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Review #1, by Quill Confrontations

22nd July 2014:
This chapter was quite intense! Thanks for uploading so soon.

I can't believe Hermione just died! Poor Rose...she must feel so lonely now that she is an orphan. With Hugo not in Hogwarts either...I honestly just want to give her a hug!

I enjoyed the argument between Scorpius and Rose! They both have such fiery tempers! It makes me wonder just how on earth they would be able to get along as a couple.

I'm rather intrigued about Grace. I don't like her in any way, shape or form, but I'm interested to find out more about her past. Is she really who she says she is?

I really enjoyed this chapter! Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I know, poor Rose! But one way or another this trail of bad luck will turn around for her.

I agree with you on both Rose and Scorpius having fiery tempers! That's why their relationship is so complicated!

I think I am going to enjoy writing Grace in the future.

I will try to update soon. Thanks again for reviewing!

Merope :)

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Review #2, by peacock33 Confrontations

21st July 2014:
Wow, I really hope at some point that you give Rose a break. I can't believe Hermione is dead! And I'm a little confused why Narcissa and Lucius are so much nicer to her than Draco since he was supposedly in love with Hermione and therefore I think he would try to be nicer to her kids?
And at this point I think Rose needs to remove Scorpius from her life. His cycle of being nice, helpful and supportive to only turn against her is toxic for her and is preventing her from moving on and healing. His kindness to her is superficial and it's almost like he wants to have her still be in love with him just so he can mess around with her feelings when he feels like it.
I am glad that you are trying to make Grace more layered and not just evil, but it is a little ridiculous for her to act all self-righteous when she straight up told Rose that she doesn't believe in the movement and is going to do all she can to get Scorpius to leave it. So her interest in Lily is suspicious. And I hope that Scorpius actually spends at least a little time questioning his staunch loyalty to her since he only really just met and doesn't really know anything about her while he has a long friendship with Rose.
I really don't get why Rose keeps thinking about all she lost with him as he repeatedly treats her like crap and obviously didn't really care about her or take their relationship seriously, even before Grace came along. So I think she needs to let go of her idealization of him and their great love. His views about her not being his equal becasue of her class mean that he has never really respected her or been serious about her and she needs to stop giving him so much power over her. It's sad because she is in a place where she basically has no support and is holding onto a past that was better, but if she wants to have a happy future, she needs to cut Scorpius out of her life; he can't really be trusted if he is always going to choose other people, especially Grace, over her whether it be as a friend, romantic interest, or even in the movement. So I hope Rose can get some strength and remove Scorpius' influence over her. Thanks for sharing and I'm interested to see what happnens.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I really appreciate your feedback!

Rose will definitely get a break soon--I promise. I'm not going to mentally exhaust her much longer.

I think I always pictured Narcissa and Lucius as a little more comfortable in their skin than Draco. I don't know why, but I always imagined him as being rather awkward with Hermione's kids (especially since they don't like him that much either). You will definitely see a rather different side of him in the next chapter when he will have an interesting conversation with Rose.

I somewhat agree with your opinion of Scorpius. He is indeed causing Rose a great deal of trouble by preventing her from moving on. But at the same time, I get this feeling that he is not being horrid towards Rose on purpose. I do feel as though he is confused (he liked Grace but he can't just forget Rose). They are both such stubborn people that they will never be able to have a chilled relationship even when being civil to one another. I wouldn't say he wants to purposely mess around with her feelings--I genuinely do think that he is as confused as Rose, but chooses to show it differently. He is a Slytherin after all...

There will be a lot more of Grace from now on. Her character will be developed further and I'm aiming to distance her from just being the "evil new girlfriend". Some past events in her life will be revealed which will aim to explain why she is so opposed to the movement in general and why her guard is always up.

Rose will definitely get more strength one way or another. Whether she chooses to remove Scorpius from her life, or simply turn her feelings around and treat him the same way that he treats her, remains to be seen.

