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Review #1, by Frankie05 Prologue: No Words

14th August 2015:
Hey Farmgirl,

I asked if anyone wanted reviews on the forums and Tanya in her sweetness directed me to your story :)

This seems promising, George and Fred our beloved twins, starting out with the heartbreak of losing Fred, George suffering in silence. You already start out sad and upset that one of the best is dead. And the fight isn't even over yet (if we are going by canon). so when we see the audience around those in the Hall- we see the reprieve. They cant find Harry, Ron, or Hermione, Bill's sad face is making sure that he is okay, but he can't say anything. The anguish!

I love that he is annoyed that he just wants time with Fred but people are getting in the way of that. He can't mourn properly. But then comes Poppy to adequately assess Fred, and what? IS HE NOT DEAD RIGHT NOW? Oh my, what kind of magic have you unearthed! Poppy all wonderful makes a portkey (serious magical ability) and George in the last second decides to go along for the journey because Poppy is freaking out about Fred and taking him to St. Mungos. You have a great way of hooking people into your story :) Great job, Farmgirl. I look forward to reading more!


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Review #2, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh The Wages of War

20th July 2015:
Hi, farmgirl!
Can I just start by thanking you for writing so many Fred and George fics? I love them so much.
Anyways, I think this story is superb. The first chapter made me cry within probably five seconds of reading, and then took me on a fantastic roller coaster of emotion. I am so happy Fred is alive! I thought it was really clever how you explained Fred lived, by the curse hitting the wall. It actually made sense to me and was very believable, much better than some of the "he survived the killing curse just like Harry!" fics I've read.
Also, you did a great job at writing the interaction between Fred, Charlie, and Harry. It all flowed seamlessly, even though one of them can't even talk. Charlie is really well characterized as well. I don't see enough of him in fanfiction and it's always great when I do.
George is also perfectly characterized. I feel so deeply for him when he's hurting, and when he is describing how happy he is Fred is alive, I feel so happy for him. He's a really empathetic character.
Anyway, great job!

Slytherin House Cup 2015

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Review #3, by ginnypotter242 The Importance of Communication

11th July 2015:
Hello again! I figured I'd finish reviewing this story :)

Ahh, yes! Harry and Ginny worked things out! Yay! I loved their conversation. Obviously Ginny would be very ticked off about Harry running off, and the was shown very well. But she's *so* in love with Harry, that she can't stand not talking to him ( not to mention, she is a Weasley. So she's stubborn obvs) But I like that she cornered him by the bathroom. There really is no other way to get him to talk, is there? I'm so happy they're back together, they (as my penname kind of says) are my OTP so I'm very happy with this chapter.

Okay, Bill, Charlie and Percy: I love that you didn't make them go all macho, overprotective older brothers on Harry, and instead encouraged it. We know Ron was overprotective, but I doubt every single one of her brother's would be all "I'll kill you if you touch her" and I'm glad you didn't make them like that :)

I really love this story! Great job :)


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Review #4, by ginnypotter242 The Wages of War

11th July 2015:
Yay!! Fred's okay! Well, he's alive at least, but I will accept that. That is a really interesting way of keeping him alive. It's a unique idea, but it's very plausible! I like Madame Pompfrey's conversation with Harry. the fact that she immediately assumes that he's there because he's injured is great- he did injure himself quite a lot!

Poor Fred though! I am beyond thrilled that he's alive, but he seems to be in so much pain! I hope he ends up at least mostly okay. Harry, silly Harry always feeling guilty over everything. I like that you included a conversation with Charlie here. We don't get much of him in the books (and absolutely none in the movies), so it was cool to see a conversation with him in this story. He was very well written, and acted pretty much how I think he would in this type of situation. I love that Fred and George were still able to joke around a bit, even though one can;t talk and one's a near zombie right now- it's very fitting to their characters.

