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Review #1, by RedHairGinny Dawn

24th April 2014:
Oh my gods!
This brought tears to my eyes!
It was amazing - the things I felt when I saw the Cattermoles coming to Hattie's house...
And I think you've done a beautiful portrayal of how people outside the Order view the entire war. The Weasleys, Remus and Tonks, Sirius and Snape and the Hogwarts staff and DA members were really at the epicentre of this whole war.
The others - outside this tight circle - must be really confused all the time and the grief they would feel when a family member died, all of this is shown in a wonderful way here!

All I can say is - I can't imagine how this isn't canon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wanted to show the effects of the war on people who aren't in the Order, and bring the Unsinkable characters forward into the canon timeline as well. And bringing in the Cattermoles was fun to do. The Order would have needed ways to get Muggleborns out of the country when they could, so I liked this idea. And it let Hattie help, which was good for her. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Cleopatraa Dame Fortune

24th December 2012:
Such an interesting idea you have here. Iíve not read anything like that before and it is rather a shame. You always see how the main characters deal in this period so it is nice to see how someone, who isnít in the order or a death eater, wants to contribute in a way. Especially the way it happened. After the death of her son. Her motives are different yet I think most people would contribute after such an event like this would happen . Not everyone is as brave as the Weasleys. I like the way your characterized her. Especially when she didnít want to send her daughters to Hogwarts. My own mother would have probably wanted the same. I also thought this was rather realistic, even though they have connections to several main characters, it still seems realistic. After all Harry would not know all of the Weasleys friends. I liked the way the Weasleys supported them. Its such a Weasley action. As you can notice from my review I really liked this!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't see a lot of these sort of stories either. This one is part of a larger series, so these characters are ones I've written before, especially Hattie. I created her to be Molly's best friend when I was writing The Unsinkable Molly Prewett (Molly and Arthur's 6th year at Hogwarts). Hattie's not as brave as the Weasleys, yes, but she was a Gryffindor after all. Sending the kids to Hogwarts must have been very scary that year, I would've wanted to keep my kids home. They are connected to main characters but it's a bit peripheral. This is Molly's friend from school, not someone that Harry is going to interact with really. :) Anyway thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Alopex Dawn

29th April 2012:
Wow. You are such a good writer. What an excellent ending to the story. I feel a bit drained after reading it! It was so sad, touching, inspiring, and cathartic all at the same time. The scene with Reid was great. You managed to bring a bit of humor and lightness to the chapter without trivializing anything or being ridiculous. The scene with Arthur was also good and very emotional. The end, of course, was a bit of a relief and conclusion, but still obviously sad.

One of the things I enjoy most about your Unsinkableverse is that all these people have remained friends for so many years. It makes them feel like my old friends too, since I've gotten to witness their journey. It's wonderful that Hattie still has her old friends around her, and they are still so close. That's something special.

I also loved the symbolism with the cherry tree. I did something similar with a plant in one of my stories. It's an obvious and easy choice, and it's been done so many times by so many writers, but it still works, you know?

This was a great story topped off by a great chapter. I can't believe I didn't read this sooner!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much *blushes* It is a pretty sad story, but life presses on despite the sadness so I tried to show that. The son dies, but the family has to figure out how to go on without him. I really liked writing about Harry from the perspective of a witch/wizard who doesn't know him, because he's such a famous person but they don't really understand him at all, you know? But she knows that Arthur does know Harry quite well, so.

I love a bit of humor. I'm glad it could bring things up without trivializing the rest of the story, thank you.

I think some would be closer than others - I can see Molly and Hattie having tea together at least once a week for the rest of their lives, and Petula and Dunstan live down the road from each other, Hattie and Reid of course remain very close - but they'd all keep in touch. They had a close bond, especially the girls.

