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Review #1, by alicia and anne Conversations

13th January 2016:
I think it might be Rose who will make Head Girl too, then her and Scorpius can be in love forever!! Such plans! Much Wow!

I love Sirrah so much! She's brilliant and scary :D

:O I wonder what Scorpius would do if he knew that Sirrah had been kissing James!

Those two siblings are so brilliant together, I love how they're trying to threaten the other. I would be too scared to get in between those two if I was anyone of their friends.

Sirrah really needs to work on her lying! Haha :D

I love the friendship between Sirrah and Leighton, it seems like a really solid friendship :D

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Hahah, you never know about that Rose. And Scorpius, too.

Sirrah has been so much fun to write, especially in the beginning. I don't know what Scorpius would do if he knew that James and Sirrah kissed. He'd probably tell his father, duel James, yell at Sirrah. Anything is possible.

Ha, Scorpius and Sirrah's relationship is definitely an interesting one. They are like very strange frenemies. Yet instead of pretending to like each other and going behind their backs to screw them over, it's usually more of the opposite, they pretend to hate each other, but deep down actually care? Idk. They don't seem to care all that much at the moment.

Sirrah's not really into lying, I think that's why she not so good at it.

Sirrah and Leighton have such a great friendship. They're so fun to write.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!!!


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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Slytherins

3rd October 2015:
Here I am! :D

Sirrah needs to find some new people to sit with :D. I love how you've created Fiona Flint, product of Marcus and Pansy -- I can't even imagine (well, yes I can, because you did a lovely job of painting an image). It makes sense that Pansy was after Draco for his prestige, just as Fiona is following Scorpius around. Climbing the ladder of the Pureblood social rank seems like hard work if you weren't born or married into it.

"I know perfectly well heís no cannibal!

Idiot." -- Good God, Sirrah and her narrative absolutely kills me! I can't help but to laugh hysterically.

Talon Nott, the handsome wizard after Sirrah's affections -- well, you know, not exactly affections but stuff that I can't talk about in a review :D. I don't blame her for being turned off because he wants THAT, especially because he'd been talking about marriage! I most definitely was NOT considering marriage at her age.

Again with the not being friends!! I'm sitting here saying, "No, Sirrah, really, chick I'm not judging you -- wait...wait a minute," -- rubs eyes because I'm trying to convince a fictional character to be my friend -- "Nix you absolute genius." That's what's happening right now.

True, lunatics *do* run in her family. It happens.

I love that she is a rebel at heart but she still tries to appease her makes for all kinds of fun conflicting feelings and situations :D. I think it's awesome that she enjoys making dresses, personally. (See, I'm still trying to be nice to her...)

Everyone needs a friend like Kenny (lol, Kensington). He's gay, he's funny, he's got a crush on the boy who is in love with Sirrah. It's just a great thing. Oh, yeah, and don't forget Leighton, the bad influence!

This story has SO MUCH PROMISE! I just love it to bits and pieces :D. ♥

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Rumpel! Ack, I can't handle these super nice reviews!

I know I love Pansy, but she is definitely not shown in the best light in this story, and neither is her daughter. I like how you mention climbing the ranks of the Pure-blood social ladder though, we'll come back to that in like... 30 chapters... lol.

I'm glad you still love Sirrah's narrative though! Oh I love Talon in the beginning! I don't think he's super worried about that... I think that's just what she thinks he wants... Idk, now. But yeah, she's definitely not interested in marriage anytime soon.

Hahaha, I love that you're trying to convince Sirrah to be your friend! I think that's hilarious and adorable. I'm a far cry from genius though.

I love the conflictions of her personality. She's got strong opinions and yet wants the affection of her parents even if it means going against her own wishes. I love that she makes dresses, too. But that's only because Jenny was my favorite Gossip Girl character at the time I came up with the idea for Sirrah.

Yes! Everyone needs a Kenny! I wish I had a Kenny! And Leighton! I love her friends.