Thanks again for your wonderful review. I won't be too long with the next chapter.

Merope :)

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Review #3, by Dragon Dancer Confrontations

20th July 2014:
I do believe that Grace is a nice person, but I really hope Scorpius sees that she's just not right for him. ( don't misunderstand me though, I still picture her getting pushed off the tower. Very vividly...)
Dang Hermione died. I wonder how Draco and Hugo are handling it. Probably the same as Rose.
Please update soon. I wish to continue reading, and can't wait for the moment, Rose tells Lily who she is.

I'll R&R again.
-Dragon Dancer

Author's Response: She may get pushed off the a vivid way..haha, nah, I'm joking (or am I?). There will definitely be more of her in future chapters.

There will be more of how Draco and Hugo are handling it in the next chapter. I hope that will answer some of your questions!

I can't wait for the moment Rose tells Lily who she is either! That is one part of the story that has already been planned! Really looking forward to writing that.

Thanks for all your great reviews!

Merope :)

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Review #4, by Gryffy Girl917 Confrontations

20th July 2014:
Another intense chapter. So we know that Aberforth has the portrait, which means it's important that Teddy talks to Rose soon. Grace's interest in Lily is a little worrying, but when Lily mentioned her seeming familiar, makes me wonder if Rose isn't the only one not revealing her true identity and if she isn't the only Weasley currently attending Hogwarts secretly. I do feel bad for Rose and Scorpius in terms of their relationship. They both still have strong feelings for each other, but Scorpius is trying to move on because he doesn't seem to realize how much Rose cares for him, not that she isn't helping things. And poor Rose, she now has no parents. I wonder how this will affect the movement?

Regarding Lysander, it does seem a little suspicious that he suddenly wants to be friends with Rose. I do think, with his actions, that Scorpius may be right and that he may be thinking about joining the Death Eaters. However, considering the strained relationship between him and Lorcan at the moment, I wonder if both of them are, or if that's why they're fighting: one wants to join, the other doesn't. In any case, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review!
All I shall say about Grace is that she will become increasingly multidimensional soon.

Rose and Scorp are definitely going through some hard times in their "relationship" at the moment. It's frustrating just how stubborn they both are, haha. I wonder how that is going to affect the movement.

Lysander is definitely an interesting character. And he is quite suspicious, I agree. But he is also a strange one, considering his mum is Luna Lovegood!

I will try and post soon.

Merope :)

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Review #5, by Quill The Elder Wand

20th July 2014:
Ahhh, please update soon! I love your portrayal of ghost Snape! I hope you'll write more about him soon. I'm curious as to how Rose will handle the mission, and also when Scorpius will find out who she really is! I agree with the other reviewers, he is a bit evil, but I still think Rose should end up with him, someday, somehow. Hehe...

Please update soon.

Author's Response: I have! The next chapter is waiting for validation and should be up soon. Snape is my favourite character EVER. So there will definitely be a lot more of him in the near future.

I am a Scorose shipper too. But let's see where their strange relationship shall take them.

Thanks for all your lovely reviews.

Merope :) x

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Review #6, by Quill The Transfer Student

20th July 2014:
I must say, i truly and utterly dislike Grace Preddle. Great chapter btw!

Author's Response: I truly and utterly dislike her too. But appearances sometimes cheat. Let's see.

Merope :)

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Review #7, by Quill The Ghost of Gryffindor Tower

20th July 2014:
Harry's ghost??? I'm flabbergasted! I'm glad to see my favorite character back in the story but I really hope he won't make Rose's life harder than it already is!

Also, please write more on the Mad Man soon!

Author's Response: Harry's ghost indeed. Or is it? ;)

There will be more of the Mad Man soon.

Rose's life shall always be made harder than she can handle. Sorry. Hehe...

Thanks for reviewing.

