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Review #1, by xOdie The Truth Hurts

18th March 2015:
It's good to have you back continuing this story. Yours and thelderwands are some of my favorite stories. The humor and seriousness have brought laughter & tears. I have been "watching" this story since 5/07/14. I'm VERY glad I did not delete it from the list. Please keep it up. You have a GREAT story going. I look forward to the continuation of this story!

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Review #2, by Cassius Alcinder Prologue: No Words

15th March 2015:
Review tag!

Wow, this one hit me right in the feelz right off the bat. I know it's been a few years since I first read it, but Fred's death scene still gets to me.

The saddest part of Fred's fate for me is picturing George having to go on without him. You captured that vibe spot on here. You could really feel the pain and grief that George had to deal with. You could really feel how he didn't want to confront it, and he didn't want Pomfrey's inspection because it would force him to accept the finality of what happened.

But wait...a shocking twsit? He might not be dead? If it's true, then you've given me hope! But if it isn't, then I don't know if my feels can take it. In any case, i want to read on to see what happens!

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Review #3, by The Basilisk Prologue: No Words

9th January 2015:
Oh boy oh boy, this Prologue really HAS left me with 'No Words' haha

This was a very emotional introduction to your story. I always feel a squeeze tightening my chest a little whenever I read stories featuring George post-war, especially ones that revolve around him mourning his brother's death. Maybe this is the reason why I jumped as high as George when Madam Pomfrey screamed. I'm very curious what is wrong with Fred, but by her reaction there still seems to be hope for him (*fingers crossed*).

But you know, even if the story has taken a turn for the hopeful after the first half, it made me feel really sad, which is an unusual reaction to have when there are stories with survivors from the war. The thing is, when Madam Pomfrey jumped and started fussing around, I was immediately hit by the horrible thought that this is exactly what someone wishes would happen in real life, if a loved one dies. The way George was sitting by Fred's side, the desperation you could feel coming off of him and then next moment when a glimmer of hope started shining's exactly what we wish for in real life as well. That's why, for me, that little part there made this story very poignant. I'm sure you never intended it that way, but that goes to show that the way you write will sometimes make people experience stuff you never imagined your stories could transmit. And that's a huge accomplishment. That's an essential part of story-telling in my opinion. Writing stories with feeling is one of the most important aspects of this craft.

Anyways - can't wait to see what happens next!! Hope we don't get our hopes crushed in the next chapter, but judging by the genres you put this story under, we won't :P

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Review #4, by marauderfan The Wages of War

19th November 2014:
Welll it's obvious I'm procrastinating from NaNo but hey at least I get to find out what happened to Fred.

Gahh, I've read like 3 paragraphs and I'm already tearing up because you mentioned Remus and Tonks' funerals and that (like Fred's death, and Dobby's death, and the list goes on) still makes me very sad. I was kind of hoping you'd bring them back in this fic too, but I guess I have to be reasonable :p

I love your portrayal of Madame Pomfrey! Just like her canon self - and I am not surprised that she's still looking out for all her students, present and past, during that time. The Healers must have had the busiest, craziest time after the war O_O

HA. I love how even though Fred isn't able to talk (which, I agree with Harry, must be quite the struggle for him) he is able to communicate perfectly clearly. I love that even when he's been through so much and is clearly in a lot of pain, he still has a good attitude about it.

Ugh, of course Harry would try to take responsibility for all the horrible things that happened. Fortunately there are a lot of Weasleys who can knock some sense into him. I love that you pointed out all the damage Harry did to Gringotts and thus his account is frozen - I hadn't even considered that but of course it makes sense haha. I like that you've really considered all the after effects of a huge battle and they're all appearing in this chapter.

Aw, George really does need some sleep. I am so happy that he has Fred back but he can't stay awake for a whole month straight, so yeah. Sleep.

As always your characterisation of the Weasleys is brilliant. I like that in this chapter Charlie was such a caretaker - looking after Harry and Fred and George and making sure they do what they need to begin recovering. Its cool because we don't see much of Charlie in the books, and I like what you've done with him. I can definitely see him being the type who takes care of people, as that's his job (with dragons, not people :p)

Awesome chapter! Thanks for the swap!!