Thank you so much! I hope you keep reading! Although at the same time I'm worried it'll get boring after a while. But hopefully not.

Thanks for the reviews! I enjoyed reading them so much more than you could know!


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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Introduction

27th September 2015:
Hey there :D.

(I'm a little late with my review, oops!)

Anyway, I love the playfulness of Sirrah's internal dialogue in this -- I think you've wielded the first-person POV effectively. It's fun to read, and that's always a pleasure.

I really enjoyed the way the story interacts with the reader, it really drew me in and almost immediately made me connect with your main character -- whose quirky personality (especially given she's a Malfoy) is awesome. I think I first realized how involved I felt as a reader early on in the story, around this section: "Well, then I donít think we can be friends." I responded to it, which makes me laugh in hindsight. I was like, "Well, that's not very nice. Maybe I didn't want to be friends with you in the first place!" Aha, yes, I'm insane. It's okay.

"Or to put it plainly, I wasnít a boy." -- I just wanted to point out this bit, because it really jumped out at me. Sirrah's missing attention from Draco because, as a pureblood, he's invested in his son to carry on the Malfoy name, his legacy. In his head, Sirrah will marry (ideally a pureblood) and Draco's family name will be lost to t he husband. I really wanted to point that out because I thought it was a brilliant addition to the text, here, and to some of Sirrah's characterization.

Ooooh Sirrah knows how to play her mother! That was beautiful, I would applaud her if it wouldn't make me look like a crazy in front of all these strangers around me.

Oh yeah, and this "What do you mean what equipment?" and what follows -- I DIED. This was hysterical, thank you for writing that. It made my day.

Sirrah, the little blonde rebel, not enthusiastic about her situation as a pureblood woman in combination with her personality makes me think that this story is going to be stellar, and I'm kinda stoked to read more!

Great job, beautifully done!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

Oh gosh, this is like the sweetest review ever! I'm so glad you enjoy the first person tense in this story because I really enjoy writing it. I love getting into characters' heads this way, it's just so much easier for me than writing third person.

I also enjoyed reading all your responses to Sirrah's breaking of the fourth wall. It's so nice to see how people react to it, and it's so much fun to write. I honestly miss writing in this early period, she was so much fun and I feel like I've lost that spunk recently and so future chapters may not be as funny, and I wish they were. The original Sirrah wasn't afraid to cross a lot of boundaries and I miss that, and I miss being excited about my new chapters.

I am glad you picked up on the not-a-boy thing, I don't think I really mention it in depth, but it is a big part of why Sirrah is the way she is, with her big personality and the pure-blood traditions she's expected to follow.

Haha, I can just imagine you applauding in front of a bunch of people. That would be hilarious and amazing. Oh, and the equipment... oh my, Sirrah really did push some boundaries in the beginning. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it though.

I do hope you keep reading! Thanks so much for this wonderful and lovely review! It really made my day!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Revenge

31st August 2015:
I am back! And I am tired and exhausted and I hope that you like these reviews that you are going to wake up to because you deserve to have lovely reviews!

AND THERE'S MORE JAMES! This brings me joy!

Awww she crawled underneath the window, can you imagine how funny that would have been if he had opened the door and saw her? Hahaha

Just think if he had kissed her because he wanted to then they could have been kissing for quite some time! Instead of her feeling annoyed that it had been a dare. Although I loved it haha.

I kinda hope that her friends go and yell at him for doing it! He'd deserve it!

Oh revenge plans! I love them! :D

But look at his thoughts and feelings! He likes her! Aw oh no! this is going to end badly for himand I don't want it to, I want it to end so well for them!

Ahhh, I see what they're doing now, and they're right to! You can't just force your kisses onto someone without permission first!

I can't wait to read more! and I so wish that I could do more tonight, but I'm starting to feel sick :( So I'm going to have to cut this short and go to bed. BUT! I shall review when I wake up :D So don't you worry! I will be back!

