahah Theo and Harry are in trouble! I wonder what they done this time?

AH!!! OH god! Olivers dad caught them! And with the most epic sentence in the history of today!!! "Hey, Oliver, have you seen - oh, God, my eyes." I love it!!

Aww James is being so polite and calling him sir. And I loved what Olivers dad said to James about what Oliver thinks of him. hehehehe.

AH FRANKIE! *SWOONS* Hehe who didn't have a crush on Kieron? :P

Ah he's offered him a job!! :D

Oh Oliver *hugs him tightly* I'm so proud that he told James about what happened and opened up to him.

James was held hostage? ;( Oh no!! and Harry's reaction to the aftermath of it all! ;(

Author's Response: Poor Harry. But alas, he must be bad at something. Breakfast was all he learnt to cook as a kid. *told you why*

I'd be sad if Oliver didn't miss him... and a little confused as to what I'd been writing. :P

*Joins in* SKANDER!

Harry knows everything.

Who knows what they did? They do a lot. :P

That was definitely the best line ever!

Fraser had to get them back with something.

FRANKIE AND KIERON! *loves them*

Yep, now Oliver has a reason to stay in England.

*Hugs them both* They shared. I'm so proud of them.

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #8, by alicia and anne Closer

12th August 2014:
That is a promising chapter summary!

I was going to say, are Olivers action during the match going to be any different? :P

Hehehehe I can't help but giggle when I read their moments together. Oh how I love them! WHICH I WILL NEVER NOT SAY! THE LOVE IS PURE AND AWESOME AND TRUE!!!

So many birthdays in the latest chapters!
well, two. but still! although in two weeks it'll be mine! :P

Aww look at them all waking him up on his birthday and he doesn't seem to care haha.

Hahaha I love that they don't think the 'lions' could take on the 'snake'

:O SARAH AND TUCKER! I would be confused as well if I were James and Oliver haha :D


Author's Response: Nah, Oliver is just as obsessed with James now as before. He doesn't need to change. :P


Important things didn't happen in between.

Oliver's not much of a birthday person. He's so weird. :P

Lions definitely couldn't take on a snake. We're so manipulative. We don't need wands, we have words. ;)

No one was watching them and now they're being weird. UH OH! :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne Ready

12th August 2014:
Awww their friends are watching them! I so would as well, with popcorn.

Is there going to be valentines day happiness?


Awww Tucker, I love him!!

Harry would so pay for it! and hold it against them!!

Hahahhahaha oh Aiden being able to smell Oliver on James! Hahahaha

Eek! James and Oliver are so cute!!! I love them so much!!!

Ahhh Hugo!! :D I wonder how many sugar quills that will end up being?

I'm jealous of their food! I want it all! It sounds so yummy.




Author's Response: *Grabs the popcorn* We'll watch together.

There might be.


Harry totally would.

I don't think Aidan appreciates it, though.

That was a lot of sugar quills.

HALF THE POINTS! Someone else remembered, too.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #10, by alicia and anne The Birthday of All Birthdays

12th August 2014:
I am back to reading Jollie! I am so excited! I love them so much as you know and I can't believe I've waited this long to read and review! I blame work entirely!


I love that opening!

hehehehehe *giggles*

No! Oliver don't run away!

Ooo he's going to talk to Albus because he can't find anyone else. Where has everyone gone? Why are they not around? How inconvinient!
I love that James just tells everyone to get out of their own room hahahaa.

I'm glad that he had Albus to talk to and not judge him, he's a good brother! Even if he did push James off the bed.

Hahah James is sad and pathetic for writing essays that weren't homework. :P

Look at them kissing and being happy and in love! I'm so happy!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're back to Jollie!

He just needs to wrap his head around finally being with James. He freaked out a little.

So very inconvenient. Leaving him with his evil little brother.

James can take charge when he needs to. :D

He's still evil. ;)

James is very sad and pathetic, I don't know what Oliver sees in him. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #11, by dracodarlingxx Full Circle

9th August 2014:
i got up to chapter 14, then I went on holiday for two weeks and when i came back there were 8 new chapters and YOU FINISHED IT!!
you totally made my day :D
james is an idiot, but an utterly adorable love-struck idiot
and oliver is just oliver, cool as always
great chapter :D you know the chapters got better the further along the story you got? the first chapter was good, but this is brilliant :)

Author's Response: I did! I finished it. It was for a challenge, I had to finish the story to be eligible for it. Almost 50k in a month, 43k written in the last five days. My hand hurt. But I'm so glad to have it finished! :D

James is an idiot. Or maybe he just last common sense, since he's really quite smart. But everyone likes to call him an idiot. And Oliver, he was so much fun to write.

Thank you so much for leaving a review! And I look forward to seeing you during the sequel!


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Review #12, by StellaRose Full Circle

6th August 2014:
LOVED THIS STORY!! Excellent job. Can't wait for the sequel :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving a review! I can't wait to see you back for the sequel!