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Review #5, by CambAngst The Truth Hurts

17th November 2014:
Hi, farmgirl! It's taken me a bit to get around to writing this review. Based on the number of people who got in ahead of me, it looks like I'm not the only one who's been eagerly awaiting a new chapter. :)

I was really excited to catch up with Ron and Hermione in Australia. It's been quite a while since we've seen them -- in elapsed time, at least -- and they're definitely one of my favorite components of the story. Hermione comes across so very genuine in this chapter. All of her feelings, from the warmth and appreciation for Ron taking the job in the ice cream parlor to her amusement over his fascination with muggle comics to her shock at discovering her parents, were written very well. The moment when she sees her parents was uplifting and crushing at the same time. Obviously she shouldn't have expected them to recognize her -- she took their memories, after all -- but her reaction is still perfect. It must have been devastating, in a way, to see that they've moved on without her.

Poor Harry. If he can't find any other way to try to save the world, he settles for un-evilizing the attic of Grimmauld Place. Nice to see Kingsley show up and try to slap a bit of sense into him. Verbally, if not in practice. Somebody definitely needed to deliver that speech to Harry, and I think it had to be someone who is actually able to hold something over Harry's head that he prizes. The job in the Aurors was one of a very few such things. And the comparisons to Sirius were also really well done.

Exciting chapter! I'm eager to see what comes next!

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Review #6, by theelderwand The Truth Hurts

17th November 2014:

Well, I see aurorofthelight found you again. Told you he'd be after us.

Loved this chapter. Hermione with a sibling. Arg! Couldn't be a simple reunion, eh? Angst to the max - you always did write that exceptionally well. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

Your Harry/Kingsley scene was excellent! Thanks for the shout out, but the final version here is light years better than what I'd suggested. Really, really love it!!

Harry needed a sharp kick to the head and you provided it in stunning fashion. Very well done!

Now, what in the name of Merlin's suitcase is in those trunks? Dying to know what new bit of devilry you've cooked up there.

Keep going, sis, you're on a roll!


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Review #7, by KVB The Truth Hurts

16th November 2014:
Hi! I read this story for the first time forever ago, when I was a freshman or sophomore probably, and I'm now a senior (SO excited to graduate ahhh!). Anyway, someone mentioned something today, even though I haven't even read fanfic in ages, it made this story pop into my head. I wondered if you'd updated and LOOK AT THAT. I guess I just wanted you to know that your writing has left a lasting impact on me and I hope you keep it up. You're very talented and this fanfic is glorious so, :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It always thrills me to find readers who still remember this story and want to come back. I know I'm not the fastest writer in the world, so I am truly honored by those who return. Thank you for reading and letting me know!

Also, congrats on graduating soon! I wish you the best!

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Review #8, by Aurorofthelight The Truth Hurts

15th November 2014:
Well bless Minerva McGonagall's grimy girdles! Does this update mean the fabulous Framgirl herself has returned?! I hope this means you've decided to stick an IV in the arm of this story and give it new life because I always thought this was an absolutely brilliant story! Tell Eldy that the lady and I are now married and we are still having withdrawls from no new stories from the great one himself! Seeing this has helped with the symptoms! AurorOTL

Author's Response: Hehehe! I am back! And honored that you have come back to read again. Thank you for remembering this odd little story! Your compliments make me blush.

Congrats on the wedding! Hope life is grand for you. And Eldy, being Eldy who likes to sometimes stalk my reviews, saw your note and is happy to see you around again.

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Dianainga Wounded Soldiers

15th November 2014:
This is a wonderful story. It has brought me to tears several times.the latest when Mr. Weasley sits up while Harry sleeps and has nightmares and Harry finally feels sweet and dear. Thank you so much for this wonderful, well-written story.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I am always so pleased to hear from people who are enjoying my writing. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review and let me know you feel.