Author's Response: Yes! Of course I love these reviews, I love all your reviews! You are amazing!

Yes, more James! And Sirrah! lol, I loved writing her crawling under the window. But I think she'd be completely mortified if he had opened the door just then and found her on the floor but I'm sure she would have played it off all cool like. Sirrah doesn't miss a beat.

Haha, well they really didn't know each other at all before he was dared so I don't really know if that ever would have happened or not...

Yes, revenge plans!

James does have feelings. Lol, I'm not the biggest fan of their revenge but it was funny to write.

I'm so glad you're excited to read more! I hope you rest up and feel better when you wake up!

Thanks again for all the lovely reviews!


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Incident

30th August 2015:
I am excited about this mystery man, and the chapter picture is amazing! He looks really familiar and I can't work out what film/tv show I've seen him in...

Anyways! onto the wonderful story!

I understand why Kenny is in a daydream about Talon... Those Nott boys put everyone in a daydream... oh wait, is that just me?

I am so jealous of this personal villa in Rome! So very jealous!


*highfives Sirrah* YES! WHO DOES LIKE LICORICE? PEople who shouldn't be trusted to make important sweet decisions!

Oh that kiss sounded good, as did the slap!

Awww Scorpius is being protective! I love that! Please tell me that I have more James and Sirrah goodness coming my way :D

Author's Response: Haha, I forgot about the chapter images! I'm glad you like them, and the guy is Kevin Zegers, he's been in a bunch of things. Haha, it may just be you who's crazy about those Nott boys, lol, along with Harry and maybe Blaise? Eh, who am I kidding, I love them, too.

I know, right? I would love a personal villa anywhere really...

Yes, it's James, lol. Haha, I hate licorice so I had to put that in there.

Hahaha, I am loving this review.

Scorpius being protective... that's a new one. I think he's looking out for himself more than anything, he's also not a fan of James Potter.

There is quite a bit more Sirrah and James goodness, I promise!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by alicia and anne Slytherins

30th August 2015:
I'm here for chapter two! :D The excitement is strong!

I must say that I am loving the chapter pictures :D as well as the quote on it haha. I can't wait to see what that one is all about.

I love that Blaise has named his son Tybalt! That seems like such a Blaise thing to do! He sounds a lot like my Blaise does :P

I love Sirrah, so so much! The way that she talks about people is hilarious!

YES! A NOTT! The excitement is stronger! I love Sirrah's reasoning as for why she is not meat haha :D

He sounds like the spitting image of his father Theo! Beautiful person!

Hahaha once again, I love Sirrah. So. much. And her dream is just fabulous!

I am also loving Kenny! I am shipping Talon and Kenny now and noone can stop me!


Author's Response: Ahaha, this is amazing. I'm am so happy you love Sirrah, and how she acts. She's kind of ridiculous in the beginning and I miss her being like this. I love that Blaise named his son Tybalt as well. I had a lot of fun picking names for the Slytherins. And yes, there's a Nott, of course. But he's not as similar to your Theo as you may think... I also already have a ship in mind for Kenny but it's not with Talon and that's all I'm saying...

I can't wait to read the rest of your reviews! You are so awesome!


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Introduction

30th August 2015:
I am loving Sirrah already! The fact that she makes her own dresses is just awesome! And pretty epic.

I love that she wants to put an end to the tradition of naming kids after stars. Poor kids, those names must be quite hard to live with.

I love the way that you began this with her talking to the reader, that is brilliant!

Oh no! I hope that Draco doesn't dislike her too much, although I can totally see him doting on a son...