Harry's coversation with Charlie in the hallway was great. Obviously the Weasley's wouldn't be happy with the idea of him helping pay, but Harry' arguments were valid and I'm glad that Charlie listened to them. It's so sweet that Charlie views harry as another brother, especially as he isn't around very much.

It was hilarious that Charlie and George just sent Harry into a house with all three Weasley women- two of which he has seemed to be actively avoiding. That should go over well (I'll say again: poor Harry!) I'm so happy for George. Life without Fred at all is devastating, and the fact that he had felt that for even just a little while will make him that much more conscious of it. Great job on this chapter- I'm really loving this story!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #5, by ginnypotter242 Coming Home

11th July 2015:
Poor Harry! He has had so much pressure on him! And he really is so young- he's only 17, I can't imagine having the weight of the world on my shoulders at that age! I love how you wrote him all hesitant to come in and guilty. He is someone that takes all the blame on himself, and none of the success, so of course he would feel bad for Fred's death/injury. Molly is so sweet though, and the way she was comforting him was a total aww moment. I am totally in love with their relationship. Harry always seemed a little awkward around Mrs. Weasley, like he didn't want to get to close or he was unsure if she'd want him to get close. I love how you wrote Mrs. Weasley in this, you really showed her motherly side, both with her thoughts about Fred and the rest of her children, and her actions towards Harry.

And oh my gosh, the part with Molly talking to Lily's gravestone? That was he sweetest thing, and definitely something I can see Mrs. Weasley doing. Great job on the characterization here! That was such a sweet speech that she gave too! I'm so glad that she considers Harry a son, but she made it known that she wasn't trying to take Lily's place. I also love that you made Molly assume that Lily really did know what was going on- she just knew that Lily would've looked over her son, just as Molly would've if it had happened to her. I'm glad that Molly brought daisies to Liy's grave as well. The remark about her not setting much in store by societal conventions was great- plus my headcanon is that Lily hated it when people brought her lilies (but she loved daisies so...) So that was a nice touch! Okay, and the part with Lily at the very end, with her saying thank you to Molly- not going to lie, I actually teared up a bit. I'm so jealous of how well you can write emotion- you do it so well, and it fits just perfectly in everything. Great job on this chapter!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #6, by ginnypotter242 A Little Wounded

11th July 2015:
Eeep! I'm so happy right now, I actually squeaked when Molly got George's note! Please don't let this be a distraction- he's not going to die in the hospital, is he?

Oh, how I love Ron. He's so under appreciated. I like how he just screamed at everyone to shut up. Poor Ron, he's so frustrated, and then he walks in to the Great Hall to find his family screaming at each other and his dead' brother and twin of missing. I can see how that would make him a tad ticked off. And Harry! Of course he can be crying and happy- I would be too if that happened to me!

McGonagall is the best. Seriously, she;s amazing. I liked Harry's reaction- "are you kicking me out?" it was so like him! And everyone referring to The Burrow as his home- that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I'm so happy for Harry! He's so happy about it, it made me smile when he said the word 'home' himself. He's very right about Molly as well- she doesn't give up! And I wouldn't put it past her to start sending Howlers.

I just love your writing style! You're writing his story so well, and the emotion in it is so realistic and I can practically feel what the characters are feeling. All your characters so far are in perfect characterization too- there's not anyone that OOC. This was another great chapter, and it's very interesting to read. I like the idea you have so far, and I'm very interested to see where this goes. Great jpb on this so far, I really like it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #7, by ginnypotter242 Prologue: No Words

11th July 2015:
Wait what? What just happened? Is Fred not dead? Please let Fred not be dead, I will love you forever if you let him live!

Okay, the beginning of this was amazing. George's thoughts were absolutely heartbreaking to read, and I loved how everyone was treating him softly and carefully. His thoughts were phenomenal though, and I almost started tearing up as he thought about losing his other half. "How he wished it was still yesterday" okay, ouch. That line almost physically hurt me to read- the pain in George's thoughts was so transparent and incredibly sad. I could almost feel his heart breaking! This is honestly so well written and the emotion behind it is so real! I love the way you've written just this first chapter, and I can't wait to read more.