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Review #10, by marisa The Truth Hurts

15th November 2014:
Really loved this story!! Its so sad you didn't continue :(
Love the fred and George Parts!

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it. And don't lose heart yet. I AM a slow writer, but this story isn't dead. I've posted two new chapters in the last month and there should be more soon. So, please check back.

And who doesn't love Fred and George! I'm just so excited you think I am doing them justice. Thanks again!

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Review #11, by marauderfan A Little Wounded

15th November 2014:
Hi! Here with your review!
Since there were no specified areas of concern in your request, be prepared for a structureless, gushy ramble...

Mum, Dad, get to St. Mungo’s right now. Fred’s still alive. – George -- YES. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE AMAZING. :D

I think you did really well capturing the Weasley family confusion after the twins have disappeared - particularly Molly's outrage that she doesn't know what has happened to her children just after one supposedly died. So yeah, that was very true to character - of her and all the Weasleys. I have the suspicion that you are actually a Weasley yourself, since you seem to know them and all their behaviours SO WELL. :p

The second part with McGonagall was so sweet too - it was always evident in the books that even though she's so strict, she always did have a fondness for Harry. And I think it's natural that Harry would want to clean up the school and put all of this weight on his own shoulders, because he's been doing that his whole life, being the chosen one and everything, and what McGonagall says to him is right on point - you've perfectly managed that balance between her sternness and care, as well. And I love that she as well as the Weasleys recognize the Burrow as Harry's real 'home'. :)

Two points of possible CC:
1. Why didn't Harry go with the Weasleys to St. Mungo's? I would have thought that was a big deal for him as well to hear that Fred is alive. Did he go with them, and then return to the castle to clean up, or did he just remain at the castle while the Weasleys went to the hospital?

2. “Are you kicking me out? Do you want me to leave?” -- Harry seems a bit hasty to come to this conclusion here. Especially after all he's just done for the entire wizarding world. If that's the way you intended it to be, for him to jump quickly to a conclusion, then ignore the rest of this paragraph, but if you were interested in changing it to make it seem more like blank confusion, you could modify it to be something to the effect of "What? You want me to leave?" (or whatever.) Anyway, just something to think about.

Overall: It was a lovely chapter. Your characterisation is, as always, spot on. I am glad that Fred is still alive :D And I'm really looking forward to a reunion scene/ what happened to Fred. You are awesome.

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Review #12, by DougA Coming Home

8th November 2014:
The insights into the loneliness of Harry and the love of a mother/Molly are well done. This is one of the best chapters that I have read anywhere on this site. All I can say is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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Review #13, by DougA The Wages of War

8th November 2014:
Harry never wants attention for who he is, but when the attendant doesn't seem to care that he is Harry Potter, he gets miffed. I love it.

From the sound of Fred's injuries, we seem to have have a little taste of the Princess Bride going on. After all, mostly dead can be cured. It is totally dead that you can't come back from. (And Fred is only laying on the bed because he lacks the strength to stand.) I like the fact that his injuries are such that no single potion or spell cures him at once.

I like the fact that Harry's wanting to take all the blame for the War is echoed by the Weasley's wanting to bare all the cost of Fred's care. Harry's point on the meaning of family is well taken, but someone (Ginny ?) is going to have to beat the same message into him about his injuries.

The clutches of the three Weasley women ? Merlin protect the boy.

I continue to enjoy. Well done.

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Review #14, by DougA A Little Wounded

3rd November 2014:
OK, Scene One - I love the Weasley chaos, and that Ron is the one to demand - and get - calm. An interesting insight into Ron. Also nice is the part of Ginny siding with, and imitating, her mother. This is also a nice setup for what looks to be your major break from cannon, what with Fred having survived.

Scene Two - Very nice interplay between Harry and Minerva, intimating how fond she is of him. And how intimidating Molly can be. Of course, Harry has a case of the guilts, which I attribute to his time with the Dursleys, where everything WAS his fault, or so he was told. Amazed that he got away with not going to St. Mungos. I do think his first thought should have been to talk to Ginny, not Molly. Of course, I thought that after DH. The boy may have a bat bogey in his future if he is not careful.