This is a brilliant first chapter and I am so excited about reading more!!! :D

Author's Response: Squeee! It's a Tammiii! Haha, I'm glad you like the dresses bit, since it does play a large role throughout this story. Ahaha, and yes, I love how she rants about the naming kids after stars, and later dead people. She's very snarky and I love that about her. But yes, I actually did a lot of research on star names when I started this story, trying to find the perfect one for my character. It was not easy, like basically all the good ones have been taken by other members of the Black family. Plus, I wanted an S name to match Scorpius which narrowed the available names down even more so.

I love that she talks to the reader, but it's mainly in these first chapters, I think that it happens. It's not as frequent in the later ones I don't think because there's more stuff going on.

Draco is a bit of an arse in this story. At least to Sirrah. He does dote on Scorpius quite a bit but basically ignores Sirrah.

I'm so glad you like this story so far! I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of it! I'm so excited. And nervous. lol.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!


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Review #8, by Mr Penn Introduction

27th August 2015:
Ok I believe this is probably one of the best first chapters I have read in a real long time (both original and fanfics). You had an original character as your lead (a risky proposition at best) but you nailed the introduction of the character to the T. The use of single lines during the initial introduction was a nice choice.

You have stayed extremely true to the original canon and that is commendable. What I loved the most about this chapter is how you have addressed the issue of misogyny of the Wizarding World in this chapter. It does rankle with Sirrah but the playful style of writing meant that it didn't come through as wailing.

All in all, an amazing chapter.

P.S. Sirrah seems more like the daughter of Luna Lovegood than the daughter of Draco Malfoy. Just saying ;)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! I don't regret choosing to write an original character and I really enjoy writing Sirrah. She's not always this quirky, but I really wanted to establish her character and viewpoint on her pure-blood lifestyle early in the story. I also like the single lines, but that's just part of my writing style, I don't like a bunch of chunks of long paragraphs, so I like to break them up when I can.

I'm glad you think I've stuck to canon relatively well. I don't believe that even 19+ years later that the pure-blood beliefs would have completely gone away, and I wanted Sirrah to be someone who didn't believe in all that, but at the same time still felt like she was supposed to follow through. But she's a rebellious young woman and in the end I wanted her to choose her own path. But instead of making her "wail" about all the things she hates, I wanted her to be more sarcastic and mocking of it.

Haha, I honestly don't see Sirrah as Luna's daughter... mainly because then all the pure-blood stuff wouldn't even be an issue. But I really enjoy her being a Malfoy because she's so different from Draco and Scorpius.

Thanks so much foe this wonderful review! I hope you do decide to read on someday, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the story.


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Review #9, by rosiful Introduction

19th August 2015:
I can't believe how long it has taken me to start reading this story!
This is so good! I already love Sirrah. She's definitely the definition of snarky. She is hilarious and very original. I loved how she kept saying muggle sayings and basically telling herself off for it, then that dig at people who name their kids after dead people, that was too funny xD

I found the whole family dynamic that you've written to be really interesting and I look forward to reading more and seeing how it all develops!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad you like Sirrah and all of her snarkiness. After this chapter, there won't be much family dynamic for a while really, but if you make it to the most recent chapter, more family dynamic will be coming soon. But not a lot really. I don't know. I haven't written it yet. But thank you again for stopping by! It was such a nice surprise!


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Review #10, by pointless_proclamations Introduction

15th August 2015:

Sirrah is absolutely precious! You have the most brilliant way of writing snarky, yet likeable characters. Sirrah is amazing and I adore her so much! I am amazed by the way you sort of broke the forth wall with Sirrah having a conversation with. . . well. . . me. The tricky part about that is thinking about what the majority of readers would respond and you did that SO WELL!! YOU ARE SPECTACULAR!!

Sirrah's character is just really fun to follow. She's got quite a manipulative streak with her sort of manipulating Astoria to forget about her lateness. I loved that. And goodness gracious! Her thoughts regarding her future partner are absolutely hilarious. NIX, YOU GENIUS!!

