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Review #1, by Britta OWLs

17th April 2014:
I'm german but I really love! your story. I'm 18 and I'm reading it every time I have nothing to do at work. Can't wait to read the other chapters! Sometimes it's hard for me to understand what mary says, but that doesn't matter.
Go on with your writing, your really talented!

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Review #2, by Choice Return to Hogwarts

17th April 2014:
This is the first fanfiction I ever read, and I keep coming back to it. It's hard to say what exactly I love so much about your lovely story, but I think it's the beautiful simplicity of everything from the characters to the plot line and how it fits so perfectly into the wizarding world.

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Review #3, by kayleefrank Mary

15th April 2014:
Man I cried so bad. It makes sense to put the personal loss in there. Wonderful story so far by the way.

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Review #4, by CleverElf Epilogue

12th April 2014:
I love how this fic is so good at working with the harry potter world. In some other ones random movie references and stuff keep popping up, its really annoying. The characters were super awesome, i really fell in love with them. The ending was slightly annoying to. I would have ended it differently, but that was the only problem. I hope this writer has more stuff. If this wasn't fanfic it would definitely be publish worthy.

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Review #5, by knitting_goddess Epilogue

5th April 2014:
WHY couldn't you give them more than three months though?! There's nothing in canon that says Sirius didn't have a girlfriend in Lily and James' wedding... Bit miffed about that, they were just so perfect. But still one of the best pieces of fiction I've read! :)

I especially love the way you wrote how Laura copes with Mary's death. My sister-in-law died very unexpectedly last summer and they way the girls in your story deals with it so ... I don't know, but it felt very real. So well done for that, it's not easy to write about stuff like that :)

And while I do have a soft spot for canon stories, this story with an AU ending would have been beyond fantastic :D But I guess that would be hoping for the impossible :p

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Review #6, by hoggyhoggy_hogwarts Epilogue

3rd April 2014:
This is literally my favourite harry potter fanfic, I like it more that 'Delicate'. It's just really well-written and the progression is so realistic.

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Review #7, by Melanie Epilogue

21st March 2014:
I know you wrote this story a long time ago but I just finished reading it tongiht, and I felt like letting you a rewview. Just so you know i LOVED it. Like actually loved it. I read a few chapters every day after college and it made my day better ! (Plus the fact that I bettered my English through it, just perfect !)
I loved the fact that Laura what the heroin and not Lily, even though I love Lily-centered stories too, it just felt like something else. And I think ou really got Sirius, at least I imagined him a bit like that myself too.
I was so sad that you killed Laura (I actually cried :'( ) but I guess you had to...
I haven't read your other stories yet but I'll get started soon !
Once again, I loved this one ! I hope you're still writing because you're nailing it !

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Review #8, by dachshund_lover The Sirius Black fan club

16th March 2014:
Okay, I have a few things to say about this story so far.

I found Mary's dialogue hard to read and naturally wanted to skim over it. I get that she is Scottish and really talks like that, but that didn't make it easier to read.

So far there has been too much gossip and drama. The obsession with social standing has made seem like early high school all over again. I guess 14 and 15 year old girls tend to be like that, but it was still annoying how much value was placed on appearances.

I liked that Mary and Laura weren't the most beautiful girls. I hate it when authors make the main character beautiful, but oblivious to it. I just feel like too much emphasis is placed on it. I'm guessing later in the story, making them not as obviously beautiful as the other girls will add to the story, but as of now, not so much

The Sirius fan club just annoys me so much. I can understand many different girls liking him, but I doubt it would go this far.

These first few chapters just bring me back to my early high school years (in America, you would be 14 or 15 at this time). So much drama and the divide of pretty girls who are obsessed with boys and makeup and the others who are either jealous, or don't care.

It seems like Laura and Mary are believed to be inferior to the three girls. I hope later in the story, they realize this is not true. I also hope one of the messages from the story deals with this.

I feel like the rest of the book will involve popularity and appearance, which is incredibly petty and dull to read. From reading the Harry Potter series, this kind of stuff was in it, but not the focus of the whole book. While I have only read 4 chapters, it is likely the whole book will carry on in a similar way.

I hope your future books will be different in this regard. I am sure this is just intro to characters and plot, but right now, the characters are described only by superficial traits and I don't care to read more at the moment. In the future if have time, I might come back and give it one more chance, because if my some of my comments have been proved wrong from the future chapters, I really apologize. I have been on a HPFF reading spree and don't have much patience for books that don't begin in a way I like.

Also, I have a question. Does Dione Turpin have anything to do with Mrs. Turpin from "Revelation"? She is a character from a short story and I was wondering if she was based off of her.

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Review #9, by Lilly of the Mountiantops Epilogue

21st February 2014:
Love love love love love love love okay so this was amazing! I knew you'd have to kill Laura, so I'm not too mad. I still cried though! You are an amazing writer, and I can't believe how good this is! By far the best marauders story- especially because of how you stayed so true to and worked in the things mentioned in the books. I hated that Mary died though, and I almost threw my computer at the wall when I read that. Lovely portrayal of Sirius and James, and Lily too! Will read again.

