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Review #1, by silvermist13 An End Has A Start - Part 2

26th November 2014:
Loved this chapter and looking forward to the next!!

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Review #2, by Topfray09 An End Has A Start - Part 1

15th October 2014:
I love this story! Can't wait tell next chapter! Hope it's coming soon!!

Author's Response: Heyyy


It is!

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Review #3, by Elyssia An End Has A Start - Part 1

15th October 2014:
I have to say, this is one of my favourite stories to read so far - and I have very high standards! It's so addictive and very true to JK's vision, in fact you could be a ghost writer for her and I don't think anyone could tell the difference. There's so much detail and the plot is very original. It's not hard to tell that you've put a lot of hard work into this. I'm very surprised to be honest, the lack of reviews for your story. It definitely deserves much more credit than is given. Don't lose hope with writing because of a lack of response. Keep up the hard work and I'm sure you'll get the recognition you deserve. I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Hi Elyssia,

Thank you so much for your review! I'm afraid the lack of reviews is usually because of the long time I take to update the chapters; it's hard juggling a Master's degree and a comparatively original storyline, but I promise to update more, and soon.

Your words are very kind, thank you. I await more of your reviews...

- M.H.

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Review #4, by harrypotter417 Definition of Wrong - Part 2

5th July 2014:
i think that would be a good story idea with the founders,but i wouldnt start it just yet until the updates were faster on this story or the story was finished

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Review #5, by whoop0913 Definition of Wrong - Part 2

30th June 2014:
I really am enjoying this story! Can't wait till the next chapter.

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Review #6, by Eddie Definition of Wrong - Part 2

27th June 2014:
That was a long, beautiful chapter, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, and I'm very much looking forward to the next one!

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Review #7, by miluv Definition of Wrong - Part 1

21st May 2014:
Yayyy youre back! hows grad school? great chappie as usual can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Grad school is wonderful, except I get practically no time for writing stories coz I'm doing my designing homework all the time!

Keep reading! I just posted the next part of the chapter, which should be updated soon!


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Review #8, by Eddie The Great Compromise - PART 2

2nd March 2014:
Wow. It's been a while since I've had access to a computer, but I see your time has been well spent! I wish you didn't have to rip our hearts out, but then you story wouldn't be so good, we wouldn't have to keep coming back. What does poor Maitri have left to ground her now that Duma is gone? None of her friends seem to be really close like Harry and Ron were, mostly just (some) friendly acquaintences. And when will we find out what the white leopard-like thing is? I don't believe it's the unicorn of course. Until you reveal all, I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: Eddie!

That's a great review! Thanks for spending time to write it all out!

Yeah. I didn't want to kill Duma until the last moment, when it just struck me that stuff like that happens. Moreover, I wanted her to have that moment of decision-making and choose between getting the boys to safety or rescuing a pet/toy. Besides, the loss of this friend provokes more serious things in the future, which you'll be able to see. Duma was like a temper check on Maitri, like a cornerstone. Without Duma, life is pretty rough for the girl, but I hope it's not for long. I can see the end point, but I'm still writing the path that leads to it, and the details are still unclear to me.

Yep. The white-leopard-strange creature thing is important. He probably deserves a book of his own, but I'll try to squeeze the better part of the story in this one itself. :) That creature is kind of vital to Maitri's discovery of her ancestors (oh, I think I said way too much!)

Keep on reading and reviewing!

- M.H.

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Review #9, by miluv The Great Compromise

23rd October 2013:
ahh cant wait for the rest of the chapter, great as usual!

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Review #10, by in_love_with_HP How can we be friends?

16th September 2013:
New chapter, cool :) I really love this story, it's so eventful and full of twists and turns :)

Author's Response: I'm glad to see your reviews... I really love them! :)

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Review #11, by miluv How can we be friends?

15th September 2013:
ooh the mystery is heating up! but what happened to the room with the portraits of the founders? I liked that:( how come maitri doesn't go there anymore?

Author's Response: Hey

The room comes back again - it's just that this chapter's about everyone around Maitri, more than the girl herself, so I just took a little break from the founder's room, that's all. :)

- M.H.

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Review #12, by Eddie Virtual Insanity

13th August 2013:
I don't know if I have the words to say just how GOOD this chapter is. It's not just that characters were more fully developed, plot was filled in, marauders development revealed, and a break from the terrible brutalization of what Voldemort and his followers wreaked upon the school and whole wizarding community, It's the way you said it. You have become a very eloquent writer.

I LOVED this chapter! Please continue this wonderful story!

Author's Response: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie...!

You are officially my favorite reviewer! The story is moving faster, yes. And darkness may rear its ugly head again sometime soon, but, of course, there is precious light among children. Most importantly, Hogwarts is one of the safer places for anybody to be!

I hope you like the next chapters, too! :)

- M.H.

P.S.: I guess your name made itself one of my character's... huh? :)

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Review #13, by nl7 Virtual Insanity

1st August 2013:
that was confusing. plz update more

Author's Response: Updated... have you read?