This is such an amazing opening chapter and I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERS!! NIX, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


Author's Response: EM! You're so sweet! I did really enjoy writing this chapter, but the fourth wall thing kind of stops here, sadly. I'm glad she's fun to follow though. She is a bit manipulative, especially with her mother. And can you tell she's pretty sarcastic about her future partner? lol. I hope the next chapters are just as awesome although this story has gotten so out of control lately I don't even know what's happening anymore. I do hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters though! And thanks so much for the review!


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Review #11, by James Sirius Potter Secrets

5th August 2015:
Write another chapter soon please!

Author's Response: Hi! Love your username! lol. I will try to get the next up soon! But it's hard to tell when that will be when I have several stories I'm working on.

I hope you keep reading though!


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Review #12, by Jheinx Secrets

4th August 2015:
Lowest rating so far from me. Im sorry.

Author's Response: Aww, I'm sorry you feel that way. Hopefully the next couple chapters will be better!


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Review #13, by Jheinx Secrets

4th August 2015:
Thank you for the new chapter. Im not sure i like this chapter though, maybe a re-read is in order of the whole story for the sake of context?

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry if this was weird because of the jumping back and forth between Sirrah and James' POV, or if it's just hard to follow because it's been so long since my last update. But I'm just trying to push it forward and hoping to get to the ball within the next two chapters if possible.


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Review #14, by Jheinx Interrogations

20th July 2015:
Im just wondering if you are rewriting some of the chapters & when we can expect the new one? No pressure!

Author's Response: Sorry! I did do some editing on the two most recent chapters, nothing major just some changes with the dialogue and such. I'm slowly trying to finish the next chapter, I'm just a bit stuck... But I do hope to get it up soon. That's all I can really say at the moment.

I'm sorry it's taking forever. There are so many things I want to write and I just don't have time for it all, which is very sad.


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Review #15, by lamb of god Interrogations

30th March 2015:
I'm back.

I like how crazy Sirrah is. She has such a multi-dimensional personality, it's fascinating.

I really like this weird friendship going on here between Rose and Sirrah. And I love that Sirrah's business has taken such an amazing start!

Rose being a Film Noir kind of girl was a really pleasant surprise! I like the way you're gradually developing her character here as well.

Does this mean Sirrah and Leighton are temporarily not best friends anymore? :o I mean, Sirrah can't confide in her about any evil schemes anymore and Leighton is technically "fraternizing with the enemy." Although, it seems quite obvious that Sirrah and James will start dating at some point and everything will be perfect with their world.



You're going to drop a bombshell, aren't you?

Are you as evil as Sirrah?

I'm pretty sure she won't kill James, but what about near-death due to heartbreak? She does have this whole Pureblood tradition to uphold.

If you're as evil as I am, death would come into the picture somehow. ;)

Update very very soon!

P.S. I've told you before that I needed to continue reading from where I left off and I couldn't stop until I was done.

P.P.S. Lamb of God is also an absolutely brilliant band. :D

P.P.P.S. My true identity will be revealed in due time. If you think you've figured it out, shoot me a PM. There'll be clues left in other reviews as well. ;)
Go on and impress me with your investigative skills. :D

Author's Response: Wow, I can't believe you read this entire story in a day basically. that's impressive.

I'm really glad you're still enjoying this story and still like Sirrah. Rose is slowly developing. The Film Noir thing threw me for a loop, too, but her mother was muggle-born, maybe she was into old movies. You never know.

I don't know if this means Leighton and Sirrah aren't best friends anymore or not. Because Sirrah still loves Leighton, of course. I think they'll always be best friends. I just think this drama with James has caused them to stand on their own a bit more and branch out. Leighton befriended James and Sirrah's befriended Rose, but Rose and James are pretty close cousins, so who knows?

I do hope James and Sirrah start dating soon. I'm trying to move this story in that direction. I really am. I know where I want them to be, I just need to figure out how to get them there.

