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Review #1, by Gina Running and Hypocrites

8th November 2013:
Strict, serious old Wood is actually snogging someone? I was beginning to think he had no feelings! lol great work as always!

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Review #2, by tiberiusirius Running and Hypocrites

31st October 2013:
Finally the poor bloke is getting some action! :) Can't wait to read the fallout.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah. I couldn't be completely cruel to the poor guy. And the fallout is...well, it's interesting...

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #3, by MsErrol Anxiety, Reassurances, and Following the Rules

27th September 2013:
this is amazing!!! besides the fact there is basiclly no such thing as harry potter, but its still great!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I know! My original intention was to include Harry Potter and keep this story aligned with the books, but once I started writing, it didn't work out so great.I'm glad you like it regaurdless of that fact thought!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by MsErrol Pink Hair, Food Fights, and....Fluff?

24th September 2013:
hahahahaha this is hilarious!!! Are you realted to j.k or something?

Author's Response: I am so glad you're enjoying this story! It has been my project for a number of years and it's good to see people still enjoying it. And no, not related to J.K. I wish somtimes.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by annonymous Snow Ball Fights and Late Night Conversations

27th May 2013:
WOW! i love this story! its great, i only have one thing to say. I would really like it if you brought cedric into it more. i think you should definately make him a main character!

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed the story! It's been a blast writing it and I'm still having fun when I have the time to sit down and write another chapter. And I don't know how big of a character Cedric's going to be. I'll have to see where I can pull him in a little bit more, if I can.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by PurpleMoors Snow Ball Fights and Late Night Conversations

24th March 2013:
Hi :) I used to post reviews as Sammie but I FINALLY made an account haha

I'm really glad you updated :) It's a really good chapter! It's nice seeing some of Hailey's family dynamic and how her and her sister seem to manage to get along when Tait's there :P

You were right I don't think it sounded particularly like her in this chapter (she seemed to be a missing a bit of that spark/pluck that's been so obvious in other chapters) but I actually think it's a nice change to see her with her guards down and not raising to the challenge every time Oliver opens his mouth haha :P

One thing I'm not so sure about (but this could be just my preference) is her and George acting all lovey dovey. It's probably just me but I'm not a big fan of the whole cutsie romance thing! I mean don't get me wrong I love reading romance but I just don't want their relationship to be drowned by it if you get what I mean :)

Keep writing cause I'm still a strong believer in this story so I'll keep checking for updates! Keep up the awesome writing and I look forward to the next chapter!! :D

PurpleMoors :)

Author's Response: Hello! Glad to see you back and congrats on FINALLY making an account ;)

I'm really glad I finally got around to updating too! It surely took me long enough...but I do have more family orientated stuff in this chapter.

But yes. I don't know what changed when writing Hailey in this chapter. I can say I'm glad it's a nice change, I just hope it doesn't effect her attitude after this chapter. Because I'm thinking having distinctive time away from George and Quidditch and having some time with her family instead is what caused the change...but I guess we'll see as the chapters go on.

And yeah. There relationship is getting to be a little over the top. Mostly because I have been struggling with writing some of thier scenes together. And hopefully it's just an off thing with the pair of them separted and it dies back down after George comes back...but again, we'll see.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by TheMarauderChick Hatred Behind The Scenes

7th March 2013:
Hello! Back again :)

Do I sense a ickle crush here ;) ('And suddenly, with George’s smile, my heart seems to go into overtime')

Anyways, who knew Oliver could get so angry? And what was up with the whole backed up against the wall thing? Oliver, you need to learn the concept of personal space.

I really liked the descriptions of Hailey's feeling when Oliver was doing his schpiel. How she was so nervous yet angry at the same time. It was like I could feel what she was feeling!

Also, I can't wait to find out what happens during the tryouts next time. I totally feel like she's gonna do something drastic and Wood'll kick her off the team (meh, wouldn't put it past him)

Bye till the next chapter!

-Sankavi ^_^

Author's Response: Hello! I love seeing people return for more! It means that the chapters are interesting and my characters are worth revisiting!