George noticing the rest of his family was a sweet little moment- even in the middle of such a tragedy, he was able to think about the rest of his family, and Harry and Hermione. is was really sweet.

But oh my God, what happened with Fred? Why was the light red- does blue mean dead and red mean...not dead? If she's taking Fred to ST. Mungo's, there must be a chance that he's still alive! I honestly didn't expect that at all. I can't imagine what George must be feeling at this point- extremely confused, still heartbroken, but a little bit hopeful. Don't make this any worse, I'm begging you. I will actually cry if Fred dies just a little alter than originally.

Great job with this chapter! It was very well written, and the emotions in the chapter were perfect. I love it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #8, by looneylizzie A Little Wounded

17th May 2015:

So I've finally managed to scrounge up some time to do some reading and reviewing...and of course, I had to keep going with this!

I'm only two chapters in, but I seriously cannot wait to see what's going to happen here. Firstly, with Fred, and then seeing what happens as everyone is recovering from the war.

The way you've written all of the characters are really true to what I'd expect of them! Molly is just spot on! And Harry is so...Harry. He's weary, and he feels broken, but there's so much kindness and generosity pouring out of him.

My favorite part by far is the ending conversation with McGonagall. The whole concept of home...because at this point, Harry has the Burrow, but as he says, he'd never do so much as assume that. So Hogwarts is really the next option, since it very much feels like home as well.

But the fact that McGonagall and Molly are both practically yelling at Harry to go home, and really meaning The Burrow...that's just heartwarming. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, another great chapter!! This story is so well written and the characterizations are just spot on...I can't wait to see what's next!!

I'll be reading the next chapter soon! Promise!

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Review #9, by looneylizzie Prologue: No Words

6th May 2015:
Okie Dokie Farmgirl (or Jill. Can I write Jill?), I’m here for our review swap!

And, since I’ve been wanting to read this, obviously I’m going to start here!!
(Note, I’m just adding commentary as I read, so you’re gonna get all of my initial reactions to everything.)

Oh man. Where are the tissues? This is gonna be sad. Fred is the death that I’ve always hated the most. I may or may not have thrown the book across the room when I read it for the first time. Well, I threw it several times, with several more with each read.

This is easily the best description I’ve read of George’s initial reaction. So detailed, and so realistic. *wipes tears*

Of course George can’t look at Madam Pomfrey while she works. I love the line “make his worst nightmare an unavoidable reality.” That’s such a great way to sum up how he feels about Fred’s death. It’s his worst nightmare.

I love your descriptions of the rest of the family as they’re dealing with things. I think it makes sense that they’d immediately be trying to help instead of just sitting around an grieving. That feels very…Weasley. Even though Molly and Ginny, are sitting, it doesn’t feel like they’re wallowing. It’s more like they’re just tired and struggling to deal with the physical pain and the emotional pain of the battle.

Of course the Trio’s missing. No surprise there.

Wait a second.


I can’t even…I don’t know what to think…I mean…No words. Like the chapter title.

*Takes several deep breaths*

Okay. Now, normally, I’m not one to like stories that stray from canon. BUT, this is Fred we’re talking about, AND it’s really well written. Just from a basic structure and composition standpoint, your writing is phenomenal. I mean, I see maybe two grammatical things that could be fixed a bit? That’s really good!

Plus the flow of your writing and the characterization of George is amazing, and so are your descriptions! You do a really good job of giving the reader a great mental image of what is happening around George.

In short, I LOVE IT! I really can’t wait to see what happens next, and it’ll be really interesting to see how you write Fred into the story moving forward!

*jumps up and down excitedly* This is awesome! You’re gonna be hearing more from me VERY soon!!