Merope :)

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Review #8, by Quill Of Letters, Brooms and Books

20th July 2014:
This is getting exciting! I wasn't sure about the time change at fist, but after reading this chapter I really enjoy it! I'm curious to see Rose and Scorpius interact further. Off to read the next chapter now!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for reviewing. Feedback always means a lot!

Merope :)

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Review #9, by Quill Of House Elves and Carnivorous Plants

20th July 2014:
Aw, poor Rose! You're so evil (jokes). I must say I love your depiction of Lucius and Narcissa in lovely to see a story in which they are not so evil! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I am evil. I always believed that dystopian stories are far more interesting than "happy stories". That is not to say that this story will not have its share of happy moments though. Maybe even a happy ending if I'm feeling generous enough! Hehe...let's see.

Thanks for reviewing.

Merope :)

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Review #10, by Quill The Roses of a stranger

20th July 2014:
Darn, you made me cry! Great work! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry to have made you cry. I'm glad you enjoyed (I hope?) the chapter and thanks for reviewing!

Merope :)

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Review #11, by Quill Darkness

20th July 2014:
Very dark beginning. Can't believe you killed Harry and Ron off like that! I'm intrigued to see what happens next!

Author's Response: I'm sorry for killing Ron and Harry so early on. Well...not really since it't not a story about them, haha. Hermione still lives though!

Thanks for reviewing!

Merope :)

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Review #12, by Julia The Elder Wand

8th July 2014:
I can't wait for an update! This is a good story, although a bit more angsty than I usually like. I feel so bad for Rose!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! An update is coming soon. Chapter 23 is almost half done, so it will only be a couple of days now (I hope).

Merope :)

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Review #13, by Dragon Dancer The Elder Wand

8th July 2014:
I have just caught up to your last chapter, as you can tell by this review. My last review I was only on chapter 2, and well I guess a lot has happened. I really like your story. The detail in witch you write is incredible! I think the only character I'm frustrated with is Scorpius of course, and I just really want to throw Grace of the Astronomy tower. I know, how rude of me. ;) I would also like to take this opportunity to ask, what ever happened to Winky? You had made her appear in a previous chapter back when Rose was 7. She had recognized Hermione and mentioned something about drawing that Dobby left. I was wondering if she was ever going to make a reappearance, if she ever did recognize Hermione. Although I know there is a fairly good chance that she was just a filling detail for that particular chapter. Any way, please keep writing! I would very much like to continue reading the book as well as continue imagining Grace falling (maybe slightly pushed) off the tower. ^_^

Author's Response: If Grace will ever fall off the Astronomy Tower, I will dedicate that chapter to you. What a wonderful idea indeed, haha.

I can understand why you would be frustrated with Scorpius. He is being a bit selfish when it comes to Rose's feelings and it's unfair. But Rose can be a little temperamental as well. Maybe they will both improve their strange personalities soon.

Winky will appear in future chapters (I think anyway). I know a good point in the future where she will be able to do a good job.

I will most definitely continue writing. I am currently working on chapter 23, so it shouldn't be too long until I post.

Thank you for your lovely review!

Merope :)

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Review #14, by Emmamalfoy The Elder Wand

7th July 2014:
Please please please write more !!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

I will definitely write more. I am working on chapter 23 at the moment, so it shouldn't be too long.

Merope :)

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Review #15, by Court The Elder Wand