And there may be just little bit of a crush going on there...maybe a rather large one, but then again, what do I know ;)

And yeah, I enjoy describing emotions. I don't know why. I just like when the reader can feel the emotions and relate to the characters feeling them! And Quidditch tryouts? Well, they're bound to be fun!

Thanks much for the review!

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Review #8, by TheMarauderChick Sarcasm And Annoyances

7th March 2013:
Hello! I'm Sankavi, here from the BvB (yay team blue!).

The first thing that came to mind when reading this was why is she so angry at Wood? Like, is there some other backstory that'll come up later or is it just because Wood acts like a poo to her on the pitch? I think it's a great way to start the story because it's like you're starting in the middle of the action.

I also really like the group of friends you've got going. The way Angie, Alicia, and Katie interact with Hailey is really nice to read. They sound so close!

I think this is really nice start to your story and sets it up for quite a lot of conflict. Can't wait to see what happens in the broom shed ;)

-Sankavi ^_^

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for the slow reply! I was in the middle of a crazy semester at school and summer really didn't settle down to much...but I'm here responding now!

And there is a little bit of back story to her and Wood being at each other all the time. I mean, not a lot. Mostly it's that Wood doesn't treat her very nicely. And it does get worse in later chapters. So it sort of is a little more justified later on.

And I'm glad you like the introductions of Hailey's friends. I have a lot of people to keep track of in this story and if I'm building thier relationships well, that's good to know!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #9, by Secret Santa Trouble, Liars, and Problems

2nd January 2013:
I guess I spoke too soon about getting a punch in, huh? Good for her.

It makes me sad that she would even believe Wood that George was using her, and I hope that he said that because he's jealous George got to her first. But part of me is nervous that there's a little bit of truth to it. I don't know. I'm going to hope Georgie is telling the truth.

And once again, Wood ruins everything. Ugh, that boy needs to pull his broomstick out of his...yeah. Jerkface. I can't believe how much you've made me dislike Wood in so few chapters.

Author's Response: AHAHAHAHAHA! When I read the whole think about punching him in the last review, I couldn't help but giggle just a little. Cause yeah, she finally got her hit in. And Wood really deserved it too. He has no right to put that seed of doubt in her mind. And I would say it's safe to assume George isn't lying ;)

AHAHAH! And yeah, Wood needs to fix that whole broomstick in the wrong place's causing him a lot of issues. Because in the last couple of chapters, there is really nothing to like about Wood and his attitude.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #10, by Secret Santa Pain, Dirty Looks, and Idiots.

2nd January 2013:
Ouch. Those injuries sound painful. And Wood finally showing some concern about her! I don't know why George didn't offer to carry her the whole way to the Hospital Wing. :P Poor girl. I think Quidditch sounds like so much fun but then you think about how high off the ground you are and what a fall to the ground could do to you. Terrifying!

Ughh, Wood is so frustrating! Seriously! He's the biggest jerk there is. I don't blame Hailey for putting a wand to his throat. I'd have killed him by now, for sure! I don't know how she puts up with his crap the way she does. I mean, I know they fight but that girl has amazing restraint. Some of the things Wood has said to her would have had me throwing punches, haha. I hope Hailey doesn't get another detention from Snape..

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't even want to imagine what those injuries feel like. I mean, I've had times where my knee pops out of place and that's painful enough...add in broken ribs and all that other stuff? OUCH!

And yeah..I'd be worried if Wood wasn't acting concerned in this situation. I know he's a pain on a good day, but that would just be absolutely cruel. And he hasn't hit that point yet. Though he's really testing his limits later in the chapter... He really is lucky she has some good self control...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Secret Santa Tellings, Practices, and Idiots

2nd January 2013:
AWWW, I KNEW it. They're so cute and gah, I'm all happy and mushy inside knowing they're going to Hogsmeade together. They're just enough awkward too. It's precious.

Ugh, Wood ruins everything. Seriously. I've been waiting for George and Hailey to kiss. I was hoping Wood would walk in on them kissing. Ha. 5:30am practice sounds brutal. No thanks.

Heh, I love how excited all the girls are about George asking Hailey to Hogsmeade. It's really sweet to have such good friends. :)

Wood is still antagonistic as ever, lovely. But ooh, that cliffhanger! That's going to kill me. I bet George is a nervous wreck, haha. Maybe their feelings will be revealed and Wood will get all pissy! That would be fun.