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Review #10, by TreacleTart Prologue: No Words

5th May 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here for our review swap!

After reading this chapter I can already tell that I'm going to love this novel. Let me give you a whole list of reasons why!

Fred is alive! Here you had me thinking this was another sad story where George is in mourning. You described his heartbreak so well that I was really feeling for him and then you go and flip it around on me like that. Can I just tell you that I've never been happier for a character to be alive than I am right now!

Second, the way you used descriptive sentences to really build a complete view of what was going on was truly well done. I could very much imagine what was happening, what things looked like, the state of disarray that the room was in, and the defeat written all across George. Description and imagery are probably the most important part of a story for me. I really love it when I can thoroughly envision what the author is talking about and in this case I most definitely could.

Third, your ability to throw an unexpected twist into the story. I love a good twist in the ending. I've been known to play with them in my own writing. The thing that's hard about it is to keep the reader from realizing there's a twist coming at all. Fred still being alive was a big surprise. I really didn't expect it based on the description of your story, so I was shocked when Madame Pomfrey's wand was glowing red.

All in all, I feel that this is a really strong start to this story. I usually like to try and leave some sort of solid constructive criticism, but I really have none to offer you here. Excellent work. I will definitely be back for more!


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Review #11, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Coming Home

3rd May 2015:
Greetings Farmgirl. I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, an elusive inhabitant of the northern boreal forest who only comes out on occasion to play practical jokes on humans and then hide from them, although today I have decided that instead I'll leave reviews for humans.

This was such an emotional chapter and I feel like there were a lot of things that had been a long time coming - like Harry finally coming to terms with the idea that things are not his fault, and he does have a loving family, even though they're technically not blood relatives. That scene with Molly hugging Harry just tugged at my heartstrings.

Her mother had always held firmly to the belief that all of life’s problems were best solved over good food. -- I must agree with Molly here. Whenever I face any problems in my life, they can easily be solved by a feast of leaves and dirigible plums.

But the last paragraph is what really got me. That whole section really, when Molly talks to Lily's grave... this was just truly beautiful and I will admit I had some tears sliding down my furry face. What an amazing scene. You write emotions so incredibly well - it all just feels so real (even to me, and I don't normally know how to feel human emotions since I am not a human.) Wonderfully done. ♥

I have greatly enjoyed reading this fic so far and I am happy to see that Fred is alive. I think I would like Fred and George, as they also seem to appreciate how fun it is to play practical jokes on humans. But now I must depart for I promised to meet Bigfoot for tea in the woods.

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Review #12, by merlins beard The Truth Hurts

27th April 2015:
Hi again.
I realize this has gotten slightly out of hand. What was meant to be a couple of reviews so you don't feel lonely when you reach 0 unanswered reviews has continually drawn me in and kept me captured.

I'll stay away from your other stories for a bit so you don't get too sick of me (or so I can catch up on my assignments - whatever comes first), but I'll definitely be back to read the stuff your awesome brain comes up with.

I LOVE RON! He's great and a big fool, talking about food when Hermione tells him he loves her. Luckily, she knows him well. Nothing comes before his food...

Poor Hermione. It's got to be hard for her to see her mum pregnant again. But I guess her parents felt that something was missing in their lives and decided a baby would fill the hole Hermione left. I guess you can erase a parent's mind, but you can't take the love for their child from their hearts.

Harry has got to stop fighting a war that isn't there anymore. He really needs a break. I'm glad there are people there to tell him that. Kingsley is right and Harry better listen.
A family definitely means work sometimes, but Harry will soon see that they are the greatest thing that could ever happen to him. Sure, sometimes you hate them with a passion, but you never stop loving them while you do.

I have a couple of things left to say (for now)

This was a really great day. I've spent it with your story, while listening to Mozart (who actually provides a very good soundtrack to the story) and got a bit of my work done in between the chapters. So I was actually productive in more than one way. That has made me very happy ;)

I've had a lot of fun today and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Do me a favour? PLEASE don't make me wait a year for it. I'll be going crazy if you do.