6th July 2014:
Thanks for sharing your interesting and exciting story. , I'm glad that Rose is getting advice from Snape and Hermione and has some direction for her movement. It's interesting to see all the people who are still alive and I wonder how they will all connect.
I have to admit that so far I have no idea why Rose still loves Scorpius or why any of us readers would want them to end up together. He obviously has no real respect for her and doesn't care about her feelings. He can't stand to cheat on Grace or hurt her feelings, but has no problem doing that repeatedly to Rose and doesn't even care enough to try to be discreet with Grace in front of her. And considering that he is the one who cheated on and said horrible things to her in the first place, and never apologized, he should already be begging to have her back, not the other way around; so it's really frustrating that Rose is the one pining after him after all the terrible things he's done. I do like that he is willing to comfort her when she is upset, but other than that he treats her terribly. So I really hope you have her realize that she deserves way better than someone who treats her that way and that she is the one to move on and reject him, as I would hate to have her sit around pining until he decides to dump Grace and give her the time of day. So if you have them get back together at some point, I hope that Scorpius has to really work for it as he totally takes Rose for granted and doesn't deserve her trust or respect.
And after their confrontation, I wonder how Rose is going to deal with Grace being part of the resistance as she now knows that Grace doesn't sincerely want to be a part of it and is going to actively try to sabotage Scorpius' involvement. I would say she needs to talk to Scorpius about it, but he obviously wouldn't believe her. So I wonder what is going to happen there. I just hope that Rose gets over him soon and moves onto bigger and better things (and people).

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful review!

Rose and Scorpius are opposites which attract despite their better judgement. I think they're caught in a sort of love/hate relationship despite their better judgement. I agree with you that Scorpius is a little bit of a selfish bastard, but he does care about her...he's just confused about how to show it and how to attempt to move on at the same time. As for Rose, she partly wants to be with him because of the ways he makes her feel (safety, love, protection), but mostly because she is attracted to him on a deeper level. I guess it will become clearer (I hope so anyway haha) in the later chapters of the story.

Grace is a peculiar character. I don't really like her, but she's not exactly evil either. She's just one of those girls I guess...the really annoying "I'm the best" type. It will be interesting to see how Scorp's relationship with her will develop once the Rose/Grace relationship becomes more antagonistic.

I am currently working on chapter 23, so it shouldn't be long until I upload.

Again thanks for reviewing!

Merope :)

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Review #16, by Dragon Dancer The Roses of a stranger

6th July 2014:
Dang, your good!! You actually got me to cry! I didn't even cry when reading The Fault In Our Stars! Maybe it's because I have a more emotional connection to these characters, but that can, at most, only be 1/4 of the reason because you are a very talented writer. You'd had to be to write this sad, tear jerking scenes. In my experience it is often difficult for inexperienced writers to write something like this. I can't wait to continue reading your book.
P.S. My computer said that I didn't send my review the first time, so sorry if you have two from me. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry to have made you cry (kind of :P).

I get what you mean about being connected with these characters. That's true for me as well on so many levels! And that's the great thing about fanfiction: it strengthens that connection.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments about my writing. I think this story is the first fanfiction (written by me) I truly connected with, so I'm glad it shows.

Merope :)

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Review #17, by Gryffy Girl917 The Elder Wand

6th July 2014:
So we're starting to learn more of what happened to the rest of the family. We've seen Teddy and Victoire, and it doesn't surprise me that Teddy's starting a resistance movement, the fact that he can change his appearance gives him a perfect disguise. We also know what happened to Bill and Fleur, though still no mention of George and Angelina, which makes me even more curious to know what happened to them. Especially since when Victorie mentioned bad things happening to her family, she didn't really seem to mention any cousins. I'm curious to find out if Louis and Dom are really dead.

Another great chapter. We now have Snape in on the resistance movement, kind of, and we can see that there are a couple of big events happening soon. One being Teddy's meeting with Rose and the other being Rose's attempt to break into the Headmaster's office. I am curious as to why Ginny didn't attempt to set up a meeting with Rose over the holidays, but I assume that we'll find out. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Teddy! Initially I didn't plan to have him in the story, but then I realized it can add a few more interesting twists/layers to the plot. It will definitely be interesting to experiment with him and Victoire from now on.

Louis and Dom were taken for interrogation by the Ministry and in this story that usually means they are dead. But of course, there can be exceptions. I guess it will all be revealed later.

Snape is my favourite character EVER! I know he died in Deathly Hallows, but I just couldn't not include him. Rowling did such an amazing job with his character, he's alluring to write about. I just couldn't resist it.