The tree is an obvious choice, but it works so well that it's hard to resist adding the theme in.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm so pleased that you liked this story :)

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Review #4, by Alopex Heartsick

29th April 2012:
Perhaps the best way I can describe this story is to say it is really grown-up. Not in the "Oooh, we're sooo mature, look at us doing mature things in the Head Boy/Girl dorm" way, obviously, but in the way that this is a "real" story about real, grown-ups doing real, grown-up things. (I know what I mean in my head.)

I really enjoyed getting to read about the aftermath of the Ministry break-in (which is one of my favorite parts of DH) from a different perspective. I've always wondered what happened to the Cattermoles, how they got away, did they come back, etc. It was nice to see in this chapter that they have found refuge at least for a moment, and that Molly and Arthur managed to figure out that Ron had been at the Ministry with Harry and Hermione.

It was just a nice chapter. I was impressed and drawn in while reading it, and I feel like there's something profound I could say about it if only I could kick my brain into gear. :P Well done!

Author's Response: It is a grown-up sort of story. Not like "mature" on the archive haha, but just mature subjects. Grown-ups, like you said. I know just what you mean.

I always wondered whether the Cattermoles got away - hated to think of them getting captured and put in Azkaban after the whole Ministry break-in brouhaha. Would've been such a shame. They dovetailed nicely with the plot I had going here, so I used them. I liked giving Molly and Arthur a little ray of hope, realizing Ron had been at the Ministry and was alive and okay.

Hey these are great reviews for so late at night! I really appreciate them :) Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by Alopex Dame Fortune

28th April 2012:
At this time of night, I usually have a hard time thinking of things to say about a story, so excuse this review for not being as rambly as they often are (or who knows, maybe I will think of tons to say after all) and also less coherent.

First off, I can't believe I haven't read this before. I swear I thought I had, and it was ticked off on my mental checklist, but I've never left reviews on it, nor do I have any recollection whatsoever of the contents of this chapter. Anyway. That's not really relevant.

Hattie has become quite an interesting character since you first wrote about her in TUMP. She comes across as real, you know? She's got her little quirks and worries and prejudices, and her mood isn't always perfect, and so on. I liked reading about her here, and seeing that she's decided to take a more active role in the fight against Voldemort, even if her motives are different than someone like Arthur.

Also, I'm assuming it's Reg Cattermole's family they're going to be hiding. That's an interesting tie to canon. I wonder what the next chapter is going to bring!

Author's Response: I thought you had read it too, but evidently not! I haven't seen a review from you on the latest Unsinkable-universe one-shot, either. Dying to know what you think of that one.

Anyway, I think Hattie is more fully fleshed out at this point, but she is also older at this point, and a mom and wife and now a big tragedy. That all makes you grow and change somewhat. I'm quite fond of Hattie, so I really enjoyed the chance to write a short story from her point of view.

It is the Cattermoles, yes. I love a canon tie-in or reference. :) Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by TheWorldISee Dawn

4th April 2011:
Poor Hattie, what a sad story. But you've done it again, this is marvelous work. The way you weave the details from the series into this one is really remarkable. It's great to think of Arthur and Molly figuring out that it was Harry, Ron and Hermione at the Ministry that day. I'd like to think they did so they would know not to be worried about whether or not they were still alive. This is a great, albeit sad story. 10/10.

Author's Response: I wanted to use this story both to give Hattie an additional story and to fit her into canon, even if in a small way. I hope Molly and Arthur did find out that it was the trio in the Ministry that day. I imagine it would have given them some comfort.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews you've left! I've loved reading them. If you'll excuse a blatant advertisement/beg for reviews, have you read my NextGen novels? Just Another Midnight Run, and the sequel is nearly complete now too. :)

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Review #7, by Ginny Dawn

21st February 2011:
I have read many fanfiction stories bu none have been more accurate that yours. Everything from the details from the actual novels to the mannerisms of he characters. Ive read most of your stories and instantly became connected to your own characters. You would make an excellent author of your own stories.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much, I am totally speechless! I'm hoping to get published someday with my original stories, so this review really means a lot to me. Thank you very much!

