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Review #1, by ruthdobble Bravery (Sort Of)

31st March 2014:
I really like this story! Please don't give up! PLEASE!

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Review #2, by Stefobie23 Bravery (Sort Of)

29th March 2014:
update? yes, please.

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Review #3, by waiting Bravery (Sort Of)

25th March 2014:
You are undeniably awesome. Please don't abandon this story. I am really looking forward to an amazing update. Please update soon xx

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Review #4, by :) Bravery (Sort Of)

11th March 2014:
You can take all the time you need to give us an awesome chapter. I am just super glad that you didn't give up on this amazing story. Also I just wanted to say I think it's really cool you take time out to reply to your fans. It makes me feel appreciated. :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! This put the biggest smile on my face so you're pretty much awesome. xx

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Review #5, by Anon Bravery (Sort Of)

9th March 2014:
Hello! So, I noticed that you haven't updated in awhile but I am BEGGING you to finish it. I am not ashamed to say that I am completely addicted.

Author's Response: Hi! Yes, sorry about that, I'm terrible at updating but I do have the next chapter in the works so hopefully I can get that out to all of you soon. Thanks for taking the time to review xx

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Review #6, by June Bravery (Sort Of)

7th March 2014:
Would you please update this awesome story. I am absolutely in love with it. I want to see freddie get all protective and all that jazz. So please please please update asap. Keep being awesome

Author's Response: Thanks doll. I've got plans for the next chapter in the works I just want to finish chapter six of Get In Line first but I will definitely try to update this story within the next month or two (that may seem far away, but for me that's really good)

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Review #7, by sunshine&daisies Bravery (Sort Of)

27th February 2014:
Please don't be one of those authors that abandon a great story like this! It's been happening way too much lately, and I don't want this story to go down that route as well. It's a wonderful story, with great characters. It's fun to read, and I look forward to some more chapters!

Author's Response: I'm planning on continuing, don't worry! I've already started the next chapter and have the rest of it planned out but it's just the matter of writing it.. Hopefully I can get it down within the next week or two. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the review, lovely. xx

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Review #8, by PotterJAM97 Bravery (Sort Of)

5th February 2014:
So since my newest thing is reviewing, you shall now be honored with my endless torrents of review-ee gifts because you are hilarious! Gosh.this was so funny. I mean like, keel-over-laughing, kick-a-donkey, do-a-couple-backflips-because-this-is-so-funny funny. It's awesome.Seriously, I think you could write a story about a pair of shoelaces-not even magical ones, just normal, boring shoelaces- and make it hilarious! ( Shoelace/OC, courtesy of Dobbyismyhero22? Yes!) It was a great read, and took my out of the horrible depressed mood I've been in lately. Thanks for being awesome, just in general!!

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Review #9, by Eloise Bravery (Sort Of)

24th January 2014:
Oh my god
I only just realized you'd updated but this was my favorite story for so long! I'll definitely go and read your new one- update soon!

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Review #10, by diya Bravery (Sort Of)

19th January 2014:
Please update soon. I come to HPFF almost everyday to check if you have updated this story because it is so brilliant. Please update fast :)

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Review #11, by jamie Bravery (Sort Of)

13th January 2014:
OMG OMG OMG! You have to update this brilliant amazing fantastic story. Please please please please please please please don't leave now like you did the other stories. Please complete this one. Waiting for an update asap. Please do it any time soon. I f***ing love this story so damn much. Please fudging update I am literally begging you. Oh and be honoured I've never written a review this long for any of the other stories. So please pity me and update. Like now would be great. I love all your work. Your one of my top favourites like dream_Big. You both make hpff so much fun for me.

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Review #12, by newgenerationlover Bravery (Sort Of)

8th January 2014:
love this story!! hope you haven't abandoned it

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Review #13, by VV Bravery (Sort Of)

1st January 2014:

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Review #14, by Wonka Bravery (Sort Of)

22nd December 2013:
Please please please update, with sparkly edible glitter and Logan Lemmon sprinkles on top :D

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Review #15, by UrBiggestFan Bravery (Sort Of)

9th November 2013:
Please update this story I am absolutely dying to know what happens next I can't focus on anything else!
I love you and love all of your stories so please don't give up on any of them, please!
(I said please a.lot didn't I, oh well, lol)

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Review #16, by anonymous Mistake Number Two

22nd October 2013:
i hate it when guys assume i'm on my period it's insulting

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Review #17, by carellio (not logged in) Bravery (Sort Of)

21st October 2013:
Please please continue writing this story! Please!
It was the first story I ever read on this site and I love it so much!
update soon please, I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!

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Review #18, by tiberiusirius Bravery (Sort Of)

20th October 2013:
Interested to see how this plays out. I haven't come across many Fred Weasley stories and I'm definitely into it. I hope you can find the time to update soon! Looking forward to reading more. Cheers!

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Review #19, by RavenHairedGirl Bravery (Sort Of)

19th October 2013:
Oh My God!
You cannot leave it here! Please update!!

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Review #20, by loving it Bravery (Sort Of)

4th October 2013:
come back to the harry potter fandom
we miss yoou xxx

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Review #21, by harrypotter310 Bravery (Sort Of)

29th September 2013:
Update please please please! I love this story! And I cannot wait to see the reaction from this chapter, don't leave me hanging! Keep writing :)

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Review #22, by helpwillalwaysbegiven Bravery (Sort Of)

29th September 2013:

"Dessie," Weasley said in a low, uncharacteristically gentle voice, taking me by surprise. "It'll be fine."




Asdlkfajsdlfk please update soon!

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Review #23, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Bravery (Sort Of)

22nd September 2013:
Aaaah, update! I'd almost given up hope! This was fantastic, I loved it. Especially the Greta part. I feel really bad for her and I hope she gets out ok. Maybe she'll have to turn to Dessie and Tosh for help...

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Review #24, by soey Bravery (Sort Of)

22nd September 2013:
please update, please!!!

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Review #25, by Ritz97 Bravery (Sort Of)

8th September 2013:
Please please please just say that you're going to get the next chapter out ASAP. coz I'm dying over here.

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