This has been fun. I'm adding you to my favourite Authors as well, so I can always check if you have new stuff.

I briefly thought about making all that anonymous, but I felt the spell had worn off a little because everyone has been doing it recently. Plus, it's easier to keep track of your replies this way.

I'll be back soon


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Review #13, by merlins beard Bless the Children

27th April 2015:
I'm really happy with this chapter!!

Fred and George spending some quality time together is great. I can't think of a better place for that than the children's ward.

George probably should have lwft a note though.

It's too bad that the store is ruined, but they'll do exactly what Fred suggested - build it up bigger and better than ever before.

Contrary to my thoughts artuhr is quick to accept Harry's gift and I'm glad he is. Fighting with Harry over it wouldn't have helped anyone anyway.
I'm also glad he makes Harry see a healer again, but Harry just has to be difficult about that again.

The way he acts in the hospital is understandable. He wouldn't be the person he is if he wasn't being difficult about that.
But let me just say - he is a little stupid... he is allowed to take time out to make himself heal. I hope he is going to realize that.

One more chapter to go for now. I'm excited.


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Review #14, by merlins beard Unexpected Help

27th April 2015:

You do have a knack for bringing in the right person at the right moment... i never would have thought of Amos Diggory.

Harry saves the Weasley property, and he does so very elegantly. I'm proud of him.

I'm also a little proud of Ron, who seems to have a pretty awesome right hook.

Rita Skeeter -another character i have all but forgotten about entering the stoey at the perfect moment. I'm glad Harry told her to shove off. She finally needs to learn her lesson.

Aunt Muriel and Fred always did get on so well -let's make her keep him company... -sound like a good idea to you?

I mean he's injured, he can't see and he escaped death by less than an inch, do we have to torture him?

I'm glad crookshanks is still alive and back.


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Review #15, by merlins beard Wounded Soldiers

27th April 2015:
No pen and paper this time, because I'm on my phone.

You must be getting sick of me by now... but I'm not quite done yet.

Oh my god! Thank god he's ok. I was terrified. Seriously. Never do that to me again!

I think its great that the healer lets the fox stay, and it's perfect that Percy is the one to save Fred.

Ron is so sweet, thinking of Fred when he has that comic book...
So when are Mr. and Mrs. Granger going to get back from their holiday and to their bookshop again? (Yes - I'm onto you. I know what you're doing there)

That is a very good solution for Grimmauld Place, but it leaves me a little worried about the Weasleys and their plan to sell the Burrow. I guess Harry will fix that some time.

George really needed to be cared for. up until now, everyone was just too busy or sad to notice how hw's running himself to the ground. I'm glad his siblings (and I'm very happy to count Harry among them) step in and get him to come home for a while.

The end of this chapter is soo sweet. Harry finally gets the father figure he needs. Sirius or Remus could never do this for him because they didn't know he needed it. They didn't have any experience being a father. James would have been great, had he gotten the chance, and Harry will be a great father one day, but he needs one now.

I love where this chapter is going (when you're not accelarating my heart rate or making me pull my own hair out -no i'm lying. I love it even then)

There are a couple of little typoes in this chapter. One of them is pointed out here:

(...) whole so big I knew it was gonna swallow me up too!

It should be hole instead of whole I think.
Can't wait for the next chapter


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Review #16, by merlins beard Solitude

27th April 2015:
Oh my god. You're an evil creature from hell.

(I had planned to say: Since I'm already more than halfway through, I'll just keep going, but after reading the last three (or so) paragraphs, insulting you seemed like the more appropriate option. (for anyone who might feel insulted or mad for that - I'm not serious)

I know I usually start at the beginning of the chapter, but I'm gonna break my habit now and start at the bottom.