Am I going to drop a bombshell? lol. With Sirrah you never really know. I wouldn't be surprised if another one came along eventually. But death? I've never killed a character before! I don't know if I could do that to James. But I can apparently be quite evil...

Although now I'm wondering how evil you are...

These clues aren't much to go by. I thought maybe I figured you out, but then I guess I was wrong even though the person's answer was very noncommittal. Maybe I should do some digging and find these other reviews of yours...

Thank you so much for dropping by the check out my story and leave these lovely reviews. I do hope I can update soon, too, but we'll see.


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Review #16, by lamb of god Conversations

30th March 2015:
So the Crumple Horned Snorcack stopped by, I heard. I bet you didn't expect lamb of god to come by too, did you?

This was a great chapter. I really like how you're taking your time to pace things out, focus on Sirrah's interaction with Scorpius and Leighton and not just jump into the entire drama with James.

Bringing in the ScoRose element was a nice touch. I think the way you're intertwining all these sub-plots together is pretty awesome as it all flows so well and there wasn't any point that I got bored. Plus, your writing is brilliant and vivid so every scene has the right amount of detail as well.

I'm really interested to know the Malfoy family dynamics now. I mean, Sirrah hates her father? There's got to be a lot more to it. I'm curious to get to know more family background, especially since I have my own headcanon for Draco after he gets married and everything.

Great job with this and I'm looking forward to the coming chapters!

~lamb of god

Author's Response: Well, hi! You're very right, I did not expect the lamb of god to stop by. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm very glad you are enjoying the story so far and are not getting bored. I definitely would not want that. I do focus on Sirrah and her friends more at first before getting into the "drama with James" because I don't want this to just be about them. I really enjoy adding the ScoRose elements and other possible couples that may pop up in the long run.

I think I do get into a little about the Malfoy dynamics... In this story though, Draco is definitely a bit un-canon. And he's a bit of jerk when it comes to Sirrah, to put it nicely. I don't know if I even have a reasoning for this yet. Sirrah is the first girl to be born into the Malfoy family in a few centuries in my story, so maybe he just doesn't know how to deal with a daughter. Still not a good excuse, but it's all I got right now.

Thank you so much though for the review, and for checking out this story! I'd say I hope you keep reading, but since you've posted a second review, I already know that you did... so yeah. Thanks again!


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Review #17, by crestwood Introduction

20th March 2015:
Hi Nix, I've taken so long to get around to this, but I got home at three in the morning last night, so things got pushed back :P

I've been meaning to start this story for so long. I can't believe how popular this is. I cannot even imagine having so many reviews or favorites on a story.

I'm really intrigued by the narration style of this story. I do quite enjoy being talked directly to by characters. And I don't think you can ever go wrong with a weird bleached blonde girls from Slytherin. I see nothing wrong with making your own dresses, personally. If you can make stuff, then make stuff!

I'm laughing so hard at this dig at the Weasley-Potter method of naming their children after their dead friends. Although, I'm not sure if insisting upon stars and constellations is any less strange, now that I think about it.

I can't wait to see what this Scorpius is like. I've never read a story in which he's grown up with a sibling. I imagine that's had some sort of effect on him, one way or another.

I'm a little disappointed to see that the Malfoys are still continuing the old Pureblood blood-line stuff and privileging men over woman because of family names and all of that. I can't imagine that Sirrah likes it much either. I feel sorry for her, having to grow up in that environment. I can't wait to see what happens when she gets to Hogwarts. I'm not sure where this is going, but I want to find out because I like Sirrah so much. Great start to the story! Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hi! It's totally okay it took you some time to get to this. At least you got here, right?

I'm surprised you've even been meaning to read this. Even with all the reviews I still don't think this story is all that popular. I don't even think it's that good, but I love the characters too much to quit on them. I'm glad you like Sirrah and being talked to directly. The majority of that is in this intro chapter, but it does pop up here and there in later chapters I think.

