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Review #1, by abbynormalluvsluna Karma's A Witch

2nd October 2013:
I love this story... Minnie' and Dare's relationship just makes me so happy. You have mastered a certain subtlety with them that is impressive. I drew a doodle for them, too, but you can't put links, etc, on reviews so :(
Just know that you inspired a doodle!

Author's Response: No way, you doodled for me?! I'd love to see it. Like seriously, that's one of the biggest compliments I've ever gotten. PM me so we can exchange emails because I really wanna see it. Oh and I'm glad you liked the story, too! Thank you so much for your review!
-Camila :)

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Review #2, by Cavell Karma's A Witch

21st September 2013:
Gosh, I missed this story so much *weeps* (also -- unf, lookit them new story images ;D)

Asdfghjkl I would normally want to slap Matilda so bad because SHE INTERRUPTED THEIR MOMENT ARGH but without her this wouldn't actually be possible so I'll refrain ;p but aww Minnie's on the edge of realization finallyyy *squeals* nice muscle-ogling there ;) also the moment where Dare's breath hitches when she whispers to him keeping her lips on his ear??? I THINK MY HEART KIND OF EXPLODED GAH.

The boys are such cheatersss :"D but then again it would be terribly awkward if they were around when Dare came so... Also on a less rambly note, it's like I never left because your characterisation is still amazing and so are your one-liners! I am so jealous. But I'm just so glad you have a new chapter up and I can't wait for your next update! (Hint, hint *whistles*) Keep it up, lovely, absolutely /no one/ is complaining. 10/10, dear.

--Linn (who has been away for a while, too)

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Review #3, by empressdawn Karma's A Witch

19th September 2013:


(allow me a few moments to shake with happy tears)

Author's Response: *allows you to shake with happy tears* I KNOW! I'm such an awful updater, it's terrible. Like, if they had an award for the slowest updater I'd probably come in like 2nd or something. Anyway, thank you so much for your review and I'll do my best to be quicker next time!
-Camila :)

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Review #4, by Hope's Mom Karma's A Witch

19th September 2013:
Wow - Min and Dare were almost sweet to each other! Maybe they can be friends afterall (I had my doubts). Thank you for the new chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, I think everyone had their doubts. And you're welcome! Thanks for your review!
-Camila :)

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Review #5, by Cappuccino Karma's A Witch

15th September 2013:
That was a great chapter..!

I love your story and I hope that there will be a fast update because I'm just dying to know what happens between Minnie and Dare.

There were parts in your story that really made me laugh, so the humor really comes out :)


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it and that you actually find it funny. I'll try my best to update!
-Camila :)

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Review #6, by helpwillalwaysbegiven Karma's A Witch

14th September 2013:
Omg I loved this aha so good! Pretty please update soon! I am so glad that I found this story :) Dare feels right now askfsd;sl Amazing job Camila keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad that you found this story, too. Hahaha, thanks again for your lovely review and I'll do my best to not take too long to update (no promises, though).
-Camila :)

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Review #7, by batsoulini Karma's A Witch

12th September 2013:
Minnie secretly drooling on Dare and his toned muscles... just PRICELESS!

P.S.1 Update sooner this time I'm desperate!

P.S.2 Like the new image pictures yet prefer the previews banner ;)

P.S.3 10/10 of course! God i missed MINNIE

Author's Response: Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed that! Thanks for your review!
P.S.1 I'll do my best to update sooner!
P.S.2 I'm glad you like it. I personally prefer the previous one too, but it didn't match the chapter images hence the new one. I'll probably make another one though.
P.S.3 I missed her too! Thanks again!

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Review #8, by natalie Karma's A Witch

11th September 2013:
Hey! :-)

I just found this story hahaha (coincidentally I see you have a Natalie in your story as well I think she is cool hehehe) and it's amazing! How do you manage to make it meaningful and hilarious at the same time??? You're an amazing writer, Camila.

Loved this chapter, the Slytherins amuse me and make me want to slap them at the same time. Al is such a WIMP how is he even friends with Scorpius?! They are adorable though I suppose everyone has already acknowledged the strangeness of that friendship. James is a moron but he is too cute HAHAHA. You've developed all the characters really well, love it :-) and Matilda is so annoying (I am not allowed to swear here says hpff?) idek can I slap her?? Dare sure showed her though HAHAHAH that was beautiful.

And I think Min might just be realizing her true feelings for Dare. ;-)

Keep writing! x

P.S. GORGEOUS chapter images, and I see you had an old version of this story? Is there anywhere I can read it HAHA if you don't mind >< and good luck with university!!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so glad to hear that you found this story and enjoyed it! I adore new readers and it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they leave such lovely reviews.

Haha, the Slytherins are actually some of my favorites. They're so creepy and ridiculous and they're definitely going to have a bigger role in the story, so keep your eye out. As for Al and Scorp, they're probably my top brotp at the moment. And yes, James is a bit of a moron although his cuteness does make up for it. It seriously makes me so happy to hear that the characters have developed well. That's one of my main focuses on writing so it's always nice to hear that I'm actually doing a decent job.

And yes, you have full permission to slap Matilda.

As for Min and Dare, well we'll just have to wait and see, don't we? Thanks again for your absolutely lovely review! It really makes my day!
-Camila :)

PS: Thank you so much! As for the older version, I actually lost it. Otherwise I probably would've let you read it - although I think it's for the better that it remains lost. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even recognize the story, it's that cringe-worthy. Thanks again! :)

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Review #9, by Pottermaniac Consequences Are Overrated

9th September 2013:
Like! Want more, please :)

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Review #10, by batsoulini A Little Less Seventeen Candles

28th May 2013:
Hopefully i haven't review the entire story and found a hole to write and BEG YOU to update!