Author's Response: Tehe, of course! They had to admit their feelings for each other at some point. And of course, just that edge of awkward. Oh, and Wood! He has some very fantastic timing. He also kills the moment with his 5:30AM practice. Who the heck would want a practice that early in the morning? Well, that's beyond me. You're lucky if I'm semi-conscious by 8am...

And cliffhangers! They're my favorite! Especially this one! Because it's just so dramatic and anxiety inducing...and it leaves oh so many questions for the next chapter...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Secret Santa Mind Readers, Veritaserum, and Friends

2nd January 2013:
Ha, a Quidditch fight. Geez. There is a lot of tension on that team. Maybe they all just needed to get all that frustration out and things will be fine after that.

Fred is such a creeper! I bet he read the entire thing, though I didn't really see anything incriminating in that entry. It makes me wonder if he'll try to steal her diary or something.

Ahah, when the Veritaserum came out, I KNEW something like this would happen. I didn't expect Katie to come out though! Ooh, the questioning will be good, that's for sure. I wonder if they'll both admit their feelings for each other! George was obviously angry that someone accidentally punched her and I've been saying it that he is SO obvious about his attraction to they just need to come clean to each other about it! Next chapter should be a doozy.

Author's Response: Yeah...what's a Quidditch team without a couple of fist fights, right? xD

And I love writing Fred's character. I know, I love writing everyone's character and I always switch from character to character, but Fred is such a pain sometimes...and he's like a 'you-can't-hate-him-but-he-is-kinda-annoying' character and he's just a lot of fun to write. He's got such a different personality than everyone else...

And of course the Veritaserum is where the trouble starts. It wouldn't be any fun otherwise! And I decided Katie was necessary to get in on that because I don't know if Fred would have been able to pull that whole thing off on his own...he could have, but in all likelihood, without Katie, Fred and George would have taken the Veritaserum, which would ruin my whole plot...

Anyways, thanks again for the review!

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Review #13, by Secret Santa Explaining, Fighting, Meetings, and Detention

2nd January 2013:
Sorry for the delay in your reviews, I'm a sucky Secret Santa.

I really like George and Hailey's interactions. I don't think I mentioned it before, but I like the nickname Hail Storm. It's cute and clever. Poor George really likes Hailey, hm? He was really concerned about the detention and being behind it. I wish I could have seen more of the love potion on Wood, that would have been funny.

Geez, seriously, Wood and Hailey cannot be in the same room without starting a fight, can they? Wood just frustrates me beyond belief! I can't believe he would stoop so low as to accuse Hailey as being a slacker and relying on friends to help her pass classes. I think that their discord could make for some great passion if they finally get together (that's what I like about love-hate romances, even if they are cliche) but Wood's antagonist remarks are somewhat cruel. I guess that's why I'm sort of rooting for George and Hailey now, hah.

I can't wait for the prank. I bet it'll be epic.

Ooh, finally, not trying to rip each other's throats out during detention. That's a welcome relief, but it does seem strange for them to be in the same room and to not be yelling at each other. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction. I really want Wood to stop being a huge jerk. He's too cute for that.

Author's Response: You were an excellent secret santa! You're reviewing skills are much better than my responding skills have been xD

And George and Hailey, again, are adorable. The pair of them...they are so much fun to write. It's like being in a relationship myself without actually having to be in a relationship. But yeah, he does really like her. He hates that it's more or less his fault that she's in detention and having to deal with Wood. and I was tempted to write more of the love potion scene...but I wasn't quite sure where to take it from there...

And no, Wood and Hailey together in the same room is just a bad idea. Neither can handle being civil with one another...although detention doesn't go quite as horribly as it could have...and I agree. Wood is way too attractive to be such a huge jerk...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Secret Santa Practice, Secrets, and Pranks

24th December 2012:
Well, I'm glad that Hailey and George didn't die. Actually, George being all cheerful and shirtless was quite nice. I liked that he encouraged her to keep going. It was really sweet of him. :)

Hah, secret meetings on the third floor and Mark just overhearing their conversation. Silly girls. Nothing is secret if you're going to talk about it in the open.