I love the dig at the Weasley-Potter names, too. But you have a point, and I think Sirrah would understand it too. .I'm not sure how happy you'll be when you actually meet Scorpius... but hopefully you don't hate them.

Yes, in this the Malfoys are still very much the same. I think they are more accepting of muggles though and their technology. But still not willing to break the pureblood tradition...

Thank you so much for the review swap! I hope you keep enjoying the story if you decide to continue reading!


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Review #18, by Nes Interrogations

19th March 2015:
More! Please lol. You're killin me

Author's Response: Haha, I'm sorry! More will come, I promise. And hopefully soon.

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Review #19, by Jheinx Interrogations

15th February 2015:
I love it. Rose is going to look for Leighton so they can talk. She needs back up. Its the girl thing to do. Those two will join the James camp of operation bag that Malfoy. Plus people in love always want to matchmake. Another 9 only cause i did not get face time for James and Sirrah.

Author's Response: Haha, operation bag that Malfoy? That's hilarious. I don't think Rose is up for confronting another Slytherin, but you may be right about the matchmaking bit. I'm sorry there wasn't any Sirrah/James face time, just look at it as him giving her some space... Thank you much for this review though! It definitely made my day!


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Review #20, by Derek Interrogations

12th February 2015:
she'll hopefully go get James or Rose might have been polyjuiced and time was running out

Author's Response: Haha, one of those things may be true. It'd be really funny if Rose was actually someone else though using polyjuice potion! Who would the person using polyjuice be?


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Review #21, by Jheinx Discussions

1st February 2015:
Thank you. I am still here and I am looking forward
to the next installment. This is short so I'm looking
at this like a teaser. Something to wet my appetite.

Author's Response: Well, thank you for sticking around. I know this one is short, but only because it would have been way too long if I included another scene. So, the next one will be longer, I promise.

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Review #22, by Weirdawesomechick Discussions

29th January 2015:
Well I'm still here, and excited for new chapters to come! Love this one, as usual!

Author's Response: And I am so happy that you are here! Thanks so much for sticking with Sirrah! I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter!


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Review #23, by Fonzzx Discussions

27th January 2015:
YAY Sirrah's back! :)

Author's Response: I know, right!? It's been too long.

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Review #24, by marauderfan Introduction

21st December 2014:
Swap! :D

Omg, you know what, I think I remember reading this story YEARS ago, like, when I first discovered HPFF and didn't have an account yet. :O

Anyway. Now I'm finally here to review it :p And wow, you have created such a voice for Sirrah already after one chapter. She is very opinionated and has such a strong personality, and I think her musings on her pureblooded upbringing are interesting. It's nice to hear that her family aren't against Muggles as much anymore, although sad that the traditional sexism of pureblood marriages and heirs is still alive and well. But if anyone's going to break tradition, I bet Sirrah will!

Also, the style. I have never seen another fic done quite like this, where it's like half a conversation. (Actually, it kind of reminds me of that brilliant episode of Doctor Who with the Weeping Angels and the videotape of half a conversation... if you haven't seen that, then ignore this aside) It's quite funny, as Sirrah totally breaks the fourth wall and chats with the reader like I'm a fly on the wall. It's a really neat approach to the story.

I think the dynamic of her being Scorpius' twin sister is bound to be interesting as well. Do they have the same friends? Do they get on with each other generally? I'm eager to see how the two of them interact. Just from the brief scene with Scorpius here, it's clear that he understands her very well, as he knew without a word that she was just trying to draw attention away from her lateness :p

Awesome chapter and thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Haha, it's possible you read this before, it's been on the site for a long time now. I really like Sirrah's personality and I'm glad you like it, too. I want her to be strong and opinionated, that's a big part of who she is. I try to give and take with the pureblood stuff. Although I do think if anyone is going to break tradition it's gonna be her. As much as she may talk about marrying some pretty idiot, there's no way she'd ever go through with such a thing. Unless she truly loved that pretty idiot. But she's too career driven to worry about love right now.