Well done.

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Review #15, by DougA Prologue: No Words

2nd November 2014:
A very nice start. You do an excellent job of depicting George's grief, and through him a reflection of what the rest of the Weasleys are feeling.

The triage/last rites idea is good, and not one I remember seeing in any other story. Of course, it makes sense that a Healer would have to check the bodies to officially pronounce them dead. The fact that one of the "deceased" is actually still alive reminds me of a MASH episode, where one soldier comes in from the aide station marked as dead. The body lies under cover through the whole episode, until Father Mulcahey arrives at the end and goes to perform Last Rites. At which point he notices that the "deceased" is crying when he realizes what is going on.

An excellent start, with an interesting premise.

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Review #16, by Greenfaery Bless the Children

23rd October 2014:
This is a great story! I feel like you really know these people and by you knowing them I can see them all the more clearly. This is the story I want to read after book 7. The family, the realistic pain everyone is going through. I love it! Please don't stop!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so excited that people are finding and reading this story again. I know I left it for so long I wasn't sure anyone would be interested again.

I think you just paid me the greatest compliment ever - saying I know the characters. I write these stories because I love these characters and want the chance to spend more time with them, so thank you very much.

There should be another chapter up soon, so please come back. Thank you again for such a wonderful review.

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Review #17, by theelderwand Bless the Children

15th October 2014:
More More More More! Author!! Author!! Author!

Farmgirls triumphant return!! This was brilliant! Where to start...

The Harry/Arthur scene was well done right down to the last word. Reading it again it seems there was absolutely no other way that scene could have progressed. Perfectly, naturally superb. Harry as their adopted son, and the Weasleys as his adopted family is simply the way things are supposed to be. Excellent.

Fred and George's escape to the kids ward was a masterful stroke. Exactly what they needed. It captured the depths of Fred's and George's despair and offers up the perfect cure. I really liked how you wrote from Fred's point of listening (I'd say point of view, but that would miss the point, wouldn't it?) That was genius. And, at one point (Forgive me) but I was worried you were going to forget that F and G couldn't do real magic without injuring Fred. Needn't have. you made sure they were Muggle tricks. Excellent continuity catch there. And them getting caught? Brilliant.

As for Harry's reaction to the Healer, again spot on. Harry's still healing along with everyone else and the emotional scars are deep. The cure? This sounds like a job for Ginny.

Now, I do hope I still have beta rights to advance copies? ;) Cause I really can't wait to see what happens next.

Really, really glad to see you back at this story, Little Sis. It was a real joy to be reading this tale again.


Author's Response: ELDY! Do you honestly know how happy it makes me that you will still come out of hiding for this silly little story? It makes me grin so big knowing how much you care. Thank you so much!

You know how much I love giving Harry a family, letting Molly and Arthur be the parents he never got to have. So I'm always glad when you like how I'm doing it. Thank you.

You also know I've been waiting for AGES to put that scene in to this story. It changed a bit from how I first imagined it, but I felt like it turned out pretty good. And yes, I wanted to do it from Fred's perspective to show how different things were for him now.

I love that you worry I will forget the details of my own fic! Shows you are the best beta in the world and I never have anything to worry about with you on board.

SOMEONE will have to take on the job of getting Harry to slow down. I'm sure Ginny will be helping.


Thanks again!

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Review #18, by CambAngst Bless the Children

15th October 2014:
farmgirl! I have rarely been so happy to see an update to a story. Seriously, I have missed your version of post-war life so much!

The moment between Arthur and Harry was perfect. It wasn't overdone or overly dramatic. Arthur was soft-spoken and insistent, but he also led with his heart. Harry, for his part, was emotional, but also deferential to someone he considers a father figure. The whole exchange played out perfectly in my mind, and I can't think of any other way it would have happened. Then you wrap it up perfectly with Arthur parenting Harry, making him stop and take some time to see to his own physical recovery.