I think Ginny thought it would be too dangerous to meet Rose at this point. Her home is Malfoy Manor (perceived a Death Eater nest) and the other place she could have seen her would have been Death Eater infested Hogwarts. They will definitely meet at a later stage though!

Currently working on Chapter it shouldn't be too long until I update.

Thanks again for your lovely review.

Merope :)

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Review #18, by Dragon Dancer The Roses of a stranger

6th July 2014:
Dang, your good!! You actually got me to cry! I didn't even cry while reading The Fault in Our Stars! I guess I'm just more mentally attached to these characters, but I must say that could only be a 1/4 of the reason. Your a really talented writer and it takes talent to write a sad, tear jerking scene the way you did. I can't wait to read the rest of your book.

Author's Response: Thank you! (I replied properly to your other review).

Merope :)

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Review #19, by Paddlewaddle A Dangerous Encounter

23rd June 2014:
Rose just can't help herself can she? that attraction is obviously undeniable, no matter how hard she tries but I also feel this stems from the fact that during the period that she has scorpius had a thing, things hadn't changed as drastically - her mother wasn't dying, Draco and her mother weren't together (or she didn't know at least), Harry's ghost hasn't appeared before her and the movement didn't even exist.

I think Rose's feelings for scorpius stems from the fact that it was a safe and constant haven - something she knew that could never change and at this point, while she needs to move on, she is desperately holding onto those feelings and the safety she remembers it created since her life is so complicated at the moment.

I think she is still a child who hasn't matured enough even though she has been forced to do so and her feelings of scorpius are part of that immaturity, hence why she has such difficulty moving on - she doesn't seem to want to face that fact she now has some responsibilities. In order for her to move on from Scorpius is for her to face reality, be less selfish and own up to the potential responsibilities she knows she has - her mother dying, her role in the movement, looking after her brother, mother and cousins and aunts. Hopefully some of this maturity and realisation starts happening soon and then afterwards, she can really distinguish whether her feelings for Scorpius was really because of him, or the idea he represented (a safe haven for her to fall back on).

You give such a multidimensional take on the Malfoys. I really do love it as I would like to think that after the war, they changed for the better - or at least Draco did. As for Rose, well she really is immature as Scorpius has pointed out but I'm starting to think part of her plan in the future would involve dating Lorcan in order to get to know the plans of the Scamander twins - part of me wishes she would develop real feelings for Lorcan unintentionally just so she'd grow out of this Scorpius funk and really discover HERSELF as Rose Weasley, rather than Welloby as she has been forced to hide for all these years.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I see where you're coming from with Rose being attracted to Scorpius because of the way she feels when she is around him. That is partly correct. I mean, she associates her past relationship with him with the time her life was less complicated. And since Scorpius is caring and warm by nature, he made her feel safe and protected. Now that she doesn't have him any more, she no longer feels safe and protected.especially not as a result of encounters with such figures as Dominus Blackwell.

She is very young still...not seventeen yet. I suppose one could say that her inability to get over Scorpius quickly is a weakness of hers. She will mature when the time comes, but maybe when she does, she will not have to give Scorpius up. Let's see. :)

I really do like the Malfoys and I really enjoy adding different characteristics to them. I feel as though Narcissa tends to be a little rigid in fanfiction, and my personal opinion of her is that she can be very warm and caring once you get to know her.

As for you reckon she will date Lorcan, or go back to Lysander?

But yes, you are correct. Rose has never had the chance to be a Weasley...she always hid behind her Welloby mask.

Hope you enjoy the next few chapters.

Merope :)

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Review #20, by G A Dangerous Encounter

23rd June 2014:
I love reading this story, but it also makes me really miserable. Which is a good thing, because it shows how good a writer you are, to make someone feel real emotions from from reading a fiction. I can't wait to see how you're heading with events, particularly with Rose's movement against the death eaters and her and Scorpius' relationship. I also can't wait to see what Grace is up to, if I am correct in presuming so.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really sorry it makes you a little miserable, but I;m flattered you think the writing is good and emotive.