I love the style of this chapter. It really does break the fourth wall. Although I don't think it stays like this for too much longer. It mainly just occurs in the intro. I have seen that Doctor Who episode though, and every other episode of the newer Doctor Who so don't fret!.

There is an interesting dynamic between Scorpius and Sirrah, it's kind of a love/hate relationship of typical brothers and sisters, along with lots of antagonizing between the two... but they do have a vast understanding of each other. And that's all I'm gonna say there.

Thanks for the swap again! Feel free to read on if you like, lol.


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Review #25, by Infinityx Introduction

19th December 2014:
Hi Sirrah.

Hmm, crazy hair is good. I like crazy. And you can never wear too much eyeliner. Weird people are the best, you know?

I do like dresses. We can be friends. Yes, we can. *nod*

You're going to Kings Cross to go to Hogwarts? Lucky you. I never got my letter. There must have been a mishap for I'm most certainly a witch as well. Or so I believe. My powers just haven't surfaced yet.

Okay, I'm shutting up. Not speaking.

Oh wow, do you have to pretend to hate me then? That's sad. I'm glad you actually don't though because I do like dresses and we could be friends. Yes, I know I said I'm a witch but others believe that I'm a muggle and what can we do against the societal standards?

I've heard of Lucius Malfoy. Doesn't scare me though.

Hi Sirrah, nice to meet you. I am Nix's Secret Santa. My name is... well, let's keep that a secret now, shall we?

Okay, don't worry. My lips are sealed. Bellatrix was totally a psychopath though. A famous one. I've read about her and she's quite the character, I must say.

You have a twin. I've always wanted a twin. It must be so cool to have someone so close to you, who's understand you and... wait. Scorpius Malfoy? I take that back. Have fun dealing with him.

Yes, you should probably go. Your mother doesn't seem like she'll take too kindly to be ignored for much longer. I'll talk to you soon!

P.S. I think you can worm your way out of marrying someone stupid.

Well, Nix, looks like it's you and me now. I've been wanting to come and R&R this for quite a while now. I absolutely love this first chapter. Sirrah's great and her personality just shines through in this chapter. I had a wonderful conversation earlier... well, maybe wonderful isn't the word for it, but it was fun nonetheless. :D

I'm so interested to see how things will turn out. There's no indication to where the plot is headed from this chapter but that just leaves so many possibilities open. It's obvious that Sirrah is quite the character and there's going to be a lot of drama during her remaining time at Hogwarts.

Totally enjoyed every bit of your writing and I'll be back very soon!

someone you know.
Your Secret Santa. :)

P.S. There's a slash that appears before every apostrophe in the preview, I hope it doesn't stay when I submit this. It just won't go away.

Author's Response: Okay... so, um... I think you've already noticed that you kinda totally gave yourself away by forgetting to log out and post anonymously (which I understand, because that's something I keep telling myself I'm gonna have to do when I post mine for my Secret Santa giftee), but I'm gonna reply anyway because I reply to all my reviews...

I really like how you chose to start off the review by responding to Sirrah. I don't think anyone's ever done that before and it was really fun to read. Especially the response to Scorpius being her twin, I definitely laughed at that.

I'm glad you chose to read and review this. I do hope you continue reading, even though it's super long and not yet completed. I'm super happy you like Sirrah and her personality, she has a big one, that's for sure. And sometimes her thoughts and feelings don't always add up but she's a complicated person, if you couldn't tell. And I'm glad you didn't find her overly mean or insulting, even if that's what she is half of the time, lol. I do keep the first chapter very open ended, you have no idea what's going to happen yet! But the plot will quickly start forming in the next couple of chapters. And of course, drama will ensue. I can't wait til you return to read more!

Thanks so much for this lovely review!

P.S. I'm also noticing this slash thing in my own reviews, thankfully it does go away though when it's actually posted.


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