Please keep reading and review again! :D

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Review #14, by miluv Virtual Insanity

1st August 2013:
haha so good as always:)

Author's Response: :D

Thank you so much to letting me know :D

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Review #15, by in_love_with_HP Virtual Insanity

31st July 2013:
aww, that ending was quite nice :) thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Thanks to you, too, for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Prologue

15th July 2013:
This was a great start to what I hope is a very interesting story. Your prologue captured me from the beginning and has kept me reading the entire thing. That's quite the accomplishment, for me, lol. I love the idea and I love how it isn't based on the Next generation kids but your OC.

There were a few errors, like when you should have said he or she you put me, but nothing that took me out of the story. I didn't see any spelling errors and the flow was really well written.

This is a very interesting story and I can't wait to read more of it.


Author's Response: Hi Celtic,

thank you for a great review! I guess I fashioned a plot with an OC because I'm already involved in writing a novel (non-HP, fantasy-fiction) on the side, and I figured this would be good practise... well, my novel's far, far behind Maitri, to say the least.

Ah, you caught me... I get caught up in the fact that Lynn is reciting this entire bulk-load of a story to Harry and his friends, and I slip into the "me", "my" mistakes! Thank you, and please don't hesitate to point out any errors that u find later on!

- M.H.

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Review #17, by n.s. 13 3/4 Dead Flowers

28th June 2013:
this whole story is awesome! it was kind of sad but still really great! I can not wait for more chapters! :~3

Author's Response: Hi n.s.,

New Reviewer! Yay!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Please stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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Review #18, by Eddie Dead Flowers

11th June 2013:
I'll just say I'm looking more forward to the next chapters, these have been difficult.

Author's Response: Hey Eddie...
The Dark Lord is getting stronger... what do I do?

But the story's progressing, and you'll soon know why the story's naming prefix is "Mermaid".

Oh, the Merlynn part comes in a while, too.

- M.H.

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Review #19, by miluv Dead Flowers

9th June 2013:
OMG update asap!! and how come the servers wont let you upload a banner? And yup its all sad, but its so intriguing! Love you loads:)
xox miluv

Author's Response: Haha...

Yes, too bad abt the banner. Oh, and so sweet of you! Love you too!

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Review #20, by in_love_with_HP Dead Flowers

9th June 2013:
Hi, yes these few chapters have been sad, but I like how you develop this story. You make it realistic and interesting. I love it. Even so, I hope next chapters are bit more cheerful! xx

Author's Response: Hey...

Thanks :)
Well, I'm trying to bring them back to their childhood. I'm guessing they all can't be too sad when they've got friends around!

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Review #21, by Eddie In Only Seven Days - Part 2

20th May 2013:
To imagine, you have saved some ones life, at tremendous cost to yourself, only for them to die, and then their death probably being kinder than their survival because of the death of their family.
This is an emotional rollercoaster ride.
What is Maitri? Why is she what she is? What is she becoming? Again, why is this story called "Mermaid Merlynn"? And how long is it taking Lynn to tell this story?

Author's Response: Hey Eddie...

Yeah, some emotional nightmare, huh?

But, nah, the story isn't half-finished. Yet. A few more weeks, and we'll probably hit on the Whisperer ancestor as well, which will tie the knot with several unexplained corners of the story; the unicorn, Remus Lupin recognizing her scent as another wolf's, and the merman Kent's fraternization, for examples.

I wanted a time frame of twelve days for Lynn to finish her story... afterall, the prologue mentions how her children grew up listening to it. As the story grows, it's undoubtedly going to become more taxing, and wrecking, and emotionally shattering. But I guess I'm trying to recreate the horrors of Voldemort's rise to power, as he hacked through lives without concern for they might have been thro'.

I suppose it must be horrible enough, and life changing. It is.

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Review #22, by Sorcha Conaghan In Only Seven Days - Part 2

13th May 2013:
Brilliant story. Very well written and unusual plot. Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Sorcha Conaghan :)

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Review #23, by in_love_with_HP In Only Seven Days - Part 2

8th May 2013:
Thanks for the chapter, I love you even though the chapter was sad :( :) I love the friendship between Maitri, Alex and Regulus as well :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm sorry if I made you sad... But it was a very difficult chapter to pull up. I needed enough reason for Sirius to push his family away, and for Maitri to find a reason for revenge.

You see, a perfect Slytherin that she is, she finds it hard to plot revenge before saving herself... but, maybe, everything's about to change.

Oh, I love you, too :D

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Review #24, by miluv In Only Seven Days - Part 2

7th May 2013:

Author's Response: Uhoh... next chapter's majorly going to be about Maitri... is that okay with you?

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Review #25, by Eddie In Only Seven Days

17th April 2013:
Aargh! No fair! I want the rest of it now, I'm so hooked! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: :)

Uploading the second half... you're in for a SHOCK, though!

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