I LOVE that George and Fred wanted Hailey to use the potion on Wood. Though it would've been cute if Hailey took it and proclaimed her love for George...even if it was the potion talking. ;)

I wonder if Snape will give Wood the antidote and if Wood will find out what happened! Hm, so many questions I suppose I will only find the answer to in future chapters!

Author's Response: Yeah, I was originally going to have them die, but decided it would sort of end the story early ;) xD

And I loved that scene! I know I've said I adore Wood and George, but Mark is seriously my favorite character in this story. He's got such a funny sense of humour and most of the time it comes from him pointing out very apparent things. He's just great!

And yeah...I was going to have George take it, but the opportunity to put Wood and Hailey through just a little bit more? Because really, Wood should know that Hailey added a love potion to it. Because Hailey is in advanced potions and how likely would she be to make that big of a mistake?

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Secret Santa Reactions and Unexpected Moves

24th December 2012:
Ugh, THEY WERE ABOUT TO KISS, WOOD. Thanks for ruining the moment.

Aw, George to the rescue! It was sweet of him to stand up for Hailey and to point out to Wood that she's only one that ever has to suffer his punishments, but like Hailey said, kind of stupid. I'm glad she didn't get into anymore trouble, having George defend her like that. It is frustrating, though, that Wood would assume Hailey asked him to fight her battles for her. Doesn't Wood know her by now to know that she wouldn't back down anyway? She fights her own battles with her sarcasm quite well, I think, even if Wood is a jerk about it.

Well, at least Hailey doesn't have to die alone. That practice sounds brutal. Hopefully without his Seeker and Beater in practice, Wood will realize how much he needs them and stop making them do stupid punishments for "stepping out of line." He's taking his captain thing way too seriously for me!

Author's Response: Wood and his tendency to have bad timing and ruin all the perfect moments in life... *sigh*

And yeah...stupid or not, it was kind of sweet of George to stand up for Hailey. Not that it worked all that well in his favour, but it's the thought that counts, isn't it? xD

And Wood should know better. Hailey has her sarcasm and it's the only weapon she needs to deal with Wood. She doesn't need someone else to fight her battles for her. Although if Wood wasn't being so evil being Quidditch captain... [That would have been a practice of death for me...definately not a fun soudning one...]

Thanks much for hte review!

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Review #16, by Secret Santa Punishments and Potions

24th December 2012:
Ahh, George and Hailey are so stinkin' cute together. I love how protective of her she is. To be fair, Wood's punishment DOES seem a bit out of line, and that's a lot of running. If I was her, I'd say screw it and just quit. See what Wood would do about all those threats that he would have a Seeker to replace her anyway.

OF COURSE he would be her partner in Advanced Potions! I hope she can see a different side of him in class, though knowing the two of them, it will probably be a bunch of drama and head-butting (figuratively, of course.) This should be interesting.

I'm still internally squeeing about how cute George is, though. I'm curious how you're going to tie all this together and I bet there will be lots of boy drama. Yay.

I'm glad you didn't have Hailey repeat what happened at tryouts again. I think that was my only qualm about the previous chapter, having to read what happened again. It just seemed a tad bit unnecessary, so it was nice that you had Hailey brush Alicia off.

Off to the next chapter to see how Wood handles being Hailey's new Potions partner! Hehehe. Poor guy.

Author's Response: Ahahaha! The last couple of reviews had me wondering who my secret santa was last year...then I remembered. And laughed because this is the consequence of waiting almost a year to reply to reviews xD

ANYWAYS. George and Hailey are adorable. George is just so adorable as he goes to protect her, no matter how stupid, and he just...he's perfect. And I adore his character so much!

And of course that would be her partner in Advanced Potions! It would be no fun if he wasn't! But it's always a little bit funny for Wood to not have his 'captain' title to hide behind around her. Because it could lead to him acting a little differently. Guess we'll see.

And yeah. I noticed that it was sort of annoying to have Hailey repeat everything that had just happened. I've been working on ways to cut those parts out as they are unnecessary...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Secret Santa Explinations and Tryouts

24th December 2012:
Ooh, Wood is SO infuriating. I like that he wants to get her alone but does he have to be such a jerk about it?! He just wants to get a rise out of her, but he's not coming across as a nice guy and if he IS attracted to her, he needs to cool his jets. She'll eat him alive.