The entire scene with Fred and George was amazing. It started out on a low note, with George trying to figure out how he would tell Fred about the damage to their shop. George's solution was perfect. I enjoyed the quiet bickering between the two of them as they made their way to the children's ward. Excellent dialog. The scene in the children's ward was inspired. Of course Fred would rediscover his sense of purpose by making people laugh. It's what the twins are best at. It was warm and kind and felt so natural for the two of them. Fred's epiphany was heart-warming.

"Erm...about that," said George hesitantly. "We might have to do of rebuilding first. Went by there today and I think the Death Eaters took exception to our decorating style..."

"So, we rebuild," he answered firmly. "Bigger and better than ever."

That's the spirit, boys!

Good to see that somebody's finally talking sense to Harry. Not that other people haven't talked sense to him so far, but now somebody's talking sense about his health. Harry being Harry, of course he's not ready to hear it yet. I assume that will take a while and probably a dressing down from either Ginny or Mrs. Weasley. But the ball is rolling.

I saw one lonely little typo as I was reading:

Strangely enough, the little fox Luna had given his twin seemed to be providing more help than anything, giving the comfort no one else could break through his protective shell to doll out. -- dole out?

Gah, I enjoyed coming back to this story so much. Awesome job with this!

Author's Response: Dan - rarely have I been so happy to see that people still remembered a story when it was updated! Thank you so very much for sticking around, and for your enthusiasm that this be update! It means SO much.

I have found that I really love giving Harry parents. Letting Molly and Arthur step in and fill that void that is so huge in his life. Family is what these books are really all about, and so moments like this are so rewarding to write. And it's double rewarding when people like what you are writing.

The scene with Fred and George was a scene I've been wanting to get to for a long time. It's been planned forever, but I had to get to the correct place in the story to put it in. I really, really wanted to help Fred (and George) start healing. And for me, that would come when Fred realized he could still BE himself. I do love writing angst, you know that, but for me the angst isn't worth it if there isn't the reward of a brighter future at the end. And it's time to start moving toward that for the twins.

Harry really DOES need to listen when people are trying to give him advice, doesn't he. If he doesn't, something is going to snap, and that can't be good.

Oopsie - typos again. I really MUST go through this story with a fine-tooth comb and weed out all of those so it's clean again. Thanks for point it out though.

Thanks for coming back! Maybe someday I'll even finish this little tale.

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Review #19, by Hannah Bless the Children

15th October 2014:
I hate reading a great story and it suddenly stops.
Put me out of my misery and write.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry to cause misery! I will give you more soon I promise. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #20, by poobear Bless the Children

14th October 2014:
Hat There
All i can say is wow this story is so good i loved it and defo carnt wait for more please please not to long for the next great chapters. only one thing i was thiking wile reading it was i would of thort harry would be more hurt what with all he went through but maybe thats me.
Anywhoo i will leave there for now you take care and have a good week by for now.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you found this story and have read it and caught up. I do hope to have more up soon. Life has just been crazy lately.

And I didn't make Harry too injured in this story on purpose. Fred is already gravely injured, I couldn't deal with two. But Harry has injuries that are harder to see, and therefore a bit harder to heal. We will work on that in the next bit though.

Thanks again for reading.

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Review #21, by marauderfan Prologue: No Words

25th March 2014:
Well, it looks like you haven't updated this one for a while, but it looked interesting. Having just recently written something about post-war George as well I decided to have a look at yours because I have a sneaking suspicion that you dispensed with parts of canon. Fred is listed as a character in this, so I have hope. :p

Ugh, reading about George witnessing this is so raw and heartbreaking and sad. You've portrayed the grief and emotions so well, and it's like reading that part of DH all over again :( and the way you've focused on things like Bill's face "floating" in front of him is such an effective way to portray George's shock and helplessness, like he's seeing everything in the hall through a haze of tears. :'(

BUT WAIT. HE IS TOTALLY ALIVE. Why else would Madam Pomfrey do that? Ha, I knew I could count on you, as someone who denies that Fred's death ever happened. HE'S ALIVE! At least he'd better be. Ahhh!