I hope you enjoy the next few chapters. I am starting work on chapter 22 tonight, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

Merope :)

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Review #21, by Gryffy Girl917 Christmas Confessions

17th June 2014:
I absolutely love this story and am always excited to see when there's another update. Scorpius still has feelings for Rose, I think he's just trying to move on using Grace, though I feel like some of his feelings/attraction to Grace stems from the fact that she's part veela. There's something off about Grace, you can tell in how she's already planning to talk Scorpius out of the resistance, even though it's clear that he believes in it. There's also her growing obsession with trying to one up Rose. She's thinking about her night with Scorpius and her mind goes to the fact that she accomplished something with him that Rose didn't.

Hopefully, Scorpius will see her true colors soon, though I don't think Grace will turn in the resistance, seeing how she'll die if she tries. I hope this Christmas brings Rose and Scorpius together. They now have the growing resistance movement, where I can see both of them occupying leadership roles, to bring them together. I hope he finds out the truth about Rose soon.

Speaking of Rose, she's about to meet Snape, I'm excited about that. He could be a big help in them fighting back. I'm excited to see the reunion between Rose and some of her family members, besides Lily, which I hope will happen soon. Speaking of which, I reread the entire story so far earlier today and I had a question. I'm not sure if maybe they were left out on accident, but earlier when Ginny was talking about the fact that other members of the Weasley family had their memories obliviated, George and Angelina and their kids weren't mentioned. Did they escape, because that would be interesting if they did and were joining the fight. I have the same question about Teddy Lupin and Andromeda Black/Tonks. I can't imagine them being left alone considering he was Harry Potter's godson. Hopefully their fates will be discussed in future chapters. Looking forward to the next one! (This may just be the longest review I have ever written)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I really appreciate your feedback. Yeah, it's pretty clear that Scorpius still has feelings for Rose. But does that mean he is not growing feelings for Grace Preddle as well? The next chapter may shed some light on this. I do think that Grace feels somewhat threatened by the Scorose history!

Ooo there's a whole new element that I'm adding to Snape and Hugo's relationship in the next chapter. All I will give away is that it has something to do with Harry Potter! I'm excited to read your opinion on what's coming next!

I haven't mentioned all the Weasley family members in detail just yet because I still have plans for some of them to come into the story later on (unexpectedly). That can also be said about Teddy Lupin.

Thanks again for the lovely review! I will post the next chapter very soon.

Merope :) x

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Review #22, by paddlewaddle Christmas Confessions

17th June 2014:
This is such a fascinating dystopian take on the next-gen. I absolutely love it. I'm starting to question whether Scorpius really ever loved Rose. And while I am an avid and obsession scorose shipper, I think I'd like to see Rose attempt to move on a bit - choosing to focus on herself and hugo and even the movement, over this painful and doomed love affair that is Scorpius. Basically, giving her a chance to get over Scorpius because at the moment, she seems to trapped in this situation. Scorpius gave himself the chance to move on, why not Rose?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am also an avid scorose shipper but I agree with you on this one...Rose should really move on. But I guess with the pressure from "the movement", her mum being ill and everything else happening at Hogwarts, it's a bit hard. I think you may find the next chapter interesting though!

Merope :) x

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Review #23, by A Previous Reader The Unbreakable Vow

14th June 2014:
I'd check on this story every couple of weeks. Honestly, your absence has made the story more intense and exciting. As terrible as this will sound, there is the exciting dreadful feeling of, "What if we are abandoned again?" "Will we have to imagine the ending ourselves?"

Despite the negative nature of the previous comment, it is those thought that had me looking back every so often. It is those thoughts that has me treasuring each update. It's not just the superb characterization or ability to paint pictures with words--it's the honest nature of the story that you have created.

