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Review #1, by Seer of old Partnership.

12th June 2016:
DOM for Department Of Mysteries

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Review #2, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLove Friendship

21st May 2016:
I love your story so much! Please update!!! :)

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Review #3, by trashbaby Friendship

19th March 2016:
god damn it I am so into this fic its amazing and it was last updated in 2013... I need more!!!

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Review #4, by red herring Friendship

23rd December 2015:
I just power read the whole story really intriguing I like the characters you've created and I like all the techno stuff in the wizard world :)

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Review #5, by Derek Friendship

20th December 2015:
Way Way Way oan overdue for an update on this great read.

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Review #6, by EeshaPotter Friendship

29th May 2015:
This is really good! It has a really good plot line, as well. Just a question, is there going to be any romance???

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Review #7, by (anon) Friendship

23rd May 2015:
pls update soon ;w;

(P.S. is james depressed (like, clinically)??)

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Review #8, by Kim Friendship

9th April 2015:
Please finish the story you cant do this to us please

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Review #9, by Yosnap Friendship

24th February 2015:

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Review #10, by RebekahPotter Friendship

5th November 2014:
This needs to be updated like yesterday... Please update!! This story is one of the best ones I've read!

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Review #11, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Friendship

17th October 2014:
Nenenenene I cannot speak coherently UPDATE AC UPDATE

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Review #12, by Forever_More Hypnosis.

1st October 2014:
Seriously great story , I started yesterday and read almost 15 chapters. I was most definitely hooked! Great job and I'm seriously just love the story. I really enjoy when James shows off his vulnerable and emotional side. I'm also dying for him and Cassie to get into a fight or something and just discover their hidden feelings for each other haha! My hopes to high?

Great job, keep it up.

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Review #13, by kyra Friendship

11th August 2014:
okay seriously is this ever going to be updated can you just let us know please, thanks.

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Review #14, by kyra Friendship

17th May 2014:
hey there, are you ever going to update this story just so i know if i should keep checking it

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Review #15, by kyra Friendship

20th March 2014:
okay it has been months, i love your story but please update i am begging you!

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Review #16, by Ali Friendship

14th January 2014:
Uh, hello? Update? Seriously. This is a good story. Either update or change the status to Abandoned. Cheers.

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Review #17, by Kyra Friendship

30th December 2013:
hey, im in love with your story just wondering when your next updating? its been months haha
okay thanks byee

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Review #18, by kayleefrank Walking pace.

28th December 2013:
I like it so far. James was a total jerk, but he seems better.

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Review #19, by SnatchtheSnitch3 Friendship

20th December 2013:
You should probably update before I go bonkers, lol.

PS-I love this story:D

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Review #20, by bananas_for_raspberries Friendship

14th November 2013:
Update soon please :)
I just want them to be best friends and find out what happened to her and then of corse fall in love

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Review #21, by Kyra Friendship

28th October 2013:
hello, i am loving your story so far it has an amazing plot to it. Do you have any idea when your next chapter is going to be updated? thanks x

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Review #22, by RJ Friendship

27th September 2013:
Hey there :) Usually I prefer completed fanfics, because I've had authors leaving the story in between for good, and it was really upsetting because WE NEVER GET TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! And when I stumbled upon yours story, I was just looking for good next gen fics and gosh yours is so amazing

Author's Response: Hey RJ! I'm really glad you decided to give this story a chance and I SWEAR I do not abandon stories lightly, especially ones I've been writing for such a long time. And I'm so glad you like it :)

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #23, by anon Friendship

21st September 2013: I was just readin curiosity once agn (readin fat textbuks=forgettin plots of awesome WIPs) & I just wanted to say tht d story is fantastic..m always checkin it constantly..I dnt care if u tk years to finish it..just pl dnt abandon it..I knw real life is a lot more...well, real :P
I hope this review helps u (altho I haven't really written anything helpful)..just wanted to let u knw tht thr is a definite hard core curiosity fan out thr who can't wait for d next chapter (altho I'm sure that thr r many others just like me)

Lots of luv!!

Author's Response: Hey there lovely Anon!

Yeah, that's actually my problem! All the fat text books make me forget exactly where I am plot wise, so I wind up rereading this a lot... but, well, thanks very much for the words of encouragement! I'm so glad you liked it and I'll be sure to start work on the next chapter soon :)

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #24, by Lily__Potter Friendship

18th September 2013:
Please write more. I love this.


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Review #25, by Holly_Mist Friendship

1st September 2013:
James and Cassie are friends! Yay! :D

I'm really glad Cassie stood up to her dad (sort of), he really needed to hear that!

I feel so bad for Leanne! :( She obviously didn't mean it but i guess she's going to have deal with the consequences of spilling her best friend's secret! D:

James's text was so sad! I wish Cassie had replied though! Ah, well.

I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: THEY'RE FRIENDS!!! Wait, is that... oh my gosh, did the plot actually move forward? GOSH. I need to sit down and rethink my life.

Yeaaah, Leanne messed up pretty bad... but, well, people do these things.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon
Thanks for reviewing!


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