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Review #8, by RonsGirlFriday Dawn

15th February 2011:
It seems like it's been so long since I've read anything of yours, when I finally went poking around for some new stories I saw this one and spazzed out momentarily. (Omnomnom Unsinkableverse!)

This just killed me, it's so beautiful and heartbreaking. Once again you inspire me with your ability to dig into human emotion and relationships, and bring them to life with your words, but without overcooking it into some kind of meaningless mush. I was so glad to read more about Hattie's character, in another era of her life and in the face of a new and more terrible kind of adversity. Her anger and grief were palpable. And even though the story was Hattie-centric, Molly and Arthur shine as always. Your interpretation of them is pitch perfect.

I really liked how you blended in the DH Ministry break-in, with all these characters trying to piece together what really happened while we as readers know the full story - another example of the excellent attention you pay to canon details, and how you really set your stories in the HP world, not using canon events as a mere afterthought. The effect of it is that this seems like a scene that could really have happened.

I can has more Reid, please? You have no idea how glad I was to see him lurking around this story. XD


Author's Response: lol! Omnomnom. That was hilarious. It made me really happy though. I kind of miss writing the Unsinkableverse - I love Rose, but I was thinking I haven't written anything on these guys in like four months. I have some stuff on Siobhan I want to write. Maybe I'll get to that this spring, after I finish off with Weirder Shade of Midnight.

I am seriously ecstatic at this review - I am sooo pleased that you liked this story so much! I adore sorting canon details and events into the stories I've already written (I think it's been easier on me than on some past writers since I started my pre-Hogwarts stories after reading all the books), it always makes me happy to hear someone appreciates it. :)

Poor Hattie, this is a horrible time for her. Here's a backstage detail: I had originally intended to kill off Edwin as well. He was supposed to have died when Hattie's youngest was only about two years old. But then I started writing further and really wanted him in the story - and I thought it was too much for Hattie to lose her husband and her son. So he got a reprieve and I actually think the story worked better with showing how he is dealing with his son's death. I liked putting in a flash of Beatrice's grief for her brother, too. Hattie's very internalized at this point, like she's almost forgotten she's not the only one grieving. She's having the roughest time of it, though.

Did you read the Reid chapter in "All Things Life Must Be"? He gets brief mentions in other chapters, mostly the Cosmo one. The Siobhan stuff I mentioned above, he does appear in it. I need to finish that.

Thank you, thank you for this review! I loved reading it.

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Review #9, by jrg0715 Dawn

17th October 2010:
You are very good at giving words to the feelings of grief and the pain of loss. I think that is a difficult thing to do and you've done it so well. It's easy to write a story with a happy ending but to write a story that doesn't have a happily ever after and still leave the reader satisfied is real talent. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I love a happily ever after now and then, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for life, and life is messy and ugly and doesn't end in tidy ways, kwim? Thanks for the review and the kind words!

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Review #10, by Kristin Dawn

17th October 2010:
What, did you just finish the story? Oh no, I'd been expecting so much more :( That doesn't mean this wasn't good, of course, because it was. I'm not surprised about Reid. Poor bloke. But please ... write more about the 'unsinkable' characters? :)

Author's Response: Yes, it was just the three chapters. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't think I'm done with the Unsinkable-verse, but for now there's nothing in the pipe. I'm still debating whether to do NaNoWriMo or continue with my ff plans for a Midnight Run sequel. Sigh. Anyway, thank you so much for the review!

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Review #11, by Rose_Weasley123 Dame Fortune

17th October 2010:
Ever since you requested my banner for this story, I've been meaning to read this. And wow, am I glad I did.

I love tha characterisation you've done here. The Weasleys seem perfectly in canon, and your OCs are really well done. Reading other reviews, I gather you've written them before, in the Unsinkable Molly Prewitt? I'll definitely go and read that now, because the characters you have here are really interesting.

The writing style is perfect, striking the perfect balance of description and dialogue, and the emotions are portrayed perfectly ^^.

I just love this! I'll definitely be reading more of your work :D.

