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Review #1, by lena Epilogue

15th November 2014:
I loved your story right from the beginning! Thank you so much for writing it.

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Review #2, by Pigsfly Detention and Eggs

13th November 2014:
Could you correct one piece of grammar and spelling? Your is a possessive pronoun. You're is a contraction of 'you are'.

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Review #3, by Pigsfly Dont Lie

13th November 2014:
Excellent plot and story development. Need to work on grammar and spelling.

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Review #4, by Moosemika Dont Lie

16th October 2014:
Hi, I started reading your story today, and it was good, the ideas are very captivating and interesting, however I found it hard to get into due to many grammar and spelling mistakes, in particular the mispelling of "you're."

There were countless this times this occurred, and I found it took away from what would've been an amazing story.

I really hope this doesn't come across as mean, as I'm just trying to give constructive criticism. Apart from this though, it was truly a well put together story. :)

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Review #5, by Very mad/happy/sad/over all emotional reader Epilogue

27th August 2014:
How dare you end it like thattt!

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Review #6, by Kenny Matthews Epilogue

10th August 2014:
As Dom Weasley might say, YOU ARE A FUCKING BITCH. You should never leave someone hanging like that!

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Review #7, by QkStephen Epilogue

8th July 2014:
I really liked the story. Im glad I got a chance to read it

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Review #8, by Kristina the angry, yet adoring reader Epilogue

7th July 2014:

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Review #9, by Anonymous Our Devious Minds

3rd July 2014:
Great Story! The part with Yiddy was hilarious :)

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Review #10, by slytherinskull23 Epilogue

22nd February 2014:
Best f*cking ending ever!! Wow I spent the whole night reading this... it 4:30am now. Thanks for ruining my sleep. I really love this fic,((but I can't believe you split up Dom and Drew :(. )) I have been looking for one like this for forever. Really funny and sweet with a darker element, I really enjoyed is fic. Oh and nice graduating speech by the way. I'm gonna go check out your other fics now :) thanks for writing such an awesome fic - Sia :P

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Review #11, by JamesPotterReborn Observing Part I

10th December 2013:
It's her mom. I just know it.

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Review #12, by JamesPotterReborn Obnoxiously Ladylike

9th December 2013:
Goode is the werewolf. I can just tell that. I AM TOTALLY CALLING IT.

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Review #13, by patronusflight14 Epilogue

7th December 2013:
awww this was the best next-gen fic ever!!! the ending is adorable :)

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Review #14, by JamesPotterReborn Knock-Knock

5th December 2013:
Is the reason you put the word "mead" actually in Jarred's name just a coincidence, or was it intentional?

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Review #15, by merlin_ Epilogue

25th November 2013:
Sweet ending XD Dommie's a model? Ahaha, I think
everyone saw that one coming xp

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Review #16, by merlin_ Cherished

25th November 2013:
im such a wimp. i actually cried my eyes out in this scene. next year, im going to school alone with a good friend of mine, but only her. everyone else's changing schools and stuff because we're going to 8th grade. so yeah, i guess, i cherish the moments i had with my friends.
sorry, totally off topic.
this story if flawless. i love it. Kiersten and James are so good together.. *_* and Dom and Drew are stupid together, ahaha.

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Review #17, by merlin_ Little Things

24th November 2013:
im supposed to be sleeping, and i was reading this secretly, and then the Female and Drunk-Dom thing came up and I snorted, my mums glaring at me from across the bed now xP

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Review #18, by merlin_ Dont Lie

24th November 2013:
I like it. x Her father's terrible.

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Review #19, by Bronte Little Things

29th October 2013:
Good story:) amazing chartars :) maybe put a bit more where James is actually nice to Jericho? Then it would make it clear that Helios s maher !!!

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Review #20, by AIP Alexander Midnight Adventures

28th October 2013:
Great story! I like how you developed Kiersten, not many reader use child abuse or anything similar, so kudos for not being afraid of mixing it up a little. You did confuse me a little with this chapter though. I thought James would see her scars... guess I'll just have to wait for a later chapter

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Review #21, by Mary Epilogue

13th September 2013:
I just found this story today and it's just amazing. The ending had me in tears tbh
Your an amazing writer :) x

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Review #22, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Dont Lie

16th August 2013:
Beautiful. I love this chapter and story already. I am so glad that i've found an amazing story to read :) I already love the characters you've created and the plot you've established. I hope things become better for Kiersten.


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Review #23, by Meh Coming Together

27th July 2013:
I love the fact that keirsten accepted the change, I hate fics about hogwarts grads that can't get over their hogwarts days. Anyway great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #24, by ... Epilogue

25th July 2013:
hi, I read your story and I really really love It however it is a little over done in the sense of you start a drama but it doesn't get much time and explanation e.g her dad didn't get much attention even though it was a big issue in her life he should have had more confrontation he ended up just being sort of forgotten after she was beaten up at Christmas and every one was there she told them minimal details but they did not insist to find out what exactly was going on and make things right it was just ignored. also the mum came in at the end but we never got anything out of that but confusion. you would always make a new character when you see fit but he was never there before and it feels like you have done that just a bit to much. you sort of left the whole ex boyfriend drama and it was an empty can of worms. then the main characters as well described as they are I never really understood them and their personalities perfectly the worst of it was drew but thats okay because it was still a great story so don't let my thoughts get to your head they are only there if you wanted to try a different approach. by the last few chapters you learn about Cay although there is almost to nothing in it by the epilogue you learn some more about her and I was just thinking that you could do a sequel but as the drug problem and the following in her mothers footsteps and all her bad relation ships with her family but also the good ones with Kiersten. so those are my thoughts feel free to tell me to shove it. see ya, thanks for the great story.

Author's Response: I appreciate your opinion, and to be completely honest with you I feel the same way. I was between the ages of fourteen and sixteen when I wrote this story, and to put it plainly, it's terribly written. I think that the plot line is the only thing that saved me from falling into story oblivion. I'd yet to discover the magic of grammar, spell check, and character development. I'd like to think that if I could go back and do this story over I'd change a lot, but I can't. It would need total structural rewriting and time that I don't have.

I'm glad that you liked the story, if you honestly thank you for reviewing.

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Review #25, by TheGirlOnFire Knock-Knock

15th July 2013:
I think James is jealous and likes Kiersten.


Author's Response: Very, very on to see! Thanks for reviewing!

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