You have us spellbound. Thank you for updating and putting us out of our misery at poorly guessing what will, indeed, happen next.

Faithfully still yours,
A Previous Reader

Author's Response: Thank youuu! I honestly did not expect anyone to review this story after such a long wait! Aww bless, you think the wait makes it better? That's so sweet. I (hopefully) won't make you wait for so long from now on!

Chapter 20 is actually awaiting validation so it won't be too long until it is up. Maybe even tonight? Fingers crossed.

Thank you again for your kind words. You review has made my day.



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Review #24, by Danielle Felton A Trip to Hogsmeade

9th March 2014:
I've been coming to check on this story for ages! I need you to update! The wait is tormenting me! I need to know what happens next! Please! Oh by the way...AWESOME story! :D

Author's Response: It's coming. I promise. A few days now. :)

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Review #25, by Lightinthedark52 The Transfer Student

16th August 2013:
Seeing as I didn't review on this chapter yet, I will. I'm sure you've figured out by now that I always read the chapter immediately but wait until I'm in a mood to review before I do, because I think it deserves a proper review instead of a half-hearted one.

I'm gonna start with the scene where Rose was almost tortured. I'm glad she was spared, although I found it hard to believe that Scorpius can do wandless magic. Despite who his step-dad is, that's extremely advanced magic. Even as a sixth year, Harry who was exceptionally good at DADA struggled with just non-verbal magic. I more see wandless magic as being done by accident when emotions are really really high or otherwise only performed by the most powerful and disciplined wizards. And even those wizards prefer to use a wand when performing magic..just though I'd point that out.

I feel really sorry for Hugo in this chapter. Especially as he isn't 'sweet little Hugo' to her any more with his rebellious streak, and their relationship is shaky it's probably even harder to shoulder that knowledge. I love that he ran off to the dungeons- it makes complete sense to do something that would distract his mind at the moment. I definitely think Draco was making more sense than Hermione in that scene by the way.

As for Grace...I don't know, something about her seems a little funny to me. I don't trust her, admittedly. And where did she come from all of a sudden? How did she get a school ran by dark wizards to accept her in the middle of the term? It's just all very suspicious. And of all the students for her to befriend, it's Scorpius. Son of Draco Malfoy who is illegally housing 3 refugees, and step-son of Dominus Blackwell.

I'm glad that Rose and Lysander finally broke up! Finally! I'm just shipping Rose/Scorpius so hard in this story, and the there's all of Lysander's highly suspicious behaviour. Which just made me realise, both Rose's and Scorpius' other romantic interests (Lysander and Grace) are suspicious to me. Hmm.

I'm so so happy to see Ginny, James, Albus and Lily! I didn't expect to see them tbh, but as I love them as characters I'm definitely not complaing. I can't wait to see where you go with that plot.

I can't say that I'm looking forward to the next chapter this time, cuz I've already read it. =P I'll leave a review on that one soon too! I am definitely looking forward to updates though. ^_^

Author's Response: So sorry for the delay in updating/replying to reviews.

Yes, it does seem unbelievable that Scorpius managed to do wandless magic. But at the same time, he is able to handle his emotions rather well in this channeling his magic in such a way is a possibility at least for now. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this for now, but I would like to give him this ability in this story.

I feel bad for Hugo too, but things will change for him very soon. As for Hermione, she is not really herself any she wouldn't be making much sense. Draco however, will keep his head on his shoulders for a while longer.

I personally don't like Grace Preddle. But that doesn't mean that she cannot be a likable character. She did nothing wrong (yet anyway, haha) and she is sweet by nature. So we'll see whether she can be trusted or not. :P

Lysander and Grace should just get together and be suspicious together. Rose and Scorpius were made for one another and should be together. If only it were that simple...but maybe one day.

I couldn't leave the Potters out for much longer. I just had to experiment with their characters!

Thanks again for your lovely review.

Hopefully you will enjoy the newest chapters too!

Merope :)

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