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by! And for the banner, I really love it :) Yes, these characters originated in Unsinkable, and have continued throughout that series (The Unsinkable Molly Prewett, Fireworks, The Black Velvet Band, I Will Follow, Shift, What It's Worth, At The Hour, Over the Anvil, and All Things Life Must Be).

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by LidaRose Dawn

16th October 2010:
Another beautiful story. I've come to love the Unsinkable OCs as much as many of the canon characters. They're so real and fit so wonderfully that I sometimes forget they're not a part of it, and miss them in the novels or other stories.
I hope you never run out of inspiration.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! In my head, they're all real, so I'm glad other people think that way sometimes too. I feel less crazy ;) Seriously though, this is such a wonderful review, it really made my day. Thank you!

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Review #13, by Georgia Weasley Dawn

12th October 2010:
This was beautiful. Achingly so. I identify with poor Hattie so closely. She is strong, angry, defiant in the face that such tragedy should dare touch her family. But inside, she comes to terms with her grief, thanks to Reid. Gah, I love him. The little snippets you give about how his life turned out makes me sad for him. There really was no other for him besides Cecelia. Trying to make it so didn't change that fact. Again, your details and character development make this story so real and so alive that I can see it. Beautiful job, hon.
One little typo. When Beatrice is telling the children about Portkeys, you have "Floor" powder instead of "Floo". Dang spell check!
10 billion out of 10, as usual.~GW

Author's Response: Poor Reid, he's a pretty pathetic guy in a lot of ways. He really wants Cecilia back, but nobody else is the same, even if they look a lot alike and act like her in some ways. It's not the same. Anyway, omg funniest typo ever! I went and fixed it. That's hilarious. Thanks, autocorrect! I'll have to add "Floo" to my OpenOffice dictionary. Hattie is a lot stronger than she might seem, with all her pink and propriety, she's my British steel magnolia ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! *hugs*

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Review #14, by GinnyCullen Dawn

11th October 2010:
Hattie is not one of my favourite OC's of yours but Reid is! I love that they are so close after all these years. I love how he is so messed up from his first loves death that he can't keep a stable relationship. It shows how hard death is on some people. The Cherry Tree was by far one of my favourite things that you had in this chapter, it reminded me of the rose bush. I can't wait to see what you have up your enlightening sleeve.

Love GinnyC

Author's Response: I do love Reid. He's such an idiot haha. I'm pretty fond of Hattie, though, I really like her. Reid is still messed up, but then, he was always a little messed up anyway - his obsession/stalking of Cecilia was pretty unhealthy.

Thank you so much! I'm not sure what story I'm going to be writing next, I think I'm going to take a little break until Halloween or so. I still haven't decided if I want to tackle NaNo this year. Anyway, thank you for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by Canadian_Hogwarts Dawn

11th October 2010:
Wow. Once again, I'm impressed. I loved everything about it. When Arthur was telling Hattie about Harry, it made me think. You never realize how horrible Harry's life really is; he doesn't dwell on it continually during the books. But when Hattie was comparing his life to her own son's it really showed how different and terrible it must be fr Harry. On another note, I loved the little snatch of humour between Reid and Hattie. He would be banned from a country, wouldn't he? I'm glad to see that Reid eventually continued on with his life, even if he married quite a few women. I guess that's the only way he would be able to deal with all the loss. Anyways, I just want to say that this was a really great story, and I was always waiting for a new chapter... and I'd be very happy if any new stories that focused on these characters surfaced. Once again, great story!

Author's Response: Harry has a crap life, really. A lot of horrible stuff happens to him, but as Ron points out in OotP, Harry always gets away with stuff. ;) And Reid, oh he is definitely the type. He isn't banned *exactly*, but returning to Tahiti would be a very bad idea. I think it's only when Reid lets go of the idea that he can find and marry another version of Cecilia that he actually finds a woman worth loving in her own right, if that makes sense. Thank you so much for the review! I don't think I'll ever say I'm totally done with the Unsinkable-verse, but for now, I have nothing else planned. I always have it in mind, though. Thanks again!