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Review #13, by Chazzie Full Circle

3rd August 2014:
That was truly adorable and perfect. The photo album seems like such a brilliant idea, and a great way for all the 7th years to remember their time together. I liked that Melanie wasn't a totally horrible person, and that she helped James and Oliver get back together. The story was really great, I've really enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for posting it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the photo album. The finished product is something Oliver is very proud of. Yeah, she's not absolutely bad. Not very nice, but knows when to help. That's something.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #14, by Gladis Gudgeon Full Circle

2nd August 2014:
That was interesting and cute. The characters were well developed. I really enjoyed reading it. The only thing that bothered me was that the pacing just felt a little bit off. The last couple chapters felt a little bit forced. 9/10
Gladis Gudgeon

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will be going back to edit the chapters. Fix them up. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #15, by HufflePuff_Blitz Let Me Go

2nd August 2014:
And there was the curve ball! Should've known it was coming. I think I feel worse for James. He was only denying it because Oliver didn't want to make it known.
Even if he didn't say it properly, and with Oliver just going down there to pronounce his love without consulting James wasn't cool either. Shame on you Olliver.
Great as always Sam!

Author's Response: There's the curveball. Oliver is just as bad, worse even, and he knows it. That's what he means in his conversation with Ryan. And no, he wouldn't have not talked to James first, which is what he means when he's yelling at James. What he told Sarah was just what he wanted, he was going to talk to James.

But feel worse for James. He's an idiot. Oliver knows better. :)

Thanks for leaving a review, Kyle!


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Review #16, by Chazzie Let Me Go

2nd August 2014:
:'( Sam! Nooo! It was going so well, all of it, and then amrkdjdos,wlz. I got so excited too, and then I was shaking my head going 'nope nope nope' on repeat. Amazing writing but still! And only one chapter left! Eek!

Author's Response: I know! I'm a horrible person. But there's just one more conflict - Oliver himself. Gotta fix it. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #17, by HufflePuff_Blitz Overcoming Demons

1st August 2014:
We finally found out! Poor Oliver, but he met James because of it. :) Also poor James also, but at least he is ok.
I loved Harry in this chapter, so hilarious. and the scene with ollies dad, haha.
I thought for a second we were getting a glimpse of Key, but it turned out to be Frankie. Still exiting seeing familiar faces.
Great as Always Sam!
Kyle :)

Author's Response: You found out! And poor Oliver, but silver linings. :)

I'm glad you love Harry. After everything he's been through, sometimes he needs to be funny.

Aww, yeah, it's Frankie. In official headcanon, Louis is with Frankie. But don't worry, Key still becomes one of Louis' best friends and he'll be around in other stories.

Thanks for leaving a review, Kyle!


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Review #18, by Lily's Sidekick Overcoming Demons

1st August 2014:
So happy! I like finding out more about them. And that they're ready to share that stuff with each other.
I liked meeting Oliver's dad and seeing the Weasleys again. Harry is so cool.
Oliver and James are wonderful. Thank you for writing and updating so quickly -I don't want it to end yet, but I so enjoy reading this story.

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked the characters. I really enjoyed writing this chapter and getting the boys to open up. I'm glad you liked it, too.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #19, by HufflePuff_Blitz Closer

1st August 2014:
Awesome as always Sam!
I'm really worried about James and oliver because their relationship is going fast. It might just be me, but I am suspecting a curve ball coming shortly in the next chapter or something.
Can't wait!

Author's Response: A couple of months have gone by between this chapter and the next one, things have slowed down, so any curveballs that may come their way will be a complete surprise. ;)

Thanks for leaving a review, Kyle!


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Review #20, by a rollerball Ready

1st August 2014:
awesome story, please update soon :)

Author's Response: The next one is up and the one after that will be posted in a couple of hours. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #21, by HufflePuff_Blitz Ready

1st August 2014:
Ellie's! Seeing as I put it in one of my stories I would hope I got the reference. (also it is louis related, so i need to know it)
this was sweet. I have been wanting James and Oliver to be in a relationship since the beginning, but know that they are actually in one, I need to get used to it.
I love how the room is broken now. I never actually considered what had happened to it. Seeing that fire was strong enough to destroy a horcrux it makes sense that it could damage the room.
Also in terms with the room. Both James and Louis first did the "woohoo" with the other main oc in the room of requirement. I just find that really cool :)
Great work Sam!

Author's Response: I knew you'd get it. Since my stories are all in the same world, I had to put it in. :D

I know! I'm not used to either.

Yeah, it just made sense to me to have the room broken. That fire was bound to do something.

They did. Mostly because it's the only really private room in the school, and since Oliver is keeping it a secret, they wouldn't "woohoo" (:P) in their dorm. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Kyle!