Here I was, minding my own business, thinking this chapter is going to be as sweet and fluffy as the others, and then

BAM (I know, I said it before) - you completely kill my joy. I'm still trying to catch my breath.

Other than that, I wanna say a couple of other things to the chapter:

I LOVE Ron's new job, it's awesome! Since the Deluminator helped find the place, maybe he will find Hermione's parents there soon.

I always love when Harry goes back to Privet Drive. It's always very emotional for him, and here, it's also emotional for Ginny. She is torn between shock and pity and admiration for Harry, who turned out pretty well for the childhood he had.
I really think it's good that Harry finally got to say good-bye to Hedwig. She's much more important to his life than we usually give her credit for.

Then there's Luna. My dear, dear Luna! She's so much like me in so many ways. I always feel a little torn between absolutely adoring her and being irritated by her because she shows off all the things I don't really like about myself.

What she tells Fred is exactly what he needed to hear - and the little fluffy animal even more so. Luna always does what's best for people instinctively.
You have nailed her characterization. I'm going to nominate you for some kind of price for that, I think it was really, really good.

I have one more thing to add here: I'm SO SO relieved that you have more chapters up so I don't have to wait for what happens next. I've only been typing this review and the suspense is already killing me.

I hope you understand what I mean when I say: I love you - but I kind of hate you a little at the moment as well.

P.S.: None of this is meant as an insult, in case anyone is wondering. I totally adore this story, this is just my way of coping with terrible things that happen in stories I read. I'm so afraid of the next chapter.

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Review #17, by merlins beard One Step Forward...

27th April 2015:
What number am I at now, eight?

Let me just say: the pen and paper thing was a bad idea... it is making the reviews much longer...

I love the proverb. I think I'll have to go through all the chapters again and wrtie down all the quotes. They are so inspiring, so fitting to every chapter.

I love how TAXES can be a magic word in some context. Kingsley is really an awesome guy.

Fred's cast must look so funny. I love what Harry came up with. He's definitely showing more mischief than ever before. He's his father's son I guess.

Pink hearts are truly cryptonite...

The goblins are a piece of work. I've read several stories about them, and almost every author agrees about that. They all have different ways to have wizards deal with goblins, but I haven't seen the approach you have taken before.

Oh my god, Kingsley is so awesome! I love how manipulative he can be if he has to!

Harry is crazy, though. He shouldn't even offer having to pay for the repairs at Gringotts. It's good that Bill talks some sense into him.

I love that Ginny notices how hurt Harry is. I knew he couldn't hide it from her. It's great that she gets Fred and George involved, too.

Spell Echo is a really interesting thought. This might sound a little weird, but can I use that in one of my stories? (I'll credit you in the authors note if you're ok with that). Please just say no if you don't want me to use it.

I was really interested about what the Twins might have for Harry. It was even better than I imagined in the end.

NO! The Weasleys are NOT selling the Burrow, nor any land that goes with it. Please tell me Harry finds a way to stop them!!

Finally: George is right and Fred is being a git. But I guess Fred realizes soon enough. They'll work it out together, like they always have.

I'm SO GLAD I picked this story.


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Review #18, by merlins beard Stumbling Blocks

27th April 2015:
SEVEN is a magical number, isn't it?

It has definitely been magical so far. Every chapter has pulled me in further, bewitched me some more.

Don't laugh at me when I tell you this: half way through this chapter I had to get up and get myself pen and paper so I could write down all the things I wanted to tell you about while reading - I didn't want to forget anything.

I LOVE how Augusta Longbottom has the perfect moment to enter this story. No one would be better suited than her to deal with George at that moment. She's the voice of reason he needed to hear, but she isn't someone who's talking empty phrases, she's been there. She speaks from experience, and that is probably the only thing that can get George Weasley to listen.