Awesome start! I'm excited to read more of this. :)

Author's Response: Hey there! Only 4 months late responding. Yeah, I know...I'm not very good at setting records. At least not good ones.

I'm so glad you found this story. I know it's sat for a long time, but I am still working on it. It just got pushed aside for a while.

You wrote a George post-war? I should check it out. Then again, it will probably just make me BAWL! They always do, I'm still so sensitive about that topic.

I have no idea what you are talking about with this dispensing with canon and Fred characters... *whistles guiltily*

Sorry to make you feel the pain. This chapter was really my way of getting my own pain at what happened out into the open. I thought it would help and make it go away...nope. Still feel it every time I think about it. Silly fictional characters that make me love them as much as real people.

But WAIT. ARE YOU SURE? Hehehehe. Keep reading to find out!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back and finish this someday.

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Review #22, by MargaretLane One Step Forward...

13th December 2013:
OK, I'm finally getting around to reading this monster of a chapter. *grins*

*grins at the signatures* A few names that might not be the most popular in my country. Sorry, just had to mention that.

Hmm, I wonder how things like the Ministry are funded in the wizarding world. And Hogwarts.

*laughs* My next gen also mentions the assets of Death Eaters being seized. It's rather a significant point in the first mystery.

Aw, I love the way the Weasleys are looking out for Harry and the contrast with the lack of care he's had from his own family.

Ugh, that bruise does sound rather unpleasant. I can imagine though, that in the immediate aftermath of the Battle, any injury unlikely to be fatal would seem unimportant. He had plenty of time since, though, in which he should have got help.

Once Harry hesitated, I guessed it was the Killing Curse.

*cracks up at the suggestion Fred and George would be in danger of much worse if their family found out they'd kept this from them* That sums up the Weasleys pretty well, I think.

Fred and George's lines are very funny, such as them making no promises when it comes to burning down the hospital. You characterise them well, which is kind of hard to do, particularly in this situation, when things are naturally more serious than ever before and yet, they are still maintaining their usual attitudes while at the same time, we see a more mature and serious side to them. That must be hard to balance.

I wonder is Harry going to to buy the Burrow for the Weasleys. That'd be one way to give them the money.

I also like the way you're showing the aftermath of the war, the fact that some Death Eaters are still on the loose and so on.

And I love the confrontation between Fred and George and the recognition of what is going on behind the jokey exterior.

Author's Response: Well, I'm finally getting around to responding to this AMAZING review! And I would like to humbly apologize for that monster chapter in the process. Sometimes, my muse just runs away with things.

I'm an American. I was pulling signatures out of my memory from history classes, so yeah, I might not have been very politically correct, LOL.

I've been thinking about that funding thing lately. We've never heard mention of there being tuition for Hogwarts, but somehow I think there must be. If there weren't, then how could it be such a financial strain on the Weasleys to have so many kids there at once. Books and robes are expensive, yes, but you only buy them once a year. So, I think there has to be more to it than that.

I love it when Harry is treated as part of the Weasley family. It's one of the reasons this story even exists in the first place.

The bruise is unpleasant, but Harry is also very stubborn. He has that nobility thing - he might even have a tiny bit of him that thinks he deserves it, given he's still harboring that irrational idea that the entire war is his fault.

Weasleys can be a very protective bunch, can't they. LOL.

It is hard to balance writing the twins here. I love them so much and want them to be back to their wise-cracking selfs, but I have to keep reminding myself that is a little unrealistic given the situation. I need to let them be normal people and be angry and sad and grieving as well.

You are a very smart lady and I won't comment more on the Burrow thing.

So glad you are enjoying this version of what happened after the war! Thanks so much for your awesome review!

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Review #23, by ella144 Coming Home

20th November 2013:
This is just lovely and sweet and perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by toomanycurls Some Rain Must Fall

2nd November 2013:
I'm at review 300 - As you got review 200 I wanted to come back after 100. :D

...and I wanted to read on with this.