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Review #10, by Dontcopypeople Return to Hogwarts

18th February 2014:
I saw someone copy this story on another site and it makes me sad that someone would try to copy your story! I hope they take it down because this story I is yours. C:

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Review #11, by HP It's all about James

7th February 2014:
The scene in the Great hall for breakfast with Laura, Mary, and the boys is pretty much my favorite scene in the whole story. I love how before it was so weird for Mary and Laura to talk to the marauders. Before they would sit by eavesdropping and now they are in the conversation without need of the other girls as a buffer. Those are wonderful moments when they happen over time in real life and I'm so glad this story is realistic like that.

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Review #12, by Emily The final journey

5th February 2014:
I finished this a few days ago and have been looking for a new fanfic to get obsessed with, but every time I see "Sirius/ OC" in the pairings section of the description I get really angry and refuse to read it because I know Laura won't be in it and I now feel that they are meant to be together in a way that James and Lily aren't even made for each other.

Thank you so much for writing this! AMAZING

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Review #13, by HP Epilogue

25th January 2014:
Hey you know there is a Owen Caudwell mentioned in the Goblet of Fire. Thought of this story.

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Review #14, by cassie Epilogue

11th January 2014:
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I laughed, squealed and cried so many times. Thank you for writing this.

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Review #15, by Dani Epilogue

9th January 2014:
I Just read this in two days and I loved it!! I of course hated the ended but honestly rather it end like that then a break up. I loved how you didn't go with the normal fanfic theme where the characters are all messed up and really kept it true to how I would have imagined the characters to actually be. The canon was absolutley wonderful and I loved how detailed your research was. There were so many little hints of forshadowing I thought on Sirius part of what would happen to him in the future and Harry's Era that I really enjoyed. I was so impressed when the map got taken by Flich since it proved that you were really thinking trough the canon!

I absolutely loved Lily and how pure of a person she was and I feel like I know who she was now something that i never really had thought about. I also know without a doubt that the Lily you wrote about would have used her life as a shield for Harry, something I have doubted of other Lily's I've read on this website. I loved how the boys grew up and matured and just everything about them. The love between James and Sirius is wonderful. I really had never thought of Sirius' life and how many trials he must have gone through. I honestly just fell in love with all the characters and this has become the the way I will always imagine those characters Early lives.

I was loved Luara and thought it was really smart to use a new character. I just loved everthing!

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Review #16, by Alicia Epilogue

8th January 2014:
OMG how could you do that! I have no feels left AT ALL now. How could you leave it like that? Like seriously, i'm now bawling my eyes out because of you. You should go sit in the corner and think of what you did.

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Review #17, by Lucy And classes begin again

30th December 2013:
I liked the little detail of Snape putting his had up to identify all the potions-except Amortentia!
Haha can you imagine him describing a love potion! lol

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Review #18, by Daisylou Epilogue

10th November 2013:

This is without a doubt the best fan fiction i have ever read - and i've read a lot of them.
I agree this ending is better than the alternative - I still wish there was a happy ending though.

Thanks for writing such an amazing story.


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Review #19, by kenpo The final journey

4th November 2013:
I really really enjoyed reading this. The characters seem so real and true to how they are portrayed as adults. You really made me care about them even more than I already did. You've done a great job.

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Review #20, by John Diagon Alley

26th October 2013:
Thanks! This has been a nice refresher from the average stories I've been reading lately (especially with the grade-A grammar).

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Review #21, by ginnyHPfan The final journey

9th October 2013:
Your story has got to be the only fan fiction I can stand over again as it is just so perfect for the HP story

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Review #22, by MsErrol Epilogue

9th October 2013:
that was so moving! it was the most perfect fanfiction ever written!

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Review #23, by xxannylynn Epilogue

7th October 2013:
Wow, I just wanted to say how enthralled I was by this story. I've always had a guilty pleasure for Marauder stories, shipping Sirius/OC, but none of them have EVER gotten me so emotionally attached like yours has.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at the beginning, as I wasn't a big fan of the story and only continued reading because of the amount of reviews, favorites and the Dobby award, but am I glad I stuck around! You more than made up for what I felt the beginning lacked.

The length of the story was perfect. I think that showing that Laura/Mary had little to no relationship with the boys by having them spend their entire 5th year ignoring and complaining about them was fantastic. I loved watching Laura tell Sirius off, and you could tell that he was instantly fascinated with her and from that moment on I was hooked. Never have I cried so much or so hard due to a fanfic.

You kept to canon very well, I was incredibly impressed by that. But at the same time, when I realized that you would not stray from canon I also realized that nothing good could become of Laura. Oh, look, I'm crying again just from writing the review. I must say that I would have loved to see a happy ending, even the alternate ending caused me to tear up quite a bit.

I'm very much looking forward to reading the oneshots, and I wanted to just tell you once again how much I LOVED this story.

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Review #24, by MsErrol Diagon Alley

7th October 2013:
You've really done your reasearch!i really like the fact that this is going with the memories of snapes!!! this is absoulutely fantastic!

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Review #25, by Bellatrix la strange OWLs

28th September 2013:
I really love this fan fic

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