It was about time that someone took care of Harry's money troubles. It took him forever to tell Bill, that's just so HARRY.
I like that Bill tries other things before going to Kingsley, who really has enough on his plate - but I think they should all make time for Harry. If it wasn't for Harry's great sacrifices over the years, be it loved ones, childhood, credibility among peers, you name it - they all probably wouldn't be there.

There was one sentece I want to point out:

“Well, I reckon it’s about time this world started doing something for the boy who saved our collective posteriors,” said Kingsley (...)

I couldn't agree more.

Seriously? Ron's checking everywhere for SPIDERS? I thought there was something actually dangerous hiding in the room. (that being said, I have been to Australia, I don't underestimate poisonous animals, but spiders really are misunderstood creatures - wow I sound like Hagrid)

Maybe the deluminator will serve it's purpose again and take Hermione to her parents.

One of Ron's comments stood out:

More scared of me than I was of them? Ron thought with a scoff. Not bloody likely.

This is SO Ron Weasley. I love how well you capture the personalities of all the characters.

Poor Harry still needs lots of time to finally get over everything that had happened to him (starting shortly after his first brithday), but with the help of a certain fierce redhead (and her bunch of redhead family members) he should be fine...


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Review #19, by merlins beard Some Rain Must Fall

27th April 2015:
Getting sick of me yet?
Well, I'm back anyway. ;)

I wonder how long it will take you to reply to all this ;) (feel free to take your time and make it short if you want to)

Such a sad quote to start another emotional chapter.

I feel like Ron is finally starting to behave like an adult. It's so great how they face difficulty yet again and how he steps up and handles stuff. Hermione can't give up and I'm glad he's not letting her.

I guess it would be different for Ron - sharing a tent with Harry and Hermione was hardly the same as living in the same hotel room with only Hermione. While the first was for convenience only, he probably can't help but think about what the latter might mean in the future.

Hermione's spellwork has always been perfect, I'm not surprised this isn't any different.

It's so nice of Charlie and George to give them what certainly was all their savings. It's just what Weasleys do.

I'm glad Fred can talk again, and is back to being his usual charming and cheeky self. Harry certainly seems to get funnier with age (or with the ending of the phrase 'mortal peril' applying to him)

The joke with the toffee was pretty funny ;)

No magic, huh? this is gonna take some getting used to for everyone involved.

Also, no eyesight... that's terrible. I can't even imagine how helpless that would make me.
I don't blame Molly and George for the way they react, but it might have been better to look at it from another perspective. Surely, it has to be better to have a blind Fred back than none at all?

I love where you're going with this.


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Review #20, by merlins beard The Importance of Communication

27th April 2015:
So apparently I have regained brain capacity and can now inform you about this:

five is such a nice number, so why stop at four. four is an ugly number, I don't like how it is so pointy. five is much prettier.

I guess I'm still here and loving every word you write.

This chapter was sooo sweet. I always imagined Ginny to forgive him rather quickly, holding grudges just doesn't do when you're in love. I guess seing Harry and Fred both almost die would have sped up her accepting his apology.

I had a good laugh at the end of the chapter, when Charlie, Bill and Percy watch them make out. It was even better when Harry decided to just ignore them and continue.

I can't wait for the next chapter.


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Review #21, by merlins beard Coming Home

27th April 2015:
Hi again.
I'm actually crying too hard to come up with a funny way of telling you I'm not done yet, that four reviews is even better than three.

This one is going to be much shorter though. I can't even see what I'm typing right now.

This chapter was so emotional and sad. I have written something like this before, but I never thought anyone could make it this perfect.

I've been crying from the second paragraph and I can't seem to stop.

I love this chapter so much. This story is going on my Favourite - list right now.


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Review #22, by merlins beard The Wages of War

27th April 2015:
Sooo I was thinking... three is actually a much nicer number than two.

Oh, god, I have so much to say about this Chapter, I don't even know where to begin...

I'll try starting at the beginning...
I love the quote!

