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Review #1, by Azedla Epilogue

27th May 2016:
This was an excellent fic! I read your first one a couple of years back and got back to it only recently. Well done and such a fabulous ending! I'm glad everything worked out for everyone, and congratulations to you as well. I kind of saw how you grew up with the main character. Cheers!

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Review #2, by Thestral517 Epilogue

31st March 2016:
I have enjoyed your stories. Have read several of them in the last couple of weeks.

I cracked up at the girl snog. Oliver walking in just as it happened was perfect. The response from all present had me laughing out loud.

The best parts were when the characters realized they were being stupid and made up. All relationships have ups and downs and disagreements. Doesn't mean bail. Liked that they all worked through problems.

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Review #3, by Celeste Epilogue

7th February 2016:
I read all 3 of these stories in a weekend. I'm functioning on less than 8 hours sleep in total and do I regret it nope. Why? Because you are a fantastic writer. I should know I've read a lot of your stories now like 8 of them.

I love where they all ended up. I love how your writing makes me laugh and cry and squeal with excitment in all the right places. So glad they were only broken up for a little while. Unlike George and Katie. Bunch of idiots that lot.

Jane and Oliver's relationship is like everything you would want in a relationship. Passion love passionate fights make ups brownies and wine. Ah. That's the kinda relationship that makes relationship goals man.

Yeah. I'm going to catch up on much needed sleep and await your updates on the current fictions I'm reading by you. 😊😊😊😊

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Review #4, by LittleMissAutumn Epilogue

7th February 2016:
Okay. I started this whole series backwards (beginning with Keeper's Daughter and then coming back to read Keep Away and this lovely story) and read all three within the last few days. I HAVE NO REGRETS! ;) Well, my homework and essay has been kind of neglected but we won't talk about that now. I just love Jane and Oliver! I have such a huge crush on him it's ridiculous and DODGER! Oh my gosh, I need both a Oliver and a Dodger in my life. Alicia is such a crack up, I love all the scenes with her especially the Spa Weekend. I was a little sad at first because I thought there wouldn't be an Oliver in that one but Dodger and Peter made up for it big time. Why are there so many dishy guys?! Speaking of which, I love that word now ("dishy"). It's now going to be a part of my everyday vocabulary. Oh and adding on to dishy males, I can't forget about Liam! Bless him.

I think I liked this story more than Keep Away but it's only because Oliver and Jane already knew about their feelings instead of avoiding them. They're just a great couple and you captured a beautiful love story. Even the relationship drama between all the other couples were well thought out and super believable. I now kind of want to re-read Keeper's Daughter to pay more attention to all the Jane/Oliver moments. What have you done to me?!

I look forward to reading more of your work! You always have the best characters and capture their personalities in ways that I hardly see in other stories. There's normally only one or two characters for comic relief but everyone in here is great! Even the moments between Jane and Mr. P! (Whom by the way, I'm happy is no longer with Lou. She was a nice lady but her daughter was a complete disaster).

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Review #5, by Awsomonium Riffraff Reserves

10th January 2016:
I like the way Jane is in this story so far. It seems a little more...fluid? smooth? Not sure what the right word is. Maybe more natural? Either way it feels realer (is that a word?).

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Review #6, by MalfoyMannor Arrows, Puddlemere, and Magpies

24th June 2015:
drunk Oliver sounds hilarious :P

I'm happy for the two now, cause they finally have mostly everything figured out :)

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Review #7, by MalfoyMannor Pride, Prejudice, and Pleasantries

23rd June 2015:
Oliver's allergic!??

it was poisioned??!!

now we know that Mrs.Wood actual does like Jane :)

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Review #8, by MalfoyMannor Slytherin Sweater and the Sixties

23rd June 2015:
OH MY, HA HA Jane that was hilarious! I think she gave Oliver a mini heart attack :p

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Review #9, by MalfoyMannor Missing You

23rd June 2015:
awww those two :) finally sorting everything out :)

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Review #10, by MalfoyMannor Dancing with Dishy Denters

23rd June 2015:
Liam sounds like the perfect guy :)

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Review #11, by MalfoyMannor Are You Loony, Jane?

23rd June 2015:
ughh Amanda you're so annoying and you've only been in one chpater

aww Fred and his protectiveness for Jane :)

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Review #12, by MalfoyMannor Playing Pretend

23rd June 2015:
of all the places/times they'd run into each other :)

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Review #13, by MalfoyMannor Bridget Lilion

23rd June 2015:
I don't like Bridget already :|

but out of all the people to run into Jane it would be Roger Davies :P

but the birthday surprise was super cool :)

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Review #14, by MalfoyMannor Flash of a Firefly

23rd June 2015:
aww Lee & Alicia :)

thanks to Jane he stayed :)

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Review #15, by MalfoyMannor An Awkward, Sexy Conversation

23rd June 2015:
aww ha ha Oliver and Jane and the awkward sex talk :p

Mr.P is hilarious especially when he questioned Oliver :)

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Review #16, by Anon Epilogue

3rd June 2015:

I just finished Keep Away, this, and thirteen chapters of the Keeper's Daughter all in the space of three days. It was amazing.

First off, let me express my love for the "side" characters. Every single one of Jane's friends got their drama time, which I liked. Oliver was great, and I can pick out amazing quotes from both stories. Dialogue: check. Writing: check. Pacing: okay. Everything was pretty much on point.

I'll repeat it again: your fics are awesome. I'm so glad I found this.

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Review #17, by ECE Lailey Epilogue

31st July 2014:
Three words: bloody loved it.