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Review #16, by thehyacinthgirl Dawn

11th October 2010:
This very nearly made me cry. It was so beautiful and simply so sad. I can't imagine what Hattie must be going through, but we all know it can't be anything good.

I absolutely adore, like I've said before, how you fit your OC's so well within the canon and give them ties to canon characters without it being over the top or displacing them from the 'canon' realm. It's amazing.

Just to clarify from the last chapter since there seemed to be some confusion - I was well aware that the Cattermoles were in the canon (if barely), but what I meant was you miraculously wove them in with your OC's in a way that I found convincing.

Your descriptions and the way that you wrote their emotions was so beautifully done. I absolutely loved that Reid was the one to comfort Hattie. It just was sweet and tender and I wanted to give them both a hug.

I also was glad that Hattie could finally get over her anger, so that she could move on through the grieving process. Not that it ever means that she'll forget her son, but she can still move on and get on with her life.

I found this chapter to be very realistic and very tragic, as well. Yet the ending seemed bittersweet.

I also wanted to mention how much I loved your descriptions of the cherry tree. I wish that it could have, at least, given her one blossom, but I think that it was better the way that you wrote it.

This was a gorgeous story full of depth and musing, and I really liked it. Very much so!

Don't worry about the name change confusion . . .some other people don't seem quite used to it, either. At least, not yet. :3


Author's Response: Reid has become Hattie's other best friend, her brother. Despite him being in such utterly different places in his life than her, they always remain close. He pretty much reserves any emotional depth he has left for Hattie, which is kind of a shame for his ex-wives.

I love cherry trees. The ones along the banks of the Potomac in Washington D.C. are gorgeous when they bloom. The cherry tree will bloom again, and Hattie will appreciate it even more, but it was the wrong time of year for it. It was definitely meant to be bittersweet.

I'm really glad you liked this story, and my characters. I'm pretty fond of the Unsinkable group myself, so it always makes me very happy when reviewers like them as well :) Thank for the review!

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Review #17, by Jen Heartsick

7th October 2010:
Oh... I so love your stories. I get ridiculously, blissfully happy when I discover a new chapter, so to discover a new story was just so lovely. :)

Go Hattie. I don't think she realises how much her strength and support has always been valued by those around her. Hopefully she will begin to now though.

Author's Response: Hattie really does play a key role in the group. She holds them together, making sure everyone stays in touch, or makes up after a fight. She's the glue ;) I'm glad you liked this story! I have the last chapter coming out this morning. Thank you for the review!

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Review #18, by GinnyCullen Dame Fortune

6th October 2010:
This is sad and makes me want to go back to The Unsinkable Molly Prewett story when everything was happy. I loved the chapter though and think it was brilliant. Can't wait to see what you have in store for these darling characters!

Author's Response: I kind of feel that way sometimes too. It was fun to write everybody happy, but it's more interesting to write them with hardships. I suppose it all works out. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Kristin Heartsick

5th October 2010:
Another awesome chapter :) The way you make things fit with canon is impressive (you've heard that a thousand times, I know).

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Not a thousand, definitely, but yes, people have been kind enough to remark on that. I'm glad readers think it fits in. I like to think it does. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Georgia Weasley Heartsick

4th October 2010:
You are sheer genius. How utterly like you to take canon and weave your characters into it until we are convinced that this is a missing scene from the actual story. I have no doubt in my mind now at all that this is where the Cattermoles went before leaving the country. You are the master of picking out the little details and turning them into flawless gems. Well done, hon. As always, I'm in awe.~GW

Author's Response: I wanted to give Hattie's story a place in canon, and this lets me show a few unseen bits: Molly and Arthur's reaction to the trio's Ministry break-in, what happened to the Cattermoles (Ron worried about them), and Bill and Fleur the newlyweds.

I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you so, so much for this fantastic review! You are the best. :) Thank you!