It's been so long without Minnie and Dare and i need my chapter full of drama and interaction between them! PLEASE! UPDATE!

-Greetings from Greece

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Review #11, by ginnyforlife7 Consequences Are Overrated

20th March 2013:
omg i actually love this story!!! write more please!! its sooo goood!

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Review #12, by ginnyforlife7 Self-Depreciation Is My Specialty

18th February 2013:
cute!! loved this chapter :) it was really cute when louis hugged her... AWE!

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Review #13, by isthisthereallife Consequences Are Overrated

30th January 2013:

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Review #14, by Double o double o Consequences Are Overrated

11th January 2013:

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Review #15, by Apple Consequences Are Overrated

30th December 2012:
I love this story! PLEASE UPDATE

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Review #16, by Fawkes394 Consequences Are Overrated

10th December 2012:
I check this story like every day, I really like it and I'm dying to read what happens next. I love Minnie's personality, she's so different from how others portray Dominique... Please, please, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear how dedicated you are to this story, even though I haven't updated in like... forever. College and work have kinda taken over my life. However, expect an update after the queue opens up again. Thanks again!
-Camila :)

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Review #17, by batsoulini Flight of the Thestral

1st December 2012:
This story is so amazing! I'm re-reading it for the second time now! The reason i love it so much, is the fact that your characters are so differently portrayed to other fanfictions! Minnie for exaple... Everybody pictures her as the typical blond veela, so much alike Fleur! I like her like this, or the obnoxious know-it all Rose, nobody portrayed her ever like that!

I love the banner and the actors you are using for your characters! (Emma and Andrew are the most adorable couple right now!)

So, pretty, pretty please UPDATE! I'm seriously hooked and in desperate need of a new chapter...

Author's Response: Aw, you're too sweet. I'm so, so, so glad that you love this story and my version of the next gen clan. And my graphics, even though they're a bit rusty in my opinion. (And yes, Stonefield is definitely my celebrity OTP).

I've been so busy the last few months, but I've been trying to squeeze in some writing every now and then. Expect an update after the holidays.
-Camila :)

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Review #18, by kelly Consequences Are Overrated

31st October 2012:
Hallo Camila!

I've been checking this story like daily, pretty pretty please update soon? *James puppy eyes*

Oh damn James is adorable "born to be a human pillow" can I have him? Min's friendship with the boys is amazing! And I love how you're putting all the real life stuff into the story I'm sixteen and I totally know what Min's getting at, not knowing what to do with her life and all that.

Also, MIN AND DARE SEXUAL TENSION. Hello the whole I'm-his-girlfriend thing, SUBCONSCIOUS SPEAKING!! And she's so clueless he totally likes her! I think.

(Oh and I think James and Nat would be super cute together!)

Amazing story!

Author's Response: Hi Kelly!

Oh no, not James's puppy eyes. Lucky for you, I have been working on the next chapter (although it's been very sparingly, since work and college tend to get in the way) and so expect an update after the holidays!

Hahaha, who knows what Minnie's subconscious might be saying but I guess you'll just have to wait and see. As for Nat and James, well, there's still plenty of time to see if their friendship goes anywhere. I'm not promising anything, though.

Thanks again for your review!
-Camila :)

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Review #19, by the baking ravenclaw Consequences Are Overrated

23rd October 2012:
When I realized you had finally updated, I was so happy, but then I realized that you were still yet to add another chapter! I really enjoy this story and can't wait for "minnie" and Dare to get together. Love the story and PLEASE UPDATE!

Author's Response: Yeah, that was a bit of a tease, I know. Sorry! But there will be an update sometime next month, so don't worry. Thanks for the review!
-Camila :)

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Review #20, by batsoulini Consequences Are Overrated

20th October 2012:
I really really like your story! It's fun, and easy to read!
I liked the fact you haven't made Dominique the cliche vela blond girly girl! I like her as a ginger mischievous Weasley!

As for her and Dare, well,opposites do attract! The prosess is going to be interesting!

Looking forward to your next update!
Greetings from Greece

Author's Response: Thanks! I like ginger, mischievous Dominique too. And opposites do have a tendency of attracting, but are they really opposites? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything works out, yeah?

Thanks again for the review! And wow - Greece? That's so crazy to think that my story is being read in a country that I fantasize about visiting one day. Cool beans.
-Camila :)

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Review #21, by Kathrynen Consequences Are Overrated

20th October 2012:
Aww, I love this story!
I can't wait to see what's going to happen with all the tension between dare/calvin and dare/ many different types of tension (:
I think this story's so interesting and well written I just love it so much, keep up the writing and update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you're enjoying all of this tension and what not. I intend to update next month, so be on the look out!
-Camila :)

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Review #22, by Fawkes Consequences Are Overrated

19th October 2012:
I really like your story, I cannot wait to read the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks! It should be up after the holidays!
-Camila :)

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Review #23, by Christiana Self-Depreciation Is My Specialty

8th September 2012:
i enjoy this. excellent writing!

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you enjoy it!
-Camila :)

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Review #24, by Christiana A Little Less Seventeen Candles

8th September 2012:
i always pictured victoire as a snot. haha (:

Author's Response: Hahaha, I thought it would be an interesting twist. ;)

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Review #25, by devyani Consequences Are Overrated

2nd September 2012:
when will your new chapters come :(

Author's Response: Soon, I promise! Expect one after the holidays!
-Camila :)

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