HOW CAN ANYONE NOT RECOGNIZE HARRY POTTER? Seriously? the guy has been on every news paper for at least 7 years.
That witch at St. Mungos might need her eyes checked.

Haha... Madame Pomfrey expects Harry to be hurt every time she sees him ;) that made me smile... his injuries sound pretty nasty, though, so maybe - when he's done playing tough - he should have them checked out.

You have no idea how happy you make me with this story. (and how could you, I didn't eiter before I read this)
The death of Fred Weasley hit me hard when I first read the book. I actually put it down and cried for an hour. Nothing could ever make me happier than the twins both being alive and well. I've always had a soft spot for them.

I almost cried tears of happiness when I read the Conversation between Fred, Charlie and Harry. I'm so glad things seem to be allright (or slowly getting there).

I love the part where you wrote:

“I don’t think he’s let go of her hand since the Battle ended.”

Finally, Ron gets over himself and starts being happy. Harry and Ginny should try that too, some time soon.

Of course Harry is blaming himself for everything. He wouldn't be Harry if he didn't. He has always been a little thick. (Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore him)
I think that chapter had one of the best Characterizations of Harry I have read so far (other than J.K.R. of course)

Harry should really ask Bill for help, and then help his FAMILY pay for Fred's treatment.
(Stuff like this always makes me glad I live in a country with an amazing health care system)

I wonder what Molly and Ginny are going to tell him when he finally gets to the Burrow.

I hope he doesn't have to attend too many more funerals, because -you know- those are kind of depressing.


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Review #23, by merlins beard A Little Wounded

27th April 2015:

Since one review isn't a lot, I'm here again.

Let me just say: I'm with Molly on this one. If it were me, I'd be at St. Mungos faster than anyone can say Quidditch.

Oh my god I'm so glad Fred's really alive. I would have hated for everyone to get their hopes up to be disappointed again.

It's just like Harry to hide out at Hogwarts. He needs to get over himself and learn that a last name isn't everything that makes a family.
Molly Weasley has been his surrogate mother for years, he should finally accept that. He'll always have a place to go to as long as one Weasley is still breathing.

Ha! Minerva McGonagall scared of Molly Weasley. That is something I can picture perfectly. Molly is not usually the scary type, but when it comes to her children, she's exactly the fierce lioness Harry saw in her earlier.

Still loving the story very much... I'll be back, you can count on that.


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Review #24, by merlins beard Prologue: No Words

27th April 2015:
Hi there!

Since I don't like empty promises (and since - let's face it - I'm evil), I'm here to drive your review count back up ;)

Oh my god what are you doing to my brain?? This chapter starts out so sad and depressing, I felt like you put a heavy weight on my heart.
I felt like I completely left this planet behind and was travelling through a world of pain and loss.

I love that George still thinks about everyone else, I really liked the following sentence:

He still wasn’t sure of everything the trio had done to make last night’s victory happen, but he figured it had to be worth a few moments of quiet solitude and the chance to break down without it making tomorrow’s headlines.

It shows that even though his own personal imagination of hell has come true, George still realizes what's been happening around him. He knows the battle was won, he knows Fred's death meant something, helped bring about the change they both fought so hard for. It brings a shimmer of light into the dark and depressing future.

Then suddenly - BAM!
Madam Pomfrey whisks Fred away before anyone can even realize what that red light might mean. It seemed almost like instinct that George threw himself at the portkey and went with them.

I really can't wait for the next chapter.


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Review #25, by xOdie The Truth Hurts

18th March 2015:
It's good to have you back continuing this story. Yours and thelderwands are some of my favorite stories. The humor and seriousness have brought laughter & tears. I have been "watching" this story since 5/07/14. I'm VERY glad I did not delete it from the list. Please keep it up. You have a GREAT story going. I look forward to the continuation of this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I know I'm such a slow, slow writer so I appreciate all those that stick with me. I am so happy to know you enjoy it. Hopefully there will be more very soon so you can have a bit more of the story.

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