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Review #18, by MorganaAmbrosius80 Pride, Prejudice, and Pleasantries

13th July 2014:
I also highly suggest the pride and prejudice 1995 bbc series, with colin firth. I was always a huge fan of the 2005 movie, but now that I have watched the serie I will probably not be able to appreciate the movie ever so much as before. The serie is increddible, it does jane austen so much justice. You should really watch it.

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Review #19, by Lily Epilogue

19th June 2014:
Loved this story was so sad when it ended!

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6th June 2014:
I loved this.
It was so amazing!
Loved it so much!

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Review #21, by kayleefrank Cheese to go with that Wine?

3rd June 2014:
I choose c) throw Amanda off of something tall. I'm glad my little sisters aren't that annoying lol. I like Liam but I miss her with Oliver.

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Review #22, by Snitch Epilogue

27th May 2014:
Amazing story. Just finished it now,really loved it:-) I especially loved the distinct difference between the twins personalities because lots of people make them two similar,if you know what I'm saying? I loved their stay over the burrow and the chemistry between the group was done perfectly:') just an amazing story and I'm currently reading hormones, can't wait for the next update! You're such a great character and I loved Alicia although I think I've been pronouncing her name wrong? In my head I think of it as 'a-lih-see-uh' but my sister thinks it's like 'al-ee-sha' anyways,loved this,thanks for writing it! Love all your stories xx

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Review #23, by QueenVine64 Epilogue

23rd January 2014:
Mind. Blown.

I read Keep Away and Hide & Seek over the course of 3 1/2 days, little to no breaks, took the laptop with me into the bathroom so I wouldn't have to stop reading (sorry not sorry). You are one of the most brilliant writers I've come across, and you've also restored my faith in fanfiction, and in people in general. I'm absolutely captivated and don't know how to handle all the feels that have just been slammed on me in a matter of days. But I'm also simultaneously kind of glad I didn't have to agonize over waiting for a new chapter to come out, either.

You brilliant woman, you. ;) I can't even make real words now. Too overcome. Too many feels. Am officially never having a healthy relationship again because my significant other will never match up to Oliver Wood. You hit me right in my fangirl spleen.deaddy dead dead. My god my lord oh my Rowling.

Sequels. One-shots. More Jane. More Oliver. I beg.
I just can't handle epilogue-y stories. KEEP THEM YOUNG AND CAREFREE FOREVER. Don't remind me about the future or growing up; I never will. ;)

But in all seriousness, would love to see a "Lost Moments" sort of compilation of Jane/Oliver/the rest of the crew scenes during their time at school, during the timeline of Keep Away. Fun little tidbits. Not all meaningful, of course. Little Ellis/Oliver/Jane moments. Little McGonagall/Alicia spats. LITTLE THINGS TO HELP HEAL MY BROKEN HEART, PLEASE.

Gonna go breathe in the smell of detergent from my pillowcase and let all the feels sink in. I adore you, woman. Thank you. By god, bless you and your writing. By the way, if I may ask, where do you work as a journalist now? Congratulations on everything.

Including your brilliant writing. And overall brilliance.

I'll shut my mouth now and stop acting like I just got hit in the face with a metal pot of feels (I DID) and blaming you for it (I DO).

All my love! Woe I feel high on Jane/Oliverness.

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Review #24, by Andrea Epilogue

22nd September 2013:
OKAY I know this review is a little late but. this is the best story I have ever read. Just saying. You're an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! That means a lot to me :)

Reviews like this are the reason I decided to write a companion novel about their daughter, Georgiana called The Keeper's Daughter.

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Review #25, by radicallyali Luxe Bevington and Shrimp

25th August 2013:
Apparently there wasn’t a review for this chapter! Has Victoria been eating reviews again? James should keep a better watch on her; reviews can’t be good for her digestive system.

I’m glad that Jane and Oliver have finally worked things out and have realized that they don’t have to do super romantic things all the time, just some of the time.

Napkins really are a dumb way to break up.

Darn it, Alicia! Ruining Jane’s whole plan for the morning.

“Suit yourself. I already had a name for my character. Luxe Bevington. How does that sound?”
I’m surprised Alicia didn’t actually use this character while she was at the benefit game. Could you imagine?

I feel like people dress ridiculously nice for Quidditch games. My dad has donor passes for the college basketball team he supports and like half the people in the lounge are wearing tshirts. I guess its more of the society thing though. I feel like I would get tired of dressing fancy for sporting games.

I just love how their entire group flirts and makes fun of each other because they all know that they have their significant others to go home to at the end of the day and their confident enough in their relationships to do that (except for Jane and Dodger. I think Oliver will be 40 and still be upset when Jane and Dodger run into each other on the streets).

Oh GeoKat, whatever are we going to do with you.

If Alicia is calling someone out on their dramatics, you know its legit.

Swedish Meatball. What a tool box.


“You know what else won? This bleeding shrimp. So good. Like, succulent and stuff”
I actually literally laugh out loud everytime I read this part. Oh Fred.

GeoKat. Bleeding ridiculous pair that are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Perfect chapter, perfect story yadda yadda xo


Author's Response: I doubt it's Victoria.

My favorite part of relationships is the non-mushy-romantic garbage. Also known as, the majority of a long-lasting relationship. It's nice that Jane figured it out.

Alicia should have a spin-off fic.

I feel like the normal fans in the actual stands dress in robes and jerseys and stuff and all the people in the boxes are a "see and be seen" sort of ordeal.

You are 100% right about Jane and Dodger. Oliver will always want to hex him into next Tuesday, even when Dodger is happily married.

GeoKat. I forgot about GeoKat.

OMG Swedish Meatball. Forgot about that too.

Fred is the best. I'm not biased.

Thank you so much! Remember when you used to review? (I kid, I kid)

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