Ron's attempt to be cute/romantic/tender is adorable. I mean, he's clearly young and inexperienced at being tender but it's so sweet that he's trying.

International travel for wizards sounds more complicated that international travel for muggles. I mean, just hopping on a plane is rather straight forward. I'm a bit surprised they don't have a fast magical way to get places.

I love that Hermione's spell was so well done that it's not in the way of them finding her parents. Awesome and sad. Ahh, Hermione can't give up!! Ron's offer to get a job to fund their time in Australia is so incredible. I mean, he's never been one for muggle work but offering to do it just for Hermione is quite awesome. Now I'm going awww at Ron asking Hermione out. (His timing isn't the best though :P) The bet idea was hilarious - genius maybe. I got a really good laugh out of that.

The Weasley banter towards Ginny is extremely cute and elder-brotherly. I'm sure glad they approve of Harry or he'd be in trouble.

Poor Fred's diet. :( I wouldn't want to be on that stuff either. I do like that he's in good spirits about it. A warmth spread through me too with Harry being included as one of the brothers. :D

:-o The ramifications the Healer explains for Fred's recovery is quite well done. (my shocked face is at what they are, not that it's well done) I felt that it was very well thought out and seemed a good combination of magical and medical. Oh man, being blind isn't as bad as being dead but it's still a harsh blow.

Really amazing chapter!! I promise to come back before I hit review 400. :D


Author's Response: Hi Rose! Sorry I'm SO slow responding to this amazing review! But I have to tell you how excited I was to see it pop up! Thanks for remembering me!

Oh, and before I get into the responce, please know I haven't forgotten about Remus and his story. Still trying to make a LITTLE progress on my now probably unreachable NaNo goal, but as soon as Nov. is over I'll be back to reading and reviewing for you.

Ron really is a sweetheart when he tries to be, isn't he? I really hate it when people portray Ron as just a stupid, clumsy sidekick. There's so much more to Ron than that. And I tried really hard to show that here - to still let his personality shine through, but also show that he's growing up and learning. Glad you liked it.

Figuring out Interenation travel was really hard. I probably made it too hard, actually, but then sometimes I think that despite magic, wizards do things the hard way. I mean a good ballpoint pen is ten times easier than carrying around ink, quills, and parchment but wizards stick to the later anyway. So, I decided to just roll with it and make it difficult for Ron and Hermione.

Hermione can be too smart for her own good sometimes, can't she? And yes, after I wrote it, I wished I would have made the odds a little more staggering. Oh well. I'd just read too many stories where Hermione's parents were either forgotten, or it was like Hermione says "Gotta skip down to Australia and get my folks, be back in half and hour." Way too easy. If wanted it to be a bit more realistic than that.

And yes, I had fun with Ron offering to get a Muggle job. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. As for his timing in asking her out, let's face it, Ron's never had good timing.

I love it when Ginny's brothers are protective of her, but I get annoyed when it gets way out of hand, like suddenly they all turn on Harry and won't let him touch their sister. Seriously? Harry did just show he was willing to give his life to save the entire wizarding world - that has to show he's a pretty decent guy. I think they'd be glad to have him dating their sister. Besides, as you mentioned, I think they claim him as an honorary brother anyway.

As for Fred - yes, he really is pretty messed up, isn't he. And he's trying to stay positive and in good spirits. I felt like I saved Fred from death, but I couldn't just go "poof" and make him all better. There had to be some long-lasting complications and consequences. You are very right that being blind isn't as bad as being dead, but I imagine it will still be pretty hard for Fred to take at first.

Thanks so much for coming back and reading! Maybe, by the time you hit 400 and come back, I'll actually have another chapter up so I can stay ahead of you.

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Review #25, by santosh Unexpected Help

13th October 2013:
please write some more i love this story

Author's Response: I plan to. Might be a while, as I'm trying to fix a few plot holes, but it will be finished.

Thanks for reviewing.

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