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Review #21, by LidaRose Heartsick

4th October 2010:
Wow. Can't wait to read more. I love the "Unsinkable" characters, and am so glad you've been continuing with them.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by Canadian_Hogwarts Heartsick

4th October 2010:
Oooh I was waiting for Hattie to find out about Ron! I'm so glad that she did, and in this way.And you know, Canada isn't just a good refuge from a war stricken country... It's also the best place on earth! Just thought that should be put in there. Awesome chapter, as always. Please update soon; I'm always glad to see there's a new chapter in one of your stories!

Author's Response: I think Molly will have felt better for letting her best friend know, even if she didn't really mean to. And Hattie will keep it a secret, because Hattie's good at knowing when to reveal (or not) what she knows.

Canada is pretty awesome. My ex-fiance was from Ontario, I liked it there. So many stories have wizards escaping to the US, but I think Canada, being part of the British commonwealth (I'm not sure that's the right word), is more likely.

The next chapter, which is the last, will be up in about a week. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #23, by couldyoureallyknow Heartsick

4th October 2010:
i dont even know what to say
this is such an amazing story to read
you really do such an amazing job writing stories
and your original characters are believable and real which is really great
i love how you tied in the cattermoles' with this story and making everything perfectly fit

more soon please!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. I really love fitting things in with canon, and obscure canon bits. I'm a canon-aholic. I'm glad to hear you like the OCs, too. Thank you for reviewing! Last chapter will be up soon.

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Review #24, by thehyacinthgirl Heartsick

4th October 2010:
This chapter is amazing! I absolutely love it!

Like I always crow, you have a knack with characterizations. I thought everyone was very canonical, even your OC's. Which is a refreshing change from some OC's which I feel are sometimes thrown in for the author's entertainment and not much else. Your Unsinkable characters feel as if they were simply characters that didn't have their stories told yet belong in the Potterverse as much as the Thomas', Tonks', Creevey's, etc.

I couldn't help but give a grudging smile when Hattie said that they probably thought Fleur was a princess. Though, I can imagine they would. She is beautiful and pixie/faerie-like, after all.

I also like how Beatrice flinched when the Cattermole boy mentioned boy's toys. I think it punctuated the family's grief yet it wasn't too over the top, at the same time.

I think that's one thing that I admire about your stories, too. You don't seem to be trying too hard, and yet your work is absolutely splendid!

The emotions in this piece were so gripping and realistic, it made me sad and happy all at once. I feel like your descriptions not only give your pieces a touch of realism but depth, as well.

I can only hope that things get better for Hattie and Edwin.

This was truly a delight to read!


Author's Response: The Fleur thing, I think when presented with Bill and Fleur as a couple, they must seem straight out of a fairy tale. Bill and his scarred-up face, very tall man, and the super-beautiful part-veela Fleur. Very Beauty and the Beast.

I'm glad it didn't go too over the top, I wanted them to be more focused on the Cattermoles here than on their own grief. And I wanted to illustrate that Hattie isn't the only one still in pain - Beatrice has lost her big brother.

The Cattermole children are all named in canon (Maisie, Ellie, and Alfred) but it didn't really fit in to put that into the story. It seemed forced. So yeah, those are their names.

I love writing characters. I actually love characters more than plot sometimes. Maybe most of the time ;) But then, I like plots that are very internal and character-driven. Anyway, fitting the Unsinkable characters into canon has been in my head all along. All their kids were carefully plotted to not get in the way of canon. Did you notice the mention of Addie's friend? ;) Hattie's kids are all Hufflepuffs like their dad, except Addie, who is a Gryffindor.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you liked it. I'm not used to your new username yet ;)

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Review #25, by couldyoureallyknow Dame Fortune

2nd October 2010:
i think this is really great from hattie's POV i really like this idea and how you branched out like this :)
write more soon please!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! It was fun to write adult Hattie, even if it's very sad and angsty. Branching out, yeah :) Thanks!

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