I thought Hailey did a good job at tryouts and like before, I like that you show the actual athleticism aspects of the sport. Having to do warmups, and doing suicides, because even though Quidditch is played on brooms, you still need to be in shape. I think Wood needs to start coming up with better reasons to reprimand her, though. And questioning her skills as a Seeker? Too far, man!

If this is an Oliver/OC fic, you aren't making it easy to like Oliver, that's for sure!

I'm sorry for the short reviews, but I do have a busy couple of days ahead of me and want to make sure you get your reviews while I have the time. I hope you don't mind. :) Looking forward to seeing more drama between those two hotheads.

Author's Response: Wood's whole purpose in life is to be infuriating, I think. It's like a skill he's practiced so much that he's a professional...But Hailey could definitely take him. And he wouldn't stand a chance if she turned on him.

And Hailey did excellent at tryouts! She didn't step out of line any where near as much as Wood claims she did. He's mostly just being a pain. And of course, questioning her skills as a seeker? He just likes asking for trouble. That, and what fun would it be to make Wood too likable of a character? It would ruin some of Hailey's snarkiness ;)

Thanks so much for the review, again!

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Review #18, by Secret Santa Hatred Behind The Scenes

24th December 2012:
Hi! I am so sorry for the delay in your reviews. Things got busy and then with the archive down, I haven't had a chance. I hope to make it up to you for this round.

Ooh, this chapter was just so full of tension! Wood makes me want to punch him in the face. I'm not sure if that's intentional or I'm picking up on how uncomfortable and angry he makes Hailey. I really enjoyed that I could picture Wood in all his cocky ways as he inched Hailey closer and closer to the shed up until the point where he had her pinned there. Of course sometimes I am a sucker for cliches so I was silently rooting for them to just kiss even though I was really annoyed with Wood.

I love that the twins broke Wood out of his focus and that little quip about their hatred and how their position looked to outsiders. George is so cute, with his concern and all that. Maybe this will be a George/Hailey fic! ;)

I can't wait to see how Hailey behaves at tryouts, if she takes Oliver's threats to heart. It should be very interesting, indeed!

Author's Response: Hello! Delay in reviews is nothing. Especially now, looking at how long it's taken me to respond to this lovely review... xD

Anyways, the tension! It was the greatest part of this chapter. It really explored Wood's serious side and how he really can play up to being captian. Of course, this was a little over the top, but still within the realms of his character. Even better that it was broken by the twins, because I kind of adore them too...

And punching Wood in the face? That's kind of a theme at the start here. There were a lot of times where I hated him as much as Hailey. Which is a bit tricky.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by Secret Santa Sarcasm And Annoyances

15th December 2012:
Hi, it's your Ravenclaw Secret Santa! I'm sorry for not getting to your reviews sooner - it was finals week!

I haven't read an Oliver/OC fic before so I thought this looked like a cute story that I might enjoy for my first foray into this ship.

I really like the premise so far. Oliver is hilarious with how much of a tyrant he is when it comes to the team. I love how he picks on Hailey and it's so obvious to her friends that he targets her. Don't they always say boys pick on girls they have crushes on? ;)

I love Hailey's sarcasm. She's so snarky and I really enjoy reading her inner-thoughts when it comes to Oliver. It makes me laugh.

All your characters are great so far. I love Angie and Fred and your dialogue is natural between friends. It's not too stuffy or anything like that, which is nice.

I also think you did a good job describing a sports practice. You didn't gloss over the not-so pretty details about it - sports are hard, and some people might think Quidditch is easy and all you do is fly around on a broom, but it definitely takes a certain level of athleticism and having them do normal things like suicides and cool downs, etc. really adds authenticity to it.

I'm super curious what Oliver wants with Hailey now! He just can't give that girl a moment of peace, huh? I'm going to be leaving you reviews throughout this Secret Santa thing so keep an eye out. :)

Author's Response: Hello Secret Santa! I apologize for replying almost a year later, but I'm here and will be responding to any and all reviews I have yet to reply to xD

I absolutely adore Oliver/OC stories. Part of it is because I absolutely adore Wood's character and the first Oliver/OC I read was phenominal. I was really impresse with it and had a blast reading it.