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Review #22, by Anon The Birthday of All Birthdays

31st July 2014:
You are a queen, thank you for this!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #23, by apondinabluebox Explanations and Fan-Girl Moments

31st July 2014:
First of all, be right back while I squish Oliver. I can't tell if he's having a bad day or if he genuinely has insecurities, given that the last two chapters (NO, AUTOCORRECT, YOU DO NOT CHANGE THAT TO CHEATERS. DON'T YOU DARE DOOM THIS SHIP) have been from James' POV, but either way, he deserves a hug.

The pacing in this was fabulous! I'm not sure how long the chapters are, given that I love this story so much I'm scrolling so fast I keep losing my place, but you've really paced this well. The plot isn't moving too fast or too slow. Oliver's narration here was fabulous too! It's great to see a more vulnerable side of him than James sees, because it really expands upon his character and develops him fabulously.

WHAT would Sarah have done?! Please tell me! ♥

Although Oliver seems to be suspicious of James' odd behaviour, including him into the conversation more than normal and so on, I have a theory: it's because James is nervous and even though he doesn't want to let it show, it's more obvious than he would like it to be.

Melanie sounds scary. *looks around* The coast looks clear. I can ship all of the Jolly ♥ ^.^

Question: How do you end chapters so fabulously? They aren't cliffhangers (yet) but they're still nice endings with fun comebacks and hilarious behaviour. SHARE YOUR SECRETS PLEASE, SAM.

Author's Response: *Squishes Oliver too* It's a mix of both, poor Oliver. He doesn't quite know how to handle things. :O *Hopes it didn't doom the ship*

I'm glad you like the pace of the story. I'm not one for rushing romance in my stories. You should see Enchanted. ;) I'm especially glad you like Oliver, he's definitely more vulnerable that James first sees.

Sarah threatens to tell James about Oliver's crush. But she never actually would.

That is a brilliantly accurate theory. Congrats! :D

*Checks* *relieved* *ships Jollie with you*

I... I didn't know I did that. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #24, by apondinabluebox Need That Picture of You

31st July 2014:
I think the people in the café are questioning my sanity right now because I'm sitting here grinning like a madwoman. I LOVE THIS SHIP MORE WITH EVERY CHAPTER. James' behaviour at the platform was hilarious, I love how he was so adamant that there was nothing going on with him and Oliver yet his behaviour was very over the top for something that isn't happening... Very revealing indeed :P

Ack, bad James for telling everyone that Oliver was half and half! (You missed out a "was" in that sentence, btw.) Good on Oliver for punching him though, he deserved it, and I like how James is mature enough to admit to his mistakes. You really have him down as an awesome teenager: there are some moments where he can be childish, but there are other moments where he's mature and gentlemanly, like when he notices Oliver's new camera and makes conversation -- that's a lovely balance!

I love the Great Hall banter and the comment about Oliver not taking James' picture in a Quidditch game because he wants to be a professional photographer. Genius. I really love Oliver, particularly his comebacks. Can I keep him? :P

Author's Response: So very revealing. He doesn't understand why people are suddenly interested in his love life (or lack of one) and is getting a little too defensive.

He was very naughty, that day, was James (thanks, I'll go fix it after you're challenge is done). James is not as... bad as I've seen him written. He's very much a typical teen (I hope).

If you beat James for him, you can keep him. .)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #25, by apondinabluebox Who are You and What are You Doing in my Brother's Bedroom?

31st July 2014:
MUAHAHAHAHA I don't know where to begin with this review, because I was grinning all the way through this chapter. You write humour really well, from James' surreptitious entrance into his own home and the subsequent interactions with his family, particularly Lily. (BTW, I loved that line about the Floo-calling being the wrong kind of fire to push her into!)

It's been a while since I first started reading this (and I am so sorry for how long it's taken me to leave these reviews, but hopefully I can make up for it tonight) and yet this story is just as fun and captivating as it when I first read it -- perhaps more so, since I know little snippets of what happens in the future. I've read actual published books and been really blah at the second re-read, but that isn't the case here. Opening chapters are really difficult, but you've pulled this off well: your characters are immediately distinct personalities even though they only speak a few sentences, and the plot immediately begins rolling!

I did notice a couple of typos -- on the fourth paragraph/line, you refer to the front door as a "fron door", and near the end, was no longer saying thing about anyone, I think that's supposed to have a S on the thing to make it plural. Thought you might want to know ^.^

OH! And I love the ending where Oliver points out that James only denied that he was topless, not that he was just a friend ;)

I'm really, really glad you picked this for my challenge. YOU CAN DO THIS, SAM ♥

Author's Response: I write humor well. Wow, I think my attempts at humor are terrible. Especially back in 2011, when I first wrote this chapter. So thank you! :)

All your compliments are so lovely, it's hard to write a response that is longer than AH!!! :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review. I'll fix the typos when you've done the challenge. :)


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