And I'm glad you like what I have so far. This chapter was written 4ish? years ago, and my writing has come a LONG way since then, so it's good that this chapter is still interesting.

As for the sarcasm? It's like my native language. I'm naturally a really sarcastic person and I knew it would be fun to give that trait to Hailey. I think the biggest difference, though, is that Hailey is a lot more snarky than I could ever be...

Anyways, I'm glad the Quidditch practice stuff sounded good. This was my first real attempt at writing Quidditch and I'm actually quite impressed I did as well as I did...

Thanks for the review, again!

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Review #20, by my_voice_rising Sarcasm And Annoyances

8th December 2012:
Lucky me, I found an Oliver/OC at the review swap! :D

I have to say, it makes total sense for Hailey to be interested in George, as they both seem to love making Oliver's life hell! She must be a really, really good Seeker or I have the feeling he wouldn't put up with her undermining his authority. Or maybe he really does just have a crush on her!

I think Angelina would look cool with a pink streak in her hair, personally ;) I think you did a really good representation of practice; including all the agony of Hailey's suicides, the laps on brooms, the stretching, the endless critiques from Wood... I feel exhausted just sitting and reading it! The fact that Hailey is just wearing a sweater and trainers and such, rather than trying to doll herself up, adds to her character as an athlete as well.

Uh-oh. She's in trouble. Heheh. I'm curious to know how to pronounce her name, though, in my head I'm saying tea-zon, although I have a pretty firm belief that it's wrong XD

Nice first chapter! I love your characterization of Wood as the strict, serious Quidditch captain rather than the heartbreaker. :)

Author's Response: Yes! Oliver/OC's are the greatest things to accidentally run into! [Not that I'm biased or anything...:P]

Ha, I never thought about Hailey liking George for that reason...but it does fit quite nicely and is actually pretty funny. And she is a pretty good seeker...but Wood also doesn't really have someone better to replace her, so he doesn't have much of an option but put up with her undermining his authority.

And I am so glad you think the Quidditch practices seem realistic. I figured that Quidditch couldn't just be about flying around; it required running and laps, and stretching, and Wood constantly having something to say. It just seemed to fit.

And I adore Hailey. In some ways she's like me [not looking to impress anyone with her looks, or be something she's not] but in other way's she's a lot bolder than I would ever be. And honestly? She'd probably be someone I wouldn't like very much...

And her last name is pronounced Tie-zon, so pretty much as it's spelled. Which is different.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #21, by AC_rules Boyfriends, Sisters, and Brothers

6th December 2012:
Heelooo Grimmmerz!

So, I was glancing through the reviews threads and I was like WAIT A MINUTE THERE'S BEEN AN UPDATE OF OBLIVIOUS so now I'm not up to date with reading and reviewing! And although my christmas holidays haven't quite starting, winding down isn't so much the word as being just slightly off completely stationary in terms of things I have to do. Oh, to have time!

So, this chapter. Well, it just made me feel really christmassy and lovely which was nice, because I haven't even got an advent calendar so Christmas doesn't feel all that close from my end. I really enjoyed the argument between Hailey and her sister, as it definitely seems like the sort of thing siblings argue about aaal the time, and the re-arrival of Tait.

One of the things that I really like about this story is the fact that, at the beginning, I was sure that this was going to be a full blown standard Oliver/OC (and I'm still waiting for that to creep in), but you've developed this lovely and unprecedented relationship between Hailey/George that I'm really behind. So I honestly have no idea where you're going to go with the rest of this story :P

One thing, I always think that writing seems smoother when numbers are written out in word form rather than numerical form. Like two instead of 2, I've always thought that it reads better and seems less... like jarring when a number is written as a word. But that's a really small thing.

Happy writing! Can't wait for the next update :)


Author's Response: Hello Helen! I'll start this response by apologizing for the late reply. I've been a slacker when it comes to writing anything as of late but I'm here now, so I'm just gonna go with it...

I love your enthusiasm when it comes to Oblivious and it's updates. I don't do it frequently, which actually explains why being excited about updates happens...but really, it's great! It always pushes me to update again!

And this chapter, as much as I despised writing it [Oh fluff, how I hate you], was quite fun. It is really christmassy and I got to bring Tait in again and I got to write the sister's argueing...again. And really, it's not to far off from actual sisterly arguements [I have four sisters...I know all too well how those arguements go xD].

And I'm happy I've managed to throw that whole 'standard Oliver/OC' story line out the window. Not that it was really all that difficult, becuase let's face it, Hailey/George is just the cutest and greatest thing ever. But seriously, the Hailey/George thing wasn't supposed to be this big. It was planned to turn out more like the standard Oliver/OC, but Hailey had different plans and honestly, for a while I had no idea what I was going to with the rest of the story. But now I've got everything planned. I just hope it doesn't get that standard label on it...

And I really agree with that. When you're reading words, nothing messes with the flow more than a number written in the sentence...maybe I'll go through another round of editing yet...

Thanks so much for the review! Hopefully I'll be getting more updates out soon!


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Review #22, by PhoenixGirl Boyfriends, Sisters, and Brothers

4th December 2012:
I love the humor in this story! I actually like laugh unlike other times when I'm just kinda like 'haha' in my head. So I'm guessing we're gonna see something with Wood for the rest of the break? Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you enjoy the humour! It's one of the many reasons [in addition to the sarcasm] that I really enjoy writing this story. And you know, I sorta get the feeling that Wood's gonna do something here during the break...but what do I know? xD

Thanks much for the review!

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Review #23, by Sammie Boyfriends, Sisters, and Brothers

30th November 2012:
Yay you updated! I like it :) A bit of fluff is just what you need sometimes! Can't wait to read those other chapters you have waiting.
I esspecially liked the “Okay, would you believe that I spent most of the time on my butt, rather than my feet?” bit. It made me laugh.
Looking forward to some Christmassy fun! Exactly the right time of year for it to :)

Author's Response: I did update! And the fluff wasn't optional, unfortunately. But it seems like it fit in pretty well, so I'm happy about that! And, uh, hopefully I can get my act together and get editing those chapters! I want to get them up and posted soon!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by XxImAgInAiReXx Sarcasm And Annoyances

10th October 2012:
So I think you've set up a good classic love/hate relationship here, which I always love, because they're just fun to read.

One thing I do see in the love/hate things a lot is that somoewhere in the story, the girl just suddenly notices the guy and how incredibly amazing he is. That's one of the biggest mistakes you could make, I think. You just need to make sure that it's a gradual thing, and I think you'll be good :)

I love the story, and will continue reading. Right now. Just because. Yes.

Author's Response: Hello!

Ahhh, thanks! I was thinking a love/hate relationship was over doing the cliche, but as soon as I got into it, I realized all I had to do was make it original.

And I am *hoping* that it doesn't appear as though Hailey just suddenly realizes he's there and amazing. I think with how the rest of the story is plotted, it'll work out, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

But I'm glad you love the story. It was fun to write and I hope to see you back reading more soon! Thanks for the review!


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Review #25, by AC_rules Early Mornings, Packing, and Presents

4th October 2012:
Hello there! So I haven't read and reviewed this for ages and it was nice to come back and see how Storm and George are doing (okay, the whole Hail thing only just hit me and that IS cute I was thinking about what a cool idea for a necklace it was and it turned out to be a double layer of cuteness what with HAIL yeah, I get that. Niceee).

And yeah this was a lovely update and well, guess I'm all caught up and can now properly nag you for an update yeah? It's bee a fun journey!



Author's Response: Hello! It's nice to see you're back to read a little bit more of Hailey and George.

Hehe...I'm glad you liked the whole hail necklace thing. I thought it was adorable and I'm glad you caught on to why it was her present ;D [Not to say I wasn't confused when my sister first gave me the idea :P]

But yes, you are caught up. And can properly nag. And I encourage you to do so as I've been uber lazy by not writing or updating. xD

Glad you've been around for the journey and have enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll be updating soon and seeing you back for another chapter! :D


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